"Who's he?" Sato inquired.

"Beats me, never seen him." Ojiro replied.

"Oh! I may have seen him a few times around U.A.!" Hagakure pointed out.

Toshinori was focused on the gawking face of Young Midoriya, doing his best not to cringe at him.

'You're making a scene!' He cursed mentally as he put on a big smile.

"My my, Young Midoriya is it? Something the matter with the tea? You looked like you choked." He said, walking over and patting his young successor on his back.

Midoriya wiped his mouth, looking up and nodding, but still having big and confused eyes. "Y-Yeah, sorry j-just went down the wrong pipe." He replied, looking up with an awkward smile.

"Alright, just making sure. Now then, as for why I am… present. I came here to the camp to help those with Power-type Quirks." He said, hands in his pockets as he beamed towards the brooding Aizawa. "I am a teacher after all."

"Hnn. Anyway, as you can see, this is Yagi Toshinori," Aizawa explained. "For why most of you have not seen him, he is usually helping your upperclassman and assisting other classes."

"A teacher that goes around to help other classes and not be with a single Homeroom? That's weird." Asui mused with her finger to her chin.

"It's something Americans used. Ah! Parker." Toshinori smiled, grinning towards Peter who perked up. "Back in America, did you have multiple teachers in a classroom as well?"

"Y-Yeah," Peter recovered, resting his arms on the table. "In my science classes we usually had two teachers, or a teacher and two teacher assistant students."

"Exactly!" Toshinori exclaimed in English.

"Yagi-sensei, if I may ask, were you a Hero once before too?" Todoroki asked, speaking up for the first time. Toshinori perked up, seeing the dual-haired boy stare his way. Young Bakugo seemed to be engrossed in eating to care all that much, with Young Koda by his side staring at him.

"Well… I was a sidekick once. But hey, we aren't here to share life stories and all that! Today is your rest day, and I figured why not give you some treats!" Toshinori opened the door and bent down, lifting up several pans full of brownies. "Made them myself! Homemade recipe!"

"Are those brownies? Awesome!" Jirou spoke out.

"Me too! A girl like me loves her chocolate!" Ashido cheered.

"I… can go without for now." Yaoyorozu winced, but smiled nevertheless. Toshinori beamed with pride.

Nana had taught him that recipe too, it was nostalgic always cooking that up…

Toshinori set them down on the counter and walked back. "I'll go unpack, and enjoy your rest day kids. Don't let me be a distraction." Toshinori saw most of the kids all get up and walk on over to the counter. He left the room with Aizawa, closing the door behind them.

"I still don't think this is a good idea." Aizawa muttered, the two of them alone as they walked down the hall.

"Oh relax, me coming by to help ain't going to be so bad." Toshinori replied with an assuring grin. "Besides, I didn't mind getting some fresh air outside of Tokyo…"

"Now you have my plan and notes in your email while your phone should get reception. I'll give you a tour of the area myself, then I'll take a nap..." He yawned, and he sauntered off as Toshinori let out a sigh. "I'll help introduce you to Class B as well. Get that out of the way."

"Sure thing.." Toshinori smiled, hands on his hips as he looked out the window to the wonderful sight of the forest and the blue skies with thick white clouds.


"You… alright buddy?" Peter asked, looking over at a sweating Izuku. The green-haired boy perked up, turning over and laughing.

"Hhahaha… d-doing okay! Never thought we can get another teacher here! Thought it was going to be us and Aizawa-sensei!"

Peter stared. Izuku's nervousness… was not subtle.

"Do you know him, Deku-kun?" Uraraka asked curiously as she sipped from her drink. Izuku fiddled with his fingers lightly.

"Well… ummm… when I first got to U.A., I was directed to a professor who knows about Power-type Quirks given how much backlash I had suffered previously. We, ummm, started around after the Sports Festival." Izuku lied. Peter kept his face carefully blank.

"Oh wow! These brownies look great!" Mina said off to the side as a line began to form in front of said dessert.

"And from there, he and I would visit on and off, and I would show how much progress I've gotten with my Quirk." Izuku spoke, "So yeah, seeing him out here is quite a shock!"

"Come along now, mes amis! There's enough for all of us!" Aoyama declared as Peter and the rest stood up to get in line, grabbing small plates to gather up their pastry. Peter made sure to get his tiny little nugget as he walked back to his seat.

"Ehhh?" Mina leaned over. "You're eating that much? I didn't take you for a diabetic or something Parker!" The pinkette exclaimed as Peter ate from his nugget, chewing softly.

"Nah," Peter smiled, swallowing. "Just not that peckish is all."

"But it's soooo gooood!" Mina gutted out, her plate having several layers of the stuff. Peter noticed that Momo didn't get any. "Yaomomo, how come you don't want some?"

"I've had enough for a lifetime here at this camp." Momo waved her off. "Trust me, next time I eat a brownie, I may vomit…"

"Yeah Parker, you're missing out!" Kaminari spoke with his mouth full, his plate as full as Mina's. "Yagi-sensei is a great baker! Besides, that expression on your face means you love it too. Didja become a Buddha or something?"

"No, I-"

"Well here, have some of mine! Don't miss out!" Mina had… great speed as she crammed a whole big slice of chocolate confectionery into his mouth.

"MMnhg!" Peter bit down, recoiling as he swallowed on instinct, coughing.

"Ashido! Give him a warning!" Momo admonished sternly.

Peter had the presence of mind to have a momentary sense of panic before it faded away like static and a stupid smile started tugging at his lips.


"Crime rates are going down?" Shouta asked incredulously.

The skeletal form of the hidden number one hero nodded. The two teachers walked through the forest, hearing the distant sound of forest and earth being upheaved by vines, rocks falling, and more than one laser going into the sky along with some English cursing.

"I thought it was a fluke," Yagi admitted, "But I've checked in with some old friends in the force, hardly a spike since the Hosu incident around Tokyo. Frankly, I only came here when I was sure that everything could be held together," Yagi admitted.

"From what I can gather, crime rates are truly going down. The thing is, some stations are getting a few APBs. Small fry like purse stealers or convenience store robberies. But, most of the more established gangs from what I've been hearing are…" The man looked down. "They're just… vanishing. Usually that's a good thing but…" Yagi frowned, the two of them coming to a clearing that looked out to another section of the wide valley that the Wild Wild Pussycats called home. Beyond the vast forest laid great mountains as they gazed south. Dark clouds were forming just beyond there too… Shouta could make out the light rumble of thunder. "I have a feeling it's something else entirely. Gut feeling."

Shouta couldn't help but frown. "Could it be a vigilante like Stain, only targeting criminals? Or a possible gang war? Or the Hero Public Safety Committee cracking down?"

"My inside guy isn't sure. And if the HPSC were involved, I'd imagine they would be more transparent and parading their results." All Might had his hands in his pockets before looking back to Shouta, his dark blue eyes looking right into the shaggy-haired man's ruby red. "You should contact your people too. See whether or not this is limited to just Tokyo or not."

"I'll see what I can do, for no-"

"Sensei! Sensei!" Came a voice, and both men turned, seeing a frantic Iida. "There you are!"

"Iida, what is it?" Shouta asked, seeing his voice heightened and panicked.

"It's Parker! He's acting crazy!"

Shouta felt his heart stop, and from the corner of his eyes, he saw Yagi seem to pale on the spot.

Shouta broke out into a sprint. 'So help me god…!' He'd left for five minutes. Five goddamn minutes!

"Young Iida, tell me, what's going on with Young Parker?" Yagi asked, his voice desperate as Shouta ran as if the devil were behind him.

"Well you see-"


Two minutes earlier…

"Uhhh… Parker? You okay there bud?"

Peter Parker, the Ace of Class 1-A, the Freshman Phenom, however, was not home at the moment, and he let Kaminari know as much as he was standing up, staggering with a flushed face. He had then had a dumb look on his face as he giggled.

"Ah, Th-*hic*-Thor! Hey, uh, why'd you shauved, hm?" He slurred in English, and Momo got up from her seat.

Kaminari waved his hands in front of Peter a few times, not exactly knowing what that would accomplish, but he thought it was a good idea. "You aren't looking so hot dude... " He turned towards the brunette. "Why's he speaking in English now?"

"Pffft... Nooo… just a little warm and God you look skinnier than I remembered..."

"Can anyone tell me what he's saying?!" Kaminari exclaimed.

"Peter-," Momo rushed over, hands on his shoulder. "Are you sick?" She spoke in English as he looked up with a lazy look, before he let out a giggle.

"Oh wow… Momooo… ya got like… two twins c-circline behind ya know…" He stumbled out of her grasp as he fell back onto the chair, letting out a deep sigh. "Ohhhh god that's…. Strong stuff Mister Miyagiiiii made. Oh wait, Mr. Yagi Muh...My bad."

"The hell is he doing?" Jirou asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Maybe he's sleepy?" Asui suggested, walking over.

"Ace, what happened to you? You feeling fine?" Kirishima sat down beside him. Peter looked at him, giving a light laugh and a big silly grin.

"Yeah... I'm fine, Kiroshima," he answered in Japanese thankfully. "Jus need to um... I dunno." He stumbled again, this time Momo catching him before he fell flat on the floor, helping him to sit up straight on the chair.

"Peter, what happened?" Momo asked in English, urgency gripping her chest. "Should we call someone?"

"Ohhh ummm...Jus call Aunt May...she has medicine... I… I think." He toned, his shoulders slumping as he looked off.

She turned her attention to an utterly frozen Ashido. "What did you do?"

The pinkette threw her hands up in the air. "H-Hey don't look at me! I just gave him the brownie I wanted to share! That's it! Then he started acting like he was hammered!"

That's right… Regular chocolate...brownies…

Her eyes went wide with realization.

