The Click Clock Wood was a place you would want to come to enjoy nature, where 1 could cleanse their body of all stress... well if you weren't out of place in it anyway.

"And that is my tale of caution in regards to the guidebook for going around the forest." Mr. Fit stated as he noticed his audience was laughing at him, making him huff. "Oh whatever. Go ahead and laugh, you won't read it anyway."

"Why would we read about something so useless? Who needs a listing on how to avoid annoying green birds?" A female Meowstic taunted while brushing her tail.

Suddenly a bunch of Big Cluckers started popping out of new holes they made, with the unbearable noise causing the audience to groan in ain as Mr. Fit calmly placed on some earmuffs as he knew this would happen. Nearby around the bramble field was a lone Melmetal wandered around wondering what was going on.

"It feels like I'm missing something important," The Melmetal said as he slammed his metallic body around the wooded area.