I hate this.

I'm in a coma, apparently. This stinks. I hear Wanda and Cosmo crying and sobbing, and there's nothing I can do! And they won't even talk to each other. They won't cry together, they won't worry about me together. If they're going to worry about me, at least they could do it together!

They've mentioned divorce. I can't let that happen. I love them both too much. I won't go into shared godchild custody. I won't. And Poof, how will he turn out if his parents get a divorce? How will I turn out?

She's mad at him.

He's mad at her.

My parents aren't here.

This blows.

Four weeks ago…

"Cosmo, Wanda, I need help with homework," Timmy called from his desk to the goldfish bowl. Mr. Crocker had been in a good mood, which meant causing children pain and suffering with a report on the Titanic. He had a mile-high tower of papers listing the requirements and instructions for the project.

Wanda poofed out first, followed by Cosmo, her mouth open and in mid shout.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" She shouted so loud her eyes shut like they were hiding from the noise.

"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" Cosmo hollered back.

Poof poofed out of the fishbowl with salty tears pooling in his large, innocent eyes. He went over to his mother and tugged on her shirt in with whatever strength his baby arms had in them, only to have her lunge forward in another holler at her husband. Poof began to sob as he rushed over to Timmy, who was stricken with shock at his godparents fighting so harshly for no apparent reason.

Poof flew into the safely of his godbrother's arms and cried into his shirt. "Poof poof," he whimpered, begging Timmy to do something.

Timmy looked up to his godparents with furrowed brow and hollered, "What's going on guys?"

"YOU'RE HORRIBLE!" Wanda shouted at Cosmo. Cosmo stuck his tongue out at her in response.

Timmy, not knowing how to whistle, opted to shout instead, "Super toilet and chocolate!"

"Super toilet?" Cosmo immediately and by instinct rushed into Wanda's arms, while her eyes showed Hershey's bars raining down on Earth.

Timmy rolled his eyes. "Thank you. Now will someone tell me what's going on?"

Wanda pushed Cosmo away, and Timmy noticed something. When Wanda's hand separated them, a slight sliver of hurt broke through Cosmo's anger. "It's nothing for you to worry about Sport," Wanda grumbled.

"Oh, yes, it is. When my godparents are so upset with each other that they can't even be bothered to realize that their son…" Timmy knew he was being harsh, but at the moment, he didn't care. "…is crying and their godchild has no idea what year the Titanic sank, I need to know what's going on!"

"The same year as your grades?" Cosmo commented not-so-helpfully.

"Idiot," Wanda muttered under her breath.



Timmy turned to Poof, who was bawling all over again. "Don't worry Poof, I'll fix this," He promised. He felt good being able to comfort Poof, it gave him a sense of maturity, like he was saving Poof. Poof gave a little nod and hugged Timmy before going back into the goldish bowl. Timmy separated his legs and took stance, he took a deep breath, and yelled, "I WISH YOU BOTH WOULD STOP FIGHTING!"

Silence fell over the room, not because they wanted to, but because they had to. Timmy nodded with pride at his work. "Good. Now, Cosmo, can you tell me why you're upset?" Huh, I'm pretty good at this. I should be a marriage counselor for a living.

Cosmo smirked triumphantly at Wanda, who sneered. "Well, I was just flying around the castle with Phillip and pretending to race when I accidentally knocked over a vase. Wanda got all mad at me and told me to clean it, but I wanted to do it later. Then she started yelling at me and calling me names,"

Wanda interrupted, "No, you threw the first insult when you called me a nag!"

"But I said it quietly, you yelled in my ear that I'm an idiot!" Cosmo had tears prickling at the corners of his eyes, which he tried to subtly wipe away. He hated fighting with Wanda it always drained his energy mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Timmy turned to Wanda just in time to see her face fall in concern for her crying husband, until something swept it under the rug and brought back the glare. "Well you are an idiot!" She yelled back.

Timmy wasn't going to stand for this. "Ok, that's it! I've listen to you two for…" Timmy got off his chair and stared up at his godparents, but then paused. Purplish, dark colored dots were clouding his vision, but he did have low blood pressure, so that was normal when he got up after sitting for a long time. "…too long for something as stupid as a vase. What's really…" he stopped again. Was the room spinning?

Wanda and Cosmo paused and looked eat their godchild. "Sport? Are you ok?" Wanda flew lower down to Timmy's side and Cosmo followed.

Timmy shook his head, which was feeling much lighter as a dark tunnel of night sky enclosed around him. "Yeah, I'm fine. Why are you guys fighting so…" he reached out to the desk for balance and winced. "…bad."

Cosmo looked in confusion at his godson. "Timmy? You look like Wanda after too much chocolate."

Timmy's vision was slowly clouding by dark splotches. "Wanda," his voice quietly called as he put a hand to his head. "My head feels light."

