You know what sucks? Waking up after a fight.

Don't get it twisted, waking up after a fight is a great thing, it's the biggest sign that you got out of the fight, a literal wake up call. However, everything sucks. Your entire body aches, some or every part of you hurts to move, you want to eat or drink, the list goes on.

Why couldn't you wake up nice and comfy after a fight? Is that to much to ask? You put your butt through the tough stuff to get here, would it be so hard to wake up all nice and cozy? You know, get something out of getting your butt kicked.

Unfortunately, even with Mr Starks awesome suit, waking up still sucks.

"Ugh, Mr Stark, your suits not that comfy to sleep in."

Wait, Mr Stark...





Big butt!

Feeling the numbness all over him as death sweeps over him and reduces him to-

Peter gasped and jumped up, latching to the ceiling before he could stop himself. Out of ceilings he's crawled on, wasn't that bad. Clean but pretty bland. Not very fair, most cells don't really go all out with the color anyway.

Wait a minute, cell?

Peter looked around, his suits visors picking up on every detail that came his way. Sure enough, he's in a jail cell. One plank for a bed, one toilet, one big light but no window and no bars?

… aren't those important?

Either way, Peter falls from the ceiling. He needed to find someone, there are too many questions going through his head. First and foremost? Why is he not dead?

Wait no, bad question for now.

Better question, when was there so many superheroes? Did the Avengers have a recruitment drive while he was in space?

And where the heck is he? Why were there giants and wood-people now? Sure there was the alien lady with antenna and Drax looking all clay-like, but this was even stranger. He walked forward, only to bounce straight off. Shaking off the hit, Peter blinked and held out a hand. He took a step forward, and his hand hit something solid.

"Invisible walls?"

There's a sound of footsteps and Peter sees the creepiest mime ever! He's in a police uniform, why?

"Umm... hello?" He asked, waving his hand.

The mime tilts his head in confusion.

"彼は起きていますか" comes a voice.

"Translating: Is he awake?"

Another police officer, this one looking like a normal person walks in with black hair and asian features and a scowl. Peter blinks, "Oh yeah, I just got up," he says rubbing his shoulders, "Ummm.. hello there Officer? I just want to let you know that I didn't do anything wrong. I helped with saving some civilians from that monster-guy earlier. Not that I'm telling you guys how do your jobs. Keep up the good work, thank you for your service and all that you… police."

The officer's fance scrunches in confusion, and the mime hasn't moved from his position.

"あなたはこれのどれかを手に入れましたか" he asks his partner.

"Translating: You getting any of this?"

The mime shakes his head. Oh crap they don't understand him! How are they going to talk? How is he going to get back to New York!? Wait, they're bringing out a phone. Officer nods at mime guy and suddenly, Peter can't hear anymore.

Did they just ghost him?

That's just mean!

"Okay, not cool ghosting me like that!" Peter shouted, sitting on the edge of the bed with crossed arms. He looked around the walls of his cell... He could maybe punch his way out, or utilize the Iron Spider's legs to chip his way out, but he has a lot of respect for the police. He doesn't want to cause any trouble, not when he can just contact Mr. Stark and-

Mr. Stark...

Peter let out a sigh and his shoulder slumped, looking at the floor. He had to get information. Or was this all just some crazy dream and he droned out on the bus. Maybe that's it. All he has to do is wait for Ned to wake him up.

Oh well, no point complaining about it. Officer man looked to be in a heated conversation over the phone. With his back turned, Peter didn't have a clue what he was saying.

Could this suit read lips?

Peter shook his head. This was one of Mr Stark's suits, of course it could read lips? Right?

The officer puts away the phone and turns enough for Peter to see him gulp. Then immediately he stands at attention, the mime right behind him following. A second later, a new officer in a much nicer uniform comes in. He stands there, tux and all with short faded red hair and mismatched eyes. One red, one black. He glances a red eye back at mime, whose hands go on a machine gun pace while the other officer grabs a chair from the left.

Tux man sits down and straightens his tie, running a hand through his hair. "Hello."

Peter blinked. "You can speak english?"

"A little bit." He responded, his accent thick, but coherent.

"Oh thank god you have no idea how long I thought I was going to have to read subtitles in my suit. Makes everything really distracting cause like people are talking but stuff is happening so what do I focus on the words or the action it gets really confusing man. So... thanks." Peter said, springing up. He just has to keep on talking... and he'll wake up.

The tux man took the entire breathless ramble in stride, albeit with a quirked eyebrow.

"I'm sure it is. Now, I am Police Chief Botan Fukuda, I run this precinct."

"Oh nice to meet you sir," Peter said with a nod. "I'm Spiderman."

Botan raised an eyebrow, "Bit early to give yourself a hero name isn't it, Vigilante?"

"Isn't naming yourself like the first thing that you do? I mean, I can't give my real name and all because, identities and all."

Botan looked more confused. "Young man, I believe you are mistaken." and his eyes narrowed, making Peter nervous. "It's illegal to use your quirk without a hero licence. We ran your face through the database, no licence for anyone matching your description or your costume. We even tried to remove it, but it would not budge."

"Oh, uhh..." Peter then felt the nanomachines slink back over his face, giving him a clear view of a suddenly surprised Botan and his two other officers. "How about that?

"You can... control your costume?"

