The Balrog fell towards the dark depths of the mine. The two turned back to the fellowship, Perci smiling slightly at her One as he stared at her wide eyed.

"No! No!" They all watched in horror as the Balrog's whip came back up and caught the ankles of Perci and Gandalf, dragging them towards the edge.

"Gandalf! Perci!"

"Fly, you fools!" Gandalf choked out, using all of his strength to hold onto the edge of the crumbled bridge.

"Legolas! I love you!"

"No!" They could only watch in horror and despair as their two most powerful and cherished members were dragged down into the depths by the Balrog.

Gandalf the Gray and Queen Persephone of Atlantis were dead.


The group travelled in silence.

Most of, if not all, of them in mourning of the two of their group that perished in the mines of Moria.

But out of all of them, Legolas was taking it the hardest. His One had said she loved him... right before she fell into the fiery depths of Moria with Gandalf.

He had never been in so much pain before as he has since she fell to her death.

He didn't shed tears or show anger at her loss, but was rather numb to everything around him, causing Haldir and Aragorn to practically carry him as they made their way towards Lothlorien.

The Hobbits and the dwarves were greatly saddened as well especially Thorin, Fili, Kili, and Frodo. And although they hadn't known their female companion and the wizard as well as the others, Eomer and Boromir were saddened at the loss of two strong and brave souls such as theirs.

All of a sudden, though, Legolas straightened out of his slumped over walking position and clutched his hand over his heart.

"Legolas? What is it?" Aragorn asked his friend.

"I... I feel her." Haldir gasped, as did Aragorn knowing instantly what Legolas was talking about.

"What does that mean?" Thorin growled.

Legolas turned and smiled at the rest of the fellowship. "Perci is my One, as i am her's. We can feel each other over a bond that is created and nurtured the more we are around each other."

"You said 'is'... Does that mean, Perci's alive?" Fili asked hopefully.

Legolas was silent for a moment. "Yes. Perci is alive."