"Alright…" Peter sat in his chair, looking over the blueprints, all of them displaying various ideas that he had devised in an effort to enhance his Spider Sense.

"So, the suit I want to make needs to accomodate my sense of touch." He turned around in his chair.

"You know, when Aizawa made Hero Period a time for you guys to train, this is not what I expected a student from the Hero Course to be doing," Power Loader mused with crossed arms.

"He said that we should use the period however we can to become better heroes." Peter shrugged. "And this is one of them. Before coming to U.A., I made a lot of my own gadgets."

"Did you mentor with someone?" Melissa asked from her side of the room. "Or work with a support company in the states?"

"Peter's Mentor, the late Metal Maestro, passed away sadly. Heart disease." Karen spoke from Peter's phone from where it rested on the table.

Peter felt a buzz and looked down at his smartwatch.

'MM was a confirmed hero who passed 3 years ago. Based in New York too'

'Atta girl Karen.' Peter mentally cheered.

"So," The American muttered, turning about. "Going by everything … we can eliminate some of the heavier and bulkier stuff." He began to gather up some blueprints, tossing them into the holographic trash bin.

"You want materials that can more easily translate your sense of touch without fully exposing your skin," Power Loader mused, one hand rising to cup his chin as he eyed the blueprints.

"Don't suppose really thin socks would work?" Melissa asked as she sipped from a thermos of tea.

"Not enough protection. Even if I avoid all the glass, just pavement alone would tear up my skin and the socks after a while..." Peter mused. "Maybe something as thin as sock linen but more durable? I know Mt. Lady's suit is what I would like to get, but when she told me how much it costed, she's still paying off the loan needed to buy the material for her support company..." He heard the microwave ding, making him perk up as he raised his hand, his web shooters attached as he aimed. He fired, with a light tug opened the door and with another raised arm, latching onto the paper-shielded Hot Pocket inside, bringing it to him as he caught it.

"Ack!" He immediately cried as he set it down on the desk. "Hot…"

"Can you not please?" Power Loader asked, seeing the two strands of webbing on the floor. Peter blushed bashfully.

"Sorry -" He yelped before reaching up to rip the webbing free and moving to toss it in the trash after bunching it into a sticky ball.

As his hand rose up he paused, staring at the ball in his hand.

"That's it!" Peter exclaimed, beaming as he turned around, using the keyboard in front of him to write up a new blueprint as he began to type.

"What did you figure out?" Melissa asked, looking confused.

"What is thinner than polyester, but can allow my foot to breathe and be protected?" Peter began to write down the chemicals needed for web fluids, listing them down practically by heart. "My web. If I can make a material like it, but used only for my feet, then I will be able to use my Spider Sense to the fullest."

"But doesn't your web fluid make it so that it evaporates after a period of time?" Power Loader inquired.

"It does but that's because of a dissolving agent. Just eliminate it and the webbing can last for days, almost weeks before it degrades." He explained.

"I ran a simulation featuring every various chemical compound and protein, and I may have found the right one." Karen added, and Peter could see out of the corner of his eye modifications being made to his formula.

He grinned.

"Seems like you got the hang of things Peter," Melissa added with a small smile. "Now to get back to my own project… Got to find the right kind of gear for him."

"For who?" Peter asked, focused on his blueprint as he minimized windows and began to create the skeleton basis for his new web grenade.

"Izuku. I'm trying to come up with the right kind of tools to help support him in the field." Peter turned his head, seeing Melissa at work on her own station and the holographic blueprint before her.

He could see it in motion, the glove expanding and contracting. It started as something that would only cover the hand, then expanded to cover the forearm in a bulky kind of protection…

"Well… I know Midori is a frontline fighter, and while he's good at parkour," Peter mused aloud. "He may need something to help him with movement."

"And something to help subdue enemies too…" Melissa added, before turning to get back to work.

"Okay…" Peter studied his new blueprints, one featuring the bare bones of his new suit, the other listing the bullet points for his new web bombs. "Go time…"


Mt. Lady sat on the ledge of the building, munching on a hamburger as she looked out over the skyline of Musutafu.

Above her, leaning against a billboard of Uwabami selling her newest skin lotion, Kamui Woods rested while sipping from a thermos that he had brought along.

She wiped her mouth a little, looking out beyond Musutafu and seeing the massive skyline of the greater Tokyo area far in the distance.

Today was like any other with Peter at school and her on the job. She would transform in a wide area, smash any sort of unruly villain or punt them to the next county while Kamui would handle any kind of criminal in environments that would be… hazardous for her quirk.

