Boy in the Backyard After stumbling upon a sad young runaway in her backyard playhouse, Charlotte Swan helps Peter by stowing him away right under her mother's nose. Meanwhile, her mother Bella begins a whirlwind romance with the towns new green-eyed doctor. Unfortunately, Charlotte's not the only one keeping secrets. AH/AU BxE

Pulled on 5/1/21

Authors Note:


I've pulled The Boy in The Backyard for revision and to reformat it to an original work. I'll post updates about it here as they come. So thankful to those who helped me get this fic ready to post and egged me on during times when it was difficult. I was amazed and blown away by the response this story got. There are PDF, ePub, and Mobi files of the story my facebook group: Mariescullen Fanfiction and Graphics.

Thanks for reading.

MarieSCullen (sarah)