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Oliver was beyond annoyed when his phone rang, dragging him out of his rare peaceful sleep. After throwing off the covers- rather forcefully might I add, he walked over to his cell phone and glared at it as it rang. Finally, deciding to pick it up, Oliver brought it to his ear without a word.

"Noll, I believe we have solved this case." Lin's voice rang though the phone. This immediately got Oliver's attention. Maybe the disturbance wasn't a complete waste of his time.

"Explain." he commanded.

Lin, used to Oliver's tone was unfazed. "This whole case was built on a delusional, sick Mai." Oliver could hear the slight tone of annoyance in Lin's voice. He was most likely annoyed for how long the empty case took. "We solved it once Matsuzaki called Mai's cell phone. It seems her phone automatically plays her voice mails. That can account to the voices Mai heard when she fell. The coldness she felt was from the drizzle of rain coming from her open window."

"So, when I called, my voice mail played and scared her." Oliver couldn't stop the tick of annoyance pulse at his forehead. He should have known. Although he couldnt quite be upset considering she took care of him when he was ill. "Alright. Good work, Lin."

Lin, sensing Oliver's annoyance, hung up. The two ending a call without a word of goodbye was quite usual for them. Why waste time on meaningless words of departure of a phone call?

Oliver ran a hand through his unruly raven hair and walked to the kitchen to make tea. Mai would need to take the last of her cold medicine when she awoke.

Mai slowly slipped into consciousness. Light faded past her eye lids and a bubbly feeling filled her entire being. It started out as a warm and fuzzy feeling, like when you first wake up from a good dream and just lay there and pretend it was real before you have to open your eyes just to forget it forever. That's how Mai felt when she reached her arm, her fingers slightly curled as if she were trying to touch something. But the only thing that grazed her fingers were the scratchy sheets over the stretch of empty mattress.

Her eyes snapped open to see the empty space in front of her. The smell of laundry soap met her nose and she knew right away for Naru surprisingly only used all natural, scent-less soaps.

The warm feeling left her as if a cold bucket of ice had been dumped onto her. She remembered these sheets from when she had awoken late last night filled with terror from waking up to a strange smell that wasn't Naru's and the darkness of the room. She remembered dashing to the closest light to find Naru asleep on the couch. She remembered the way his figure felt so right next to hers and the way her hand felt perfect in his own, as if they were made to hold each other. And the confession. She remembered the sweet confession and chaste kiss and falling asleep on him.

But how was she here? In these scratchy sheets and bed by herself as if she had never left in the first place.

She had left, hadn't she?

She had to have left the room. All that did happen, right? It felt so real, it couldn't have been a dream. A dream couldn't feel that real. But it could. Mai had all to many experiences of her dreams being so real that sometimes she couldn't tell the difference.

Had this been one of those times? Had she dreamt all those things happening?

A sickly feeling washed over her. Not the physical illness that Naru had been taking care of her for, but a sickly feeling that made her want to scream. The feeling of hopelessness and longing that she so hated. Hopelessness did not look good on Mai. She always had hope, so when she didn't, she didn't know what to think. All she knew was that the feeling was something she never, ever wanted to experience again.

And that hopelessness hit her harder than a brick.

Her trembling fingers gripped the sheets so hard her knuckles turned white and began to numb. Her entire body went cold and stiff.

And then a material form if her pain slipped down her nose.

A tear.

Of course it was a dream. Why would it be real? She must have longed for it so much that her un-case related dream felt real.

Mai curled into a ball beneath the sheets and let her tears flow. Why couldn't she just be more mature? Didn't Ayako say women weren't supposed to cry over silly men? But here she was.

Mai didn't know how long she was crying for, muffling her sobs until someone came in.

A small sound of dishes clattering echoed through the room.

"Mai? Are you okay?"

Oliver closed the distance between himself and Mai in two long strides. Mai threw her arms over her face in an attempt to hide whilst still shaking.

"What's wrong? Are you feeling Ill again?"

Mai shook her head the best she could in her position and forced a small "No." from her lips.

"Mai, you're crying. Do you honestly expect me to believe nothing is wrong?"

Mai shuffled to hide her face more in the sheets before she began to sob aloud. "I h-had a real-really good d-dream!" and it was the truth. It was a good dream, if only she never had to wake up.

Oliver was taken aback. If it was a good dream then why was she crying? How was that supposed to work?

Without another thought, Oliver reached out his arm and gently touched Mai's back. His hand moved in soft circles around her back, physical contact was something he knew always seemed to comfort Mai the most.

"Could... Could you tell me about it?" Oliver asked almost shyly after she had begun to calm down.

Mai froze and Oliver felt it. His hand stopped its circular movements for the slightest moment and began again.

When she didn't answer, he lifted his hand again and removed the blanket from her head so he could see her face. He brushed her bangs away from her eyes and stroked her cheek. Mai's eyes fluttered shut as he continued. He was beginning to feel impatient, still he held his tongue. A little self control never hurt anybody.

