The next morning after the big battle with Vilgax. Ben saw the note left by Star and started to read it.

'Dear Ben, Last night right after we got back home from our battle with Vigax my Mom was here. She told me Toffee has returned and took me back home to Mewni. Now my mom told me not to ask for your help because it would be to dangerous. But we have faced dangerous stuff before. So can you get Gwen and Kevin and go to Mewni. I will meet you guys there. Love Star.'

A day later Star was riding in a carriage as her mom was driving. Star used her wand to check on Ben, Gwen and Kevin and saw that they were getting ready to head for Mewni. "That's good they ae getting ready." Star said in a whisper

"Star!" said Moon

"Yes Mom!"

"Can you check on the High Commission for me?"

"Sure!" Star opened the door to the carriage. The door flung off and Star looked back. "They look alright. Still in there stasis." Then a crow flew after Heckapoo because its nest and baby birds were in. "It looks like Heckapoo is going to be an aunty! So how are we going to get them back to normal"

"Once we get to the sanctuary the Well of Magic should rejuvenate them."

"So Lekmet going to meet us there?"

"Yes he'll meet us there." Moon lied as she hided the fact that Lekmet died.

"That's good. Now what's up with the warnicorn?"

"What?" Moon then noticed that the warnicorn was getting tired. And soon disappeared. the carriage started to go out of control.

"Mom! What is going on?"

"It's the fritz. It causing all magic to weaken and fade." As Moon said this the carriage seem to down grade and then finally disappear. "This is okay. We are alright. As long as we have this magical path to guide us." Then crystals showing them the way disappeared. "It looks like we are setting up camp."

They got things set up. Moon tried to us magic to start a fire but it wouldn't work. She finally gave up.

"Don't worry, I got this mom." Star was about to use her wand when Moon noticed it was glowing green.

"Stop! It's corrupted!" Moon said as she stopped Star from using it.

"What? No! It's fine! It does this all the time. Glossaryck never cared." Star said as she stopped her mom from taking the wand.

"Glossaryck isn't here. And he probably not coming back."

"Wait! What do you mean?"

"Toffee has Glossaryck. And it looks like your wand is tainted by he's magic as well. It's the same magic I saw as I fought Ludo. Now lets start a fire and head for the sanctuary inn the morning." Moon started to go throw the her bags she brought with her. But there was nothing useful in there. Moon they saw that Star was starting a fire. "Did your father teach you that?"

"No! Ben did. Ben has toughed a lot."

Then Moon heard something and put out the fire with her shoe by stepping on it. They looked behind some bushes and saw several rats. "It looks like they are just scouts. We'll let them pass."


Both Star and Moon waited for the rats to pass. One rat noticed the Magic High Commission tied to a rock and untied them. They flew with the wind. Moon started to run after them and Star was right behind her. Moon soon lost sight of them. "Where did they go?"

"They're there." Star said pointing to the top of a tree. "I guess we got to go."

"Looks like we have too." Moon and Star started to head for the tree. "I surprised you stayed hidden. I thought you were going to go out there to fight them."

"As I told you Mom. I have learned a lot a thing while I was with Ben." They started to climb the tree. "To be honest I have been in way worse situations then this with Ben and the others." Star whispered to herself. Moon then got trapped by the vines and Star came and helped her out. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Lets just get the Magical High Commission and get out of here." They got to the top of the tree. And Moon saw the body of water. "There's the sanctuary." They got down from the tree and head for the water.

"So is that the sanctuary guardian?" Star asked joking a little as she was looking at the alligator that was on the shore of the beach.

"No! He's the Gate Keeper."

"Wait!? What!?" Star was in a little shock. Moon walked up to the alligator and got on her knees. Then Moon started to make a nose. It went back a forth between Moon and the alligator. Star looked at Moon like she has lost her mind. Then the alligator swam into the water. Then a pile of alligators popped out of the water. They were on top of the sanctuary. Star was surprised that worked and how the sanctuary looked like. They started to head into the sanctuary. "Wow look at all the Glossarycks." Star said noticing all the images of Glossarycks on the walls.

"Come Star. The queens of Mewni have been coming here for generations."

"So what do we do now?"

Moon started to turn a lever and three flower pods came out of the water in the sanctuary. "Okay! Now Star, put the commission in the pods. So we can revive them."

"Alright!" Star place one of the commission in each of the pods.

"Okay! I'm going to open the wellspring. So stand clear." Moon started to turn the lever again and ramps started to lower over the pods. Then black goo started to come out.

"Mom! Is it supposed to look all black?"

