Date: Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Location: Tokyo Settlement, Ashford Academy: Milly's Private Quarters

Due to both the type of explicit nature and the Site's policy, the lemon is moved into AO3.

"That was amazing girls. I like the Student Council's tradition of it's members having sex with each other!" smirks Kallen.

Milly grins, "I agree, after all, I created the tradition."

While stroking Kallen's hair lovingly, Shirley kisses Kallen on the lips before speaking, "I agree with Kallen. Truth is, without your help Milly, I doubt a could've confessed my feelings to Kallen. When I seen Sophie and Kallen kissing, I thought I lost my chance."

Sophie snorts in amusement, "No worries Sherley, I'm willing to share.

Milly grins, "What do you think Miss. Hillmick?"

Miya smirks, "I like the way you think Milly. By the way, thank you for convincing Lelouch to have sex with me."

Erica chuckles, "Yah, you defiantly know how to give Lelouch a blow job!"

Lelouch smirks, "That's true Erica."

Milly laughs, "Why Erica Wood, I didn't know such words where even in your vocabulary!"

Emily sighs, "Milly quite teasing my sister already!"

Kallen grins, "What do you think, Mrs. Watson?"

Eleanor smirks, "I'm having fun!"

Kallen grins, "Of course you are Elly." Kallen then sighs, "Anyway, I have some news girls. Princess Euphemia transfers today."

Lelouch groans while Nunnally softly smiles, "I'm sure everything will turn out ok in the end."

With a worried look, Lelouch just grimaces. To lighten the mood, Milly smiles deviously, "Oh Euphie, whatever I'm I going to do with you?"

Kallen kisses Milly on the lips before responding, "Oh behave. Anyway we will be getting even more students than just her. Anyway School starts in a hour. I say we have another session for a half-hour.

Sophie grins, "You mean another orgy right?"

Kallen grins mischievously, "I'm on top this time!"

Half-hour later...

Ashford Academy: History Class

A hushed silence descends upon the classroom as several new students enter. As the new arrivals walk, the already seated students watch and study the new arrivals features. two individuals stand out. As these two students continue to walk side by side with their companions. Growing unease and resentment fills the hearts and minds of several of the student body at the very sight their newest classmates. It's not long before the new arrivals are standing in front of the class.

Once the new arrivals are in full view of the entire class. The class quickly discovers that the new comers are all female. With a small cough, the first girl speaks up, "My name is Euphemia li Britannia, the new Sub-viceroy of Japan. Please take good care of me."

After Euphie finishes her small introduction, excitement takes hold of the class. However, the teacher quickly silences them.

The next girl to speak gives a whimsical smile, "Medusa Khushrenada, It's a pleasure to meet you all."

Kallen giggles (the few times she ever does) at Medusa's choice for a fake last name. Before coming to Ashford, Euphie asked Medusa why she chose Khushrenada as a last name. Medusa responded with a shrug, "What? I like Gundam Wing. I've been binge watching it with Mash. She was the one who got me hooked on that Anime."

Before coming to Ashford, Medusa and Euphie had an extensive conversation with each other. Their discussion included C's World resetting all the would be Heroic Spirits (from the original timeline) ages to seventeen. Except for Arturia Pendragon, from history she is known as King Arthur. Arturia is the new History teacher. However the current teacher, Mrs. Addams will be removed from her post tomorrow. C's World has a hand in this, but Medusa never specifies why or how, because she wasn't told. Medusa also mentions that C's world informed her of a geass user named Mao (not the nutcase that took Nunnally hostage in the original timeline, but a Chinese girl with the same name).

Medusa further tells Euphie that Mao was last spotted in Shinjuku. An interesting fact that catches Euphie's attention, Mao is a former member of Special Honorary Foreign Legion (also known as the Irregulars). She defected and now is on the run from these people. Now she's in Shinjuku. Euphie takes note of this information and plans to recruit Mao later on. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that this universe is slightly different than Euphie first thought. The same major events in the original timeline occur however this universe branches off drastically in the finer details and more importantly: C's World didn't manipulate events from behind the scenes. But that's the multiverse for you. They change radically between each other and none of their timelines are exactly the same.

First off, all the girls in the Student Council are bisexual and have orgies with Sayoko Shinozaki, Lelouch and Rivalz (both boys aren't gay). Of note is the fact that several girls from the Geass Order attend Ashford: Dalque, Lucretia, Sancia and Clara Lanfranc. Of note: The woman Known as Miss X (Alias: Misty) along with two unknowns: Chloe Annabelle Fitzgerald and her half sister Rebecca Abigail Fitzgerald also attend the school.

