To be honest I wasn't exactly expecting my first kill to be this easy. From what they showed in the movies, you'd expect your first kill to be a struggle, something that'd haunt you for the rest of your life. But for me, I didn't exactly feel that way, instead I felt...relieved. Maybe it was because all it had taken was one lucky hit to a major artery, leaving the man twitching on the ground as he clutched his neck, the only sounds he could make were gurgles as blood spewed from his mouth and stained the white pristine floor red. Maybe it was because no one had stumbled into the fitting room by now, but it wasn't like it would stay that way forever. I shakily pulled the knife out from his neck, and jumped back to avoid the spray of blood that spewed from his neck and splattered against the wooden door. I wiped the blood off the knife with the man's jeans, being careful not to get the blood on my clothes, and took out a camera from my bag. I snapped a few photos of the chilling corpse of the man, and stuck the camera and the photos into my bag, I'd have to get those developed later.

Slowly, I open the door of the dressing room, and look down the hall to the left, and thankfully no one was there, looked to my right and saw the same thing. I fully stepped out of the dressing room and gently close the door behind me, locking it in place before heading out of the fitting room. A blonde lady wearing a red blouse and tan slacks idly blew a huge pink bubble before it popped, still chewing her gum she turned to look at me, "So did you find everything you needed?" She lazily asks as she pays more attention to the magazine in her hand than you. "You took a really long time sweetheart."

"Everything went well," I said, keeping my voice as low and scratchy as I could keep it. "Thank you for asking." I quickly try to push my way past the receptionist's desk but the receptionist steps around her desk and blocks my way forward. She has a pleasant smile on her face, one that doesn't quiet reach her eyes.

"You didn't take so long for any other reason, right?" She asks as she takes a step forward, causing you to take a step back. "You weren't doing anything...wrong, were you?"

"That depends on what you think is, 'wrong' m'am." I say calmly, but inside I'm freaking out. Alarm bells are ringing in my mind and I can't help but curse myself for not paying closer attention to the woman. I don't know who she is, but I know that there's something wrong with her. "I haven't broken any of the store's laws, so could you please move."

"Well there is something you did wrong, I think you know exactly what you did." Her smile gets even wider, reaching all the way to the sides of her head. "Haven't you learned right from wrong little girl?"

"I think someone should teach you some manners."

To be honest, there were a lot of things I had done wrong this night. I'd taken too long to track down my target, even though I'd managed to take them out with little to no problem, I hadn't found a better route to leave, and I didn't prepare for the roundhouse-kick to my chest that sent me flying through the wall. The number one thing I had done wrong was thinking that I would be the only one to go after the target I had chosen, especially with the price on their head. I puushed myself to my knees only to freeze as the cold tip of metal pressed against my forehead, as I looked up I saw the woman from before holding a pistol to my head.

"It looks like I win," The woman winked as she pressed her finger down on the trigger of the gun, "Better luck next time!"

And then everything went dark as I was shot...



"Damn it!" I shouted as I leaned back in my chair, I tossed the helmet I had been wearing on my bed and wiped the sweat off my forehead. My cat perked his head up from his resting spot on my windowsill before settling back down, seeing that the danger had passed. Damn it, there went four hours of my life, and to get so far only to get cheapshoted by some jerk who had too much time on her hands. I sighed, now what was I supposed to do, it'd be a week until the next target was placed into the game, and there'd undoubtedly be a bloodbath at trying to get the rewards from killing them.





"Hahaha, did you see the look on your face?!" the person on the other end of the call laughed even harder, "It was so priceless!"

"Yeah, haha, very funny Ginny," I said as I rolled my eyes and booted up the computer in my room, "So how long were you waiting at that store for?"

"Eh, a few hours ago," Ginny said, "I thought it'd be easy to just kill the target, but then it'd be much more fun to watch you all kill each other trying to get to him."

"And then you went up and scavenged all the loot, didn't you?" The computer finally started up and I quickly logged into my account. While I waited for the computer to log me into my account, I continued to talk to Ginny, "You really are ruthless, you know that?"

"I think Ron's going to go mental once he finds out," Ginny says, "He's stayed up all night for the event, I can hear him shouting upstairs right as we speak."

"Yeah..." The computer finally logs me in and I open up my usual browser,I quickly type into the search bar and hit the enter button, "So what are you going to do with the prize, are you going to share it with Ron?"

"Actually I was thinking about sharing it with Harry," Ginny said, "He's been waiting for it for a long time, and you know his aunt and uncle won't buy it for him."

"But they will for that tub of lard, I'm pretty sure he needs more exercise time than time to play video games," You say as the site finally loaded up, comments rapidly scrolled across the screen as a timer counted down from forty eight hours, "Wow have you seen the comments, people are losing their minds over this!"

"Well it is a game that most people have been looking forward to for a while now," Ginny says before responding to someone, probably Ron, and continuing the conversation, "Sorry Hermione I've got to go, see you in forty-eight hours?"

"See you in forty-eight hours!" Ginny hangs up, and you put your cellphone away, In forty-eight hours you were going to play what would possibly be the best VRMMORPG ever!