Chapter Six

Team Ego POV

A/N: This chapter is really short. But I needed a little filler chapter.

"My lord Steward, Your son Boromir has returned, along with a dwarf and one of the princes' of Rohan."

"Let them in." Boromir's father stared at the three males that entered. His favorite son and one of his rival's heirs. And then a dwarf. He didn't know why his son would travel with them. "My son, you have returned... and with guests." The last words said in distaste.

Thorin growled he had no patience left as it had all been used up with Eomer and Boromir. "I am Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain. You will show me proper respect to me, Steward." The steward and his advisors eyes widened.

"Apologies, Your Majesty. What brings you to our humble city?"

"A fellow monarch is on her way here with our other companions, the legendary Queen of Atlantis. She is going to need your help and you are going to do so without one snarl or else your head will be separated from your shoulders and your son will take your place. He has already proven to be able to follow sensible orders." Thorin threatened. Boromir and Eomer remained silent but exchanged slightly amused glances. Boromir had no love for his father after having to protect his little brother from their father's temper and Eomer and Rohan had trouble with the Steward constantly as well so he wasn't shocked at all.

The steward's temper emerged. "You dare! I am the ruler of this city! You cannot threaten me with a dabble or threaten me with my weak son. Guards! Throw these disturbers in the dungeons!"

Thorin snarled and reached for his sword.

"Thorin, don't. Persephone will be here soon. And when she does, she will teach this weakling of a man how to truly rule, she might even bring the true king of Gondor with her." Boromir said with a sneer, his hand on Thorin's arm keeping it in place. The three members of the fellowship exchanged feral smiles as they were led away and none noticed the now pale steward stagger back into his throne.

"Mathias! I want to be notified about every newcomer in this city and I want them all brought to me. I will not have a usurper or a myth cause chaos in our city."

"Yes, my lord."