It's late in the afternoon by the time the bus arrives back at WMHS. The squad performed flawlessly at Regionals and the coaches couldn't have been any prouder. With securing this title, the squad has solidified their position to compete at Nationals held in L.A. later in June. That leaves just four months to prepare a kickass routine which sounds like loads of time but in the cheer-world it really isn't.

Four months goes by in a flash and they've got to be on their game if they want to win, but with Valentine's Day being just around the corner, everyone is a little preoccupied with the love in the air.

Especially Santana and Brittany.


Santana just about pushes Quinn down the steps in order to get the hell off of that bus because Brittany has spent the last twenty minutes of their ride teasing her with these soft touches and flirty whispers and Santana is close to her breaking point. She would be mad at Brittany for working her up like that when they clearly can't do anything surrounded by all these teens, but she really can't complain when Brittany's promising all of these amazing things once they get back to her apartment.

Amazing things that are only for winners and judging by the giant Regionals trophy they're toting, Santana definitely falls under that category.

"What's the rush?" Quinn shrieks as Santana brushes past her with Brittany close behind. The rest of the squad has started to disperse to their respective cars or rides home too so once they're out of earshot she asks, "Riding around with them that bad?"

"No. We just gotta go somewhere," Santana rolls her eyes as she fumbles for her keys. She can feel the fabric of her panties clinging to her in ways that it shouldn't and all she wants to do is get Brittany into this car and take her home, if she can even make it that far.

Quinn arches a brow and looks to Brittany for some type of explanation.

The other blonde just shrugs, opting to play coy because of course she would. Building Santana up like that is one of her favorite pastimes, it's just so easy and it makes the sex even better when she finally gets her alone.

"We've got plans, okay?" Santana clarifies and her tone verges on frustration as she still searches for her keys, "Fuck! Where are they?"

"Like dinner reservations? I'm sure you can just call if you're running late," Quinn suggests but continues to eye them both suspiciously.

"This place doesn't have reservations," Brittany smirks before she plucks the key fob from Santana's jacket pocket and unlocks the car for her, "It's a first come then serve basis."

Santana's eyes go wide at the innuendo but it goes over Quinn's head.

"You mean first come, first serve basis?" Quinn asks but Santana's already throwing hers and Brittany's bags into the back seat.

"She said what she said. We'll see you tomorrow!" Santana calls out before narrowing her eyes on the mischievous looking Brittany, "Get in."

Brittany just chuckles at the brunette before looking to Quinn, "We're still meeting with Figgins before practice?"

"Yeah, so make sure that one doesn't forget," Quinn answers as Santana starts to rev the engine. Quinn pulls a face at the noise and looks back to Brittany, "What is up with her?"

"All that winning must've worked up her appetite," Brittany says innocently, "We'll see you tomorrow."

"Alright, have fun at dinner!"

"Oh, we will," Brittany grins before waving goodbye to Quinn. When she finally gets in the car, Santana's pulling this adorable pout, "Don't give me that. You didn't even say bye to Quinn and that's rude."

Santana rolls her eyes and winds down the window before yelling out, "Bye Q!"

Quinn just shakes her head then waves back before Santana starts to reverse out.

Thank God Brittany doesn't live too far from the school, because Santana doesn't know how much longer she can take of this. Especially when Brittany's hand finds purchase on Santana's leg, her fingers pressing at her inner thigh dangerously high.

"What's the rush, Santana?" Brittany mimics Quinn's earlier question as her hand squeezes at Santana's thigh. It's followed by this sexy giggle, her voice husky and her smirk devilish.

God, Santana can't wait for the things this woman is going to do to her.

"You're the absolute worst, you know that?" Santana pouts again when Brittany's fingers edge up a little higher. Santana squeezes her legs as best as she can while keeping her foot on the gas, trapping Brittany's hand between her thighs. She sends her a quick glare, "The worst."

"You love it," Brittany grins and leans over to press a kiss to Santana's cheek.

Santana doesn't even have the strength in her to deny it.


"Jesus, okay wait – fuck! – Britt!" Santana's breathless as one hand grips the sheets and another stays planted on the back of Brittany's head.

She has no idea what time it is; all she knows is that they had incredible sex once they finally got back to Brittany's for their dinner reservation, they managed to pull themselves apart long enough to get showered and grab something for actual dinner before returning to Brittany's for more incredible sex and at some point they fell asleep.

But now?

Santana thinks it might be morning or maybe midday judging by the white light creeping through Brittany's blinds. She's not too focused on figuring that out though because she's already dripping and grinding harder against Brittany's mouth.

