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Human talking:"hmm"

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Demon/Dragon talking: "hmm"

Demon/Dragon thinking: "hmmm"

Chapter 1

The second life

Darkness. The encompassing black void wrapped around him like a cocoon. He couldn't see anything. He couldn't hear anything, and above all else he could not feel anything. His limbs were no where to be seen while there was no way to look around without his neck.

Naruto felt nothing before his vision slowly returned as he blearily blinked his eyes. "Where am I?" He inspected himself to find, if is there is anything wrong but to his surprise he found that he has been de-aged to his early twenties. Naruto wondered looking around. Last thing he remembered was being surrounded by his great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren, telling them his final wishes.

Taking hold of himself he took in his surrounding. Currently he is laid on a velvet sofa of a huge library. The shelves of books seems to stretch to the horizon of the white dimension. Naruto was sure that his younger self would have headache just by seeing it. Even though it is astounding it is not one of the weirdest thing seen by him.

"Hmm. I wonder, is this limbo or pure land?" the blond man thought out loud. "No, it's not." Naruto jumped as he turned towards the voice that was surprisingly close to him. Forcing himself to turn around he came face to face with what was perhaps the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her porcelain white skin tone heavily contrasted with the surrounding them, while her obsidian colored hair blended with it almost entirely. Draped around her 5'5 frame was what look like an evening gown made out of the universe itself, the fabric littered with twinkling stars and several clusters of spiraling galaxies.

Naruto looked into the woman's pitch black eyes, said orbs seemingly boring into his very soul, "Who are you and what is this place?" He demanded.

The woman looked at him for few moment before answering " I don't have a name since I have always been alone. As for your second question, you can call this place the source of all events and phenomena in the universe. Existing outside of time, it stores and archives information of all possibilities and events, past, present, and future, of all worlds and as librarian I have control over." them."

"So are you some sort of God?" Naruto asked the being infront of him in curiosity. The lady shook her head in what Naruto assumed as amusement. "That's typical conclusion a human comes at when they confront a being beyond their comprehension. The God's you pray are either crystallization of legends and myths or in some case are those who where born at the beginning of the world or took part in making that world. All these beings has authority over a force of nature but in my case is not same, I don't have authority neither I am born by myths. I was born before anything. I was born from the energy from all the worlds. I have been watching and monitoring all the world. Each book in this library represent a world and the book near them are of the world near them."

Naruto sighed in resignation. Just when I thought that I have seen everything another absurd thing appears in front of me and this is being continued even after his death. "So, Akasha why am I here?"

"Akasha?" Newly named Akasha tilted her head in confusion from the he addressed.

"umm. Yeah, you said that you don't have a name so I gave you one. I hope you don't mind." Naruto told while scratching the back of his head. He looked at her to find tears flowing from her eyes. "Hey, don't cry! I am sorry! I meant to offend you." Naruto waved his hands infront of him in panic.

Akasha shook her head in denial, "You really are a very kind soul Naruto. You don't know how much it meant to have a name for me. I never bothered naming myself since I never talked to anyone. I have been watching you since very beginning of your life." She took a step toward him. "I have watched all your struggles. Your victories and loses but, just when I thought I know everything about you surprised me."

Now only several inches from the blonde Uzumaki, the woman slowly raised her hand, stopping just as it was about to touch Naruto's cheek

"You're such a stubborn boy, always fighting against someone for other's sake." Her hand gently rested against his cheek, "I really admire you. You have been struggling and fighting since your birth. First against hatred of villagers, than struggling to bring back your friend, training to became strong enough to save your friend and world and so on."

If this was a younger Naruto he would have embarrassed from someone acknowledging him but, he is not young. You don't live almost two century to be flustered by small things. "I see you know about me and have been watching me but, why did you bring me here? It wasn't just to meet me, was it?"

"It seems age also made you lot keener. It is true the reason I brought you here to meet you but there is also second for it. You see there is a dimension where I want to send you, reincarnate you actually. Certain events and wars might take place in that dimension which might effect adjoining dimensions too. We have already seen what happens when a creature other world invades a world. Normally I only try to solve this problems by subtly manipulating the events or empowering a person but, I thought why not send someone who has experience to handle such situations and has a very insane charisma to boot, what with changing heart of almost every enemies you face and turning them into allies." She turned to see Naruto who was looking at her with blank expression.

"No" Naruto replied maintaining same blank experience even after seeing Akasha pout, which looked adorable by the way. "| have already fought enough wars and aliens for one life time and I have to no intention to repeat the cycle again. My time is finished. Now, I want to pass to pure land and meet my precious people."

Akasha sighed at the stubborn blond man infront of her. Ofcourse how can he she forget about this quality of the men. A quality admired by enemies and allies alike. "Most of your precious people has already been passed to next life and the world I am sending you to is where your most precious people are born or will be born. Though except two people their names or appearance or sometimes both might be different."

