A Wild Card in the Big Blue

Warship Island

No Ones P.O.V

In the storage room on the Going Marry Six wiped the sweat from his face as he smiled at his work. "Well, it took two days but it's finally done." He said getting a small growl from Stripe.

In front of Six was the very Reloading Bench he used to have back home. It was a little different compared to the ones he's used to, but it was good enough continue to create ammunition. Bringing up his hands Six's little psychopathic friend popped his hands.

"Final-fuckul-ly!" The toaster said in an annoyed voice. "What the fuck Six, you forgot about me or something?"

Six rolled his eyes as he placed the Toaster on the bench. "I've been busy the past few days. A lot happened."

"How many people you killed, or at leased beat the shit out of?" The Toaster asked in a hopeful voice.

Six just gave a grin. "Took on some of Don Krieg's men down, then after that I fought Arlong and some of his top crew members."

"Hahahah! Nice, show these pussy pirates how a real killer takes things! So, how did you beat them?"

Six rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish smile. "Well I didn't take them out alone. I joined a pirate crew."

"Alright, now it's time to cause some fucking madness!" The toaster said with an evil laugh. "Let's pillage and burn down a fucking town!"

Six just knocked the toaster over onto it's side. "This isn't that time of crew dumbass." Six said with a snort. "This pirate crew is chasing their dreams, something we all want to achieve."

"...Damn, you just killed my murder boner."

Six face palmed as he grabbed the Toaster. "Listen T, I know you have a set personality, but can you try to learn outside your programing. Because sooner or later I'm going to have to show you and Stealthily to the crew at some point."

"Well everyone will want me! Who wouldn't want a fire crazy toaster!"

Six just sighed as the toaster disappeared. "We'll talk later." He said before making his way out. "Crazy ass toaster." The Courier muttered as he walked up onto the deck.

Once on deck Six was met with a pleasant sunny day, barley a cloud in the sky. The rest of the crew were also looking up at the bright day.

Walking up onto the front of the ship Six gave everyone a grin. "So how long until we reach the Grand Line Navigator?"

Nami just looked at her map but answered Six. "It'll take a few days until we reach the Grand Line, so get comfy."

Six nodded as he leaned against the rails and looked out to the big blue ocean.

"Hey!" Usopp called from the crows nest, grabbing everyone's attention. "I see a big flock of birds off to the starboard!"

Everyone turn to see a group of birds flying around something.

"Birds?" Luffy asked in confusion.

"Yeah, there all flying around something big in the water!" Usopp called down. "But I can't tell what it is! What do you think?"

Six brought his binoculars and tried to get a better look, but could only see the birds flock around something.

"Maybe a fish?"

"Or maybe a rowboat? Well it dose kind of look like a fish..." Six muttered.

"I hear when sea birds flock over the ocean it's usually because there's a school of fish around." Sanji said while looking to Usopp before turning to Luffy. "Luffy, catch us some lunch."

Six walked to the edge of the ship while facing the flock of birds. "I don't think that's a fish..."

Before Six could finish speaking Luffy throw his arm back with a grin.

"Gomu-Gomu No..."

As Luffy throw his arm back far while aiming for the flock of birds.


Luffy's arm shot all the way to the birds and caught whatever was in the water. Once getting a good grip Luffy pulled back whatever was in his hand, sailing it across the water.

As Luffy's arm flew back Six kept his eyes on what was in Luffy's hand. When he finally saw what it was the Courier's eyes widen.

"Luffy, slow your arm down!" Six called as he moved to the side. "Sanji, Zoro, get out of the way!"

Sanji looked confused but did as he was told, Zoro on the other hand simple continued to sleep. As Luffy's arm came flying at the Courier Six held out his arms while planting his feet on the ground. A moment later something came crashing into Six's chest, making him skid back a few feet and knock into Zoro, making the pirate to smack face first into the deck.

"Bastard!" Zoro yelled as he jumped up.

"I told you to move sleeping beauty, don't complain!" Six yelled as he looked down at what was in his arms. "Besides, we have bigger problems."

Everyone looked to Six's arms and were surprised to see it was not a fish they saw, but instead an unconscious little girl.

The girl looked no older then 12 and was wearing what looked like tribal cloths with a large white hat, all soaked in water.

"A little girl?" Nami said in a shocked voice.

"Eh, a mermaid, then where are her webbing?" Luffy said with a confused look.

"Give me a break." Usopp said with a sigh. "How the heck dose she look like a mermaid?"

Six just shook his head with a snort as he picked the girl up in his arms. "Anyway, she needs help. I'm going to see if she's injured or not." He said before he started to make his way to the lounge room, everyone behind him.

"I wonder why a little girl would be out on that tiny rowboat?" Nami said in a worry voice as she looked the girl over.

"We can ask her that once she wakes up." Six said as he entered the lounge.

The Courier placed the little girl down on a bench gently before looking her over.

"Is she ok?" Luffy asked while poking her cheek.

Six looked her over slowly. "She doesn't appear to have any major bleeding, and no major bruising," The Courier opened her left eye and got a good look at them. "Her pulps aren't dilates, so she hasn't got a concussion." Grabbing her wrist Six started to count for about half a minute before putting her hand down. "Pulse is normal, if a little weak, but her skin is cold and pale."

"...Six, be our doctor." Luffy said with a grin making Six snort.

"He's right, you seem to have the skills." Usopp said as he rubbed his chin.

Six just waved them off. "I just know first aid, I can patch up a wound and help with a fever. But for the life of me I can not do surgery or serious illnesses." He said before standing up. "Anyway, the girl seems to be okay. I'd say she's just exhausted, cold, and hungry, that's why she passed out." He said before turning to the ships cook. "She's going to need some warm food high in calories and protein."

Sanji nodded as he walked to the stove. "I'll get started, it's almost lunch already. I'm thinking soup today."

Six then turned to Nami. "I think you should be the one to help dry her off, you know, since your a girl too." He said getting Nami to agree.

"So how long until she wakes up?" Luffy said as he sat at the table.

"Don't know, but I say maybe before Sanji finishes cooking." Six said as he also sat at the table.

With that the rest of the Straw-Hates sat around the main table while Sanji cooked, except Zoro who was sleeping, again, off to the side. As time went on Nami and Usopp put a hot towel on the girls forehead to help bring up her temperature. Soon a wonderful smell of Sanji's cooking filled the lounge room.

"Sanji, that smells good!" Luffy said with a grin making Sanji smile.

"It'll be finished soon, so just wait." Sanji said as he went back to work.

No sooner did Sanji finish speaking the girls eyes flew open and she sat up with a gasp, unfortunately hitting Usopp in the chin with her head as he went to change her hot towel.

"OUCH!" The girl screamed in pain as she grabbed her head, making Six snort.

"So your awake!" Nami said with a smile making the little girl turn to her. "And even more lively then I expected. You hurt anywhere?" She asked and the girl slowly shook her head.

"I bet you're hungry." Sanji called from the stove. "I'm whipping up some soup now."

The girl looked around with a confused expression before a big grin crosses her face. "Lucky." She whispered, something Six noticed.

"So kid, where you in a shipwreck or something, considering you were found in the middle of the ocean?" Six asked with a slight concern look on his face before he let a small smile cross his face. "So what's your name?"

The girl suddenly got really defensives and gave Six a challenging look. "When you ask for someone's name, you're supposed to say your name first." She said in a defensive voice.

Both Nami and Six blinked before letting out a small laugh. "Ok, my name is Nami."

"I'm Six," The Courier said with a smile as he pointed to the little monster on his shoulder. "And this guy is Stripe." He said getting a surprised look on the girl.

"The guy cooking right now is Sanji." Nami said while pointing to the pointing cook. "The guy making a face is Zoro."

"Shut up." Zoro muttered with his eyes closed.

"And the guy lying unconscious over there is Usopp." Nami said making the girl look to the knocked out sniper. "And this is-"

"I'm Luffy!" The pirate cut off with a grin. "The captain of this pirate ship." He said with his care free voice.

And just like that a scared look crossed the girls face as her jaw dropped. "Pirates!?" She yelled, looking a little purple.