"Feels so good," Santana moans as she tosses her head back. She feels Brittany's hand slide up over her toned stomach to palm at her chest while the other hand fights to keep Santana's legs spread.

She doesn't even know what she's saying anymore because who can think straight when she's got Brittany between her legs. Honestly, she didn't think she could be built up so fast after such an earth-shattering orgasm, but Brittany can be a little relentless sometimes and that in itself is a huge turn on.

Her entire body feels like it's on fire but like in a good way and god she is so wet. Brittany hums something that Santana can't quite hear, but she can feel the vibrations against her clit and it makes Santana's thighs tense around Brittany's ears.

Her tongue is magic, Santana's sure of it.

The blonde winds her up and Santana is already so close it should be embarrassing, but with Brittany she really doesn't give a fuck. Only Brittany can make her feel this good, only Brittany can turn her into this trembling mess. She can feel the blonde alternating between broad strokes and barely there grazes before her tongue dips inside velvet hot heat.

It's like she sees stars, like actual stars. Maybe she's about to black out? Can you black out from an amazing orgasm? Probably.

Santana has missed this so much and lately it's like they can't get enough of each other. Since their first time again on New Year's Eve, they really haven't been able to keep their hands off. They've always been pretty physical and now it's almost as if they're trying to make up for the lost time but you won't find Santana complaining any time soon.

Santana's so damn close but suddenly she feels Brittany pushing Santana's hand off of her and pulling away. She's instantly protesting, involuntarily bucking her hips to find purchase on that glorious tongue of hers when she feels Brittany's soft lips pressing kisses at her hips then just above her belly button then the underside of her breast.

"Britt please," Santana whines at this new excruciatingly slow pace, "I'm so close." She's squirming beneath the blonde and Santana can tell that Brittany loves it just by the way she can feel her lips curl into a smirk against her skin.

"I know, baby," Brittany husks before sucking Santana's stiff nipple into her warm mouth. A firm hand keeps Santana's hips pressed against the mattress as the brunette struggles to find some kind of friction.

"Fucking hell," Santana groans and her voice is already so hoarse. If Brittany doesn't move faster, Santana might just have to finish the job. Her left hand is already subtly inching closer to her center and holy shit she is so wet, it's all over her thighs.

"Don't," Brittany warns as she shifts away from Santana's chest to stop Santana's hand from venturing any closer. There's this mischievous glint in her darkened blue eyes as she pins Santana's wandering hand above her head, "Let me do it."

Santana just nods because who is she to deny Brittany of anything? Then Brittany's bending down to kiss swollen lips. Santana whimpers again, she can taste herself on Brittany's lips and her tongue and she remembers how they both feel gliding along her slick folds.

God, she really needs Brittany's mouth working between her legs again.

Brittany nips a little at Santana's bottom lip as she slowly slides away from Santana's hand to brace herself above her. She pauses there and just stares down at Santana like she's taking it all in. It would be kind of romantic if she hadn't made Santana so desperate for release.

Santana's just about to protest some more when Brittany sinks into her two-fingers deep without another word. This feeling of being so wound up, of Brittany filling her like no one else can, the pure ecstasy of it all is better than any drug out there. Santana's hand finds the back of Brittany's neck before she's dragging her down for another heated kiss.

Brittany is so in tune with Santana's body that she knows every spot to hit and what each curl of her fingers would do to have Santana yelling out her name. She really could be so smug about it sometimes too, but lately she just wants to love on her and be loved by her.

So Brittany does what Brittany does best and falls into their rhythm; she pumps into Santana at a pace that'll have the brunette tumbling down in seconds, slow and deep and just how Santana likes it.

"Right there," Santana's arching up into her, her breaths coming out in shorter pants, her eyes squeezed shut, her jaw slacked and Brittany takes it all in, all of the telltale signs of Santana about to fall apart.

"I love you," Brittany whispers against Santana's ear as she continues the steady pace. She knows Santana's close, she can feel her tensing around her fingers and she knows that all it will take is just the slightest curl and –

"Fuck, Britt!" Santana cries out before her body goes rigid and she sinks her blunt nails into Brittany's shoulder blades. She can feel how slick she is as she continues to ride out her orgasm against Brittany, her smooth heat gliding against Brittany's palm effortlessly as her body trembles with aftershocks.

Every touch makes her shiver in the best of ways until she finally relaxes and slumps back against the pillows again. She's covered in sweat and she can feel her heart pounding in her ears as well as around Brittany's fingers.

"I love you," Santana grins dopily, "And I love your fingers. Also your tongue. They're all great."