"No! It's not!" Moon said in fear. Then she turn the lever to stop it. They walked up and in the well they saw that the goo was all black.

"That doesn't look good. I have a feeling that this isn't not what its supposed to look."

"This is worse then I fear."

"What is it mom?"

They got of the tower. "Well it looks like we got to go with plan B."

"Okay! Plan B I'm already a head of you on that. I got a plan and ready to use it."

"I was think of using my plan B. And we'll talk about it after we get settled in."

"Mom I think my plan will work."

"Star you don't need to worry. This sanctuary is very well hidden. Now do you want Cream Corn or Corn Cream?"


"To eat Star generations of Butterflies have come here in times of danger. We'll be safe for as long as it takes. Now do you have any change?"

"Wait! Your plan B is just to hide until it's over. That's a terrible plan B. I acutely have a plan that can work."

"I don't care if you have a plan. You're safety is my priority right now."

"You can't just give up as long as we got a shot. We can use my plan and defeat Toffee once and for all."

"Even if we did have the Magic High Commission we wouldn't be strong enough to defeat Toffee. So we are going to stay low until the situation changes."

"You lied to me." Then Star started to head for the exit.

"Star! No! You are not leaving."

Then Star stopped. "What else have you lied about, mom? I bet Lekmet isn't even meeting us her."

"Lekmet is dead Star. And it could happen to us too. Toffee won't stop till he finds this." Moon pulled out a glass with Toffee's finger in it.

"Wait! Did you get the from my closet? And you're just carrying it around?"

"It's to dangers to do anything but stay."

"No! I am not hiding her like you. This got to mean something. And as I said before I have a plan and it will work trust me." Star got out her wand and it started to glow.

"No, Star! The wands are linked. He'll find us."

"Like he won't find us with you carrying he's finger around. We have defeated him once. And I know me and my friends can do it again." The Star continued towards the exit again.

"Star! Stop!"

"Why? What happen to the cool warrior queen mom?"

"I was never a cool warrior queen Star. I was a happy go lucky girl like you. Then Toffee and he's monsters killed my mother." Moons eyes started to water up. Moon walked over and took a seat. Star came over an took a seat next to her.

"I thought you sent Grandma away someplace I didn't knew about." Then Star put her wand on Moon lap. They both smiled. "Tell me."

"I was about your age when it happened. I didn't know what to do. So I spoke to Eclipsa."

"Wait, Eclipsa. But she has been dead for hundreds of years."

"No Eclipsa is alive and I made a deal with her." Moon started to tell Star the story about her, Eclipsa and Toffee.

"So that is why you didn't become a Plumber."

"Yeah! This happened a few weeks after I meet Max

A few days have passed. In the Kingdom of Mewni. River was having a party it was pretty much dead. Then a portal opened up. Then Ben, Kevin and Gwen came throw it.

"Wow! What happened here?" asked Ben

Then River saw Ben. "Ben!" said River. Then he ran up and gave Ben a hug. "Ben I can't believe your here. have you seen Foolduke's monkey?"

"No, I just got here."

"Well we better keep a look out for him. I accidently tossed him out the window. Now what brings you here to Mewni?"

"Well Star left me a note saying to meet her at her castle."

"Really! Anyway she is not here right now." Then River started to search for something.

"River is there something wrong? She only left me a note. She's not in any trouble?"

River got a blank look on he's face. Then he started to laugh. "Not at all. Star and Moon just went on a little trip. And Moon asked me to keep and eye on things. But Star did leave me this to give you." River gave Ben a note that Star gave river to give to Ben once he sees him.

Ben opened the note and started to read it. 'Dear Ben, Sorry I couldn't meet you there. Me and my mom are going to bring back the Magical High Commission. Until we get back protect that kingdom. Then we'll all come up with a plan to defeat Toffee. Love Star.'

"So your saying you are keeping on thing?" asked Gwen as she was on the balcony

"Yes!" said River

"Well you might want to look outside."

"What do you mean? What's going on outside?" River walked out on the balcony and saw that some if not most of the people were scared. "What are you talking about. The people are happy if there king is happy. Let me show you." River talked to the people but it didn't go that well. And a monster started to head towards them. River then ran back inn and accidently locked Gwen on the balcony. River got all upset that he wasn't doing a very good job. He let out that he didn't know where Moon and Star are at. But soon Ben gave River a good talking too. And it cheered up River. He started inspire the people to work together. They all came together to confront the monster. But it was all a misunderstanding and the monster left. The people cheered for River. Then Ludo and he's rat army started to attack.

