Chapter 3~

Sorry for long wait- been busy. I'm not giving up on this story though. It's too good in my opinion.

Warning: Some Sexual Content

The night was still young and Tony DiNozzo could no longer keep still. It had already only been 5 minutes, and he couldn't even think about going to sleep. He just knew that Ziva couldn't possibly be up for sleep either- seeming this was their first time in bed together (other than through an assignment).

The man raises his head and restlessly shifts his legs over towards her end of the bed out of hopes in getting her to stay awake.

He wasn't about to let this amazing experience slip so easily.

He clears his throat next and finally decides to break the deafening silence: "Erh, Ziva? You still awake?"

There comes the smallest noise from the girl in reply- but it is enough to reassure him that she wasn't entirely finished with him. He decided to continue.

"Cause... I know you think I look good." A grin crosses his dark face. "You just told me." He assures; and it also proved that she was still awake. Nobody could fall asleep that fast.

It is then when Ziva's silhouette shifts and she finally turns to face him; her curly hair falling all over her face and down her back. She gives him a raise of her eyebrows. "Tony, are you ever going to let me sleep?" She tries to give a smirk but she knew that she probably wouldn't be able to get any rest with him acting so riled over her.

She gives an exhale and sits up a bit. "I guess I cannot simply pull the cotton over your eyes, yes?"

Tony's face clouds with confusion before he simply chuckles. "It's actually 'Wool' Zi. Pulling the wool over someone's eyes." He laughs which causes for Ziva to feel a small wave of annoyance waft over her.

"Whatever. You know what I meant." She then pauses before looking back at him, "Well you've caught me. I am awake. So what?"

There wasn't much more for either of them to say next.

Ziva had practically left the door wide open for him now.

Nonetheless, surprisingly she couldn't resist her own uprising urges.

She hadn't lied about his apperance- he did look good. She too was feeling sleepless and she honestly wanted nothing more than to snuggle up against his ever-so manly chest of his. Gosh, what did it even take? He was practically asking for it by now.

Tony merely gives a shrug next, for he had no answer. He didn't want her to sleep and that was all.

"Well... Uhh.." He tries to find the perfect words in order to change the subject but he couldn't- and instead he goes to flex his hand along the bed sheets which quickly catches Ziva's attention.

"Something wrong?" She nods to his movement and finally looks him straight in the eye. "Are you going to talk to me or what? What is on your mind Anthony?"

At the mention of his first name, Tony instantly feels his mouth run dry and he swallows hard. He wasn't waiting around anymore- he was acting ridiculous by now.

"Look, can I just..." He pauses, "Can I touch you again? Please?" He gives a strong exhale while failing to meet her steely gaze. He couldn't believe how desperate he was being at the moment but he just had to do something with her!

Those barren legs and those dark brown pools of the deepest and richest chocolate simply was too much for DiNozzo's walls.

And to his utmost surprise, the woman slowly gives a smirk.

She smirks hard before giving a satisfied chuckle. She then leans in and whispers, "Go ahead Tony. Touch me."

Not knowing whether it was a complete trick or a total game, Tony simply didn't hold back. He shifts his weight over towards her regal figure and within seconds his hands are yet again making skin contact.

He throws his hands to her hips and grins wildly- as if it were his 16th Birthday or something.

It was far too good to be true and he wouldn't waste one second of getting to touch her lovely body while he could.

Ziva all the while couldn't believe how quick her partner had been to react. Heat instantly had taken hold of her insides from the contact and friction that had been made between the two. They both had been wanting this all along but both had just been too prideful to admit such sudden and tremendous desires.

"Y-You sure? I-I mean, you're just so soft and smooth and I-" Tony desperately tries to control himself but Ziva just turns and places a finger to his fast-moving lips; cutting him off mid-sentence.

"Just be quiet Tony. I knew you wouldn't be able to handle me." She then scoffs playfully and adds, "No man ever can."

Tony blinks at her rapidly before shaking his head at this thought. He couldn't believe she was still consenting with this.

"Well, you've never been touched by a man quite like me before- that's for sure." He growls lowly while going to clench her hips within his muscled hands.

