Inside a typical bedroom, you could see a bed, a table with books and a videogame, with the window closed. Sitting on the bed is a kid tying a necktie. The door is a common one made of typical wood. "Issei! Are you ready?"

A young brown-haired child walks down the stairs, with his backpack and uniform, on which he wears a small suit. "Yes, Mommy!" The young child looks up to his mother with a smile. His mother in a relatively good mood shakes her head.

"I see that you are ready for your first day at school, right?" He places his hands on his back.

"Yes! I want to go to study and make a lot of friends!" His mother smiles. He is so happy over his first day.

'Such a carefree kid...'

"So let's go, I will show you how to reach there, okay?" Issei waves his head.


"But first, here is your lunch, store it on your backpack." The young boy does as his mother says; soon mother and child would walk together on the streets of that city, Kuoh. Issei looks around, seeing the houses and the sky, it is clear and sunny.

'This is a very pretty day.'

Meanwhile, an old man is sitting on a bench in a close plaza. He looks intently to the mother and the kid.

'So it is him, right, but not now, it must be later.' He lifts himself and walks away. Issei did notice him first and kept looking as he walks away.

'I wonder who he is…'


"Huh?! Mommy?"

"You were staring at the plaza."

"Ah-haha haha! It is nothing, let's go!'" Then his mother giggles, leading the young boy to his school.

Meanwhile somewhere in the town's center, more specifically on a manor. A house that had a green field around it, the house had a parking lot and its roof had a triangular aspect, as did a path made of polished stones that lead to the entrance.

Inside it is unique, furniture made of good wood, vases made of Chinese porcelain, elegant carpets cover the floor and its lamps embedded on the wall, where a small string would lit them. Beyond one of those mahogany doors, a boy finishes tying his necktie to what seemed to be a staple on his uniform.

'Hm…will mommy lead me to the school today? She is rarely at home…'

He looks at his reflection on a mirror. "I am ready." Then he sighs, walking out of his bedroom. A man seemed to wait for him with his lunch.

"Lord Lancaster, the cook made your breakfast and lunch." The boy sighs as he takes the food.

"You know that you can call me by my name Matsunaga, you are my friend." The man, an old middle-aged man smiles.

'What a gentle boy, I pity how his parents are rarely present.'

"As you wish, Keith-sama." That is Keith Lancaster, he is a boy with some really delicate features, his eyes are sapphire colored as his hair is long and azure, son of an executive that would be rarely at home and a socialite. A rich boy that after he grew up a bit, and who ended up being left alone to his own devices.

"Matsunaga-san, is my mother here?" The old man shakes his head.

"No, it seems like she wouldn't come back today, so she ordered the cook to make your food." Keith looked to the floor with a sad gleam on his eyes.

'I wonder why mommy doesn't stay with me. She seems to prefer those friends of hers…and daddy is always working…' He shakes his head.

"I bet they are just very busy right? So I must be a strong kid for them."

Matsunaga opened his mouth and wanted to say.

'Sincerely, I hate your parents Keith-kun, they do not deserve you. An absent mother who doesn't care about her own son and prefers to cheat on her husband, a father that only cares that he will have an heir to his business…sad, really sad…' Then he smiled, rubbing his head. "Yes Keith-sama, you must." Then he crouches down, fixing his necktie. "Now let's go, the driver waits." He smiles and the butler smiles likewise if there is something that everyone agreed inside that cursed manor is that they would be gentle to the poor boy…

Eventually, he reaches the car waiting for him, the driver smiles to the boy. "Keith-sama, please come in." He goes to open the door but Keith lifts a hand.

"No Misugi-san. I can open it." He opens the door and goes inside the car. He smiles at him. 'Yeah, I must be strong, for everyone here as mommy and daddy, they will be proud of me when they see how I am mature!' He pounces on his chest. As he had already got what he must do.

"Goodbye Issei!" Issei's mother gives him farewell as the boy waves his hand to her, before running into the school.

