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Rin blinks curiously around her at the swirling mist. She tries to catch some of it only for it to slip through her fingers fluidly. The young girl pouts and attempts again with the same result. Sighing, Rin glances around.

"Rin wonders where Rin is?" She remarks.

The mist stops swirling for a moment, seeming to hover at her words. Rin blinks and the mist is moving again- but she sees a bit of light ahead of her! Grinning happily, Rin runs forward- and gasps!

She stands in a bustling town the likes of which she had never seen before! The roads are made of cobblestones, buildings out of wood and plaster and there are so many people walking around- more than Rin had ever witnessed before in her entire life! Her hands cover her mouth as she stares, wide-eyed and jumps when a person walks through her!

"Eep!" She squeaks, leaping backwards and another person ghosts through her.

Rin spins about, terrified now.

"What's happening to Rin?! Rin doesn't like this! Lord Sesshomaru, help!" Rin cries, truly worried.

"Get back here Jade!" A girl's voice yells.

Rin blinks as an older girl, maybe twelve years old, races past her with her thick black hair flying behind her as she runs away from another girl with crimson hair and armor. The redhead growls and moves faster.

"Gotta catch me first, Erza!" Jade yells over her shoulder.

Erza roars in aggravation and blurs as she chases Jade- Rin tilts her head, confused.

"Jade? Eh? But Rin thought Jade-onee-chan was older..?" She wonders.

Rin patters after them and soon approaches a building with a strange symbol on the front- the same symbol that Rin had seen on Jade-onee-san's back. Intrigued, Rin sneaks a peek inside- it's a madhouse of people yelling, throwing things and brawling. Jade and Erza are in the middle of the chaos, attacking each other with punches and kicks.

"You ate my cake!" Erza bellows, kicking Jade in the gut.

Jade makes a baffled face.

"Huh?! No way, I would have remembered eating it!" Jade retorts, trying to sucker punch Erza's face.

"Who else could have eaten it?!" Erza roars, dodging the punch and slamming her forehead into Jade's.

Jade snarls and pushes back, their hands interlocking as they fight for dominance.

"Natsu, Gray, Elfman, Mira-!" Jade lists off loudly.

"Girls, what are you doing?" A smoky-sounding woman's voice asks from behind Rin.

Rin turns with a gasp and her eyes widen at the woman with caramel skin and azure hair walking inside the building. The two girls stop their fight almost instantly, hiding their hands behind their backs and flushing.

"N-Nothing, right Erza?" Jade chuckles awkwardly.

"Right, Jade! We were just talking about our favorite sweets!" Erza quickly chimes in.

The woman arches her eyebrow, unimpressed.


The girls nod again, firmly.

"Yup, Orora!" Jade tells her, more confident now.

Orora hums in amusement, hazel eyes twinkling as she walks further inside.

"Is that so? Well then, I'll go fetch a mission from the request board and the three of us can go on a job!" She offers.

Jade whoops for joy while Erza looks torn. Orora notices and pats Erza's head.

"Think about it, alright Erza?" Orora tells her before walking away.

"Come on Erza! It'll be fun! We'll get to see so many things and maybe they'll have cake and stuff!" Jade pushes the redhead.

Erza scowls at her, folding her arms.

"Jobs are not pleasure cruises, Jade!"

Jade rolls her emerald eyes at Erza.

"Yeah, yeah, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun too! If you frown too much you'll get wrinkles Erza!"

Erza bristles, hand going to her sword.


"Ready to go?" Orora interrupts, standing behind them.

Jade nods and grabs Erza's elbow despite her protests.

"Yup! Let's go, let's go-!" Jade cheers, racing for the doors as she drags Erza with her.

The scene fades abruptly and Rin blinks in surprise as her surroundings glow gently golden- and then her eyes peel open. It takes her a moment to adjust to the half-darkness beneath Miss Dragon's wing but Rin is nothing if not determined. Soon enough she can see the individual scales on Miss Dragon's body- for a while she traces them, fascinated until her belly growls. Rin flushes with embarrassment and yelps when Miss Dragon's wing moves, the colder air making her shiver. Miss Dragon rumbles and her eyes open to look at Rin curiously.

Rin's belly complains louder and Miss Dragon huffs before moving, nudging Rin towards the entrance while she sinks into the earth. Rin obeys quizzically, standing outside in the early dawn only for the ground to rumble underneath her bare feet. She squeaks loudly as Miss Dragon emerges right under her!

Miss Dragon makes a purring sound before leaping into the sky, quickly soaring above the treetops. Rin clings tightly to the thick fur running down Miss Dragon's spine, burrowing her face into it. Wind roars around her and suddenly Miss Dragon dives! The little girl screams in surprise until they land with an abrupt suddenness.

Miss Dragon growls, pleased with herself, gently lifting Rin off her back and onto the ground. Rin glances around and blinks. She rubs her eyes and squints. Under Miss Dragon's front paws is a deer, freshly dead and ready for butchering. Rin glances at the deer and smiles at Miss Dragon.

"Thank you Miss Dragon!" She cheers.