"That's the orgasm talking," Brittany giggles cutely but the motion causes Santana to moan at the feel of Brittany's fingers still deep inside of her. Brittany bites her lip at the sound, "You look so sexy. I could just…"

"Britt," Santana groans at the feel of Brittany's fingers starting to move at a slow pace again. She feels conflicted because it feels so good, but she's so sensitive, "I can't handle."

Brittany smirks at that and pauses her motions, "Gotta work on that stamina, babe."

"I'm trying," Santana sighs, "You just had to do that thing with your tongue, you know I'm defenseless when you do that."

"Sorry not sorry," Brittany chuckles as she slowly pulls out and slides her fingers into her mouth to clean them off. She's smiling around the way her tongue glides along her slick digits and it makes Santana swallow dryly at the sight.

"God, I love you so much," Santana sighs as she watches the sight with half-lidded eyes, if she could move she would grab Brittany's hand and do the job herself.

When Brittany makes a show of pulling away with a loud pop, Santana can't help but chuckle.

"You taste good," Brittany whispers before licking her lips, "Like really good."

"You're such a tease," Santana says then reaches up to pull Brittany down for a searing kiss. Her hands are roaming all over Brittany's tight abs and despite her weak limbs, she manages to roll Brittany onto her back, "It's my turn now."

"You sure you're not tired out yet?" Brittany smirks.

"Let's find out."

Brittany's face fills with excitement and her legs fall open, adjusting to Santana as the brunette palms at her chest and licks a stripe up her hipbone. The blonde's hand falls to cup Santana's cheek before pushing dark locks from her face.

Santana looks up at Brittany as she edges closer and closer to where she knows Brittany is aching for her to be. She knows how wet Brittany gets from watching Santana fall apart and she can't wait to dive in.

Just then though Santana's phone alarm blasts through the heated silence, causing both girls to jump at the sound.

"What is that?" Santana groans, "What time is it?"

Brittany's already trying to reach for Santana's phone and turn the thing off and maybe throw it out the window so they can never be interrupted again.

But then Santana sees Brittany frown and she knows that can't be good.

"What's wrong?" Santana asks as she crawls up to rest against Brittany's chest.

"Time to get ready for practice," Brittany says as she shows Santana the numerous texts from Quinn, "Figgins wants to see us, remember?"

"No?," Santana pouts, falling off to the side of Brittany as they read through Quinn's texts for more information.

"That's right. You were too busy trying to get in my pants," Brittany smirks before looking over the texts, "You think he wants to give us a key to the school for winning Regionals like mayors do with the key to the city?" Brittany wonders aloud, "Or maybe throw us an awesome party?"

"Who knows," Santana shrugs and notes the time before turning a smirk back onto Brittany, "So we've got 15 minutes before we need to get ready and go..."

"Uh-huh?" Brittany hums out, already discarding the phone in favor of wrapping her arms around Santana.

"Shower or round 2?" Santana smirks.

"Porque no los dos?" Brittany teases and they waste no time in rushing off to the bathroom.


"Aaaaand you're late," Quinn says with her arms crossed at her chest as Santana and Brittany jog up to meet her, "How is that possible? I sent you so many reminders."

"We were ha– "

"Nope, don't wanna know," Quinn quickly cuts Santana off with a chuckle before turning towards the school doors, "Honestly, I thought with you two living together now you'd at least be a little more punctual."

Santana bites her lip and glances shyly at Brittany before saying, "We don't live together."

"We just have lots of sleepovers," Brittany shrugs and winks over at Santana, "And also lots of sex."

Quinn just shakes her head, "Let's just get in there and see what this meeting is about. I swear, if it has anything to do with the transportation budget for Nationals I'm going to lose it. We already had to pay for more than half for Sectionals and Regionals."

"Please do," Santana agrees as she and Brittany fall into their usual place offsides of Quinn, "Shit sucks."

Brittany nods, "True. I can see now why Mr. Schue use to get all worked up over it."

"Yeah we shouldn't have to pay," Santana huffs, "We should be able to use our checks for whatever we want. Not funding a damn school club."

It doesn't take them long until they're at Figgins' office and being guided into chairs set in front of his desk.

"Good afternoon, Coaches!" He greets a little too loudly, "Congratulations on your win at Regionals. You have made McKinley very proud."

"Thank you," Quinn says politely, "The squad practices hard and we're confident we'll be bringing home that Nationals trophy as well."

"Outstanding," Figgins nods, "In other news, how are we today? It's important to check in with my staff and you three fall through the cracks sometimes."

"This could've all been done over an email," Santana quips sarcastically which earns her a side-eye from Quinn and a smirk from Brittany.

"We're great," Quinn answers for them instead, "Is this meeting just to check in on us or is this about something else like the transportation budget? We can't take another – "

"No, no it's nothing like that," He waves off before continuing, "I will do what I can regarding the budget, but my hands are tied sometimes."