"Hm…now what is my classroom? Hm…06? Where is it?" Issei looks around on the corridor, as kids would go to their classrooms. "Uhm…Hey!" The young bearer of Boosted Gear says, wanting to see if some kid would help him. "Hmh…Ah!" He finds a couple of kids that were talking but also looking to him. 'Maybe they were thinking about talking with me?! My first friends!' He shows his best smile. "Eh, hello! My name is Issei Hyoudou! I wanted to know where classroom 06 is." The kids look to him one had an amused look on his face as the others looked neutrally to him.

"Well, walk straightly this corridor and turn to the left." Issei smiles.

"Thanks!" Then he runs to his classroom.

The boys look to him running.

"Ugh, I didn't like him, that spiky stupid hair." One of them says.

"Eh, I think he simply didn't know how things are here." The kid shakes his head.

"No, you don't get it, that boy is uncool, look at his backpack, ugh." One of the boys frowns.

"That is a bit dumb, I mean, he is not like us." The boy that clearly seemed the leader shoots a glare.

"Are you saying am I wrong?"


"Good, now let's go, the class is starting."

"Kids, welcome, you have a new colleague, come in Issei-san." Issei breathes in.

'Come on, don't feel shame.' He steps in and turns to the class, giving a curt bow. "My name is Issei Hyoudou, please take care of me!" The classroom answers him back.

"Hai!" His teacher looks at him.

"Issei, you may sit there." She points to a desk close to the wall, behind there is a blue-haired girl.

'Hm…who is she?' He wonders. Then he walks and sits here.

"Now. Bow. Sit."

When the class ended and recess started, Issei lifted from his desk and took his bento, going to outside of the class. "Hm…I should find someone to talk with…" He looks around and sees a couple of kids sat together eating. 'Ah yes!' He goes there with a happy smile. "Hello!" The kids stop talking and look to him, they seemed neutral to him. The kids behind seemed to point and whisper one to the other. "Can I sit with you folks? I am new here and-"


"No?" Issei says surprised. "Yes and no, you are ugly." Then they return to their previous talk, ignoring him whatsoever. "A-ah…right." Issei walks away from that group. 'Ugly? But I am sure I took bath and combed my hair!' He sees another group and approaches them with a smile. "Hey-"

"Irk! No! You are uncool!" Issei frowns, his smile broken on his face.

"Ah…right then…" He walks to another group and the results are the same.


"You are dumb and your hair sucks."

"Hell no, your bento is ugly."

'Uh…no one likes me…' Issei sits alone on a bench with his bento. 'Why? Am I so ugly and uncool and all of those horrible things?' He blinks, some tears appearing in his eyes, as he looks his own bento. He did not feel hungry. Then a hand appears over his face. "Huh?!" He blinks turning up and seeing the same blue-haired girl that he had seen before. "Uh…who are you?" She blinks and sits on the same bench.

"My name is Keith Lancaster, what is yours?" Issei opens his mouth surprised.

"Keito Lancastor?"

'He is so pretty! He looks like a girl!' The future grabbin' dragon thought.

Keith giggles. He had a bento like him. "No, no, K-e-i-t-h L-a-n-c-a-s-t-e-r, Keith Lancaster, are you…hm…" He puts a finger on his lips. "Hm..." He seems pensive.

"I am-" Then the boy clicks his fingers.

"Issei Hyoudou!" Issei smiles.

"Yes! I am Issei Hyoudou!" Keith smiles.

"Hey Issei, why are you alone here?" Issei looks to his bento sadly.

"Everyone said that I am ugly and uncool, so I am here alone."

In addition, in his mind, something dark spoke.

'And maybe people are simply bad…' Keith seemed puzzled.

"That is dumb, your hair is pretty cool and you are not ugly." Issei looks to him suddenly. He notices something, the kids are looking to them, attentive, and those who rejected him are perplexed.

'Why?' Keith looks to his bento and shows his own, his food seemed tasty. 'Wow! That is incredible!'

"Uoooo…your mother made all of that to you?!" Issei says surprised. Keith opens his mouth and closes it.

"No…no, she is busy, it was my cook." Issei widens his eyes.

"You have a cook?!" Keith waves his head.

"Yes, my parents are rich, that is why I am always alone." Issei tilts his head.

"Why?" Keith sighs.

