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Wen had picked up on my discomfort quickly and slung his arm on the back of the couch behind my shoulders, dancing his fingertips across the top of my shoulder constantly. I wasn't able to tear my eyes to him, even when he tugged on my sleeve gently to coax my eyes to his. His gaze was hot on my cheek and my peripheral vision ached in ignoring him. I kept my hair pulled to my left side, untucked from my ear, blocking the bodies in the other side of my peripheral vision. The sounds of the movie barely registered over the heavy beating from my chest that echoed in my ears. I wondered if Wen could hear the pounding of my heart with his proximity, or if he could see the beads of sweat pooled in my palms as I kept them planted firmly in my lap, my anxiety disabling me from moving a muscle. I thanked the entire universe when the credits rolled across a black screen and Mo was the first to stand and stretch.

"Alright, that didn't suck completely, but I gotta head home or my dad's gonna kill me for curfew." She glanced at Charlie, a small smile on her lips as he rose from his seat.

"And since I'm the chauffeur in this situation," his voice trailed off, a yawn escaping his lips. Charlie moved towards the front door, sliding his sneakers back on his feet and grabbing a set of keys off the island, Mo trailed behind him.

"See you guys tomorrow!" she chirped, Charlie waving with a "later," passing as they exited the apartment.

Stella's voice broke through next. "You guys want to watch another movie?"

Wen's response was instantaneous. "Nah Stell, I'm pretty tired. Want to head home Liv?"

I just nodded silently, attempting to clear my throat and unstick my body from its current position. Wen stood and offered his hands out to me to grab, which I did with slight hesitation, raising my eyes to his. He felt the clammy skin of my palms against his and I watched as deeper concern flashed through his eyes, his brows tight and eyes sad. Without missing a beat, he pulled on me slightly, causing my knees to unlock and my feet hit the floor, my body rising and my chest nearly hitting his. I averted my eyes from him to stare at our feet again, my hair still blocking my view of the other two teens in the living room. A groan from stella tore my eyes from the floor and over to her. She had thrown her head back, arms folded across her chest, still sitting cross legged in the chair. "You guys suck." She rolled her eyes in our direction, standing up to cross the room and grab the remote from its position on the arm of the chair. An uneasy tingling rose from the base of my spine as my eyes shifted and connected with Thomas's for the second time that evening and I swallowed the bile that burned my throat. Panic twisted in my stomach and I felt frozen in time, our eyes on each other with the sickest memories flashing behind my eyes, an almost gleeful expression behind his. Our gaze lasted only seconds as Stella crossed my line of vision, bumping Wen on her way through. His body brushed against me and I tore my eyes from Thomas and made a beeline for the front door, tugging my shoes on quickly and waiting for Wen to do the same as he pulled his keys from his pocket. "Bye guys!" Stella called, now sitting on the couch. "Bye Stell," Wen called back.

"It was nice to meet you guys," came a deeper voice from beside Stella on the couch and Wen and I both turned around from our place at the front door. "I hope it's okay if I hang out more, I don't really have friends right now," Thomas's voice was smooth and easy. It made my skin crawl. "You guys seem like you have a lot of fun and with me living right down the hall it'd be pretty easy for me to come around, if that's cool with you guys." He trailed off, gaze shifting to Stella, to Wen, and finally me.

"Yeah, I'm sure we can make some room for you in our rag-tag bunch" Stella quipped. Thomas smiled and my breath caught in my throat. Why was this happening? I felt Wen's eyes piercing into me and I forced a small smile onto my face. With Thomas's eyes also on me, I wouldn't let him know how my stomach was a ticking time bomb of anxiety and dread. I wouldn't let him see me sweat or know how every single muscle was tense with the desire to run, and run quickly. I kept my feet firmly planted, not allowing my knees to shake and opened my mouth. "The more, the merrier." I raised a hand, waving goodbye and turned to the front door, willing my legs to move once again and calmly walked out the front door with Wen calling "goodbye" from the doorway. I thought that I heard Thomas's voice mutter something about heading out too, but the door was shut before I could know for sure. Wen and I walked silently to the car, him jingling the keys in his hand and unlocking the doors from about ten feet away.

I slid into the passenger seat with a heavy sigh, closing my eyes tightly and resting my head back against the headrest as Wen turned the key in the ignition. I opened my eyes to see his fingers dance on the volume control for the radio and muted it, reaching down to turn the dial up on the heat and finally resting on the gear shift. He paused, eyes tracing up my body and landing on my face. I glanced down to see his hand reach out for mine from the gear shift but stop and return to the same position."Do you wanna talk?" he asked softly. "What happened in there?" His voice dripped with concern.

