Thinking (depending on the context).

"Geass being used"

Date: Unknown

Location: C's World

Death, death is all around us. It is the rule of thumb for the universe, that all things die in the end no matter the reason. Whether it's by natural causes, murder, suicide, etc. All things die in the end, it is inevitable fact. This central fact was discovered by James Freeman. After twenty-eight years of life, James sadly ended his own life by stepping out in front of an oncoming city bus in Hamilton Ontario.

Expecting oblivion, James finds himself in a strange place, some kind of platform. The scenery, indescribable. Stunned, James asks himself, "Where am I?"

Suddenly James hears a voice behind him, "That's a good question James Freeman!"

Startled, James spins around to discover his dead sister Maria standing in front of him. Shocked, James goes white. He begins hyperventilating while muttering, "H...h...how is... it possible?... you died two years ago in a plane crash!"

'Maria' sighs, "I am not your sister James. Thing is, you're dead, killed by that bus. I am merely using your sister's appearance as an avatar to speak to you. What I am... what this place is... is the Collective Unconscious Of Mankind, or simply C's World. Before you start rambling on with useless questions or berating me on using your sister's appearance, in which case get over yourself, we have more pressing issues to discuss. I'll be straight with you James. We have a problem."

Stunned, James asks, "What sort of problem and what does it concern me?"

'Maria' shakes her head, Actually it concerns all of us."

Before James can say a word, 'Maria' glides into his personal space and places her hand on his head. In a matter of minutes, a plethora of information flows into James's mind. After she's finished, 'Maria' removes her hand. After this James stumbles back. Ten minutes later James manages to collect himself enough to speak, "What the fuck-"

'Maria' smirks, "James, I just gave you all the information you need. Now give yourself time to process the info."

Five minutes pass before James responds, "You want me to go back in time to prevent the Ragnarök Connection, prevent the Zero Requiem, assassinate Schneizel el Britannia and kill Shin Hyuga Shaing. Also The Interdimensional terrorist organization known as the Trust murdered Euphemia li Britannia Five minutes before she met that fucken cockhole Suzaku Kururugi in 2017."

'Maria' nods, "Your correct, however you will be punished for killing yourself."

James cocks his head, "How?"

'Maria' smirks, "You will be sent into a semi-clone of Euphie's body!"

James eyes widen horror, "WHAT THE FUCKEN HELL?!"

'Maria's' raises her eyebrow, "I'm sorry Mr. Freeman but you don't have a choice in the matter. When you return to the world of the living, the date will be August 15th, 2017. You will find yourself in the Tokyo Settlement, more precisely, the Britannian Government Bureau. To be more specific, you will be in Euphemia li Britannia's room... your room. The time will be 1:00 PM, this means you will have five minutes to decide whether or not you will come across Kururugi. Also the new body is a semi-clone because it will be in actuality a chimera. What I mean is even though the body will look and sound like the princess, it isn't fully human.

More information will come to you as time progresses. Oh one more thing James, certain historical figures that were supposed to become Heroic Spirits in the original timeline will be saved from being forced to fight in the Holy Grail War. Instead their souls will be implanted in new bodies and be sent to help you in your mission. Don't worry, they will be given knowledge of the modern word and be brought up to speed."

Suddenly an idea comes to James's mind, "Since you are forcing me into this, I have one demand only."

'Maria' raises any eyebrow, "Which is?"

James's eyes harden, "Save Medusa from her fate of becoming a Gorgon... Actually, to preserve the timeline up until you send me back. Transfer Medusa's consciousness into a clone of her original human body. So she will finally be free of her damn curse."

'Maria' smirks, "Very well, this is a reasonable demand. It will be done, however her new body will be a chimera like yours. I'll be sure to tell her who is responsible for her new found freedom. For your selflessness, I will tell you something for free. Tamamo-no-Mae and Mordred Pendragon will be two of those historical figures sent to help you in your mission. 'Maria' then chuckles before continuing. "The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. Now wakeup... Mr. Freeman... wake up and smell the ashes..."

Taken aback, James blurts out, "That was a low blow! Why would you quote the G-man from-"

'Maria' interrupts him and snaps her fingers. Without warning, James is enveloped by a flash of light before disappearing.