"We're heading to the Grand Line." Luffy said again without a care.

After that the girl was just frozen in place, her jaw still hanging.

"What's wrong?" Nami asked while tilting her head.

"I think she fell unconscious again." Six added, also tilting his head.

"What're we going to do with this kid?" Zoro asked while looking to Luffy.

That made the rubber-man tilt his head in thought. "Well now that you mention it... What should we do?" Luffy asked himself before letting a grin cross his face. "I'll think about it tomorrow." He said without a care as the girl was still frozen in place.

Late at night Six was sleeping peacefully in his hammock while wearing his Naughty Nightwear while Stripe was also sleeping in a little hammock above Six. Both were in the men's quarters along with the rest of the crew, except for Nami who was sleeping in the woman's quarters. The little girl they picked up from the water was very defensive, not even eating any of Sanji's food or sleeping in the same room as Nami.

As everyone slept peacefully the Courier was woken up when he head a scream.


Faster then the other pirates could even open there eyes Six was already out of the room running as fast as he could to where the scream came from. After a few seconds Six came barging into the lounge with Lucky and the Mysterious Magnum in hand, looking around frantically.

"What happen, are we under attack!" Six shouted while looking around, only to see the little girl was perfectly fine.

Six also notice Sanji in the room, along with Luffy, who was under the giant mouse trap Sanji asked him and Usopp to build.

"..." The Courier sighed as his guns disappeared. "When I agreed to make that thing, I didn't expect it to be used so soon." He said with a sigh. "So, what's going on?"

Sanji pointed down to Luffy with a glare. "Our dear captain was trying to raid the fridge again." He said making Six groan before turning to the little girl, who looked uneasy. "So you want something to eat?"

Soon a full course meal was on the table and Luffy was eating like he always dose, with Six next to him. The little girl wasn't eating and gave the food a suspicious look before her stomach growled loudly, making her blush.

"What's wrong, your not going to eat?" Sanji asked while looking to the little girl, who looked away. "You didn't eat lunch either, right? What are you afraid of?" He said, starting to look a little peeved. "Common, it's not like I'm going to poison it."

Six gave a girl a small smile as he pushed the soup closer to her, making her look a little uneasy. "Common, if we wanted to do something bad we would of done it already." Six said, trying to use common sense to get her to eat something. "We might be pirates but even we have morals," Six then slammed his fist into his chest with a grin on his face. "And as long as I'm on this ship no kid will ever get hurt!" He said with a big smile.

The little girl looked better and gave her food a longing look. Finally after a minute she grabbed her bowl and gulped down the soup.

"Oh, it's so delicious!" The girl said with a big smile on her face.

"Of course it is, I personally picked Sanji as our chef." Luffy bragged getting a small bow from Sanji.

"I've never had something this delicious!" The girl said in a happy voice.

"So, she's finally coming around."

Everyone turned around to see Nami, Zoro, and Usopp all standing near the main entrance.

"Nami-san!" Sanji gushed.

"Luffy, are you eating again?" Usopp asked in almost disbelief.

"But I didn't have enough to eat." Luffy pouted.

"You had two whole pot full." Usopp deadpanned as everyone walked in.

"Did I?" Luffy asked in confusion.

Nami gave a small laugh at Luffy before looking down at the little girl. "You got scared when you heard we we're pirates, didn't you?"

That made the little girl look down with a sheepish expression. "Well..." She trailed off.

Nami just shrugged at her. "Well I guess that's the natural reaction nowadays."

"You won't sell me off?" The girl asked, still a little defensive.

Those words hit a little too close to home for Six as a serious look crossed his face. "Look kid," Six said grabbing the girls attention. "I can personally grantee that no one on this ship would ever think about doing something like that. This is a freedom loving ship, and slavery is the last thing we want for any person here. Right guy?"

"Right!" Everyone said with a grin.

"Well everyone must of been pretty scary, eh?" Zoro asked with a grin.

Usopp came up from the side and pulled on Zoro's cheek with a grin on his face. "With this face, your one to talk."

This resulted in Zoro and Usopp getting into a 'fight', or just a harmless scuffle, since Usopp was holding his own against Zoro.

"Would you two cut it out." Nami said with an annoyed look on her face as Luffy laughed at the fight.

The little girl seemed to be lightening up a bit as she gave a light laugh at the fight.

"There's more if you would like, little lady." Sanji offered.

"At the very least, this isn't that kind of pirate ship you thought it was." Nami said looking down at the girl. "Relax."

Those words finally seemed to get to the girl as a genuine smile crossed her face. "More please!"

"Right away, madam."

"Me too!"

"Do it yourself you bastard!"

"Meanie..." Luffy pouted making everyone laugh.

Suddenly Nami looked to Six with a questioning look. "By the way Six, what are you wearing?"

Six looked up with a grin as he presented his sleep wear. "My pajamas, I always feel lucky in these."

"... They look weird." Everyone said, even the little girl, making Six fall to the floor.

"You all have no idea how comfortable these feel!"

The next day the crew got up early to get the ship moving. Luffy and Six went down to the bottom of the ship to pull the anchor up while Sanji and Usopp went to the mast to move the sail. Suddenly without warning there was a loud explosion that shook the whole ship. Both Luffy and Six walked out of onto the deck while looking around in confusion.

Looking up Six saw a large cloud of smoke coming from the kitchen. "What the hell happened?" Six muttered getting a shrug from Zoro and Luffy.

"Oi, what's going on down there?" Sanji called from the crows nest.

"I made breakfast!" The little girl called from the kitchen with a big smile on her face.

"Breakfast?" Sanji said with some dread.

"Everyone," The little called getting the rest of the crews attention. "Breakfast is served!" She called.

"Oh, food!" Luffy said with a grin on his face, not caring seeing the huge back smoke coming from the kitchen.

"What the hell kind of food?" Zoro asked with a worried look.

Six just gave a shrug as he whistled for Stripe. "It can't be anything worse then what I had before." Six said as he remembered all the horrible tasting food from the Mojave.

Soon the whole crew where in the loge room, sitting around the long table. In front of every pirate was a white plate with a pile of charred, black, meat. Sanji stood behind the little girl, who had a proud smile on her face. The ships chef gave the food an uneasy look before glancing at his broken and bended cooking equipment that was in the sink.

"Um, Six," Sanji called, grapping the Courier's attention. "You think you can..." He trailed off while pointing to the broken equipment.

"I'll be able to fix it." Six said getting a sigh of relief from Sanji.

"Eh... you made this all by yourself?" Nami asked in a nervous voice as she looked at the food, getting a proud nod from the girl.

"It has a rather... unique appearance." Usopp said in a nervous voice.

"Time to eat!" Luffy said as he started to dig into his food.

Six looked at the charred food in front of his and Stripe's plate before they started to dig in. At first the food tasted a little spice, but overall it wasn't have bad.

"On top of saving me, you even fed me. So for now on I'll do anything I can!" The girl said with a determined look on her face.

Nami gave the girl an uneasy look. "That's great to hear. Thank you."

"Are you sure this is edible?" Zoro muttered next to Nami, who looked pissed now.

Slamming her foot onto Zoro's the swordsmen gave a scream of pain as Nami grabbed his plate. "Quit being such a baby and eat!" Nami said before throwing his food into his mouth and closing it shut.

"But you really think it's ok to eat?" Usopp asked while poking at his food, scared it was going to jump at him.

"What are you talking about?" Luffy asked while putting more food in his mouth. "It's great." He said getting a happy look from the little girl.

Six nodded as he put another spoonful into his mouth. "It's a little charred, but overall it's not bad." He said getting a not from Stripe, making the girl beam even brighter.

"There you have it." Sanji said as he grabbed his plate. "I'm sure it only looks bad." He said as everyone took a bight.

In an instant everyone's face turned bright red and a little blue, sweat ran down there faces. Zoro on the other hand was completely blue and looked to have fallen unconscious.

"AHHHH!" Everyone screamed before grabbing there water and chugging it down in one go.