"Everyone fears me because of that, or they think I am too above them. People are weird. They treat me like I am a prince, but stay away from me." Issei notices a melancholy when he speaks. Then from nothing, he smiles. "But it doesn't matter because you will be my friend, right?" He lifts and extends his hand to him.

'F-friend?! He wants to be my friend!' Issei opens his mouth and shakes his head, holding his hand and shaking it.

"Yes! I will!" Keith smiles as he sits again.

"So Issei-san, what does your mother make for lunch?" Issei opens his bento to show to him and soon they were chatting about many things…

Soon they were back at their classroom.

"Hey Issei-san, where do you live?" Keith asks in a whisper, Issei turns around, whispering,

"I live a bit far from here." Keith seemed thoughtful.

"Do your mother come to lead you home?" Issei shakes his head.

"She only bought me today." Keith shakes his head.

"When my driver comes to catch me I will ask him to take you on your way home before going to my home, okay?" Issei shakes his head.

"Okay Keith, thanks!" As class did pass, soon it did end.

"Issei-san, I will go to the bathroom, do you wait for me?" Issei shakes his head.

"Yes, go on!" Keith rushes away. Then some kids approach Issei. Issei walks back as they approach.

"Why are you talking with Keith-sama?! He is too cool and pretty for you!" Issei blinks.

"Too…pretty and cool?"

"Yes! No one stays close of Keith; he is too cool and pretty!" Issei frowns. Keith seemed so alone…like he was alone too. Something inside his stomach churned, Issei feels a rage.

"No. Keith-san came and spoke with me, he wanted to be my friend unlike you all and I WILL NOT LET MY FRIEND ALONE." One of the kids steps ahead.

"Oh? I will…" An 'aham' sound fills the air as a teacher steps in.

"What is happening here?"

"N-no! Nothing teacher!"

"Yes! We were just chatting with Issei-san!"

"Issei-san!" Keith's voice makes Issei look to him.


"Sorry for left you waiting, let's go, my friend?" He speaks a bit louder. Issei shakes his head and smiles.

"Yes! My friend!" Keith smiles as he takes Issei's hand and walks away with him.

"Young Master?!" His driver seems perplexed with Issei.

"Misugi-san, Issei, Issei, Misugi-san, he is my family's driver." Issei smiles as he sits behind with Keith.

"Hello, Misugi-san!" The driver seemed surprised.

"Is…Is he a friend?" Keith shakes his head.

"Yes, I offered him a ride to his home!" His driver smiles.

"Ah okay then, so Issei-san, can you show where you live?"

"Yes, I can!" After a time where Issei kept talking and chatting with a willing Keith, they finally arrived on Issei's home.

"Issei, it is good to know you today!" Keith speaks as Issei get out of the car.

"You too Keith-san! I hope to see you tomorrow!" Keith smiles.

"Yes, Issei-san! Until tomorrow!" Then the car departs. Issei reaches his door and knocks.

"Who is?" He smiles.

"Mommy! It is me! I made a friend today!" The door opens, his mother smiling.

"Oh? So tell me how he is Issei…" He walks in as his mother closes the door, and thus begin the tale of the two very special boys, Keith Lancaster, and Issei Hyoudou.

A mysterious figure looks from close as Issei enters on his home and Keith departs. It seemed a beggar, but at the same time, it stands too high and is too tall to a normal human, even the tallest. "The brown haired boy has a Boosted Gear, but not the Crystal, only the blue-haired boy has the Crystal, hm, okay, he will do."

It turned around and walked away; between its ragged clothes, a shaft of blue light came from between its garbs.

"Hm, Keith Lancaster, your life has a purpose." Then it jumps on a three-floor building, looking over the city. Then the figure turned around suddenly.

"Hm…Azazel…" A blonde tall man lands close of the mysterious blue figure.

"Hm, I am surprised that someone like you would be here…" He looks as the rags disappear, showing a 3-meter tall armored figure, its armor full of strange, otherworldly symbols and vowels that are straight on impossible to be drawn. They seemed to shimmer on the night. Azazel frowns at its sight. "Even after I descended on Earth, I still can't understand those vowels."

