Hey readers, sorry for updating as I promised. I had some health problems which took weeks to deal with along with recovery, so everything is squared away. It took me a good while to get my muse back for Gotham which I have. This is the final chapter of Cat Hostage. I had some much fun of brainstorming and creating a bit AU from 'The Gentle Art of Making Enemies' from season three. Thank you for those that have followed this fanfiction from day one. I'll be writing more Gotham Fanfiction this year; I'll just have to make time for it.

Without any further ado here's Bat Cat Dilemma Part 2.


Outside the Boardwalk Circus

Red lights shine up against the building of parked cars, metal crash cans were lit on fire, the face of a clown's mouth is the main entrance where the fellow maniacs made their way inside of the building.

A black car pulls up slowly from a distance and parking the car.

Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and Alfred Pennyworth's eyes are gazing at the building. Jim parks the car, "Where the hell is our backup?" He asked his partner as he wanted to know.

"Still two minutes out. Most waylaid by another riot on the west side." The overweight brunette man reported to his friend and work partner.

"Yeah, be we can't wait, mate," Alfred commented as he stated a fact to both of the men.

"All right, so... we go in, find Bruce and Selina, get them to safety, then we go after Jerome," Gordon explains his plan to both Bullock and Alfred for them as they prepare to go into their mission. "Ready?" He asks them as he turns his head to the right to see their reactions.

The sliver-haired man braces himself on what could happen his top priority was to make sure that Master Bruce was alright and the well-being of Miss Kyle. He made a vow to protect the young Wayne heir at all costs.

Bullock breathed out with his nerves all over the place but keeping them together not knowing what kind of hell the three of them were about to walk into. He hears his partner's question asking if they were ready, "Not really." The overweight brunette man answered honestly.

All three of them leave the car.

Inside the Boardwalk Circus

The maniacs started to cheer and dance as they wait for their leader to start the show. Some of them were standing on their feet while the other maniacs take a seat in the stands. Spotlights surround the ground stage as it lights up the curtains and sky with it's beaming brightness.

"Yeah, we all know why we're here!" A guy dressed in a straitjacket with polka-dotted pants as he is projecting his voice followed by a sinister laugh. "Here comes Jerome, everybody!" He introduces the crowd to their favorite leader.

A spotlight shines in the mid-center of the ring.

Jerome comes out wearing the traditional Ring Leader's outfit; black top hat, crimson red jacket, a black tie with a golden vest and matching small flower, white pants, black knee-high boots, black gloves, and a megaphone in his right hand. The redheaded man strutted his stuff with the crowd going wild at his every move. He takes a bow then turning around as he bends down to smack butt with his hand. The sound of his admirers was music to his ears with applauding and laughter feeling in the air. With the touch of his megaphone, Jerome spoke into it for an announcement, "Hear ye, hear ye, gather round. The show is about to... Begin!" He said with both of his hands in the air.

The maniacs put their hands in the air to follow the same motion as their leader and cheered with excitement. They all clapped their hands, continue with cheer, and laughter.

The madman was engrossed with his follower's admiration for him. He took a front bow again as a motion for everyone to be silent.

A man dressed as a Cowboy keeps cheering on the sideline and jumping for his excitement. He keeps laughing and moving around.

Jerome turned his head to the left to see the loud follower with an annoyed look on his face. He quickly stands on both of his feet and drawing his gun from his side jacket pocket. Eyed on which part of his victim he wants to shoot at then presses the trigger.

The sound of the gun went off with the cowboy being shot in the back. The crowd exclaims in shock.

The redheaded madman puts the gun back into the inside of his jacket pocket and still holding his megaphone. He pressed the button along with his lips to speak to the device, "Shut up!" Jerome said out loud to now either the dead or wounded follower.

The crowd laughed to fill in the silence.