Date: Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Location: Tokyo Settlement, Area Eleven/Japan, HBE (Holy Britannian Empire)

Britannian Government Bureau, Euphie's Room

With a flash of light James appears in Euphemia li Britannia's room. After a few seconds pass, James regains his bearings. As he takes in his new surroundings, eight things stand out (all on or near a square table): A pair of leather gloves, A odd looking chess set, a python revolver, several ammo boxes in neat rows, a silencer, a gunbelt ingeniously disguised as a carrying pouch, a duffel bag and a mirror hanging over top the table. Without hesitation, James walks up to it and stares at his new features. With a frown, James ponders this next course of action. Ok, I have about five minutes to decide if I wish to meet that Kururugi prick or not. I've been thrust into a semi-clone body of Princess Euphemia. I should stop thinking of myself as James Freeman and think of myself as Euphemia li Britannia... to some extent. With a sigh, James jerks himself out of his musings to examine the contents of the table: The revolver, ammo, the gunbelt, the silencer and chess set. James smirks, all that time in the Canadian army will actually pay off this time around. James sighs again and focuses on the chess set.

Suddenly, a sense of Déjà Vu hits him full force. Shaking his head, James wonders what the hell just happened. A few seconds later, realization hits, a Evil Piece Set. Another realization occurs: That James's new body is part Devil. James now finds a plethora of new information on the three Biblical factions hit him. Clinching his... or rather her fists. Why that little!... anyway I can use this somehow. Ok James, back on track. What event is about to happen within... oh that's right. Now if I remember correctly the real Euphemia convinces the little shit to go to Shinjuku. I could Kill that little cocksucker there. With fuckhead Kururugi dead, I'll make life easier for Lelouch and myself. Actually that's what I'll do. With a smirk, James loads the gun, straps on the gunbelt/fake carrying pouch and places the now loaded revolver in the holster. James then conceals the gun handle with a built in flap to complete the illusion of a actual carrying pouch. After this, he then stuffs everything else on the table into the duffel bag before slinging it over his... err... her shoulders. Then chuckles to himself/herself: This is your last day on Earth Kururugi, prepare for oblivion.

Five minutes later...

Outside The Britannian Government Bureau, Street Level

With sigh, Suzaku Kururugi exits his court 'hearing' a free man. Glad that 'justice' has been served, Suzaku begins wondering when he'll return to working for Cécile and Lloyd. It is during this time the braindead fool is pulled out of this thoughts by a shout from above, "Look out below!"

Looking up, Suzaku see's the most beautiful girl in the world freefalling towards him. Without thinking Suzaku caches her within moments. After a few seconds, they collect themselves. Afterwards both attempt to speak, however to no avail. Suzaku goes first, "Err... are you ok?"

The girl smiles (causing Suzaku to blush), "Yah, I'm fine. I should introduce myself my name is... Euphie. Oh... a... could we please get out of our current position, It's embarrassing."

Suzaku blushes deeper before answering, "Sure. Oh, and my name is Suzaku Kururugi."

After getting out of their awkward position, the two shake hands. Euphie softly smiles, "Suzaku could you take me sightseeing? This is my first time in Area 11."

Suzaku scratches his head before answering, "Sure, but couldn't you do that anytime?"

Euphie softly smiles, "I can't unfortunately, you see this is the last day of my vacation, this is my last opportunity to do so."

Suzaku smiles, "Ok, where do you want to go first?"

Euphie shrugs, "You decide."

Suzaku nods, "I' know of a perfect place to start."

After this Suzaku takes Euphie by the hand to lead her on a tour. However Suzaku fails to recognize Euphie's demonic grin. Her eyes betrays her malevolent intent. Euphie's thoughts become dark. Hook line and sinker, you'll be dead before tomorrow's dawn Kururugi... I'll make sure of it!

For the rest of the day Suzaku and Euphie visit various place throughout the Tokyo Settlement. However unbeknownst to poor Suzaku, 'Euphie' is stringing the little troglodyte along just so she can kill him. Just like Raynare did to Issei Hyoudou in the original timeline. However unlike Raynare, Euphie/James is justified. Suzaku is too much of a treat to be allowed to live any longer. Speaking of Raynare, Euphie/James plans on saving Raynare's life (as she and her team are still alive at this point in the timeline... but not for much longer. Meaning Euphie/James has until the Twentieth (Sunday) to save her life, and possibly some of her team as well).

With everything going to plan Euphie/James initiates phase two of his/her plan at 5:00. Pulling Suzaku to the side she smiles sweetly, "Suzaku can you take me to one more place?"

Suzaku nod, "Where to?"

Euphie's smile widens, "Take me to Shinjuku?"

Suzaku chokes, "But Euphie-"

Euphie swiftly interrupts Suzaku. "Suzaku Kururugi, please take me there."