Miss Dragon hums deeply, pleased, and tears the deer into smaller pieces for the weaponless Rin as the girl gathers wood to build a fire. Soon the scent of savory meat wafts through the air as it roasts over the fire pit, making Rin drool a bit. Meat like deer is not something she usually gets to eat- peasants are forbidden to hunt deer after all. Miss Dragon is already eating the sections of the carcass that Rin couldn't (or wouldn't) eat, blood smearing her teeth.

Eventually Rin's hunger outweighs her patience and she digs heartily into the scorching hot meat. It's delicious! She gulps down her first portion only to tear into her second, then thirds, her jaw working frantically. Her belly fills faster than she would like, but Rin is happily content, a sleepy drowsiness settling upon her. Miss Dragon chuffs, amused, and nudges the girl back against her side. Rin offers only a token protest, already yawning before she curls up against the dragoness' side.

Sesshomaru's Point of View

He contains a frown as he hunts the trace scents of the strange dragon and Rin. The winds are fickle, sometimes bringing him the trail more strongly only to switch and scramble it further. Jaken, thankfully, remains silent for once to not break his concentration. Sesshomaru scents the air again, not expecting much-

Rin, dragon, smoke, deer, fire, demon, earth- his golden eyes widen in surprise and Sesshomaru shoots forward, intent on answers.

Jaken scrambles to follow, wailing behind him but Sesshomaru pays no heed, flying faster. The scent, unlike before, grows stronger and easier to track as he flies over a vast forest. Silently he notes it is an unusual dwelling choice for a dragon, especially a demonic one. Swiftly enough he spots a clearing, recently made judging by the fresh tree sap on the wind, and finally spots his quarry.

The dragon is massive, easily a match for his true form in sheer size with the tail making a full half of its length. Its body is a different shape than he is used to seeing from a dragon; it is long, true, but that is where the basic similarities end. The limbs are strong and clearly capable of rending prey to pieces, unlike the thinner and more frail dragon's legs he had seen (and used) previously. The body is thicker with muscle- more robust in design rather than snake-like. Wings are tightly folded against its back, carefully kept out of mundane reach- another difference Sesshomaru notes. A line of thick silvery green fur follows its spine to the tip of its tail, a match for the tuft he had originally found. The scales coloration vary from near black to emerald green to a far lighter spring green. Antler-like horns crown the dragon's head, suitably strong enough for their dual purpose to shield its skull and act as a weapon.

Overall, Sesshomaru is undeniably cautious in approaching such a beast- save for the fact he can see Rin sleeping soundly against the dragon's side. The dragon, on the other hand, is clearly awake and aware of its surroundings. Which leads to his present dilemma. Approach now and risk an attack? Or wait to spirit Rin away when it is asleep?

"Mi Lord Sesshomaru! There you are!" Jaken cries joyfully.

Sesshomaru glares icily at him but the damage is done. The dragon cranes its head to seek the origin of the noise and spots them. Green-gold eyes narrow fractionally as the dragon draws its lips back, exposing formidable fangs before hissing in warning.

"Ahh! What beast is this, Lord Sesshomaru?! AHH! Rin?! It has Rin?! Lord Sesshomaru, quickly, we must save Rin from this unsightly beast!" Jaken wails angrily, shaking the Staff of Two Heads at the dragon.

Sesshomaru feels irritation building as his retainer continues to be a fool, clearly enraging the dragon.

"Jaken-" He starts to reprimand the imp only to be cut off by a roar of defiance.

The shockwave from the roar knocks Sesshomaru and A-Un flying wildly through the sky- Jaken is wailing pathetically as he clings to A-Un and his staff. The Daiyoukai recovers first while A-Un frantically fights to keep Jaken safely in the saddle while not falling himself. Golden eyes flicker to the dragon and widen. The dragon had uncurled and created a dome of crystal to protect Rin with before unfurling its wings, preparing to meet them in the sky. Rage seethes off the beast as it easily leaps into the air; Sesshomaru would sympathize if it were not for the fact he was being targeted by said ire.

Jaken squawks in terror, cowering behind A-Un's heads- the dragon demon is skittish in the face of his greater cousin but admirably holds his ground. Sesshomaru allows a tiny frown to form on his face as the dragon swiftly ascends. Normally he has no compunctions in battling a worthy foe, as this dragon seems to be- except for his goal is not battle. He wants the return of his ward; nothing more than that. Conflict would only delay his retrieval of Rin and open the possibility of serious injury or even death.

Sesshomaru contains a sigh as the dragon draws level with their altitude; it hisses angrily at them.

"Leave!" The word is howled at them, making Sesshomaru's ears ring.

Jaken yelps, hiding once more while A-Un tosses his heads nervously. Sesshomaru's eyebrow shoots up in surprise at what his current foe had revealed. The dragoness, as her voice clearly indicates she is no male, snarls louder as her command is not followed. The Daiyoukai floats forward, drawing her attention.

"This Sesshomaru is here to reclaim his ward." He informs her.

Reptilian eyes dilate as she glares at him heatedly before taking a deep sniff, nostrils flaring widely. Sesshomaru remains still as she inspects him for his claim- although it galls him to do so. Such things should be readily apparent. Rapidly various emotions flicker through the dragoness' eyes; recognition, confusion, joy, irritation and caution. Her head draws back and she blinks at him before speaking again.