Peter was drunk. And probably really drunk, considering that the brownies came in large squares. He had one bite of a large square Ashido tried to force-feed him, and he had that nugget from before. She looked at the chocolate treats on the plate… just how much caffeine was in those?! She almost wanted to laugh, but considering the situation, she needed to take care of this before it got out of hand. "Okay, everyone!" She called out. "Let's get him to the infirmary before he hurts himself." She started to pick him up and try to walk him to the teacher.

Ashido started to panic, yelling, "Oh crap, did I poison him?!"

"Wait, are these brownies poisoned?!" Sero squealed.

"Yaoyorozu, what's wrong with him?"

"To put it simply…" Momo brought a mumbling Peter under her arm. "He's drunk."

The class stared at her in silence, all while Peter was blinking.

"You mean that Parker gets pummeled by chocolate?" Bakugo asked from his side of the room, Kota sitting by his side.

Momo sighed. "Midoriya, a little help…" Izuku obliged, going to Peter's other side and helping him with his arm around his shoulders. "No, not chocolate. Caffeine. Spiders get drunk on caffeine, and since chocolate has some amounts of caffeine in it, he probably got drunk on that too." The cat was out of the bag already, she might as well explain it.

Of course, Uraraka couldn't keep her giggles to herself, and neither could Hagakure, Jirou or some of the guys for that matter. Soon there was howling laughter all around the tables.

"You guys!" Momo called out.

"Our classmate is intoxicated and you're all mocking him!" Iida exclaimed. "Cease this shameful display at once!"

"I know I know but… drunk on chocolate of all things?!" Jirou wheezed. "I'm sorry but...hehehehehe… it's too funny!"

"And so falls the great Ace!" Sero howled as he laughed into the table, banging it with his fist.

"Come on, let's get you to-"

"I'm thirsty…" Peter got up, moving away from Izuku and Momo as he stumbled forward.

Moving to step out of the doorway, Peter apparently forgot his own strength, or how doors worked.

With a tremendous crack and a crash half the door snapped off the other half, hanging from the flummoxed Peter's hand. "Was the door locked?" He mumbled.

The others started getting up, inching forward.

If he broke the refrigerator- or something more important... well, they were all in for it probably.

"Come on Parker-san, let's just-" When Izuku and the others started to surround him to cut him off, Peter leapt up, attaching himself to the ceiling.

"Scuse me, need some… water…" He groused.

"Peter, get down from there!" Momo commanded in English as she gave chase with a walk, seeing him crawl along the ceiling.

"Huhhh?" He turned down. "Oh…. heya Momo...your English is amazing by the way…"

"Thank you, but please-" She let out a frustrated sigh, hearing more giggles from Uraraka and the others. "Iida, can you please go grab Aizawa-sensei?"

"Right!" Iida got up and ran out of the room.

Among the laughing members of the group was Bakugo, the blonde bomber red in the face and practically wheezing. "All I had to do to kick his ass was shove a Snickers bar down his throat!? This is fuckin' rich!"

"Bakugo-san, plea-"

"Let'im talk Momoooo…" Peter slurred in English as he crawled. "Trust me, life's a… whole… a whoooole lot more tolerable…" He let out, crawling ahead. "When you just… ignore that...stupid….loser..."

"The fuck you say?!" Bakugo barked, and Koda was behind him, as was Sato as they held him back.

"Easy Bakugo, he's drunk!" Kota said.

"Yeah just ignore him dude, he didn't mean it!" Sato exclaimed. Izuku ran ahead.

"This whole camp is a menagerie of madness…" Tokoyami uttered, brooding.

"But…not boring." Shoji mused, sitting by the bird boy's side.

A leaping Asui landed on the wall adjacent to Peter, crawling along with him with a 'Ribbit'.

"Kitchen's this way Parker-chan." Asui said calmly, turning and looking up at him with a smile. "You're going the wrong way."

"Oh...am I?" Peter slurred, before turning the other way. "Ohh… you're right… Hehe." He smiled, looking down at the green-haired girl. "Thanks Susieee?" He slurred in English.

"Close enough, ribbit." She got her tongue wrapped around Peter, and she hopped to the floor with Peter along for the ride.

Landing on his feet wasn't really an issue normally, at the moment however, he was... having some trouble.

So with a clear sway he hit the ground and toppled onto his side like a tree.

Equally off balance, the frog girl also hit the ground with a thud, Tsu releasing a half-strangled croak of surprise to boot.

"Your head's heavy." Tsu complained.

Said head craned itself upwards from where it rested on her stomach.

"Hi A-Asu-T-ts-susan! Your tongue is strong… Kinda what I-herlp…" Peter hiccuped. "What I thought about… Mantis...hehe." He gave another dumb smile. "Your stomach is soft."

Asui nodded, patting Peter on the head and ruffling his hair, her tongue still around him. "There there Parker-chan. I know I know." She looked up as Momo. "Yaomomo, want me to help him to the infirmary?"

"Y-Yes, please, thank you Asui."

"We'll help too." Growled a voice, and Dark Shadow had his claws on Peter's shoulders, rubbing and kneading lightly.

"Huh… oh… Heya Dark Shadow, hehe." Peter giggled. "Wazzup."

"Doing good. You doing good, Parker?" The shadow monster said as Tokoyami approached.

"I'll lend a hand." He droned, glare present on his features. Then again, he was glaring most of the time. Momo nodded in gratitude, looking back around the room. Bakugo's little episode had stopped and he was snarling while looking out the window while Koda nibbled on his brownie.

"Yeah, let's go and inform the others and-"

"What's going on here?" Cut in a voice as everyone turned, and there was Aizawa with Yagi, the two teachers staring wide-eyed at the sight of dumb-faced Peter with Asui's tongue wrapped around him and Dark Shadow's claws on his shoulders.

"I made Parker drunk." Ashido squeaked, Aizawa looking down at her with an annoyed expression, then back to the class.

"Mind telling me why Parker is wrapped up by Asui like a pinata?" He asked.

"The hell's a piccata?" Sero asked

"A food!" Hagakure raised her hand excitedly. "I tried those once!"

"It's pronounced pinata Sero!" Aoyama said with a pose.

"Nevermind." Aizawa groused with a sigh.

"Sensei," Momo spoke up. "P-Peter-san ate a little bit of brownie and…. as a result he got a little drunk… Ashido didn't want him to miss out on tasting the brownies so… she fed him most of a square." Momo elaborated.

"Young Parker can get drunk off of...chocolate?" Yagi exclaimed with a tilt of his head.

"Caffeine." Aizawa took in a sharp breath through his nose and sighed outwardly, annoyed. "Spiders get drunk when they ingest caffeine, Yagi."

Yagi froze up. "Really?! My goodness…" He spoke in English on that last bit. " Come on, let's get you to the infirmary!"

Crisis averted the rest of the class not currently restraining Peter began to rejoin their social and entertainment activities.

Ashido meanwhile tried to slip quietly into a corner, nothing to see here... nope... definitely no-

"Ashido." Aizawa spoke up, and the girl jumped to her feet, turning as her black-and-gold eyes widened with anticipation and fear.

"Y-Yes Sensei."

"Judging by your overwhelming sense of honor and personal responsibility, it seems to me that you wanna make up for this... right?" His hair began to wave dangerously.

The girl slumped... "I'm getting like... double cleanup duty or something right?"

"How very astute of you..." He drawled, turning towards Yagi. "Take Parker to the infirmary. Hopefully this spell will roll over with the right meds and rest. Have people watch over him too, just in case he's too rowdy."

"I can come!" Kirishima exclaimed, running up.

"Thank you Young Kirishima," Yagi smiled. "Well, in that case, how about we rotate people to watch over him?" He said as he stepped aside, allowing Asui and Tokoyami to guide Peter out.

"That sounds like a good idea Yagi-sensei, thank you." Momo bowed lightly. "I'll help with the first watch I suppose."

"I'll help too!" Izuku exclaimed.

"I'm h'already here so… 'hy not, ribbit?" Asui suggested.

"Same." Tokoyami added.


As Shouta saw Yagi leave, he saw the man rest his hand on Midoriya's shoulder as they walked down the hallway. He turned back to a cringing Ashido, and the rest of Class A who was looking on in anticipation.

"Go enjoy your day everyone." Shouta stated, eyes boring down on her. "Ashido, tell me what you did to Parker, in your own words."

"Well…" The girl looked guilty as can be as she told her tale, on how she wanted Parker to enjoy some of the brownies when he was just enjoying a little nibble.

"Come with me." Shouta ordered, walking as the pink-haired girl obliged. They walked down a hallway as he opened the door, leading to a classroom of sorts.

Shouta looked in the desk, finding a notepad of paper and some pens. "You're going to write two things. One, what 'No means no' means to you and what you'll do going forward regarding that statement. Three pages, minimum." Ashido perked up.

"In English."

Ashido blanched.

Her. Worst. Subject.

"I will look over it, and ensure it is perfect with no grammatical errors and pronunciation. Then you'll write a letter of apology to Parker, primarily how you'll never do it again."

There was silence as he set it on the desk in front of her as he sat behind the desk.

"In… English?"


The girl groaned.


"Alright, seems to be tucked in just fine…" All Might said, at ease as he and Izuku stood outside of the infirmary. Peter was resting there, coming down from his intoxicated state thanks to eating those brownies. "I heard in America that there are brownies that make people act crazy, I never knew it would act like that."