As if she could sense he was going to withdraw his hand on her cheek, Mai put a hand over his. "Just... just a little longer..." she whispered.

Oliver pulled his hand away.

But then he did something that surprised them both. He circled the bed, climbed under the sheets and pulled Mai flush against his chest by her waist. His hand found hers and he laced his fingers through hers.

The small gasp he heard gave it all away. He had been suspecting it. Her body stiffened but soon she began to relax.


"You thought it was a dream didn't you?"

Mai nodded.


Mai shot out of bed and glared down at Naru, but it lasted only a second before she broke down into tears.

Hesitantly Oliver held out one of his arm.

"Come here, Mai."

She didnt move. Mai only wiped the continuous flow of water from her eyes. Why did he always have to be so insensitive? Jerk.

"Do I need to repeat myself?" he asked.

Mai fell forward and buried her face into his chest.

"The sofa became uncomfortable so I carried you back here with me. It just so happened you awoke while I was fetching your tea and medication." he said as he gestured to the tray on his dresser. Mai didnt look up. "It wasn't my intention to trick you into believing it was a dream."

Mai snuffed.

"You should take the medication, now."

Mai shook her head and wrapped a blanket over her head. She felt embarrassed from the way she reacted and she was quite comfortable laying with Naru while she was fully conscious. She had been so scared last night that it wasnt hard to creep onto the sofa with him.

"Mai, come out of there." He said. Why was she hiding now?

Mai shuffled and let out a whine. She didnt want to face him.


Mai stopped shuffling. What did he just say? Did he really just say please?

Before she could say anything, Naru picked her up.

"What the-? What are you doing?" Mai shrieked.

Naru just threw her over his shoulders. And began to walk out of the bedroom.

"Put me down!"

"Hmm, I don't want to." he said nonchalantly.

Mai had to hold up the maroon tshirt that she was wearing like a night gown of sorts. It only went to her thigh. "Naru!"

She would have hit him were her hands not preoccupied.

Though she was surprised at how easily he moved with her. Just like she wasnt there at all. She remembered he was toned when she saw him without his shirt that time he was sick, but he didnt look overly strong.

"Naru, put me down this instant!"

He abruptly let go of the hold he had on her legs causing Mai to shriek and grabbed hold of his waist as if it would stop her from falling.

Let me tell you, big mistake.

When she let go of the shirt slid down her back and piled up at her chest. Mai, being Mai, didn't notice.

Naru, almost as soon as he let go caught her legs again.

"Naru! You almost dropped me!"

"Do you really think I would have let you fall?" he asked.

Mai just started to pound her fists against his back. "Jerk, jerk, jerk, jerk, JERK!" Mai said with each hit.

"Did you feel something, Mai? I swear something just touched my back." Naru asked with faux curiosity.

"You... YOU, NARU!"

Mai's face was beet red, not only from being upside down, but because of how mad she was. God, who did the jerk think he was? She could barely hear anything over the sound of her loud huffs.

"Oh, and Mai? Blue suits you."

"I'm not wearing..." Mai shrieked once again when she realized he was talking about her... underwear.

Mai frantically pulled the shirt back up over herself. "NARU!"

And before she knew what was happening, he began to laugh. Really, truly laugh. The sound of his voice rumbled from his mouth and spread across her body like the warmest most comforting ray of sun she ever felt and suddenly she knew why he did it. Why he did something so unlike himself like toss her over his shoulder and play around. He was trying making her forget about her earlier sadness. And it worked.

This, this was why she loved this man so much, he was willing to go more than a million miles out of his way for her, to make sure she was never sad. He was willing to completely leave his comfort zone for only her. He would smile for only her.

He would laugh for only her.

When Naru stopped laughing, he began to lower her to the ground with a smile left on his face. But instead of her feet touching the floor, she wrapped her legs around his waist. His hands automatically wrapped under her legs as a reflex before he fell over from losing balance. Mai took that short time to wrap her arms around his neck.

Mai smiled and brushed her nose against his. "I love you, Oliver Davis." she whispered lovingly, "My Naru." then she did one of the boldest and bravest things she had ever done and lied her first kiss upon his lips.

It was light and chaste, but meant everything in the world. It was wasn't only her first kiss she gave him, but her willing heart as well.

Mai expected him to put her down, he wasnt a fan of most physical contact, but instead he flipped them onto the sofa from where he stood where Mai lied beneath him. A mischievous grin played across his face "You really shouldnt have done that." he said and he kissed her again. Mai was shocked from the grin, he never grinned, only smirked and once in a blue moon smiled. It took her a moment to settle from the shock but then she was kissing him back. It wasnt like anything she ever dreamed of. It was passionate.

This was a side of Naru that no one else but her knew.

"My, Mai. I... love you, too." Oliver whispered back.

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