"Aether, behind!"

" PSI! " Joker watched as Aether blasted the Shadow behind her away. She twirled her halberd around her, using the momentum to cut through another Shadow. The Phantom Thief watched in earnest as his pupil worked, casually pulling out his gun and shooting behind him, dissolving a Shadow. " Glacius! Bash the ice Hypatia!" Joker watched in amazement as Aether's Persona slammed the ice completely through the Shadow. She's had her Persona for only two weeks and was already innovating what he and the rest of the Thieves believed to be a tried and true formula. A soar of pride filled him as he turned and stabbed through another Shadow.

"Keep it up, Aether!" He called out, deactivating his Third Eye as he returned to his notebook. His last teacher session with Albus resulted in the said notebook to 'help him keep track of progress.' He had to admit it was more beneficial than he realized.

Hermione Granger, A.K.A. Aether

HP: 89/94

SP: 44/46

Initial Persona: Hypatia.

Current Persona: Hypatia.

Persona LVL: 2

Strength: 2

Magic: 4

Endurance: 2

Agility: 3


Inherits: Psi

Resists: Psi

Weak: Agi


Psi - 4% SP - Light Psychokinesis (PSY) Damage to one foe

Bash - 5% HP - Light Physical Damage to one foe

Rakukaja 8% SP - Increase one ally's Defense power for 3 minutes.

Aether has plenty of ingenious ideas, such as combining her Magic and Skills. Must work out how Aether will gain other Personas. Will reach out to VR soon for clarification.

Aether has not mentioned any SL yet. Will be a difficult conversation, given Aether's Strong Moral code. Is Anime in this Universe? Could use "My Friends are my power!" Cliche. Will Attempt Cliche.

"Joker!" Aether called, staring into space, eyes focused on something, but his Third Eye saw nothing when he looked. "Joker, scrolls are floating over here!?"

He closed his notebook. "Don't touch them yet, Aether. How many are there?"

"F-five of them?"

Joker tried to recall what he remembered from Igor about Narukami's Wild Card ability. "Shuffle time!" He called out. "This is an ability given to you by the Wild Card. It's slightly different than the one I know of, though. Can you see anything on the scrolls?"

There was a pause as she called out. "Two have what seems to be Runes, but I don't believe I've seen anything like these before. One is a picture of a Wand, One is a picture of a Sword, and the last one is a Summoning Circle!?" Aether reached a hand forward but brought it back before doing anything.

"It'd be best if we ignored the Runes for now; we don't want to get into something we don't know. The Wand represents a bonus to current strength, The Sword should be a Skill card for your Persona, and the last might be for a new Persona." Joker scratched his head. He at least thought that was right.

"A new Persona!? Does that mean I'll lose Hypatia?"

Great, something Joker knew how to answer from his own experience. "Not immediately. As the Wild Card, you, Aether, can hold multiple Personas. The amount usually goes up, the stronger your soul gets. I started with six spaces available to me, counting Arsene, but the number may be smaller since you're younger. If you run out of space, you'll usually be able to choose one to get rid of."

Tentatively, she reached out before grasping with her hand. In a small flash, she held a scroll that turned blue before fading away. Aether grabbed her head and steadied herself. Joker walked over and placed his hand on her to steady her. The first time it happened, he nearly fell into one of the ugly busts of Kamoshida. His student reoriented herself before swapping masks like he had so many times before. She cringed. It couldn't be that bad, could it? His first extra Personas were Pixie and then Bicorn, but his compendium was all over the place because of Yaldabaoth. Aether sighed before summoning her new Persona. "Come to me, Slime!"

Joker failed to cover his snicker.

The doors to the Great Hall burst open during the Halloween feast, causing Ren to jump to his feet, hand on his mask ready to call Yoshistune to him should the need be. Seven adult wizards walked in, the one in front seemingly the most important, given how shiny his robes were. Albus must have stood as he had placed a calming hand on Ren's shoulder. "Ah, Minister Fudge! What a surprise! What brings you to our humble school?"

Ren began to relax and then immediately tensed up again upon the Minister's response. "Aurors! Arrest that man for destroying Ministry Property!" The whole Hall burst into noise, and Ren could only pick out a few different pieces.

"Destroying Ministry Property?"

"How? He's been on the grounds the whole time!"

"Is he talking about the Dementor incident?"

"That's a crock of shit! If he didn't, the Potter kid and some of the Hufflepuff team could've gotten kissed!"

"What took them so long to respond?"

"Why is the Minister of Magic making basic arrests?"

Ren turned the sounds out after Albus took a step in front of him. "I believe it would be best that we speak of this in private, Minister? There's no point in ruining all of these children's dinners with such talk, don't you agree?" The students closest to the head table snickered at the Headmaster's tone. The Minister of Magic seemed to notice the tone change, as some color came to his cheeks.

