Peter felt the wind through his hair as he fell down into the forest below.

He twisted in midair, passing through the branches and landing on both feet like a cat as the mud came on down. He turned, seeing the mass of land carrying his peers as he ran over to them.

"You guys alright?" He called out, digging through the mud and tugging on the first hand he saw, revealing it to be Kaminari's.

"Bleagh… think I got some in my teeth…" He spat off to the side. Peter saw others clawing their way out of the mud. If the ensuing explosion was any indication Bakugo seemed unhurt, the blonde letting out a curse as he stomped out of his pile of debris.

Ignoring his classmate, Peter approached Hagakure's flailing school uniform, who also had clumps of mud in her hair. He bent down and took her hand.

"Ack! I just got a manicure! Stupid Aizawa-sensei!" Hagakure cursed as she took Peter's hand. "Thanks for the help Parker-san." She began to dust herself off.

"Don't mention it." He looked around, seeing Momo and Izuku get up from the mud, followed by most of the others. He ran on over, seeing Izuku bend down to help clear some mud off of Tsuyu and Momo pulling Jirou out.

"What the hell was…" Jirou coughed. "Friggin Sensei! When is he not a jerk!?"

"When he helped in the USJ." Kaminari groaned as he brushed off his clothes.

"You know what I mean!"

"Is everyone alright?" Momo called out, standing up and walking around, checking on most of the other students.

"Ojiro-kun might've hit his head." Uraraka called, finger to her nose. "Eyes on my finger. And follow it."

"Gnnngh… " The blond tailed boy grunted as Peter walked over, Momo and Izuku shadowing him.

"How is he?"

"Might be a little concussed…" Uraraka said, getting up and frowning. "Pixie Bob-san really needs to hold back a little here! I was lucky I didn't get knocked upside the head!"

"Say, speaking of that, Uraraka-san." Izuku spoke up. "You jumped off the cliff as if you knew what was coming." The brunette twitched, looking a little pale. "Did you do this as part of your training with the Wild Wild Pussycats?"

"Yeah… same exercise too…" Uraraka fiddled with her fingers. "Sorry for not giving you guys a heads-up. It was just all so fast and… I got my fair share of bumps and bruises from that."

"Come on girlfriend! Give us a warning here!" Ashido shook her fist. "It's gonna take forever to get the mud outta my hair!" Beside her, Shoji was shaking his head to get dirt out of his ears before he shook his arms. Uraraka looked sheepish.

"Yeah, totally not cool for Aizawa to at least say SOMETHING before 'haha mudslide begin your training'. Seriously..." Sero grumbled as he patted his elbows, some dirt leaving his tape jets.

"He knew Uraraka had an idea of what kind of exercise Pixie Bob was going to put us through, since she undertook it with her training." Izuku turned towards Uraraka. "Then it must mean we must look to her for guidance."

Bakugo spat out some dirt. "So he expects us to follow Round Face here?" He growled out.

"He does." Momo spoke up, stepping up. "Aizawa did say this is training and-" The sound of her stomach cut into her authoritative response, making her blush. "I imagine time would be of the essence."

"Your stomach said it, I'm feeling hungry…" Kirishima said as he walked over. "Didn't she mention us getting to lunch possibly?"

"Yeah, this exercise is a trek through the Beast's Forest," Uraraka spoke. "Gotta get through it, survive the monsters inside and we get food." The girl noticed the others perk up.

"Wait, monsters!?" Sero gawked.

"What kind are we talking about?" Peter inquired. He heard the ground rumble beneath his feet, making him turn around, looking beyond the trees.

Giant house-sized monsters. All made of dirt, soil and roots. Some looked like giant saber tooth tigers. Others were bipedal dinosaurs. Peter even saw one go up into the air!

"They fly too." Uraraka mentioned.

"Can you please speak up more often, woman!?" Sero barked as the other students got into position.

Several beams of light lanced out, striking the incoming monsters in the heads as they roared out and crashed to the ground, crumbling.

"Allons y mon ami!" Aoyama yelled, his navel laser ring around his midriff lighting up as he focused.

"Hey Parker!" Peter, stunned upon seeing the usually flamboyant and flashy Aoyama acting so serious, yanked himself back to the situation at hand upon being called upon as he turned his head towards the source. "Give me a boost!" Kaminari yelled as he ran toward his classmate.