"They are not meant for spirits like you but for those that lost themselves on the Old Ones." Azazel turns around, looking to the house of the young Issei, anything to avoid looking to the vowels.

"Anyway, why are you looking at this house? Are your chosen here?" The Knight shakes his head walking towards Azazel; its height did not seem to correspond to its weight.

"No, but the human pup in that house made contact with him." Azazel shakes his head.

"Good, kids should meet each other like that."

"The human pup here seems to have made a bond with my chosen."

"Who is your chosen by the way? The poor chap chose to have nothing but pain?" The Fallen Angel speaks rather coolly.

"You still oppose our solution Azazel."

"It is foolish, stupid, we are better than that. Even Father didn't agree with that, I am not sure why he ended up creating that object."

"Those sacrifices allow you to be better than that." Azazel sighs.

"Don't you think that maybe are you mistaken? That there is a better solution?"

The Azure Knight shook his head. "There is not. Our Enemy is powerful and we can only delay it until the end of time." Azazel looks to the house, something in his mind. Then he sighs.

"I remember you speaking with my father."

"Yes, with his help we could create the instrument for our purpose. Azazel, you shouldn't feel bad, everyone must find their purpose in life and that for most are a painful, harsh path, as we give our chosen a purpose, for the Greater Good, they shall empower themselves and fulfill it honorably." It then lifts its head, looking to the skies.

"Isn't that noble?"

Azazel stares at the otherworldly knight. "Only if they have a choice." The Azure Knights laugh silently.

"Are people bought in life by their own choices? They are not, they are bought for a specific purpose, to ensure the survival of a species. 'Choice' may as well not exist." Azazel turns around.

"Maybe not for you Azure Knight, but for me and everyone else it does." The Azure Knight shakes his head.

"Individual choice is good to ensure survival at its finest, but the collective must matter more." Azazel sighs.

"Whatever you say."

"Azazel. What I do, I do for all what it is alive on Earth, humans, angels, devils and all the sapient beings that are fascinating and full of potential, but without some hard choices they may not survive, always have that in mind." Azazel looks and flies away. The Azure Knight looks at him and then disappears. As he flies Azazel smiles.

'I will show you how you are wrong, that we are abler than you think.' He looks to a car going back to a manor. 'Yes, meet and enjoy your friend Keith, the door has a key to be opened, it does not need to be broken.' Then he flies away.

When Keith opens the door of his home, the first thing he sees is a pair of high heels on the floor. He blinks and smiles. 'Mommy? Mommy arrived!' The boy smiles happily. 'I must see her and tell her how was my day!' He then runs into the house, passing on the living room. 'Mommy is back! I am so happy!' He even threw his bag on a couch to reach her bedroom. He stops and peeks on her room since a time his parents would sleep in separated rooms for some reason that he did not know.

He supposed it was because they would have more space.

'But that is so bad, cramped rooms are better, you feel less alone.'

A woman lies on the bed, her short sapphire hair messy; there is a stench of alcohol on the room. "Uh…Hey, mom, I arrived." His mother did not move a finger. "Er…I want to tell you how my day was." The woman lifts, with some difficulty.

"Hm? Ah, it is you…" She seemed displeased with him.

'She seems tired.' Keith smiles. "My day at the school was good, like, I did even found a friend-!" She sighs loudly, startling the boy.

"Keith. I am not interested, get out, okay?" Keith keeps his mouth open and says, touching his fingers.

"A-ah, well, but the teacher said that…" She stares with some hostility.

"Keith, out, you are annoying me." Keith opens his mouth and looks down.

'What an ugly carpet...' The carpet seemed ugly to him. What was weird, it seemed beautiful before. He looks up to his mother and opens his mouth. "Mommy! I love you." She looks at him, coolly.

"Yeah. I know, now get out, I am tired." Keith lowers his eyes and takes a step back.

"Okay mom, good night, have good dreams." She does not speak anything and he finally walks out of the room. The woman frowns.

'It is your entire fault, Keith. Frankly, all that he needs to do to annoy me is simply appearing.'

Then she closes her eyes.