Although Euphie finds it odd that Miss X and the Fitzgerald sisters are apart of the Student council, the one major thing sets off alarm bells off in Euphie's mind is the fact that all the girls from the Geass Order are also members of the Student council. This is something Euphie will fully look into after school. Another thing Euphie takes note of is that yesterday Medusa managed to assassinate Marianne vi Britannia without killing Anya Alstreim. Medusa accomplished this with the help of the Caretaker of Spacetime.

Shocked at this development, Euphie asked how she killed the Empress and as to why the Caretaker of Spacetime, by extension C's World, would even aid Medusa. Medusa's only response was that Empress is too much of a threat to be left alive. And that it was a rare event (even in the multiverse) to kill the Empress just after the Shinjuku Massacre. This statement is coupled with the fact that in this universe (no one fucked with the timeline), Anya was a childhood friend of Lelouch and Nunnally.

Euphie's interest is piqued at the childhood friend part, but doesn't consider it Earth shattering. After all she knows about the Multiverse Theory even before committing suicide as James Freeman (pre-body swap wise). Medusa then tells Euphie that the Caretaker gave her a handheld geass canceller before coming up with a plan to successfully assassinate Empress Marianne via the geass canceller without Emperor Charles knowledge (at least until it's to late). The good news is that they succeeded, however the bad news is that Anya has nowhere to go. Luckily for Anya, Euphie comes up with a solution: Have here become a student at Ashford (using her authority as third Princess). Anya can use her real name while at school, but she will be officially registered as Dina Langford. Due to Anya's age, she will be placed in Nunnally's year. With some doing, Euphie and Medusa also manages to get Anya into all of Nunnally's classes as to act as a covert bodyguard for the former Britannian Princess.

After their conversation ended, Euphie met up with Mash later that day. Not long after this, Mash introduces Euphie to her lover and best friend Ritsuka Fujimaru. After meeting Ritsuka, Euphie promised to get her into Ashford as a student. After some doing, Euphie succeeds. In other news, Medusa and Nero have struck up a unusual friendship. How far this will go is uncertain at this point. Speaking of Nero, She is the next one to speak up, "Introductions are in order. my name my dear friends is Nero Claudius! It is so nice to meet you all. I hope we can get along while we are in this wonderous school!"

A few students stare at Nero as if she has two heads. Not bothered in the least, Nero smiles then bows dramatically. The next two girls to introduce themselves are from Princess Cornelia's Battalion, sent as Euphie's bodyguards: Marika Soresi and Liliana Vergamon. Marika briefly smiles before introducing herself, "My name is Marika Soresi, it's nice to meet you all."

The next to speak is Liliana, "Hi, my name is Liliana Vergamon. Please to make your acquaintance."

Once Euphie's bodyguards finish their introductions, Two girls remain unintroduced. Holding hands to support her lover, just as she is about to speak, all talking ceases. Dead silence sweeps across the classroom. An ominous feeling manifests, felt by all the classroom's occupants. This feeling is due to the two girls that has drawn so much resentment, so much hate by several students. The first girl clears her throat, "My name is Ritsuka Fujimaru. It's pleasure to meat you all."

Outrage fills the classroom, however just before the room explodes, the final girl steps forward, "Hello, my name is Mash Kyrielight. I-"

With a violent snarl, Mash is interrupted by a irate student in the front row, "What the fuck are Elevens doing in this school?! Go beck to your ghetto Number filth!"

In response to the student verbal assault, Mrs. Addams snaps, Mr. Johnson, please be silent!"

Johnson sneers, "No I will not-"

Johnson is interrupted by slap to the face from Euphie. This leaves everyone's mouths agape at how fast she moved. Now holding his hand to his cheek, Johnson glares and is about say something when Euphie interrupts him, "Be silent worm, you will not insult my friend you little pissant. Know what boy? Thanks to your mouth, your family just lost everything. I'm sub-viceroy of Japan now scum. This means I have the power to take all of your family's wealth away and leave your family destitute. My sister Cornelia is the current Viceroy and she listens to me most of the time."

Johnson explodes, "My father is a duke-"

Euphie scoffs, "And my father is the Emperor idiot. Emperor trumps Duke retard. You and your family are insignificant abominations. You-"

Johnson loses his temper and snarls, "Shut up bitch! Know your place Number lover!"