"Can you tell me who have be born or going to be in this world.' Naruto asked hopefully.

Akasha just lifted one finger and answered "One person. I can only tell you the name of one person." Without waiting for reply she closed distance between them, she lifted on her toes and place her mouth next to Naruto's ears and whispered something. She pulled her head back but she was still pressed against him.

Naruto looked at her either not minding their position or too deep in thought to be aware of it. Akasha eeped when Naruto wrapped one of his hand around her waist and asked her, no more like demanded her, "Send me their."

Akasha smiled and ran her fingers through his hair, there lips just few centimeters away. "Very well, but you this understand this, you must not tell about being a reincarnation or related subject to anyone. Your all your friends who are born their not remember you or their past life but they will feel a connection with you."

Seeing Naruto give little nod of his head in understanding she spoke her last few words, "From here on I will not be able to help you in any way in your future endeavors but I will keep in touch with you and I can't send Kurama with you since he is connected to your world very intimately." shepushed herself up on her toes, pressing hers and Naruto's lips together.

And all Naruto could see after was a sharp, never ending light.

*Line break*


The original Capital of the Satan territory ruled by the original Lucifer. Now ruled by his grandson Macaraeg Von Lucifer, only descendent of any of the Original Satan to support New Satan faction and fought alongside them against old faction. Right now two small figures can be seen sneaking out of Lucifaad castle.

"Naruto-sama… if Grayfia-san will hear about this we will in lot of trouble!"

"No way, Ingvild-chan! I have been waiting for this chance since forever I will not let it go so easily. Besides we will be back before Grayfia hears about it."

A cheerful voice of now young Naruto whispered back to Ingvild. Both Naruto and Ingvild are kids of 8 year old. Naruto is blond kid with fair complexion at height of 4 feet 3 inches tall wearing red noble dress with color and sleeves being of golden colour. Ingvild is a beautiful young girl with shoulder length purple hair and has orange eyes. She is wearing white noble dress just like Naruto but with purple colour.

"Yosh! We are finally here! Let's go Ingvild-chan." Naruto exclaimed in excitement.

'Um! Naruto-sama this is just a restaurant. Chef in the Lucifaad castle can make anything this restaurant serves and more." Ingvild said while looking around nervously since she has never been out of alone without a adult's supervision.

"Nope. This is not just a restaurant, it is newly opened restaurant which first to serve ramen in whole Lucifaad." Naruto explained with his arm wide as if it's last restaurant in the world….underworld. Ingvild just stared at him with deadpanned expression. Naruto has unhealthy addiction to ramen it is so much that Kushina Lucifer Naruto's mother forbid the chef in castle to cook ramen without her permission. That was dark day for Naruto.

Walking in restaurant both kids ordered two bowls of ramen. While eating his ramen Naruto thought back to his life as devil until now. Naruto didn't remember his past life from birth. His past memories first started to come as dreams and in some case, nightmares. Naruto never told about it to anyone. Bit by bit Naruto soon regained his memories of past life by time of he turned six year old. He learned he still has access to chakra but, he has lost his jinchuriki cloaks due to absence of Kurama.

He has already met two people who has reincarnated in this world. His parents Minato as Macaraeg Von Lucifer elder son of Kostya Livan Lucifer who is Elder daughter of Lucifer and his mother Kushina is warrior maiden from great war as well as wielder of Totsuka no Tsurugi. They both met during the Great war and fell in live with each other.

Ingvild beside him is also a descendent of one of the original Maou. Leviathan to be precise. She is human/devil hybrid unlike him Who was turned into pure blood after he was born. When Macaraeg found her she was left in a coma for over 100 years because being inflicted by disease common among devils in which they fall in coma until they die. She was in the care of Old Satan faction protected by a barrier which froze time within.

*Line break*

"Now that hit the spot!" Naruto said while petting his stomach as they walked out of restaurant. Ingvild shook her head at blond Lucifer's addiction to ramen. While she stopped after one bowl, Naruto ate seven bowls of ramen making Ingvild and other people in restaurant think where did the eight year old boy stored that much food.

She was brought out of her inner musings when she felt a huge magic heading towards them at alarming speed. Even though she was unable to react same cannot be said same about Naruto who pulled her aside before she can became victim of the magic blast.

"Well, well looks like the traitor has taught his son well." Both eight year old kid, hundred and eight in Ingvild's case, turned their attention at the source of voice and their apparent attacker. He was a tall man of about six feet tanned skin and blue hair and eyes with a scar across his right cheek. "I think this is what humans call devil's luck. I came to kidnap or assassinate Macareag's spawn but not only I am saved from effort of infiltrating his castle I am also getting the weapon he stole from us. Incredible! " He laughed at last part like a maniac.

"Who are you? Naruto asked the man in front of him. He would have tried to escape during his would be assassin/kidnaper's monologue but he was sure the guy will easily catch them and also because he can sense the barrier has been erected to around them.