He grips along her curves with ease at her having no pants on and this only causes for Ziva to squirm and shudder against his strong form. She could not believe this was happening.

His free-roaming hands were simply all over her lower abdomen and legs and she could feel herself getting roused rather quickly.

"Tony, calm down!" She throws her head back and laughs uncontrollably; his fingers pressing harder onto her pelvis. "Tony DiNozzo!" She laughs again, as he inches further down and along her thighs, his eyes wondrous and refulgent against the dark's powerful influence within the room.

Tony's mind was racing and practically imprinting every square inch of her skin to that of like a road-map within his head. He was never going to forget touching his own best friend and co-worker like this.

He tries to slow down next- suddenly realizing his enthusiasm. "Sorry 'bout that. You're just so..." He pauses in his onset for her skin and looks to her finally before growing rather red in the face. "You're beautiful." He gives a very nervous chuckle before pulling his hands back at last; his impressions on her bare skin leaving Ziva feeling evoked.

She feels her breath get sucked away and she tries to return to normal; but his ever-so-sweet compliment and amazing hands were actually breath-taking for the Israeli. "T-Tony, you do not have to give me such praise for merely letting you-"

"Letting me what? Touch you? I'm not lying here Ziva. You are very stunning in my professional opinion." He nods with definite assertion before gripping the sheets again- his hands already begging for skin-contact once more.

Ziva simply feels heat rush to her cheeks at his words and she smiles. "Well..." She presses up against his chest next and this catches Tony rather off-guard. She then slowly remarks, "You have amazing hands."

At these words, the senior agent grins uncontrollably. He never thought she'd admit that to him.

She then leans in and mumbles, "Do not stop."

DiNozzo's head buzzes with ecstasy and he licks his lips at her 'wanting' words. He could not grasp the moment at all. He looks at her and she looks to him with pure honesty. He didn't quite know what to make of this new sexual feeling with Ziva- but what he did know was that it felt right.

"Well... if you say so." He flashes his teeth at her with his famous smile before going to direct his hands to her skin again; his eyes already lighting back up with intense passion and content.

Ziva smirks at the look on his face and even goes to lay back onto the pillows for him to gain more access to her. The two exchange a small look of excitement and interest for each other as Tony then goes to loom over her. He slowly goes to move the large T-shirt up a bit so that he has a wider range of skin to cover. He then gives one final nervous chuckle before he barely goes to drift his fingers across her bare stomach. His delicate movement causes for him to feel Ziva's nerves tremble and he grins harder.

Ziva all the while was simply watching and experiencing nothing but enticing bliss. He was playing with her now- and she actually didn't mind. She liked watching him study her and shift his movements with such precision. He was very careful with her all the while. He never overstepped his boundaries and always knew just where to touch.

Tony looks back at her to make sure that she was comfortable with this before he chuckles potently and then he goes to grab at her sides. This causes for Ziva to finally utter a small moan which makes both of the agents only revel in what they were doing.

The two of them had no idea how much fun this could be between the two of them; especially in Ziva's case. She had never thought that she would be letting Tony DiNozzo play with her like this- particularly like this.

She tries to hide her rising emotions for him by clearing her throat and breaking some of the onset silence. "Having fun, Tony?" She winks at him as he goes to trace loops around her belly button.

"Ohhh you've got that right." The man doesn't even find time to look up as he fixates all of his potential and attention towards making her feel good. And it was working.

Ziva could feel herself getting more and more aroused from Tony's constant touch; his fingers going to skim her curves before doubling back to do it all again.

It is then when he suddenly switches tactics and he starts kneading at her lower abdomen that Ziva feels her insides tighten. She suppresses another moan as her eyes go to roll back and she arches her back a little.

Tony grins hard at this reaction and even chuckles. "Gosh, you're so..." He lowers his voice some before muttering, "Sexy."

Ziva's heart rate was already beating fast and she squirms and twists her pelvis some so that he has trouble with continuing his 'touching' method.

Tony however takes things a step further and uses one hand to pin her shifting structure while he uses the other hand to continue his kneading into her lower areas.

