~I Miss You When You're Gone~

His shadow creeps across the walls of the house as he silently tiptoes down the hallway, making his way to the bedroom at the end of it. His heart is light and his stomach is full of butterflies as he reaches for the knob, twisting it and opening the door with his eyes immediately falling onto the bed and the lone occupant currently sleeping with an arm across his forehead. Sonic tenderly gazes at Mario before he shrugs out of his plaid jacket and rips the ponytail holder out of his quills, gently moving the covers aside and getting into bed next to him.

Sonic hesitates. On the one hand he wants to let Mario sleep since he knows being a doctor is taxing and takes a lot out of him, but at the same time they haven't seen each other in months and Sonic isn't sure when he'll be home next. He mentally battles with himself for a moment before he decides, "Screw it" and wraps his arms around Mario, planting soft kisses on his neck.

Mario stirs, his eyes fluttering open after a moment and glancing to his left in confusion before his eyes light up and he pulls Sonic in for a kiss, one that Sonic is happy to reciprocate. Man, it had been a long time...

"You're back," Mario murmurs when they break for air. He tilts his head. "How long...?"

"I need to leave by noon tomorrow." Sonic replies and Mario's face falls. Sonic kisses his cheek and continues, "The tour's almost wrapped up though, so soon enough I'll be back to annoyin' ya every day."

Mario chuckles and runs a hand through Sonic's long quills, just enjoying the fact that he was next to him again. One of Sonic's hands slides down Mario's chest while the other snakes around his back and Mario is suddenly very aware of what Sonic's plan for the rest of the night is. Sonic's eyes meet his, the unspoken question lingering in the air between them.

And even though Mario knows he'll be tired and sore in the morning, he gives a tiny nod anyway.


It's five in the morning when Mario gets up for work and Sonic is still fast asleep snoring. He quietly gets dressed before he kisses Sonic on the forehead and reaches for his ring on the dresser that he slips onto his left hand, his reminder that no matter how far apart he was from Sonic he was technically always with him.

He hates the fact that he's leaving Sonic to wake up alone in an empty house, but he can't be late for work and Sonic looks so peaceful asleep. He murmurs out an, "I love you" before exiting the house and beginning his commute to the Mushroom Kingdom hospital.

In his sleep, Sonic smiles.


I'm not dead, just been super busy with work. And yes, I am working on the next chapter of Runaways.

For some context here, Mario and Sonic are both in their thirties, with Mario being a doctor and Sonic being a famous rock star with their lines of work keeping them apart from each other. I may have some more ideas for future fics, idk...