Defeated, Suzaku nods, "Very well, lets go."

As soon as Suzaku turns his back to Euphie, she smirks and mumbles under her breath, "Check."

Thirty Minutes later...

Location: Shinjuku

After arriving in Shinjuku, Euphie and Suzaku begin exploring the ruined ghetto. After an hour has passed (unknown to the duo, their arrival has caused several members of the Kōzuki resistance to follow them) Euphie and Suzaku come across a horrible site, four Britannians gang raping a young Japanese girl. Pissed that She won't be able to kill Suzaku like planned, Euphie tells him she has a plan for dealing with the thugs, before setting her duffel bag down and removes the leather gloves.

After removing the gloves from the bag, Euphie puts them on (still not being spotted by the four thugs) before unconcealling her revolver. Euphie then stealthy gets closer to the thugs. Then once in position, quick draws on two of the thugs. Both are killed instantly, the remaining two pull out their own guns, however Suzaku sprints past Euphie and tackles the thugs. In no time at all, one is disarmed one. However the last one grabs the girl and takes her hostage. At this point the Kōzuki resistance members come out of hiding. Seeing this, the thug smirks, "Now then-"

Without a word, Euphie swiftly aims the gun at the disarmed thug and executes him unceremoniously by shooting him in the head.

In shock, Suzaku exclaims, "Euphie what have you done?!"

Euphie chuckles, "Exterminating vermin of course. Now then, ignoring the Geneva Convention, I think it's time to cleanse Japan of vermin."

This shocks both the remaining thug and the Japanese listening to the core. Not only does a Britannian come to a Japanese girl's defence, but also says Japan instead of Area 11. However despite all this Euphie ignores them all and marches towards the thug. The thug snarls, "Not another step or the Eleven dies, Number lover!"

Still ignoring the thug, Euphie keeps marching towards the thug (pointing the gun at the hostage's head), despite the protests of the Japanese helplessly watching the event unfold. Due to Euphie's defiance and willingness to aim her gun at a hostage, the thug starts to lose his nerve. In desperation, he moves the hostage away from his now exposed head before snarling, "One more-


A split second later, the thug loses his grip on the hostage and falls to the ground dead. With a bullet in his brain.

Before anyone can comprehend what just happened, or even have a chance to speak, Euphie holsters her gun and proceeds to one of the dead thugs and picks up his gun. Beckoning Suzaku towards her, Suzaku wordlessly moves to Euphie's side. Just as Suzaku is about to speak, Euphie swiftly raises her gun to Suzaku's exposed chest and fires three shots, then without warning head shots Suzaku. Moments later, Suzaku's now dead corpse falls to the floor motionless.

With a smirk Euphie hisses, "Checkmate!"

Wordlessly, Euphie then turns around and walks up to one of the dead thugs and places the gun that executed Suzaku Kururugi in his hand, thus framing the now dead thug for the murder. Euphie then walks towards the hostage and bends down. With a soft voice, Euphie asks the former hostage/rape victim, "What is your name?"

The beaten girl responds, "Mash... Mash Kyrielight."

Euphie smiles, "My name is Euphemia li Britannia, Third in line to the Imperial Throne.

Mash (as well as the other Japanese) gasp in shock, however Euphie ignores them. Mustering the strength to speak, Mash asks in a weak voice, "Why would you save an Eleven?"

Euphie snarls, "DO NOT CALL YOURSELF AN ELEVEN, YOUR JAPANESE!" This outburst shocks every single Japanese in the vicinity. At Mash's widened eyes, Euphie apologizes for her out burst, "I apologize for shouting at you, it's just I... You should be proud of your Japanese heritage. Britannia can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned."

These words shock the Japanese listening to the core. One particular person in the crowed is affected, Euphie instantly recognizes her as Kallen Kōzuki. With widened eyes, Kallen gasps, "But your Britannian and a princess!"

Euphie scoffs, "Please don't compare me to that cunt sperm donor that calls himself my father. The Nazi Britannian Empire should be wiped off the face of the Earth!"

Many of the Japanese (including Mash) gasp in shock. Mash speaks up, "Why did you kill that boy, I recognize him... Err his corpse... as Suzaku Kururugi.

Euphie shrugs, "Prick was the pilot of the Z-01 Lancelot, Britannia's first Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame. The Frame that took part in the Shinjuku massacre!"

