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Morning Star

Lucifer was pissed, he was beyond pissed and all of Hell and Silver City knew it. Why might do you ask?

Well just 5 hours ago Lucifer was living his new life as Minato Morning Star Namikaze. Along side his beautiful wife Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze. It was a special day for the couple for it was the day that their son was going to be born. Lucifer was shocked the day his beautiful bride told him that she was carrying his child. For every time he was on earth no woman was able to give him a child, no matter how many times he had tried.

But, Kushina was special from all the other women. She was a Jinchuriki. She was the jinchuriki to the most powerful of the tailed beast. The Kyubi no Yoko or Kyubi no Kitsune. For the demon fox held 9 tails as was the most powerful out of his siblings.

That night of October 10th Minato and Kushina welcomed to the world a little boy. To everyone's amazement had black hair with red mixed into it and the most heavenly blue eyes that anyone had ever seen.

But the happy family's enjoyment was cut short when an Anbu came flying through the door and a masked man walked into the safe house. With just a blink of an eye the man was before Kushina and ripping the baby from her hands and holding him upside down by his feet and holding a kunai to the crying baby's neck.

Minato's eyes flashed crimson as his only child was being threaten before him. Before Lucifer Morning Star. "Return my son." He demanded his voice taking on an icy edge to it.

The man smirked behind his mask. "You will give me what I want Morning Star or else this child will take your place." His voice dripping with venom as he spoke.

As the fox rushed to heal Kushina. Said woman was slowly leaking out her chakra chains to bind the man and get her son back. Her crimson chains slithered up the side of the man as Minato made to rush him.

As the chains finished their job and wrapped around the man. Minato reach for his son. But not before the kunai cut the boy on his cheek. The baby was now crying as blood rolled down his cheek. Minato pulled his son away and flashed stepped to another safe house where the 3rd and his wife awaited the happy family. Minato appeared before him. "My family has been attacked. Please take Naruto and keep him safe." He said as he vanished once more.

Sarutobi turned to his wife. She nodded her head to him as he vanished in a swirl of leaves.

Kushina was still too weak as the masked man was able to over power her and now was pulling the Kyubi from her belly. He smirked as his single crimson eye looked down at her. "There is nothing you nor your foolish husband can do to stop me. But I can only leave you with a parting gift. One that I'm sure you'll both enjoy." He pulled a kunai out of his robe and drove it into her stomach and twisting it for extra majors. "Without your little fox. You will not survive from this." He laughed as he went after his prize and placed the Kyubi into a Genjutsu.

"Now my pet. Burn this village to the ground." Laughed the masked man as his mask was impacted by a fist and sent him flying off the Kyubi and into a store where civilian's hid from the rampaging beast.

"You made a grave mistake in attacking my family and another for hurting my child. I will end you." Growled Minato as his eyes glowed a soft crimson. Where once his gentle blue eyes held love and happiness. Now was the promise of death and pain. "I shall not forgive your transgression to my family and village." He held two tri prong kunai in his hands as flames licked around the blades.

The man's single eye widens from fear for he could see the 4th Hokage's face turn into a demon as black wings appeared behind him. He pushed himself off the ground and charged the man. "That Genjutsu doesn't frighten me." He yelled as a large metal fan appeared in his hands.

Minato laughed as he slashed at the man before him. "Your mistaking what is my true face for a genjutsu?" Minato lean in close to the man as his mouth was next to the man's ear. "Why would I Lucifer Morning Star the Devil need to use a genjutsu on my true face?"

The man pushed off Minato. "L-Lucifer? How?" Stammered the man as his crimson eye held fear.

Minato smirked as he drove one of his flaming kunai into the left side of the man. The flames began burning his robe. "This will not the be end of this, for my pet is destroying your village." He said as he vanished into a black hole.

"Bastard." Growled Minato as he left the building to see more than half of Konoha in flames as civilian and shinobi alike ran and fought back. Many laid dead on the ground. Without thinking Minato jumped onto the Kyubi's head and was gone with seconds.

As Minato flash stepped the beast away. The genjutsu that he was under began to fade.

"Fucking Madara! I'm going to kill that bastard." Growled out the Kyubi as he looked around him and saw Kushina bleeding on the ground next to her was her husband holding her tight.

"Kurama please return to me." Said Kushina as she coughed up blood.

Kurama looked down at his former host. He slowly shakes his head. "Child you would only die taking me back into you."

"If you don't then you'll be hunted again and resealed into someone who doesn't care and would only hurt you." Cried Kushina as she slowly pushed herself up.

"Then seal me within your son. But make it to the point I am able to move freely out of his seal to protect and train him." Said Kurama as he knew she wasn't long for this world and something strange about her husband told him he wouldn't be here for much longer.

Kushina cried as Minato vanished to bring their child to the Kyubi and make the child the new jinchuriki of the Kyubi. As Minato reappeared, he got the seal ready and when through the hand signs. As he yelled sealing jutsu a man with silver hair appeared next to him.

"Lucifer it is time to return my son. You have had your fun and for this seal to work you need my blessing for it is one of 3 heavenly seals needed to seal Kurama whole and keep the darkness away from young Naruto's heart as well as Kurama's.

Lucifer looked at his father with rage written across his face. "I will not leave my son." He growled out.

God smiled. "He will not be alone. He will have Kurama here to raise and protect him as well we will help him from the shadows." He told his son.