Johnson unthinkingly bolts up from his seat takes a swing at Euphie with his left arm. In a blink of an eye, Euphie pivots out of the way while simultaneously deflecting Johnson's fist to the side. Now deflected, the inside of his elbow is exposed. Taking advantage, Euphie surges forward, then swiftly chops him in the exposed area and throws him to the floor. Euphie smirks, "You attacked me, Cornelia will eat you alive. She will here of this incident."

After this, Mrs. Addams quickly takes control of the situation, "Mr. Johnson report to the principal's office after class. Now that the incident is over with, class will begin."

After Classes Are Over For The Day: Science Lab

As Euphie packs up her books and is about to leave, she's tapped on the shoulder. Turning around, Euphie is confronted by Milly Ashford. Milly similes deviously, "I heard what you did earlier Euphie."

Euphie shrugs, "He deserves what he got. Anyway what do you need?"

Milly raises an eyebrow, "Strange... never mind. Could you and your friends come with me as well as your bodyguards?"

Wearily Euphie nods, "Sure. By the way I know about Lelouch and Nunnally."

In a blink of an eye, Milly narrows her eyes dangerously and lowers her voice to a whisper, "What are your intentions? Does Cornelia know?"

Euphie shakes her head and looks Milly dead in the eye, "No. And I have no reason nor desire to tell her ether."

Milly nods, "Very well, I'll tell them. Now lets get going."

Ashford Academy: Student Council Building, Ballroom (later some where else...)

After following Milly throughout the school, Euphie, Marika Soresi, Liliana Vergamon, Mash, Ritsuka, Nero and Madusa finally reach their destination: The ballroom of the Student Council Building. As soon as Euphie enters the room, she is meet by the entire Student Council (surprisingly, including Lelouch and Nunnally as well as Anya) After introductions, Kallen walks up to Euphie smiling, "How's it going Euphie? Oh and welcome to the Student Council."

Euphie smiles, "I'm good. Ha, I was expecting that... inducted into the Student Council without my consent. But whatever."

Rivalz Cardemonde excitedly runs up to Euphie, "That was so cool how you dealt with Johnson your Highness!"

Euphie smirks, "Thanks. Anyway, thugs like that need to be put in their place. I'm planning to make an official announcement later today."

Just before Nina is about to ask Euphie a question, she blushes, "Your highness, what announcement?"

Euphie sighs, "First off, quit with the 'Your Highness' crap and just treat me like an ordinary everyday person. Also just call me Euphie. Anyway to answer your question. I plan to create the Bureau Of State Security or B.S.S for short. It will eventually be colloquially known as the Bureau."

Milly cocks an eyebrow, "Wow, that sounds ominous. What does the BSS do?"

Euphie sighs, "Truthfully, due to how corrupt Japan has become. The BSS... cutting the fancy bullshit window-dressing, are my personal enforcers. My detractors will call them the Secret Police of Area 11. True, they are under my direct command. However These detectors are the same people who abuse their power, who rape, pillage, massacre etc. the weak and disenfranchised. At least 90% of them will be the Britannian nobility, the rest will be the brain dead sheep who believe Britannian propaganda.

These people are the ones in control of Japan, these are the people who flaunt their power and care nothing of the proletariat whom they crush under heel. These are the people who sit in luxury, who squander their vast wealth while the people starve on the streets. Who own fancy mansions, drive around in their Ferraris and Rolls-Royces while the common man and woman starve on the streets homeless. While these capitalist pigs feast on the food that's grown and cultivated by farmers, that's meant to feed everyone, there are those who go hungry. Racism, bigotry, discrimination, xenophobia apartheid and the like run rampant throughout the Britannian Empire. The Japanese people are treat worse then third class citizens... no slaves... worse than slaves in the ancient Roman Empire."

Ignoring everyone's widen eyes (except Nunnally who gasps while Marika Soresi and Liliana Vergamon say nothing and study Euphie with rapped attention), Mash nods her head in agreement before asking, "Euphie, how do you plan to fix the situation?"

Euphie's lips thins, "It is undeniable that corruption runs rampant in this Area Colony like the bubonic plague." At this both Marika and Lily silently nod in full agreement. Euphie smiles and continues, "Thus stringent measures must be taken to crush said corruption."

Everyone's gasps except for Marika and Lily, who are now paying very close attention and silently applaud Euphie. They both know how bad Area 11 really is. Kallen is the first to recover, "Euphie are you serious?!"

Nina's voice quivers, ""

Euphie's face hardens, "Permanent suspension habeas corpus for everyone that's caught within the mafia, murders rapists, pedophiles, human traffickers and any and all who defy my absolute authority. They will be executed on sight. The BSS are the judge, jury and executioners answerable only to me."