With fury a young man in his twenties, Euphie recognizes him as Shenchero Tamaki, marches up to Euphie. Much to another man's, Euphie recognizes him as Kaname Ohgi, displeasure. Tamaki rudely gets in Euphie's face, "Bullshit Brit bitch, you must of-"


Tamaki falls to the ground due to Euphie punching him in the gut. Euphie proceeds to look down on Tamaki in disgust, "And how exactly are you any different than the Purist Faction? It's like if a black man or woman goes off on a xenophobic, racist, bigoted and discriminatory rant! However in the same instance he/she cries foul and selfrichiouslly blasts people when some calls them the N-word! That bud is called hipococy! And you buddy should be ashamed of yourself!"

After these words, several people (including Kallen) look down in shame. After her rant, Euphie sighs, "Look, about Kururugi, I did everybody a favor by disposing of that traitorous pig." Euphie then looks directly into Tamaki's eyes (Kallen, Ohgi and Mash are also caught in her gaze), in seconds Euphie's voice and eyes become deadly serious, "Clovis was Lucky Zero got to him first, because if I did instead. Then I would kill him myself, and wouldn't be as merciful as putting a lead bullet in his skull right away. His death would be slow... And painful. Simply put, I would hunt him as if it were Deer Season!"

At these words, Ohgi speaks for the fist time, "I see... Princess... What is you reason for being in Japan?"

Euphie cocks an eyebrow, "Truth? I'm here as the new Sub-viceroy of Japan... What those prigs in the government don't know is that... I'm risking a lot saying this, but... I plan on overthrowing the Britannian Monarchy so I can turn Britannia into a Republic. In the process I will liberate every single country from enslavement, starting with Japan."

The Japanese stare at Euphie in absolute awe due to her conviction and blatant honesty/sincerity, no one more so than Kallen and Mash.

"A trojan horse!" Mash breathes.

Kallen chokes, "Your serious? But why tell us this information?!"

Euphie shrugs, "A risk I know, but the potential payoff will be well worth it."

Mash, quirks an eyebrow, "Meaning?"

Euphie chuckles and wags her finger, "Now that would be telling. I'm not willing to give out all my secrets to people I just met... Even if they are members of the Japanese resistance."

Both Tamaki and Kallen gape like fishes while Ohgi sighs, "So what are you going to do about this information Princess?"

Euphie smiles, "Oh nothing much, just get in contact with Zero... Who is in fact... actually you'll have to gain my trust for that info, just like I have to with you guys. I am taking a massive risk with my plans... In trusting you... Just like you are taking a risk in potentially trusting me."

Ohgi nods, "That's true enough."

Euphie sighs, "Just know that the current Sub-viceroy... me, is on your side... Although under the table. I can't blow my cover, but I will help the Japanese resistance discreetly at all times."

Ohgi nods, "I understand."

Euphie then turns to Mash, "Do you have a place to stay?"

Mash shakes her head, "No I've been living on the street since the invasion. Both my parents were murdered by Britannian soldiers in 2015."

Euphie clinches her fists, " Miss. Kyrielight-"

Mash sighs, "Please call me Mash."

Euphie smiles, "Call me Euphie,"

Euphie and Mash then shake hands. Without warning Mash's stomach growls. In response, Mash face goes red with embarrassment. Euphie shakes her head and chuckles, "If you come with me Mash I can get you cleaned up and a hot meal."

For the first time, Mash genuinely smiles, "That would be awesome, thank you-"


Tamaki puts what everyone but Euphie is thinking quite eloquently, "What the fuck was that?!"

Euphie snorts, "If my guess is right it's the Purists attempting to kill Jeremiah Gottwald for the whole the debacle during Zero's debut."

Tamaki scratches his head in confusion, "Uh, seriously? So, uh what are you going to do about it?"

Euphie raises an eyebrow, "Deal with them... The Purists. You guys can follow me if you want. I'm going regardless. From the direction of the explosion, the fighting is coming from the old stadium up the road. If you do come there's probably plenty places to take cover from. Gotta to go."

Mash quickly grabs Euphie by the wrist, "Wait, I'll come with you. You saved my life. Thank you.

Euphie smiles, "Your very welcome."

Kallen also steps forward, "I'll come to."

Euphie nods, "Alright, lets go."

After these words the trio heads towards the stadium. Along the way they come across Lloyd Asplund and Cécile Croomy in a truck. Both were attempting to discreetly follow Euphie and the now dead Suzaku, but Euphie (along with a oblivious Suzaku) successfully evaded them. After telling her two companions to wait, Euphie walks over to the two scientists. Upon seeing Euphie, Lloyd is the first to speak, "Ah Princess Euphemia how good it is two see you. May I ask where Suzaku is?"