"Was it really that bad?" The girl asked in a down tone before grabbing a piece from her plate and taking a bite. In an instant her face turned bright red and sweat ran down it. "TOO SPICY!" She screamed in pain and shock. "What happened, did I use too much seasoning?!"

Sanji tried to play it cool but could not stop the sweat from running down his face. "Well, everyone makes that mistake the first time." He said getting the girl to look at him. "Just make sure to watch out for it next time." He said getting a smile from the girl. "Hey. This girl put her heart and soul into that food, don't leave a crumb." He said to everyone, making Zoro and Usopp protest. "Shut up. You'll hurt her feelings, this girl-" He stopped before blinking and turning to the girl. "Come to think of it, what is your name anyway?" He asked the little girl.

Said girl turned to Sanji with a smile on her face. "Apis! My name's Apis!"

"Apis-chan's feelings are at stack. I'll beat the hell out of anyone that leaves a scrap of food." Sanji said while glaring at Usopp and Zoro.

"I'm already done." Six said as he got up from his spot, his plate clean of any food, shocking everyone. "I'll get to work on fixing your cooking equipment." He said to Sanji, getting a grateful nod. "Thanks for the food Apis!" Six said with a smile, getting one out of the girl while everyone gave Six a sweatdrop.

Stripe turned to Six and gave a small grow, getting a snort out of Apis. The Deathclaw turned to her with a shocked look and the two started at each other for a long moment.

"I think you should leave the cooking to me." Sanji said, breaking the staring. "I am the ships cook after all, you can leave it to me." Sanji said, getting a smile out of Apis.

Soon after Six finished repairing the broken cooking equipment, much to Sanji's pleasure, the rest of the crew sat around the table together.

"Now that I think about it," Nami said slowly as she looked at the little girl. "Apis, why were you out on the ocean in a rowboat?" Nami asked with some concern.

Apis looked down with a slight dower look. "I was running away from a Marine ship..." She said, surprising everyone.

"A Marine ship?" Usopp asked in shock.

Apis nodded. "A night of a storm three days ago."

"You were out in that storm in a tiny rowboat?" Nami said in shock before sighing. "You've been through a lot, huh?"

"Now tell us why you were there for." Zoro asked as he leaned against the wall.

"Eh?" Apis said with a surprised look on her face.

"That fact you were running away means you were not a guest on that battleship, right?" Zoro asked with a surprising amount of logic.

Apis started to look uncomfortable as she fidgeted under Zoro's gaze, who only raised an eyebrow.

Six sighed as he saw the girl squirm before he spoke up. "Let the girl keep her secrets Zoro, everyone has them." He said grabbing the swordsman attention. "Besides, the Marines have been know to be corrupt as fu-" Six bit his tongue hard before taking a breath. "Corrupt as heck." He said making Nami and Usopp stuff a laugh. "I wouldn't be surprised if the Marines took her because they thought she was a criminal."

"Eh, your a criminal?" Luffy asked in surprise.

"Of course not!" Apis shouted, a peeved look on her face. "How can someone like me do anything wrong!?"

Sanji walked forward while whipping his hands, finished cleaning the dishes. "Six is right, let the little girl keep her secrets." He said giving Apis a smile.

"But can you at least tell us where your from?" Nami asked.

"Eh? Sure." Apis said, sounding a little surprised. "I'm from Warship island."

"Warship island?" Nami said as she reached for her bag.

"Do you know it?" Usopp asked.

"No, let me check one of my maps." Nami said as she pulled out a pile of maps.

"Why is it called Warship island?" Luffy asked.

"They call it that because the silhouette of the island looks just like a warship." Apis explained getting an amazed look from Luffy.

"Hey, cool!"

"Ah! Here it is!" Nami said, grabbing everyone's attention as she pointed to a map on the table.

"It's right next to the Grand Line." Usopp said as he saw the twin lines on the map.

"Right now where somewhere over here, so..." Nami said as she dragged her finger across the map away from Warship island. "We're not that far away." Nami looked up from the map to Apis with a neutral look. "What do you want to do?" The red head asked, startling Apis. "Wanna go home to Warship island? We're planning on going straight into the Grand Line, but..."

"Me." Apis said in a sad voice as she looked down. "You went through all the trouble of saving me and I know it will be a burden, but..." Apis looked up with a mix of determination and desperation. "I want to go home to my island! I'm sorry, that sounds selfish. If you let me go on any ship we meet along the way I'll manage somehow..." She trailed off with less determination.

"Honestly, you really are troublesome." Nami said in a joking voice. "There's no way pirates can go around approaching other ships!"

"That's true..." Apis said as she looked down even more sad.

Six gave Nami a playful glare as she stuck her tongue out at him. "Apis, you make it sound like your island is on the other side of the world, it's barely two hours away." Six said with a small laugh making Apis look at him. "We might be heading to the Grand Line but it's not like we're on a schedule, we're pirates, we're making it up as we go." He said getting a laugh from Luffy.

"I'm fine either way." Nami said as she gave Luffy a smile. "What do you say captain?"

Luffy gave Nami a carefree smile. "Heh, it's cool with me." He said without any hesitation.

"We'll get to the Grand Line soon enough!" Usopp agreed.

Luffy turned to Apis with a smile. "So, you say your island looks like a warship?" Luffy asked with a curious look on his face.

"And their you have it." Sanji said to Apis.

Apis had an amazed look on her face. "Really? You'll really take me to Warship island?" Apis asked in disbelief though she did have a smile on.


"Great, thank you Luffy! Yay! Yay! I'm so happy!" Apis cheered making everyone smile, even Zoro. "Thank you so much! Thank you! Everyone, thank you all so much!" Suddenly a determined look crossed Apis face as she had a fire in her eye. "To thank you, I'll make breakfast everyday!" She said making nearly everyone pale.

"Oh no please..." Nami, Usopp, Zoro, and Sanji all said at the same time getting a confused look from Luffy and a small chuckle from Six and Stripe.

Soon Six grabbed the Rutter and turned the ship towards Warship island with Nami's instructions. Usopp left to the crows nest to keep a lookout for ships while everyone else stayed in the dining room. About 20 minutes after changing their course Nami stood up abruptly and made her way out of room.

It wasn't long until Usopp's voice came calling out. "Oi! There's some ships off the aft bow!" Usopp called, grabbing everyone's attention. "Ohmigod! It's a Marine ship!" Usopp shouted in shock.

"The Marines!" Nami shouted in shock as everyone made their way out of the dining room.

"A-And we're not just talking about one or two here!"

Nami ran to the side of the boat to see over 8 ships in the distance. "You're right. But what his a fleet this size doing here?"

One everyone was out of the room they went to the side of the ship to where Nami was standing.

"What's going on? What's happening?" Luffy said in confusion.

Six narrowed his eyes when he saw the 8 ships in the distance. As he pulled out his binoculars he saw Apis gained a scared expression before the Courier turned his gaze to the ships in the distance. They were in deeded Marine ships, but Six noticed one of the ships had an '8' on the sail.

"I bet they've come for my head." Luffy said with some pride.

"Even so, why that many?" Nami asked in confusion and panic.

"They just know how tough I am to beat! I'm just too strong." Luffy said in a slightly cocky voice.

"Your not very familiar of humility are you Luffy?" Six said as he gave his captain a deadpan look. "And don't forget your not the only one with a high bounty."

Sanji kept an eye on the ships in the distance before noticing Apis take a step back in fear. "What's wrong?"

Apis had an expression of panic and fear on her face. "Those ships are from the 8th Division." Apis said, grabbing everyone's attention. "Those are the Marines I ran away from!" She said in a scared voice. "Oh no..."

No sooner did she say that Six saw the lead the lead ship fire three cannons at the Going Marry.

"In coming!" The Courier shouted as he brought out his Medicine Stick and fired off.

Two of the cannon balls exploded in mid-air but the third landed a little close to the ship in the water, rocking the Going Marry.

"Attention pirate vessel!" A Marine shouted from the ship in a high and mighty voice. "Stop your ship immediately! You've had your warning shot, the next shot will not miss!"