Sometime later with Star and Moon.

They got up as the sanctuary started to full up with the black goo. Moon just got up and noticed. She was freaking out and wondered what was happening.

"Star! Wake up!" said Moon. Star woke up and soon noticed the black goo as well. Then the room started to fill faster with that black goo. Star tried to get the Magical High Commission out of there pods. "Leave them, there is no time." Moon grabbed Star and head for the exit. The door wouldn't work. "There is no way out."

Star grabbed he wand from Moon. "Escape Room Blast!" Said Star as she blasted a hole in the sanctuary soo they could get out. They washed up on shore as the sanctuary sank. "What just happened?"

"I don't know. But my magic is gone."


"It's going to be okay."

"No, rats! We got to hide." They went and hide behind a log. Then Moon took the wand back from Star. "Mom! You can't take my wand."

"It was mine first. No more magic till we find a way to stop this first."

"I keep telling you I have a plan. Just trust me."

"Star, no! It's to dangers."

"Then what are we supposed to do, mom?"

"I don't have a plan and I get it you got an idea. But right now I just want to keep you safe."

"I understand that but you got to trust me on this. I know what I'm doing."

"What we need is a new hiding place."

Then an idea came to Star. "I know a place. But you have to trust me."

They soon got to Buff Frog's place. Star knocked on the door and Buff Frog answered the door. Then Buff Frog hugged Star once he saw her. Star introduced Moon to Buff Frog. Moon wasn't that happy about this after she heard that he heard that he used to work for Ludo.

"Buff Frog do you mind if we crash her for awhile?" asked Star

"Of course I owe you for the tadpole seating." said Buff Frog

"Star, can I speak to you for a minute." said Moon as she took Star over to the side. "We can not stay with him. He's a monster."

"Mom, you got to learn not all monsters are bad." said Star

Then Moon heard a nose. "What was that? It looks like we have no other chose." Then Moon and Star entered Buff Frog's home. When they got in the house there was water all over the floor.

"You're in luck. It's the rainy season. Oh can you please not wear you're shoes in the house. I'm how you say germophobe." said Buff Frog

Star took off her shoes. "Buff Frog wonderful home." said Star

"Thank you. It's bit of a mess right now. please take a seat."

Moon noticed the slugs of the couch and got a little grossed out. "Are those slugs?" asked Moon

"Slugs keep furniture clean. I thought everyone knew that."

"I'll stand."

"Buff Frog! Where are the babies at?" asked Star

"Oh, I just put them down for a nap." Then the babies hoped out and jumped on Star. Then they wrapped there arms around there arms around Star.

"Oh, how cute you got little baby arms."

"Yes. All except for little Katrina. She a late bloomer."


"Babies saw hello to Queen Butterfly."

"That's not really isn't..." said Moon before the babies tackled Moon so they could hug her.

"Star I have been so worried about you."

"Why? I'm fine." said Star

"Well when Ludo took your castle. I thought you know." Then Buff Frog moved he's hand across he's neck.

"Wait! Toffee has our castle?"

"Toffee is dead. Ludo in castle."

"Toffee not dead. Toffee inside Ludo."

"Oh that is so creepy."

"Dad is still in that castle. We have to go save him."

"No!" said Moon

"But he is your husband."

"Star I have made my decision. We stay here. Excuse me where's you're washroom?"

"Washroom?" asked Buff Frog

"Yes. I would like to freshen up a bit."

"She needs to use the bathroom." said Star

This made Moon blush a bit. As Buff Frog understood. "Oh, washroom. The washroom is out back." said Buff Frog

Then Moon left. "I'm sorry. My mom's got some monster issues." said Star

"Yeah! I have been getting a vibe from her."

"Yeah! We all are. But Buff Frog I came here for a favor."

"Of course. Anything for you."

"I need you to hang out with my mom. I need you to keep her busy while. So we can find Toffee."

"Toffee is very dangers. Do you have plan?"

"I have plan."

"You have plan."

"I have plan."

"Okay! When Moon returns I will distract her."

Then Moon got back only hearing the last bit of Star's and Buff Frog's conversation. "Distract me from what?" asked Moon

Buff Frog thinked quickly and thought of something. "This!" Buff Frog showed them a Ludo tattoo and this shocked Star. "I didn't want you to see it. Bad choses in past."

"Oh, thank you. So what do you monsters do for entertainment?"

"We could smash bugs." Then Star hit Buff Frog with her elbow. "We could play board games."

"Good idea, Buff Frog. I'll hang out with the babies in there room." said Star as she took the babies to their room.