"That's better," Jerome commented followed by a few chuckles and continuing his speech, "Well, I think we can all agree tonight was a rousing success. We brought this miserable city to its knees. So, how to thank the best darn cult of fanatics a messiah-like myself could ever hope for? I give you..." He addresses his followers about him along with everyone else to show the citizens of Gotham their true colors including coming out from the closet of showing their true colors. As a reward for their participation, he's giving his followers a show of a lifetime. His jaw dropped for a slight second disappointment. His eyes darted his two henchmen, "Cue!" Jerome gave a command.

"Oh, Yeah." "Yes, yes sir." The two men remembered what they forgot as they went on both sides of the curtains then opening it.

Both a man and female followers rolled in both a tied-up Bruce and Selina with their arms above them being handcuffed on a wooden pole. Putting them in the center of the ring.

"I give you the climax of our festivities. The billionaire prince of Gotham... Bruuuuce... Wayne!" The redheaded madman announced to his audience to warm the crowd up. "And to an extra, we got The prince of Gotham's, Lady friend. Gotham's Fierce Feline... Seeeelina Kyle!" He introduces Bruce's girlfriend.

Everyone in the crowd goes nuts as they applaud and cheer louder.

The ebony-haired teenage boy turned his head to the left to see his ex-girlfriend unconscious and paler than before. "Selina! SELINA WAKE UP! SELINA!" He yelled out of fear as he moves around. 'Please wake up Cat, please.' Bruce begged mentally to himself.

Selina stayed still, motionless as she was tied up.

"Well, so what do you say, Bruce? Shall we end the night with a bang? Or better yet... a boom?" Jerome asked as she spoke into the megaphone and then turns it off. The redheaded madman skip walks towards the couple and tilted his head, "It won't be any fun if Kitty Cat here is asleep." He replied with a smirk, "Let's wake up Sleeping Beauty, shall we?" A wicked grin grows to his face.

"DON'T YOU TOUCH HER! STAY AWAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HER, YOU PSYCHOPATH!" Bruce yelled as he jolted through his handcuffs.

Jerome raises his right hand in mid-air and slapping the brunette young woman on her right cheek. He pauses to see a reaction. Nothing. The redheaded madman uses his left hand to slap the left side of her head. Nothing. "Well Damn... she's a heavy sleeper, isn't she, Brucey?" Jerome commented as he looked at The Prince of Gotham. "Let's see if this will wake her up," He suggested his second idea as he pulls out a switchblade then stabbing her in the same spot where Jerome first stabbed her right side and twisting it to the side.

A scream roars from Selina's throat with pain and anger as she wakes up, kicking her legs with full-force to Jerome's direction.

"There she is..." The madman leans forward to the young woman's face at five inches away, "Glad you could join me and lover boy here as everyone else can watch the two of you die together." Jerome stated his words as he mentions Burce being the lover boy and turning around to face his audience.

Two cannons are being wheeled right in front of the cuffed couple.

Selina looks down to see even more blood coming out from her wound and wanting to pass out again, but for this time for good. The curly brunette young woman turns her head to face Bruce being terrified of their whole ordeal.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom..." The crowd chanting their answer.

Jerome skips his way to the right side of the stage to grab something, a cannonball. He struggles both walking and holding the heavyweight object into the cannon. The redheaded madman repeated the same movement in vice versa. "All right," Jerome grunted as he placed the second cannonball into the second cannon. "What's next?" The redheaded madman turns around to his lackey to see what else he can toss into the cannon.

The curly brunette young woman moving her wrist around as if she knew a way to get out of her handcuffs. Selina felt dizzy, "Bruce..." She said his name and faints. Her head is down with her hands are still.

"NO, SELINA!" Bruce heard Selina calling his name and saw her passed out. The ebony-haired teenage boy jolted as he moves his wrists. Bruce was going to keep his promise to her or either die trying.

Jerome's lackey hands him a bucket of knives. The Ringleader holds the handle of the bucket and grabs a knife by the handle as he admires its length, "Death by a thousand cuts, very poetic. I like it." He said to himself as he throws in the knives into the first cannon. The redheaded madman was handed another bucket of knives as he repeated the same pattern.