Euphie shakes her head, "Well you have tact that's for sure (this causes Cécile to swat Lloyd up side the head), anyway as for Kururugi, he's dead. A hand goes to Cécile mouth in horror. Cécile gulps before speaking, "We heard gunshots... How did he die?"

Euphie's face turns grim, "A confrontation with four Britannian thugs raping a young Japanese girl went wrong. I managed to kill all four thugs, but Kururugi ended up dead. Let's jus leave it at that."

Several tears fall from Cécile's eyes before responding, "You killed him didn't you? It's in your tone."

Euphie shrugs, "Yah, no point in hiding it. He was a threat to my plans so I eliminated him. Originally I planned to push him off a five story building," Euphie shrugs again before continuing. "But what can you do but improvise?"

Lloyd nonchalantly asks, "But that's not the entire reason is it, being a threat to your plans that is?"

Euphie nods, "True, however that's the only answer you'll get from me for now. You keep silent about my involvement with Kururugi's death or the consequences will... quite severe. Not even my brother... your benefactor will save you. I killed the brat for a good reason."

Lloyd holds up his hand, "I understand. Cécile, Suzaku isn't worth the trouble."

Cécile's eyes widen, But Lloyd-"

Euphie interrupts Cécile, "Suzaku Kururugi wasn't the guy you think he was. I know more about him than you do.

Cécile sniffs, "I under...stand... I won't say a thing... I promise. Just tell me something... was it worth it?"

Euphie nods, "It was. If you two gain my trust, I give you my word of honor that I will give the true reason as to why I executed Kururugi. Now then I already know about what the Purists are doing in the ghetto, now you two see my friends standing behind me. "Both scientists nod. Lloyd grins, I have two toys for you to play with. They are called Master Vibration Swords or MVSs for short."

Euphie smirks, "Good, Now drive us to the stadium. I will tell you what I want you to do on the way."

Ten minutes later...

By the time Euphie and the others reach the stadium, they discover Jeremiah Gottwald heavily pinned down by six Purist Knightmares. Reacting quickly, Euphie's plan is enacted. Hopping into the Lancelot's cockpit ('Maria' gave her a very basic crash course piloting Knightmares), Euphie activates the Lancelot and tears off towards Gottwald's location. Using slash harkens, Euphie ascends up and over the stadium wall. Once Euphie is inside, she observes a Purist about to blast Gottwald's cockpit. Having other idea's, Euphie targets the offending Purist with slash harkens and fires.

Startled, One of the Purists snarls, "Who are you?! Interlopers will die!"

Euphie chuckles, "No not really idiot. You will stand down now! I am Euphemia li Britannia, third in line to the throne."

Another Purist scoffs, "liar!"

Euphie shakes her head before drawing the Lancelot's MVS's and engages the enemy Knightmare frames. Seconds before she engages them, she see's two women in one of the destroyed bleachers. However Euphie ignores the women and commences her attack. Despite the basic crash course, Euphie improvises. Within seconds, Euphie descends down the stadium and uses her fencing ability she procured from her previous life as James Freeman. This unorthodox way of fighting causes four of the Purists Knightmare's to be disabled in five minutes. The remaining two are suddenly attacked by another Knightmare. The newcomer activates her comm system, "Lord Jeremiah, I got here as soon as I could!"

Gottwald sighs in relief, "Thanks Villetta. Anyway please help me deal with these rabble."

Nu chuckles, "Will do."

Outnumbered, One of the remaining two Knightmare's comms blares to life, "Careful Jason, I'm going to throw a Chaos Mine!"

Suddenly I see rapid movement. And just before the Purist throws the mine, two figures jump in front of the enemy Knightmare. Both throw smoke bombs at the Knightmare simultaneously. Once the bombs hit, they exploded. Euphie uses this opportunity to charge the enemy. Within seconds of reaching the enemy, Euphie zigzags behind and opens fire on the cockpit. The cockpit explodes, instantly killing the occupant.

Seeing the fate of their comrade. The remaining Purists surrenders. After this Euphie exits the Lancelot's cockpit and barks an order, "All pilots exit your Knightmares NOW!" Once the Purists recognize who they are dealing with, they comply and stand at attention in front of Euphie. After giving their names and ranks, Euphie glares at the surviving Purists, "You people took part in the Shinjuku Disaster," Euphie pulls out her revolver and shoots Villetta Nu in the head. This shocks the Purists, however Euphie ignores them and continues. "You are all under arrest for genocide and slated for public execution tomorrow at 9:00AM. Except for you Gottwald, I'll deal with you later."