"I guess even the most powerful of abilities have their drawbacks…" Izuku murmured as he looked from the window looking into the infirmary door to back up to All Might. Right, better talk to him now. He looked back and forth down the hallway, seeing that no one else was around. "Okay, ummm, seeing how we are alone…"

"You wanna know why I came, huh?" All Might asked, nodding. "Figured you'd ask. Come, let's talk in private." He said, as he led the way for the young green-haired boy down the hall. They climbed the stairs to the second floor and entered a room. All Might closed the door and locked it, sighing as Izuku saw the nice looking bed and general hotel room aesthetic. He also looked up, seeing none of Mandalay's cameras either. It was more appealing than the simple futons they had to crash on every night after hard training… "Okay," All Might turned, and sat on the chair near one of the tables, gesturing for Izuku to sit by the bed. Izuku promptly did so. "Now then, we have time to ourselves. So, how's training been Young Midoriya?"

"Oh! It's been hard, really going at it nonstop… first few days I thought I was gonna keel over…" Izuku mused. "Reminded me of the training we did when I inherited your quirk."

"Then I guess that this training wasn't so bad for ya wasn't it?" Toshinori grinned wryly.

"I got into the hang of it… Some days I mainly do stretches or sparring with Tiger. But on others we did unique workouts! Like I had to race against Iida in cone drills one time, for another I had to pull up Asui with my arm when we scaled a cliff." Izuku looked at his knuckles. "And then there's me trying to punch out Kirishima too…" Toshinori spotted the scabs on his knuckles, nodding.

"Well, this is all an effort to have you prepared for the Provisional Exams." Toshinori crossed his arms. "Once you get that, you're one step closer to being a Pro Hero." He grinned again before letting out a sigh. "Seeing you now," He remembered back then to that scrawny little kid who was crying his eyes out in gratitude on that sunset-lit street over a year ago, to this strong young hero in training before him. "Compared to back then, it's making me feel a little nostalgic."

Izuku blushed under the praise, smiling as he fiddled with his fingers.

"So, how has been your control on One for All anyway? Surely with no distractions and focusing on using your Quirk, I bet your control has increased quite a bit."

"Oh! Well, if I had to remember from the night before…" Izuku mused, cupping his chin. "I think I can get a handle on say… thirteen, maybe fourteen percent right now? I could push it to say, sixteen if need be." His eyes were furrowed in thought. "I know I did so back on I-Island against those villains…"

"That's good to hear at least. As for One for All, let's try to set a goal for now. We did a crash course for your training to prepare you to become a better hero, and now you're well on your way there." He raised a finger. "Let's focus on December. By that point, you should be able to control twenty percent of my quirk."

"December…" Izuku spoke aloud, eyes moving about as Toshinori saw the gears in his head moving. "I think I can do that."

"At base. Not pushing it."

Izuku bit his lip at that, before Toshinori flashed him a customary grin.

"And I'll be there every step of the way." Toshinori stood up, walking over and placing a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "For now," His dark blue eyes seemed to almost glow. "I'm giving it my Plus Ultra in helping you become better than me, Young Midoriya. No matter what."

Izuku beamed, feeling pride swell in his chest before nodding. "Right!"


Later that day…

"Nnngh…" Peter groaned as he rose up in bed, rubbing his head as he took note of his surroundings. "Where am I?" He asked, seeing that he was in the infirmary within the lodge. "I remember eating one of those brownies before I conked out-"

"Oh, Parker-san, you're awake." Said a voice in his head, making Peter jump, hand going to his ear.

"What the... who's there?!" He said in English, looking around. That wasn't Karen, his earpiece was in his bag!

"Easy there, it's Mandalay. I'm in security at the moment." Peter blinked before looking up, catching the camera looking down and focusing it's lens on him.

"It's my quirk, Telepathy."

Peter blinked. "Okay, so you were keeping watch?"

"More or less," Peter looked out, seeing that the sun was beginning to set and he frowned lightly. Well, he did rest most of the 'rest day'. But it was almost dinner time too…

"So, did I miss out anything exciting?"

"Some of your classmates went to the pond for a dip. Others have been on their phones constantly and catching up to their parents. Aizawa had us open up the cell tower's restrictions for the day and all." Mandalay spoke in his head. "You should wash up and take the day while you can, Parker. Are you feeling any other symptoms?"

"Not really, just a mild headache, nothing big." Peter said as he put on his shoes and released a big sigh.

"Alright then, I'll leave you to your day." Peter looked up at the camera and nodded before walking towards the door. Well, better get to his phone and talk to Yu. After a nice long show-

He opened it, and right there was Izuku.


"Oh hey Midori," Peter said, taking note of Izuku's surprise.

"Oh hey Parker," He laughed nervously. "Guess you're back up. Are you feeling alright?"

"Doing okay. Just stretching my legs." Peter stretched his arms a bit, before gazing back at the shorter boy. "What were you doing here?"

"Oh, I was about to check up on you. Yaoyorozu, Kirishima, Tokoyami, and Asui did it earlier so it was my turn." He spoke as Peter stretched his neck next.

"Thanks… and... " He noticed Izuku fiddling with his fingers. "Did I do anything dumb while I was, well, drunk?"

"You don't remember anything?" Peter felt a little ill.

There was a beat of silence.

"Was I, umm…" Peter felt a knot in his chest. "Hard to… manage?" God… so embarrassing?! Goodbye school cred!

"You were cooperative for the most part. Aizawa came in when Yaoyorozu had Iida go for help, and things died down from there. He had us all clean up, and Al-I mean, all of us made sure," He stammered for a moment. "That you were both okay." He pointed to the night stand. "Oh, and Ashido came by earlier with an apology letter too." Peter looked over, and he took the letter. It was in English, but the penmanship needed improvement...


I am very sorry for stuffing that brownie in your mouth. You said no and I disregarded your feelings and made you waste most of your rest day. It will not happen again, as I still see you as a friend and someone who I can rely on. I hope that you can forgive me.

Mina Ashido.'

"Huh… well… how thoughtful of her…" Peter mused lightly.

"Yeah, Aizawa was with her most of the day too…"

"Never a good thing when you have Aizawa looking over your shoulder." Peter commented.

"So, are you mad at her? For what she did." Izuku asked.

"Ehh. It's not like she stuffed cocaine up my nose or something. It was chocolate, she didn't know." Peter shrugged. "And no one was hurt so… I'll talk it over with her when I see her." He took a deep breath. "Right… got any water?" He asked. Izuku got up before trotting over to the sink and filling up a paper cup with tap water, bringing it to the American. "Thanks." Peter sipped it, feeling the ache in his head fade. "Important lesson Midori, always walk away when a pretty girl is about to feed you something that'll make you loopy. Or else dumb stuff happens…"

"R-Right, I'll keep that in mind."

"Did I say… anything else?"

"Ummm… Well…" Peter could see the hesitation in his face. "T-tell you what. I can fill you in in a more relaxing place! I still owe it to you to go into the hot springs with ya."

Peter rubbed his forehead, remembering this morning before he blacked out. "Yeah, you did mention that… will anyone be in there?"

"Don't think so. Everyone's on their phones or at the pond." Izuku got up. "Need help walking there?" Peter waved him off, getting off the bed and walking over to where his shoes were.

"I'm good, thanks though." He bent down, thankfully able to tie his shoes as he got back up, opening the door and letting Izuku through first. The two walked through the hallway towards the back of the lodge where the hot springs were located.

The two walked into the changing room of the springs. Izuku let out a light "phew" and smiled.

"You want to go in first? Just wrap a towel around you tightly and just head on in." He grinned. "I'll come in when you're settled."

"R-Right," Peter took a deep breath to calm himself. It was just a hot spring. No big deal. Maybe it was big enough if there were others so it wouldn't matter… "I'll get to that." He went into one of the stalls, shedding his casual clothing and soon enough, coming out barefoot in a tight white towel. He saw Izuku nod as he went into his own stall, and Peter walked into the men's hot spring.

There were stone tiles around the area, a giant wooden wall and several bonsai and yew trees around for anesthetics, with plenty of large rocks along the edge of the spring. Peter walked towards the paved steps, going in as he felt the steam of the spring wash over him, the smell of sulfur all around him… It was definitely odd.

He walked into the spring, down the steps as he went in slowly due to the hot water. It was like those jacuzzis at the community pools back home in Queens but… the water felt so much better for some reason.

"Oh. Ah." Peter winced before he slinked down, finding a spot at the edge of the spring and resting his back against a large intricate boulder. "Bet Pixie-Bob carved all this out…" He murmured as he closed his eyes and sighed. He felt his shoulders sag, allowing the strain and stress to fade as he rested his hands on his lap.

Oh man… what had he been missing out on? The texture of the smooth floor underneath, with the sulfuric smelly-egg in the air was something else… yet it made him relaxed. More than he'd felt in a while. He felt his exhaustion just… melt away.

"Liking it, Parker-san?" Peter opened an eye at the sound of footsteps and wading water, the orange sky hanging above as he saw Izuku walk in, taking a seat himself near the entry steps. With how steamy it was, Peter wouldn't be able to see much save for Izuku's face.

"Oh yeah…" Peter let out a laugh and a sigh. "Back home we have those community pools… that's like the only times I really got anything like this… That and hotel baths…"

"Didn't have a bath back in New York?"

"Nah," Peter looked up at the orange clouds, hearing the light chirps of the summer cicadas and the chirping of the evening crows. "Lived in an apartment mostly…"

"With your Aunt May?"

Peter blinked, looking back at Izuku who seemed to flinch under his wide-eyed gaze. "Y-You mentioned an Aunt May when you were ummm… buzzed… Is she your family back home?"

Peter clenched his jaw, looking to the side as that knot in his chest formed. "Y-Yeah, she sent me to Japan." He lied, feeling the knot in his chest as he shook his head. "So, Midoriya." He leaned forward, eager to change this subject yesterday. "How has it been going with your Quirk? Like, you've come a long way from the kid whose legs looked like beef jerky when we fought those robots."

"My Q-Quirk? Well… it's been going great. I've been using the same method you've taught me on the beach after the USJ." Izuku replied with a smile as he lifted up his arm and looked at it. "I'm getting better day by day."

