Donna, were visiting Atlantic City New Jersey, relaxing on the beach. "The weekend is here!" shouted Caleb.

"You could say that again!" Emma smiled

"And this weekend is the Save Winter Day." Samantha smiled, "It may be too cold for swimming, but it doesn't stop us from seeing an amputee dolphin."

Baby Groot came up to Donna's shoulder and pointed at an 11-year-old boy on the beach. His name was, "Nathan Gamble" Emma remembers seeing him on TV about rescuing Winter the Dolphin from the beach this summer.

"It all started during the summer." Nathan explained, "My cousin Richard is in the army now, hoping to compete in the Olympics. I didn't have much friends and my mother is always busy working as a nurse."

"hat about your father," Toshiro asked.

"He abandoned me and my mom 5 years ago." Nathan explained.

"I know how that feels" Samantha said. "A few days ago we took down Nolan Sorrento and stopped Operation: Extended Halliday."

"Anyway" Wade said, "How did you find Winter?"

"On my way to summer school," Nathan explained, "I found some fishermen attempting to help an injured dolphin tangled in a crab trap. It was taken for treatment to the Adventure Aquarium on the other side of New Jersey, run by Dr. Clayborne Hasket. It was there that I befriended his daughter, "Cozi" and we named her, "Winter" after the 2 prior dolphins, Summer and Autumn."

He also said that he visits Winter each day and was constantly annoyed by a pelican named Rufus. His mom wasn't okay at first since he was skipping summer school without permission, but saw the bond between them and she decided that he should withdraw summer school and let him volunteer at the Adventure Aquarium.

"That's so sweet of you." smiled Donna.

Nathan smiled, "Anyway" Nathan said, "During a visit, I saw that it's tale was damaged and the doctors had to cut if off. Plus Dr. Hasket said that without the tale, it would die. I couldn't let this happen."

Suddenly, a handsome military boy with amputee legs came in. It was Nathan's cousin, "Richard". "Hey little guy," he smiled, "Are you telling these guys about the story of how you saved Winter."

"I am" Nathan smiled.

They continued off with them about Broderick McCarty, the same man who gave Richard his artificial legs. They placed an artificial tail on Winter, but it was irritating her skin, so they gave her a new alternative gel-like sock which he calls, "Winter's Gel".

"That's an amazing story isn't it?" Donna asked.

"It is" Nathan smiled, "Hey, since the High Five has stopped Operation: Extended Halliday, maybe you guys can help out with our show."

"I'm in." Donna smiled.

"Me too" Emma smiled, "A year ago, we helped out our friend Alyssa communicate with a dolphin."

Nathan smiled, because they are going to help him with Save Winter Day.

Note: Sawyer's and Hazel's names are changed to Nathan and Cozi to avoid time confusion. Their also the names of their actors Nathan Gamble and Cozi Zuehlsdorff