The young billionaire teenage boy looked at the crowd in distraught then tilted his head up to look at his hands being cuffed and seeing the remaining view staples that were on his forearm. He's calculating a plan on how he and Selina can escape from Jerome's clutches along with getting her to Gotham General. Bruce keeps his composure as he makes sure the redheaded madman isn't catching on what he's about to do. The ebony-haired teenage boy leaned his right forearm to meet his left hand. He quickly digs his fingernails into his right forearm to get the staples out. Bruce hisses in pain as he tries to get the small silver object out from him.

"All right, folks. This is very important. Whatever you do, please, definitely try this at home. Preferably on a family member." Jerome addresses the demonstration of Gotham's prince and fierce feline through the megaphone.

Bruce grunts as he gets the first staple out of his forearm then facing forward quickly. His blue eyes widen open as he sees the redheaded madman jumping onto the middle of the cannon as if he was riding a horse.

Jerome cheers to himself as he felt the adrenaline running through the course of his veins with excitement, "Giddyup. Whoo, doggie!" He said with pleasure in his voice and takes off his top hat waving it in the air left and right.

The ebony-haired teenage boy kept his eyes steady to the crowd as he quietly maneuvers the staple into the small lock of the handcuff hole and jingling stealthily yet quickly so quickly. A tiny click rings into his ears. Bruce breathed out in relief as he felt the handcuff to his left wrist was loose then got his left hand out. He maneuvers the left cuff to be together and putting his left wrist over to his right to follow the same procedure.

Meanwhile within in the Boardwalk Circus

Alfred and Jim had their guns in front of them as they brace themselves for anyone coming to attack them.

The English man followed the direction to Gotham's honest detective to stopping by a Cotton Candy Tent.

The two men look stunned with Alfred being in complete shock to see Master Wayne and Miss Kyle handcuffed. From a distance they see Jerome setting on top of a cannon that aimed directly at the two-former couple. They were a few feet away from the main stage.

"Oh, good lord," Alfred said as he couldn't believe what he is witnessing.

"Strike force just arrived," Bullock reports to the two men as he walks beside the silver-haired man with his eyes looking straight ahead to see what they're seeing. "They're coming in." He stated another piece of information.

The Main Stage

The audience is applause and cheering as they waited for this main event to happen.

Gunshots ring twice.

The person that shot the gun twice in the air was no other than Jim Gordon.

Everyone in the audience quiets right away as they turn around to see who shot the gun.

"Detective Gordon, you're just in time for the big finish." Jerome projecting his voice as he looks at his favorite with a smile to his face.

'Oh, thank god!' The young billionaire teenage boy said mentally in his mind as he was relieved to see Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and his guardian, Alfred. He turns his head left to view Selina. His ocean blue eyes see no movement, no breathing, and just stillness. Bruce focuses back to his agenda to unlock the right handcuff so he can uncuff Selina.

"NOBODY MOVE!" A commanding male voice said in the air.

A swam of Gotham City SWAT Team quickly move towards the crowd surrounding them with their guns targeted to them. The fight breaks out between Gotham's finest along with Jim, Bullock, and Alfred against the maniacs. The sound of punches, kicking, and but of the gun filled the air to overthrow the carnival music playing in the background.

Jerome ducks behind the cannon as he tries to light up a match it took him a few try's but third time's a charm. The redhead madman puts the lighted match to the end of the string.

Bruce uncuffs Selina's right hand with half of her body leans towards his chest. He turns around to see a sinister smile to Jerome's lips with fire on the string. The ebony-haired teenage boy locks eyes with his enemy to see him waving and leaving the scene. Bruce quickly turns his attention back to Selina. He placed the now bent staple into the left cuff hole moving quickly to hear another click.

Time is ticking. Literally. If he doesn't get the two of them out of the cannon's direction asap, they would be dead. The staples fall out of his hands being scared and hiss of the cannon was getting near to the end.