Peter mused as he leaned back against the rock, sighing through his nose. This… this wasn't so bad. "So, is it always this quiet at hot springs?"

"Sometimes, but most of the time we've been here," Izuku laughed. "Everyone else is talking up a storm. It's practically a social hour."

Peter mused with a chuckle. With his eyes closed, he was content to hear everything around him…

"So, Parker-san." Peter opened an eye, seeing Izuku look his way. "How's training with you? I only usually hear from Aoyama on how he's having a hard time trying to hit you with his Navel Laser. Is it tough?"

"Wouldn't be training if it wasn't and… It's going fine mostly. Just blindfolded and being forced to fend off and dodge multiple attackers."

"Blindfolded? What for?"

"For my Spider Sense."

"Spider Sense…?"

"My, ummm, precognition. Danger sense." Peter said. "With my Quirk being 'Spider' and all, along with that sixth sense of mine, I gotta be better at using it and treat it like second nature. Still… can't help but feel that I'm hitting a bit of a wall…"

"How so?"

"Well, my Spider Sense can pick up danger from any impending threats coming in, and I have to keep using it. But… I don't know whether or not it's capped out."

In truth, he hadn't had much time to really train and hone his Spider Sense outside of combat or the odd daily mishap. Training something like that every other day, blinded and deaf to the world was a new experience that he'd never anticipated before.

Midoryia rubbed his chin, "Like, it's called Spider right? And does your Spider Sense have to deal with touch?"

"Yeah, I can feel goosebumps and a tingly sensation in my head when I feel something is a threat."

"Huh… and if I remember, Spiders tend to have very sensitive hairs on their body… along with sensory organs along their legs." Izuku cupped his chin, and Peter felt his Mumble Sense tingling. "To say nothing of their eight eyes too… The five senses of a Spider must be really enhanced for it to be able to evolve and thrive as a species for thousands of years even to this day. Maybe they'll survive when humans are long gone too?" Peter was cringing, practically seeing the word salad spewing forth into the spring. "Maybe they have a sense of taste too? Or something in their thorax and-"

"Ummm, Midoriya? You're mumbling again." Peter cut him off, "What, did you write about me in your notebook?" Izuku blanched, flinching visibly and Peter could see his classmate look off to the side in embarrassment.

"... Yes…"

"Everyone else in the class too?"

"Yeah…" Izuku slumped before Peter let out a little laugh.

"It figures, guess ya need to use that big brain for something." Peter said in good-natured fun, Izuku smiling back.

"Still… for your Spider Sense seems to be about touch… Why not maybe experiment with it?"


"Well, you told me that I had to spread my Quirk throughout my whole body. Well, try using your whole body for Spider Sense! I-If that makes any logical sense." Izuku suggested. "I mean, not that I'm saying go naked or anything, but maybe since spiders have those organs in their legs… maybe try going barefoot tomorrow?"

"Barefoot?" Now that was something Peter didn't consider.

"I mean, think about it. When we wear socks and shoes, we protect our feet right? Well, if Spider Sense is all about touch, then wearing socks and shoes is one big roadblock on the road, or maybe a clog in the pipe? Hmmm… how do I say this…" Izuku crossed his arms, thinking as Peter thought with him.

He'd never fought or really gone out for Spider-Man things barefoot either.

"Well… I think I'll try that out tomorrow." Peter showed a toothy grin as he closed his eyes. "Thanks buddy."

Izuku seemed to shine, resting in the bath. "A-Anytime."


The next day…

Peter looked around, seeing his new combatants for the day. Their thirteenth day at the camp, and he was getting awfully familiar with Aoyama's lasers and how much of a punch they packed. He seemed to be increasing the stopping power too.

They stood in the clearing. What was once completely green with grass was now muddled with smoothed-over earth thanks to the craters Pixie-Bob would cover up when training was done. "My tail's been itching to hit something soft. And Kirishima is anything but." Ojiro smirked.

"You should have seen him when we watched movies back at Yaoyorozu's. He cried a bit during Neverending Story." Peter replied back.

Peter remembered his conversation with Izuku yesterday and knelt down to the surprise of his training partners.

He took off his shoes and socks, stuffing the latter in his shoes and tossing them across the clearing as he reached for the blindfold/earmuffs. Or blindmuffs? Earfolds?

'Blindfoldmuffs. There we go.' Peter mused mentally.

"Shall we?" He asked, seeing Aizawa looking on past the clearing, hands in his pockets. Peter put on his bandana, feeling the mugginess of the humid overcast day bearing down on him as he tapped on his muffs. He felt them tighten up along with the bandana, leaving him in silent darkness.

'Tokoyami would like this I bet.' He added as he took a deep breath and took a step forward on his bare foot.

Suddenly, he felt goosebumps, his hair on end.

Pony hopped off the tree, making it shake and she vanished for an instant.

Aoyama ran, shifting to his right to get into position to fire…

Ojiro broke out into a run.

Peter took a deep breath.

Then he dodged the tail swipe, grabbing Ojiro's leg and tossing him aside as he felt a spark of white go off above him.

He leapt, avoiding Pony's horns and the thick white beam that was Aoyama's laser blasting towards him.

Peter contorted like a pole jumper, avoiding the laser as he came down onto his hand and feet, and then dodged left, avoiding a spinning axe-tail strike to the ground. The blow was followed by the sparks of more horns being fired.

The goosebumps on end… his body was practically alight with senses he'd never felt before as he moved in on Ojiro, shoving him hard and sending him flying several feet across the clearing. He then jumped right, avoiding another laser blast as he could sense Aoyama running sideways as best he could, trying to hit Peter on the move.

He perceived a horn coming in fast, blunt end first, and he managed to grab it with his hand and chuck it back.


"Ow!" Tsunotori yelped, the horn grazing her arm as she used her free spare horn to steady herself. "That's new!"

"Did we activate nightmare mode?!" Ojiro exclaimed in surprise, trying to rush in on Peter, but he wisely backstepped. Shouta's eyes were focused on Parker.

He'd watched him undergo this method of training before during this camp, but Parker always seemed to find a way to drop his guard when under duress like this. Sure he would know where to dodge to avoid the enemy strikes, but he would always get pestered by Aoyama and Tsunotori to the point that Ojiro would be able to land a good tail shot with the not-instant-kill jelly on his tail, as heroes coordinating against a tough enemy should. But now?

It was as if Parker could see everything around him as he sidestepped Tsunotori sending in two extra horns to harass and dive in at him, all while Ojiro launched kicks and tail whips.

Aoyama was now doing side steps left and right as to harass Parker with his laser beams, and Peter was dodging them nimbly, ducking a tail whip and rolling over with an explosive jump that sent dirt flying to avoid more horns. He rolled to his feet, and Shouta could see the grimace on Parker's face.

Looking along Parker's dusty arm and seeing the reason why. Those goosebumps were noticeable from his eyeglass. To experience those in fighting, a few seconds the body was used to. But to keep it up for minutes on end? Sensory overload was possible in other quirks, it might very well be a factor here.

Aoyama was then offered three horns for Tsunotori as the girl got onto the ground, going on all fours with a horn circling about her, the horns on her head regrowing. Aoyama was given two horns to step on, and one to steady himself with his hand. Outside the box, untrained, but something to throw Parker off…

Ojiro let out a soft roar as he charged, and Tsunotori did so too in practically a gallop, the look of surprise on Parker's face palpable as he had to jump to avoid a blue laser blasting on his position from on high.

"Time for a lil'spray and pray!" Tsunotori belted out in English, and instead of deftly controlling some horns as if they were remote weapons, the girl began to fire them out in a straight line like a gun.

Shouta raised an eyebrow. Must have developed that skill under Vlad.

Parker was put on the retreat, running and sidestepping to avoid the fast moving machine gun horngirl and the floating flying laser boy.

Ojiro was on Parker's tail, unleashing roundhouse tail whips and kicks in the hopes of catching him. Yet despite it all, the american boy continued to dodge and jump away, even though some horns wound up tagging him.

Tsunotori stopped and rubbed her head, wincing as Shouta saw blood leak down her crown. Must be irritating her scalp immensely. The body and the Quirk would adapt and get used to it.


'Man, I wish I kept my script.'

Obviously appearances needed to be kept up, but Toshinori still felt a little apprehensive when it came to teaching more than one student. Or, more accurately, teaching anyone, but that was a problem of his, hardly something that the children needed to suffer for.

Which led to Young Midoriya, Sato, and Kaibara standing in front of him looking expectant.

"Alright, now, when it comes to Power-type quirks there's one thing that you need to keep in mind."

"Power?" Sato offered.

"Pretty sure we'd have everything down if that was all that we needed," Kaibara said wryly.

"Well, I wasn't going to say it like that," Toshinori mumbled, "But uh, yes, Young Kaibara has the right of it. If all heroes had to do in order to be some of the top ranked quirks was hit really hard, it wouldn't be difficult for anyone to go up the rankings. But, off the top of my head, the only one with a power-type quirk that really fits the bill of throwing out power is All Might, and you don't think that he got to be Number One by just throwing random punches all day, do you?"

Sato looked a bit nervous while a small smugness overtook Kaibara.

And Young Midoriya… was taking notes.

Frankly, he shouldn't be surprised.

"So how does he do it?" Kaibara asked.

"All Might?" Toshinori asked, faking obliviousness, "Well, he does the same thing that I'm sure that you three will get the chance to do."

Instantly, all three of the students' attention focused on him.

"He takes all the power of his quirk, and he does the hard thing. He focuses it."

Toshinori held up his finger in comparison.

"And not in the way that he charges something up, more that he takes that power, and he forces it to be in only the area of his fist."

He flicks his finger in the air for a small demonstration, though nothing really came of it.

"Imagine that, the power in his entire body, but only allowed to be released towards a single point. The space is compressed, and the explosive power is far more than if he simply just let it out everywhere."