Usopp picked himself off the floor and gave the Marines a shocked look. "Like hell we're going to stop!"

Zoro but a hand on his swords and turned to Luffy. "What do we do Luffy? If we're going to fight them we do it now." The swordsman said simply.

"Ya, let's fight!" Luffy said with a grin.

The Courier gave the ships a weary look before turning to his captain. "I don't think that will be the best idea." Six said getting a surprised look from Zoro and Luffy.

"What, don't tell me your scared." Zoro said with a raised brow as Luffy tilted his head.

Six snorted at the swordsman. "Fuck no, I've seen scarier things when I opened the refrigerator back home. What I'm concerned about is our ship. Those are 8 battleships and the Going Marry might not survive a confirmation with those ships."

"Not if we jump onto their ship and keep them busy." Zoro reasoned with a shrug.

"Zoro, there are 8 ships and only about 5 of us can fight. They will destroy our ship by the time we're done with them." Six reasoned.

Luffy tiled his head. "Then what should we do, their not going to let us go."

"We should run away!" Usopp shouted to his captain as he started to sweat at the oncoming ships.

Before anyone could say anything Nami spoke up. "Zoro, Six, face the sails to the south!" Nami ordered making everyone pause and turn to the redhead. "Usopp, Sanji, turn us hard to starboard! Now!"

Everyone hesitated for a second before doing as the navigator told them to do. Not even two minutes later there was a strong wind that pushed the ship, nearly knocking Zoro and Six to the floor. It wasn't long before the Marines were slowly getting smaller until they were gone.

After a while the Going Marry came to a stop and the Marines were nowhere in sight, much to everyone's relief.

"Those Marines can't fallow us!" Usopp cheered in victory and mostly relief. "Another great victory for the great Captain Usopp!"

"Awesome! Cool! That's my navigator!" Luffy shouted with pride making Nami blush a bit.

"Well, I just had a feeling." Nami said in a bashful voice while looking away from Luffy.

As everyone celebrated from getting away from the Marines Six and Zoro looked around with critical eyes.

Nami noticed the looks and raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong Zoro, Six? You've been looking serious for a while now."

"Nah, it's just something weird." Zoro said while looking ahead.


Six glanced around and soon started to feel more uneasy. "Don't you think it's way too quiet. The only thing I can hear is those two talking." Six said as he pointed to Luffy and Usopp. "And Stripe feels a bit uneasy too." He said, getting a nod from the Deathclaw.

"And it seems like we haven't moved for a while." Zoro added.

Nami looked confused as she slowly looked around across the water... before her face paled ghost white.

Then she screamed.

"What's up Nami?" Luffy asked as everyone turned to their navigator, who looked terrified.

"Oh no..." Nami barley got out before she exploded. "WE'VE ENTERED THE CALM BELT!"

Everyone gave Nami a confused look.

"Calm Belt?"

"What the heck is that?"

Nami gave everyone a panicked look. "Calm Belt! A region of calm water."

Now that caught Six's attention. "What, are you saying we've entered a area of the ocean that's like a lake?" Six question, getting a nod from scared Nami. "...Well... shit..." He said while everyone else looked confused.

Soon the whole boat rocked startling everyone on board.

"What? An earthquake?"

"An earthquake, in the ocean?"

Six sighed at the lack of reaction before turning to the frustrated navigator. "Nami, I think you should explain what we're in so everyone can get a clear picture."

Nami looked over her crew and saw a complete lack of reaction, making her sigh in defeat before she quickly pulled out a map as everyone gathered around. The redheaded navigator went on to explain just what exactly the Calm Belt was. Apparently the Calm Belt is a twin water that surround the Grand Line, the reason it was so dangerous is no wind passes through the Calm Belt ever. It was a giant body of water that was even more calm then a lake.

"And that's not all," Nami said in a grave voice as she looked to everyone. "There's another reason why this region is known to be so dangerous. This place is-"

Nami was suddenly cut off when the whole ship shook and started to rock in the water.

"What's going on!?"

"Something's coming!"

Suddenly the Going Marry lurched into the air as something large started to pop out of the water all around.

"They're here!" Nami screamed in fear.

The next thing that happened was complete fear and shock consuming the crew. Six and Stripe's jaws dropped as they held back a scream at what they saw pop out of the water. Sea Kings, one of the worlds most tariffing monsters. They grow in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some were the size of sharks and some grow to the size of skyscrapers.

Right now dozens of humongous Sea Kings surrounded the Going Marry, hell the Going Marry was on the nose of a Sea King, which didn't even notice it.

"The Calm Belt is a Sea King Breeding ground..." Nami cried. "And only the big ones too..."

Sanji bit his lip hard to stop himself from yelling out loud. "What are we supposed to do know?" The chef whispered, too afraid of the giant monsters.

"F... For now, everyone... don't move!" Zoro said as he grit his teeth. "We'll be back in the water soon. And then... we're going to row like hell."

Six gulped loudly as he slowly looked around. Fear was nothing new to the Courier, go through what he had you better be scared of a few things. Still, the sight of this ridiculously large monster was mind shocking to the point the Courier actually thought he shit his pants.

"YOU'RE KIDDING ME!" Usopp yelled at the top of his lungs before Nami slapped her hands over his mouth.

No sooner the entire ship caught the attention of one of the Sea Kings, a frog to be exact.

"THE FROG'S COMMING!" Luffy shouted with a mixture of fear and excitement as the giant frog leapt at the ship.

Six was about to pull out one of his bigger weapons until he saw something fall towards the frogs open mouth.

"Luffy, catch Apis!" Six shouted as he held on to the floor.

"Right!" Luffy shouted before throwing his arm after the little girl and catching her before the frog could eat her.

The frog missed Apis and fell back into the water with a loud splash. Luffy then pulled his arm up and Apis was flying towards the crows neat.

"His arm is stretching!" Apis yelled in shock. "Luffy, have you eaten a Devil Fruit!?"

"Yup." Luffy said with a straight face.

As Apis flew above the ship she stared at the Sea King the ship was under. As she stared an idea formed in her head as she turned down.

"Luffy! Stretch your arm down to the bottom again, near the Sea King's head!" Apis yelled in the air.

"What!?" Six yelled from his spot as he struggled to stand. "Are you crazy!"

"Trust me!" Apis yelled with a determined look on her face.

Luffy looked at Apis for a second before he did was he was told and stretched his arm towards the Sea King's face.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Nami and Six yelled.

"I don't know." Luffy said with a straight face as his arm stretched all the way to the Sea King's face, more specifically it's nose.

Apis flew towards the Sea King's face and swung into it's nose. Acting fast Apis plucked a nose hair just on the edge before swinging back out and to the ship. The whole crew was shocked and baffled at what the little girl just pulled off, though there was also a feeling of dread as the ship started to shake.

"Wait a damn second~!"

"If you do that..."

"That thing's gonna sneeze!"

Luffy just pulled Apis back to the ship along with a giant nose hair. Seeing the little girl flying towards the ship Six quickly used Geppo and lunched himself into the air, catching the girl in his arms.

"That nose hair is huge!" Luffy said in amazement as the hair felt into the ocean.

"You are one ballsy girl." Six said in a joking voice getting smile and thumbs-up from Apis as they hit the ship. "Everyone hang on to something!" Six yelled before pulling out Blood-Nap and stabbing it into the floor and quickly grabbed Stripe, who held onto Six.

"Alright! Here we go!" Luffy said just before the Sea King sneezed.

The only way to describe what just happen was in one word, flying. The Sea King's sneeze was so strong it sent the Going Marry along with everyone on the ship. Six held onto Apis while his knife was in the floor, keeping them from flying around the other crew members weren't so lucky, though they didn't fly off the ship at least.

The Going Marry flew across the water, skipping like a stone and passing more Sea Kings along the way.

After a few seconds the ship landed with a loud splash. Nami picked herself off the floor and looked over the railing to see the moving water of the ocean.

"Looks like we're back to where we were before." Nami said in relief as everyone got up from the floor.

"And no sign of those Marines."

Usopp just sighed in relief from the floor. "I thought I was going to die."