"I... guess? Mr. Stark made this and he... He can explain everything! Just contact Tony Stark and-"

"One at a time, young man." Botan snapped, it made Peter pause.

That's… disheartening. Peter thought that after that fiasco during homecoming would get his name at least out there. More importantly though...

"A Quirk?"

"Powers," Botan clarified, as if it was the most common thing in the world. "Did you hit your head too hard when you hit the pavement?"

"Oh. I..." The young man from Queens paused. "So... why does everyone have superpowers?"

"彼は頭を強く叩いた" Said the officer behind him. Peter perked up.

"What did he say?" Botan rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Nothing. You're an American teenage boy, here in Japan and yet you know not even a hint of our language?" He asked annoyed. Peter bit his lip, blushing.

"I uhhh... well... this is all a dream anyway so... yeah?" Peter shrugged. The red haired man let out a sigh.

"Now, I don't want to do this to someone who helped keep damage to a minimum, as the media happened to like your little stunt in assisting the local heroes and I would like to get by without being crucified in the tabloids, but the laws are here for a reason and you committed a crime."

"What did I do wrong?!" Peter asked. "So me, helping people, is a crime?!"

"You used your Quirk without a hero license. Is there a guardian that we can call? There's a lot of paperwork that'll go a lot faster if we contact your parents."

Peter paused, then he sat up.

"Just, contact Tony Stark. You know, Ironman." Botan's eyebrow rose.



"Yeah, THE Ironman! Leader of the Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes?"

"たぶん彼は病院に行くべきです" The normal officer behind the Police Chief stated and Peter was becoming frustrated.

"I know many heroes, but I have never heard of this Iron Man."

"CEO of Stark Industries, the biggest tech company on the planet! Who doesn't know him?"

"Calm down." Botan snapped. "Listen, we know nothing of this... Stark Industries or even this Tony Stark." He looked back at the policeman and muttered. "メモ帳してください" The officer handed him a notepad and a pen, and he sat back, ready to write. "Now, tell me... what is your name."

"I am Spid-"

"Your normal name," Botan growled, not wanting to stutter as Peter bit his lip, gripping onto the bed sheet. He let out a sigh. "If you're worried about your identity, don't be," Botan taps the badge on his lapel, "I swore an oath when I put on this badge, nothing is leaving this room unless you want it to. Young man" His eyes softened. "I only want to help you. But I can only do so if you answer my questions. Do you understand?"

Peter sighed in relief, and bit his lip. "Okay... my name is Peter Parker." It felt like toxin coming out of his mouth, saying those words while in the Iron Spider suit under these circumstances. Now he'll never have a chance to be a hero again if he ever went back home.


"16." Botan began writing.

"Place of birth?"

"Queens, New York-wait, did everyone turn to dust!" Peter shouted, standing up, frantic.

"What are you talking about?" Botan asked.

"Thanos he... he won and he left and... everyone was turning to dust and..." Peter hugged himself, breathing hard as his mind got to work. He was not on Titan or even back in New York. He was in some town in Japan with some Mime-policeguy and there's giants and wood people walking around. They talk of Quirks and hero licenses as if they treat hero'ing as a simple as driving a car. They don't know of Mr. Stark or the Avengers.


What in the hell is happening right now.

"Mr. Parker." Botan voice cut through. "What are do you mean about people turning to dust."

That's right...

He turned to dust too. He couldn't escape whatever Thanos did...

He died.

He... literally died.

He died and... just woke up in... in some new place.

"Can..." Peter's voice came out, and it sounded weak. Almost like a sob. "Can I just...write down my contacts, and... see if you can talk to them?"

The police chief was incredulous, but upon seeing Peter's visage, it softened. The swelling of tears, the teenage enthusiasm crumbling before him, it was a tidal wave of emotion. He snapped his fingers, and the Mime made more hand gestures. The fellow officer had a hand on his gun as the Police chief walked over to the sullen Peter and handed him the notepad and pen.

"Write them down. Then we can try our best to contact them."

Please... Please let this be some dream.

"Can you pinch me too?" Peter asked as he began writing, looking up at him.

"Mr. Parker?"

"Do it!" Peter snapped. "Anywhere! Just... wake me-" Botan flicked Peter's forehead, and Peter felt the little inconvenience... But he felt it.

He did not wake up.

All of that happened. The aliens. Dr. Strange. The Space Donut. Helping Mr. Stark save the wizard. Going to Titan. Meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy. Fighting Thanos...

And losing as he was reduced to ash.

"It was real." He resumed writing, even with Botan looming over him. Peter finished handing him the contacts list.

Please... please just... let him be back home and something weird happened. That's all he asks.

Botan took the notepad and walked to the door. "We will get to work on these, see if we can contact your guardian or parents." He snapped his finger, and the Mime made more hand gestures. He turned to the officer. "彼に食べ物をもらおう。"

"ハイ" And the officer departed as Peter turned around, lying on his bed.

"We will do our best, Mr. Parker." Botan said. "I promise." And he left the cell and walked down the hall, leaving Peter to his thoughts.

This has to be a dream...

It has to be.

Peter hugged the pillow and brought it against his face. "Please wake up... please wake up..."