My mind raced with scenarios. I could tell him the truth, but that would put him in danger if he decided to act on his knowledge. I could lie to him and spare him the potential hurt of a crazed lunatic. I could handle this. I could handle my emotions and I didn't have to risk the safety of my friends. Thomas was dangerous and he and I knew it. He is capable of anything, and I wouldn't doubt his levels of depravity. If my friends found out the truth about who he was, he could hurt them in worse ways than he hurt me. If he was able to get out of jail and immediately find me, immediately infiltrate my group of friends, immediately break a hundred laws and rules, he didn't care about anything. I could only imagine what he had planned in his twisted head. Why had he tracked me down again? To finish what he started? To do it all over again? I felt nauseous at the thought of ever being alone with him. A second wave of panic crashed over me as I thought about Stella and Thomas alone in her apartment. My hands shot out for the door handle but the door was already locked. "Olivia." Wen's voice pierced the silence and I turned to look at him. "Was that…" he choked on his words, struggling to find the right way to spit it out.

"No." My decision to spare my friends potential danger was made for me right there in that moment as the word came tumbling from my lips. "It wasn't him. Tall guys named Thomas just make me uneasy and are triggering. I wasn't prepared for it tonight," I spit back at him, hand still on the door handle. "I think I left my phone in the apartment, can you unlock the door for me to go check?" I pleaded with my eyes that he wouldn't press me any further. I couldn't look into his face and lie any more. No matter how much it would spare him, lying to him hurt me so deeply. He unlocked the car with a sigh and as calmly as I could, I stepped out of the car and made my way back inside the doors, buzzing the number for Stella's apartment and sighing with relief when I heard the door in front of me unlock. I made my way to the stairwell and ran up to the second floor, pushing on the metal bar to open the door and making my way to Stella's room, knocking on the door quickly. A few seconds passed when the door opened, revealing Stella in sweatpants and a baggy tee shirt, my phone dangling from her fingertips.

"I figured you'd come back for this." She chuckled, sliding the phone into my hands. "It must've fallen into the couch during the movie. Tom found it before he left." Another sigh of relief passed my lips. She wasn't alone with him, he was gone, Stella was safe.

"Thank you," I smiled at Stella, trying to steady the beating of my heart. "Don't know what I would've done without this." I shook the phone a bit and laughed lightly, matching Stella's energy. "Wen's waiting, I should go. See you tomorrow!" I turned to leave.

"Liv, are you okay?" Stella's voice lost it's edge and I turned back to look at my friend in the doorway. "You're acting strange and have been all night." I swallowed.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'm sorry. I'm just super stressed about the band and about school and I'm so tired." I lied through my teeth, once again. But Stella seemed to buy my lies as they rolled off my tongue like silk.

"I totally get it, but hey, it's almost Charlie's birthday, so you know that'll be an awesome party to give your brain a break!" She quipped optimistically. "And your songs are amazing, don't stress about that. We're gonna be fine." She smiled at me. "I'm always here for you, girl. For anything." I just smiled and nodded at my friend as she softly closed the door and I turned back to the stairwell, clutching my phone tightly in my hand. I had completely forgotten about Charlie's birthday. It was on halloween so he always had a huge costume party at his parent's barn which was in the town over. Lemonade Mouth was supposed to perform a song or two there, hence practice today. I groaned inwardly; I hated parties, especially large ones, and I didn't feel in any sort of headspace to be playing live in two weeks. I opened the door to the stairwell, hardly paying attention to my surroundings with my head swimming in stress about the party, and turned to my left, going to climb down the stairs when a low throat clearing made me jump and look up and my soul left my body instantly.

The corners of his eyes crinkled with the grin that spread across his face as he slowly scanned over me with his eyes. He stood from his sitting position on the bottom stair and crossed the threshold between us, placing one hand on the door next to my head, the other resting at his side in a fist. I couldn't breathe, couldn't move, couldn't form a coherent thought as his eyes searched my face, examining every minute detail with a hungry glimmer. The familiar scent of his Calvin Klein cologne made me want to gag as it filled my nostrils. The hand at his side rose up and he caressed my cheek with the back of his fingertips and I turned my head away from him sharply. He grabbed my chin roughly diverting my eyes back to his.