Six stretched his arms and sighed in relief. "Trust me, you weren't the only one." He said as he looked down at the unconscious Stripe.

Luffy just grinned at Apis. "Nice job."

Apis puffed up her chest and gave Luffy a thumbs up. "Thanks!"

Six grinned and rubbed the little girls head. "What you did was reckless and completely danger... we'll make a pirate out of you yet." He said getting a grin from the girl.

Luffy laughed before throwing his fist into the air. "Alright, full sail!"

"Our heading?"

Of course!" Luffy said with a determined look on his face. "Warship Island!"

After changing the ships course they quickly fallowed Nami's instructions and headed for Warship island. Everyone stood on the deck looking for the island as a thick fog rolled in. The pirate crew looked around for any island but all they saw was thick fog.

"Oh!" Apis said as she pointed ahead of the ship, grabbing everyone's attention. "Over there!" She shouted in excitement.

In the distance Six was surprised to see the shadow of a giant ship in the distance. It was so large it made the Going Marry look like a rowboat.

"Oh, a ship! It's huge!" Luffy said in amazement.

"Come on now..." Sanji groaned.

"Is there anything you won't call huge?"

Six gave the two a grin. "You have to admit, we've been running into a lot of things that make the Going Marry look like a raft." He said making the two scoff. Six stared at the impressive mountain and got an idea. Getting out his camera, the Codac 9000, and quickly took a picture of the mountain before putting it away.

"So should I call it super-duper huge?" Luffy asked with a grin.

"No!" Nami said with a small laugh. "We'll see about getting you a dictionary." She said making Luffy pout.

The ship continued to the island and was head towards a small fishing village. Six brought up his binoculars and saw most of the villager men gather around the docks with 'weapons' in hand.

"Looks like the villagers are getting ready to fight." Six said as he brought down his binoculars. The way they dressed reminded Six of tribal ware, not as primitive but all having mostly the same look and colors.

"Eh, the villagers want to fight us?" Luffy said while tilting his head.

"Well we are a pirate ship, they are probably preparing for the worst." Nami suggested as the ship got closer.

Six nodded his head and put his binoculars down. "That seems about right, as long as nobody picks a fight with anyone things should go over smoothly.

Soon the Going Marry docked at the little village and Usopp throw the rope latter off the side. Apis quickly stood on the railing and looked down at the villagers.

"Yo! I'm back!" She said with a smile while waving at everyone, shocking the whole village.

The whole crew made it's way down the rope latter as the villagers slowly put down their weapons.

"What's going on here?" One of the villagers asked the little girl.

Luffy looked at the whole village and lowered his hat. "Hey, you there." Luffy said in a low voice making the whole village go stiff.

"W-What do you want?"

"Is there a smoked meat store on this island?" Luffy said with the straights face possible making the whole village tilt their heads in confusion.


Six snickered as he patted Luffy on the back. "Nice way to defuse the situation." He said making Luffy tilt his head in confusion.

"Wh-who are these guys?"

Apis quickly walked forward with a smile on her face. "Well you see, even though there pirates, they're good pirates!" She said getting a confused look from all the male villagers, though that did get them to fully lower their 'weapons'.

"Is there such a thing as a good pirate?" Someone asked, getting a nod from Apis.

"But weren't you taken away by the Marines?"

Apis nodded. "That's right. But ran away! Then Luffy and his crew saved me!" She said while looking at the teen captain with a smile. "Right?"

"Yup!" Luffy said with his own smile.

"Apis, what have you done?"

"I don't know why, but the Marines were looking for you?"

"You shouldn't go back to your house. They're still around here."

"Oh no..." Apis said in worry.

"We'd like you help you out, but..." The villager gave the pirates a wary glance. "These guys are pirates!"

Apis rubbed her head. "Ah, what a fix..."

"But she said we're GOOD pirates." Usopp said.

"Apis." An old raspy voice called out making the villagers part. "Come here this instant."

At the end of a short road was an old man with a wrinkled face hunched over with a cane in his hand.

Apis face lit up as she ran full speed towards the old man. "Grandpa Bokuden!" Apis called out before giving the old man a hug, one he eagerly returned.

"I'm glade your safe." He said with relief. The old man looked up at the pirates with an old smile. "I thank you for saving Apis. How about it? I'd like to give you all a warm welcome at my house."

Luffy had a grin on his face. "Is your house a smoked meat store?"

Six snorted as elbowed his captain. "Can you think with anything else other then your stomach?"

Apis looked back at Luffy and gave him a smile. "It's not a store, but Grandpa makes the best Pork Buns in the whole village." Apis said with pride while the old man nodded.

"Alright, let's do it!" Luffy cheered.

Zoro shrugged as the crew fallowed the old man. "Sure, let's go." He said as they all walked down the dirt road.

It wasn't long before the crew stood in Apis home at the far edge of the village. It was modest to say the least, but had a homey feel to it.

The crew along with Apis and her Grandpa all stood in a stone hut that was in the back of the house.

Bokuden had just finish preparing the poke buns before putting them into a wooden oven of sorts to be cooked.

"No then." Bokuden said as he turned to the crew. "Everything is prepared, now we just have to wait."

Six sniffed the air and even felt his mouth water a bit. "It smells grate." He said as Luffy and Usopp quickly agreed.

Sanji looked over the wooden oven and was slightly surprised. "Oh, this sure is old-fashioned." The chef said before looking to Bokuden. "Gramps, how long is this going to take?"

"Hmm? Oh yes..." Bokuden muttered with a thoughtful look on his face. "About 4 or 5 hours I'd guess." He said with a straight face shocking everyone in the room.

With that everyone walked to Apis's house and waited for the pork-buns to finish. The inside was modest but appeared to be all well made, much better then the broken down homes back in Six's home.

"I'm so hungry~" Luffy moaned.

Nami rolled her eyes at Luffy before turning to the old man. "Bokuden, why was Apis kidnapped by the Marines? Any idea?"

The old man simply shook his head before turning to his granddaughter. "Apis, do you have any idea?"

"None!" Apis said a little too quickly, something Six notice.

"But you told us there was a reason you couldn't say anything!" Nami protested.

"Oh, that was a lie." Apis said while gave the redhead a too sweet smile.

Bokuden had a thoughtful look on his face before turning to the crew. "Well... there is something."

"But she just said there wasn't!" Usopp said, getting annoyed at all the back and forth before Six pulled the sniper down hard.

Bokuden wasn't the least bit fazed as he continued to speak. "There really isn't much on this island, but if there's something it dose have, it's our Ancient Legend." Bokuden said in a serious voice grabbing everyone's attention.

"Legend?" Zoro and Six said at the same time, the Courier's face much more serious.

"The people of this island are known as the descendants of the Lost island that sank thousands of years ago at the peak of it's prosperity." Bokuden said as he got up from his seat and went to lit a lantern. "The Lost island was home to dragons called Millennium Dragons. The bones of those dragons are called Dragonite, and it is believed to be an elixir that grants eternal youth."

Now that made Six sit up straight with narrow eyes.

"Interesting," Sanji said as he took a drag from his cigarette. "But that legend is no reason for Marines to get involved."

"Don't count on it." Six snorted drawing everyone's attention. "Greed will make any man go to great lengths to get what they want. The promise of eternal youth would make any man get greedy, even if it is just a legend." The Courier said, remembering the Sierra Madre and the Blue Star Bottlecaps, how all sorts of men and woman killed just to get something they didn't even know was real or not. "It wouldn't surprise me if someone higher up was using the Marines to get this so called 'Youth Elixir'."

"That makes sense." Zoro muttered before glancing at the old man. "Maybe there's something to the legend that can tell us what exactly the Marines want?"

Bokuden sat back down at the small table with everyone else. "To begin, the Lost island's first king was Isakandaq..."

Next what happened was something Six could only describe as pure torture. Bokuden went on to explain the legend of the Lost island in great detail, the problem was he went on about the smallest details his old mind could remember, and this old man remembered a fucking lot.