"But, father. I am still strong and able to fight. I can be here for him as well." Said Lucifer as he glared darkly at his father.

"I'm afraid not Lucifer. Something has happened in Hell and the balance is off. The dead are returning to life and the reapers are not able to handle things and the ones you left to watch things over have failed." Said God as he placed a hand on his son's shoulder.

Lucifer sighed as he knew that if he didn't return. Things would only get worst in the land of the living and if he wanted any type of future for his son. Then he was going to have to leave him. He looked at his father. "Fine but I want my wife with me in the afterlife. She is my angel of light."

God nodded his head and the seal was finished and Kurama came out of the seal with a silver choker on his neck and it was in a human form. He looked like Kushina. If she was a male.

Kushina held her son one last time and kissed him. "I love you Naruto Morning Star Uzumaki-Namikaze. Grow up to be a good man like your father and strong like me." She looked up at Kurama. "Please keep him safe." She said with tears as the light from her eyes slowly began to fade.

Minato took his son from his wife and held the boy for a while. "Naruto. I am sorry I will not be around for when you need me the most. I'm sorry for forsaking you to this life of a jinchuriki and most of all I am sorry for everything that is to come." He said as tears roll down his cheeks and he kissed his son for the very last time.

Kurama walked up to the man and looked at him. "So. Lucifer you did break out of hell again." He said with a knowing smirk. "Don't worry. I'll take care of the kit." He told him.

"Be sure to protect him Kurama or I will rain down hell on your ass." Said Lucifer as he turned to his father.

God nodded his head as several scrolls appeared before Kurama. "You will need these for his training. As well I had fixed Minato's and Kushina's will. So, you will be able to raise the child." He told Kurama as said fox-man nodded his head.

Two blood clones of Minato and Kushina took their place. As Minato had to fake his death and return to hell and long his side was, he beloved wife that God had made into an angel for his son. For he knew the loneliness Lucifer so longed for to end and it had when he had met this very special woman. Also, it didn't hurt that Kushina kind of scared his son.

The 3rd and Jiraiya had finally arrived to find the two new parents dead and a strange man that could pass as Kushina's twin brother holding their child.

"Who are you?" Demand Sarutobi as Jiraiya checked to see if the two were still alive.

Kurama looked at the two monkeys and down at the baby that was now sleeping. "I am Kushina's twin brother." HE told them.

"We didn't know she had a brother?" Said Jiraiya as he narrowed his eyes at Kurama.

"I have the letter she sent me." Said Kurama as he pulled a letter from his pocket and handed it over to the old man.

Dear baby brother

I am so glad at receiving the letter from you about a month ago. I'm happy that you did make it out of the village alive before it fell. I have missed you so much and I hope you get here before my son is born. That's right. Your going to be an uncle and I know I'm going to need your help once the baby comes. For Minato is still so clueless and doesn't have the slightest idea on what to do when the baby is here.
But I must go. I need to finish the baby's room and get a room set up for you. Once you get here just come to the Uzumaki estate and all will be ready.

Love your big sister Kushina

"As you can tell that is my sister hand writing and as an Uzumaki I am entitled to raise her son and my nephew as well I am entitle to all Uzumaki land and deeds till Naruto is old enough to take over as Head of Both Uzumaki and Namikaze clans. That is if he truly wants to." Said Kurama as he looked at both men.

As Jiraiya was about to say something Sarutobi raised his hand to stop him. "Fine we will escort you to their home. But, in the morning we will be going over their wills. For Jiraiya and Tsunade had been named the boy's godparents the second Kushina and Minato knew she was going to have a baby." He told Kurama.

Kurama raised a crimson eyebrow to this. "I don't give a damn. I am his only family and I will do all in my power to keep him safe and well cared for." He told the two men with anger lacing his voice.

Jiraiya glared at him. "I don't give a damn your Kushina's brother. I will be in the boy's life as well as Tsunade." He said as he turns to leave. He needed to go find the woman and tell her what had happen and he best do it quickly.


Lucifer began looking in the files for one name. "Madara Uchiha."

Maze walked into Lucifer's office and saw three other Lucifer's working and looking at files and scrolls. Behind her was Kushina. Maze had taken it upon herself to give the woman a make over and Kushina was having a little issue with wearing a tight leather pencil skirt with a black see though top with a black bra. Her Crimson locks pulled back into a ponytail.

"Found the file on Madara." Said Maze as she placed it before Lucifer. He looked up at her.

"Where in bloody hell was it?" Asked Lucifer as he saw that written across it. "MISSING"

Kushina walked up to her husband and placed a hand of his shoulder. "Someone must have let him out or something."

Lucifer looked at her and over to Maze. "Where is the demon that was keeping watch on him?" He asked.

Maze smirked. "The old bastard killed her. He tricked her into loving him and then killed her."

"Kushina my love. We have a lot of work to do and not enough time. For Madara has ranted to others that he was going to bring the end of the Elemental Nations and he needs all the tail beast to do it." Said Lucifer as he saw the fear in his wife's eyes.

"What do you need of me?" Asked Kushina. Heaven and Hell wasn't going to stop her from helping her son.

Lucifer smirked. "I need you to help Maze train a couple demon's and angels that I will be sending to earth to help out. I will deal with my father about getting a few angels." He told his wife as she nodded her head.

Maze watched on as she wonders what made this woman so special and different from all the others. Not even that detective was able to bring a change into Lucifer and that woman was created by God just for him.

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