"Okay then." Fukuda Botan muttered as he left the cell ward and stared out to Officers Fujiwara Toshio and Kimihito Sei as they sat in the general working area of the Musutafu Police Department. Other officers were at work and busy at their terminals as the Police Chief rubbed the bridge of his nose. "This is something else."

"You ask me Chief?" Toshio snarked. "Think the foreigner's lying. Giving us croc tears." Sei, the mime, looked at his partner with an incredulous look. "I'm serious! We get kids all the time about this and-"

"He seemed genuinely confused when I told him even basic level information. Quirks. Not knowing of Quirk Regulations which is enforced even in the United States. This keeps adding up more and more."

"Explain his costume then. Must be his Quirk right? We couldn't even take it off! And you saw how it slid down his face like... like sand!" Toshio elaborated in exaggerated detail. "It has be."

"I don't know, something tells me this kid either hit his head too hard on the pavement when he confronted that Villain, or... something is definitely amiss." Botan murmured, cupping his chin. "Hey Hanazawa-Kun!"

"Yes Sir?" Asked a young mousy-looking intern with glasses, coming up. She even had big mouse ears on her head.

"Mind running these contacts over to the US Embassy? These are the contacts our vigilante gave us." He handed him the notepad Parker had written down, then Hanazawa scurried off.

It maybe a long shot, and not worth the effort yet...

It wouldn't hurt to do his due diligence. And beside that...

The web slinging. That costume of his and how it moved. How it prevented little if any injury on his person when they picked him up and put him through the scanner in the ambulance en route to the station. The camera feeds of his acrobats and body strength. The head had symptoms of concussion at first... but when they arrived, there was no more. As if he had healed subconsciously.

No one should have more than one Quirk. Regeneration, control over some substance that makes up his costume, which even translated for him apparently that it picked up on what Toshio was saying...

"I'm gonna make a call to an old friend. You go and make sure that-"

"Finally, there you are!" Said a female voice, making the three law enforcers turn their heads, and walking towards them was non other than Takeyama Yu, the new heroine who has debuted in their region within the last week plus by the moniker of Mt. Lady. Right behind the spandex-covered blonde was the dark-spandex and wood-armed Nishiya Shinji, also known as Kamui Woods. "I was looking for ya Chief Fukuda." The woman elaborated as some officers made way for her. "I wasn't getting any response that my Report was filed in, so here it is in person."

"Ah. Mt. Lady, welcome." Botan stood at attention as the statuesque rookie handed him a file. He opened it, glimpsing through. "Odd how our response team hasn't gotten back to your firm. Was it anything on our end?"

"Has to be, our internet's going along fine." Mt. Lady stated with a wave of her hand. "Kamui here at least is able to do a good job in making sure our bandwidth and net are running. Right?"

"Yes, I'm glad." Kamui remarked with a roll of his eyes. Botan saw the camera footage of the incident, with the villain being detained and under anaesthesia as not to transform into a giant again. Kamui Woods was doing a good job keeping the villain under wraps, and then Parker showed up and made some clear rookie mistakes before he slung back into the fray in annoying the villain, right into Mt. Lady who took the credit.

"So, that creep detained?" She asked, hand on her hip.

"Which one, the villain or the one who flew into your ass?" Toshio snarked. Kamui Woods sniggered, making the woman fume.

"I meant the villain! Besides, I saw the social media feeds. Kid was flying in before I," And she emphasized that "I". "Took down that monster with an all mighty kick."

"You were late to the scene." Kamui Woods remarked. "What took you, especially with your first giant villain encounter?"

"Excuse me, I had to find an open enough area to get a running start for my Canyon Cannon attack!" She barked back. "Besides no harm done! No one was hurt after all right!"

"Except millions of yen in collateral damage due to the villain and your footsteps messing up the train tracks." Botan remarked, making Mt. Lady blanch up. "But rest assured, the Public Transit and the government will repair it. They made sure the tracks were insured. And the villain is under wraps. He'll tried within the week and we will need your report to assist the Prosecutor's Office in throwing him in jail."

"That's all well and good." Mt. Lady stated with a sigh. "How about the kid? He seems like a newcomer." She looked back at the shorter Kamui who shrugged.

"I talked to the other neighboring firms and agencies. No one matches his costume description of a dark blue and red-with-gold trim and a spider on their chest on their roster, so he's a Vigilante." He elaborated. "I take it he will be let go with a warning? He sounded like a teenager, and a foreigner to boot given his English. American maybe?"

"That's the thing." Botan crossed his arms. "It's a... complex story, but you hit the nails on the head Mr. Woods." The Police Chief gestured for an intern to come by and he handed her the file. "Our vigilante is indeed American and a teenager, with... unique circumstances. See..."

He told them everything, from Parker's lack of Quirk knowledge to his saying of 'Avengers, Earth's greatest heroes' and other oddball terms Parker relayed to him. Both Kamui and Mt. Lady had wide eyes.

"He did hit his head on the pavement. Concussion?" Kamui mused.

"The paramedics had him under their scanners while they treated him. Couldn't get through his costume no matter how hard their tried. Plus, he seemed to have healed, despite showing signs at first."

"One man with strength, web-flinging, and self-healing Quirk? That's impossible."

"It's his costume Mr. Woods." Toshio answered. "If I had to guess, it did it for him. We got a visual when he was able to make it disappear."