Albus gestures to Minerva, who stands up and quickly makes her way to the Great Hall's side room, and Ren sighs before walking that way. He gives a quick look to Hermione, who looks worried, where he gives a grin that he hopes comforts her. Albus spoke fast when he entered. "I'll try and talk him down Ren, please don't worry." The Headmaster quickly turns around, and before Ren has a chance to say anything, the Minister along with his Aurors walk in.

"Well?" The Minister begins. "Aurors, get to it." He gives a hand wave to his police, signifying for them to do his bidding.

"If I may, Minister, What exactly is Mr. Amamiya getting arrested for?"

The Minister seems to lose some of his steam before blustering himself back up. "As I said earlier, Albus, he is being arrested for destroying Ministry property!"

"Yes, yes, I did hear you the first time. However, Mr. Amamiya has been here on Hogwarts grounds this whole time. The wards have never notified me once of him leaving or entering. What property did he destroy?"

The Minister pulled out what seemed to be a newspaper with a huff before throwing it on the nearby table. "I'd think you and the whole of Wizarding Britain know what property he destroyed." Ren picked up the paper as the two of them began to argue.

Dementors Destroyed!?

By: Rita Skeeter

Earlier today, this Reporter received information from one of our sources that shook them to their core. Ren Amamiya, Hogwarts' new Groundskeeper, was at the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch when disaster was about to strike. High above the field, Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, and the Gryffindor Seeker was attacked by Dementors. Mr. Potter fell fast to the pitch's ground, but somehow, Mr. Amamiya was faster. Physically jumping from the Quidditch stands- landing perfectly fine from the 80-meter drop- he ran and caught the unconscious Mr. Potter. The Dementors chased their prey and, from what sources have been telling us, at most up to 25, entered Hogwart's pitch. And this, dear readers, is where things get interesting.

Mr. Amamiya set down his charge, shouted for the surrounding crowd to move, and summoned a Glyph in a flash of light. The Groundskeeper threw out his hands, and a massive beam of light shot out from the Glyph. The beam was so bright, many in attendance had to look away from the scene. But when the audience looked back towards the action, only 3 Dementors were seen, and they were fleeing the pitch.

Let me reiterate, only 3, dear readers. Somehow, the previously unkillable Dementors, who have been the Guards of Azkaban for the past three Millennia and placed at Hogwarts to search for mass murderer Sirius Black, suddenly have a death toll of 22. This Reporter is in as much shock as the rest of Wizarding Britain. Both Ren Amamiya and The Ministry have been unable to comment.

For more on Glyphs, Pg. 3.

For more on Ren Amamiya, Pg.5.

And sure enough, underneath the headline was a magical projection of him blasting the Dementors away. Somehow, Unicorn was not visible in the shot, but that was fine with him. Less he'd have to explain. He quickly turned to the fifth page.

Ren Amamiya

Is Hogwarts' new Groundskeeper the next coming of Merlin?

By: Rita Skeeter

The newest sensation seems to be pouring out of Hogwarts, dear readers. Ren Amamiya, the Destroyer of Dementors, is an enigma to everyone that has spoken to him. We have a few sources who have been kind enough to tell us a little bit about him.

Lady Greengrass, who thanks to her years of being a part of the Hogwarts Board of Educators was able to be there, spoke with him very briefly. She says, "He seemed very disciplined. His eyes were constantly roaming the stands and the field for any behavior that could be determined a danger. He also seemed to be suppressing his power somehow. Once he jumped from the stands, it was like a huge wave of energy came rushing over me. Not to mention the fact that he practically vaporized over twenty Dementors. I feel I can speak on behalf of the other board members that we are glad that someone as strong and capable as Mr. Amamiya is protecting our students while Sirius Black is out and about."

Fifteen other anonymous sources have stated that they have witnessed Mr. Amamiya being able to create lightning from nothing. Another source says that Mr. Amamiya held off a Hippogriff with one arm while protecting another student in a Care of Magical Creatures class. Ren Amamiya has been unavailable to comment about any of his feats at this time. However, based on both the front page and the few stories given to us by our sources, it seems fair for this Reporter to say that if Mr. Amamiya is not the next coming of Merlin, he at the very least is one of the most potent Warlocks ever to exist.

Ren sighed as he put the newspaper down. It seemed as though his life was going to get much busier. Matters didn't get better as the two most politically powerful people in Britain were still arguing. "He still destroyed Azkaban Guards, Albus!" Ren's patience snapped.