"Most of the time," Santana interjects lowly which earns her a nudge from Quinn.

Figgins continues regardless, "I will keep this meeting short as I know you will need to prepare for practice soon. I have received news that we are short on chaperones for this year's Junior Prom so I wanted to offer you three the positions. Sue was always first to volunteer and it only seems natural for you three to take her place there as well."

"Us?" Quinn looks between Brittany and Santana, "Shouldn't you ask someone who is an actual teacher?"

"Technically yes," Figgins replies, "But you three are quite popular with the students and it has created some buzz amongst the faculty. We would be delighted if you all could help out."

"Obviously," Santana says, "Brittz and I are awesome. Quinn's okay too."

Quinn gives Santana a look before Brittany asks, "When is it?"

"Valentine's Day weekend," Figgins supplies.

"So this weekend?" Santana clarifies.

Figgins nods, "I understand that it is short notice, but I along with the rest of McKinley would be honored for you three to attend."

Santana feels a little conflicted here; she had plans to wine and dine Brittany since they'd be too busy with practice on the actual day to celebrate but it was meant to be a surprise. It would be there first Valentine's together in a long time so she kind of wanted to make it special.

She looks to Brittany to try and gauge her answer though while Quinn answers for herself.

"I don't mind doing it. I don't have anything else on," Quinn shrugs and turns to Santana and Brittany, "How about you guys?"

"I think it might be kind of fun," Brittany says around a soft smile, "I've always wanted to be the one to guard the punch bowl. It's the best spot, you're closest to all the snacks, but it's up to Santana."

Quinn chuckles at that and looks to Santana, "What do you say?"

The answer is easy once she sees the joy on Brittany's face at the very prospect of possibly taking on Sue's role. She would so take it seriously too and that would be great to watch. Hell, Santana might even try to spike the punch herself just to make things interesting.

"Yeah. I'm down too," Santana agrees.

"Amazing!" Figgins cheers and stand to shake their hands, "Thank you. I'll send out an email later today regarding the details."

"Oh now you want to send an email?" Santana shakes her head.

Figgins just gives the coaches a nod to excuse them, "Good luck with practice."


The buzz around Junior Prom increases as the dance grows closer and seriously Santana doesn't know how much longer she can take. She can hear the girls chattering about it while they warm-up and it's all about who is going with who and Junior Prom Court nominations. Really, Santana wants to roll her eyes because it's all meaningless outside of high school. No one gives a damn who you went with or what you won, but she knows they don't get that yet.

At their age, it feels like the most important thing: the one shot at Junior Prom.

She remembers the feeling all too well.

She remembers Brittany being newly single and that it was finally Santana's time to shine and enjoy the night with her best friend and also the girl she loved. It all fell through with one text and a heart heavy with guilt. Santana glances over at Brittany and she wonders if she ever thinks about their hard times as much as she does. When Brittany catches her eye, she just sends Santana a wink and that eases her in a way.

She ends up focusing on getting the squad geared up for their upcoming game. Those are like practices for the big competition so it's a little less formal, but they still need to give it their all.

It's great that she, Quinn and Brittany have each fallen into a specialty and combine to be this ultimate force for the squad.

Brittany's been hard at work with the choreography and using her genius brain to calculate what combination of stunts they need to incorporate in order to max out their scores. Quinn keeps everyone in line with scheduling and making sure the girls are executing what they have so far with precision. Santana tries to keep the drama out of it all being that she's the no-nonsense type which is important around a bunch of hormonal teenagers. It reminds them to stay focused on their goals and be driven.

Sometimes though, Santana finds it so ironic that pushing to stay driven and setting goals has become her thing while coaching the squad because it was never her strong point growing up. She had the ambition, sure, but the drive…nowhere to be found.

Sometimes she thinks she still struggles with that outside of cheerleading, because even now she doesn't actually have any goals set and that worries her. Not to say that being close to 25 is old, but she would've thought that she would have some things figured out by now. At least have a vague idea of what she wants, but all she has is a business degree which she isn't really using and she lives with her mom. It's not exactly what she pictured for herself.

Her position as co-coach gives her purpose though and that's enough for now, but what happens when the year is up?

It's something that she has kept at the back of her mind for awhile now, probably since the start of the new year because time is really flying. Once Nationals are done, the school year is basically over. That's the end of their contract and she hasn't even begun to think what comes next for her, not to mention her relationship with Brittany and sometimes that keeps her up at night.