"How strange..." Kanui cupped the chin of his wooden mask. Mt. Lady quirked her eyebrow.

"You guys haven't called his parents yet, if he is a teenager?"

"We're running by them now. We-"

"Chief Fukuda!" It was Hanazawa, making Toshio raise his eyes.

"That was fast."


"I'm back... we ran by the names our vigilante gave us. Here is the report the US Embassy gave us." Kamui crossed his arms.

"So your servers are running fine. It's on our end then. Apologies." He pinched the bridge of his mask as Mt. Lady giggled.

"Shoulda paid the bill Kamui. Gotta keep an eye on things, like bills... and the prize."

"Oh shut up gloryhog."

"No searches?" Botan muttered, breaking the two's potential argument as they looked at him. Toshio and Sei looked over his shoulder.

"That's impossible. Embassy has to be screwing...with us." Toshio's skepticism faded as he saw the papers handed back from the Embassy via email.

Mae Parker. Residence: Queens, New York. Married to Benjamin Parker.
No Results Found in Japan or United States.

Edward 'Ned' Leeds. Residence: Queens, New York. Son of Leonard and Belle Leeds.
No Results Found in Japan or United States.

Michelle 'MJ' Jones. Residence: Queens, New York. Daughter of Brock and Mary Jones.
No Results Found in Japan or United States.

Anthony 'Tony' Stark. Residence: Malibu, California and Manhattan, New York. Founder of Stark Industries and the Avengers. Super hero: Ironman.
No Results Found in Japan or United States.

"The Embassy's database is tied directly to the US Governments as well as ours." Botan murmured, biting his lip. The database would have ran by all the words Parker had written down to find any commonality or connection. The fact that nothing came up was incredible.

"He's lying." Toshio stated. "He's-"

"Not lying till I say so." Botan growled. "I'm gonna make a call to an old friend, see if he can help us clear the air here. He doesn't even have a visa so he's here in this country illegally, with no guardian or parents to speak of." He took a deep breath.

So Peter is either an incredible liar... or there's something going on here.

"You gonna stick around?" He asked towards the two pro Heroes as he got his phone out.

"I need to get back on patrol. Takeyama, you stay here and monitor the situation regarding our vigilante."

"Huhhhh?!" Mt. Lady whined. "Why not? I can go out on patrol too!"

"I'll call you if we are in dire need, but I need someone who can edit our report to file in at this station. I'm not leaving this vigilante matter untouched and I want someone here to write it down to show that we did handle this situation and know the full extent of what happened to all parties." Kamui Woods stated as he turned around. "And consider this a little lesson before you go glory hunting. I didn't recruit you to my firm to put in a bad reputation of collateral damage." He walked around, and Mt. Lady crossed her arms and fumed.

"You can wait in the break room if you like. You're welcome to explore around the station." Botan said as the phone rang a few more times.

"Tch." Mt. Lady scoffed. "Whatever. I was planning on going on my lunch break anyway. I'll check up on that vigilante kid when I can and grab a bite. And I was hoping to get some Waha Grill too... Not some cafeteria..." Botan droned her sulking as he saw the pro walk down to the cell ward as he heard his phone click.

"This better be good Fukuda, and not some boring purse snatcher." Growled an old cranky voice.

"Sir? Are you calling, that guy?" Toshio asked. Botan nodded, and made a hand gesture to tell the sketpic to shut up.

"Hello Hyu-sensei. I have a unique case for you I want you to examine for us."

"Get on with it."

"American foreign teenager with the possibility of multiple quirks or just his costume, claiming he knows nothing of Quirks or laws of our country, and has no sign of parentage or guardianship." Botan elaborated.

There was silence on the other end of the line.

"You're serious?" Hyu asked, with a raised eye going by the end of the line.

"Why would I lie?"

Silence again.

"I'll be there in ten minutes. This sounds... a modicum better than the rest of your rabble. Hopefully it's worth it."

"Thank you. We will be expecting you shortly." Botan hung up and looked at Toshio.

"Go to the mail room and get lots of paper. And pens. You too Sei." Sei gave a salute and trotted to the mail room.

"How much?" Toshio asked with a raised eye.



It was as she feared, the cafeteria had no variety. With a heavy sigh, Takeyama Yu took her sandwich and dropped into the closest empty chair in the mess hall. Biting into her food like it insulted her, she let herself frown at the news as images of Shinji appeared on screen as he went on patrol.

That should be her out there. Shinji might have his fanbase, but she brought all the money shots to the agency thanks to the paparazzi. More attention will be on her and the firm as a result. Munching on admittedly, good roast beef, she shook her head. There was so much more to think about other than food or fame.

Should she apologize to Shinji? Maybe he'll let this one go, it was her debut after all.

Naaah, too much work. Besides, she had to make a huge impression! She has to become an iconic, marketable, and impressionable pro after all! Any word out there is a good word in her book.

Especially making an impression on the poor lonely male demographic, both young and old~.

It's not her fault that she was late. Did he have any idea how many places she could transform safety, even with scouting around the Musutafu Ward? Then, she should know, she counted all of them. Sure those are only the constantly empty parts being alone the train tracks , but who knows when the next villain is going to go running through the street and run amok?

But, the one thing on her mind was the spider-kid who collided with her backside after her special crafted hero move, Canyon Cannon. And he had a nasty fall too. Enough for him to make the assumption that he knew nothing of Quirks.