"Like Midoryia when he flicks his finger?" Sato asked, making both Toshinori and Midoryia flinch.

'Really close to the bullseye there, Young Sato…' He thought. "Y-yeah, something like that," The blond man said while rubbing the back of his head, "But, like every quirk is different, everyone here has a different way of finding that focus. Kaibara, your drills have an end point, don't they?"

"Yeah, my fingers, or the tips of my toes if I can."

"Can you make one part of the drill go faster than the others?" Toshinori asked, "Because if your fingers and the rest of your arm is accelerating, then all the more power they'll have."

Kaibara's eyes widened, and Toshinori gestured to a nearby tree.

"Start getting a feel for it against the tree, don't go too overboard."

The boy nodded and happily walked over to the tree, the sounds of a drill filling the air right behind him.

"As for you two," Toshinori said, "You both have strength augmentation quirks. But the difference in focus comes with how you unleash your quirks. Sato, how much sugar do you need to activate your quirk?"

"Ah, a few grams?"

"Well, how about take less, get more bang for your buck without sacrificing all of your head."

"I-I'll try."

"Do," Yagi said, gently patting him on the shoulder, "And don't worry, this is just the start, you'll be up there hitting with the big leagues soon enough."

That got an eager smile out of the boy, leaving Yagi alone with his successor, if only for a moment.

"As for you, the main focus is getting your body set up to handle any backlash, and redirect anything that you need to go through. Any questions?"

"Yes," Midoriya said, quickly flipping through his notebook.

The boy started mumbling up a storm. Though, more to the point, how did he get multiple pages out of that short explanation?


"Pull." Momo ordered, and Asui obliged, using her tongue to twirl a discus up in the air with a "Ribbit!", aiming towards the stone pillar with a placed bullseye. She aimed as the discus came in front of the target, and fired, tossing it aside as her stomach glowed again, as did her calf, shards of the disk falling to the ground.

"Pull." Momo pulled out the crossbow, bow loaded as Asui repeated the motion, the girl grunting with multiple weighted bracers about her body. The dark green-haired girl was getting a full body workout and using her tongue to better aim projectiles.

Momo aimed, fired, and rolled her eyes when the arrow missed its mark. She set the crossbow aside, grabbing some bread and bringing it to her lips.

"You still going strong, Asui?" She asked, munching on the white bread, seeing plenty of loaves still in their plastic wrapping as she could hear explosions and yells throughout the area.

"I can keep going, ribbit." Asui replied. "Oh, and call me Tsu."

"Sorry, let's do our best." Flashing a small smile, Momo finished her snack and brought her hand to her stomach as it glowed, pulling out a shotgun. She felt the disk she conjured on her leg be taken. "Pull."

"Ribbit!" Asui aimed, leapt and twirled, and Momo brought the shotgun to bear, firing it and feeling satisfied upon seeing the disc explode into shards. She set it aside, right on top of a pile of other guns she had been conjuring.


"Rrrrrraaaaaaaagh! Die!" Bakugo roared, and finally, he burst through the stone wall and came out the other end, panting as he was covered in dirt and dust. Behind him, vines were creeping forth to keep the tunnel he made with his explosions stable. "Finally!" Shiozaki had been with him all day on loan from Class B while keeping the ceiling above him from collapsing, but at least he didn't have to hear her nagging at him swearing. Blasting through all that stone and rock but in a controlled fashion was annoying as hell. He couldn't cut loose or he'd make it too unstable, too weak and he couldn't make progress. Had to find that perfect middle ground.

"Nicely done Bakugo!" Tiger exclaimed, standing atop a small mound overseeing his district. Bakugo saw Dinoface hunched over by the woods, hands over his mouth as he seemed to be… talking with the ground..

"Shall we move onto the next plateau Bakugo-san?" Shiozaki spoke over the walkie talkie Tiger had lent them, the ash blond picked it up.

"I'll meet you there." He pocketed it, walking over as he saw Tiger moving towards Dinoface as well.

"Come now Koda! What's wrong? Command them! I want to see bring me my sandwich!" Tiger barked, getting down close to a flustered and scared-silly Dinoface. There seemed to be a bento box with said-sandwich inside in plastic wrap off several meters away. He looked pale too and Bakugo could saw why. He was over an anthill of sorts.

Ants? He was scared of goddamn ants!?

He'd heard of phobias before but this was ridiculous!

"MAN UP DINOSAUR!" He hollered from his place at the mouth of the hole he'd dug. Dinoface jumped, like a deer in the headlights as he looked up towards him.

Bakugo thrust his hands upwards and with several extremely loud blasts into the air, every bird even remotely close by took to the skies and flew off. Dinoface gulped, looking sick.

He grit his teeth, crossing his arms ready to shout some more at the goddamn animal whisperer before his eyes caught a crackle of green lightning through the trees.

The harsh words lodged in his throat, suddenly burning there before he swallowed them down.

"You're not always gonna have fucking birds." He growled instead. "Use what you've got."

He turned, beginning to march away and pace restlessly, clenching and unclenching his fists to try and shake the pain out of them, the distant sounds of others training reaching his ears, still seeing the crackle of green lightning distantly through the gloom of the forest. He could just make out Frog racing against him too.

"Tch. Goddamnit."

The radio at his side crackled to life.

"Please don't take the lord's name in vain."

He snarled, not having realized it was on an open channel before he snatched it from his belt and screamed into it. "I'll do whatever I goddamn want!" Bakugo pocketed it when he heard her sigh.

"That's it Koda! You're making them move upon command! Blubber through those tears young man! Rule the kingdom of the underground with your words!" He heard Tiger exclaim. Bakugo didn't react, going down the trail and seeing the other tall plateau in the distance that he will need to blast through once more.


One skill Aizawa had, if nothing else, was his ability to calmly and rationally think about a situation; mainly deciding how best to approach it.

Sometimes it required subtlety; sometimes it needed indirect methods. Sometimes, rarely, the problem could be ignored entirely and it would resolve itself in time.

And in others it was best to approach the issue head-on.

Towards the end of the day, after the students began to make their way towards the dining area to start prepping their food, Aizawa spoke as the students began to walk past him.

"Parker, a moment."

Peter cocked an eyebrow. The other students looked their way but Aizawa waved them off, each of them turning and leaving after a moment.

Finally, assured of some semblance of privacy Aizawa spoke. "I will be honest with you, I hope you'll return the favor."

The American didn't look at all comfortable.

"You don't trust me do you?"

Peter shifted from foot to foot while averting his gaze. His discomfort was a pointed, palpable thing.

Then, quietly, he seemed to brace himself, squaring his shoulders. "You haven't exactly given me any reason to trust you." Then he shrugged. "Hell, you've done everything to make me not trust you much at all."

Aizawa nodded. "What I did, I did out of concern. I'm your teacher."

"Concern of me." Peter responded, tone low. "Not for me."

"You're not wrong." He sighed, closing his eyes. "But that was then, this is now."

"Nothing's changed." The boy argued.

"I have answers. Context." He explained easily. "The picture changes, the response changes with it."

Parker looked at him pointedly. "You said it, not me."

Aizawa felt himself stiffen a bit, not expecting the deft use of his own words against him so swiftly.

Parker's eyes were sharp now, no longer averting his eyes but facing Aizawa fully with a soft glare.

He was on his guard, completely so.

The teacher felt himself take a deep breath and quietly sigh through his nostrils. His red eyes, no longer hard or annoyed, looked back at his student.

"You're my student." He said matter-of-factly, hands stuffed into his pockets as he held Peter's gaze. "I would like to set things right, if you'd allow that." He meant it too, his voice softening somewhat.

Peter worked his jaw, looking to the side as he frowned. "That... will take a while."

And by the tone of his voice, by no means a guarantee.

Aizawa offered another nod. "Fair. I won't keep you any further." He patted Peter on the shoulder and walked past.

With a nearly tangible uncoiling of tight muscles Peter relaxed minutely, turning quickly and marching away. He let out a sigh, and turned to join his classmates. Hopefully they had some leftover teriyaki meatballs…


How many days had it been since those losers have been here… Kota lost track. It was starting to become irritating that he couldn't just have things go back to where they once were.

He flipped through some of the channels in the TV lounge, head against a couch cushion as he heard the sounds of those idiots yelling outside. Couldn't their throats get hoarse and just have them be quiet already? That one stupid looking one who talked to birds didn't seem to be able to talk now. They should follow his example.

Anime, sales show, News channel and-

More explosions, gunfire, yelling and the sounds of glaciers being destroyed echoed as Kota growled and looked out the window. He looked out, seeing what looks like a mountain of ice being assaulted by the quirks of those other idiots en masse.

"I hate this…" He uttered, and the brown-haired boy got up from the couch and turned off the TV, grabbing his phone and walking out of the TV lounge, through the lodge and out the side door. He… needed fresh air.

His favorite place should do. He decided to go there for a bit and then head back for lunch. He walked into the woods as he spotted his favorite little mountain to hang out. It was clear blue skies today… all in front of him.

His favorite lookout should do. Kota began his walk, remembering to follow the trail markers he had set during his time here.

Kota never looked behind him though, at the massive wave of dark clouds rumbling in from beyond the mountains to the south...


"Everyone," said Mandalay within Shouta's head. The shaggy-haired man perked up, looking towards the direction of the lodge. Before him, he saw Bakugo, Yaoyorozu, Kirishima and Midoriya stop in their four-pronged assault on the giant glacier Todoroki was sprouting, and noticed the others looking too. They had been working out in the cloudy overcast day so far, yet it seemed that the storm had finally approached. "A tropical storm is about to pass through here. It's the remnants of Typhoon Eris, now Tropical Storm Eris. Eraserhead, Vlad King, I suggest you bring all of your students inside, as we planned."