Peter dropped to one knee, hands cupped together.

"Seiiiii no!" Peter yelled as Kaminari stepped onto his hands and Peter launched him into the air, right as the flying beast was approaching. The blonde focused his hands towards his target.

"1 Million Volts!" Kaminari yelled as he fired a lance of lightning outward from… Gloves! Some kind of support gloves! "Kamiyari!" The resulting spear cut the beast right down the middle, the golem crumbling into dirt and soil as it fell to the ground. "Someone catch me!"

"Dark Shadow!" Tokoyami commanded, and from his shirt, the black familiar raced forth with an "Aye aye!", catching the blonde and bringing him back down by the scruff of his shirt.


"Whoa Eraser," Pixie Bob mused on the bus as she tapped on her goggles, keeping tabs on the students no doubt via cameras placed throughout the forest. "Lost some of my beasts already."

"To whom?" Shouta replied, happy to have some peace and quiet. Mandalay was driving the car with her nephew behind them. Vlad took another route with his class.

"The blond boys. Aoyama Yuga and Kaminari Denki, if I remember correctly? They took them out fast while everyone else was still trying to collect themselves."

Shouta felt his lip twitch, a ghost of a smirk on his face. "It is to be expected. I've had an hour a day with those two for the past month." Knowing that those two and not the more destructive and powerful members of the Class responded … It was pleasing to hear.

"Hehe, want me to step it up a notch? Make some more?" Pixie Bob asked.

"Don't you have a hundred of those things in there?" The shaggy-haired man asked. "In the forest that is."

"I can make more if we get to that overlook over there."

Shouta was quiet, blinking. "Driver, pull over to that spot."

And Pixie Bob grinned, rubbing her paws together. "Nyahaha~"


"Whoa Kaminari! Where did that come from?!" Sero asked in surprise. Jirou stood to the side, mouth agog.

God Spear? Seeing Kaminari land on his feet, he shook off his hands, electrictiy cackling around them.

Ohhhh it's a play on his name. "Clever." Peter mused to himself.

Kaminari smirked, giving a thumbs-up. "I failed my Final, but I got stronger to make up for it. Even commissioned some new support gear too!" He showed off his gloves, beaming and preening and all the while. "Can channel my electricity better now! See?"

Jirou marched up and grabbed the boy by his cheeks, making him squawk. "Who are you and what have you done to Kaminari!?"

"Yowowowowowo! Zats mah fasth!" He yelled, struggling as Jirou tried to inspect him.

Suddenly they heard the earth rumble below them, all of them staggering a bit. "An earthquake?" Peter asked aloud.

"It's Pixie Bob!" Uraraka yelled. "Okay everyone! I've done this exercise before, so here's the plan!" She pointed into the forest. "The lodge where the Pussycat Agency is located is straight through the forest! There's lots of those giant mud beasts Pixie Bob creates too, which would go without saying."

"How's she able to do that, creating giant earth monsters that can act autonomously? That's some powerful Quirk!" Sero said.

"She has a powerful Quirk, you said it yourself moron." Bakugo grumbled, speaking up. "Hey, Round Face. You know a way through here? Or just go straight through the forest?"

"Let's not cause a fire. This is a national park after all." Todoroki said, speaking up.


"Uraraka, if you can take point and lead us, we'll do our best to barrel on through." Momo said, stepping up.

"I'll be up there with Uraraka," Peter stepped up. "Midori, wanna come with?"


"I'll join you!" Iida declared with a raised hand.

"Sato, take the rear with Kirishima. Bakugo, Aoyama, watch our right flank." Momo said as she unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her sports bra and midriff as her stomach glowed and she pulled something out. "Todoroki, Kaminari, take the left. Shoji, Jirou, Sero, Kota, Tokoyami, Ashido, and Asui, can you two run interference with me from the center? Ojiro, stay by my side." She readied herself, revealing her creation to be a rather intimidating grenade launcher.

"Right!" Everyone sans Bakugo and Todoroki replied. Peter could hear the rumbling, and from the trees far ahead, he made out the signs of the various dirt monsters trying to corral them.

"Guess I'll… be here then…" Hagakure said to herself within the center of the group.