She shook her head, where did that come from? Well, now that she thought about it, why did he do it? Sure the chief said he didn't know anything about quirks, which is frankly ridiculous from an objective standpoint. Anyone who didn't know about quirks was either living under a rock or crazy.

But then where did he get his suit? Enough so that he suffered no damage.

Where did he learn to control his quirk? To fling around… enhanced spider silk and have those acrobatic feats. He had to had trained those hard and overtime. Couldn't just roll out of bed and do that.

Yu groaned. This is too much thinking! There has to be a simple explanation for this. Maybe he's a kid that got caught up in some dastardly plot to undermine the very institutions that she fought for! Maybe he was a secret alien!

Or maybe he's just some scared kid who doesn't know where he is. Yet took the time anyway to help, even if it meant breaking the law.

Yu's train of thought came to a screeching halt. That's… not impossible. Despite how hard they work, heroes were only human despite how some quirks can change appearances. They couldn't be everywhere at once, and accidents happened. A kid left without their parents due to quirk activity, it's not impossible. A foreign kid is certainly in that realm of possibility.

And it didn't have to be villains. It can be anyone.

Sometimes… quirks didn't show up at the best of times. Even with parental guidance.

She was living proof after all.

She gripped her arm, the food in front of her looking less appetizing by the second.

A scream snapped Yu out of her thoughts. Down the hall an intern ran, with stacks of paper up to their chins as they almost tripped before catching themselves.

Who in the world needs that much paper?


Araki Hyu. The Dream Drawer.

No two words brought more dread into the eyes of an experienced office other than 'paperwork time' or 'new villain'. The man was a legend for those that had the honor of serving with him. His quirk turned what could've been baseless leads into solid convictions. He had to have around the clock protection from crime rings and villains aiming not to get exposed.

And then All Might came onto the scene, and few people had to come to him anymore, as All Might had an accurate nose for trouble. Plus Araki wanted less time in the spotlight. His work can draw the eyes of those of unsavory background...

When everyone was scratching their heads trying to figure out a case, he would walk in and solve the entire thing in an hour. All they needed was the suspect and he alone would give the proof whether they were guilty or innocent or complicit.

Every officer in the Musutafu Police Department looked at his plaque every time that they walked into work every morning, though few of them knew what it entailed. Or cared, given the scowl Araki always gave from said plaque.

After all, the former detective has been happily retired since All Might's debut. He took his experiences and life stories of the many cases he helped crack or saved those who were persecuted unfairly and took that with him into becoming a mangaka. Botan had read some when his son had found out about his former mentor in Seinen Leap.

He really should tell his wife to be more observant of his son reads… That magazine can get a bit… racy and violent.

But, every police department has had Araki on call so many times that it drove most of them into the red more times than any of their accountants. Araki was good, but he didn't come cheap as time wore on and he took advantage of his leverage. This call alone will probably cut the overtime budget. Hopefully it was worth it.

"Is everything ready?" Botan asked Toshio who nodded.

"Yes sir, the paper is in the cell block with the vigilante, Sei is watching him."

"Good," Botan muttered, rubbing tired eyes as he glanced at the one clock on his desk. Araki was due any second, but the old cop had a far more pressing question enter his mind.

"And how was he?"

"The vigilante? Kid didn't even look at us when we brought the paper and pens in. He's just sitting on his bed."

"He didn't even ask why?"

Toshio shook his head, "Not a peep came out. Not like we can understand him. And vice versa."

Botan tried in vain to keep the scowl off his face. Peter was getting more despondent by the minute.

"Chief, he's here," came Hanazawa from behind the door.

Toshio actually bristled. Botan didn't blame him.

"Did he ask for his clearance?"

"It was the first thing he asked."

Botan sighed, at least he hadn't changed.

The chief made his way out of his office, and not even two steps out did a voice call.


The chief kept up a stone face even as Toshio started fuming next to him. Araki Hyu was taller than most would expect him to be for someone of his age. Long scraggly aging white hair draped his face and framed an old coat that has been worn for many a year. He walked with a limp in his right leg, the telltale tapping of his cane as he walked towards the two policeman as a man with an agenda to keep. He also carried a briefcase in his free hand.

"Hyu-sensei, thank you for com-"

"Spare me the pleasantries." Hyu interrupted with a snarl. "The sun is setting, the train was packed full of damn annoying brats gushing over some punk's explosive quirk and my muse is thirsty. Where is the boy?"

"In detention," came Toshio curt reply. "We were making preparations for you and-"

The old artist's eyes glinted with distaste as he finally realized that the other cop was there. His eye wandered to his badge and he let out a smirk.

"Ah young Fujiwara-chan, still a lieutenant I see. Peaked early I assume?"

Toshio's eye twitched and Botan pinched the bridge of his nose.

"And you're not topping the charts anymore, old man."

Hyu scoffed, "Unlike you, my work doesn't just fall into my lap."

"Gentlemen, remember why we're here," Botan interrupted cutting off anymore arguing. "Hyu-sensei if you could follow me." The old man rolled his eyes.

"I remember where detention is. My memory hasn't gone to dust just yet."

"Unfortunately." Toshio grumbled.