After about a few hours of non-stop talking the crew was not doing so well. Nami and Usopp were the only one's paying half attention, Luffy and Zoro were both asleep, and Six, Sanji, and even Stripe were playing a card game while off to the side. It surprised the chef greatly to see the little lizard hold a hand of cards in it's claws and was actually good at the game.

Luffy blinked his eyes open and suddenly stood up, grabbing everyone's attention except for Zoro and Bokuden.


"Gonna take a piss." Luffy muttered before walking out.

After Luffy left Bokuden continued his story as if nothing happened. Six, Sanji, and Stripe played a few more hands but it wasn't long before Bokuden story was even getting to them.

Suddenly Nami started to crawl away grabbing Usopp's and Six's attention. "Oi, where do you think you're going?"

Nami gave them both a cheeky look. "I'm just worried why Luffy's taking so long, I'm just going to check on him."

Six gave the redhead a grin as he leaned towards her. "What, thinking our dear captain needs help taking a piss? Never knew you wanted to be that close to him Nami."

Now that made the navigator blush red before she glared at the Courier and took a swing at him, something he easily dodged. Nami quickly made her way out and again Bokuden seemed to not notice a thing.

Hours past and soon everyone was sleeping in the living room, yet somehow Bokuden was still telling the story in his sleep.

Six had actually pulled out a pillow and was sleeping off to the side with Stripe on his chest. His Pip-boy was playing some country music he had downloaded a long time ago from Mr. New Vegas himself.

"Ok, I'm up!"

Usopp's cry made Six slowly get up from his spot with a yawn. "Is he still talking," Six said as he glanced at the old man muttering in his sleep. "That's fucking crazy." He said getting a nod from Stripe.

"That geezer's story was so long that we fell asleep." Sanji said as he pushed himself up and stretched.

Suddenly the front door was pushed open and one of the villagers came barging in. "B-Big trouble! Bokuden, Where's Apis!?"

"What's wrong?"

The villager looked surprised at Nami before a worry look crossed his face. "Your a pirate, right? There's a Marine fleet anchoring in the bay right now!"

Nami looked shocked along with most of the crew. "That can't be... there still after Apis?"

"What is with this kid?" Usopp said as he rubbed his head in confusion.

Nami seemed to snap out of her daze and looked to her crew. "Hey everyone, come with me!"

"Yes Nami!" Sanji shouted while jumping to his feet, the rest of the crew fallowing with confused looks.

"What about the grandpa?" Zoro asked while pointing to the old man.

Nami gave Bokuden a concerned look before shaking her head. "We'll let him rest here for now." She said before turning to the villager. "Hey, if Bokuden wakes up, tell him this: 'We're going to protect Apis." Nami said with a determined look as Luffy nodded.

Six gave the redhead and captain a raised brow as he put his pillow away. "So I take it we're not going back to the ship?" Six asked as Stripe jumped on his shoulder.

Luffy gave him a grin as he pointed to the back door. "We've got something amazing to show you!"

Amazing was a god damn understatement!

Six's Lucky Shades fell off his face as he gazed on what was in front of him. It was big, had green long air all over it's body, four legs, two wings, a bald head, sharp fangs, and two big golden eyes.

It was a really fucking dragon!

On top of said thing was Apis grinning down at them. "Hey, everyone!" She said in a cheery voice.

"Just as Grandpa Bokuden said, the legendary Millennial Dragon." Nami said as a fact as she looked at Apis.

"Yeah, isn't it cool!" Luffy said in amazement.

Six slowly reached down and picked up his sunglasses before giving Luffy a weak grin. "We're not even in the Grand Line yet and already you've found a dragon that may hold the key to eternal youth." Six said with a laugh.

Usopp gave the Dragon a gaping look as his jaw was on the floor. "Are... are you sure it's tame?"

The Sniper's response, the dragon went up to Usopp and liked his face, covering it in a layer of slobber.

"Oh! Sometimes he get's a bit senile." Apis warned from the top of the dragon. "If he thinks your food, he'll try to eat you!"

No sooner did Apis finish speaking the dragon bit down on Usopp's head.

"It's too late~" Usopp wailed as his head was in the dragon's mouth, but as far as Six could see it was nothing more then a love bite.

"But it doesn't hurt, dose it." Luffy laughed.

Six rolled his eyes as he helped the sniper out of the mouth of the Dragon. As soon as he was out Usopp hid behind a rock in fear, 'traumatized' about what just happened.

"What the Marines are after is this Millennial Dragon." Nami said to the crew with a serious look on her face. "Frankly, the reason I brought you here is that we'd like to bring this Millennial Dragon back to Lost Island."

"Wh-what're you saying!?" Usopp shouted in shock. "The Marines are closing in on us! We're gonna have enough trouble just getting away, how in the hell could we take suck a big creature-"

"Grandpa Ryu..." Apis said, grapping the snipers attention. "Wants to go home... so..." She said in a desperate voice.

Usopp sighed as he rubbed his face and glared at his captain. "Don't tell me, Luffy, that you promised her, like 'Yeah! I'll bring him home'..."

"Yeah, I promised and said 'I'll bring him home.'" Luffy said with a grin.

"Don't do that!" Usopp protested. "We don't know where that island it, right!?"

Six came up to the sniper and throw his arm over his shoulder. "Common Usopp, this is a once in a life time chance to work with a dragon." Six said as he looked at the wrinkled dragon. "Never before had I thought I could work with a real dragon."

Just as Usopp was about to protest some more Apis spoke up. "I thought Ryu would get his energy back once he goes home," She said, making Usopp's protest die in his throat.

Nami came to the rescue a second later. "Animals have a migration instinct. This Millennial Dragon may know something."

"But how are we going to find that out." Six said with a thoughtful look. "It's not like we can just ask him what he knows or feels."

Luffy gained an even bigger grin on his face as he pointed to Apis. "Apis has a Devil Fruit power that lets her talk to animals." He said getting a surprised look from everyone except Nami.

Apis nodded with a smile on her face as she looked to Ryu. "I ate the Whisper-Whisper fruit, allowing me to hear what is in a animals heart."

"So you can read an animals mind?" Sanji asked in a surprised tone as Apis nodded with a proud look on her face.

Six looked at the girl in shock before glancing at Stripe, who also looked shocked. "So if you can read animals minds, can you read Stripe's?"

Apis nodded again and looked to Stripe. "He says he's shocked about seeing a dragon but it reminds him a lot of his kind, only as old as dust." Apis said as she gave the Deathclaw a peeved look at hearing Ryu being called old.

Six snorted as he rubbed the Deathclaws head. "Why did I know you would sound like a smart ass?" He said getting a grin from the Deathclaw. "So what's our next move?"

Despite Usopp's weak protest Nami gained a grin on her face. "First, we'll build a cart! One big enough for Grandpa Ryu to ride."

Soon the crew stood outside the cave. Luffy, Zoro, Six, and Sanji all went to the near by forest to gather wood for the cart. Luffy punched a bunch of trees down, Sanji kicked a bunch of trees down, and Zoro chopped a bunch of trees down. Six had pulled out Knock-Knock and was chopping down trees left and right with ease.

By the time they were done the four men had enough wood to build a cart and more. With the logs Usopp and Six got to work building the cart using rope Six had in his Pip-boy. After about a half an hour the crew finished building a cart large enough for it to old a dragon.

"This thing won't brake even with Grandpa Ryu riding it!" Apis shouted in an exited voice as she jumped on the cart.

Sanji took a drag from his cigarette looked to the ocean. "But the harbor is blocked by the Marines, right? What will we do with about our ship?"

"Isn't it gonna work out?" Luffy asked in a care free voice.

Six facepalmed and gave his captain a flat look. "Come one Luffy, do you really thing the Marines are going to ignore a pirate ship." Six sighed as he gave a thoughtful look. "They're most likely guarding it, waiting for us to show up so they could ambush us."

"Should we raid the ship then?" Zoro asked while putting a hand on his sword.

"Yeah." Sanji said with his own grin.

Nami instantly shook her head. "That's not going to work since we have Grandpa Ryu. I have an idea about how we can carry him out of here." The navigator said before she walked to the edge of the cliff. "By the way, I want the Going Marry brought to the rear of the island."