The young billionaire teenage boy looks at both of his forearms. The last staple. Bruce digs into his left forearm to see the only staple that can unlock the last cuff. He closes his eyes as he grunts again with pain and finally gets the last staple out, "Finally!" Bruce said being relieved as he bends going into the handcuff.

The hissing of the cannon is towards the end and BOOM. It goes off.

Alfred Pennyworth and Jim Gordon look at the direction of the large sound. The two gentlemen take a few steps as they see two empty poles stabbed with knives to it.

"Find them. I'll find Jerome." The slimmer brunette man stated as he runs to the left.

The silver-haired man nodded quickly as he runs on the right side.

The crowd of maniacs and Gotham's SWAT Team is still throwing punches and shooting at each other.

Jerome comes back to where the couple was handcuffed to their pole with a gun in his hand, "Oh, Bruce? Selina? Where are you two, lovebirds?" He sings while asking a question. "Come on out, you two. I won't hurt ya." The redheaded madman assured with a lie. Jerome turns around to view the couple.

Bruce holds Selina in his arms as he runs into the Maze of Mirrors.

"I got both, Prince and Feline. "Jerome said as he got his gun lock and loaded as he marches way into their direction.

Inside of Maze of Mirrors

The redheaded madman casual walks-in seeing his own reflection with an evil look in his cold eyes along with a crooked grin to match, "Oh, Bruice..." Jerome sings then continues. He walks into another room with his left arm in front of him with a gun in his hands. "You ruined my show, Bruce. You and that Cat girlfriend of yours. Hiding is just gonna make things worse." Jerome stated with a fact.

The ebony-haired teenage boy stands from the edge as he makes his appearance, he was no longer scared. He was pissed. "I didn't come here to hide," Bruce said being serious.

Jerome turns around to see his prey and shoots at a mirror with Bruce walking away.

"I wanted you to follow me." The young billionaire stated the truth taunting him.

The redheaded madman turns around as fear grew to his soul.

A serious yet pissed off Bruce stands right in front of the man who harmed Selina taking her hostage and torturing the two of them. "You're going to pay for what you've done." He replied being serious stepping away from the mirrors.

Jerome keeps walking with his gun right out in front of him. He turns around as he looks at himself then starts laughing, "I have to tell you... this is way more fun than I was expecting." The redheaded madman stated a fact as he continues to laugh. He starts walking to the left in hopes to find The Prince of Gotham and finishing him and his girlfriend, "We make a good team, you and me." Jerome spoke another fact.

"You beaten, craved, and stabbed Selina. You killed Alfred." A serious Bruce Wayne said as he stands out where he knows Jerome won't shoot him.

The redheaded madman turns around and shoots his pistol at the reflection of Bruce Wayne. His green eyes follow to see the young man walk away, "Is that what this is about?" Jerome spoke in a 'seriously' tone of voice. "Yeesh. Are all rich kids this close with their butlers?" The madman asked with annoyance as he completely brushed off the comment about hurting Selina.

Bruce runs forward with the reflections of the mirrors to cover him from being shot by the man who wants him dead.

Jerome jumps from his spot as he turns around to his target running away, "Oh!" He said with amusement as he takes his aim shooting at what he thinks is real Bruce instead of the fake illusion that's in front of him.

The young billionaire boy skips as he stops in his track as he hides in the corner edges of the mirrors avoiding being shot at, "This is about doing what's right." Bruce replied in a stern and firm voice.

"You want to be a hero!" Jerome said out loud. "Tell you what, buddy..." He decides to give me a chance to give the Prince of Gotham a shot of being a hero than he continues, "I'll give you a fighting chance." The redheaded madman replied in a surrounding type of tone of voice. He walks out forward with both of his hands in the air then bending down on his knees. Jerome puts his left hand to the ground as he puts the gun down on the ground and sliding his weapon to the mid-center of the floor. "Let's do this mano y mano, my little conquistador," Jerome stated as he stands on his feet. The redheaded madman grabs a small black stiletto knife from his right sleeve. "Come on." He taunts the young man with a wicked smile on his lips.