Said grumbling was silenced with a single glare from the chief. Despite being the senior officers, the two of them had to subject themselves to the looks of the younger staff as a civilian, albeit a retired detective, walked through the station like he owned the place. Hyu had a laser focus that Botan hadn't seen in a long time. He's clearly bought into the description of what he told him.

"Something going on?" Asked Mt. Lady as she was depositing her tray and noticed Botan walk with his group back into the detention area.

"We're gonna have an interview with Parker." Toshio replied. "Araki here is gonna make it easier on us and use his Quirk to read his mind."

"Araki, mind-wait, Araki Hyu, the Dream Drawer?"

"I don't draw dreams." Hyu hissed. "I make sketches of memories." He grumbled. "And now I'm gonna have an audience, so you all better zip it when I get to work." He began to limp with a faster pace.

"He's grumpier than I imagined." Mt. Lady mumbled.

"Trust me, he can be worse." Toshio added as they walked into the doors.

"This better be worth my time, or I'm billing you double, Fukuda." The old man growled as they made their way through the cell ward. Sei greeted them with a salute as Parker was still in bed before turning to face them.

"This him?" Hyu asked.

Botan nodded and Hyu frowned. Parker was sitting on his bed like Toshio had said, and he was in the fetal position before he noticed the group. Mt. Lady stood out of the way, leaning against the wall and out of sight from Parker as not to disturb the bitter old man. Next to the invisible wall, the stack of paper and a collection of pens on the table with a stool were waiting. The older man inspected Peter like how one would view an insect with a microscope.

"He doesn't look like much, at a glance."

"Weren't you the one to tell me not to judge appearances?" Botan asked.

"You think I'm stupid? Of course I know that, fool. " Hyu muttered. "There maybe more to this foreign brat. Heard some mutterings from the younger generation over their phones over some incident this morning." Botan snapped his fingers at Sei as the mime dropped the invisible wall. The mangaka limped inside with his case, pulling the table close to the stool by the bed, as Peter sat up, looking worried.

"Mr. Parker," Botan said in English.

"What's going on? Who is this old guy here?" Peter asked in concern, seeing the scary looking old man give him a frown as he

"This man here is Hyu Araki, he's going to put things into perspective for us and give us an understanding of what is going on. Just let him touch your head, relax, and we'll have an interview."

Peter was looking back and forth between him and the mangaka as he got his papers in order by his right. Hyu was getting impatient.


"Did you find them?" Peter asked, voice dry. "Did you find… anything?"

He kept a stone face. He didn't need to know. Botan didn't become a cop to crush a child's hope, at least… not yet.

"We're still waiting for results from the US Embassy. Once we do, you'll be the first to know. I promise."

He saw Peter nod into his knees.

"Alright. I… I know in America, that I usually need a lawyer for these things and… I guess I don't have that here in Japan."

"I can assure you, we just want perspective, then we can interview you and… get in touch with the contacts you sent us. Once we have a clearer picture Mr. Parker, we can sign some paperwork, hand you a warning, and send you off on your way." Botan assured in a soft voice.

He felt sick telling him this.

Peter shuffled to the edge of his bed and chuckled without a hint of mirth. "So I just… relax?"

"Yes. Just lie down on your back, head closest to Hyu-sensei here, and close your eyes."

Another nod, the action looking more robotic every second. Peter lied down on his back, looking up at the frowning old man as he got his pens and papers ready.

"He's ready Hyu-sensei."

"About time." Hyu scoffed.

"Just breathe in and out, relax Mr. Parker." Botan assured in English.

"Is he… like, gonna read my mind?" Peter inquired. "I mean, I saw a wood guy and some giant lady and you mentioned how people can have super powers… So… just… avoid any parts of me on a computer... Late a night... You know." He shrugged. "Not, check on those."

Botan let out a deep exhale through his nose as he heard a female snigger. "Of course."


"Who was that?" Peter asked, hearing Mt. Lady's stifled laugh.

"No one."

"What now?" Hyu asked. "What did he say?"

"He said he's ready." Botan replied in Japanese. "Now relax. We're starting." Peter nodded and closed his eyes.

The old man placed his palm on Peter's head as if he was checking for a fever and Toshio swore he saw Hyu's eyes glow. Then he drew.

Hyu's pen was a blur across the paper, and Sei's mouth dropped. Mt. Lady came out behind the wall and saw the pen fly across the paper as Toshio removed the first page and slid the next one under it, and Hyu went about lightning fast. That speed…

"Has to be his quirk right?" She asked.

"No. Pure skill and technique, refined over years and his distaste for editors." Botan answered, amazed as Sei began to collect the sketches the mangaka was drawing at a speed no human being can do… and of such high quality for that matter as well.

The first page was of a younger Peter Parker standing next to a happy couple over a birthday cake. Next Peter was looking up to a man in a suit of armor. The suit had so much detail, every shine and every plate shown in all its magnificence.

A side effect of Araki Hyu's Quirk; Musememory, the more cherished the memory, the greater the detail.

A scrapped robot laid shattered at the boys feet, and in the distance a spinning sign said 'Stark Expo'.

That name again. Stark.

The final detail was a speech bubble over the iron man's head.

"Nice work."

So that's Ironman...

The next pages of pictures flashed by, but in equal if not greater detail. Peter, older now, laughing with a chubby boy while they worked on some kind of toy set.