Both Marika and Lily pump their fists into the air in triumph while Kallen's eyes bug out of her head, "I agree with everying you just sid, except the part about absolute authority. That's an authoritarian police state!"

Euphie shrugs, "If that is what it takes to crush corruption in this Area Colony. If your going to say my sister Cornelia will stop me then... well who cares what she thinks?... I'll just sidestep her and do this anyway. I'm putting all of the Britannian Nobility on notice, bow down to me or you will be executed. The Nobility has grown decadent... corrupt, thus they must be purged by any means necessary."

Marika and Lily pump their fists into the air again and simultaneously shout, "Finally!"

Shirley gasps, "But If you did do this... they're your own people! despite doing all these terrable crimes! you could arrest them and-"

Euphie chuckles before intterupting Shirley, "Let me ask you something Shirley. So you say we should let murders, rapists, pedophiles, human traffickers and the like off scot free?"

Both Marika and Lily snarl in unison,"Fuck no, kill them all!"

Shirley shakes her head violently "No. That's not what I'm saying at all..."

Euphie raises an eyebrow, "If it comes down to Britannians or 'Elevens' whom do you think the Empire will choose? Britannians of course. I have no intentions of being the next Adolf Hitler or Clovis la Britannia however things need to change. Speaking of Clovis, his orchestration of the Shinjuku Massacre never came to light. That will change. I plan on exposing Clovis as the architect of the Shinjuku Massacre by-"

Suddenly a lightbulb goes off in Milly's mind as a dreadfully obvious red flag makes itself known. Uncharacteristically, Milly snarls before rushing up to Euphie, grabbing her by the collar. Looking Euphie dead in the eye, Milly loudly hisses, "You're not Euphie! Who the fuck are you?! What the hell did you do to her?! Tell me?!"

Alarmed, everyone's eyes bulge out of their sockets. Before anyone can say anything, a strange girl appears seemingly out of nowhere along with several unknown people (several of them are Japanese). Clearing her throat, the strange girl answers Milly's question, "I can answer that Milly Ashford."

Nina swiftly hides behind Milly in fright at the mere sight of the Japanese in the room. Meanwhile Rivalz gulps, "Who... who are you people?"

The strange girl replies, "I am the Caretaker of Spacetime, also known as the Dimensional Supervisor. You may refer to me D.S if you wish. The others are Lloyd Asplund, Cécile Croomy, Kagari Savitri, Xu Lifeng, Benio Akagi, Ayame Futaba, Ichijiku Hinata, Mutsuki Minase, Cheryl Robinson, Cynthia Robinson, Maria Shaing, Alice Shaing, Rakshata Chawla, Takashi Komuro, Saeko Busujima, Kohta Hirano, Rei Miyamoto, Saya Takagi, Shizuka Marikawa, Kaede Katase, Arisu Murayama, Kenji Matsuda, Koizumi Motohama, Aika Kiryuu, Lilycia Gottwald, The female Chinese geass user Mao, Neha Shankar,

Marrybell mel Britannia, Sokkia Sherpa, Toto Thompson, Oldrin Zevon, Eris Kschessinskaya, Elicia Markor, Tink Lockhart, Leonhardt Steiner, Orpheus Zevon, Claire li Britannia, Mariel Lubie, Anna Clément, Leila Malcal, Ayano Kousaka, Kate Novak, Sophie Randle, Chloe Winkel, Hilda Fagan, Ferilli Baltrow, Sarah Danes, Akito, Hyuuga, Ryo, Sayama, Yukiya Naruse, Mao, Kaname Ohgi, Kent Sugiyama, Shinichirō Tamaki, Yoshitaka, Minami, Naomi Inoue, Toru Yoshida, Kaguya Sumeragi, Li Xingke, Jiang Lihua, Zhou Xianglin, Hong Gu, Bennia, Momo Hanakai,

Reya Kusaka, Meguri Tomoe, Ruruko Nimura, Tsubaki Shinra, Sona Sitri, Tsubasa Yura, Saji Genshirou, Yuuto Kiba, Koneko Toujou, Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, Kalawarner, Kuroka, Rossweisse, Issei Hyoudou, Asia Argento, Rias Gremory, Sirzechs Lucifer, Grayfia Lucifuge, Akeno Himejima, Mittelt, Dohnaseek, Raynare, Yasaka, Kunou, and Charmelle Finlay. It's a long story as to how I convinced them to come with me. The important thing is that they all agreed to stay silent until explanations are over. *Sigh* You have gotten yourself into... a particular nasty situation James Freeman. C's World sent me to clean your mess up."