Jerome keeps on walking forward slowly with one step at a time.

Bruce comes out from hiding as he charges his enemy from behind knocking Jerome to the ground with him. The ebony-haired teenage boy gets a hold of the crazed madman from the back of his jacket.

"What kind of hero tackles someone from behind?" Jerome asked being confused as he tries to slide away from Bruce Wayne. He shifts his body around and kicks the young man square in the face.

The young billionaire was completely caught off guard from the kick as he rolled over to his side. He rolls up to his feet with both of his hands balled into a fist with be ready for what will be thrown at him. His ocean blue eyes come face to face with the stone-cold green eyes he hated so much with anger fueling his system. Bruce was ready to fight. He was ready to take out Jerome once in for all after what he did to Alfred and Selina.

"Put them up, put them up." Jerome taunts the young man as he balled his fists then making the first move of punching him again in the face.

Bruce has punched in the face again and he ducked as he saw the next attack, a left hook. Something that the English him taught him on how to defend himself if he was ever to fight either to protect himself or protect others.

The redheaded madman stands up again but was struck by his right side follow up with a punch in the face. Anger and satisfaction filled his veins with adrenaline. Jerome does the same movement again.

The Prince of Gotham ducks and jabs him to his face again. 'Remember always be on your guard. Take down your enemy until they can't get off the floor.' Alfred's words rang through his ears in the heat of the moment. Bruce sees Jerome charging at him for the third time not giving up on their fight. He kicks Jerome's right leg causing him to bend down then hitting him in the face causing the madman to fall on his back. The sound of laughter was like nails on a chalkboard. Bruce sits on top of Jerome as he starts punching his face left and right quick and repetitively. 'This is for Alfred.' 'For Selena.' 'For hurting Selina.' 'Craving her.' 'Stabbing her.' 'Making her suffer in pain.' 'If she dies, you'll die.' The young billionaire mentally angrily yelled with every punch he gave to his enemy.

Jerome is laughing. He's laughing at Bruce. He was laughing at his anger. He laughs at how he calculated everything; from kidnapping Selena and torturing her craving up with almost leaving her dead. He laughs on the reaction how he forgot on why he came to Wayne Manor but the real kicker he loved the most is when he told the young lad that, 'I treated myself to cutting up someone just for fun and when that person screamed in pain... was music to my ears.' Also including, 'A feline spirit who roared with threats.' was the cherry on top to spark the anger hiding within the prim and proper Bruce Wayne. Jerome keeps on laughing and smiling as he was getting a beating of his life. "Let it out. That's it. That's it. Let it out." He encouraged the young lad to keep punching him in the face as he starts choking on his own blood.

The ebony-haired teenage boy let his anger consume his action and train of thought. Bruce keeps on punching Jerome's face seeing his actual face start to come out from the staples along with blood. He grabs the collar of the jacket not knowing what else he can do next. Bruce gives him three more punches to the madman's soon to be torn face. His blue eyes scan a couple of pieces of shatter mirror. The young man grabbed a handheld broken piece as he gripped it tightly in his right hand and hovering it over him. Bruce hesitates the object in his hand over Jerome's throat ready to end the nightmare. The young billionaire raises his object in his hand as he was ready to aim into Jerome Valeska's throat with his eyes facing the reflection that stares right back him. Bruce pauses then he looks into the mirror. What he sees in front of him was a murderer something he didn't want to do, 'What have I become? I'll end up like Jerome, killing. But if Selina dies than he really deserves to be dead' The ebony-haired teenage boy thought through his mind.

Jerome starts to giggle as he sees the young lad being defeated with his hand lowering down the broken piece of mirror, "Do it." The redheaded madman tempted Bruce to finish the job by killing him.

