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Country of Joya, World: Earthland

Jade breathes in deeply, scenting the air.

It's close.

Her green eyes narrow as she scans her surroundings, seeking her prey. The wind is playful today, stirring the trees and bushes. Making it harder to detect movement. Harder to smell them out. Jade remains still, using a hunter's patience as she continues to try to locate her prey.

The wind dies back- but the bushes still move. Her eyes fix on the movement and in one smooth move she leaps forward.
"Earth Dragon's Crushing Fang!" She roars, her leg smashing down and crushing the spine of the wyvern. It screams and collapses, futilely trying to defend itself. Jade ends its' misery.

"Earth Dragon's Obsidian Sword." Her arm turns into a blade made of shimmering black crystal and she beheads the wyvern.

"Woo, finally done. Now to get paid~! Man this quest took a while." She muses, grabbing her pack and the wyvern's head.

Jade Aquilo is tall, nearly six feet in height, with long black hair bound in a messy bun. She wears a shirt that doesn't cover her stomach, (picture Cana) showing off her blue tribal tattoos and on her back her Fairy Tail mark. Her worn jeans held up with a belt made of steel and amber, and the pants' legs stuffed into beaten up leather boots. She appears to be about nineteen and moves with confidence and grace.

Jade hikes back to her camp to grab the rest of her stuff and her companion.

"Soren, I'm back!" She calls. The massive elk-like animal called a Wapiti snorts and trots over to her: his body is similar to an elk with thick brown fur that is mottled for natural camouflage and two slightly curved long horns. He butts his head against her shoulder, making her stumble.

"Wow boy! You must be as ready to leave as I am!" She laughs, saddling him and packing up camp.

"I wonder how the rest of Fairy Tail is doing. I think the S-Class exams are coming up- maybe we can help out." She says, her eyes twinkling.

"It'll be nice to see Erza and Mira and Gildarts and the rest- it's been a while since all of us S-Class have been in one place." She says to Soren as they ride down the mountain. He snorts and keeps moving, eager to leave. Jade laughs.

"I guess we'll have to get there first!" After reaching their client and getting paid for taking out the nest of wyverns, Jade and Soren start their long ride home to Magnolia.

Pity they never make it.

Jade and Soren vanish from Fiore for seven years on an adventure into another world, unaware of the time passing or the ramifications of their disappearance.

Country of Japan, World: Earth, Time period: Fedual

Inuyasha and friends are traveling on a road leading deeper into the mountains, following a jewel shard when Kagome gets an uneasy feeling.

"Kagome? What's wrong?" Asks Shippo, sitting in her bike's basket and wearing a worried expression.

"Huh? Oh, nothing! Just felt a chill for a second- I'm fine now." She tries to reassure Shippo, but inwardly worries.

What WAS that feeling? It felt- powerful and dangerous but not demonic.

"Hey, Kagome, stop lazing around! We have shards to collect!" Inuyasha yells, impatient as always. Kagome rolls her eyes and pedals faster.
"My dear Kagome, if you are weary then we can always stop and refresh ourselves," says Miroku, concerned as always.

"I'm fine, Miroku. Just felt a chill," Kagome says, slowing a little to accommodate the monk. Miroku raises an eyebrow.

"A chill?"

"Yeah, a chill." She says, not looking Miroku in the eye.

"Hmm," He says, his expression thoughtful.

"Did you perhaps sense something?" Kagome can't quite hid a flinch.

"Sense what?" Says Inuyasha, having heard Miroku questioning Kagome.

Kagome makes a face.

"I got a chill, that's all," she says, almost convincing herself.

"But Kagome, you often sense things the rest of us cannot," points out Sango reasonably. Kagome couldn't argue with that.

"Spill it wench," orders Inuyasha. Kagome glares at him.

"Sit!" Bam!

"What did I tell you about calling me wench?!" Kagome yells, furious.

Inuyasha starts to get up, fuming,


"Sit! Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit!" Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.

The others look on and sigh. Sango shakes her head and says,

"So, Kagome, what did you sense?" Kagome pauses, and gives up trying to avoid answering.

"A powerful presence- not a Shikon shard, but not anything demonic either. It felt like nothing else I have ever experienced before. I- feel afraid of it." She admits.

The mood of the group becomes somber- what could be powerful enough to scare Kagome? Even Naruku doesn't manage that.

"Well, let's go see what it is," Inuyasha growls, standing up.

"Eh?!" Cries Kagome.

"If it's powerful, then it might be a threat!" He snaps.

"True," Muses Miroku thoughtfully,

"At the very least we need information." Sango nods while Kagome and Shippo look distressed.