"We better get to the Lodge! Here they come!" Kirishima said, hardening up as Peter saw the beasts charge forth with a roar. Peter saw Izuku glow with his Quirk, and Iida got into a running position.

"I'm glad I'm not alone this time…" Uraraka mumbled, before patting her cheeks, before putting on her game face. "Okay you guys! Follow me! Plus Ultraaaa!"

She jumped straight forwards, over the initial wave of monsters. Peter jumped between the trees, tumbling straight towards one monster. His leg came down like an axe head on one arm, and a green streak of lightning smashed through the other. The two landed on the ground and leapt, already moving onto the next monster before lasers, grenades, and acid spray ripped the disarmed beast apart behind them. Any dirt beast that tried to go around was either wrapped up in tape, smashed by a sugar-maddened Sato, frozen, melted, struck by a shadow monster, or blown to bits.

"Midoriya, catch!" Peter shouted, aiming his hand.

A line of webbing was thrown out, straight past Izuku. On instinct, the green-haired student grabbed hold. He held tight as Peter jumped past him and with a mighty heave, slingshotted him forwards.

Green lightning crackled.

"SMAAASH!" The attack took Izuku through several monsters only to stop on the side of a tree. He got his feet under him right before a bulldozer of ice buried a few more monsters, reshuffling the very earth as Todoroki gave them a wall to protect themselves.

"Only about a hundred to go!" Jirou groaned, her plugs down on the ground. "Guessing here. Maybe more..."

"Like that matters," Bakugo grumbled, throwing a blast that brought a monster to its knees, "We're going to smash through all of these moving statue rejects!"

"Golems," Shoto corrected. "Statues that come alive are called golems."

"Whatever! Oi! Dinoface!" Bakugo rounded on Koda who flinched. "Keep an eye out and support Tails! Make yourself useful!"

"R-Right!" Koda ran over, moving to help carry the concussed Ojiro.

"We have to push through." Izuku grunted, as another wave of the beasts came forth. Peter nodded.

With that, all of Class 1-A charged towards a forest of monsters.


Four hours later…

"Well, that was faster than I expected." Pixie Bob mused, standing in the clearing with her fellow heroes. "Just past one!" Aizawa stood behind the two women, hands in his pockets.

The whole of class 1-A looked like they'd been run over by a dump truck. Twice.

"Hungry…" Sero groaned.

"Wheeeeey…" Kaminari swayed, face looking blank.

"Still an idiot then," Jirou muttered before letting out a small sigh of relief.

"Can I use the bathroom please…" Aoyama groaned out, holding his midsection and looking blue.

"We usually clear that course in about two hours," Mandalay said with a smile. "For you to take four is not bad at all I say!"

"You said something about lunch?" Momo groaned, her stomach grumbling as she had a hand over it.

"I gotta say, some of you guys did great in taking charge. Kitten!" A panting Uraraka perked up. "You'll be back to that lioness we molded before long!"

"I thought I got the eye of the tiger then…" Uraraka mused as she wiped her brow.

"Same thing!" Pixie Bob laughed before turning towards some of the other students. Peter's eyes moved around, checking out the clearing. There was a lodge, making the entire thing look like some kind of mountain hotel with its wings, outside tables and such. There was even a lake close by, a range of plateaus and boulders all around.

"Alright, listen up." Aizawa stepped forward. "Since you did better than expected, you'll be able to have lunch now and a two hour break period. It's past one right now. We'll have a light training preview of what's to come after four o'clock. Collect your luggage from the bus and go to your selected rooms, there are markers indicating where the boys and girls of your class will be sleeping for the duration of this camp. Use the two hours on your lunch, cleaning up, and getting yourself familiar with the Agency, feel free to explore to get a lay of the land." He pointed to the front door behind him. "Follow that and you can either hit the showers first or go to the Mess Hall, I don't care which. Just be back out here at four." Aizawa turned about. "That'll be all."

"We also have a hot spring onsen too!" Pixie Bob said. "One for the boys and one for the girls of course!"

"An onsen?" Peter perked up. Momo walked up.

"Never heard of one Peter-san?" She asked. "It's a communal bath of sorts, made from a mineral hot spring no doubt."

"Yeah she's right!" Koda stated before he sniffed the air. "I can smell some sulfur in the air!"