That seemed to spark something in Usopp as he took a step forward. "Okay! It's the precious ship that Kaya gave us. I'll do it." Usopp said in a voice filed with bravado that greatly amazed Apis. "However... Zoro come with me!" He said with much less enthusiasm.

"Me too?" Zoro groaned after seeing Usopp's act.

Six snorted and folded his arms. "Common, did you really expect Usopp to get the ship all by himself." He said making Zoro sigh.

Nami grinned and nodded to the guys. "Then I'll leave it to you guys."

Usopp let out a shaky voice as he spoke. "Okay! So... how about we wait until nightfall?" He said getting a shocked look from Apis.

Six let out a small laugh as he glanced at the sniper. "Really Usopp, you want to stay on an island full of Marines while they have your girlfriend's ship?" Six found it funny how Usopp both paled and blushed at the same time.

Nami sighed as she turned to the edge of the cliff. "Bring the ship to the edge of the cape that looks like Usopp's nose."

Six tilted his head and snorted at how similar it look to the sniper's nose.

"You're right! That's Usopp's nose." Luffy laughed as he looked down.

Six looked to the edge of the cliff and saw what Nami was getting at. "Your want thinking of using this cliff to get Ryu in the water faster, aren't you."

Nami nodded with a proud look on her face. "Yup. I don't think they'd find this place so easily, but it's better to hurry up."

"What!?" Usopp groaned in annoyance. "Doing things on a hit-or-miss basis like that isn't-"

Nami cut Usopp off as she turned away from the sniper. "Sanji, Luffy! Six! Put Grandpa Ryu on the cart." She said getting a nod from the two. "You two head to the Going Marry and get into position." She said to Zoro, and Usopp.

"And try to be as stealthily as you can." Six said to Zoro and Usopp. "The last thing we need is those ship chasing us from the start."

Usopp suddenly paled as a thought hit him. "Wait, what if all those ships start chasing us at once, we'll have a whole fleet on our backs!" Usopp shouted in fear, scaring Apis.

Six quickly waved his hand in front of him. "Relax okay! It's more then likely that only one of those ships can move at the moment." He said getting Usopp and Apis to look at him.

"Really?" They both asked in a hopeful voice.

Six nodded his head. "Really. Most of the ships crew must be on the island searching for Apis, leaving the other ships bare." Six said before giving the sniper a serous look. "But I'd be carful if I were you. The Going Marry might have speed since it's so small, it can't out gun one of those bigger ships in fire power."

With that Zoro and Usopp quickly left while the rest went inside the cave.

After Luffy, Six, and Sanji all placed Grandpa Ryu on the cart they waited patently for the Going Marry to get into position.

Nami stared at the very edge of the island while looking through Six's binoculars. "Here they come!" Nami said with a grin on her face while handing the Courier back his binoculars.

Suddenly a seagull landed on Ryu's head grabbing Apis attention. The seagull squawked causing a scared look to cross Apis's face.

"W-we've got trouble! The bird said that the Marines are getting closer!" Apis panicked.

Nami sighed at that. "Oh... They came sooner then I thought..." Nami muttered.

"Hey, what're we going to do now?" Apis asked in worry.

Six placed a hand on Apis's shoulder, making her turn to the Courier. "Don't worry," Six said with a grin as he brought up a yellow disc. "I've left a present for the Marines." He said while Stripe chuckled on his shoulder.

Nami grinned when she saw the disc. "See, you don't have to worry. We have these three monsters." Stripe growled making Nami snort at the Deathclaw. "Sorry Stripe, I mean four." Nami said as she turned to the ocean once more. "Once the Going Marry is at Usopp's Nose Cape, We'll go all the way down."

The crew watch the Going Marry sail across the water while a Marine ship was not far behind. Fortunately there was only one.

Six saw moment out of the corner of his eye and sighed. "Look alive people," He said grabbing everyone's attention. "We've got company."

Apis gasped when she saw some Marines point their rifles at Ryu. "No! Don't shoot at Grandpa Ryu!" Apis shouted while running in front of the dragon.

"Apis!" Nami and Six shouted at the same time.

Fortunately the dragon put one of it's wings in front of Apis, protecting her. "Grandpa Ryu!"

The old dragon looked at Apis before lifting it's head up and stared down the Marines, making them take a step back. Nami quickly went to the girl and pulled her back.

"Don't go doing something so stupid!" Nami said in worry. "Your not alone in this!"

"Fire!" One of the Marines shouted

Apis gasped as she ran forward. "Don't do it!" The little girl shouted in distress as the Marines pulled the trigger.

She didn't get far as Six jumped in front of her warring his Sierra Madre Reinforced Armor. At the same time Luffy jumped in front and took the bullets with his rubber body, the ones that got passed the rubber captain were instantly stopped by Six's armor.

"No Use!" Luffy shouted as he shot the bullets back.

Six sighed when he felt none of the bullets get through his armor. It was a good thing most bullets in this world were not pointed but in ball form. changing into his duster Six stepped forward with a pissed off look. The Courier the Marines all had scared looks on his face as they all took a step back.

"So you have powers of a devil fruit." A voice said making Six raise an eyebrow.

"That's right. I'm a rubber man." Luffy said as a fact baffling the Marines.

When Six walked next to Luffy the Courier was shocked to at who he saw not far down the slope.

It was a tall skinny warring a gray suit and black sunglasses. The person had long fingernails and had long purple hair that was in the form of a cowlick.

"Eric?" Six said in a surprise voice making everyone look at him.

Eric gave Six a grin as he put his hands behind himself. "Well if it isn't Courier Six, or should I say 'Wild Card Six'. I was surprised to hear you've become a pirate, thought the high bounty dose not surprise me."

Luffy turned his head to the Courier with a straight face. "Oi Six, you know that guy."

Six nodded his head as he glared down at Eric. "Yeah, his name is 'Eric the Whirlwind', a mercenary and bounty hunter. We've worked on a few jobs together, but he was always a high and mighty ass." He said getting a glare from the man.

The Marine captain glared up at the pirates while his fist shook. "Use-"

"Use swords!" Eric cut him off making the captain look at him. "Guns don't work against rubber!"

Six snorted as he glanced behind him. "What did I say, an ass."

Soon the small group of Marines all charged at the pirates with swords in there hands.

"Sanji!" Nami shouted making Sanji run down the slope.

"Right Nami!" Sanji shouted with a smile as he kicked a bunch of Marines in the face.


"Gum-Gum Gatling Gun!"

Luffy punched down the mob of Marines while Six shot the ones to the side in the chest and limbs. Stripe jumped onto a Marine that had gotten too close and clawed at his face. Some of the Marines charging stopped when they heard beeping coming from below them.

Looking down the Marines were confused seeing a yellow plate beeping below them.

"What is-" The Marine was cut off when the landmine exploded below them, throwing them back.

"Haha!" Six laughed in victory as another landmine exploded.

Soon the fighting was finished. The Marines were either beaten unconscious or dead. The three pirates walked down the slope together as they looked down a Marine with a bloody arm. The Marine looked up with fear at the pirates before him.

Eric gave sighed at the fallen Marines while rubbing his face. "And you call yourself Marines?" He said getting a angry glare from the captain. "Really, you guys are good for nothing." Eric said before he started to walk up towards the pirates.

One of the fallen Marines got up from the floor and hobbled down the slope. Once he reached Eric the mercenary swiped his hand, cutting the Marine in the chest and killing him.

"What was that?" Luffy muttered with a confused look.

"A knife?"

Six glared down at Eric and put his pistol away. "That's no knife, that was Eric's devil fruit power." He said getting a surprised look from the two.

Once are was only about 20 feet away he stopped and looked up at the pirates. "My name is Eric the Whirlwind. I'm a mercenary hired by Nelson Royal."

Six snorted as he folded his arms. "Always going where the money is, huh Eric. Even if it's some asshole Noble."

