Tiva Short story revolved around Tony and Ziva spending their first night together.

Contains boat-loads of Tiva sweetness! :)

This first part is about Tony getting Ziva to stay with him.

Part 1~

Tony swung the door open to his apartment. He had a large crooked smile running rampant along his lips and his hair was looking even fluffier than usual. His tie had already come undone and perhaps was halfway to the floor by now.

His feet nearly tripped over themselves as he lumbered into the apartment- his hand still holding hers.

Her hand was soft and smooth; yet one would think that it would be tough and calloused. But no. Her hand made his hand feel large and roughened up from year's work on the force.

"Tony, I think you should really sit down now." Comes the voice of the smooth-handed girl.

DiNozzo only casts her his infamous grin before heading for the couch- his hand still tugging hers along.

"Wait! Let go! I need to close the door!" The one and only Ziva David loosened the man's grip on her fingers and stretched back towards the gaping doorway. She gently goes to close it next as Tony simply begins laughing again.

Why was he laughing this time? He had no clue. He had been laughing the whole car-ride home...

"I-I'm sorry Zi. Perhaps I need... medication or help to get me straight." The lop-sided smirk returns instantly as the man then reaches to loosen his collar.

"Tony. What you need to do is rest. You've obviously drunken too much tonight."

Tony tries to give her an innocent look- but it doesn't work out.

"Ahh. It would probably be because that hot waitress never stopped serving me my liquids on the rocks..."

At this remark, Ziva just pauses to give him a confused look. "I think you are... mistaken."

"Me? Mistaken?" Tony throws his head back and laughs a hearty laugh before gaining more control of his senses again. "Okay so.. what was it then?"

Ziva places a hand to one of her hips; which doesn't go unnoticed by DiNozzo as she speaks. "You kept switching back and forth from beer to Vodka." At the end of her sentence however, she couldn't help but slip a small smile. Tony getting drunk was one of the only reasons she ever got to typically come back to his apartment with him- on a more natural basis.

She also couldn't help but find him rather comical when it came to his slurred speech and his ever-so-playful eyes.

"Ohhh... Wait... Eugh. What a combo, am I right?" Tony grins again and leans back into the couch cushions with a spirited aura about him.

Ziva then sets her things down and comes to sit beside him; her eyes quickly locking to his. "Are you good now? May I uh... start heading home?" It somewhat pained her to even ask such a straightforward question- but she didn't want to seem deplorable or anything.

Tony only goes to screw his eyebrows together. "Hah! Nice try. This is your home." He flashes his teeth at her for about the fiftieth time and Ziva nearly blushes. Didn't he know what he was saying to her by now?

But then again, she knew it wasn't truly real. Tony was just drunk and he was saying things that he didn't mean at the moment.

"That is... sweet of you. But I really need to head for my own apartment now. Traffic will be getting bad soon." She then gets up to leave- but not before Tony reaches out and grabs at her hand.

He tips his head to one side as she looks back at him.

"Please don't go. Please?" He didn't know what else to say. He felt so tongue-tied and weary at the moment- but besides all of those symptoms... he truly wanted her to stay. He liked seeing her actually inside of his apartment. It made it more homey and almost nostalgic-feeling.

Ziva bends down next and simply gives him a pat on the cheek of his face. "You know I have to go. I will see you tomorrow though, yes?"

Without giving him a chance to even respond, she pulls her hand away and grabs her jacket and car keys. She then heads straight for the door, causing for Tony's head to go off in alarm.

"W-Wait! Hold on!" He nearly bites his tongue as he conjures up a good-enough excuse for her to stay with him; even if it were a mere 5 more minutes.

"What is it now, Tony?"

"I-I.. Err..." He tries getting to his feet. "I have a gift for you- actually."

Within moments the words were out, and he could no longer take them back.

Oops. I-I... uhh

He didn't seriously have a present for her!?

... Did he?

Ziva merely blinks at him with an unsure look circulating within the brown pools of her eyes. She couldn't determine if this was drunk Tony or serious Tony.

"You have a gift for me? But why?" She finally sets her things down again and crosses her arms rather skeptically.

Tony on the other hand was already sweating bullets. He gives a nervous grin. "Well... I thought... since we've been such good partners for so long.. I'd get you uhh.. something nice to show my appreciation?" Every word was causing for Tony to dig a deeper hole. How was he ever going to admit that all he really wanted was for her to stay with him a while longer?

"Well where is it? Or would you rather give it to me at work tomorrow?" Ziva started feeling as if this was nothing but another drunken fantasy.

Why would Tony actually get her something? And for what? Being great partners for so long?

It was rather odd... but also rather sweet. It made her feel somewhat special all of a sudden.

"No, No, I want to give you it now." Tony was still thinking frantically. How was he ever going to pull this off?

"I-It's... ehh... It's in my bedroom... Honest." He feels his tongue slip in every direction- causing for him to slur some more. This only gets a positive reaction out of Ziva though. She smiles a bit.

"Okay. Want to go get it?"

Tony only manages a short nod before heading for his bedroom. He feels wobbly but he forces himself to stay on his feet. This was serious.

He needed to find her a legitimate gift. And Fast.

"Just a sec!" He calls over his shoulder before disappearing behind his bedroom door. Once alone in his rather small room, he goes to raise a stressful hand to his face.

Dang it. Dang it. Dang it. Think DiNozzo!

He scans the room half-heartedly; knowing that nothing special was here. At last his eyes finally land on the bed- and within minutes he gains a rather crazy idea.