Keith blinks, feeling tears on his eyes. ' I...crying? N-no! I can't' He quickly dries up his tears. 'Yes. Maybe mommy is just tired from work. Yes. She is. I mean. I did make a friend today and she at least spoke with me. So...' He shakes his head. Convincing himself. 'Yes...I must continue being a good kid and improve myself. Then she will like me! Yes!' Feeling better from his own thoughts, Keith smiles, going back to his bedroom and locking the door. His butler just watches and sighs.

'Poor young master. His parents really do not deserve him.'

Meanwhile at 5000 KM from Japan, more exactly at the seas in the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.

It is midday, the sun still glimmers in the sky and people walk around on the villages and cities, completely unaware of what happens underneath their feet. A longhaired man whose hair has the color of blood walks on an empty beach; he looks at its surroundings, the beach seemed normal as the mountains on the interior.

He had an aura of power.

'Strange, I am not sure of what he had felt here, there is nothing at all.' That is Sirzechs Gremory, normally one of the Four Great Satans would not come to the human world, and this is a rare exception.

This means that shit is getting real.

He frowns, remembering some moments earlier.

Sirzechs looked to one of his lieutenants from his desk. "So…what do you mean?" The young devil before him shifts uncomfortably.

"I am sorry sir, but as I kept sight there something…just felt wrong, I felt watched." The Great Satan shakes his head.

"So some stray devil watching you left you scared?" He said in a joking tone.

After all, before he was one of his best soldiers, it didn't make sense that something could leave him scared like that, the devil before him had fought against a dragon and yet he didn't flinch.

"S-still sir, please, understand what I mean, in Sumatra there is something clearly unnatural, I would know if it was a stray devil or even some creature…but…those people I had seen, the devils with them…" He looks to him, seeming terrified. "They weren't the same, there is something in the air there, and something that makes you feel too small…" Sirzechs would normally dismiss this, but…his eyes, the fear ingrained on them…

'That was not common fear, it was…different.'

Sirzechs then decided to go himself, if his lieutenant was wrong he could deal with whatever was around there. Now as he walks on the beach he thinks. 'Hm, I suppose he was-!'

A chill runs down on his spin as he sees a couple walking with a kid on the beach. 'W-what?! What is this feeling?!' He stares as they walk towards a cave and step inside. Sirzechs stands still, looking to the entrance. 'What…was that chill?! Is this what he meant?! M-maybe I should…'

He takes a step backward but quickly stops.

'Wait, am I really running? No, I am not.' Steeling himself, he steps forward. This can be only some sort of spell to avoid humans from stepping in. 'Yes.' Then taking a deep breath he walks to the cave.

The cave is dark, damp; he could hear drips of a fluid following, his keen eyes quickly adapting the darkness.

Normally Sirzechs would expect to watch normally, no matter if he was going from outside to inside, his eyes should not notice the difference, but that is not the case. 'This is too dark…' That is his conclusion;

Devils have excellent night vision.

This is why the above fact was rather worrying.

'This cave is too dark even for me; whatever is going on here cannot be good…' He takes a step forward, taking utmost care to avoid that the couple doesn't notice him.

As they walk, Sirzechs holds his feelings.

Like his lieutenant said.

The feeling of something watching you. Eyes everywhere.

He holds his breath carefully.

An instinctive action. 'This place…it brings all my fears, just what is wrong with this place?!' They eventually reach a place so dark that they take something from their purses. Sirzechs at this follows them by hearing their steps. Then he sees a faint green light.

In a way, he regretted stepping inside that place alone and the sounds of the drips of water did stop. However, he could feel them falling, but…they did not seem to hit the ground. He frowns to see the couple better, there is something wrong with them, they hold their lamps but their arms… they seem to lack a hand, and there is just a wall of rock before them. Then they speak.

If you can call the roars and gurgles that follow speech.

'Argh!' Sirzechs holds his teeth together, their words, they sound painful on his ears. Vowels that he cannot figure how they say it. They just…sounds wrong for him, he could swear that those words could make his ears bleed. Instinctively he lifts his hand, touching his ears. No blood. The rock before them starts wavering.

