"So, what are we doing here?" A Pikachu asked while scratching the back of his ear as he and Banjo-Kazooie found themselves in another generic anime forest.

Banjo adjusted his yellow shorts. "I don't know... I just found this path that led to here one day."

"Really? Well it seems so odd for us to be heading here." Pikachu chimed as he shook his lightning bolt shaped tail.

Kazooie shook her head while flapping her red wings in the blue backpack. "Would that explain this giant tree? Cause it's like the 1 from that forest with the 4 different sections."

"Yeah... but I don't think trees are suppose to have eyes." Pikachu murmured.

"They're not suppose to have faces, either!" Kazooie squawked while trying to get out of the pack. "Why are we even having this conversation about a dumb piece of bark?"

The giant tree was clearly insulted by this, for it began to squint as it started blowing a gust of wind at the group, sending them away as if puffed its bark, then proceeded to return to a normal state of mind. That was until Daddy Boombox dropped from the sky in from of it, laughing deviously as he popped out more copies of him, with them exploding on the tree and sending bark flying everywhere.