The whole of Hogwarts was lined across the grounds as they waited for the delegations from the other schools. Even with his winter robes, Harry Potter bristled in the snow of late October. The Quin-Wizard Cup was shaping up to be quite a spectacle, Beauxbaton Academy of Magic came in a magical carriage that flew through the sky with giant winged horses. Drumstrang Insitute arrived with boat rose from the depths of the Black Lake, and Harry could not but wonder how they ended up in the lake in the first place.

As both groups of visitors headed inside the castle, Ronald Weasley shifted on his feet. "Where are they? It's bloody cold out here."

Hermione shrugged. "I have no idea. There was barely any information on Beauxbaton and Drumstrang in the library let alone these other two." She rubbed her hands together for warmth. "According to Lavender, most of the pureblood families don't think too much of the other two schools."

Imagining Malfoy scoffing towards some distance foreigners, Harry rolled his eyes at the thought. "Of course they don't."

The Gryffindor girl continued, "Most of the Wizengamot doesn't like them because they are closely tied with a major muggle enterprise in America-" Harry could practically hear the gears turning inside of her head. "Its on the tip of my tongue."

In the distance, Harry could see two dots coming toward him. "I think that might be them." He said, pointing out the distance as two aircraft flew above the treeline. There was murmurs among all the houses, but Harry could not exactly hear what they were saying.

As the aircraft came within view, hovering above the crowd, they looked nothing like American aircraft, let alone muggle creations.

Hermione snapped her fingers, "Now I remember." She looked at the ships in the air above them and smiled. "Hollywood."

The two ships were in stark contrast to one another. One was angular, sharp corners and covered in a cold grey colour. The other was painted dull orange and white, and was far more rounded. The glaring similarity between the two however, was the glowing blue energy coming out of the engines at the rear of the craft.

Inside of Harry's mind, he recognized the ships. He saw tidbits from movies the Dursleys' watched in the living room. His Uncle and Aunt mocked it constantly, while Dudley was spellbound by it. It was a rare sentiment shared between them, and it returned with a vengeance on this day.

As both ships touched down on the ground, the murmurs have grown to a dull roar. Hogwarts crowd grew louder only to immediately lapsed into silence when hatches on both ships opened up. Ramps extended downward to the grass below them.

From each ship hooded robed individuals strode down the ramps. From the angular ship, they were dressed in black robes, their faces enshrouded in shadows from the hoods. They moved with power and pride, every movement was constrained with untameable force.

The other group moved quite differently. Where the former moved with power and pride, the wearers of the brown robes did not walk, but flowed down the ramp with grace. As if they were one with the world around them.

He could hear startled gasps and bated breathes coming from who Harry could assume to be muggleborn students of Hogwarts. They had came to the same conclusion as he did about the fourth and fifth schools participating.

They lined on either side of the ramps for both ships, and Harry could see the large difference in size between them. Assuming them to be students and participants for the tournament, they were bigger than he expected. One even towered over Harry by four or five feet.

Both groups then lifted their arms upward, their hands encompassed a single object. Glints of silver here, gold there, and black over there. Ron leaned over to his side and whispered, "Do they have metal wands?"

Hermione whispered back in awe, "No-"

A chorus of snaps were followed by a low hiss as over two dozen blades of light snapped to life in their hands.

"They don't really practice their magic with wands." Hermione added distantly, her eyes locked on the coloured blades.

Iluminated by the strong red glow, an imposing figure emerged from the ship. His hood was lowered, but his head was covered with a disturbing helmet. Steel like plating encompassed his head, overlaid with a grey mask with red glowing eyes. A breathing unit covered the helmet where his mouth may be, and ended with points, like vicious tusks. His body enshrouded by a deep blue cloak, that seemed to drain the life around him.

His counterpart came forward, his arms crossed and within his sleeves. His face blank, but his eyes and forehead covered with a plate of metal. He appeared to the crowd of students as if he was blind, but he moved with such rare assuredness, his path was known. The slight fall breeze blow through the grounds and his brown hair wafted with it.

Both of these powerful figures came to a stop in front of Headmaster Dumbledore, their processions powered down their blades and turned with uniformity toward the gathered students and the waiting headmasters.

"Greetings Lord Azukra," Dumbledore bowed to the one in blue robes. "Grandmaster Hanik," He bowed to the other man in brown robes. "I welcome both the Sith and Jedi to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry."

"The Jedi Order appreciates both your invitation and hospitality, Headmaster Dumbledore." Grandmaster Hanik replied with a respectful bow.

Lord Azukra grunted, his voice tinged with mechanical vocalization. "It's about time. We'd almost started to think that you magical folk were afraid of us." He drawled out, his distaste clearly emphasized with his statement.

Professor Dumbledore smiled back in response. "The unknown is always scary, but only by interacting with it, can fear crumble away into normality." With that he turned toward the school. "I'm sure both you and your students are tired from your trip." He waved his arm toward the Great Hall, "Please head inside, the other schools have already arrived."

Jedi and Sith alike moved inside, with a fair distance between the two groups. While many students followed after them, nearly a third of Hogwarts's students were frozen on the grounds. Harry and Hermione being some of the many students stuck in a stupor.

While the professors and other students tried to get the remainder moving. Ron attempted to shake a wistful Hermione who stared at the departure of the two newcomer schools and a paralyzed Harry. "You two alright?"

Harry spoke up, "I could've been a jedi."


Why is this a thing? Because I love the Goblet of Fire as a crossover starter for many, many fics. Taking in the consideration that is the universe of the Old Republic, and the breakdown that happened during the whole Infinite Empire Arc, this was the logical conclusion.