Chapter One

Jamie heard Eddie's phone going off then he heard her give Ray a firm command to bring her clothes and shoes. Jamie sat up and leaned on his arm, "Hey Eddie, how'd you sleep?"

"Go back to sleep," Eddie whispered. "It's only six and it's Saturday. Melissa called, she's sick. Ray, my chair..."

Jamie stretched out sitting up, "Is she okay? I'll come checkup later maybe bring some soup. "

"I don't think soup would be welcome," Eddie laughed. "Just give Annabeth her banana and toast and I'll call, she just wants me to get JJ."

"Okay, be careful Eddie," Jamie watched her with a worried look. Eddie was happy with Jamie's new confidence in her. He let her drive the van and didn't panic or obsess. Their sessions with Dr. Rosen had really helped. He lay down trying to sleep a bit, getting up a few minutes later to make coffee.

Ray was gone with Eddie, off to her friend. Marcus must be at work, he reasoned. He worried about Eddie driving to Queens, but he knew arguing would not be welcome.

When she arrived, Eddie rang the bell waiting for Melissa to answer. Her friend opened the door, she looked green and tired. She reversed her chair thankful for Eddie and Ray. "Hey what's wrong Melissa," Eddie asked not liking how her friend looked.

"I can't stop throwing up," she groused. "I've been having trouble for a couple days but today, the flushes started, and I can't keep up with JJ."

"I'll take JJ no problem you just get back into bed and rest. Is Marcus working?"

She nodded then drove her chair top speed to the sink to be sick. "Melly, we need to call Nancy or Linda, you can't be by yourself and I can't help you like you need.

Mel didn't answer right away finally coming up. "Ugh, I probably just need rest Eddie."

"I can't leave you alone," Eddie sighed. What if you come home with me and rest in the guest room?"

"I'd risk getting all of you sick too if I have something contagious," Melissa sighed.

"It's a virus probably and we're already exposed. Get in the van and we'll go. Come on, just go in your jammies." Eddie wasn't taking no for an answer.

Sighing Mel looked up, "Let me just grab my phone so I can tell Marcus."

Jamie went into the bedroom finding Annabeth standing in her crib smiling when Jamie came in. "Hey Annabeth."

"Da..." She smiled his smile and reached out for her daddy.

He lifted her out and kissed the little girl's forehead. "Let's get some breakfast," Jamie smiled.

The baby cooed and grabbed Jamie's nose as they went to the kitchen. She looked around for Ray and her mom. Just as Jamie set the baby in her high chair, his phone bleeped, "I'm here safe, I love you." Eddie knew that Jamie needed that from her, he was doing so well, but those small things she could and would give.

Jamie returned the text with a smile face then prepared breakfast for his daughter. "Annabeth," he smiled.

She laughed and kicked her feet in her chair waiting for her food to be served. She was getting so independent. "Here you go," Jamie set the plate of food down for her standing to watch his daughter for a minute.

She was the image of Eddie, curly blonde hair, big blue eyes and a good appetite. Jamie's phone beeped, "Coming with Melissa and JJ, she can't keep anything down." He sighed looking at Annabeth "Looks like we're having some company."

She goo gooed at him and smashed banana in her face. Eddie got there a half hour after

Jamie heard the door as he cleaned Annabeth off once she finished. "Mommy and Aunt Melissa are home and Ray."

"Way," Annabeth called her faithful friend and protector. His name was her very first word.

Jamie's eyes widened lifting Annabeth for a hug, "Eddie come here Annabeth said her first word."

Eddie rolled into the kitchen, "What did she say? Better not be anything she picked up from her uncles."

Jamie grinned, "She said "way" think she was calling Ray over."

Annabeth did it again as JJ toddled into the kitchen and signed he wanted a drink to his aunt. Jamie gave him cup of juice then went to get Melissa lying down in bed. "Hey Melissa," Jamie greeted noticing how bad she looked helping her into bed.

"You feel like I need to cough you?" Jamie asked. "Any junk in there?"

"No just getting really sick all the time," Mel shook her head.

"Okay try to rest and I'll be here with Eddie if you need us," Jamie replied softly. "Try to rest."

"Thanks Jamie," Melissa smiled gratefully sighing feeling sick again.

That continued for hours, Eddie kept the kids entertained with baby games. By the time Marcus got off tour and home, the spasms had stopped, and she was asleep.

Jamie text Marcus letting him know so he drove by their house "How is she?"