Yes. Wavering and an entrance shaped like an eye appears, the couple and the kid step forward as Sirzechs does the same…and inside…a blast of light reaches Sirzechs's eyes. 'Hm…' He closes his eyes and slowly open them, his eyes widen as he opens his mouth. 'W-what is this?!' The place did not make any sense, he looks upwards and he sees what it does seem like people walking outside, but as he sees, the roof shows everything that happened there backward in time.

The Great Satan could not believe this, but by the first time in his life…since the War…

He feels pure fear. Still, his warrior side kicks in as he steels himself further, he cannot go back now. The ground where he steps is strange. Too smooth, there is not a single imperfection. It seemed smoother than glass. Too smooth, too perfect, it seems to try to mimic reality. The areas at his sides, not better, they seem to go…forever…the couple stops and Sirzechs look to them, seeing a group of people surrounding an altar.

'What is that?'

The Altar has a statue of a creature, it had too many eyes and mouths, a shapeless dark form full of eyes and mouths, and he could swear that one of those eyes blinked at him. They speak.

'Arg-Hm…they didn't hurt this time…' However, the devil could not figure out what they said. Then.

"Oh, so we have a Great Satan here, Sir Sirzechs, did your little agent that run away came to you and said about our hideout?"

Sirzechs's hands glowed as the couple he was following turned around as their limbs became visible, tentacles, extending towards him.


Sirzechs shouts, eyes widening over the faces of those people and their kid, completely warped. Totally out of the basic principles of biology. Still, his magic seemed to work as they disappeared, letting white sparkles behind. The other ones surrounding the altar wobbled, as things seemed to move below their cloaks.

Sirzechs flings more of his magic, shouting all the while.

"Disappear!" More of his energy seems to fling, either to run rampant in that strange area or just to hit the cultists, slaying them.

"Whoa, aren't you too nervous Sirzechs? Please calm down."

There is a figure before the altar and he walks down, he seemed normal, his face, his cheekbones and all, and his arms weren't wretched, warped like of the others.

Sirzechs breaths, stressed, fearful, and trigger happy, he points his hand to the man. "What is happening here?! I want explanations. Now!" The man waves his head as he turns around.

"Worry not, you shall have your answers…but first…" He takes something from his cloak, a knife with an open eye that blinks. He lifts it over his chest. "I shall answer your questions as I consume you…Sirzechs Gremory…"

Then he shoves it on his chest.

Sirzechs widens his eyes. 'Why?! What is this madness?!' The man falls down.

"May I grow…ugh?!" The space around them shifts. The red-haired devil takes a step backward. "Ah damm…it seems like I failed. Well, it doesn't matter, at least…it…" Then he falls down. Sirzechs looks around, his forehead sweating as a chill runs down his spine and arms.

"Wh-what is going on?!" The space shifts, the ground starts to wobble and then…

An otherworldly scream, unnatural, Sirzechs needed to block his ears to avoid hearing that sound, that feeling of otherness it brings…

The altar breaks, as its statue seems to grow out of nowhere, expanding.

Filling the area with eyes and mouths.

Everyone turned and looked at Sirzechs, the creature born from the altar growing in size.

The cavern began to twist and crack.

Sirzechs whimpers. A deep primal horror holding his heart. "N-no…" He takes a step back, his hands filled with his power of destruction.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" This time with defiance.

Sirzerchs closes his eyes and unleashes all of his true power…

Upon surface, people were minding their own lives when...The earth begins to trembles, an earthquake starts...

Far from that beach, people would be minding their own business, some on the beach, sipping coconut juice and enjoying the sun.

Then the screams.

Fishermen run to the beach as the sea seems to recede...the most experienced, knowing what was that phenomenon ends up running to higher areas accordingly.

In a flash of a second, the sea returns, filling the beach. It floods through the city, destroying cars, houses and killing like a charge of horses on over infantry...

2004, East Coast, Sri Lanka.

That day became marked in history…

In a small church in Italy, a small blonde girl is kneeling before the altar of the church, praying. "Amen." Then a priest walks in.

"Were you praying too, Asia?"

The girl looks at him. "Yes. I hope that at least some people can reach safety." Her ring glimmered, and she remembered that earlier shock of energy.

Too strong. 'I wonder what happened on the East...'