Shouta let a sigh escape his nostrils. He wanted to have his students train in some incumbent weather as to get them prepared. But that was one of the conditions the Pussycats gave him when he suggested this camp, given how it would coincide with typhoon season. In the event of a tropical storm or, if it got deep enough inland, a typhoon, the camp would be postponed.

"Alright." He turned towards the rest of his students, seeing the physical users pausing in their workout with Tiger. "Everyone! We're heading back inside for the lodge! Wash up and we'll reconvene in the Mess Hall!" Of course, that meant it would be time for lectures too. He got his phone out and tapped on the Yoruha app. Shouta looked around, seeing everyone head back inside as the rain was beginning to pick up, alongside the wind too. He spotted Parker, Asui, Tokoyami and Aoyama running in from their clearing towards the lodge too.

Before long, he was back inside, seeing all of his students, wet and tired from the day training all gathered inside, walking towards the mess hall. He followed them in, seeing them all sit and talk amongst themselves.

"Alright, normally I would prefer us doing our exercises through some rain, but the storm approaching is the remnants of a typhoon coming from the Pacific." Shouta elaborated as he looked over at his class. "While doing hero work during a storm is common, it's best if we do one that emulates those conditions in the USJ than in a real one. As such, we'll cut training short for today and maybe tomorrow if need be." He could hear some murmurs, including some excited ones from Ashido and Kaminari. "To compensate, we will be doing lectures instead." And cue the groans from half the class. "It's late in the day however, so wash up and make your dinner. We'll do lectures tomorrow and-" His phone rang as he pulled it out and answered it, a little peeved. "Yes?"

"I got all my students in." Vlad said over the phone. Shouta noticed Yagi walk into the room right after, a little drenched but fine nevertheless. "Did you bring your class in?"

"Yeah. Good to know and-"

"Has anyone seen Kota?!" Said a shrill voice that made Shouta wince in his head. That was Mandalay. Going by the rest of his class, they too cringed and rubbed their heads.

"Can't she keep it down?" Sero complained.

"The fuck's a Kota?" Bakugo uttered. Shouta noticed Shoji and Parker perk up and they turned, seeing Pixie-Bob in the doorway, the look in her eyes a little frantic.

Shouta pocketed his phone.

"Has anyone here seen Kota? Little kid, brown hair with a hat?" Pixie-Bob asked.

"You mean the kid who sometimes watches us?" Todoroki asked.

"More like glare at us…" Ashido uttered.

"We haven't seen him, we just got in here Pixie-Bob." Uraraka stood up. "Is Kota gone?"

"Yes. Mandalay called him down for dinner with us but he didn't respond. We checked on his bedroom and he's gone." Pixie-Bob looked at Shouta. "Have you seen him?"

"No." Shouta stepped up, a little urgency seeping in under his stoic complexion. Why would that kid go missing during a storm?

"Shit…" Pixie-Bob placed her gloved hand on her headpiece. "Mandalay, he's not in here and Class A hasn't seen him."

"I just talked to Class B when they were coming in. They didn't see him either!" Tiger spoke over the headpiece, muffled as it was by her glove-paw as the blond woman's face grimaced. The winds outside were beginning to howl too…

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Midoriya asked from his spot besides Parker and Todoroki.

"No, you're all staying here." Shouta sternly said, facing the class as Yagi looked anxious, walking over to his side. "This is a search and rescue operation during tumultuous weather. We came here to this camp to hone and enhance your quirks and bodies, not send you out on a dangerous mission."

"But… but a child needs saving Sensei!" Iida spoke up. "Surely there must be something we can do!"

"My answer is no. Look, I understand you want to help, but leave this to us. You're not heroes yet. This isn't a controlled environment like the USJ. Any number of problems can crop up and then we'll be worse off. Maybe if this was not during a storm I can rely on you all, but outside there is a tropical storm bearing down on us that has wind speeds from sixty to a hundred kilometers per hour." He turned towards Yaoyorozu, who had been sitting with Jirou. "Yaoyorozu, keep the class in line. Parker, support her. You are the representatives after all. Wash up, get dressed. Make dinner. Training for the day is over." He then turned to Yagi. "Yagi-san, can I trust you to watch over Class A and B?" He turned, walking out and away, Yagi following.

"Understood sensei!" Yaoyorozu spoke up, her face neutral as Parker nodded.

When they made some distance, Shouta felt a hand on his shoulder. "Let me go out there." Yagi said. "I can find the kid and-"

"Not happening." Shouta groused as he could hear the panicked sounds of Mandalay with her team in their central lounge. "If you do then your identity will be compromised." Shouta rounded on him, his red eyes glaring into Yagi's dark blue. "The students will figure it out. And that's not even going into the ramifications of society knowing of your time limit as All Might. It'll make villains more emboldened than ever. We can't risk that." He whispered. "Besides, for all we know, Kota just went on a stroll and got lost. Besides, Pixie-Bob knows this national park like the back of her hand."

Yagi took a deep breath, rubbing his nose. "You and Sir would get along too well…"

"Hnn." Shouta rolled his eyes before turning and walking towards the central lounge where the Pussycats were. Vlad was present too.

"Kendo is keeping Class B in line for now." Vlad spoke. "What's the plan here?"

"I've found him." Ragdoll said, her eyes glowing as her quirk was at work. "Mandalay, he's at some cliff in the north!"

"Those cliffs?! When did he get there?!" Mandalay asked, eyes wide as Shouta heard the windows rattle from the wind. He could hear the rain beginning to pour too.

"So that's his favorite little hideaway huh…" Pixie-Bob mused aloud.

"Don't know, but we have to get to him now." Tiger spoke. "We got the JaguaTank." The muscular crossdresser elaborated.

"Which is…" Vlad quirked an eyebrow.

"Retrofitted vehicle for off-road travel." Pixie-Bob said. "I clear the ground ahead by moving any debris and rubble aside. Tiger drives, Ragdoll searches, and Mandalay talks to the people in need of rescuing."

"Kota, listen to me. Just stay where you are, and we'll come get you alright?" Mandalay said, hand to her head. "Stay in that cave close by and stay warm!"

"We'll save your nephew Mandalay." Shouta spoke up. "Vlad, you coming?"

"Of course. I can trust Kendo to manage my class! Yagi, can you do double duty?" He asked, looking at the skeletal man.

"Y-Yes, of course."

"Let's get going!" Tiger grabbed a set of keys as Ragdoll got up from the couch, walking with her two heroine comrades out the door, a label above the doorway saying 'Garage'. "Kota's lookout is ten kilometers or so away. We need to move before the storm gets worse!"

"Thanks for giving us some extra hands Eraser." Ragdoll looked back.

"Just part of the job." Shouta followed the group into the garage, looking at his phone to ensure it was at full charge. He saw the JaguaTank, a massively armored six wheeler vehicle designed for any and all terrain with a leopard-spotted aesthetic, and the front of the vehicle had a stretched out Jaguar's maw with the eyes acting as headlights. Corny, but it fit their theme.

"Get in!" Tiger yelled out from the driver's seat as Shouta sat in the third row with Vlad. Mandalay was in the front with Tiger, while Pixie-Bob sat in the middle row with Ragdoll. "Ragdoll! Lead the way!"

"It's his favorite spot, which is south from here!" She said as the garage door began to open, the shaggy-haired man buckling his seatbelt. The door opened, revealing the pouring rain as Tiger punched it. Pixie-Bob tapped on some controls as her seat tilted sideways as Shouta blinked.

He saw Vlad get some rain coming in from the open section, him sputtering as Shouta fought down an urge to snigger. A quake from the ground came before a good two hundred or so meters of ground parted the trees, moving them aside without dislodging their roots as fresh muddy earth created the dirt road they needed. The JaguaTank barreled through the mud like a duck to water.


"Kota, if you can hear me, just stay in the cave by your lookout, alright?" Aunt Shino said in his head. "Don't move. We're coming to you!"

Kota nodded, knowing that his answer would not reach his aunt, but doing so on reflex. He sat behind a massive rock within a cavern on the cliff. The rock helped shield him from the strong winds and rain, but the cold and the spray of water coming in didn't help as he hugged his knees tightly.

Why, why did those stupid hero wannabes come here? Why did that stupid storm have to come in? Why did bad things keep happening to him? First with Mommy and Daddy and now-

A cry.

Kota perked up, lifting his head as he could hear what sounded like squawking going on. He spotted something dark enter the cave, but thanks to his positioning being by the rock, the massive black… thing did not spot him.

What followed the thing in, was two smaller squawking… bear cubs?

Kota's heart froze, seeing what was at the end of the cave… a giant mother black bear as her cubs seemed to have noticed him, letting out barks and squawks as they approached him, seemingly friendly and curious.

"G-Go away!" Kota moved away, his hands spraying water courtesy of his quirk. One of the streams seemed to have caught one of them in the eye as Kota took in a sharp intake of breath. He didn't mean to fire off his Water Gun like that. It was an accident!

He heard a roar, seeing the Mother Bear approach as he paled and backed out of the cave, the wind staggering him as he fell on his backside, slipping on the wet earth. The Mother Bear seemed to roar, and Kota saw its eyes as lightning flashed and thunder boomed. The bestial panting and the snarling teeth…

Kota got up and backed off. "I-I'm leaving okay! I-" He turned tail, running as fast as he could before he heard the bear roar and the thundering footsteps of the beast. He ran as hard as he could, but Kota was only ten. He could never outrun an angry Mother Bear.

Someone… anyone!

"Help me!" Kota yelled, feeling it get closer and closer as he continued to run, fear and terror striking his heart as he closed his eyes, waiting for the bear's jaws.

