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"Gustave…" in Christine's dream, Gustave was nearing a cliff. "Don't go there, Gustave!" The Phantom appeared, reaching for the boy. Raoul stood, speculating. And Meg, Meg was at the edge.

"Come here, Gustave! I have something to show you!" Only it wasn't Meg speaking, it was the Phantom. "It's down there." Christine felt powerless. All she could do was speak, and she knew it wasn't reaching the boy. But why was the Phantom, her supposed lover, trying to coax Gustave into falling off the cliff? Neither Raoul nor Meg moved an inch.

"Someone, do something!" Christine cried. Raoul suddenly changed, his image shifting to that of the young suitor he'd once been, a fierce, stubborn look appearing on his face that Christine was too well familiar with. He took steps towards the Phantom, attempting to shove him off the cliff, when the Phantom suddenly lashed out, shooting fire and burning Raoul's feet. Raoul leapt back, falling down.

"Only you can stop him! Christine! Christine!"

"Christine?" the Phantom raised an eyebrow, still motioning for Gustave. That's when he took the boy's hand, and jumped.

"GUSTAVE!" Christine shrieked, now awake from her nightmare. She sat up on an empty bed, alone. Raoul rushed into the room.

"Christine, are you alright?" Raoul's eyes were wide with fear. "More nightmares?"

"Yes, I…" she shook her head, "I think."

"You think?" Raoul took a seat on the bed.

"It seemed so real, I couldn't stop-" Christine cast a glare at Raoul, taking a deep breath. "I miss him so much, Raoul." Raoul sighed.

"I know, Christine. We all do. Even Meg-" Christine sighed at the name. "Even Meg misses him. It wasn't her fault, you know."

"I know, Raoul, but I… I trusted her," Christine whispered, "we were the closest of friends at the opera, and…"

"You thought you could have what you had then again, didn't you?"

"No, I-"

"I know you well, Christine, and I know how much you loved Meg," Raoul's voice was soft. "Good friends don't go away easily."

"Even with ten long years, I didn't know someone could change so much…"

"In what ways?"

"Raoul. You know what she's done."

"Yes," Raoul sighed, "I do." He took a moment to breathe. "Go back to sleep, Christine. I need to work something out with Erik."

Christine watched Raoul leave, a frown on her face before she drifted asleep.

"Christine, I need to talk to you," Meg Giry's voice was what Christine awoke to. The short, blonde ballerina approached the bedside, her hair still a bit wet from her morning swim. "Its early, and I'm sorry about that."

"Meg!" Christine gasped, confused as to why she was being awoken."Why are you here?" Christine sat up.

"I need to apologize. When I took Gustave, I only meant to hurt Erik…" Meg's eyes nervously drifted off Christine, "I didn't think twice about you. And when… well, that's all over now. I… I was too scared, Christine. Too scared to live on. But here I am, and I'm pretty goddamn thankful." She looked in Christine's eyes, "in no way did I want Gustave to… to…" Christine could tell that Meg couldn't bare to finish her sentence.

"Its okay," Christine began to get up from her bed, "I'm so sorry for what… what you became. And how I tossed you aside once Raoul and I were married…" Christine took a step towards Meg, "oh Meg, I should be the sorry one." Meg and Christine hugged one another. "I truly am," Christine whispered.

"Me too, Christine, me too…" mumbled Meg, before the two friends sat down on the bed, the two of them both equally feeling guilty. Raoul sauntered inside, before gasping at the sight of Christine and Meg both hugging. Christine looked up at him, with a sad smile.

"We're going back to Paris, Meg. We're going back to Paris, and we're going to bury Gustave. In the cemetery, with my father," Christine's voice shook. Raoul eyed the two girls nervously as he searched through his suitcase.

"Back to Paris?" Meg hopefully smiled, "do you think that my mother and I could come over too?"

"Maybe," shrugged Christine, honestly, "but who'd be there to keep Erik from killing?"

"Maybe we could smuggle him back over!"

"He's dead in the eyes of the public, Meg! What if they saw him…?"

"Exactly, he's been dead for ten years! No one in their right mind will remember him!"

"She has a point," Raoul spoke up, "but I'm not sure that I want him around…"

"Raoul, Erik has the right to see Gustave off," Christine raised her voice, "why don't you give him a chance?"

"Christine, aren't you wondering if you're being a bit too trusting?" Raoul quickly approached the bed, before loudly whispering into her ear, "Meg killed Gustave, I certainly wouldn't be running to her for comfort."

"Meg is right here, Raoul!" Christine snapped, before noticing the raise in her voice and taking a deep breath, "right now I'll take whatever comfort I can get, even if it comes from the murderess herself." Raoul didn't reply to that, only taking a deep breath, before flusteredly leaving the room (having found what he had been searching for). "Meg, what would smuggling Erik to Paris involve?"

If you couldn't tell, I'm trying to keep Christine to her naive roots. I haven't had much urge to write this, but we'll see how it goes.