"And if I didn't, We'd have SEVERAL DEAD CHILDREN ON OUR HANDS." He growled. In the side of his view, he saw one of the Aurors flinch. "SO FORGIVE ME IF I FELT THE LIVES OF CHILDREN WERE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THOSE SOUL SUCKERS!" It seemed that no matter where he went, there were still useless, corrupt people in power. "You know what, fine." Ren put his hands out in front of him. "Go ahead. Arrest me. Let's get this over with. Albus, tell my student to report for class tomorrow." Ren waited patiently for the manacles to be placed on him. The Minister and the Aurors were shocked as Ren walked out of the Antechamber. The Great Hall fell to a hush as the students noticed him. "Hogwarts! The Ministry of Magic has decided to put me under arrest for the destruction of Ministry Property! They feel that those students' lives on the pitch that day do not matter as much as the Dementors I vanquished! It seems as though the Ministry does not care for your safety either, as they are not only taking your Groundskeeper but are not adding any Aurors to the watch to make up for the Dementors destroyed or taking me away! Please, at least for tonight, watch out for each other! Do not attempt to fight Sirius Black if you see him! There is no point in fighting and dying! If you are in danger, shoot Red Sparks in the air, and make as much noise as possible! DO NOT FORGET STUDENTS! HOGWARTS PROTECTS THOSE THAT DESERVE PROTECTION!" With his piece said, and the Great Hall's noise quickly escalated, Ren walked back into the Antechamber. "So, am I being detained, or what?"

Ren sat in a detainee cell, the manacles still on his wrists. It's been nearly three hours since his arrest, so he assumed it would be around 11:00 or so. Since his outburst, he has since calmed down, but the thought of the Minister made him seeth in anger. Corrupt, effin' shitty adults!

A rap on the door snapped him out of his thoughts, and he looked up to see one of the police -Aurors, he had to remind himself- let in a man with long platinum-white hair. Ren tilted his head. "You wouldn't happen to be Draco's Father, would you?"

The presumed father raised a single thin eyebrow. "I am. Lucius Malfoy." He stuck out a hand, and Ren stood up, doing his best to shake his hand without letting the manacle get in the way. Lucius's other eyebrow shot up, and Ren could faintly see a difference in his eyes.

"I wish there were better circumstances that we could meet. I'm-" The Malfoy patriarch interrupted him.

"Ren Amamiya, Groundskeeper of Hogwarts, Destroyer of Dementors, and judging from you standing right now along with the stories Draco sent me, the next coming of Merlin. Your Magical abilities must be out of this world for you to be able to stand with those Manacles on you. Even Gellert Grindelwald, the Dark Lord that ruled during the Global Wizarding War until his defeat at the hands of Albus Dumbledore, has trouble standing with those on." Ren seemed to sense there was more to this conversation than meets the eye. He activated his Third Eye and looked at the Patriarch. Hierophant, a dull grey, unable to wield a Persona. The Wild Card deactivated his Third Eye and noticed Lucius's aristocratic mask fall away, eyes wide and mouth agape. A thought crossed his mind. Indeed, Lucius had to have some political pull to visit a prisoner held by the Minister of Magic himself. Albus previously said he would do what he could on the political landscape to help slow Erebus' spread, but who is to say he couldn't use a little bit of help in that area? And if this starts to go south, well, who is to say that the Joker doesn't have jokes? Remembering what Hermione stated, Ren reached up to swipe his mask to change Persona's to Satanael, disguising it as swiping at his hair.

"I don't appreciate being interrupted, Mr. Malfoy, especially if you are simply stating the obvious." Lucius took a step back and nearly fell to his knees. Hiding a smirk at his success, Ren swapped his Persona to Uriel, against masking the action. "However, you didn't know that, so I'm willing to put that mistake behind us. Tell me, Mr. Malfoy, how can I help you today? I'm just able to hold a conversation at this moment, but I've been told I have a great ear for listening."

Lucius still seemed to be reeling from feeling Satanael's masked presence. "M-my Lo-" He quickly shook his head and tried to put his aristocratic mask back on. "Mr. Amamiya, at this moment, House Malfoy is indebted to you for protecting our Heir, Draco Malfoy. Should it be in our power, whether it be magic, money, or political favor, we shall endeavor to fulfill our debt to you." The Malfoy patriarch bowed his head to Ren. Ren did his best to maintain his facade.

"I see. Mr. Malfoy, why has it taken this long for me to hear from you about this? One would think that a matter as important as one's Heir being in jeopardy would call for hasty action." Lucius did not stand up from his bow.

"Yes, one would think so. Heir Malfoy wrote a letter explaining what happened; however, the letter seemed almost fantasy. Seeing you here before me, with your display of strength of magic, only confirms that while fantasy-like, the letter is no doubt true. That letter is why I stand before you today, in the holding cell that will no longer be holding you. For the wrong that House Malfoy had done to you by not recognizing our debt to you sooner, we are getting you out of here tonight. House Malfoy has agreed to pay your bail, which was lessened after having extensive words with the Minister about his lack of proactiveness against Sirius Black."

