If there was one thing that Ren was really grateful for, it was Auror Tonks being sent to Hogwarts. Due to being the only active lookout at the magical school, he had kept all of his necessities to a bare minimum. Showering never exceeded three minutes, and only when everyone was inside the castle with no students outside of class would Ren nap. However, with Tonks also being here, he had at most nine hours to do whatever he wanted.

So naturally, the first thing he did was sleep. Getting more than forty-five minutes of sleep was a pleasure he had desperately missed. The Trickster never felt as good as he did now since coming to this new Universe. Once awakened, he stumbled across his room given to him by the Headmaster, nearly tripping against his small unused table, and entered his bathroom. With bleary eyes, he activated the runes on the tub and started the magically warm water. He struggled to uncork the bubble-bath potion but managed to pour it in. The smell of Leblanc's Coffee and Haru's shampoo filled his nostrils. Ren focused on his appearance as hard as he could, and in a flash, his Thieve Garb was gone leaving only his mask.

With a yawn, The Wild Card swapped to Satanael and felt a wash of relief crash over him as he summoned his true self. Ren stepped into the bath, embracing the sensation of a nice soak. He plugged his nose and dunked his head, feeling a tingle cross through his body, his very soul relaxing in the magical water. When he emerged, he saw Satanael on the other side of his large bath, with only his head visible and covered in bubbles. Ren felt a smile form onto his face and enjoyed the rest of his bath.

Ren sat with Minerva and Severus, engaged in a conversation about the upcoming winter holidays during lunch one day. "Ren, what was your plan for the winter break?"

He finished his mouthful of curry before turning to Severus. "My plan was to stay here in the castle. Since most of the students will be gone, I planned to send Tonks away so she may enjoy her break."

Minerva joined in. "Oh? You don't have anyone you'd like to see? Maybe take a break from the castle?"

Ren grimaced. "I do, but I physically can't. Remember, I'm not from this Universe. I won't be able to see the people that I want to." Both Professors seemed to not like that too much, but Ren pressed on. "Besides, I'm better off focusing on trying to fix things where I can. The more good I can do, the more time that the Persona wielders here will have."

Severus nodded his head solemnly in understanding. "You have already made some changes around here for the better. Except for a few cases outside of your control, the aura of the castle has been considerably more positive."

"Indeed! In fact, I was thinking, if you were up for it, we could do a House Unity project during the break?" Minerva piped up. "Give the students that show up extra credit. Make it so that the students will work together to do something good."

It does sound like an excellent way to get rid of some negativity in the castle. Maybe the students might even spread some of the positivity to their parents too. We could hope that the positivity pushed into their workplaces too. Ren brought his crimson glove up to his chin. "That does sound like a good plan. But what would the project even be? Honestly, everything I'm good at is non-magical, so there is little I can do other than supervise to make sure no one is fighting."

"I would say dueling, as we did have a school club last year, but that is a one-on-one activity." Severus provided. "It's hard to say. There are not many group activities that Wizards and Witches partake in."

"Hmm… wait, you said that dueling is one-on-one, correct?" Ren asked, to which Severus nodded. "Was that how the war was fought? Through a series of duels?" Because if it was, Hermione's thieves might have more work cut out for them than I thought.

Minerva spoke up. "No, the war was vicious. There was no order like dueling."

Severus's eyes widen just the tiniest amount. It seemed like he understood where I was going with this. "You wish to do a dueling club, but in groups instead of individuals. A fight club."

"We can keep it called a dueling club and keep the individual brackets, but we should also have groups as well—a group of four, one from each house. Not only will that put the students in social groups they've never been in, but it will also teach them how to not trip over an ally when war returns. Besides, you were there last night; quite a few students want to help."

"'When'? Not 'if'?" Minerva asked for clarification.

Ren grimaced. "There are two strong-willed forces. One wants Life, and the other, Death. Neither will give up, for each side believes they are in the 'Right'. And what is war? Fighting that has grown beyond just two and now covers entire nations." A flash of brown hair, reddish-brown eyes, a cold, calculating smirk, a red pointed mask, a black helmet.

"You are the trash of society. I will kill you! Destroy you! Crush you...! Teammates are nothing but trash!"

"You're just... pieces of shit... who lick each other's wounds...! Anything goes... if you say you're teammates...!"

"Why are you... looking at me like that...!? I've... I've succeeded until now... all by myself...! I don't need... teammates... I don't..."