And here I was hoping NOT to go near it! Kagome thinks, upset. Shippo is shaking with fear.

I hope it doesn't like eating kitsune! He thinks.

With reluctance, Kagome points in the direction of the powerful presence- it is farther into the mountains, away from the jewel shard. Inuyasha whines about it, but since he was the one that insisted on checking out the strange aura he was silenced quickly.

As they travel deeper, the path becomes steep and too treacherous for the bike, forcing Kagome and Shippo to walk. The scenery changes as well, becoming more rugged with exposed rock as the forest is left behind. Hours pass as they climb the mountain until Kagome stops in front of a crevasse in the mountain side.

"Here. It's coming from here." She pants, winded. Everyone, except Inuyasha and Kirara, are tired from their hike. Inuyasha immediately heads in, leaving the rest of the group scrambling to follow him.

Inside the crevasse it is dark, but very dry- no moist walls or fungi growing in this crevasse. After walking seemingly forever the crevasse widens into a proper cave, with a high ceiling that is studded with small crystals that glow slightly.

On the far side of the cave is two forms- one a beast none of them had ever seen before and the other a young woman that is dressed strangely leaning against the animal. Both seem to be asleep at the moment.

"Wha- what is that creature?" Asks Shippo, staring at Soren.

"What a beautiful young lady! I wonder if she would consent to bear my child?" Miroku wonders aloud. Sango smacks him with her boomerang bone.

"Letcher!" She hisses.

Inuyasha sniffs at the two figures. "They smell weird- like earth, metal and clear water and- blood!" He draws Tetsusaiga and it changes into its fang form.

"Get behind me!" He tells the others and readies to use Windscar.

Jade is having a dream where she's back at the guild, drinking and eating as normal with her friends, when she gets the feeling of danger. She turns around and sees Erza charging at her.

Well, that's- different. I haven't even eaten her cake!

"Rise and shine, Jade! Or you're gonna get pummeled!" Yells Erza, who sounds like Natsu for some reason, swinging the sword at her.
Annoying as always. Jade thinks before rolling and kicking the blade aside so it misses her. Her foot jars, just like it would if she had kicked the blade in the real world.

Wait. This is a dream right? She thinks, confused. Erza is blurring out and has white hair now.

"DIE!" Erza with white hair screams with a guy's voice.

Ok, somethings weird. Jade twists and grabs the hilt of the sword with one hand then hammers the other into not-Erza's gut, tearing the sword away from her attacker. The reassuring sensation of a punch wakes up Jade all the way, just in time to see a guy wearing red fly into a cave wall.

"Gahhh!" The guy struggles to get up and Jade examines the sword she grabbed from him.

"You need to take care of your weapons, dumbass." She tells him and casually tosses it aside.

"Also, don't attack someone while their sleeping- anyone else would be dead." Jade lectures as she walks over to him. Inuyasha snarls as he gets up.

She blinks at his appearance- silver hair isn't super weird, Mira and her siblings have silver hair after all, but dog ears are a bit odd. And they're twitching!

Maybe he'll let me touch them..? Jade wonders and grins.

"Say, those are cute ears! Can I touch them, they look really soft! Interesting outfit too, do you like traditional clothes?"

"Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" He yells, slashing at her with his claws. Jade rolls her eyes and blocks it with one arm.

"You're a hothead, aren't you? Can't even bother to answer a gal's questions." She says dryly, standing there with not a scratch on her, the floor around her torn up.

"Wha?!" Inuyasha yells, disbelieving. She took Iron Reaver Soul Stealer head on and doesn't have a scratch?! Who is she?!

"Nice try by the way, but no dice." Jade says, finally looking around the room. She spots Kagome, Shippo, Sango, Miroku and Kirara near the cave entrance.

"Yo." She waves casually at them in greeting. They are all too stunned to move.

"So." Jade turns back to Inuyasha.

"What gives."

"Huh?!" He snarls.

"Why did you attack me?" She asks patiently. Geez, it's like talking to a stupider Natsu.

"Why?! You're dangerous!" He yells, furious. Jade rolls her eyes to the ceiling.

"Anyone can be dangerous, given the right circumstances, dumbass. I hope you have a better reason than that." She tells him, calmly cracking her knuckles one by one.

"Otherwise I'm gonna have to kick your ass for ruining my nap."

His lips curl and he sneers.

"As if you can do anything to me!" He bluffs.

"Uh huh. This is coming from the guy that got thrown into a wall, lost his weapon and has yet to land a scratch on me. And has some of the cutest ears I have ever seen." She ticks off her points on her fingers and quirks her eyebrow at him.

"Grahh!" He yells and springs to attack her. Jade shrugs and gives herself over to the fight.

