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"There you go, easy, Sport."

"My head feels like it weighs a hundred pounds."

"I'm the one carrying you!"

"Poof poof!"

Timmy rolled his eyes and shot a smile up at his godparents. "Well, gee, I'm sorry if walking is kind of hard after being in a coma for weeks."

Cosmo followed the good-natured teasing by gently tickling his godchild. "Don't worry, we'll get you back for it! I've been practicing the new video game, you're never going to beat me!" The pride on Cosmo's face was so pronounced, no one had the heart to break it.

"I think you both need to go outside more," Wanda said, ever the well-meaning mother. She tilted her head towards Timmy. "You want to go back to bed now, honey? You look tired." She proofed them all back to his hospital room before he could answer. "Never mind, you need rest."

"Poof!" Poof flung himself at a teal, cubed balloon, hugged it, and let the helium hold his body up. Timmy's room resembled a constant party. More balloons than even Wanda could count adorned every inch of the once-plain room, surrounded by puzzles, comics, action figures, stuffed-animals and get-well-soon cards. Wanda sometimes thought it looked like someone had leaked a giant, multi-color paint bucket into the room.

"Timmy, are you sure you don't want us to poof some of this stuff back to your house?" She wacked a balloon out of her field of view for good measure. "It's getting a little…extreme."

Reaching up to grab a Crimson Chin comic that wouldn't be released for another six months, Timmy smiled, shrugged, and settled back into bed. "Why should I? It's like a Timmy museum in here!"



Cosmo leapt behind his wife, arms around her waist and head buried in her hair. She shook her head at her husband's fright, took his hand and whispered, "It's ok, it's just Jorgen, louder than necessary, as usual."

"And, I brought friends!" Jorgen announced, smiling down at his favorite trouble-making godchild.

The moment Jorgen stepped back, out from behind him stood every fairy he had ever met: The Anti-Fairies, Pixies, Mama Cosma, Melody, Cupid, Juadnissimo, Blonda, and every magical being that had ever tried to kill or raise Timmy up. "HAPPY…."

The group all looked at each other.

"What were we supposed to say again?" Cupid turned up towards Jorgen, who was presently smacking himself in the forehead.

"Never mind," he muttered through gritted teeth.

"Thanks, guys!" Timmy exclaimed, though his throat came back to bite him for the enthusiasm.

Wanda rolled her eyes, but paired the action with a smile, as a new, monstrous pile of gifts, balloons, and chocolates poofed in front of her. "Timmy, I think it's safe to say you've achieved Christmas in March."

Shrugging, as if he had just one a lottery prize he was expecting, Timmy grabbed a Crimson Chin action-figure and smiled. The smile everyone loved. The smile of buck-teeth, innocence, and sweet love that the world couldn't live without. "Well, what can I say? I'm the Chosen One!"

Laughter danced round the room, and Timmy pulled Poof into his lap. "Hey, Poof? You wanna watch an action movie?"

Cosmo could only stifle his giggle as Wanda went into panic mode. "Oh, no WAY! Those things are too violent for him, I've told you that!"

Before Timmy could make his case, Cosmo sling-shot his godson two more action-figures. "Wanna play instead, Timmy?"

Wanda froze, silent and in pure shock, as Timmy smiled, nodded, and agreed to play. Her three boys commenced to their games, each with an action figure in hand, shooting and imaging every wonderful, crazy notion boys could think of.

Her husband gave her a quick, soft glance, and winked.

She sighed, and smiled back. "Thanks, sweetheart."

Timmy's hospital room turned into a party of sorts, after that point. Fairies chatted, Melody was thrown in jail, Mama Cosma was forced to watch Cosmo and Wanda kiss in front of the whole room, and Poof, Timmy, and Foop bonded through trickery, pranks, and general well-meaning schemes.

"He's a good kid, right, Wanda?" Cosmo grabbed her hand and smiled, turning to face his wife.

Nodding, Wanda watched as her godson dropped a bucket of water on Anti-Cosmo's head. She giggled, "Definitely."


While several voices jumbled together to from the collective scream, every magical being in the room knew they were human voices, and Jorgen took control, "Hide!"

About a hundred colorful balloons, with faces, popped up in the room the moment a new herd crashed through the door.

Timmy smiled. He was used to it.

"Timmy! You're ok!" Vicky's outburst, uncharacteristic and embarrassing, sent eyes on her from every point in the walls. She flushed. "Uh, I mean, great, you're awake, Twerp." The look in her eyes, however, was unmistakable, and Timmy returned her light grin. She was happy.

She was followed by Chester, AJ, Sanjay, Elmer, Mr. Crocker, Timmy's parents, and every other human who had ever meant anything to him, including a slightly-late Mark Chang.

"WHAT'S UP?!" Mark exclaimed, flinging himself at Timmy's side. "Dude, you slept for a long time, that's just not right."

Ignoring his friend's well-meaning explosion, Timmy looked up with watering eyes at the two adults staring at him. "Mom? Dad?"


They rushed forward, grabbed him in a hug, and muttered all sorts of apologies at him. "Timmy, we're so sorry! We had no idea, the service in Singapore wasn't working at our hotel! Are you alright? Can you ever forgive us?"

The temptation was there. As Wanda gave him a trusting look, Cosmo smiled nervously, and Poof watched blankly, he knew that he had a choice. He looked back at his parents. They were apologizing. Like they did every single time this happened. No matter how they cried now, no matter how much they apologized now, they would do it again. Eventually, he would come home with a project, or a fun weekend escapade, and they would say, 'Not now, Timmy, we're busy,' and he would have to deal with it.

Again, his eyes shot up to Wanda. His mother. She wanted him to forgive them. She knew he was a good kid, she knew he loved them, and she wanted him to do the right thing. Yet, something in her eyes told him she would understand if he never forgave them. If he called this the last straw. Her advice had to mean something to him. Wanda was always there for him, when Timmy needed help with school, or explanation on why life is hard, or just a motherly hug.

His father. Cosmo smiled a half-smile, as if he understood that his was difficult for his godson. As stupid and childish as his godfather could be, he was his best friend. Cosmo trusted him. Cosmo believed in him when a deadline came down to it, or when he needed to go down a scary waterslide, or when he needed a guy's word of advice.

Poof. Timmy cracked a smile when he saw his little brother. The kid who had, from Cosmo's pregnancy, made his life a living heck. Then he got there. He came, and he was everything he had ever wanted in a little brother. He knew his parents had seen the change. After Poof, Timmy was more responsible, a bit more alert, and more understanding of punishments. He had a little life relying on him.

The room and all its inhabitants froze as Timmy looked up to his parents. The ones who would betray him time and time again before he could count to ten.

"Of course I forgive you," Timmy said, smiling.

His mother beamed with tears in her eyes. "Oh, Timmy, that's wonderful!"

Timmy's Dad smiled just as wide, and patted him on the back. "Thanks, champ!"

Timmy shot a look up at his family, and Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof grinned right back. "I love you guys."


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