Around this time last February, Santana was living in New York probably just now arriving home after pulling a double at work. Her hair would smell like French fries and her muscles would ache for a steaming hot shower. She'd go to sleep alone and wake up a few hours later alone then she would go about the rest of her day pretending like she wasn't bothered by the fact that she was single on yet another Valentine's Day.

She would load up on expensive wine and take out and groan at every single couple holding hands that she'd walk by. She would've passed several street vendors pushing fresh flowers and chocolates to bring home to her special someone which she ignored like the plague. She would've tuned out all the shitty little love songs playing from shop speakers and roll her eyes at the cheesy heart decorations stuck to display windows.

She would've spent the entire day trying to think about anything but Brittany and what she could possibly be doing and who she would be doing it with.

This year though, that's not the case.

This year, Santana is sitting in a musty gym in Lima reviewing some footage from the routine at Regionals with Quinn and Brittany while the squad that she co-coaches gets to work rolling out the mats for cheer practice. It's not how she thought she would be spending Valentine's Day, but the year has been full of surprises so far so Santana doesn't complain.

Instead, she settles in close to watch the screen as Brittany explains new stunts she thinks they should try out. Santana's trying her hardest to listen while Brittany gets wrapped up in talking choreography, but she can't help but think about how pretty she looks and how smart she is with everything she says.

She's actually so hopelessly in love with the girl, it's so bad.

She isn't broken from her trance until Alex approaches her with a, "Hey Coach S? Could I talk to you for a sec?"

Santana narrows her eyes for a moment, faking annoyance at her leering being interrupted before ultimately relenting, "What is it?"

Alex shows just a hint of nervousness which has Santana perking up slightly, "Can we talk privately?"

Brittany and Quinn glance between the two before focusing back on the video. It's an unspoken fact that Santana has a bit of a soft spot for Alex no matter how much Santana tries to deny it, so they give them their moment.

"I guess," Santana brushes off although the request kind of worries her. She knows that Alex has moved back home now and that her parents are trying to be more accepting of her sexuality, but Santana knows first-hand how difficult that can be. Just another way they're too alike for words.

They walk a little ways down so that they're somewhat hidden by the bleachers before Santana lets her guard down just a touch, "Is everything okay? Do I need to knock some sense into your parents or is someone else hassling you?"

Alex smirks at that, "Easy, mama-bear. It's not about that."

Santana tries to hide the embarrassment and folds her arms over her chest protectively, "What is it then?"

"Well," Alex starts and there's a slight waver to her tone, "You know how Junior Prom is coming up, right?"


"So like, I kind of wanted to ask Maddy if she would go with me," Alex adds and her words rush out so fast that Santana almost doesn't catch it.

"And you need me because you've never asked her out before?" Santana smirks which causes Alex to roll her eyes.

"No shit, Sher-"

"Watch it," Santana warns just as quickly.

"Sorry," Alex grumbles, "Yeah, I need…advice. I want to ask her to go with me…like as my date but I don't know. I've never done this before. We've never been to anything together together, this would be the first time. I'm…kind of scared."

Santana softens at her words and remembers all the times she was scared of doing anything public with Brittany too when she was her age. Also maybe she isn't the best person to ask for advice on this, because she actually was never the one to ask back then but she can definitely relate to feeling scared.

"It is pretty scary," Santana agrees with a shrug, "But you won't be alone. You'll have Maddy and your squad and us coaches. Times are so different from the days I went – "

"Like 20 years ago?" Alex teases. Santana knows by now that's just a defense mechanism for when she's feeling vulnerable so she doesn't take the jab personally even though she wants to smack the kid upside her head.

Santana rolls her eyes, "More like 6, but I can relate still. That scary feeling can really do some damage, but take it from me…ignore the peasants and just do it. I didn't go to my Junior Prom with the girl I really wanted to because I was too caught up in thinking about everyone else and it really freaking sucked."

Santana's eyes drift over to where Brittany sits as she remembers how caught up she was in winning prom queen just to prove that she could still rule the school even if her deepest, darkest secret was eating her up inside. She remembers breaking Brittany's heart the night she texted her I can't and how horrible she felt standing her up on Fondue for Two. She knows Brittany has forgiven her since then of course, it was so long ago anyway, but sometimes she can't help but feel guilty about the memories.

They really did break each other's hearts so many times.

"Really?" Alex's eyes go a little wide, "But you're so badass, no way you would let them get in your head like that."

"Is that a compliment? Thank you," Santana jokes while Alex fakes a gag, "But yeah, I did. I let them get in my head and I always kind of regretted it. I didn't only feel guilty about going with someone I didn't want to go with, but I also know how much I hurt the girl I loved by standing her up."

"You stood someone up?" Alex gapes, "Damn."