Bruce screams as he was torn on what to do but instead, he drops the broken glass near to the madman's head. His hands are on top of Jerome's chest as he purposely pushes down hard in order to stand on his feet. The young billionaire steps one foot in front of the other as he walks away from his capture. Bruce walks over to another direction of the mirror where he placed an unconscious Selina. He bends down to take her in his arms again with her head on his chest and they leave the Maze of Mirrors.

Outside of the Maze of Mirrors

The Englishman ran throughout the whole circus trying to find his son and Miss Kyle. He jostled through as he pushed a man in front of him, then shoving a man that ran close to him. Alfred ducks quickly knowing it's one of the male maniacs that came back to kill him. The silver-haired man stands up to punch the guy left, right, and upper cut. It was back in his military days of beating the bloody hell out of an enemy.

A tired and exhausted Bruce uses his back to open the mirror door as he had Selina in his arms. He looks out in the distance and couldn't believe what he was seeing; his butler, his father figure, and his friend Alfred is very much alive and kicking ass. The young billionaire boy's jaw dropped being in complete shock yet happy as he felt tears rimming around his eyes, "Alfred!" Bruce calls his name out loud seeing his guarding kicking the living hell out of the maniac.

Alfred knocks the maniac to the ground as he gives him about five kicks then kicking than a last kick to the head. The silver-haired man stopped in his tracks as he heard a familiar voice in the air. He felt a shiver down his spine and his look upon who he thinks it belongs to, it was no other than young Master Wayne then looking down to see an unconscious Miss Kyle in his arms. Alfred was relieved to his Bruce very much alive, "Bruce!" The English man shouted with his arms wide open.

The young billionaire ran carefully but quickly with his ex-girlfriend in his arms. He felt his guardian's arms around him and closing his eyes to enjoy the moment.

Both Alfred and Bruce were having a father and son moment. The surreal moment of the two being reunited once again now became a reality that neither one of them was killed. They pulled away from each other to face one another.

"I thought you were dead," The ebony-haired teenage boy said with small tears falling from his eyes.

"Can't get rid of me that easily, can you, mate?" Alfred assured the young Wayne heir that he would be by his side throughout his life. "Oh, come here." He stated as he pulled the two into his arms gently.

The two gentlemen had their moment for a few more minutes. Alfred pulls away to see a pale Miss Kyle in Master Wayne's arm, "Oh dear god, what did that psycho do to her?" He asked being shocked to see Selina's ill-will appearance and helping Bruce to put her on the ground gently.

Bruce let his walls come down as he starts breaking down into tears, "Jerome craved into Selina's side, his crew beat her up, and stabbing her." He answered his guardian's question with his hand reaching out to hold her now cold hand then he continues, "He stabbed her three times. Selina lost a lot of blood and she needs to go to Gotham General." The young billionaire stated a fact as he tries to check her pulse. Nothing. His sky-blue eyes widen with fear not wanting to believe what's happening right now. His hand reaches beside her neck with no pulse. "No, no, no, no. Selina! SELINA PLEASE STAY WITH ME! PLEASE!" Bruce screams pleading for a sign of life from his ex-girlfriend. He starts performing CPR on her from the training that was taught by Alfred.

Jim Gordon stops in his track to see from a distance Bruce and Alfred being reunited with Selina on the ground. His brown eyes seeing the young billionaire giving CPR to Gotham's famous Alley Cat. He quickly pulls out his radio, "I need a Medic here now at the Boardwalk Circus. There's a young woman unconscious, not breathing. Located near between the mainstage and Cotton Candy Tent. Now, now, now!" The brunette detective reported.

Jerome comes stumbling out of the Maze of Mirror attraction quickly as he held the same broken mirror that was held by Bruce is now in his possession. It was time to end the life of Gotham's prince once and for all charging for him.

"Behind you!" Gordon warned Bruce and Alfred as he sprinted towards the madman standing in front of them than giving a hard punch to Jerome's face.