"Ohhhh hot springs? I have never been in one of those before!" Peter said. "Hey Pixie Bob," The blond woman turned his way. "If I may ask… this Agency looks a bit like a mountain resort."

"This land used to be a resort like that, yeah." Uraraka explained as she stepped up, helping Izuku to his feet. "The former resort fell into bankruptcy, so the Wild Wild Pussycats were able to buy the land and then renovate it themselves." She smiled a little. "Got a little history lesson when I came by here last."

"Got it all in one kitten!" Pixie Bob exclaimed. "Now, I'll go prepare you your lunch, so wash up!" The blonde said.

"Bathroom at laaaast!" Aoyama bolted past, running into the lobby.

"So, she said that there's a hot spring, but I didn't bring my swimsuit. Darn." Peter mused as he and the rest of the class walked up to the bus to collect their luggage.

"Why would you use a bathing suit for an onsen?" Todoroki asked as he walked up, eyebrow arched in amusement.

"Why would you not?" Peter asked, head tilting.

"Peter," Karen whispered in his ear. "Onsen's are traditionally group hot tubs…"

"Oh." Peter paled.

"What?" Sero smirked. "Is the almighty Ace of Class 1-A afraid of going into a bath with us? Got something he don't want us to see~?" He leered playfully, lifting up a hand and waving his pinky.

"I-Ghn-No!" Peter gawked back, blushing deeply. "I've never done that before, okay!?"

"I assume in America that you don't have hot springs to go to?" Sato asked as they walked to the buses to collect their luggage.

"Not in New York, I've always stayed there my entire life." Peter replied as Izuku was able to finally muster enough strength to walk… which looked a bit like a waddle.

"Well, you can start today." Shoji said. "We're all just guys in there after all. Should be fine."

"Indeed." Iida explained as he moved his hands around. "In an onsen you usually come in wearing a towel around your waist." He then adjusted his glasses. "Besides, it allows us to bond more closer as comrades and classmates!"

That… explained things.

"Okay… then I might have to try it while I'm here," Peter said as he grabbed his suitcase and began to wheel it out.

"You could always come in later~," The American boy perked up, turning to see the playful pink Mina grinning impishly. "If you don't want to go in with the guys, you could always come in when the girls are in. How does that sound~?" Momo blinked, blushing a little as Jirou snickered and Asui stared blankly at him.

"No! I-Aaaaagh." Peter threw his hands up as he bent over to collect his other bags. "I'm going to find a shower!" Laughter erupted all around him as he puffed his cheeks out.


After the shower, they made a… very simple lunch of rice and various meats and spices. Wasn't bad, but Pixie Bob had told them that they would need to make their own meals starting tomorrow. They would cook them dinner too, but only tonight. All meals were left up to the discretion of both Class 1-A and 1-B from then onward.

Speaking of…

"Hey, check out Class B." Kirishima said as he helped Peter wash some of the dishes. The activity was something they would all have to do regardless of who cooked, and Peter, Kirishima, Shoji and Asui volunteered to do so throughout the summer camp. Peter looked out the window of the kitchen, seeing 1-B on a run of sorts with their teacher, Vlad King, leading the way, already in their U.A. Gym Uniforms no less. "Guess their teacher's already getting a move on."

"Wonder what else they do that puts them on our level?" Asui mused. "Vlad-sensei does look as serious as Aizawa-sensei most of the time."

"True, but do you realistically think that anyone would be like Aizawa-sensei?" Shoji asked.

"He has a point. We got the one in a million guy." Peter muttered.

"But hey, he's made us into men! He hasn't led us astray from our goals to becoming heroes after all." Kirishima retorted.

Peter was quiet as he wiped up the counters.

"Something on your mind Parker-chan?" Asui spoke up, and Peter turned, seeing the wide-eyed frog girl looking up at him.

"Umm… kinda."

"Like what? Is I-Island bothering you?"

"No." Peter shrugged. "I mean, why would it?"

"Hehe, that's our Ace!" Kirishima exclaimed. "Not even villains attacking a big event flusters him!"

"I was flustered, no lie there." Peter replied. "It helped that I had Todoroki, Midoriya, Hatsume and the others."

"And me." Karen whispered, but that went without saying.

"Well I mean, I'm surprised you're doing okay and all." Asui said. "Being up against armed and dangerous villains, with no chance of backup?"

