Hey readers, thank you for the love for my first two Gotham fanfictions; I'm forever grateful. Don't worry I will write a piece from last Thursday's episode. As for this piece, I decided to go WAY BACK to season three of Gotham and based from episode 14 titled, "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies." But this is AU on what if Selina was Jerome's hostage.

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The name Jerome Valeska has roared from the traveling Circus from the murder of his only mother to causing hell in the streets of Gotham City. People from outcast groups started to develop by becoming obsessed with the mad man with painting their faces, dressing like him with straitjackets and dark clothing, and weapons in their hands as they caused chaos for their 'god.' The influence of Jerome Valeska went through the flames of veins of each of the followers.

Officers of the Gotham City Police Department have been traveling high and low of all the locations of Jerome's cult members as they caused hell through buildings under the leader Dwight's orders to fulfill their 'god's prophecy that needed to be carried out by murdering innocent citizens of the gloomy city. The madman's followers sprayed painted in red of, "HAHAHAHAHAHA!", crazy eyes and a disrupting smile throughout the bricks of the alleyways of buildings along. All of Gotham lights were blown out in the exploded in downtown.

Panic and fear washed over the average citizens of the city as they feared for the freaks would come after them next. Little do they know anything can happen even if they were secure in their million-dollar estate, middle-class, or poor areas of Gotham.

Selina walked a few miles away from Wayne Manor as she found out that her own mother used her only to get money and what hurts the most was that Bruce, her now ex-boyfriend knew that Maria was a con-artist by only seeking money. She had her arms folded in front of her as she reached her way to the heart of the Narrows, her home. The brunette young woman became alert with her emerald eyes to look to see all the lights have gone out in the city followed up hearing laughter in the distance. 'Oh, shit,' Selina thought in her mind as she grabbed her switchblade for her own protection.

Three insane people came charging towards her they were two males and one female. The brunette young woman uses her leg to kick the woman directly into her head than stomach quickly.

"You're gonna pay for that bitch!" The first mad man with the black leather trench coat came at her with a metal bat.

A smirk rose to Selina's lips as she uses her switchblade to cut his sleeve and broke his hand that held the metal bat. She forcefully grabbed the bat as she takes a swing with the first guy taking out his knees. The brunette young woman used the weapon to knock the second guy in the head as she quickly used the bat to beat the trio unconscious.

"Glad that I could return the favor," Selina dropped the weapon a few feet away from her.

An unknown figure quietly walks up behind the young woman and had a rock in their hand. The figure uses the rock to hit her in the back of her head.

Selina fell to her feet as she was knocked out.

"My, my, my…. You look like a pretty young thing- "A male figure said out loud as he used his right foot to kick the unconscious young woman to lie on her back. "You look like you belonged to Bruce Wayne, now this is going to be fun to do. I'm going to have so much fun with you." Jerome Valeska replied with a wicked grin as he bends down to his knees to pick her up.

A couple hours later…

An unknown location

Selina Kyle squinted her eyelids tightly as she breathed out in pain. Her head was killing her as she slowly moves her head left to right. Her emerald eyes open slowly and try to move her arms, but she's unable to. Fear kicked in as tried to move her arms and felt like they were being tied up. Selina moved her head up to see her arms being chained up along with her wrist. The brunette young woman moves her body around.

"Where-where in the fuck am I?" She asked with a hiss.

A crackle laugh starts to fume the airwaves.

Goosebumps started to come into her skin and knowing exactly who that laughed belonged to. Selina hides her fear of being strong and confident. The brunette young woman felt a weight below her. Her emerald eyes look down to see her ankles being tight up with a weight.

"Silly kitty, you should know where you're at?" The redheaded madman replied to her question as he steps out of the shows with a blade between his fingers. "Do you know who I am?" Jerome asked being cocky with his ego.

Selina rolled her eyes to his question, "Santa Clause?" she answered wrong on purpose.

The madman laughed at her response as he walks up to the young woman and slapping her twice.

The brunette young woman shifted her head back to him and spitting the blood that came from her mouth to his face.

"Not even close, baby doll," Jerome replied to her question again as his eyes gaze up and down with his blade in his left hand. "I'm going to have so much fun of torturing live and to grab that rich boy's attention… Bruce Wayne." The redheaded man grinned with a disturbing grin.

Rage fueled Selina Kyle's system as she fights against the chains, "He won't come and if you touch him I swear-" She threatens him.

"Or you'll what? Let's give him a show that he'll never forget. Now, where would you like me to cut you first? Arm, stomach, or legs? Take your pick." Jerome gave her his options as he licks his blade.

This is only the beginning and please tell me what you think of this piece so far that way I can continue.

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