Holy cannoli, I'm gonna post something! I've never done anything like this before in my ENTIRE LIFE! To be honest, I kinda feel like I'm gonna throw up whatever's fluttering around in my stomach… but I'm also super excited! 'Cause I've written stuff before, but I've never actually shared them.

Well, for this I've crossed Harry Potter and Marvel. Marvel characters is basically everyone from the Avengers movie (the first one) plus Spider-man and Harry.

I'll be following Peter Parker and Harry Potter the whole time, going back and forth. Translation: I'm going to screw with the movie plotline by adding extra characters. I have nothing against Spider-man: Homecoming, in fact, I love it and think it's the best Spidey movie ever. Same goes for the rest of the MCU. But I have a very creative mindset and can't help but mess with this kind of thing. Which is why I write fanfiction.

For Peter Parker, AKA Spider-man, his background isn't any sort of canon, just kind of made up as I go along.

Anyways, it'll start out at the very end of the Harry Potter series with the whole "final battle" thing in Deathly Hollows Part Two. I shifted his age, so instead of being seventeen, my Harry is fourteen. Everything that happened in the books happened, just shift it back a few years. When Peter enters, he's also fourteen. They will get older, just pay attention to the time skips. All the Avengers and those characters are whatever age they are in the movie. Just roll with it.

And there will be character death (*sobs*). I'm so sorry! I have nothing against the characters I kill off, it's only for the plotline. I have some very fun ideas for what I want the main characters to look like (remember that the Avengers just stay the same as they are during the movie, looks, age, everything). Here's some links. Just delete the spaces when you put them in.

Peter Parker: "peter parker" by barbsart on Redbubble (really good, now my phone background);

www. redbubble people/ barbsart/ works/ 27527497- peter- parker? c= 637305- all- fanart

Random Pinterest post (and yes, I know it talks about astral projection when that's clearly not what's going on, but just focus on the drawing, 'kay? 'Cause it's good)

i. pinimg 736x/ 6f/ 7c/ 97/ 6f7c97e5d1f38f6357e960aed704224d. jpg

Homemade Spidey Suit: this really cool hoodie thing fanart I found online;

grizzlybomb. files. wordpress 2015/ 07/ rosy- higgins- project- rooftop- spidey- redesign. png? w=810

Harry Potter: as drawn by the excellent artist Viria on Tumblr;

lh3. googleusercontent nMSVWZvH5wiq1NOKKntpSoe7whYJ0CQhFxQcwCOXbmUVVM8N mMtkABh0a5WgWNxiUvoaGwWcr- TISQ= w776- h1030- no

I'm so sorry I couldn't find the artist for the hoodie suit or the Pinterest post, but wherever and whoever they are they are amazing! And for Peter, just kinda combine barbsart's and the random Pinterest thing, I usually have him in the former's clothes for the first parts. I basically just didn't want Peter's jawline to be quite so sharp. BTW, I'm going to try and actually separate things into sudo-paragraphs since there's less dialogue for a lot of it, but I've never really done that before, so we'll see how it goes.

A few more things to know about my writings in general. I do write homosexual pairings and stuff like that, so don't like, don't read. I personally believe that love is love but recognize that not everyone feels like that and that I can't force my beliefs on anyone. Secondly, there will be nothing above PG-13 stuff and most of it won't even get up to that level. The most I've written in the past (the stuff I wrote, then deleted before I had this account) has been kissing, snuggling, and one poor guy who woke up in his underpants.

Go and read!


(but seriously, please, it's just Lucky)

The Magic In Those Eyes by LuckyNumberThirteen

Chapter One: Voldemort Gets What's Coming to Him

There's too much. There's been too much. Too much suffering, too much pain, too much death from the moment it all started.

He should've known that Ron and Hermione would've let him just leave. They couldn't just let him walk off and die like he was supposed to do. Like he was destined to do. He held onto that thought bitterly until it was washed away by the memories, their sadness, the anger that came with remembering how each of his friends died.

The battle – could it be called a battle when it was fought by children, teenagers who had no place in a warzone? – was chaos. He saw steadfast Hogwarts students shoot off spells he knew he had taught them once, filling him with warm pride, but it was washed away as they fell. He saw the twins, run through, back-to-back, by some spelled-up spike. He saw Neville decapitate Nagini, that stupid snake, only to fall to the venom of her bite. One thing his herbs couldn't heal. He recalled, the warm feeling returning, not with pride, but burning hatred for Voldemort and his delusional followers, how Ron took a spell for Hermione as they dueled opponents left and right and fell next to her.