Buff Frog quickly picked out a game. Star started to sneak out. They soon started to argue and found common ground with protecting there children. Buff Frog turned on Star and was sent back to the babies room. Star started to complain as she walked around in circles. Then Katrina started to talk to Star. The babies help Star sneak out.

"So what's the big plan for beating Toffee?" asked Katrina

"I'm going to find Ben, Kevin and Gwen. Then we are going to battle Toffee" said Star

"What is the plan after you find them?"

"Oh, I do not have one."


"Yeah. I'm not that good at making plans. I was going to have Ben or Gwen come up with something."

Then Star started to head towards the castle.

The next day

Ludo was trying to rule the kingdom. But it wasn't really working. Ben, Kevin and Gwen got away but River was in the dungeon. They came up with a plan to free River. As they were doing it they ran into three people the musician the fool and a mime. This complicated the plan and Ludo sent River flying up into the sky. After awhile Star snuck into the castle and found Ludo and took the opportunity to attack him. But she was quickly captured and got some info what happened to her dad and warned Ludo about the want as she was taken to the dungeon. Soon Ben, Kevin and Gwen freed Star. They told Star what happened to her dad. But she was not that worried anymore. They started to work on a plan when Ludo barged in. Ben, Kevin and Gwen were quickly put in chains. Then Ludo took Star with him. Soon after Ludo left escaped from the chains with ease. Then the door opened showing Buff Frog and Queen Moon.

"Ben? Where's Star?" asked Moon

"Ludo took her. We got to hurry." said Ben

They ran out of the dungeon thru a hole that Buff Frog. Gwen made stairs to get up to the closest tower. Moon was shocked that someone still had magic. They all climbed up the stairs. They saw Star on the other tower.

"Hey, mom. Hey Ben. I'm sorry." said Star

Then Moon saw the spirit leaving. And figured out what was going on. "Star! Get out of there." said Moon in a worried tone. Then there was an explosion. "We got to get down there now." Gwen made a slide and the slide down. Moon grabbed Ludo. "Where is my daughter? What have you done with her?"

Ludo's eyes were pink. "Mom! I'm in here." said Ludo but Star's voice was coming out.

"Star is that you?"

"Yes, it's me."

"Oh, thank goodness. Star where are you?"

"Well I am fine. But I don't know where I am."

"It's okay as long as your safe right there."

Star soon found out she was not alone. The thing reveled himself to be Toffee. Then he took control of Ludo.

"Hello, moon." said Ludo in Toffee's voice

"Toffee!" said Moon in fear

Ludo started to float up into the air. "Give us back Star."

"Oh, of course. But I would like something from you first. Something that belongs to me."

Moon pulled out Toffee's finger. "Take it!"

Star tried to tell her mom not to but she couldn't hear her. Moon gave Toffee the finger and he started to return. "Where is my daughter?"

"Bring her back." said Ben

"She's gone." said Toffee as he crushed the half of the crystal he has.

Everyone there was in shock and anger. Moon started to charge at Toffee and pulled out the wand pressing it agents he's heart. "I call the darkness onto me from deepest depths of earth and sea from ancient evils unawaken break the one that can't be broken. From blackest night I pledge my soul and crush my heart to burning coal. To summon forth a deadly power to see my hated foe devoured." said Moon trying to cast a spell but it didn't worked. Moon's eyes started to water.

Toffee pulled Moon's hand away. "Are you finished?"

Then there was a green flash. Then Rath picked up Toffee and swung him to the ground hard. "Now see here Toffee. No one and I repeat no one breaks a deal with Wrath without getting a major butt kicking." said Rath

Rath started to beat up Toffee tried to get away but he was not strong enough to fight Wrath.

While that was going on Star soon meet up with Glossaryck and they had a talk. Then Star did something that restored the magic.

With the group the wand flew up into the sky and repaired itself and changed. Then Star reappeared changed into a her Butterfly mode.

"Star!" said Moon glade that Star was back.

"Hi, mom. Where's Toffee?" asked Star

Moon pointed to Toffee who was still getting beaten up by Rath. Rath tossed Toffee to the side. Then Star blasted Toffee. Toffee body was just bone and black goo now. Star then flew down to the ground. Then Moon, Ben, Kevin, Gwen and Buff Frog dog pilled onto Star. They were all happy that Star was back. Toffee started to crawl and was soon crushed by a pillar pushed by Ludo. Moon then ran away as Star tossed Ludo into the void. Then soon River returned with some others that Ludo sent flying up into the sky.