A strange spider biting a hand.

The sight of a coffin being lowered into the ground. 'Benjamin Parker' painted brightly on the tombstone. The sight of a weeping woman to the side and a mass of mourners all around.

Peter looking at a cheap imitation of the suit he now wore, made of stuff made at home like a hoodie and some store bought items.

Creating some tub filled with a white substance.

Fighting some street level thugs. He really is experienced after all.

Meeting a middle aged man with a small beard and mustache, sitting with him on the bed. This was Tony Stark.

Another memory flashed by, Peter, in a better suit, standing next to several heroes, the red-and yellowed steel hero from before with an individual in jet black feline-esque body armor and a black and steel armored hero staring down an equally diverse set of opponents, including a blue armored man with a shield, a man with a metal arm, a man who can fly, and some red-costumed… giant?

Holding together a torn in half ferry by his webbing.

Speaking in that man again. Tony Stark on a high rise, and very stern and serious was he.

Fighting against a black-and-green villain with metal wings in the sky. Mr. Toombs was his name.

Seeing a girl walk off with a sad look in her eye.

Meeting a bored girl who was amusing, but fascinating non the less.

Looking up at a flying circular ship hovering over New York.

Fighting villains… one a monstrous brute with a hammer, the other slender and using telekinesis.

Flying out beyond the atmosphere, seeing the darkness of space and falling… before landing on the alien ship.

Saving a red-caped individual with scars on his hands.

Tony Stark, the Iron Man, looking like a King and knighting him. "You're an Avenger now." Said the text bubble.

Being held at gunpoint by a man with weapons beyond anything Botan had ever seen. Seeing people with unique features such as dark skin with red tattoos, or glowing antennae with big black eyes… with the specter of some alien creature with a mouth razor sharp teeth coming out of it's mouth looming behind her.

A different world, of ruined skyscrapers, satellites, and sinkholes.

He can hear Hyu toss pens aside as he drew them dry of ink, grabbing new ones and sketching at light speed, his eyes glowing but laser focused.

A bald giant of a man with a single gauntlet, holding him by the throat. "Little Insect!" Was the text bubble.

Holding down that giant before a simply dressed man hit the giant in the face with his unique weapon, fury and despair written on both his, Tony's and even the giant's faces.

Some… meteor shower, putting people on web-lines and flying through the debris as hell rained down around him.

Botan's mouth was agape.

The men and woman turning to dust!?

Peter, holding the man that gave him his suit, as Tony Stark was crying, the despair written all over him with the bubbles "It's going to be alright" above him as the world dissolved around him.

And then… a pitch black page.

Followed by the skyline of Musutafu, with the sight of that very same shark-giant villain in the background.

"Chief?" Toshio asked, seeing Botan go through the fast paced sketches, all detailed with ink and not needing a redraft. Perfect detail. "What… the hell?"

"Hyu-sensei… what is the meaning of this?" He asked, as the old man dropped the last of his many pens as he leaned back, panting and sweating as his right hand was trembling from the heavy usage. Hyu looked over at him,looking exhausted as a man of his age should be, yet he began to laugh, a wide grin on his face.

"What is this? What is this?!" Hyu ruffled Peter's head, making the boy open his eyes in confusion at the act. "This! Is a goldmine! This." He grabbed the papers in Botan's hands, going through them and inspecting them. "My word… so much material! At last! Something new and fresh! My muse! Ohhh yes at long last, I can feel them churning in my head haha!" Hyu giddily exclaimed. Toshio and Botan eyed Hyu as if he just grew an additional head.

"Did… something happen?" Mt. Lady asked incredulously.

"Something incredible indeed young miss! This, will be fine notes and material for my next manga!" He turned towards Botan. "Well you didn't let me down Fukuda. God I feel like a new man! I need to take these home."

"We need them for the case you old twit!" Toshio barked.

"Oh relax Fujiwara-chan." Hyu rolled his eyes. "I'm just going to scan copies." He patted the younger man on the chest, Toshio pucking his face. "You need to live a little, stop being so serious." He turned back towards Botan.

"Your account will be charged when I noti-"

"Save it Fukuda, you don't have to bill me. The scans of these?" He held all the sketches up in his right hand. "Is more than enough payment." He let out a deep and relieved sigh, before he looked back at Peter, who was as confused as anyone.

"Fukuda." Hyu coughed in his throat, taking his cane and walking up to him as he began to whisper to him. "This boy here, Peter Benjamin Parker, is innocent, of anything and everything." He stated with a solemn look in his eyes. "The only thing this boy is guilty of is ignorance of the laws of our world, and that is no crime."

"Our world?" Botan raised a quirked eyebrow. Hyu nodded.

"You won't believe this... This boy… comes from a world where most of the population is quirkless. Only a handful of individuals." He reached into his folder, grabbing out select pages. The standing in line and facing the shield man and red giant. The aliens. The wizard. The black-green winged villain. "Have abilities that can be called such, but even then they are quirkless, aside from a few."

"What are you talking about. You're saying… Parker is…"

"From another world. Another Earth, but not ours. Another dimension perhaps. Or a time, I do not know. What is certain, he was not born on this Earth, this... plane of existence. He came... from another. And this… monster." Hyu held out a page of the sneering growling monster of a man with the unique gauntlet, saying 'Little Insect' at the reader. "Is to blame. And he did… such damage. So much so… I was able to glimpse at death for the first time."