"I'm fine Asui, really."

"Call me Tsu."

"Ack." Peter rubbed the back of his head. "Tsu, sorry. But yeah, don't worry about it. I'm doing okay."

"Yeah, you got to tell us!" Kirishima wrapped an arm around Peter's shoulders, making the taller brown-haired boy flinch a bit. "You scrambled after the onsen talk, we missed you dude!"

"Hey guys!" Uraraka poked her head in from the door. "Wanna go explore around the agency? Pixie Bob is offering us a tour!"


After the tour and another hour to relax, it was time to reunite with Aizawa-sensei for training.

With their dirtied school uniforms put away in selected hampers, they were out in their U.A. gym uniforms. Izuku saw Aizawa standing before him, hands in his pockets as everyone filed out of the agency together.

Peter was by his side, as was Uraraka, Todoroki, Yaoyorozu and Iida. Kacchan seemed to be on the other side of their group of fellow students. Ojiro was the only student not present.

"On time, good." Aizawa muttered. "Now then, we will be conducting a taste of training today for what is to come tomorrow and the rest of the week. Ojiro as you know, is suffering from minor head trauma, so he will rest for the night, take some medication, and we will see how he is in the morning.

"Now, before we begin, I might as well explain the reasoning for this entire summer camp." Aizawa rolled his neck around to stretch. "As you may have noticed, villains have begun to become more active as of late. Whether they be domestic," and his eyes settled on Izuku, Shoto, Momo and Peter. "Or abroad."

Izuku rubbed his arm while Peter looked to the side. Yaoyorozu and Todoroki looked neutral. "And it's up to you guys as the next generation to respond. So, we'll be countering by becoming stronger than the rest of your peers, both in U.A. and in other schools." He ran a hand through his hair. "That is why I submitted your class to sign up for the upcoming Provisional Hero License Exam in September of this year."

A murmur of excitement passed through the class.

"Holy cow, a provisional license!" Sero exclaimed.

"This early too? B-But we're still freshmen!" Koda spoke up.

"That sounds awesome!" Kirishima beamed, before his face fell. "What's a provisional license anyway?"

"That is simple Kirishima!" Aoyama declared with a pose. "It would allow us students to become Provisional Heroes whenever we are interns! Thus, we can perform heroics without fear of being labeled vigilantes!"

"Aoyama has the right idea." Aizawa said, the blond boy seeming to beam under the compliment. "In either case, you guys will be able to contribute without getting into trouble. Normally we don't do this until your second year at U.A., but considering your progress, I decided to pick up the pace not have you guys be held back just because you're first years." He then smirked a bit. "What we will be doing today, from here until 8 PM, will be a taste of what is to come all day tomorrow." Izuku gulped, knowing that was the same kind of devil's complexion he had back during the Quirk Apprehension Tests…

"And we will be here to help!" Pixie Bob explained from an incoming truck.

"Now then," Aizawa saw a truck pull forth, and it opened as two people jumped on out. "Our additional helpers."

"Are here at last!" Chirped a feminine voice as a green-haired woman with wide eyes wearing a similar outfit as Pixie Bob and Mandalay approached but with yellow as the dominant color. "I'm Ragdoll! Sorry for the wait, but your gear and supplies for tonight's training is here at last!"

"Indeed!" Came a booming and proud male voice, posing alongside her, and…. he was wearing a matching dress and outfit, but in brown. "We will show you what we taught Uraraka many moons ago, and you will leave here with the eye of the tiger!"

"Yaaaaay…" Uraraka groaned miserably, offering a weak pump of her fist.

"Tiger, Ragdoll, thanks for coming. You'll help distribute the supplies and training tools?" Aizawa asked.

"You can count on us Eraser!" Ragdoll beamed. "With my 'Search', I'll be able to keep track of all our little kittens here!"

The dress-wearing man known as Tiger seemed to flex, leering at the boys. "And I'll whip them all into shape myself!"

Izuku's eyes scanned around. Huh, no sign of that kid. Must be playing games or something.

"Alright." Aizawa grinned, turning back to the students as Pixie Bob and Mandalay got to the back of the truck and began to unload various stuff. "Now then, here is what you'll be doing…"

And Izuku felt his heart clench up. A smiling Aizawa is never a good time...