"Sleeping now," Eddie told him as JJ went full speed to his Daddy his little hands flying.

Smiling Marcus caught JJ signing back "Hey little man have fun with your aunt, uncle and cousin?"

He clapped his hands and hugged Marcus tight before they went to check on Melissa.

Three days later, it happened again. Jamie got home from work and Eddie was loading Melissa into the van with Henry to babysit. "Hey Eddie, hey Mel feeling sick again?" Jamie asked stopping to help.

"Yeah and Dr. Eisenberg said she had time to see her," Eddie replied. "Want to check her out because she's getting dehydrated."

"Yeah good idea want me to watch the kids while you take her," Jamie asked.

Nodding Jamie helped get Melissa settled in the van then Eddie. "I can drive you if you want."

Eddie glared at him, she loved to drive. Jamie had to laugh,. "I didn't mean anything by it Eddie just a question," he said putting his hands up.

She laughed and told her car to start. The traffic was with them and they reached the doctor in record time. Eddie was grateful Jamie was there to help Melissa move about. That was the one thing she couldn't do for her friend. Jamie helped Mel out carefully holding the door open letting both women in following behind.

Melissa was so tired, she rested against Jamie's perfectly positioned shoulder while they waited to be called. He tried keeping her comfortable, worried about her being sick for so long. A few minutes later they were finally called in.

Jamie put her on the table and helped her get warm. The nurse checked her over and ran standard tests. "How are you doing Melissa?" Jamie asked looking her over.

"Better now," she sighed. "I want Marcus. I wish he was here."

"I know, is he working today? Want me to call him for you?" Jamie offered.

She nodded yes to both queries. Jamie stepped out just as the doctor stepped in. Jamie gave her a soft smile looking up at the doctor quietly calling Marcus.

Marcus was still in uniform when he arrived and hurried to his wife's side. "Jamie, is she going to be admitted? Is it the legs?"

"No man you should go in and talk to her," Jamie patted his arm.

Marcus nodded and stepped inside the exam room. Melissa was on her side legs propped up and arms splayed out. "Lissy?"

Melissa looked up tears in her eyes. "Marcus, I don't know how this happened."

"Whatever it is," Marcus said softly. "We can get through it."

The doctor returned smiling, "Ah, everyone is here, there is something I'd like to show you."

"Do you know why she is so sick?" Eddie asked. She sat back near her friend's head.

Dr. Eisenberg sat down and patted Melissa's shoulder, "Your labs just came back, and we know exactly why you are so sick."

"Why?" Melissa asked nervous about what the doctor was going to say, thinking of all the possibilities.

"Well, we ran one very simple test, I was thinking a UTI, but actually we found something else, very very high HCG levels. You're pregnant."

Melissa stared at him shocked, "I'm what? Are you sure?"

She smiled, "No doubt about it."

Melissa's face fell, and she looked away from Marcus, they had not bargained for this. Marcus was in clear shock at the news unable to respond.

"That's wonderful," Eddie smiled and hugged her friend. "I'm so happy for you." Jamie could see though that it wasn't entirely the case

"Can Marcus and I have the room please guys?" Mel asked softly.

Jamie nodded and opened the door to give them space. Mel looked up at Marcus, "Marcus please say something."

"Uh..." he looked at the doctor. "How far along is she? How I mean when is it coming?"

"I can show you let me do an ultrasound," the doctor smiled.

Marcus held Melissa's hand and kissed her head. "Breathe Lissy, it'going to be okay."

The doctor set up an ultra sound machine putting jelly on Melissa's stomach then moving the wand over.

Melissa couldn't feel the ice-cold transducers, so she rested against Marcus and held hands with him. "Oh boy..."

The doctor glanced up moving the wand, "There we go, you see that area?" she pointed.

Melissa nodded, and Marcus gazed at the screen. "There is baby A, and this area is baby B. It's twins."

"Twins? We're having twins? Is Melissa going to be okay for this doc?"

"Well, we'll monitor her and keep a very close watch," Dr. Eisenberg advised. "You will probably end up on bed rest but let's not borrow trouble. You're about two months along."

"Thank you, doctor," Marcus held Melissa's hand checking on her, still stunned.

"I'll give you two a few minutes," she left the room, closing the door so the couple could talk. .

"Mel, you okay?" Marcus asked softly sitting beside her.

"Twins..." Melissa sighed. "I am just floored. I... how can we do this?"

Smiling Marcus kissed the top of her head, "Together Melissa, together I know we can do it."