How the bushy-haired girl spun and wailed, the sound cutting through everything just to reach his ears, falling next to him while throwing up some complicated warding shield she'd probably found in some obscure book. He knew how smart she was, she was his best friend, sometimes his only friend. But she fell, and she cried next to their fallen friend like everyone else, like he would've had he not been pinned by a Death Eater. That Death Eater met an unfortunate end after he saw an unknown curse slice through the barrier Hermione had put up, both spells as ancient and effective as they came, and she fell. The only thing that kept him from pouring all his anger at that one turncoat – he spat the word in his mind – was that the root of all his sorrows and problems was Voldemort, not this random man that had previously kept him down while his friends suffered. As it was, that man was obliterated by a viciously silent Sectumsempra.

The black-haired boy slid down the trunk of the tree he'd been stuck to, a tear leaking unbidden from the corner of his eye, and the fighting seemed to fade to the background in his mind, lulled into a mesh of muffled noise. But he only got a half-second rest until the thud beside him broke through the film over his verdant green irises, his head snapping to the side as usually dreamy blue eyes locked onto his. Luna had tumbled to the ground accompanied by the swish of underbrush, downed by yet another Death Eater, yet another wizard for him to unleash his wrath upon, though he – miraculously – kept his cool in the face of his last friend's death. Her lips parted, and her eyes stared off somewhere unseen like his had mere moments before.

"Live," Luna murmured, dreamily yet focused on what she was determined to get out.

"Luna," he pleaded, "Luna, stay with me. You'll live. I-I'll find somebody, a healer, a doctor, somebody!"

"Live," the Ravenclaw repeated breathlessly, "a better life. For… yourself."

"No," he whispered as his eyes widened. His last friend, the last one who cared and who he cared for, was shakily taking her last breath under his shaking hands and there was nothing he could do. "No. No, no, no! No!" But she was gone and the light in her eyes had faded out. "No…" Almost unconsciously – though revenge clouded his thoughts – his hands curled into fists as his magic sparked around him, his body trembling with rage and power. No one stood in his way, friend or foe, as he stalked across the forest straight to the Dark Lord himself, Voldemort. The snake-faced man balked when he saw the angry teen striding towards him, white magic crackling over him, around his fists and glasses, lightning-like strands zapping in his hair, then quickly composed himself. Voldemort shuffled his feet into a more threatening position, wand poised to attack in his pale hand. The boy simply stepped up to face him with hands by his sides and wand held so loosely it might fall as his hard eyes flashed through his round glasses. He made no move to attack, nor defend, just standing openly.

"Harry Potter," Voldemort hissed his name hatefully. Harry nearly sneered at the tone, it couldn't compare to the anger boiling inside of him but didn't interrupt. "The Boy-Who-Lived. Come to die."

"If I must," said boy inclined his head forward and communicated all his emotions with his bright green eyes. Though his magic stated his loathing tenfold, increasing in brightness and filling the air between them with a hum of power. "But if anyone dies tonight, it'll be you, Riddle."

The nose-less dark wizard growled like an animal at the name. "Do not call me that!"

"Well, it's your name, Tom," Harry taunted, a spark returning to his otherwise still abhorring eyes.

"Avada Kedavra!" he roared, and the corresponding sickly green beam exploded from the end of his wand. The infamous killing curse barreled towards the fourteen-year-old, who let it come. But suddenly, not a second before it hit and took his life, Harry released the magic, the energy that had been building since the death of his friends, all aimed at utterly destroying the one who orchestrated the whole thing. He watched the cause of his death approach almost in slow motion as his magic ravaged the area around him, leaving him almost untouched, save a soft breeze. The energy swirled in a thousand colors, all bright and all powerful, and the amount was too much for his wand to handle and it shattered. The wooden shards joined the whirlwind of pure, unbridled magic around the two as the last spell You-Know-Who would ever cast found it's mark, and Harry Potter breathed his last with a sigh.

I'm evil, aren't I? I really am sorry for all of that! In reality, I genuinely like most (if not all) of the characters I screw with. I admit though, I have random periods after I read fics with bashing in them where I'd like to slap some of them, but 99.99% of the time I'm cool and level-headed and like them. Okay, besides from that little rant, I'd like to apologize in advance for the chapter lengths. I pretty much always write my stories in advance without clear chapters and then have to go back through and separate them. So, they're usually choppy cut-offs, weirdly fluctuating in length, or both.