Everyone had been split up across the clearing in front of the lodge, and some had even taken residence on the plateau overlooking the agency. Within ten minutes, yells were in the air.

Bakugo was firing off explosions after pushing his hands into steaming hot water. Sero seethed as he kept on firing his tape dispensers from his elbows. Kirishima fell down to the ledge of the cliff and smashed into the ground using his Hardening in order to harden his body and increase his reaction time in said-hardening. Meanwhile in a nearby cave, Tokoyami strained to maintain control of Dark Shadow while Tiger made Midoriya flex, stretch, and spar whenever he was close by.

Momo stuffed her face full of brownies as she conjured various rubber balls from her free arm while her right one kept on picking up and munching. Beside her, Sato was eating a cake straight from his hand as the other was busy lifting up a one hundred kilogram dumbbell.

Up on the plateau ahead, Momo saw Peter in his training. There was a deep slope carved by Pixie Bob, and at the foot of it… were dozens and dozens of boulders ranging from as big as a golf cart to as large and as wide as a house. And it seemed that he was pushing them up the hill to the top where Sero was screaming with Kaminari and his generator.

"Make something more complex." Said a voice, and Momo looked up as she chewed, seeing Aizawa coming by her and Sato's table.

She swiftly obeyed, the stream of rubber balls at her feet slowing to a trickle before stopping. The latest version of her favorite matryoshka doll replaced them.

"Hmm." Aizawa nodded lightly and moved on, surveying and going over each student as the sound of Bakugo's screaming was deafening.

That hot spring at the end of this training was looking more and more inviting by the minute...


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Koji yelled, hands at his mouth as he screamed as hard as he could.

"That's it young man! Let me see you roar like a lion!" Tiger boasted, running beside him. The well-built boy turned, taking a deep breath. "See this!" He embraced him hard, and Koji let out a squawk as Tiger's muscles smothered his face, pointing out to a wide expanse of forest. "Consider this your land! All that the sun touches is your kingdom! Now let it be known! Let the lesser beasts of the land know who is their king! Roar my boy! ROAR LIKE THE MAN YOU ARE!" He yelled, standing beside him and yelling out with his own roar.

"RAAAAAAAAAR!" Tiger bellowed out. How could a man in a dress be so… forward and manly like that? Koji didn't get it at all!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Koji yelled once more, before sputtering into a coughing fit.

"Keep at it! Don't give up! Be the lion young man!" Tiger encouraged.



"Keep up that balance Pony and keep on firing!" Vlad yelled out as he walked across their own training range.

Pony could feel the blood dribbling from her scalp as she kept on moving in a figure-eight motion around various wooden poles with bullseyes on them. Their class was doing some training already, as Vlad did not want Aizawa to overtake them. After their run, lunch, and tour of the agency, Vlad had set up the training course for all of Class 1-B to utilize. The blonde could see the literal palace made of vines being made by Shiozaki as the girl was busy focusing on creating and controlling her vines to make complex shapes and structures. Kendo was sparring with Shishida and Kamikiri, while that cheeky Monoma was running about touching and using whatever quirks he could get from all the students in the clearing.

For her? Keep on firing at the targets, and keep on moving. Pony heard the sounds of explosions in the clearing beyond the other plateau, no doubt from Bakugo…

She also saw a collection of boulders being made over and over at the top near the big electric light and the spewing tape shooter kid. Who was strong enough to be doing that? That Midoriya kid? Or Peter?


"Ack!" Pony yelped, seeing Honenuki poke his head out of the ground. Pony slipped off one of her horns and collided with the pole before landing on the ground.

"Sorry. Training. Gotta spook you guys. Gonna go give Monoma a fright, and let him touch me so... See ya." The lipless boy said before he took a breath and went back under the ground, giving a thumbs-up as he dived like a swimmer.

"Dagnabit..." Pony groaned out in english as she got back up, firing two horns as she shook her blonde hair. She got back on top, rising above the ground before she resumed her figure-eight flying motion around the poles, aiming for the targets as she fired two more horns at a time.


Four hours later...

"Good work, all of you." Aizawa said, hands in his pockets as it was now night out.

Everyone in Class 1-A looked ragged, sweaty in their U.A. gym uniforms as Peter wiped his brow. His arms and legs ached, his hands were calloused and he could feel blisters forming.