"I've missed you." He said sweetly. "I've had a lot of time to think about you, Olivia." He leaned forward, pressing his face into my hair and inhaling deeply, sighing as he pulled back. "I spent every day thinking about the way you look, the way you smell, the way you taste… I almost forgot how sweet you are." Silent tears welled in my eyes and I shut them tightly, refusing to let them fall. Refusing to let him see me falter. His grip on my chin loosened and his hand traveled down farther, brushing the throbbing vein in my throat, across my collarbone, the space between my breasts, across my stomach and ending on my hip, where he squeezed roughly, pushing my lower body hard against the door behind us. I gritted my teeth at the contact and a small whimper escaped my lips. "Oh don't pretend like you don't like it when I'm rough with you, baby." He laughed lowly. "I'm hard just thinking about our last time," He pressed his hips against mine and I felt the bulge in his pants, and swallowed hard. "And how I can't wait to do it again." He leaned his face into mine again, pressing his lips to my neck and a sob passed through my lips.

"Please, stop." I finally managed to shoot out, but his hold on my hip just grew tighter, making me wince in pain. He pulled his head from my neck, his eyes the same deep shade of blue that they were on that night years ago.

"I don't want to stop, Olivia. You feel too good." His hands drifted up from my hip, causing my shirt to rise up as well as his hand trailed up my stomach and his fingers traced the curved line under my breast, when he paused his movements suddenly and moved his thumb to the middle of my chest just below my breasts and slowly dragged it up and down, feeling the three inch line of raised skin in that spot. He moved his eyes down to examine the scar, moving his other hand from its position next to my head and lifting my shirt higher. He laughed when he finally saw the scar that he had left me with. He brought his eyes back to mine and gripped my waist firmly with both hands, leaning his lips down to mine. "You will always belong to me." His words dripped with a tone of seduction that I could only perceive as a threat. I turned my face away from his as a tear slipped out of the corner of my eye.

The sound of the stairwell door a few floors above us opening made Thomas jump and drop his grip on my waist. I took the opportunity to remove myself from his proximity and ran down the stairs as fast as I could to the sound of him calling after me, "I'll see you soon, Olivia!"

I wiped my eyes as I ran out to the parking lot and into Wen's car. His car was warm and comfortable, the radio back on and playing some used car dealership commercial through the stereo. I swallowed hard and slid into the passenger seat, hoping that Wen couldn't see me visibly shaking as I buckled my seatbelt.

"You get your phone?" He questioned, his hand on the gear shift between us. I looked at him and nodded, trying to form a smile on my lips.

"Yeah, can you take me home now? I'm really tired." I replied softly, pulling the sleeves of my top down over my thumbs to occupy my hands from shaking. Wen nodded and pulled out of the parking space, making his way back to the main road toward my house. The drive was silent between us, which I was thankful for. I feared the second I tried to make my vocal cords work, I would collapse into sobs about what had just transpired. Wen dropped me off at my house, leaving me with an "I'll see you tomorrow, Liv." and a sad smile. I knew he just wanted to help me and be there for me but had no idea how. I had quickly reached across the seat to wrap one arm around his neck in a quick hug before dashing inside my house and locking the door behind me. Grams was in her room all tucked into bed reading a book and I stopped in to tell her I was home and just needed to shower and sleep. I kissed her on the cheek and bid her goodnight, then walking into the bathroom, shedding my clothes and getting in the shower as quickly as I could.

I don't know how long I had been in the shower or when I had collapsed into a heap of myself on the floor, arms curled around my knees, my chin resting atop them. I didn't register when the steaming drops of water turned into hard icicles piercing the skin on my shoulder blades. I stared at the white tile of the shower wall in front of me; my body shivering, my face unmoving for what felt like hours. All I could see was blue. Vibrant, piercing aquamarine that for so long had only existed in haunting my dreams, but now would prove to curse my days as well. Our encounter in the stairwell had shaken me to my core and I didn't know how I would recover from that. Not only had Thomas found me and infiltrated my friends, but he had touched me again. He had taken control of me once again and I didn't know how to fight back. The last time I fought back, I had paid the price in pain, tears, and blood. I couldn't let him hurt any of my friends and I wouldn't let him hurt me again. I had hoped the long shower would wash away the remnants of the feeling of his fingers on my skin, his lips on my neck, but those touches were burned into my flesh. I felt hot tears on my face and blinked hard, finally letting more fall. Silent sobs wracked through my body and I clutched my knees tighter, burying my face in them. I allowed myself this weakness while I was alone and refused to let it leave the shower. I found the breath in my lungs again after a few moments, and closing my eyes I counted to ten before standing up and turning the shower off. I opened the curtain and wrapped myself in a towel, wiping the condensation off the mirror and staring at the girl before me. I made a silent promise to her that Thomas hadn't gotten the best of her last time, and he wouldn't get the best of her this time. I would go to the police station right after school tomorrow and file a report, talk to the officer from last time, call out his parole officer, whatever it took. I was refusing to stand by idly and let Thomas try to ruin me. He would never win this battle.

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