Botan was agog. Hyu may be a grouch. A curmudgeon. Unpleasant. Irritable. But a liar he was not. He felt a pit form in his gut.

"What else about this world?"

"What his world lacks in Quirks… makes up in technology. The stuff there… is only the advancements our society, no, our entire world can dream of! It's like magic! And the existence of-"

"Umm, Mr. Fukuda?" Peter asked, cutting into their conversation. Hyu would have barked if it were anyone else, but he kept his silence.

"Yes, Mr. Parker?" Botan asked. This boy… the suit… his lack of knowledge… all of it… combined with the sketches Hyu has made…

Could it be true? It could just be amnesia. Or some villain with a gauntlet like that but… even when he was a young rookie and met Hyu in his younger days… He's never seen Hyu manage to get the image of death in his drawings.

That pure pitch black page that took up two whole pens.

The void. Nothingness.

So… there was no afterlife. And that… that frightened him to the core.

Peter had died.

A young innocent teenage boy, wanting to do the right thing, has died.

And he came back to life.

Botan did everything in his power to keep a straight face.

"Ummm… can I get something to eat?"

"Oh yes, of course." Botan smiled for the first time, forced as it was. "What would you like? Me and Hyu-sensei here are almost finished, then we can get you something to eat and then we can have our interview."

"Uh.. anything really, I guess."

"He died Fukuda." Hyu whispered. "The alien titan in my drawings, Thanos, murdered him somehow. Yet he wakes up in our world and rushes to save others without caring of his own wellbeing." The old man gained Botan's gaze. "He's a hero through and through. He deserves better than some cafeteria slop if you ask me."

Botan took a deep breath, taking the old mangaka's counsel. "Tell you what, do you have any… favorite food at all?" He asked. Peter raised an eyebrow.

"My favorite? Well… usually cherry pie made by my Aunt but…" His face fell. "I can go for some pizza."

"Fujiwara-chan." Hyu barked. "Get him some pizza. I picked up pizza at the end there." He said in Japanese.

"What? Why do I have to do it!"

"Favorite topping?" Botan inquired, ignoring the bickering between the two.

"Ummm… just pepperoni is fine." Peter replied, voice soft. "When will we get word from the Embassy?"

"When we get it, you'll be the first to know." Botan walked towards Peter, putting his hand on his shoulder and giving him a reaffirming squeeze. "I promise." He looked back at Toshio and snapped his fingers. "Toshio-kun. Pepperoni Pizza. Just go to the pizzeria across the street and bill it to the station. Go. And give Hanaz-"

"I'll give the sketches to Hanazawa-san for her to scan." Hyu said. "Then I'll take the originals and be on my way." He patted the Police chief on the shoulder. "You did good today Fukuda. When I finish my pilot, I'll make a character named after you, and drinks on me." He had a wide splitting smile on his face. Botan hasn't seen Hyu this... overjoyed in years. Yet was solemn regarding the details about Parker.

Toshio sighed. "Tch." And he walked off out of the ward. Botan offered a small smile.

"I'll be expecting that. And thank you so much for coming." He bowed lightly. "We are truly grateful, Hyu-sensei."

"Save it, I'm the one who should be thanking you." Hyu beamed as he grabbed his cane and began limping off, walking past a confused and bewildered Mt. Lady, who had remained silent and out of Peter's sight.

"What was… that about?" She asked.

"This case… Just got a lot more fascinating and-"

"Who is that? That voice sounds familiar." Asked Peter, standing up from his bed. Sei made his hand gestures, and the invisible wall came back up once again.

"He asking for me?" Mt. Lady whispered, walking on out as Peter's eyes rose up.

"You're the giant lady I slung into!" The blonde super heroine smirked.

"That is Mt. Lady to you young man." She declared in English before turning to Botan. "You look like you could take five. Let me have a talk with the kid."

"I appreciate it. Kimihito-kun, stand watch." Sei saluted as Botan left the pro to talk with the vigilante. He can hear Hyu giggling like a kid in a candy store as his papers got scanned. He saw Toshio outside walking down the sidewalk.

He was here to give a simple warning to a foreign kid and send him back to the States. That was what he had planned a half hour ago.

He never would have imagined that this would happened. Aliens. Quirkless worlds. Technology that is like quirks. Literal death. Alternate dimensions.

It was too much to take in. Hyu's sketches never lie. The man would never compromise his integrity for some wild fantasy. The sketches combined with Par-No. Peter's reaction, were starting to connect.

Botan let out a sigh. He promised he would quit. His wife practically forced him to.

When he stepped outside in the crisp air, he reached into his pocket and grabbed a cigarette, lighting it and taking a drag.

Because damnit he needs the buzz right now.

"Just what the fuck did I myself get into?"



So we got one half of bureaucracy out of the way and explained Peter's reasoning for being here. Writing the characters of the Police was fun, and I had a blast with Araki, who was inspired by Gregory House(played by Hugh Laurie) and Rohan Kishibe from JJBA Part 4.

No action sadly, but a sign of things to come in the future.

So, what did you think? Hope you enjoyed! Hope we did our best to explain Peter's situation. No camera nonsense here.