"I don't want to eat another brownie again…" Momo groaned, wiping her mouth clean of chocolate.

"Buuuuuuhhhh…" Sato groaned as his right and left arms twitched from the constant dumbbell lifting and eating.

Sero let out croaks of agony as like Sato, his forearms were shaking as his elbow holes were pink and sore.

"Wheeeeeeheheeyy…" Kaminari let out, weakly thrusting out his hands with his thumbs up.

Iida was sitting on a bench drenched in sweat, as was Izuku beside him. Ashido whimpered at her hands while Jirou nursed her earphone jacks in her fingers tenderly.

"Darkness… envelops…" Tokoyami, whose U.A. gym uniform shredded, uttered weakly.

Uraraka and Aoyama were busy chugging water bottles offered to them by the Pussycats, thanks to their Quirks causing either nausea or bowel movement galore. They had to hydrate constantly over their training… that and use a designated place to puke while Aoyama had the honor of using an outhouse.

Peter did not envy him at all.

"Think this is bad? For four hours in a single go?" Aizawa smirked and Peter took in a deep breath. "Tomorrow, we get up at 5:30 in the morning and train until 11:00. So you're going to do this for five hours." And he held a hand out, finger upward. "After lunch and a two hour break, we go back at this… for six hours until dinner."

Groans came from the class, while Bakugo seemed to let out a more frustrated and pained growl.

"Five… and six…" Kirishima, his U.A. gym uniform in tatters from his falling and creating craters over and over asked in disbelief.

"With no breakfast in-between either." Aizawa added. "You'll be focusing on preparing your own cooking for lunch and dinner. The Pussycats are feeding you today, but tomorrow you're on your own. In case some of you have forgotten."

"Right…" Peter uttered, shaking his arms. No breakfast... Typical.

"Now then, dinner's being made as we speak, so I suggest you wash up and get some food in you." Aizawa pointed back to the lodge. "Lights out at ten sharp as well. You'll need as much sleep and recovery as you can get. Use the showers to wash up from this, and then get dinner. You can use the hot springs afterward to heal your body. And no one better be out of their rooms past ten unless it's an emergency. Oh, and the cellphone tower close by has been attuned to only me, Vlad, and the Pussycats' phones. All of yours will have no service, so don't bother being on your phones late."

Ashido let out a loud frustrated groan upward.

"Any questions?"

"Sensei?" It was Todoroki, and Aizawa paused, turning. "What about some of our U.A. uniforms?" He turned, seeing the utter rags Tokoyami, Kirishima, and most of the male students were in. "We can't use these tomorrow can we?"

"We brought along spares that fit your dimensions. We have ten per each student here," Aizawa responded. "Any U.A. uniform that is too damaged we can toss. If it's too dirty, put it in the allotted containers in your rooms. We will bring them back to U.A. with us."

"And our… normal attire?" Todoroki patted his drenched wife beater.

"Did you pack extra?"

"Only a few…"

"Then I suggest going at it shirtless tomorrow to save some." Aizawa closed his eyes. "That'll be all then." And he walked back into the lodge.

"I'm getting in that hot spring!" Ashido declared. "My hands need iiiiiit!"

"We could all use it, but we should shower first!" Iida declared. "And fast too! We wouldn't want to keep our hosts waiting!" He got up and wobbled due to his legs being as sore as can be.

"Hungry too… all that falling's taken a lot out of me… Ow…" Kirishima groaned. "But it should make my hardening harder! I felt my reaction speed getting faster and faster!"

"Isn't Class 1-B… still training?" Jirou asked, and Peter perked up, hearing the sounds of yelling in the distance.

"Well, we did fight a bunch of dirt monsters first… maybe we eat dinner first before they do?" Izuku suggested.

"Dark reverie…" Tokoyami uttered.

"Stop saying creepy stuff!" Hagakure spouted from the side. Peter felt a hand on his shoulder as he turned to see why.

"And we're getting you into the hot spring! Ya need it to heal your body you know!" Kirishima said proudly.

"I'm a fast healer…"

"There's nothing wrong with bathing with your fellow students Parker," Iida suggested.

"Buuuh-huh..." Sato nodded dumbly.