The redheaded ringleader's face is on the brink of falling off and looking at his favorite cop. Jerome keeps throwing punches at Gordon trying to take him down. He lost the fight as he felt his face being thrown to the ground. His green eyes look to face Jim Gordon viewing a horrified look to match his face, "Ow." Jerome said as he falls to the ground on his back.

Alfred stood in front of Bruce and Selina for protection. Jim looked down to see the faceless Jerome Valeska still chuckling. Bruce turns around to give a dagger stare to his nemesis.

24 hours later...


"Word of Jerome's arrest is spreading quick. Streets are already quieter." Jim reported to his partner as he views the now chained maniacs leaving the jail cells.

"Soon as the docs reattach his face, he's off to Arkham," Bullock added another statement as he looks over to his friend.

"You wish I would've shot him?" The slimmer brunette man bluntly asked for the truth then putting his hands into his front jacket pocket.

"Eh, he probably just come back from the dead again." The overweight brunette man gave his honest answer.

"Probably," Gordon agreed with his co-workers' statement.

The two men were on the same page with each other.

"At least you get to say you punched a man's face-off," Bullock said speaking on the bright side as something to say to future references in Jim's accomplishments then continues, "That's something, right?" He replied with a smile to his face.

Gordon looks over to Lee standing in front of the walkway entrance on the mini staircase. His eyes follow to see her leaving.

"Jim?" Bullocks said to get his attention.

Jim turns around to face Bullock and didn't hear what he was saying, "Sorry, what?" he apologizes for not paying attention to his best friend.

"Come on. Let me buy you breakfast." The overweight brunette offered his treat to Jim with his arm over his friends' shoulder as he leads the way.

Wayne Manor

Alfred is holding the house phone between his right ear and shoulder as the grabs the first-aid kit from the bottom cabinet, "That's a miracle to hear that Miss Kyle has pulled through after what she went through." He was relieved to hear the news about Selina's well-being. "Payment wise?" The Englishman turns around to face his employer seeing Bruce nodding his head and cleared his throat, "Put it on Mister Wayne's account, make sure she's been taken care of. Call us when anything happens. Yes, thank you. Goodbye." Alfred replied from hearing a nurses' regard on Selina's condition then hangs up the phone. The silver-haired man walks over to a very still young man and takes a seat in front of him. Alfred opens the lid to the first aid as he was getting things out placing them on the table. "Well, got to say... the clown makeup was way more terrifying than the damage underneath, Master Bruce." He said breaking the ice from the cold silent with a faint chuckle. Alfred attended to the young billionaire's injuries on his forearms. His blue eyes look upon Bruce still being motionless not responding to his little pick me up then continues, "Did I ever tell you that I don't like clowns? Well... in a couple of days, you'll be back to your old self. I guarantee it." Alfred assured the young man as he finishes cleaning up the small wounds then started wrapping up his left forearm with gauze. "You ready to tell me what happened?" The Englishman asked his boy wanting to know what happened of him and Selina being Jerome's hostages.

Bruce felt numb not from the exhaustion but the hell both he and Selina went through while they were prisoners in the hands of Jerome Valeska. All he felt was anger and heartache. The moment he felt no pulse to his ex-girlfriend it was like reliving the moment both of his parents were killed in that alleyway. There was something about Selina that he connected with sure they both come from different backgrounds, but they balanced each other well perfectly. He's an aristocrat. She's an alley cat. If Selina would have died less than eight hours ago, he would have snapped and killed Jerome just for her, but he didn't. Bruce had his eyes down trying to calm himself in a way, "When Jerome took me away... I thought he was going to kill you. Just like I thought Jerome was going to kill Selina which he almost did." He explained himself answering his guardian's question.

"Shall I tell you what I thought?" Alfred asked giving his suggestion as he looks directly at Bruce. The silver-haired man paused for a few moments he answers, "I thought how proud I was of you. Of the man that you've become." He answered the honest to god truth.

"I almost killed him, Alfred." The ebony-haired teenage boy said in shame.