Jade blocks Inuyasha's punches, slashes and kicks easily, making him more frustrated. He tries to punch her in the face and she moves her head to the side, grabs his arm and throws him over her shoulder and into the ground. The floor cracks from the force and Inuyasha lies there, twitching.

Jade steps back and sighs.
"We done? Cause I have other crap to do than kick your ass." She tells him. Inuyasha growls.
"I'm… not… done… yet!" He struggles to his feet and renews his attack. Jade side-steps his charge, grabs his hakama and throws him again. This time a little harder and further. Inuyasha's friends wince as he plows into the wall again. The stranger doesn't seem fazed by his demonic abilities in the slightest. Shippo looks to where Tetsusaiga lies and then where Inuyasha is.

He tugs on Sango and Kagome's clothes to get their attention.

"I can get to Tetsusaiga, but you need to keep her distracted," He whispers to them. Sango nods and throws her boomerang bone at the stranger.

Jade's head snaps up and she bends backward to avoid being hit.

"Well, I guess this is a free-for-all now," she says and grins before charging Sango in a blur of motion. Sango manages to catch her boomerang bone and use it as a shield when Jade thrust kicks Sango into the wall. Kagome tries to string an arrow and Jade knocks her bow aside, making the shot miss. Miroku throws ofudas at her, who gives him a puzzled look and proceeds to pound on Sango some more. Sango blocks some of the blows and gives it as good as she got- it wasn't enough but she put up a better fight than Inuyasha.

Miroku attacks with his staff and Jade moves with the blows, quirking an eyebrow at him.

"Not awful, but not good either." She tells him before stepping inside his strike zone and pummeling him in the stomach. He goes down, wheezing. Kagome fires an arrow at Jade, who catches it midflight only to have it blow up in her hand.

"… Ow." She says, looking at Kagome. Jade's face becomes serious.

"You know, I wasn't using magic because I figured that would be a bit much… guess I was wrong." She tells her.

The air around Jade becomes charged with energy the group doesn't recognize. Jade focuses and lets her magic manifest.

Earth Dragon Slayer magic, reputed to be the most powerful defensive type of Dragon Slayer magic. Also one of the most destructive, in the right circumstances. Jade sighs and says,

"Earth Dragon's Quartz Strike." Magic concentrated on her fist and her skin turns transparent and shiny before she strikes Kagome. Kagome, acting on instinct, creates a protective shield. The shield explodes upon impact and Kagome is thrown into Kirara.

"Kagome!" Miroku, Inuyasha, Shippo and Sango yell, terrified for their friend. Kagome groans, but remains unconscious.

"You…" Jade turns to look at Inuyasha, who is holding his fully transformed Tetsusaiga, Shippo hiding behind his leg.

"I'll never forgive you for hurting Kagome." Jade considers his words, nods and says simply.

"That's fair. Let's end this."

They aren't my guild mates- they can't take my magic head on without getting seriously hurt. Better to take the hit and move on. Too bad Mister Fluffy Ears probably won't let me touch his ears now.

"WINDSCAR!" Inuyasha brings his sword down and demonic magic blasts towards her. She smiles a little.

"Earth Dragon's Quartz Scales." Her magic flares and she assumes a defensive stance- Jade's skin turns a glistening blend of transparent black and purple, with the appearance of scales. The windscar hits and shakes the mountain, raining dust down around them.

"… Did you get her?" Asks Shippo, quivering. Inuyasha doesn't answer- his instincts tell him the fight isn't over yet.

"That was a better attack than before," Jade remarks casually, stepping through the dust. Her skin has returned to its' usual tan. She looks at Inuyasha and says,

"You made a scratch. Congrats." She taps her cheek, where there is indeed a scratch. Jade looks around the cave and sighs.

"Time to move on I guess- this place is gonna collapse pretty soon. Come on, Soren." Jade calls, and the Wapiti stands and trots over to her, the wyvern head still attached to the saddle.

Team Inuyasha gape at her as she walks toward the exit.

"WAIT!" Inuyasha yells furiously. Jade pauses and quirks an eyebrow.


"Who are you?! You can't be human, you're too freaking powerful, but you're not a demon either!"

Jade looks offended.

"First, I am human. Second, I'm a Dragon Slayer. It's not my fault Dragon Slayers have absurdly powerful magic."

Dragon… SLAYER? Magic?! And she's HUMAN?! Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku and Shippo had more questions than answers.

"Anyway, you all need to scoot out of here- your 'windscar' made the cave unstable and it's gonna collapse soon." With that parting remark, Jade and Soren leave Team Inuyasha in the cave while the mountain around them began to groan as weakened stone begins to give way.