"Yeah well, that's what happens when you're too busy caring about what irrelevant people have to say about you," Santana shrugs.

"Maddy and I are both nominated for prom queen – obviously – and the date is supposed to be the running mate so we would already get unwanted attention for changing things up…and I don't want to cause any drama."

"Listen, my Junior Prom had the first male prom queen so I doubt any drama that could possibly happen would be able to top that," Santana replies with a laugh but Alex doesn't seem to look comforted by that. She sees Brittany glancing their way curiously but she just smiles in return before looking to Alex again, "My girlfriend was also the first female to be nominated as prom king so I don't think anyone's paying too much attention to those kind of norms now. No one even thought anything of it. Probably because she's awesome and they all knew I'd go off on anyone that tried it."

"I guess," Alex scuffs her shoe as she looks to the ground, "I don't think I'm there yet."

Santana softens, "Progress is progress. You're a brave kid, Alex. If I were you, I'd just ask the girl I want to ask. Everyone deserves to have fun with whoever they want, screw the rules. It might be scary at first, but it's only temporary. And this is coming from someone who was literally outed."

Alex freezes, "Wait what?"

"Crap. That probably doesn't help," Santana chastises then tries again, "I'm not good at these kinds of talks, okay?"

"Yeah I know," Alex says as she starts to grin, "That's why I like talking to you about things. You don't hold back."

Santana lifts her shoulder dismissively although she swells with pride at the compliment, "Like I said, it was a different time back when I was going to school here. Ultimately, you're going to do what's best for you though and what you're comfortable with and that's okay. People are more accepting now and even if they're not, you've got Aunty Snixxx on your side."

"I…still don't know who that is," Alex frowns, "I'm just a little nervous I guess. I have this reputation and I don't want something to happen, you know?"

"Oh, I definitely know," Santana nods, "I was the exact same, but I think when you really care about someone you'll find that you're capable of so many things you didn't think you were capable of. I don't know how deep your feelings are for Maddy, but she's a good kid and I'm sure she just wants you to be you. That's all they ever want for us."

Alex tilts her head to the side, "They?"

"Yeah. The girl I stood up – Brittany – she just wanted me to be me, to embrace all my awesomeness and love myself," Santana admits, "I lost prom queen and it felt like the world was ending. Brittany reminded me that it's not all about winning when you have someone that believes in you and encourages you to be yourself. You can get through anything if you have someone like that in your corner."

"Wait wait wait," Alex pauses and her smile grows wicked, "Brittany as in Coach Brittany?"

Santana chuckles, "Yeah?"

"So…you and Coach B?"

"Excuse me," Santana makes a face, "Why are you saying it like that? Like you're surprised?"

"Because I am!" Alex gasps, "She's so nice and super cool and you're…actually, it makes so much sense. Opposites attract or something like that."

"Anyway," Santana eye rolls, "Go ask your girl, I can promise you that you won't regret it. If anyone has anything to say about it, I'll just kick them out."

"Isn't that Auntie Snixxx's job?"

"Same thing."

Alex chuckles at that, "Thanks Coach." Then she looks over to where the squad is starting to do warm-ups and it's like she's already deep in thought again, "How do you think I should do it? Should I do a flash mob? Or maybe make a sign?"

"Maybe even enlist the Glee Club to help you out?" Santana eggs her on.

"Should I?"

"Why are you so extra?" Santana laughs, "Could always go old school and just ask?"

Alex scoffs, "Boring."

"Please," Santana huffs, "Nothing is more attractive than a bit of confidence and just going straight for it."

"How would you know?"

"Watch and learn, kid."

Then without another word, Santana headed right for Brittany. Alex was quick to trail after her, intrigued to see how this would play out.

"Hey Britt-Britt," Santana greets super sweetly while Brittany sheds her zip-up. There's a charming smile on her face as Brittany turns to her and grins.

"Hi San," Brittany replies although there's a questioning look in her eyes as she glances from Santana to Alex just behind her then back to Santana, "What's up?"

"So I was thinking," Santana starts, "You and I should go to the Junior Prom together."

"Weren't we going together already?" Brittany questions.

Alex snickers from behind Santana.

"Uhh yeah, but I mean as dates," Santana clarifies, trying valiantly to recover and make this sound as suave as possible, "Do you want to go to the Junior Prom with me as my date?"

"Oh!" Brittany grins happily, "I'd love to!"

"Awesome," Santana winks then turns to Alex, "See? Easy. All you have to do is ask."

Alex doesn't look all that impressed but she smirks anyway, "Thank you for imparting such wisdom, Coach."