"Hmm. Fine I will grace you with name of your executer. I am Venir Balphegor." With that he sent another blast of magic at Naruto only for the blond kid to dodge to the side. He was about to attack again when a large stream of water came at him courtesy of one Ingvild Leviathan who had her hand out stretched and was breathing heavily. Although she has awakened from seemingly her eternal sleep the disease has left her quite weak.

Naruto rushed to support Ingvild's swaying body only to jump back when ground in from if him split apart. Naruto clicked his tongue after witnessing troublesome ability of Belphegor clan; Crack. An ability form crack on anything weaker than the caster. With that in mind he began throwing at him several spells ranging from magic blast to elemental attacks. Even among Lucifer clan who are known to have huge amount of demonic power Naruto is unique since he already has demonic power equal to a high-class devil. Of course that doesn't means Naruto can take on high class devil yet.

Since his magic was unable to help him Naruto concentrated on the power he used in his past life. Chakra. Venir's face turned to shock when he felt energy of Buddhism, Shinto religion and Hinduism.

Taking advantage of his opponent's shock Naruto quick weaved through several hand sign before stopping at a bird hand sign.

(Wind Style: Drilling air bullets)

Naruto inhaled large amount of air before firing several small drill like bullets made of wind. Venir who was in shock until now was brought out of it when one of the bullets punctured through his shoulders.

"Aghh" the blue haired devil hissed in pain as another grazed his thigh. Having enough of this he waved his hand in swiping motion easily splitting the incoming bullets in smaller one which quickly dispelled before it can reach him due to reduction in power.

"YOU." Venir snarled at blond with venom. "I had enough of you. You are desperate to save your little friend aren't you? Let's see what can you do to save her from THIS." Venir pointed his hand in direction of the Ingvild who was now kneeling on the ground and fired largest magic blast during their whole fight at Ingvild.

Knowing he won't be able to reach Ingvild in time he used Kawarimi with her to swap places, which in result placed him in front of the attack which was only few feet away from him. Naruto watched as the attack approached him. He can't believe that the second life given to him by Akasha will end so soon. 'No, I refuse to die like this! Not before I meet Hinata!"

Suddenly Naruto felt a strange power flowing through. By instinct he brought his arm forward his palm facing the blast. Just as the blast was about to hit him it was stopped before his hand. No the better word would be it froze before it can hit him.

"Th-this feeling feeling." Venir felt the power that froze his attack. "Th-that's a sacred gear!" As if waiting for his words the frozen magic attack sped toward him as if it's time was reversed. Venir didn't even had time to react as he was engulfed by his own attack.


"What the hell just happened?!" Naruto exclaimed in shock. That felt similar to using power of Bijuu yet different at same time. "That dear son of mine, is Arc of Time. One of the rarest Sacred Gear of all time." Naruto turned to the direction of the familiar voice. The man in front of him looked like what a grown up Naruto might look like. He had spiky sun-kissed hair with two bangs on either side of his face. He was about the height of six foot three inches. He was wearing a British suit with a tie like a gentleman.

This person was Macaraeg Von Lucifer father of Naruto Lucifer and he was not happy. After approaching Naruto he ruffled his hair to shoe him that he is not in trouble. He checked him for any injuries but thank fully they were all just bruises.

"I had no intention of using this but now I change my mind." Both father and son looked at Venir who some how was able to servive the blast but at the cost of his limbs. After his proclamation a huge magic circle formed under him as his muscles and nerves while his wounds began to bleed more. It was obvious to everyone present what he was doing. A self-destruction spell.


Venir didn't understand what happened one moment he was staring at the father and son duo and next second he saw himself falling down. Last thing he saw before darkness engulfed his vision was sight of his headless body falling and a beautiful red haired woman with Katana in one hand behind it.

"I might not punish you but same cannot be said about your mother." Macaraeg said to his whimpering son. He would rather face assassin than an angry Kushina.

Naruto closed his eyes expecting his mother to bop him on head or something similar but was surprised when she engulfed him in warm hug. "I am so relieved you both are okay. Don't ever pull something like this again. Did you hear me."

"Hai. I understand kaa-chan." Naruto replied as he hugged her back. Even though he has memories of his century life time he still is a child right now and will enjoy something he was unable to do during his last life.

The love of parents.

An- Yup I am giving him a sacred gear. He will not become OP because of it. The sacred gear, Arc of Time as you might have guessed is named certain someone's magic from fairy tail. Before you might come to conclusion. No, Ingvild is not hinata. Several character from different anime might show up. Oh and here is Harem list : Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Asia(maybe), Xenovia, Rossweiss, Grayfia, Kuroka, Let fey, Ravel, Mio Naruse, Sona, Ingvild, Akasha. Harem list might shorten in future. I think I don'thave to explain were Akasha came from.

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