"… Follow." She orders before plunging into a sudden dive.

"Hn." Sesshomaru grunts.

"Mi Lord?! What are you doing?!" Jaken yells frantically.

Sesshomaru sees no point in answering, flying down to the clearing where the dragoness is waiting, partially curled around the slowly opening crystal dome. Rin waves excitedly at Sesshomaru when she sees him and turns to say something to the dragoness. As the Daiyoukai lands Rin races out of her protection to greet him, the dragoness huffing loudly behind her.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Rin is happy to see you!" She cries, beaming up at him.

His face softens fractionally when he observes her good health and judging by her scent, her lack of hunger as well. Rin grins broadly and tugs on his pants to lead him over to the dragoness.

"Lord Sesshomaru, meet Miss Dragon! She took Rin away from the bad place and kept Rin warm and hunted a deer and-!" She chatters.

"Rin-! Oh Rin!" Jaken cries, trotting over to them as tears run down his face as he interrupts her story.

"Mister Jaken!" Rin greets him without missing a beat.

The dragoness' lip curls in derision as she spots the imp.

"… Weak… didn't protect… hatchling from thief…" She snorts.

Jaken's cheeks flush with anger as he waves the Staff of Two Heads at her.

"What'd you say?!" He squawks.

Green-gold eyes pin him with their gaze and he wilts with a 'meep'.

"Silence! Voice… irritating!" She snaps, nipping the air right before his face to accent her point.

Jaken (wisely) shuts up. Sesshomaru is mildly impressed by her methodology while Rin tilts her head cutely.

"Is Miss Dragon okay?" Rin asks, brow wrinkling.

The dragoness sighs, frustrated as she rests her head on her forelegs.

"… Angry. Not at hatchling." She clarifies.

Rin nods wisely and goes to snuggle next to the dragoness, much to Jaken's horror. Sesshomaru conceals a frown and inhales, trying to gain some understanding of the dragon demoness.

Earth, dragon, demon, deer, power, anger, confusion, annoyance, intrigue, smoke, Rin, blood, human- He stiffens slightly at the unexpected addition.

Despite what he would like to believe, it is not Rin he is smelling. The human aspect of the dragoness' scent is buried, muted beneath the other more overpowering scents and completely different from Rin in tone. Curious, Sesshomaru focuses harder on that faint fragrance, determined to have answers.

Female, young but older than the Miko, still smells of dragon despite being human and also of myself-! No, this cannot be. It cannot!

Concerned and wary, Sesshomaru reaches out subtly with his yoki- and feels the yoki within the dragoness answer readily along with another familiar power- magic. Magic, which only one person he knows of can use. Stunned, he stares into the green-gold eyes and voices his suspicions.

"… Warrior Jade."

The dragoness perks up, watching him intently.

"You are… familiar… I know you- how?" She demands.

Sesshomaru frowns openly.

"You do not remember?"

She falls quiet for a moment then speaks in low rumble.

"… Attacked… cave… a mirror and pale girl… woman that smells of wind… thieves, the both of them! Took and took..! Bits… fragments… a voice… scents and instincts remembered. The rest… lost… so angry… hurting inside… want to hunt… tear them apart!"

Sesshomaru raises an eyebrow in surprise.

A pale girl with a mirror and a woman that smells of wind… Kanna and Kagura? What did they do to Warrior Jade to make her like this? No, this plot must have been Naraku's in origin. It is something like what that coward would do. But I doubt this is what he had intended to occur when he attacked Warrior Jade.

"Eh? Lord Sesshomaru, Miss Dragon is Jade-onee-chan?!" Rin gasps.

"Hn." He grunts in confirmation.

Jaken pales in horror as he stares up at the former Dragon Slayer. She looks back at him and glares, daring him to comment. Self-preservation stays his tongue, for once in his life. Ring breaks the tense silence, glancing between Jade and Sesshomaru.

"Lord Sesshomaru, can Jade-onee-chan travel with us?" Rin asks.

Jaken gapes at Rin.

"Rin! What are you thinking?! We shouldn't be associating with a beast like her! She could eat us while we sleep!" He protests.

A vexed hiss from Jade causes the imp to freeze in terror, reminding him the one he had been so callously insulting was right there. Sesshomaru considers Rin's request carefully, then Jade in a rare moment of indecision. What it came down to, for Sesshomaru, is the only worthy rival he had encountered is now a strange hybrid between a demon, human and dragon. It irks him that she has been reduced to this- no, not reduced. Transformed into her current form by an enemy so far below her in caliber.

He can sense her power remains the same, if not greater than it was previously- but he does not wish to fight an opponent who barely remembers him. It is not satisfying. Perhaps that's a petty reason, but it is enough to spur his decision.

"She comes." He announces.

Jade rumbles softly in confusion, tilting her head at him. Rin cheers while Jaken babbles in self-pity. And so begins Jade's adventures with Sesshomaru and his loyal followers.

Feudal Japan will never be the same.

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