After Korosensei's death:

The deed done the kids hide the fact that Korosensei is actually alive but they can't have the same class with him as to the world he is dead. They actually found a cure to keep him from blowing up but not to change him back to normal. The kids decided to train to be assassins at night while in the day they would go to class with the normal kids. Graduation day is upon them so they have no choice but to do as the government asks. Karma goes over to Nagisa while the government is "cleaning" up Korosensensei's "corpse". Karma smiles punching his arm to get him to stop zoning out. Nagisa rubs his arm as she laughs at his suspense.

"Just because we are dating doesn't mean I won't stop acting the way I want," says Karma.

Nagisa smiles at that and kisses her cheek.

"I wouldn't expect anything less," says Nagisa.

Karma smiles at that planting a big one on Nagisa taking him into the ground they end up rolling most of the way home until their friends stop them from rolling into traffic on accident.

Two months later:

Nagisa zones out in class one day during math class, he hates this class. The best part about it is getting tutoring from Karma after assassin training. He was never ashamed to ask Karma for help. He knew that Karma was actually a genius and just acted stupid. The bell rings and he walks out of the classroom just in time to see Karma getting half trapped under a huge dude. She had a drink in her little snow pale lips, her red hair flowing perfectly.

"Hey baby how about we go somewhere more private," says the guy.

He leans on her a little bit more. Nagisa just gives a knowing smirk, most men would throw a fit and go over there to let it be known that they are dating said girl, not Nagisa he knew better than to try to protect her. Karma just gives a sadistic grin at the guy sending a knee into the man, yanking him down to her level she punches him too using that as a leverage flips over him like his body was a balance beam and kicks him in the back of the head catching her grape juice in her hand.

"I'm not going anywhere with the likes of you. If you ever touch me again, I won't be so forgiving," says Karma.

She flips her hair and walks on like nothing happened.

"That's my girl," thinks Nagisa.

Nagisa hurries up to catch up with Karma.

"There you are, took you long enough did you fall asleep in your last class?" asks Karma.

"No, I was just enjoying the show," says Nagisa.

Their hands intertwine as they make their way down the hall when Karma suddenly stops heading into the women's restroom. Nagisa didn't mind he just leaned on the wall next to the restroom. He talked to some of the girls that came out, they all knew he wasn't some creepster and was just waiting on Karma. They found it sweet that he would do that for her. The guy that Karma beat up with a couple friends come over to Nagisa and grab the front of his shirt pinning him to the wall.

"Who do you think you are holding Karma's hand like that? You don't deserve her!" says the guy.

"I'm her boyfriend," says Nagisa.

"Ha! A weakling like you? You gotta be kidding she wouldn't go out with you. I'll show you and her a real strong man," says the guy.

His friends smiled cracking their knuckles, people drew around.

"You're kidding right? She kicked your ass dude," says Nagisa.

This earns him a punch he was getting really mad but he hid it as he looked away from him.

"Shut up! I'm going to kick your ass!" says the guy.

Karma came out hearing this and saw that it was Nagisa, she smiled and blended in with the crowd quite easily. Nagisa looked up at them with a death glare and added sadistic smile that sent a chill down their spine.

"Go ahead and try," says Nagisa.

The three of them gang up on him and he lets a few hits in before smiling bigger.

"Is that all you got?" asks Nagisa.

He stops them all and sends them flying to the ground and makes it clear to everyone that he can handle anything. As sly as a snake he raps his body around the man who flirted with Karma and covers his face while putting his finger on the back of the ear. He leans down so the man can hear.

"You know it will be easy to rip off you're ear and let you slowly bleed to death," says Nagisa.

This makes the bigger man shake with fear.

"Nagisa! That's enough," calls Karma.

She would never admit it but the snake in Nagisa scares her.

"Huh? Oh sorry I went a bit too far huh?" says Nagisa.

He gets down from the larger man going over to Karma. He earns a punch and his backpack to the face.

"Let's go, Prof. Bitch is waiting for us," says Karma.

"Right," says Nagisa.

The two of them leave the three men there as they go to their assassin lessons.

"There you two love birds are," teases Kaede.

"Hey Kaede, sorry Nagisa got into another fight," says Karma.

"That wasn't my fault, they hit me first!" says Nagisa, turning red.

"Some guys after Karma again?" asks Kaede.

"Yeah, something along the lines," says Nagisa.

"You are so lucky, Karma. You are so pretty!" says Kaede.

"Nothing like you, you're pretty Kaede too," says Karma.

"Aw no you are just saying that," says Kaede.

"Come on you two, Prof. Bitch is waiting," says Nagisa.

"Right!" says the two girls.

They head into the building to get their lessons. Prof. Bitch who was actually Prof. Jelavić waited very impatient on the last three students of hers. Korosensei smiled glad to see the students were all on time. He sat down with his ice cream while he watched his students train under Prof. Jelavic. The kids teased her the whole lesson over her own boyfriend Mr. Karasuma. Though they did get some lessons in which Korosensei was glad about. Korosensei gets hit with a smell of cookies and looks out to see a pretty woman with huge boobs outside. He sneaks out the window which the class doesn't think anything of as he goes on trips sometimes and can be gone for hours at a time. They knew he would be back by the time it was time for the students to leave. What they didn't know is that the woman was a ploy and Korosensei is taken out by the girl as she shows her very own tentacles under her hair much like Kaede's. Korosensei would never lay his hand on a woman in an aggressive manner so it makes it easier for his capture.