"Ah, but you didn't know, did you? You controlled your anger." Alfred stated a fact.

Bruce opens his eyes staring at Alfred with a serious stern look in his eyes, "It wasn't just anger. After everything Jerome had done, after all the pain she and I went through he caused, the idea of killing him felt..." He said trying to finish his words forming in his mind.

"It felt right." The Englishman finished the words understanding the feeling during his war days.

"Yes," Bruce answered with a bit of fear into his eyes. "It felt like justice." He felt vengeance not only for him but for justice for Selina as well.

Alfred sits up in his seat as he was completely stunned hearing the employer's words, "There's a very fine line, Master Bruce, between justice... and vengeance." He stated being serious.

"I know." The young billionaire answers understanding the differences between justice and vengeance he wants to do something about this to make sure he, Cat, or innocent people won't go through that hell, "But that doesn't mean there isn't one." Bruce stated his facts.

"No, it doesn't," The Englishman agreed with the young man's words.

"I knew where the line was tonight, Alfred. I didn't cross it. As much as I wanted to; I just couldn't do it." Bruce spoke his experience of knowing when to cross the line and when not to cross the line.

"Well, that's the first rule," Alfred stated.

"What do you mean?" Bruce asked being confused.

"Well, I started training you so you could defend yourself. Well, we're well past that, aren't we? But what's all this training for?" The silver-haired man brought the past of how he started to train Bruce for self-defense but now asking the question on what he will do with all the training he gave his employer.

The ebony-haired teenage boy was stumbled for words as he was trying to wrap the idea on his head about how what will he do with the training that Alfred taught him, "I don't know." Bruce answers the truth.

"Nor do I." Alfred agreed with the young man's words.

"But if you keep going, you're gonna need rules" The English man stated a fact in a serious tone as he looked at Bruce with his eyes looking straight at him then he continues, "Rules that you cannot and you will not break, never mind what the reason, never mind what the circumstance." Alfred gave the young teenage boy boundaries for which he hopes that Bruce would one day follow.

"I will not kill," Bruce said with his eyes still looking down.

Alfred sits up in his set as he was about to witness a different kind of Bruce, a new Bruce. He wants to believe in his protégé on his words, "Say it again." The silver-haired man said to him.

The ebony-haired teenage boy's eyes look up to face his mentor, eye to eye. Bruce slowly lifts his head straight as he felt his demeanor change within himself, "I will not kill." He repeated his words becoming serious.

The English man can see that Bruce is telling the truth from the look of his eyes to his body language. He knew right there and then for him to continue to train the young lad more, "Then let's get to work." Alfred nodded his head sternly yet confidently as he gets up from his seat leaving the kitchen. The silver-haired man takes one last look at his protégé for a few seconds and leaves.

Bruce sat there with a stern and serious look upon his face. He was composing himself knowing he would have to channel his anger differently. The night where Jerome almost killed him on that Children's Hospital Benefit Gala sure that scared him to where he wanted Alfred to teach him on how to defend himself. When he found out that Jerome kidnapped and tortured Selina; that was the final straw. The one thing the young men will always regret was that he wasn't strong enough or didn't do anything on the night when his parents gunned down in the alleyway leaving him frozen and scared. Bruce couldn't be able to lose the people he cared or loved for die without his protection, "This I promise myself; to take justice into my hands. The right way and that's a promise I vow to follow through. I will not have innocent lives be in danger to those who would want to hurt them," Bruce vowed mentally in his mind with the adrenaline of anger flowing through his veins and quickly getting up from his feet to follow Alfred.


Was it worth the wait? I hope it was I poured my heart, muse, and soul into this last chapter along listening word for word within this episode. This is by far my favorite fanfiction I've written in Gotham by far. I'm open to any suggestions on any BatCat storyline ideas; I do have a lot in mind but it'll be hard to pick. Message me on what you would want me to write for a storyline. But I do need to do a follow up on one of the fanfic's I did after Selina walks again.

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