Lost for words, Kallen says, Uh... huh..."

Euphie sighs knowing the jig is up, "I admit, I screwed up."

Kallen gasps, "You lied to me?!"

Ignoring Milly, Euphie shakes her head, "No I didn't. I just omitted several things."

Kallen looks down in sadness and disappointment, "I... see."

D.S shakes her head, "You are very foolish Mr. Freeman. Milly Ashford, You might as well let Mr. Freeman go. You are about to get your answer soon enough anyway."

Though still very confused, Milly glares at Euphie before ultimately letting her go. Afterwards, Milly crosses her arms and awaits for answers wordlessly. Within the next few seconds, a white light erupts throughout the room. The entire conversation between James Freeman and 'Maria' along with the discussion between Euphie and the Student Council (before the newcomers arrival) is shown to all occupants of the room (so the new arrivals are up to speed on the current situation). So to is Euphie's executions of Kururugi and the Purists from Shinjuku. As well as what type of person Shin Hyuga Shaing really is (at this, both Maria Shaing and her daughter Alice break down into tears).

D.S also shows them everything From Lelouch and Nunnally's exile all the way up to the Zero Requiem. D.S also removes Emperor Charles's Geass from Nunnally as well as repairs her legs to further demonstrate her power. After all is said and done, Chloe Fitzgerald is the first to speak, "I see. I have to say this out loud Lelouch: your an idiot. The Zero Requiem was/is the dumbest plan I ever heard!"

Claire li Britannia nods, "You played right into Schneizel's hands big brother. You know something, you could of... never mind right now. Anyway, James Freeman right?... Please tell us what you were going to say before being interrupted. Oh and one more thing."

With blinding speed, Claire runs up to Ohgi and kicks him in the nuts. Dropping to the ground, Ohgi howls in pain. With a savage snarl, Claire growls, "If it wasn't for you and your treasonous sacks of shit... the Zero Requiem would probably never would of... you know what?! DIE!"

Just as Claire is about to kick Ohgi in the head, Inoue and Milly grab her and hold her still to the best their ability. However it becomes exceedingly difficult to maintain their hold. Claire's temper and rage only worsens as she snarls ands spits, "Let fucking go of me! I'll murder the little cocksucker! The cunt may of got away with his treachery in the original timeline however, not fucking this time! He will pay! He will pay for his betrayal!"

A tear stained Marrybell runs over to Claire and slaps her across the face. And proceeds to tell her sister off, "You idiot! I agree with your desire for revenge however now is not the time. We have more pressing issues to attend to!"

Claire growls, "FINE! but Kaname Ohgi, this isn't over for you... filthy little shit... you'll pay dearly for your treachery!"

Groaning on the floor, Ohgi can only nod. Meanwhile Marrybell, Oldrin, Jeremiah, Marika, Lily and Charmelle stand rooted where they are in horror. Tears streaming down her eyes, her beliefs and loyalty shaken to there very foundations, Oldrin clinches her fists in boiling rage, "Emperor Charles... he abandoned Princess Nunnally and Prince Lelouch for... he's no father... no Emperor... he abandons his own people... his own family... he has no right to be emperor!"

Jeremiah growls in disgust, "What I find appalling in all of this is that Prince Lelouch's top lieutenants... his command staff... betrayed him on the words of their mortal enemy... an enemy they were fighting with at the time with." Jeremiah pauses and glares at Oghi before continuing, "I agree with Princess Claire, Ohgi and his band of traitors should be punished. However I also agree with Princess Marrybell as well."

Lilycia nods, "Agreed brother."

Marrybell smiles before turning to Euphie. "Eup...Mr. Freeman, please continue from where you left off."

Euphie nods, "Very well. As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. I plan on exposing Clovis as the architect of the Shinjuku Massacre by taking all surviving or at the very least the semi-intact footage from the Sutherland's onboard cameras and broadcast the Shinjuku Massacre across Japan... hopefully the world. I also plan to upload the footage onto the internet. The Shinjuku Genocide must be brought to light as well as Code R. Clovis must be exposed for his crimes!"

Every signal person in the room except Nina and Jeremiah (who looks uneasy) nods in agreement. Kallen and Ritsuka pumps their fists into the air and simultaneously hisses, "Justice!"

Unable to control herself any longer, Shirley cries out, 'Father, why are you involved with Code R?!"

Wordlessly everyone looks at Shirley in sadness. By this time, Ohgi, whom is sitting on the ground but is still able to speak, asks what's on everyone's mind, "How are you going to run Japan? I'm assuming you're not going to be satisfied with Just being the Sub-viceroy."

