Chapter 1: Difficult moments


She was waiting there with the police who questioned her a lot of times about the zombies but she didn't remember so much, she only remembered that Mike saved her and that was enough to understand the love she felt for him but she hadn't had the possibility to see no one of her friends. And if they were all dead? What would she do? How would she live? Without friends who joke with her or play snowball the life wouldn't have been funny like before even if she never demonstrated to care about her friends. She killed Hannah accidentally after that stupid prank and she completely ignored the others because of Mike and even if she loved him so much, friends are equally important and if they were all live she would have hugged everyone one by one. At least she knew Ashley was alive even if the police blocked her too much time. That experience was horrible after all the physical abuses she received from zombies but evething changed, she changed for the better way and she surely wouldn't have been arrogant anymore. The police man arrived and sitted in front of her.

"How much questions I have to answer before going away?"

"None. But I need you sign here your witness"

"Ok" Jessica signed in that damn paper then the policeman took it "Can I ask you where are all my friends? Are they alive? You said me Ashley was here…"

"You will see all your friends as soon as possible"

Jessica was raised.

"But first I want to recommend you to take a visit from a doctor, your skin has been damaged a lot"

"And do you think I could die of some disease?"

"No, no, I don't think you have something serious but I can inform a doctor who can visit you"

"In which sense?"

"You are returning at home only now and I don't think you are in the position to inform a doctor or to pay a visit"

"Ah, I still have money but if you want to pay for me there's no problem"

"Good, now I can accompany you to your friends"

"Thank you"

They went out from the office and then the policeman went in another office making a gesture to Jessica to stay there. She waited until they showed up. Chris, Emily, Ashley, Sam… And no one.

"Jessica" Sam smiled "You're still alive"

Jessica was shocked. "Where are all the others? Where's Mike?"

Sam looked down before speaking. "Jessica… I'm so sorry"

The world for Jessica was collapsing. "No,… no, no, no"

Sam approached her.

"How did it happen?"

Sam looked dawn sad before speaking. "I killed him"

Jessica slapped her.

"I deserved it but I can explain you…"

"There's nothing to explain, it doesn't matter how did you kill him, you killed him, STOP"

"I was scared and…"

"Stop, I believed you was a friend, I believed that even if you didn't accept the relationship I had with Mike you had a heart, instead you are only a selfish"

"I know, I'm selfish but I didn't want him to die"

"That's not enough"

"He deserved it" said Emily

Jessica looked at her. "What?"

"You heard very well Jessica. He tried to shoot me and this is enough for him to die"

"And why would he shoot you? Because you're a witch"

"Try again…" Emily wanted to slap Jessica but Sam stopped her

"Emily please, we didn't see Jessica for a lot of time and she's still alive just like us. Please, don't argue"

"Jessica" Ashley speaked "I heard you that night, I explored the tunnel and I heard your voice…"

"I know everything but… It wasn't me Ashley"

"It's impossible"

"I think zoombies can issue other voices"

"I was scared to lose the other and I turned back, I'm so sorry I didn't…"

"It doesn't matter, you made the right choice, but Sam,… Sam for me is dead"

"Jessica please…"

"No, I could never look at you in the face, you decided to take this path, now prepare yourself for the consequences"

Jessica went away leaving the other four alone.


Sam was sad for what happened. Jessica didn't want to talk to her but for Emily she shouldn't be sad in that way. Even Emily regretted because of other choices she made that brought to Matt's death. He saved her and protected her everytime and she used him like her porter. She should have treat him in a better way, maybe she didn't love him enough. After the problems she had with Mike one year ago when they hung out, Matt took care of her and she didn't change his favor. In few words she has been the worst girlfriend ever. Chris went to console Sam.

"Hey, this isn't your fault"

"Yes, it is. If I stayed another time there I would have saved Mike too but like Jessica said I was selfish"

"Sorry guys, I have to take some air" said Emily who went away from the police station

She was going away crying and she heard the door opening.

"Emily" it was Ashley "Emily please, can you stop for a moment"

Emily turned angry. "Stop for what? Do you really think I can speak with you again after what you did?"

"Emily, it wasn't my intention to kill you that time, I…"

"Come on Ashley, you wanted everyone to turn against me because you hated me the first time you met me. Don't be naive, you tried to ruin my relationship with Matt showing him I was hugging Mike"

"How did…"

"It doesn't matter, the only think that matter is that I can't be your friend again"

"Emily, I've been hell too in that house"

"You pretended to pass the hell, but I saw everytime in your face you enjoyed your friends suffered"

"NO, how can you say that?"

"I say what I see, and I see your smile everywhere"

"I can't listen none of your words, I return from the others" Ashley entered in the police station while Emily went her way.

When she returned at her home she could see powder everywhere. It was so much time she didn't see that place and she didn't remember it very well. She watched photos and she particulary looked at the one she was with Mike. She broke it.


Emily's mansion was really elegant even if no one after a year Emily spent in that horror house took care of it. It was brown with windows covered by light blue rhombus. Emily noticed there was powder in that windows but she wasn't in the mood to clean it. She only wanted to lie down in her bed and relax. Emily went upstairs and entered in her room. It was blue and her plush was still there. Poppy will always and still is one of the best memories of her life. She's the only consolation after what she spent in that house. Emily lied dawn and hugged Poppy until she heard ringing the door. She didn't want to stand up, she wanted to relax but she hadn't no choice. Emily stood up tired and went downstairs. When she opened it was Chris.


"What are you doing here? I wanted to sleep"

"Can I enter?"

"Since you're here"

Chris entered and saw Emily's mansion.

"Your house is always the same"

"I really don't remember very well it was in this way. It seems I'm in another world"

"Why didn't you clean that windows?"

"I wasn't in the mood, I'm so tired"

"I understand you but you must go on"

"It's easy for you. Ashley is still alive and you can spent time together with her as much as you want" said Emily angry

"Ashley regretted what she did, she was wrong about Wendigos and she admitted it. Now please don't be angry with her"

"Did she send you here?"

"No, I came because I decided it, because I want everyone to be relaxed. Emily…"

Emily went to hug Chris crying. "It's all my fault, it's all my fault, I shouldn't be so rude with Matt, he's dead because of me"

"No, he's dead because he hasn't been careful. Don't feel guilty"

They remained hugged for a long time.


It was night and Jessica was in the bed all sore. She wanted to sleep but she couldn't. Everything Sam did was a reason to not live well. She lived in a humble house but nota s humble as her. The wind was blowing strong and it was enough to remember the moments she spent in the horror house even if there wasn't snow and she loved the snow. Jessica wanted to think that Mike was smiling in the sky at that ridiculous situation, that he continued to love her even if he wasn't there anymore. The window opened and the wind let in a letter. Jessica had cold so she stood up from the bed and closed the window. Then she took that letter and opened it. It was anonymous.


You don't know me but I know you and I promise you to help you for the horrible situation you're passing. I don't know if it's confortable but I want to invite you to a ball I'm organizing at the Ladmet Hall. There I will give you the right answers about what you don't know. I wait you and hope you accept the invitation.

The gallant man".