"You know what? That's the last time I help you," Santana huffs out of annoyance, "Get out of my face and do some warm-ups before I demote you to bottom of the pyramid."

"Aye-aye Coach!"

Then she's off falling in line with the other girls while Brittany just turns to look at Santana with all the adoration in the world. Santana doesn't have to look her way, she can just feel it pouring off of her and it makes her feel soft. Way too soft for her liking when she's around so many bratty teens.

"Can you stop staring at me?" Santana says because Brittany's eyes on her makes her insides feel all squirmy. She can see just out of the corner of her eye that Brittany continues to stare though and she's suddenly hit with the need to explain herself, "I was just trying to show Alex how it's done, okay?"

"And how would you know?" Brittany asks. Santana doesn't have to look at her to know she's grinning cutely.

Santana frowns though at the question, "Why is everyone asking me that today?"

"You've never asked me out to a dance before," Brittany says quietly and the sound of her voice has Santana melting on the spot. She just has to turn and look to her.

There's this soft smile on her lips, Santana's favorite one, it's like she's harboring some secret that's only for them and Santana feels herself falling even more in love. It's not exactly the kind of energy she wants to bring into practice since she's meant to be the hard-ass but it's like Brittany is doing everything she can to tear all those walls down.

But hey, what's new?

"Well…I'm trying to be a role model or whatever. Like set the example, the kid practically idolizes me," Santana brushes off as she feels the heat rush up her neck. She's trying so hard to be cool in front of the kids and she thinks Brittany knows it.

"As she should," Brittany comments with hearts in her eyes.

Santana notes the smirk though and tries to look elsewhere, "It was no biggie."

"It was cute," Brittany corrects her, "Best. Valentine's Day. Ever."

Santana smiles bashfully, "But we haven't even done anything all that special yet?"

Brittany just shrugs, "Well, you're off to a good start. Alex's really lucky to have you."

Santana fights the blush and she knows if they weren't surrounded by nosy teens, Brittany would totally steal a kiss or two. Brittany has always been her biggest fan, always so supportive and never wastes time in reminding her of how proud she is. It's something Santana really cherishes about their relationship.


The Junior Prom is in full swing and surprisingly Santana is actually having a lot of fun. It's so much of a blast from the past being in the done-up gym surrounded by kids and the Glee Club performing on stage. The newbies aren't too shabby – although they're nothing like the OGs of the club obviously – she still enjoys the show while she stands with Brittany by the punch bowl. She's kept a watchful eye on the students but everyone's been pretty tame so far and the dance is already almost over, all that is left is the prom court announcements.

"Awh! Look at them," Brittany whispers as she subtly nods to Alex and Maddy dancing together in the crowd.

Santana sees them and smiles, "They're kind of cute. Don't repeat that though."

"You know I won't," Brittany chuckles then Santana feels a nudge at her side, "They remind me a little of us."

Santana nods at that. It's so eerie how similar Alex and Maddy's story is to theirs, especially Alex. Santana guesses this is where she should be kind of grateful for having gone through all the bullshit personally, because if she didn't she wouldn't have been able to help the kid. Maybe grateful isn't the right word, but she's glad that through her struggles she was able to relate to someone else's.

"I wish I was brave enough to go with you to ours," Santana says without thinking. She bites her lip as the memories of that night start to creep in, "I was so wrapped up in the ridiculous election and everything with Dave a-and us. I didn't even get to enjoy it."

"Honey…" Brittany sighs as her brows furrow. Her hand inches closer to Santana's, enough so that she can link their pinkies together, and Santana is instantly comforted by the gesture.

"I just wanted one dance with you, Britt," Santana admits as she keeps her eyes focused on the stage while this new kid performs a soulful solo. She can't hear the music, she's too busy listening to her thoughts, "I couldn't even bring myself to do that. Dave stepped on my feet all night. He is probably worse than Finn."

Brittany chuckles lightly at that, "Yeah. I remember you saying."

"I was so afraid," Santana recalls.

Her eyes drift over to Maddy and Alex and she watches how Alex nervously looks around like she's trying to see if anyone's staring. Santana recognizes that kind of fear all too well, but then Alex catches her staring and suddenly her eyes are wide. Santana does what she wishes someone else would've done for her back then; she gives Alex and encouraging nod and raises two thumbs up. It's silly and kind of dorky for Santana but she knows how a little support goes a long way.

Alex instantly relaxes and Santana knows she's comforted even if she rolls her eyes at Santana's gesture.

"I think our Senior Prom made up for it," Brittany says and it's enough for Santana to finally look up at her. There's this pleased smile on her face and her blue eyes suddenly look even bluer, "Don't you?"