It's pathetic.. It's ridiculous... He tells himself.

But... it just might work?

He hurriedly rushes to one of his drawers where he finds some scrap paper and then searches for a pen. He then frantically begins writing- his eyes straining to see correctly.

Ziva exhales rather irritably as she waits for Tony's return. She checks the watch on her wrist to see that it's already going on 10:30.

Great. Just when I thought I'd be heading home... This has to happen.

She almost felt like dropping everything and just bailing on the poor man. Besides... He was drunk anyways. Why would he suddenly be in his right mind now?

It is then when the bedroom door flies open and a stumbling Tony DiNozzo comes walking out with a paper in hand.

He sends her a rather nervously charming smile before holding the paper out towards her. "For you." He says.

Ziva looks at it and plainly blinks before going to take it.

Some paper...? She thinks rather bleakly.

However, her reaction soon changes and she is immediately taken aback upon reading what it says.

Dear Ziva,

I know this is rather sudden but I would like to invite you to stay over with me ANYTIME. I think we've been friends long enough and I think it would be fun having you over.

~Sincerely, Tony DiNozzo.

At the end of the little note, she looks up and gives the frat-boy a small look.

He tries a shrug and acts calm all the while. He didn't want to seem pushy or even desperate for her presence.

"S-So you see? It isn't much. Just a small.. I-I mean.. I wouldn't even consider it being an actual gift. I-I mean, I'd actually uhh... You don't even have to um...-" He begins scratching the back of his neck and casts his gaze to the floor. Gosh was this awkward.

How on earth was she even going to react to this?

Some gift. He scoffs to himself.

Finally though, Ziva just sighs and decides to set her things down. The attempt was very sweet actually.

She had a small hint that this wasn't well-planned out though... actually, she practically figured he had just gone to scribble this invite down onto some paper. But it was thoughtful and rather appealing all of a sudden.

"You're seriously inviting me to stay with you Tony? Really?" She almost didn't know what to really think.

This was real... right?

Tony nods briefly. "Yeah. I-I mean you don't have to... But.." He scuffs his feet a bit before giving a tense laugh.

He just really wanted her stay. In all honesty. And he was hoping and crossing his fingers that she'd pick tonight to do it...

"Alright." She finally utters- causing for intense ecstasy to immediately hit Tony's bloodstream.

"I guess I can try it out and see what it is like." She smiles at last and within seconds he is smiling as well.

"You'll stay? Oh good!" He runs a hand through his hair and feels complete relief wash over him. "Miss David, you won't be disappointed." He adds with a wink.

Ziva just rolls her eyes simply before going to set her things down for the last time. "Well it is already late- so perhaps we should start-"

"Thinking of sleeping arrangements?" Tony accidentally cuts her off through his intense excitement.

"Yes." She nearly chuckles.

"Well, hey, I could always take the couch. I'm a good couch-sleeper. In fact, in college I used to-" Tony begins rambling up a storm when suddenly Ziva just places a light finger to his lips. She giggles as his expression almost melts from her touch. "Shhh. I do not mind actually sharing a bed with you Tony. I know you'll behave, yes?" She gives a teasing look at him before practically skipping towards the bedroom- her feet light and her curly ponytail bobbing rather cutely.

Tony just stands there for a few moments. She was actually staying.. and she wanted to sleep with him! In the same bed!

How could this night get any better?

He nearly crashes into his goldfish stand as he rushes for the bedroom next- his shoeless feet slipping on the sleek floors. "Sorry Kate!" He whisper-yells over his shoulder before happily hurrying along.

"Ziva! Really! If you're not comfortable with this, I mean-" He trails off though upon entering the bedroom. Ziva now had her hands to her hips and a disappointed look perched on her face.

Something was already wrong.

"W-What? What is it?" DiNozzo felt the hairs on the back of his neck practically stand on end at her expression. Was she changing her mind already?

"Tony..." She exhales, "I forgot. I mean... I am not prepared for this yet. I don't even have anything to wear to sleep..." She gives him a sorrowful look before shrugging.

Tony however had other things in mind. He wasn't about to let her off the hook that easily. "Huh? Is that all, Zi?" He sends her an enticing grin before heading for his side-closet. He opens it up and begins rummaging through it next which only causes for Ziva to give an annoyed sigh.

"No, Tony. I am not going to wear something that one of your former dates left behind while-" But she is cut off when he pulls out one of his own large T-shirts.

He casts her a look.

"Uhh no. I wouldn't ever make you wear someone else's clothing, my dear." He waggles his eyebrows before adding, "However, my clothing is a different story."

Ziva gapes as he unravels a large Ohio State University T-Shirt, and she nearly blushes at the thought of wearing it. "T-Tony..."

She feels rather speechless for jumping to conclusions so easily on him. This was... rather unexpected for her.

"What? I don't mind if you wear it. You'll probably look amazing in it anyways." He makes the sound of an erotic growl before getting a quick glare from the Israeli.

She then takes the shirt into her hands and instantly gets the urge to smell it; wondering if it would have his scent coated all over it. But instead, she contains her urges and simply looks back at him with a new question. "So, what are you going to wear? If you don't mind me asking..."

Tony purses his lips together before shrugging. "Ehh. Probably just some boxers- that is, if you don't mind." He smirks at her and she returns the smirk voluntarily.

She couldn't help but feel rather excited that she was going to get a change of sleeping scenery. In fact, she was starting to already look forward to it.

"Well, I'll have you know... I do not mind."

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