He heard a grunt, and a pained roar as Kota fell to the ground, slipping as his hat came flying off, and he hit his head on… something hard as he looked back, seeing some… mass on top of the mother bear, the beast roaring in agony before the figure jumped off. He saw something in the figure's hand retract as the figure landed, stowing it in it's cloak, before the beast charged once more…

And the figure, in a perfect sword draw, unsheathed a blade. Not a katana, but… some kind of sword in one quickdraw motion, striking the stone wall in the act and then coming down on the bear. The bear let out a pained grunt before it stumbled past the figure, and Kota saw… something fall off the bear as she lost her balance.

Her right forepaw detached and the bear yowled in shocked pain before turning and hobbling way as fast as it could, red pooling out from the stump as the figure rose back up, swung it's sword to the side, and brought a arm clad in black leather up to wipe away the blade before sheathing in it's cloak. The figure turned, and as lightning flashed, Kota saw the figure's face. Or rather, the mask.

Featureless and black, save for two eyeholes, one of them glowing violet.

Kota panicked, backing away as he felt something warm drip down his head as his vision began to swim. Did he hit his head? It really hurt…

The figure approached, and the next thing he knew he was being picked up and carried. He was set down, gently against the rock back in the cave as his eyes were fighting the urge to stay awake. He could have sworn he heard the cubs crying out and running past too.

Maskguy got some kind of cloth or kerchief, dabbing his head before reaching into its cloak, grabbing something as Kota breathed in and out.

"W-Who… are you…" He saw the person grab something, and… sprayed it on his head. Kota's head stung lightly, him wincing as he tried to bat it away before the figure stood up.

He heard the sound of some rocks exploding over the wind, rain, and the thunder as the figure bolted, leaving the cave and running left. They went up a hill towards the slope...

Someone… saved him. They just… came and left.

'I should have asked for a name…' Kota thought as he sat up. "T-Thank you very muuuch!" He called out over the wind and rain. He heard the thunder roar and saw lightning flash, the pain in his head was fading too as he made sure to stay awake. Aunt Shino and Auntie Ryuko told him about those kinds of wilderness and safety tips: when hit on the head, stay awake until help arrives. No matter what.


"He's right up there!" Ragdoll spoke over the truck's noisy passage as Shouta held on, the path behind them just one big dirt road with trees pushed to the side.

"Hang on Kota-kun!" Pixie-Bob called out as she leaned out of her port in the JaguaTank, slamming her paws against the ground as the very earth began to rise up into a platform, leading towards the cliff. Through the flash of thunder and lightning, Shouta was able to make out a cave mouth to the side, with some trees at the very top of the mountain.

Mandalay was quiet in front of Shouta, no doubt worried for her nephew.

"We're here!" Tiger got to the top of the slope and turned the vehicle as it parallel parked. The occupants inside held on, and the JaguaTank came to a stop.

"Kota!" Mandalay called out, getting out of the tank, right into the rain and wind as she ran along the cliff. Shouta got out after her, and he noticed something right by his shoe that made him quirk an eyebrow.

The forearm of a bear.

"Kota-kun! Kota-kun!" Pixie-Bob followed with Vlad departing soon after. Shouta looked up, through the wind and rain and saw Mandalay holding Kota.

"It's okay baby, Aunt Shino's here… I'm here…" She uttered.

"Auntie…" Shouta could barely hear him mutter as he hugged her back, the two drenched in mud and water.

Something caught his eye though… Grabbing his spyglass, Shouta extended it and brought it to his eye.

"Hey, Eraser, we got the kid. We can take off now." Vlad said as he walked around the vehicle. "What are you look-"

He saw it… With his spyglass, he could see it. The hunched-over corpse of a massive bear, with two cubs by its side pushing and prodding it. He looked down at the stump where the bear's arm should have been.

"Mandalay." He said, seeing her carry the boy back to the tank as she looked up.

"What's up Eraserhea-" She noticed the limb by his foot. "What the…"

"Put him in the car. If any of you know first aid, administer it." Shouta ordered as he walked off, feeling the biting cold of the wind and rain. He ignored the others' calls to return, or rather they were drowned out. He made out Mandalay saying something about a 'bear arm' as Shouta brought his goggles over his eyes for protection.

He made it up the slope and into the woods, and there he saw the bear hunched over as the cubs scurried away, crying in fear at the sight of him. He approached, grabbing his phone and activating the flashlight as he walked around the bear…

"There." He found the wound, kneeling down and…

The cut was clean.

Way too clean. He began to take photos with the flash on his phone.

He pocketed the phone, trotting back to the vehicle as he saw everyone save Pixie-Bob loaded back in. He took additional photos of the arm as well before coming inside, seeing Kota sitting in front of him with Mandalay.

"What was that about, Aizawa?" Vlad asked. "The arm."

"Kota." Shouta spoke out as he heard the rumble of earth beneath him. He looked at the kid. "Did someone kill that bear?"

"Aizawa, he's been through a storm and god knows what, let him be." Vlad urged.

"Nnngh… what?" Kota asked, looking back at the shaggy-haired man. Shouta inspected him… a little dazed, possible concussion but none worse for wear. That and soaked to the bone.

"Aizawa," Mandalay spoke. "What is it?"

"Someone or something killed that bear, and the wound is fresh, otherwise its cubs wouldn't be near their mother's corpse." Shouta showed her the phone and the pictures he took. He saw Kota perk up on seeing the images. "Tell me, do you know anything about this?"

"Y-Yeah… I do." Shouta felt his heart tighten. "S-Someone in a cloak and s-some sword… they came out of n-nowhere, when the bear found me and was about to attack me and… they had a mask too and…" He winced. "I'm hungry…"

"I'll cook up your favorite stew when we get back to the lodge Kota, rest at ease!" Tiger said from the driver's seat.

Cloak. Sword. Mask.

Shouta, drenched in the rain as he pushed his hair back, looked up at the cliff face, seeing the edge about a good twenty meters above. "Pixie-Bob, I need a lift." He called out.

"Seriously? We're in a tropical storm!" Ragdoll exclaimed.

"I'll keep it fast, promise," Shouta urged, walking around and seeing a wet Pixie-Bob looking back.

"Ugh, fine. But hurry it up! I'm soaked here!" Pixie-Bob complained, trotting across the stone ground and going to the wall, with one touch of her paw, the cliff began to morph and shatter, making a stairway leading up to the top. Shouta ran up the new feature.

"A little thanks would be nice!" Pixie-Bob cried out from behind.

He got a big view of the valley. Big, wide, and drenched with rain as he could see the trees sway thanks to the wind.

Nothing. No aircraft. No sign of the lodge in this storm.

He trotted down the stone stairs, and then back into the car as he climbed into the back, soaked.

"The moment we get back to the lodge, we need to have a meeting." Shouta stated, crossing his arms as he leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes to rest.


They had arrived back a half hour ago and had dried off, the ones being exposed to the elements changing into new clothes. Shouta was seated on a chair, Pixie-Bob and Ragdoll on the couch in front of him. He saw that Yagi had taken another chair, and Tiger was leaning against the fireplace as it cracked and popped. The wind and rain outside intensified, the windows rattling lightly.

The students were busy eating their dinner, and he saw Mandalay walk on in, locking the door behind her.

"Okay, Kota is asleep and has some medication in him. By tomorrow, he should be good as new…" Mandalay sighed, walking over and taking her seat by Pixie-Bob, the brunette almost crumpling before she sniffed. "Oh thank god…" She uttered, letting her emotions show as her guard dropped. Pixie-Bob instantly hugged her, Ragdoll had a hand on the brown-haired woman's thigh, and Tiger walked over, his big hand on her shoulder as all the Pussycats gave support to their comrade.

"Thank goodness indeed…" Yagi spoke. "So, Eraser, why did you call all of us for a meeting?"

"Something to do with that bear arm right?" Tiger asked, Mandalay taking deep breaths to calm down. She took some kleenex offered to her by Ragdoll.

"Yes." Shouta leaned forward. "Kota said that someone wearing a mask and cloak wielding some kind of sword saved him from a bear attack… The proximity of the attack however, raises a distinct possibility that we were being watched…"

"Watched? Like spied on?" Yagi asked, eyes wide.

"You think it's the League of Villains?" Vlad spoke up, urgency in his voice.

"I don't know…" Shouta muttered, hand over his chin as he stewed in thought. "The savior was strong enough to sever a fully grown bear's arm off in one strike, the wound is too clean." He took out his phone, showing pictures as he handed it to Yagi, the skeletal man grimacing at the sight as he passed it to Ragdoll and the others on the couch.

"So someone strong enough to sever a bear arm… yet didn't stick around to stay with the boy they just saved?" Yagi mused aloud. "That doesn't fit the League's MO…"

"Yeah…" Ragdoll spoke aloud. "From what I've read, the League usually goes for populated areas where they can do the most damage. Least that's what I can gather from 'Villain Analytics Hour' on TV."

"Exactly… there's only two days of this camp left…" Shouta muttered. "This storm doesn't seem to be going anywhere, so we'll stick to lectures and keep the students here in the lodge. No more outdoor training."

"We should inform Principal Nezu on this immediately." Vlad spoke up.

"We have two possibilities." Shouta spoke, "Some unknown party, or the League. That's another question mark on who this man is. The two known members of the League of Villains don't use swords nor would they go out of their way to save a child from a bear attack. Doesn't fit Shigaraki Tomura's MO. But either way," He looked up, his red eyes narrowed. "Problematic."

"We need to stay on guard." Yagi spoke, his hands clasped and Shouta turned, seeing the hard look in the skeletal Symbol of Peace's eyes. "If it really is the League of Villains, we won't let them harm our students again. Ever."

Vlad nodded, arms crossed. "Well said."

"Assuming it is… but again, if they knew where we were, how come Noumu aren't swarming this place?" Tiger asked. "Because given the League's two attacks, they want to draw as much bloodshed as possible and shock the nation. Attacking a lodge and the children inside should do it."