Without warning, one of the purists goes for his gun. However seconds later, his head is separated from his shoulders by one of the women Euphie seen earlier. The second woman takes her place beside the woman the who decapitated the Purist with a rapier. The two women walk up to Euphie (stepping over the now dead Purist's corpse). The woman with the bloodstained Rapier smiles at Euphie, "Thanks to you I have a new lease on life. I am Medusa."

The other woman grins, That was a good performance. Bravo! bravo! By the way I am Nero Claudius."

Euphie shakes both girl's hands, "No problem. Welcome back to the land of the living. Do you wish to accompany me back to the Settlement?"

Medusa shrugs, "Sure."

Nero smiles, "I would love to see what this era holds."

Euphie then turns to the Purists and is about to say something but decides otherwise. With a snarl Euphie rapidly raises her revolver and begins executing all the remaining Purists except Gottwald. Medusa and Nero help. By the time their done, Gottwald is the only Purist left alive. Euphie sneers, "I was going to have them executed tomorrow, but fuck it. Best cleanse filth when I have the chance. Gottwald you are a disgrace, now get out of my sight before I decide to execute you as well."

Gottwald nods emphatically and bolts without saying a word. Not daring to defy a member of the Imperial Family (especially one that has no qualms about executing him on the spot). Euphie then turns to Medusa, "My work here is done. We can go as soon as I talk to my friend Mash."

One hour later...

Britannian Government Bureau, Roof

The one event Euphie has been dreading all day has come to pass: The arrival of Cornelia li Britannia. However Euphie must semi-play her part in front of this woman otherwise she will be exposed as a fraud. That she isn't the real Euphemia. Forcing her dread down, Euphie walks up to up to Cornelia. Cornelia briefly smiles before sighing, "I heard what you did in Shinjuku Euphie. Has that god forsaken ghetto affected you that much?"

Euphie sighs, "More than you can ever imagine."

Cornelia frowns, "We will talk about this later. Bring the two people that helped my sister in Shinjuku forward."

Euphie nods and signals Mash and Medusa. Once they are in front of Cornelia, she scans the three before speaking, "Thank you for helping my sister. The three of you will be rewarded for your services to the crown. Ask what you want, but within reason."

Mash bows and is the first to speak, "Your Highness, please allow me to attended Ashford Academy."

Cornelia nods, "Very well Eleven, it will be done."

Medusa steps forward and bows, "I wish to attended Ashford Academy as well Your Highness."

Cornelia nods again, "That is also acceptable. I will allow it."

Nero grudgingly (but she doesn't openly show it) bows, "Your highness, I would like the same as the other two.

Cornelia sighs, "Very well then."

Cornelia then turns to Euphie, "I also heard you wish to attended Ashford. I will allow it only if you agree for me to station guards at the school."

Euphie sighs, expecting this, "Only if they pose as staff or students."

Cornelia nods in acceptance, "Agreed. Now," she turns to the Vice-minister of Area 11 before continuing, "Report."

The Vice-minister bows, "Your Highness, We've prepared an welcome feast-"

Cornelia interrupts him and pulls out her hand canon, "Sloppy, senile, corrupt. Where is Zero?! I want the enemy of the empire caught! Get Zero!"

Euphie sighs, "I'll handle this."

Euphie then marches forward and stands in front of the Vice-minister, "Snivelling vermin."

Without a second thought, Euphie pulls out her revolver and executes the Vice-minister. Euphie smirks to the shock of everyone, "There, that's how you dispose of trash!"

Same time...

Somewhere in the Tokyo Settlement

Across the Tokyo Settlement two women are watching The events on the Britannian Government Bureau's roof via a hacked security feed. Chuckling to herself, the first woman shakes her head, "So this is James Freeman huh? Interesting man... err woman eh Tamamo?"

Tamamo-no-Mae grins, "He... rather she is Mordred. So when do we make an appearance?"

Smirking, Mordred Pendragon leans back in her chair and takes a swig of her beer before answering, Soon my friend soon. When we do, Charles zi Britannia won't see us coming until it's too late!"

Author's Notes:

I'm dropping the time for the scene change in this story example: (Date: Unknown, Location: C's World, Time: Unknown) because I found it's a pain in the ass to write.

This story is also on AO3.