Eric gave the Courier a shrug. "It's good money. But I have no business with you or your crew, for old times sake if you let me have the Millennial Dragon I promise no Marines will chase you." Eric offered before he glared at the pirates. "But if you stand in my way I'll make you all victims of my wind slash, the power of the Sickle-Sickle Fruit." Eric said in a high and mighty voice.

Luffy tilted his head in confusion. "Hey, he said Sicko-Sicko...



"What should we do?"

"What shall we do?" Luffy said before looking back. "Nami! Do we have to keep going?"

The navigator glanced at the ocean seeing the going Marry. "A little bit longer!"

"Nami's lovely even when she looks at the distant ocean." Sanji gushed.

Six laughed when he saw Eric's face turn red from being ignored.

"Hey! You bastards! Are you listening to me?!" Eric yelled grabbing Sanji and Luffy's attention.

Luffy looked down the slope with a blank look on his face. "You're Eric the Sicko, right? We're listening." He said making Six laugh his ass off again.

Eric grit his teeth at Luffy. "That's no-"

"That's completely right Luffy!" Six shouted cutting Eric off with a big grin on his face. "This guy is also known as 'Eric the Sicko' since now he'll be known for chase down a little girl from money."

Sanji took a drag from his cigarette and glared at Eric. "What a discussing creature."

Eric started to shake in rage before pulling his hand back. "Hope you don't regret making me angry." He said calmly.


Six eyes snapped to Eric as the mercenary shook his hands. "Guy's-"



Luffy and Sanji looked confused but jumped to the side with Six. Just a second later a gust of wind passed them cutting the earth below them.

"What was that?" Luffy asked in shock as he looked at the ground.

"I see. A wind slash huh?" Sanji said after taking a small sigh if relief.

Six nodded his head as he glared at the smug Eric. "Right, the Sickle-Sickle Fruit allows Eric create wind blades easily." Six thought how similar it was to Rankyaku, only it seemed any movement Eric did could easily create a windblade.

Eric gave a smug laugh as he looked at the pirates above him. "The winds I create are as sharp as legendary swords. No matter how trained you are, it's easy for me to tear you apart."

Apis looked down at Eric in worry before looking to Nami. "Aren't we going yet?"

"No, not yet." Nami said as she looked at Eric in worry.

Eric stood up straight and adjusted his sunglasses. "Now, out of my way! Hand over the Millennial Dragon!"

"No way!" Luffy shouted without any hesitation.

Grinned as he brought out That Gun. "You heard the boss, your not getting anything Eric."

Eric just grinned. "Do you wanna experience the Sickle-Sickle Whirlwind again?" The mercenary threaten with a smug smile on his face.

"Aren't we going yet Nami!?" Apis asked in worry.

Nami looked to the water before a grin crossed her face. "Here they come! They're here!" Nami shouted to the pirates. "Now! Sanji, Luffy, Six!"

Sanji gained hearts in his eyes as he looked back. "Okay Nami!" He shouted before he and Luffy started to run back.

"What!? I won't let you get away!" Eric shouted as he pulled his arms back. "Sickle-Sickle-"

"Hey Eric, catch!" Six shouted as he throw something at Eric's feet before running up the cliff.

Eric jumped back and expected an explosion, but instead he was blinded by a white light. "My eyes!" He shouted while covering his eyes.

"Suck it loser!" Six shouted as he ran behind the cart with Sanji.

"Nami! I'll be your love catapult-"

"Just start pushing god damn it!" Six shouted before he and Sanji pushed the cart forward and hopped on the back.

The cart rolled down the cliff and was heading right for Eric. The mercenary was still rubbed his eyes but managed to jump out of the way in time with an impressive leap.

Faster and faster the cart rolled down the cliff and it wasn't long before the crew and dragon were heading straight into a bolder.

"We're gonna run into a rock!" Apis yelled out.

"Luffy, smash that rock!" Six shouted as he slowly moved to the front.

Luffy grinned as he sat on top of the dragon. "Gum-Gum Gatling Gun!" Luffy shouted as he started to throw his fists at the large rock.

Just when it looked like they were going to crash Luffy broke through the rock, chattering it into pieces. Some of the pieces flew towards the cart but that's to Sanji's kicks, Six's Nuka Breaker, and even Ryu's wing, the three were all able to keep the cart from being damaged.

"What is this!?" Apis yelled looking a little blue in the face while Luffy just laughed.

"That's how I do it!" Luffy said before his head got stuck on a branch.

Six acted fast and grabbed Luffy by his red shirt, though his head was still stuck.

"Dumbass!" Everyone shouted as Luffy's head finally came free and back to his body.

Once Luffy was fully back in the cart He sighed weakly. "That was close..." He moaned

Apis sighed before she looked ahead, feeling a little thrill riding down the mountain. "Yoo-Hoo!" Apis shouted while laughing.

Six laughed with her and throw his hands up in the air. "The girls got the right idea! Yeehaw!" He shouted while waving his hat in the air as everyone else laugh, though Stripe was clinging to him for dear life.

After a about a minute of riding down the mountain Six saw they were almost at the end. "We're coming up to Usopp's Nose Cape!" Six shouted as he saw something else. "And it looks like we got company!"

Nami looked down the mountain and clicked her teeth. "It's the Marines!" She shouted in worry.

Six grinned as he stood up on top of Ryu. "Don't worry, I'll take care of them!" Six shouted with a grin.

As the cart ran down the cape and few into the air it smashed into the Marines main mast, breaking it from the ship. As the cart was breaking the mast Six jumped off the cart with Stripe on his shoulder.

When Six landed on the ship the Marines didn't seem to notice him as they were scrambling around like chickens with there heads cut off.

"Go after them! Go after that ship!" A Marine captain shouted at the top of his lungs.

"We can't move because that sail is in our way!" Marine shouted in worry.

"What!? Then turn our cannons and guns on that ship and start firing!" The Captain ordered as the Marines started to move to go for there artillery.

Now it was time for Six to act. "Hello shitty Marines!" Six called out making every single Marine turn towards him.

"Pirate! There's a pirate on the ship!"

"It's Wild Card Six!"

"Get him!" The captain ordered as he pulled out his sword.

Six grinned while holding out his hands. "Oh! Baby!" A moment later a giant hammer appeared in the Courier's hands, at the same time Stripe jumped off his shoulder. "Let's do this Stripe!" Six shouted with a grin before swinging his hammer into two Marines, sending the flying.

After Six took out all the Marines on the ship he few back to the Going Marry using Geppo to see Usopp attaching the cart to the back of the ship.

"Hey guys!" Six said as he landed on the ship with a grin. "Everyone alright?"

Apis nodded from the cart with a smile on her face. "Yup!"

"Nice job taking out the Marines, you gave us enough time to move Grandpa Ryu." Nami said before looking to her captain. "Luffy, we can leave any time now."

"Okay!" Luffy shouted while looking to the ocean. "Set Sail... for Lost Island!" Luffy shouted with a big grin on his face.

After nobody moved for a second Usopp was the first to speak up. "But which way?"

"Hmm," Luffy then pointed to the left. "That way?" He then pointed to the right. "Or, maybe this way?"

Usopp's face fell at that. "Are we gonna be okay when you're so unreliable?" Usopp muttered with an annoyed look on his face.

"Well, we'll just have to go anyway." Zoro said as he leaned against a railing.

"He's right." Six said as he put his hands in his duster. "If we don't start moving the Marines will me on us soon, even with one of there ships out of order."

"Out of order, I thought you just took out the Marines?" Sanji asked with a raised brow.

"Well..." Six trailed off while scratching his cheek.

"Bring more water!"

"Hot! Hot! Hot!"

"There are several holes at the bottom of the ship!"

"We're taking water!"

"The ships going down!"


"Let's not worry about that." Six said with a wave of his hand making Sanji shrug.

"Well anyway. Lost Island is not on the sea chart, so.. it's all on us." Nami said while giving Luffy a wink, making him grin.

"You're lovely, Nami, even when you're decisive." Sanji gushed as usual making Usopp sigh.

The crew lowered the sail and started to glide across the water, every person, and Deathclaw, having a determined look on their faces.

"Our destination is Lost Island!"