Euphie grins, "Your correct Ohgi. I plan to assassinate Cornelia and seize power after her death as Viceroy."

Several Britannians in the room collectively yells, "WHAT?!"

Euphie shrugs, "I'm unsure when to kill Cornelia. It could be during her assault on the Blood of the Samurai. In which case I'll somehow get them to evacuate their mountain fortress before she arrives. Plant C4 charges then detonate them when the time is right, thus burying her alive. Kill her at Saitama or kill her at Narita."

Sighing, Rebecca Fitzgerald speaks for the first time. "Kill Cornelia at Saitama. If that fails, eliminate the bitch at Narita."

Oldrin gasps, "But that's... no... she killed... or rather will all those innocent people at Saitama without batting an eye... hell she was fucking smirking at the very thought of committing genocide... no a miniature holocaust! Killing murdering terrorists is one thing, but killing unarmed defenceless civilians... She's no better than Hitler!"

Marika and Lily clinches their fists. Marika decides to speak up, "Everything resently brought to light has thrown several people's beliefs into turmoil including my own. However, I'm staunchly against this assassination. Why not bring her on your side? You would have to be careful, but I sincerely believe it's possible. Truth be told, I'm heavily conflicted... What do you think Lily?"

Lily glances at her lover/girlfriend and sighs, "I don't know myself... give me some time to figure things out."

Meanwhile Claire clinches her fist, " Cornelia is no sister of mine. By blood perhaps... but that's all it is. Anyway... Marika may have a point... but still... James... Mr. Freeman. After you do become Viceroy, what do you plan do?"

After several minutes of deep contemplation, Euphie's face takes on a look of determination. Passionate righteous fire blazes in her eyes, "Both Japanese and Britannians will have equal rights. Free education for all regardless whether they're Japanese or Britannian. Nationalization of the Education system. Nobody will have to pay for their children's education. This also includes collage and university. In fact no one needs to pay for education of any kind. Such as a pilot's licence for aircraft as large as 747's or as small as cargo planes. The Japanese will be allowed to attend all schools across the Britannian settlements. Also Japanese can also become school teachers at previously Britannian run and staffed schools such as Ashford Academy. And they don't need to become Honorary Britannians. They'll also not only be paid just like their Britannian colleagues but paid the same salary as well. This means you can return to being a school teacher again Ohgi."

Everyone's jaws drop. Every single Japanese stares in awe. Tears of joy shine in Kallen's eyes. Wiping them away, she asks, "Your only just getting started right?"

Euphie nods, "That's correct Kallen. Before I continue, I'm going to say something that may piss you off enough to cut me off in midsentence. What I'm going to say will cause a misunderstanding if you don't let me finish speaking. And do or say something stupid."

Kallen nods, "I understand."

Euphie smiles, "Good. As I was saying, I also plan to remove the Honorary Britannian System. In it's place, The Japanese people will be given full Britannian citizenship. The only requirement is to be born In Japan. This will take some doing, but I plan to have the government department that oversees the production of Sakuradite in Mount Fuji replaced with ethnic Japanese. What I mean is that every single Britannian will be removed from their posts. What I'm saying is that, with the Japanese gaining full Britannian citizenship, they will be allowed to become government employees. To make this perfectly clear. Ethnic Japanese will be apart of 'Area 11's' governing body." Eyes widen in shock at this announcement, however Euphie ignores the shocked looks and continues.

"Further more, if you agree Miss Kaguya Sumeragi. You will be running the office overseeing Mount Fuji and the Sakuradite within. What this all means is that, Although it's under the table, The Japanese people will regain control of their own country once more. Even more importantly, The Japanese people will regain control of Fuji and thus Fuji's Sakuradite."

With these bombshells dropped, shocked silence envelops the room. After a few minutes, Inoue speaks up for the first time with absolute awe, "This... is... Unbelievable... The Emperor will never allow this..."

Breaking out of his shock, Ohgi nods, "I agree with Naomi on this."

Suddenly D.S holds up her hand before speaking, "I have a solution to your problem. The SAF Phoenix. Before anyone says anything, I'll show you."

Yet again a flash of white light envelopes the room. Massive amounts of information flows into everyone's minds. The most intriguing of which is one of the ship's fuel sources (It has several types) called the Zero Point Module or ZPM. Several minutes later, understanding dawns on everyone in the room. Kallen arches an eyebrow, "So let me get this straight, There's not only alternate universes, but also the Phoenix is from an alternate universe where the USSR never collapsed. C's World is only giving us the timeship/spaceship, as well bringing us all together just to see what happens?"