This causes for Ziva to moan louder and she finally feels her panties grow moist from her ever-growing sensations. Shiver were now running up and down her spine and so she quickly tries to clear her head and sit up upon feeling how wet she was getting- but Tony kept his hold on her and he continued stroking and caressing her more sensitive areas.

Tony was beginning to feel so urged to simply slip off her underwear so that he could actually get a taste at what was exactly going on down there with his lovely partner but finally the Israeli shifts upwards and away from his passionate hands.

"T-Tony, please." Ziva catches her breath and straightens to a sitting position as their 'moment' finally comes to a sudden and abrupt stop.

"You okay?" He quickly asks, his hands already beginning to flex again with the absence of her skin to press against.

"I-I am fine. I just..." The girl stutters for a moment and tries to find her words. "Well, I have no pants on remember? And it is just... we are in your bed as of now." She goes to give an awkward sideways glance while Tony just revels in what he had just accomplished doing.

"Ah." He nods at last. "I understand." He then nudges her playfully and licks his lips again. "I turn you on that much, ehh?"

Ziva tries to hold back a smile but hurriedly reverts to a small narrow of her eyes. "Do not give yourself too much credit Tony." She breathes for a moment before looking to him with a devious gleam in her eyes. "I bet I could turn you on even more actually. So do not be thinking that you are Mister Magic here."

Upon hearing these words however, Tony quickly perkens up at this challenge.

"Whoa, what? You? Arousing me? Pfft!" He goes to cross his arms and this only gets Ziva even more riled.

"You do not think so?" She then smirks. "Okay. How about we find out. How about we..." She pauses and ponders for a brief moment- causing for Tony to lean in a little. What could she possibly be conjuring?

"How about... Well... What if I were to spend the night with you again?" She gives a small flutter of her eyes at him before adding, "Tomorrow? I mean, why not? It is fun, yes?"

Tony's jaw goes agape and he almost felt like doing a back-flip right on the spot. His head quickly whirls at her sheer words. Tomorrow?! Having Ziva spend the night again?

Did she actually mean that?

"Are you serious? I mean... You really liked this?" He couldn't believe that Ziva David was actually inviting herself over to his place... Again!

Ziva however was simply hoping he'd say yes to her offer. She really enjoyed herself here with him and she couldn't imagine what it would be like tomorrow night back at her place alone.

"I mean, I like having someone while I sleep... In all honesty." The Israeli roughly comes to admit- which causes for Tony's heart to practically melt for the girl before him.

You too? He felt like replying to her. He too loved having someone to sleep with and he couldn't believe that she was wanting to stay with him a whole extra night.

"I-I uhh-" He tries to find the words to express his excitement but Ziva just cuts him off with a look.

"Are you afraid that I will win this bet, Tony?" The Israeli gives an enticing nod towards DiNozzo's lower area and he merely gives an edgy look in reply. "No." He counters. "I think it would be a great idea." He then moves closer to her and runs a hesitant hand through her beautiful curls. "I like having you over actually..." He inhales her beautifully intoxicating scent and eases a hand around her so that he could pull her closer. He didn't exactly know what or why he felt this impulse- but yet again, it felt right.

Ziva nonetheless consents with her partner's sudden act of affection and even goes to lean her head back onto his shoulder. She couldn't believe she was letting herself come so easily with Tony. But she trusted him completely- and this was all that really mattered. Maybe there was something really here...

"You have amazing curves by the way David. Very nice." DiNozzo randomly announces next. He couldn't help it. He had to say it. He then just flashes her another intense smile.

Ziva however just rolls her eyes. "Yes, so I have been told." She then glances to their pillows and suggests, "Should we try and get some sleep now? We will need it for tomorrow."

Tony blinks at her before nodding and the two then go to settle back down beneath the sheets again; their fun 'play-time' still buzzing through both of their heads.

This time however- Tony has his arm around Ziva and so the two fall immediately asleep against each other...

Loved writing this chapter. Tiva is always my favorite

I hope you stay tuned for what comes next!~

Can Tony really win this bet? You just have to really think about it... He's probably in for it.