Hi! Quick note befor we begin, this fic is AU some of the changes in this story include (but are not limited to) Faunus Ruby, Badass(ish) Jaune, good(ish) Adam and finally multiple weapons (these points will be further explained in the second chapter). Enjoy!


The first day after summer break was always a busy one at beacon academy, humans and Faunus mingled together whether they liked it or not on the crowded walkways. A new dash of chaos was just touching down on one of the landing pads.

The new students

Glinda couldn't help but sigh, she always at the beginning of summer promised herself that she would whip discipline into the first years and get them to be calm and orderly. Every time when the new school year started she would then get a nasty reminder that this was an impossible task. Students nearly ran her into the ground as they rushed off the overcrowded airship in futile attempts to get more breathing room. She noticed a flash of red out of the corner of her eyes. The underage wolf Faunus that had been bumped up early from combat school: Ruby Rose. Glinda highly doubted the girl's skill or capability, Summer's blood or not she was still only fifteen.

Ms. Rose was with a blonde bombshell who needed a proper reminder in school dress protocols.

Soon Glinda noticed a blonde haired boy, he seemed normal, far too normal in Glinda's eyes, and his face was green 'airsickness? really?' Glinda huffed under her breath as she walked away to go to Beacon's tower in an attempt to escape all the noise, chaos and numerous other unsanitary things. She failed to notice a pink bundle of energy that was orbiting a much calmer boy, nor the departure of a certain armored redhead, or a shy girl with a very displeased 'plus one' in tow.


Ruby just stood there lost. Her (step)sister had just abandoned her. Deciding it would be best to move she darted in the direction she thought would lead her to the cafeteria (she was hungry.) Her world then turned into a cloud of fire and smoke as a deafening roar resonated from all around her. "You should really watch where you are going! Look what you did!" a harsh feminine voice scolded her.

Ruby was in a daze "wha-" she stammered and was doing her best to apologize, but to no avail as this 'Wiess Schnee.' (as she introduced herself) ripped into Ruby (with words) for causing a considerable amount of expensive dust to go up in smoke.

"Honestly do you not know who I am?!" the girl sneered. Ruby was doomed, there was no way cute puppy-dog eyes would get her out of this one. But rescue nevertheless came.

"She's trying to apologize" a tone dead voice cut the girl off halfway through her rant.

Schnee turned around "excuse me, do you also not know who I am" as she found a girl with a bow on her head with a tall boy who had the hood on his black sweater with the hood up and a black mask hiding his eyes. O-kay not who she was expecting but Ruby would take all the help she could get.

The boy stepped out from behind. "Oh Blake, we should show some respect when in the presence of such noble company." Wiess stood up straight with a confident smirk on her face, failing to notice the fact that this was false flattery and thus she was unprepared for when she got thorns instead of roses. "But no such thing exists, instead we are standing in the presence of Wiess Schnee heir to the Schnee dust company and all its infamy of poor worker treatment, Fauns slave labor and its firm partnership with various anti-Faunus groups." Blake stopped the boy and his venom-laced tongue before he could do any more. Nevertheless, it had already broken Wiess and she stormed away. Blake bent down to help Ruby to her feet as Ruby thanked them, she caught a glimpse of a small smile on the boys face as he brushed it off "no problem, the face Schnee made was an added bonus though, I'm Adam and this is Blake" Adam introduced himself.

Ruby was making friends!… or at least positive acquaintances. "I'm Ruby Rose."