Wanda and Cosmo forgot their dispute for a moment to exchange worried glances. "What do you mean 'light'? Do you think you're going to faint?" Wanda asked.

Timmy's stomach lurched and tightened as his vision clouded more "W-Wanda, I feel dizzy." He looked up to his godmother, who was increasingly alarmed at his condition.

"Ok, come get into bed." She led him to his bed, which he could barely climb into until collapsing onto the mattress.

"Am I gonna faint Wanda?" Timmy's eyelids were falling over his eyes quickly and he seemed to be impervious to stop it.

Wanda felt Timmy's forehead. "I don't know Sport, just lie there, ok?"

Cosmo floated there, helpless. He didn't know what to do, he wasn't the macho type to start saying he's fine, or that they should take him to the hospital. He wasn't a medical guy to know what was wrong with Timmy, but he cared. He loved Timmy like his own kid, even if he couldn't help like Wanda. Still, he could ask how he felt.

He took in a deep breath and floated over to Timmy. "Are you ok Timmy?"

Timmy started to cry as he grabbed Wanda's arm. "I'm scared."

Cosmo got onto the bed next to Timmy and tried to distract him. "Hey Timmy, remember the time Wanda left us home alone and went to the spa, and we accidentally let cockroaches take over the world?"

Timmy smiled weakly. "That was kinda fun." He was about to remind Cosmo of another tale when he lurched forward in bed. "Ah, Wanda, my head hurts," he moaned.

Wanda rubbed his back gently. "Where does it hurt Timmy?"

"My…head…" He closed his eyes and leaned on Wanda as if going to sleep. "Wanda, I'm scared."

Cosmo and Wanda were both very worried at this point. And which doctor should they take them to, and how? They were fairies, they couldn't just walk into a hospital and blurt, 'We're Timmy's fairy godparents, and he's in bad shape, can you check him out?'


Wanda turned to Timmy and rubbed his back again. "Yeah Sport?"

"Wanda…" Timmy's skin began to grow a sickly, swamp green.

She tried to subtly grab the phone as to not scare her godchild. "What is it, honey?"

Timmy's lunch came up.

Wanda immediately dialed 911. "That's it, we're getting you to the hospital." She waited for the 911 operator to pick up. "Hi, I need an ambulance. My son is dizzy and light-headed, has extreme pain in his head and just threw up. He's eleven, we're at 67834 Ronald Drive in Dimmsdale."

Timmy's eyes finally shot open. "W-Wanda, I don't want to go to the hospital, I'm scared." He gripped onto his godfather's arm. "Cosmo, I'm scared. I don't want to die."

Cosmo swallowed back tears. No, make Wanda proud of you. "You'll be ok Timmy. And we'll be there the whole time."

"You can't, you're fairies. And my parents are out of town, who's going to…" Timmy trailed off as a surge of pain took over his head. "C-Cosmo, it hurts so bad."

Cosmo gulped. He didn't know much about fairy medical problems, let alone human ones. Whatever Timmy had didn't sound or look good. "We'll pretend to be your parents, we've done it before!" Cosmo's tiny intelligent part of his brain sparked at that moment, and he poofed himself tall. Wanda followed shortly after.

Timmy smiled weakly as his eyes began to close. "Don't forget to breathe."

Cosmo took a breath of air as he laughed a little. "You mean all the time?"

Wanda smiled at her husband and godson. The 911 operator wasn't sure, but told her than it was likely something in his brain, but there would be no way of knowing until they got to the hospital. Speaking of, an ambulance pulled up to the house.

She hung up and turned to Timmy. "Sport, the ambulance is here, then we're going to get you to the hospital, ok sweetie?"

Timmy curled up in his blanket and shivered. "Wanda, I'm cold."

Tears burned at the back of her eyes as she brushed some of Timmy's hair out of his eyes. "I know, honey, we'll be there soon, ok?"

Timmy nodded weakly. He started praying his head, apologizing for everything he'd ever done wrong. He wanted his parents, he wanted all his friends. He wanted everything to be ok.

Poof poofed out of the bowl, only to find his godbrother weak and limp on the bed. "Poof poof?!" he exclaimed with tears poking at his eyes. What was happening to Timmy?

A man from the ambulance came up with a stretcher. "Hey, where's the Timmy Turner?"

Wanda stood up and pointed to her godson. "He's been like this for about ten minutes and only gotten worse. We're his parents." Wanda wasn't sure how this lie would play out when his real parents got home, but they couldn't worry about that now. "What's wrong with him?"

"We're not sure ma'am, we'll know more at the hospital." Several more men came in and all lifted Timmy onto the stretcher. "How do you feel son?"