Before Ren could speak, three new Aurors, the Minister, and a seeming serious woman with light black robes entered his holding cell. "Does he speak the truth?" Ren asked as he stood, using the movement to swap to Yoshitsune. The woman's poker face was much stronger than Lucius's and the Aurors', making only a soft gasp at his quick unburdened movements. She also was the one to collect herself first.

"Yes, Mr. Amamiya. I am Amelia Bones, the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. I want to apologize personally for the mishandling of your case. As of this moment, you are free and clear of all charges against you. To assist Hogwarts with the protection duty that you are engaged in; we are assigning recently graduated Auror Nymphadora Tonks," here she gestured to the Auror closest to herself and furthest away from the Minister and Mr. Malfoy. "To work under your and the Head Master's discretion. Auror Dawlish," Amelia gestured to the Auror closest to Lucius. "Has the keys to your manacles."

This whole exchange was lackluster. Ren felt his eye twitch, his annoyance spiking. He took a deep breath. "Don't bother." His voice was as cold as he could manage, making direct eye-contact with the Minister, the man who wrongfully 'mishandled his case' in the first place. Ren felt a chunk of his SP leave him as he called upon Yoshistune's Charge skill. In a swift movement befitting the Phantom Thieves leader, Ren ripped the manacles apart, a loud bang sounding as the ambient magic exploded from the now broken cuffs. Everyone except Ren fell from the magic, so no one noticed him wince at the impact he took. The explosion was at least the strength of a Megidola, and those weren't anything to sneeze at. As he noticed everyone rolling on the floor and groaning, he sighed as he switched to Unicorn and breathily whispered, "Salvation." He closed his eyes as the healing skill filled the room, the magical wind it carried surrounding him. Ren let out a breath before tempering his temporary mask of this supposed next coming of Merlin.

Once more, he swapped to Satanael and activated his Third Eye. He noticed that the Manacles were doing something with them now off his wrists, as Fudge's Arcana of Hanged man was nearly pitch black, along with Lucius's Arcana. Even Bone's Arcana of Justice was a dark grey. These people were holding some distortion in their hearts, and two of them being in the Government. This did not bode well for his and Hermione's timeline; he might not have the planned three years at this rate. Just as everyone began to stand back up, another Auror entered the room, face pale white, holding a letter.

"Sirius Black has been spotted at Hogwarts!"

Joker's Notebook:

Aether's New Persona



Hypatia is stronger in every way except Endurance, where Slime holds a surprising 5.

Only other thing of note is that Slime holds Agi.

Aether does not like that fact that her first new Persona is Slime.

I, on the other hand, think it's hilarious.

I've been meaning to talk to Aether about her Social Links, (which will now be known by SL). Will mark down potential SL's so I don't forget.

Priestess- Magical Phantom Thieves. Name TBD, too long. Mona was already kind of stretching it with Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

I miss Mona. And the rest of the Thieves. And Haru.

Temperance- Minerva McGonagall. Head of Gryffindor House, and Deputy Headmistress. Must be tiring switching from each position.

Tower- Draco Malfoy. However, there seems to be some animosity between Gryffindor and Slytherin, not sure how that particular SL will be started.

Star- Albus Dumbledore. Normally all SL represent the Arcana of the holder, however there have been a few rare instances of Arcanas different between links.

?- Harry Potter. With his Arcana changing rapidly between Fool and Death, it's hard to say if he will fill out either one or both SL.

Aether's own level outside of a Persona

Level 3

HP 99/99

SP 50/50

Aether's Known Combat Spells:

Glacius: A freezing spell, similar to Bufu, but the ice is launched instead of forming at the Shadow.

Orbis: Magic grabs Shadow and sinks them into the Earth below.

Carpe Retractum: Grabs onto the Shadows like a fishing hook. Sometimes hilarious*, always hurts.

Aether's Known Non-Combat Spells that Can be used for Combat:

Wingardium Leviosa- Levitates things. Could be used to levitate Shadows into weapons.

Relashio: Releases hold, usually used in tandem with Carpe Retractum*.

Aether's Known Non-Combat Spells that get used in enchanted forest because of Harry Potter.

Oculus Reparo- Fixes glasses. Harry has broken his glasses five times in the forest so far. All within the span of 35 minutes.

Note to self: Talk to Albus about potential fixes for Harry's Glasses Situation.

AN:/I'm sorry for the wait! I lost steam on this one at this point, and got all fired up again after re-watching the movies while in the Hospital with my Fiancé.
Now introducing Joker's Notebook, which will be added to the end of every chapter. This will either hold thoughts for Joker, or Aether's Progress.
I hope you enjoyed!