"We stay on guard, and hold lectures." Shouta said as he stood up. "Keep the students inside for now and wait for the storm to blow over in the next two days. After that, we head back to Tokyo. I'll call Nezu about this tonight." He looked across the room. "Eat and rest up. I'll take the first evening watch." He turned towards Vlad. "I'll wake you around three in the morning and you cover until morning."

"Fine by me." Vlad nodded before Shouta left the room, collecting his phone as he went. He let out a big sigh.

"Aizawa," He stopped, looking back at Mandalay who was gazing his way. "Kota mentioned something else when I took him to the infirmary." The man was silent, waiting for her to continue. "When the masked figure saved him, Kota mentioned he felt something spray on his head wound. I checked it when we got there and… it scabbed up very fast. I mean, it could just be some kind of healing spray but-"

Shouta cocked an eyebrow and took a deep breath. "I'll do some forensics." He pinched the bridge of his nose. One more errand to do before bed it seems. The life of a detective...


The sound of typing had long since faded into the background.

Frankly, the stares that Yu was getting from some of her coworkers was enough to distract her more than her work. Report after report on the current situations around the wards of Tokyo from the different internship grades. They all needed to get finished, and there was plenty of backlog to keep her focused for a while.

She reached for her cup, only to frown when no coffee came to her. In the corner of her eye, another cup approached, held by a brown set of fingers.

"Another cup?" Kamui asked.

Yu flashed him a small smile before taking the offered cup.


"Figured you should be rewarded," Kamui said, "You haven't stopped working on reports since you came in."

"Yeah," Yu murmured, her fingers going back to the keyboard, "Need to get all of this done. I've got some paperwork that I need to get to after this."

"Homework?" Kamui asked, taking a sip of his own drink.

Yu shrugged.

"Sort of. My…" she paused, "Ward needs to talk to someone."

Kamui raised an eyebrow.


There's a small widening of eyes behind the wooden mask.

"Well, I hope things work out for you."

"Thanks," Yu said, "But I was honestly hoping that would convince you to do this stuff for me."

Kamui rolled his eyes.

"Just keep up the pace you're going at, and I'm sure you'll get everything figured out."

"Slave driver," Yu muttered, giving the hero a tiny chuckle as he headed out.

Which left Yu looking at the computer screen, and the scribbled note just under it. She was almost ready to call, hopefully it would be worth it.

Part of her was scared on how she might react or handle things. She… remembered seeing a counselor when she was in foster care as a child, but a shrink?

How would Peter react? And what if other people found out too? Her firm might hire him without a second thought but… She didn't want Peter to settle for being a hero in Musutafu Ward. He deserved bigger, more noteworthy pastures. Shinjuku. Korosanto. Koreira. The best wards. It was the least she could do.

Yu scratched under her domino mask, looking up at the ceiling as she heard the rain pour outside. The edge of Tropical Depression Eris had been over Tokyo for most of the day, but it'd be gone by tomorrow, save for southern Honshu where Peter and his class were at.

"Okay, need to check with him on what his plans will be when he gets back…" Yu muttered, before seeing an alert on her computer.


She got up, and Mt. Lady trotted down the hallway to the outside. Punting some thugs should clear her mind a little, even if the rain kinda sucked.


The storm was there, the rain coming down but the worst had passed, the winds being moderate in speed and the deluge more tolerable.

Peter loaded his suitcase into the lower area, shouldering his backpack as he looked back at the other students as they were busy either loading their belongings or saying their goodbyes to the Wild Wild Pussycats, who were under the awning outside the lodge. Uraraka was hugging Pixie-Bob and chatting up a storm as Tiger laughed. Mandalay looked at ease, Ragdoll having a big grin as usual, and…

That kid, Kota, was by his aunt's side minus his hat, but he had a bandage on his head. He had a more neutral expression on his face, that scowl of his gone.

"We're gonna miss you kittens!" Ragdoll yelled. "Was kinda nice not to do kitchen duty for a while nyahaha!"

"I can see the Eye of the Tiger in many of you!" Tiger flexed, showing off his paw. "You have all grown spectacularly!"

"We'll definitely hand out an invite to ya Uraraka!" Pixie-Bob exclaimed. "Best of luck on your Provisional Exams!"

"Thanks," The brunette said bashfully, pumping her fists up and down. "I'll do my best!"

"Take care everyone!" Mandalay waved as Peter waved back, smiling lightly. The Pussycats were pretty cool, cat-like gimmick notwithstanding. As much as doing work in the mountainsides sounded nice Peter… it just didn't feel like home there. He preferred the concrete jungle himself.

"We will!" Momo called out.

"Everyone! Stand!" Iida called out, as Peter stood up. "And bow!" He followed with his classmates, seeing Bakugo give the slightest descent of the entire class. "Thank you very much for taking us in!"

"We learned a lot under you all!" Izuku said as he got onto the bus, everyone now beginning to file in.

"Yeah! My Hardening is three times harder now, I can feel it!" Kirishima shouted.

"I can shoot more of my laser without getting a tummyache either!" Aoyama posed.

Mandalay let out a soft laugh, as did her comrades as she looked down at her nephew. Aizawa then walked past, dragging his own luggage.

"Let's get moving, unless you want to be in the cold." Aizawa drawled as Peter filed into the bus, a finger readjusting his earpiece.

"Well, that ought to take care of that." Karen said in his ear. "Miss me?" Peter smiled, texting on his phone.

"Kinda. Have a good vacation yourself?"

"Oh yes, you should see the amount of blueprints I've… browsed on I-Island. And various patents too."


"Browsed, not stolen Peter. Besides, you'll need all the help you can get when you get back to the workshop and improve your suit." The AI spoke as Peter walked in and took his seat by Izuku.

"Guess so." He texted back, pocketing his phone. "So," Peter looked at the green-haired youth. "Have a good camp?" He asked.

"Y-Yeah!" Izuku nodded. "I really felt that big leap in improvement in the second leg of the camp too. I feel like I can control my Quirk a little bit more now!"

'Thanks to All Might being here no doubt,' Peter mused mentally. "Well, you're not the only one who's improved." He said with a slight smile. "Let's get that license, partner."

Izuku beamed, grinning back and nodding. "Yeah!"


"I can't thank you enough for your help here." Shouta said, bowing in respect with Vlad to his left, Yagi to his right.

"Indeed, the three weeks we have spent here has been very beneficial to our students. Thank you for accommodating us," Vlad said.

"Don't worry about it." Mandalay said. "It was a little boring before you all got here outside of the occasional Hero work. Wouldn't mind doing this again for future classes" The brown-haired woman walked up, the group still under the awning protecting them from the rain as she took Shouta's hand.

And Shouta felt the small case in her big paw as he pocketed it. Good.

"We'll definitely consider it for future hero course classes going forward." Shouta said.

"I wouldn't mind helping out next time too." Yagi added. "It was nice to get out of the city for a while. Haven't had this much fresh air in ages!"

"There's nothing quite like the wilds there, Yagi-san!" Tiger flexed. "You may not look it, but you surely sounded like you know your stuff!"

"Well," Yagi laughed sheepishly, grinning with closed eyes. "Thank you, haha."

"So…" Pixie-Bob sauntered up. "We got numbers and stuff, will… ya call?" She asked, blinking cutely, hands behind her back as she was putting on a light pose. Ragdoll let out a snort while Shouta deadpanned.

"Not interested." Pixie-Bob winced.

"I'm married." Vlad added. The blonde cat-themed heroine blanched, before looking at Yagi and then sighing as she sulked.

"The good ones are always taken or gay…" She muttered, and Shouta rolled his eyes. Yagi blinked, eyes wide.

"Don't mind her." Mandalay laughed lightly. "Oh, and Kota." She looked down at her nephew. "What do you say?" She asked, as the young boy stepped up, looking up at the stoic looking Aizawa. Silence reigned, save for the rain colliding on the dirt road behind them.

"T-Thank…. Thank you very much!" Kota bowed deeply. "You helped save me and... "

"You're welcome." Shouta replied. "And don't fret too much over it kid. We're heroes. We're just doing our jobs." He said, before turning around and activating his umbrella, Vlad finishing his handshake with Yagi as the two men walked to join him.

He retracted his umbrella and walked onto the bus, seeing Vlad do the same and Yagi got into his car as the Wild Wild Pussycats waved at them. The shaggy-haired man turned towards his class, seeing them look at them in silence.

"Good, you're catching on." Shouta placed his umbrella by his seat. "I'm glad to say that this summer camp has been a resounding success, save for the last two days due to the weather. We'll be arriving back at U.A. today around noon at the earliest, assuming the rain lets up. From there, you have five days to catch up on any summer homework or to rest and refresh. Next Monday, we're going back to class." He took a pause, scratching his head a little. "And we will prepare for the upcoming Hero Provisional License Exams, on top of your normal class load for the fall term." He narrowed his eyes. "It doesn't get easier from here, trust me. I'm proud of you all, now let's head home." Shouta let out a sigh, taking a seat at the front as the class behind him absorbed his little speech. He checked his pocket, taking out the hand-size case and opening it to reveal four glass vials the size of his pinkie containing stray hairs or skin flakes from Kota's scalp.

Whoever sprayed him with a spray that coagulated so fast had to have had access to some advanced pharmaceutical medicine. Kota's wound was rather deep, and for a spray to do that… It had to be traced. Somehow. It may not be much, but these vials were his only clue on whoever that masked person was.

He closed the case and looked out the window. As the bus began to drive on the road, in the distance, the clouds remained dark and heavy, but he could see the few rays of sunlight pouring in intermittently.

Shouta closed his eyes, allowing himself to take a much-needed nap to rest his eyes, content to have held a safe and successful summer training camp.

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