Timmy attempted to answer, though all he wanted to do was go to sleep. "I'm cold, my head hurts really bad, and I was dizzy before. I'm scared, am I gonna be alright?"

"We're going to get you to the hospital and we'll know more there, kid."

"Wanda, Cosmo," he called over to his godparents, who rushed over to him in an instant. His vision was no where near good as he shut his eyes and whispered, "I love you guys."

With that, he was out cold.


"He has…an…aneurysm? What even is that?" Wanda's voice broke mid-sentence.

Wanda's voice? Where am I?

The doctor explained, "It's when a weak spot in a blood vessel in the brain grows larger. Timmy's ruptured and bled, and thankfully we stopped the bleeding before any major damage could be caused."

I guess that's a doctor, and man does that sound bad. An aneurysm? So, my brain exploded somewhere? Yuck.

He continued, "However, he's now in a coma. All his vitals are in nice shape, which is a good sign. We'll know more when, hopefully, he wakes up."

"Hopefully?" Wanda and Cosmo asked in unison.


"He might…not…wake up?" Cosmo attempted to wrap his head around what was happening to his first child. It hurt to think about bad things like this.

He sounds like he's crying, and I've never heard Wanda sound more choked up. I'm sorry, guys.

"All we can do now is wait. Would you like to spend some time with him?" The doctor asked, flipping through his clip board.

Pleases say yes. I'm scared.

"Yes, please doctor," Wanda answered with one foot already in the room.

"Alright. I'll be back in an hour or so, but there will be nurses in and out. I'm very sorry this happened. When are his parents getting back?" The doctor started writing things down on his chart as Wanda sighed.

Great time for Mom and Dad to visit Singapore.

"We couldn't reach them, but they're scheduled to get back in a few weeks," she explained. She didn't even know how they would be able to see Timmy once his parents got back.

"Alright. And you are again?"

"We're…" Como and Wanda exchanged questioning looks.

Yeah, what lie did Wanda come up with after telling them they're my parents? I guess they really couldn't keep up the lie, that wouldn't work out when Mom and Dad got back.

"…his godparents."

Actually true.

"Thank you. You can go see him now."

"Thank you, doctor."

A door just opened, man are their footsteps loud. They're next to me, I can feel it. Guys? I've missed you. I love you guys. I'm scared.

The poofed back to normal form as soon as the doctor left. Cosmo was on one side of the bed, and Wanda was on the other. Their tears dripped onto the bed as they spoke. "Timmy, we don't know if you can hear us…"


"…but we're really sorry for fighting earlier. If you can hear us, don't be scared. The doctors are going to do their very best, and we're sure you'll get out of here soon."

"Yeah, and you can eat all the ice cream and chocolate you want! You can I can stay up late reading the Crimson Chin, and we'll build an amusement park in your backyard too," Cosmo exclaimed. He was beginning to get almost excited for all the fun they would have when his godson woke up.

That sounds fun.

Wanda squeezed Timmy's hand. "We miss you Sport. We called all your friends so they can come visit you. We…can't get through to your parents, but they'll be home soon and we'll keep trying."

"The good news is that Wanda won't nag you while you're unconscious!"



No, guys, please don't fight. Not now, not ever. I love you guys, and I know you love each other. Please don't fight.

Wanda sighed and tried to refocus on her godson. She could only handle so many crises at a time, for goodness sakes! Couldn't Cosmo behave himself for more than five minutes? "Timmy, we love you. We have to go sign some paper work, and we're going to call your parents again."

Ok. I love you both. Can I see Poof? Or anyone?

Cosmo frowned and his head drooped. "We love you Timmy. You're our first, try, try to pull out of this." He started crying as he spoke, and his hand gripped Timmy's tighter. "I don't wanna lose my best friend!" With no alert or warning, Cosmo poofed out of the room in a mess of tears.

No, Cosmo! Come back! Great, now he's gone and Wanda's probably gonna leave, and what if she doesn't go help you?

Wanda turned back to Timmy, droplets sparkling in her eyes and threatening to spill out. "I should go see if, oh Timmy, I don't know what to do anymore. And I don't think I should tell you what…never mind. I just, I need to get some air." She was crying more steadily and gripping the bed rails.

That's a lie and you know it! Fairies don't need air! Wanda, just stop all this! You're the strong one!

Wanda tried to speak, "I…I'm…" She was gasping and coking on her words, her heart pounding like a jackhammer in her chest.

Wanda, talk to me RIGHT NOW. I'm in a coma, and you're all falling apart!

Wanda, for the first time in her fairy life, wanted to lean on someone. She wanted Timmy to wake up and talk to her for hours about what she should do. She needed him, her husband, her son, she was the core and now everyone was breaking off and falling apart and she was helpless. "I've…I have to go, Timmy. Just, please get better." She poofed away without another word.

You didn't say goodbye.