Slowly the thoughts of their Junior Prom are replaced with thoughts of their Senior Prom and Santana can't help but smile. It really was the best night ever. She danced the night away with her girlfriend and her friends and she looked smokin' hot in her dress and even though they didn't win Prom King and Queen, they still made love afterwards as if they did. It had been the worst year and the semester didn't really start off on the right foot either, but for just one night Santana felt free. She felt like it was just her and Brittany and all the drama just stopped for one night, it was amazing.

"Yeah," Santana replies a moment later, "I think so too."

"You know, I'm really proud of you," Brittany says earnestly, "I'm really proud of us. We've been through so much together and we're still here. So, so in love and I think that's just really awesome. We always find our way back to each other."

"Britt…" Santana coos. She wasn't expecting to get deep like this in the middle of Junior Prom. Her chest tightens with pride and adoration, "Couldn't have done it without you."

"Same," Brittany winks, "We're like…a dynamic duo. You got me and I got you."

"Always," Santana says and her stomach flips at the implication there.

Always is a long time, it's basically forever, and Santana can't wait to make that official. The question still burns inside of her, begging to be asked but she doesn't even have a ring or anything. She doubts Brittany would even mind that though, she'd probably let her put a ring pop on and call it a day. But Santana doesn't want that. She doesn't want to just blurt it out, she wants to make it special. She wants to make it theirs even though she knows what Brittany would say no matter what she did.

But Santana's a little traditional in that aspect and she wants Brittany to have a ring, she wants her to have something to show off if she wants.

Santana thinks she's about to be called out on the look she's pulling and how her gears begin to churn but then Quinn approaches and she can't believe she's mentally thanking her for the interruption.

"Hey!" Quinn greets as she approaches, "How's the guarding going?"

"No bogies reported here," Brittany jokes with a salute.

Santana laughs at that and turns to Quinn, "How's the dry-humping watch going?"

Quinn scrunches her nose at that, "I caught a couple over by the photobooth, so gross. I think I'm going to re-introduce the balloon thing."

"The sound makes the angels cry," Santana and Brittany say in unison without meaning to. The three of them burst out laughing at the timing.

"I was coming over to see if either of you need a bathroom break? We can switch out," Quinn offers.

"You just want to pass off your cringy job to one of us," Santana quips, "Nice try."

"Actually, I do have to pee," Brittany replies, "This punch recipe is actually pretty good without the eye drops. You think we can take home the leftovers?"

"Uhhh.." Santana hums questioningly.

Quinn chuckles at that, "I'll take your place then, Britt. Go ahead."

"Thanks Q," Brittany grins then touches the small of Santana's back as she passes, "BRB, babe."

"Cool," Santana mumbles; she loves Brittany's innocent touches and her heart always skips a beat when she calls her babe.

When she turns back to Quinn, the blonde has this smug grin on her face. Santana instantly rolls her eyes at the sight of it.

"What?" She scoffs.

"You guys are adorable," Quinn answers as she goes to pour a cup of punch for a kid that approaches.

"We didn't even do anything."

"Exactly my point," Quinn chuckles, "You both make it look so easy. I really admire that."

There's a softness to Quinn's tone that is something Santana has only picked up on in the last year that they've reconnected. For the most part, their relationship has been about power struggles and reputations, but they do always have each other's backs. The softness though, that's new. It makes Santana feel a little guilty for getting so defensive with her sometimes.

Old habits, Santana guesses.

Quinn's really been a great friend to her during since coming back to Lima. When she was still trying to fix things with Brittany, Quinn was there to keep her company during the hard times and even kicked her ass a little when she was being stubborn. Along with Maribel, Quinn's always been supportive of her and Brittany's relationship. In a way, she's the second best thing when it comes to family.

That's when all the dots in her head suddenly align and her eyes are darting to the gym doors before looking back at Quinn. Brittany's still nowhere in sight, good.

"What is going on with your face?" Quinn laughs, "You look crazy."

Santana relaxes a little, but her words come out quickly since she's short on time, "I need your help with something."

"Right now?" Quinn questions.

"No, no. Not now, everything's closed anyway," Santana answers and she's already trying to come up with a game plan so she just starts rambling while she works through her thoughts, "Maybe tomorrow before practice? Britt has dance class at noon and that usually runs for a couple of hours if I'm lucky so we can meet up when she leaves for that? Yes! Oh! And my mom will be off as well so she can go too. I can say we're going out for lunch or something with her so Britt won't suspect a thing. You down?"

Quinn looks more confused than ever, "I have no idea what's happening right now. What do you want me to do?"

Santana glances around her for Brittany again before lowering her voice a little and leaning closer to Quinn, "You're going to help me pick out a ring."

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