D.S shrugs, "There's more to it that that... more than you'll ever know... or tell you."

Suddenly an epiphany hits Euphie. With widened eyes, she gasps "I've got it! We'll use the Phoenix's groundbridge to kill Emperor Charles and Schneizel at Clovis's funeral by firing hellfire missiles at them. What I mean is, during the Emperor's speech we shoot two hellfire missile through the groundbridge to kill both Emperor Charles and Schneizel. Two: One for Emperor Charles and the other for Schneizel. That way the twin assassinations will be 100% successful."

Tamaki suddenly jumps up into the air a shouts, "Fucking A! lets do it!"

Claire smirks, "I'm all for this plan. Sign me up!"

Since he first arrived, Ryo speaks up for the first time. A wide grin on his face, "Where do I signup to join the party?"

Just as Marrybell is about to say something, D.S interrupts her, "Not only did Emperor know that V.V murdered Princess Marrybell's mother Lady Flora, but he knew of an even darker truth... that Marrybell's sister Julia's death was not only faked, but also she was experimented on by V.V. she went under the new name Euliya before she was murdered on orders from V.V. Also, Emperor Charles knew of Oiaguro Zevon assassination of Olivia Zevon. He knew what happened and he just shrugged his shoulders, considering them as mundane matters and that the Ragnarök Connection took precedence over punishing V.V."

Both Oldrin and Marrybell simultaneously scream, "WHAT?!"

D.S nods, "I'll show you. including everything Princess Julia sufered through including how she was murdered."

Seconds later a white light envelopes the room once again. Several minutes later, the room returns to normal. With a look of pure hatred and rage, Marrybell snarls, "I'll kill them!... everything I ever beleved in... everything I was ever taught was nothing but lies!... I-"

However Euphie interrupts Marrybell, "Marrybell, no don't yell at me for interrupting you. I have an idea. D.S part of my mission is to kill Shin Hyuga Shaing right?"

Both Maria and her daughter Alice shead tears at this, despite Shin's treachery. However D.S ignores them and gives Euphie a nod, "That's correct."

Euphie smiles, "If I kill him for you, I request that C's World returns Naoto Kōzuki, Shuri Himejima, Oldrin's mother as well as Marrybell's mother and sister to life the same way I was brought back to life. Minus the opposite genders thing. And also their souls are placed in clone bodies."

Mrs. Kōzuki, Kallen, Azazel, Akeno, Baraquiel, Oldrin and Marrybell's eyes widen, however D.S ignores them, "Give me a second to contact C's World."

Euphie's eyes widen as a thought crosses her mind, "I just had An idea. D.S, Do you have information on the Hydra of Lerna?"

D.S raises an eyebrow, "You mean to recruit her?"

Euphie chokes, "Her?!"

D.S ignores Euphie and continues, "Interesting. Very well then. I'll show you how the Hydra was recrutied in another universe."

Another white flash of light envelopes the room. Several minutes later, everyone stands in shock. Euphie smirks, "So it is possible!"

D.S smirks, "Anyway, your request bringing back everyone but the Hydra will be granted only after Shin Hyuga Shaing is dead. As for the Hydra, your on your own as far as C's World is concerned."

Euphie smirks, "Fair enough. As for Shin, that's easily done. The Phoenix's sensors can pinpoint anyone on the planet. Even easier, if I have a sample of the guy's blood or even just his picture. The ship has facial rcongnition software. I'm assuming your giving me the ship?"

D.S's mouth briefly twitches upwards before speaking, "Spot on. Your intelligence is one of the reasons for giving you The Phoenix."

Euphie sighs, "However the Zero Point Module or ZPM powering the time machine has only enough power to bring back the people I requested before running out of juice."

"It sucks that despite the ship running on twenty ZPM's, it, *Sigh...* you can't remove an extra ZPM to replace the dead battery for the time machine. Seriously, what where those idiots thinking when they designed the Phoenix so that if one ZPM is removed then the whole ship, except life support lighting and gravity, go offline? Sokkia snorts.

Euphie shrugs, "Don't know, but I would love to break the jaws of the idiots that came up with that bullshit concept."

Becky grins, "Get in line. Anyway, I have a question before we get back on topic. What do we do about Kallen's mom?"