"You are nothing to me!"

"You're merciless, aren't you?"

"H-help me… I don't want to disappear…"

"Let's make a deal… okay? You won't say no… will you?


Ren shook the memories from his head. "War never changes. It's always the little one's picked off first." Ren could see Minerva with a far-off look in her eyes while Severus clenched his fist. "Let's use this chance to save as many as we can."

Albus quickly approved the dueling club and even provided an idea that Ren didn't think of. Roles. It had been a while since he had fought with the team, as he had lived nearly a whole year since his last fight. The Phantom Thief was a little bothered by that slipping his mind. Together, He and the Headmaster narrowed down the Roles, and the next day the rules were put out on each house's bulletin board.

Hogwarts' Inter-House Dueling Club!

Overseen by Severus Snape, Filius Flitwick, and Ren Amamiya

Single and Group Tournaments start 12/26!

To enter the Single Tournament, Students MUST already be entered into the Group bracket.

Groups will be divided into Roles:

Caster: Only uses elemental attack magic

Transfiguror: Only uses Transfiguration magic

Support: Only uses Healing magic

Flex: Fills in where necessary

All Brackets will be Inter-House

Third Place for Individual: One Grade letter up towards any grade

Third Place for Group: One Grade letter up towards any grade

Second Place for Individual: Third Place rewards and 15 sickles

Second Place for Group: Third Place rewards and 25 sickles each

First Place for Individual: All previous placement rewards and Trophy

First Place for Group: All previous placement rewards and a Trophy each

Speak to Professor Flitwick to enter the club

Ren had to say that it didn't look too shabby for spending maybe three or four minutes on the flyer.

Joker's Journal

Auror Tonks appreciated the coffee. I definitely enjoyed the sleep.

I spoke with Minerva and Severus. We ended up talking about reinstating the school's dueling club but adding groups to it to promote inter-house unity. At this point, any negativity we can take away from Erebus is a step in the right direction. This aimless hostility between the houses needs to stop anyways, so two birds with one stone, I guess.

I remembered Goro again. The anniversary of his death is almost here. A month away from today. We still never found the body.

Even though he tried to kill me, I still miss him sometimes. He was always so strong and charismatic. If only we weren't in Shido's palace. We were so close.

That fucking asshole shut the gate on me. I could have taken that fake. Yoshitsune was ready; I was still Charged and under Heat Raiser.

I can't keep thinking like this.


Anyway, I have Aether's team all set up. Susan Bones, Su Li, and Draco Malfoy.

Ms. Bones will be the Caster, her grades in Defense are middle of the pack for the grade, so it will be a good chance for her to learn.

Ms. Li will be the Transfiguror, as she can cast those spells silently, and that would be a great learning experience for Aether.

Finally, Mr. Draco will be the Support. He has shown great strides in being a better student. He was also one of the first to offer his support the other night when I returned from the Ministry. This should be able to allow him to grow in all sorts of ways.

And finally, Aether will be Flex. As a fellow Wild Card, I know all too well the struggles she will face. She will have to take in the scene and decide what must be done immediately. Will she join Draco in Supporting her team? Throw a few extra spells with Susan? Assist Su Li in some more power transfigurations? Will she do her own thing and trust her team to do their jobs?

I also spoke to Severus in private. He explained that Aether will need more potions than she initially imagined she would, which helped me understand what caused their SL to happen.

Aether has been doing her own training in the Crimson Room. It was crazy to see her side by side with an image of her from before. She's leaner and starting to gain muscles in her biceps, judging from the flexing she does to relax after running through the Enchanted Forest. Aether was able to get used to Slime's presence in her mind. Switching over to Slime has actually done wonders for her to relax.

Aether still roams the castle with Hypatia equipped, which, I mean, same, it's Slime, but still, I should take her back in and see if we can get her a new Persona. Maybe Pixie? Or Asparas?

Anyways, I still need to try and figure out exactly what happened that night with Ron and Sirius Black. I'll set an alarm to remind me to go after the Dueling Club practice. Wait, does my phone even work here?

This just in, my phone has a full battery, and I've been here for almost two and a half months. I can't use any messaging app or call any number. Not to mention anything requiring data or cell service cause there are no towers out here. But this does give me a few ideas. Oh, snap, the camera works too! I can take some pictures back and show Haru this place!