"Yeah, come on, it will be fun." Izuku suggested with a light smile. Peter blanched, feeling all eyes on him.

Bathing with a bunch of naked dudes didn't sound fun…


Late that night, in a dark street in the Nantu Ward of Tokyo, Sakai Gyozen walked with his boys into a nice alleyway of sorts.

Further down the alleyway beside some trash cans and under some fire escape stairs, the resident members of his gang were present.

"This all of 'em?" A tall muscular fellow with the head and snout of a crocodile asked, wearing a wife beater. Some of his fellows wore masks and shades. He recognized him as Usui from uptown.

"Yeah." Gyozen nodded with his head. "Me and my boys are here as promised."

"Nice. Apparently Ryuzo-san texted us all to meet up here."

"What for? And to bring our quirk users too? Guess we're doing a hit?" Gyozen asked.

"Got to keep a tab on those heroes though… although if we're doing it at this hour we won't have to deal with night owls often." Usui showed off his maw of teeth in a grin. "I've been meaning to sink my teeth int'a something. And my boys want some action."

"Do we know what we're even gonna do?" The sunken-eyed corpse that was Osaka Shinra asked, the jittery man fiddling with his hands. Gyozen ran a hand through his slicked black hair.

"I know what you're going to do ladies and gents." Oiled a voice, and they all turned upward to the fire escape, seeing something sitting on the ledge. It was tossing an apple up and down, and Gyozen could make out what looked like a dark feather boa. "Well, mostly gents, not that I mind." He drawled as he turned his head. Gyozen reached into his back for his gun, seeing scarlet red eyes leering down like a cat finding its prey.

Arrogant fuck. His voice sounded like he sucked dicks too.

"Hey, who the fuck are you!" Usui growled. The man turned before taking a bite of his apple as he reached into his pocket, tossing something down that the hulking lizard man caught. It was a phone.

"What the… this is Ryuzo-san's phone!"

"Thank all so much for bringing these lovely little tots to us." Red-eyes said as he took another bite of his apple. "Your boss was a little more… uncooperative, so we might haaaave roughed him up just a little… you know." The tone of his voice made it clear he was smirking. Gyozen can see the white of his teeth. "Like 'pull the arms off the gangster' kind of rough. Should have seen the blood, it was like a Mexican pinata~"

Gyozen snarled and reached for his glock before he whipped it out. "You're fucking dead!" He barked, and Red-eyes' hand lashed out. Gyozen fired, his aim shifting as he pulled the trigger. Everyone else jumped at the sound.

"What the-!?" He was aiming for him! How did he move his arm? "He has a quirk! Everyone, ki-"

"Oh Kurochiiii~" Red Eyes drawled. "We got some bodies for Shi-chan to rebuild his little army." On cue, down the alleyway, a black vortex seemed to come to life. "Do be a dear and make our little leader a happy boy?"

Two golden eyes emerged from the dark violet mass, even as he and fellow gangsters fired their guns into it.

"Gladly." And the great mist surged forth, Gyozen screaming as it washed over him. He fumbled in the darkness, firing his gun until it ran dry before the darkness left him as soon as it came.

He landed on the ground, coughing as the man got up and looked around.

"What the… where am I!" Gyozen yelled, noticing that he was in a cell of some kind, seeing some kind of camera present as well. His eyes glowed, and Gyozen put his Quirk, X-Ray Vision, to use.

He could see him and his fellow gang members in other cells, trapped by walls several feet thick and composed of some sort of steel, with vents for air. And they all had cameras peering in too. No windows… Why would there be a cell with no door! And with a single fucking light built in too!

"Ah ha… more lovely Quirks to sample." came a smooth voice… so smooth and laced with poison that it made Gyozen's skin crawl. "Tomura has found such helpful wicked friends…"

By the camera, a black ooze appeared beside it and Gyozen looked up into it…

...and caught a glimpse of a scarred and eyeless man, grinning like the devil before red-black tendrils lashed out, goring and pinning Gyozen to the wall as he howled in pain. With his X-Ray Vision, he could see it too… his comrades all being pinned to the walls or to the ground as he was, these things… digging into him, piercing his flesh and into his bones.

Gyozen screamed, writhing as the tendrils glowed. His vision became clouded, and the last thing he ever heard was the chuckling of the man behind the black ooze.

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