With a thoughtful look, Euphie nods to herself before speaking, "Eliminate any and all traces of Mrs. Kōzuki's Refrain problem. This means destroying anything connecting her to the drug. This includes people. They must be silenced quickly before she's caught. The Soviets have developed a cure for Refrain addiction. I'll have to find away of publicly distributing the cure plausibly. Think about it for a minute, a cure to Refrain that magically appearing out of nowhere... That would lead to... Unforeseen problems. Anyway, Once the cure is made public, and in quantity, it will be free for both Japanese and Britannians alike. Also Mrs. Kōzuki's I will get you a job at Ashford so you can be with Kallen-"

I Without warning, Kallen rushes at Euphie and knocks her to the ground in a tight hug. Tears in her eyes, Kallen sniffs, "Thank... You... Anyway, will you kill Shaing?"

Euphie smirks, "Now that my dear is the easy part."

Kallen cocks her head in confusion but doesn't say anything. Taking this this as a sign to continue, Euphie's smirk widens, "The Dakara Superweapon," Kallen's eyes widen, however Euphie ignores her and continues. "The Soviet's have a ship sized one installed aboard The Phoenix."

Realization suddenly dawns on Claire, "That's why D.S gave us that info on that weapon, she wanted us to know of it's existence! And you want to use the thing on Shaing!"

D.S grins, "I may not be fond of humans, and not too keen on praising them, but I have to say this: I like this plan."

For the first time since she arrived, Toto gives Euphie a measured thoughtful look before speaking, "The assassination would have to be in a secluded area. Away from both people and surveillance equipment."

Oldrin nods, "Toto knows what she's talking about. She doesn't give her opinion unless she has all the relevant information possible."

Without warning, Becky snaps her fingers, "That's why she was so deep in thought until now!"

Oldrin nods, "That's correct. Anyway, when do you plan to pull this off?"

Arching an eyebrow, Euphie smirks, "As soon as I'm onboard the ship. Speaking of which, How am I supposed to get aboard in the first place?"

D.S walks up to Euphie and holds out her hand. A strange communications device (sort of looks like a Bluetooth) teleports into her hand. With a sigh, D.S hands Euphie the device, "Here put this on your ear. "

Euphie nods and takes the device before doing as instructed. Then she cocks her head in confusion, "What now?"

D.S folds her arms together before answering, "Press the botton located on the comunications device. There's only one button. After this just ask everyone to be beamed up."

Euphie does as she is told. Several minutes later the gang is beamed to the bridge of the ship and come face to face with a window... clear view of the Earth just outside.

Author's Notes:

Erica Wood isn't an OC, she is a nameless CG canon background character that is seen in R1 Episode 3: The ponytailed Blue haired girl taking to Kallen when she (Kallen) is first introduced in Episode 3. She (the ponytailed Blue haired girl) is also seen in R1 Episode 21. She's one of the people pulling Ohgi and Villetta Nu into Ashford Academy just after he (Ohgi) is hesitant about entering a Britannian School (Ashford Academy). Since I don't want to use too many OC's in this story I've decided to flesh out the ponytailed Blue haired girl and give her the name Erica Wood and also make her a full sister to Sophie Wood.
Carve-Tan name is Emily Wood and is a full sister to Sophie Wood.
The Mao that appears in this chapter is from Nightmare Of Nunnally.
The groundbridge in this story is the same groundbridge from Transformers Prime. Autobot/Decepticon technology makes it's appearance through such technology as the groundbridge in this story. Also the groundbridge is a central plot device in this fanfiction.
After watching several inspirational YouTube videos (especially about world building), I have come to a decision to create characters from both sides of the Britannian/conflict. I'll be mostly focused on civilians on both sides. My primary intention is to show what life is like under James Freeman/'Euphemia li Britannia's' regime from the perspective of ordinary people on both sides of the conflict.
This story will even delve into the perspective of elements of the Britannian Nobility and military (hardline purists/Social Darwinists, moderates, reformists and those who are dissatisfied with the current Imperial Regime of the Royal Family) and Japanese Resistance (from legit terrorists to legitimate freedom fighters that are appalled by the terrorist actions of the more extreme elements of the Japanese Resistance). I have no idea if I'll succeed or fail, but I'll do my best regardless. Expect to see OC's that are integral to this fanfiction (centrally for world building proposes as well for other reasons).

Cheryl Robinson, Cynthia Robinson and Ellenor Watson are OCs.

Kenji Matsuda, Koizumi Motohama, Kaede Katase and Arisu Murayama aren't OC's they are actually the Matsuda, Motohama, Katase and Murayama from DXD canon. I just gave Matsuda, Motohama, Katase and Murayama first names.

The Zero Point Module or ZPM is from Stargate SG1.