Something however was at the front of her mind as she ate.

"If it's true and at the absolute least Parker believes it to be true, coupled with the events he's gone through within his time in U.A, despite what you may think he might need more help than he's letting on."

"The constant insomnia from before the U.S.J, the fact that he's been here for over a year and the fact that he hasn't gotten anything close to treatment regarding what happened to him on Titan. This issue might point to larger problems brewing under the proverbial hood."

"You've been letting him sit on a landmine, and that is on you."

Yu glared at the card, hoping she could find a way to voodoo doll Aizawa somehow just to spite him.

"You're his guardian. So start acting like it."

"Hey Kamui," Yu spoke up, looking up and seeing her colleague look down at her. "Go ahead on the route without me. I'll catch up."

"Why's that?"

Yu pulled out her phone and began to dial in the number on the card. "Family issue."

"Alright." He got up, giving her a nod. "I'll meet you by the bridge." He pointed, Yu seeing a bridge a good four miles down the river which went out to sea.

"Thanks." Yu smiled, relieved as she brought the phone to her ear and got up, beginning to pace along the rooftop under the bright blue sky. Kamui nodded, stowing his thermos as he lashed his wood-tendrils out and began to swing about town.

What to say for introductions?

'Hey, my student's dick of a teacher recommended you to be his shrink, wanna discuss rates?'

No no… Be more formal? Polite?

Then she might get asked where she got the number? And she wasn't in a mood to… glow about Eraserhead.

She heard the dial tone ring once, twice, thrice…

"Hello, this is Tyla Taira." Yu perked up. Saying their name in a Western fashion with the surname last? "I am currently on vacation at the moment." Her voice also sounded a bit older too. Mid-forties?

"Shit…" Yu muttered aloud as she leaned against the back of the billboard in the shade, sighing as she gazed upwards.

"Feel free to leave a message after the beep, and if this is an order on plushies, be sure to leave your email so we can talk business."

"What the-" Yu muttered, blinking in surprise before she heard the tone.

She coughed a bit. "Hi there ummm, my name is Takyama Yu and I got your number from my ward's teacher who…" She licked her lips. "Pointed me your way. For the record, that teacher's name is Aizawa Shouta, if that rings any bells. Here is my number." She gave it before sighing. "And… I… just call me back when you can and we can set something up. Thanks."

She hung up and let out a big sigh, running a hand down her face. "If Aizawa made me spill my heart to a plushie maker I swear to god that I'll punt him to Australia."

There was a beeping sound, looking down she tapped on her smartwatch communicator and pocketed her phone, walking back to her burger and munching on it. "Yeah?"

"Villain near downtown!" Kamui said. "I'm gonna direct it to the river. It's a giant snake! I hope you finished your business."

Yu scarfed down her sandwich. "Lead him on Kamui! I'm in a mood to vent my frustrations! Just muzzle him will ya!?"

Yu saw a coiling tail in the distance, and she got to the ledge, jumping off and transforming to her sixty-four foot height

"Time for me to kick some ass!"


The walk out of the hospital was a familiar sight.

Enji kept himself somewhat casual, no flames, just him. Flames in an open building, in front of her, wouldn't do anyone any good. A few people walking through recognized him, taking pictures with their phones, but did their best to keep the hell out of his way. He wasn't in armor or costume as well, but his face was a dead giveaway.

A spark at his side, and Enji felt his quirk spike up the fire on his face. He specifically requested not to be disturbed until the afternoon. Yet, when he reached for his phone, the call wasn't from the agency.

It was the emergency line, indicating a disturbance.

"What?" He asked.

"Gang war! About two miles away southeast at 99th Street and Kozuki Avenue! You're the closest hero to respond and-Wait is this Endeav-"

His clothes burned off, revealing the black skinsuit he kept under them as his flames roared around his shoulders, fists and feet. The buildings became blocks under him as he soared through the air, only to drop down as gravity forced its hold back on him. The address updated as he got closer, moving him closer to an alleyway. A single jet of flame adjusted his course and a slow exhaust of power set him down on the edge of the alley.

The alley itself was off the beaten path, the sort of place where muggings would occur and desperate scum with knives tried their luck. Now though, there was no one around, and for good reason. He could see the bullet holes along the walls as cracked concrete pointed towards a battle, firearms and quirks being used in equal measure.

Yet, no bodies.

No corpses, no remains splattered against the walls, not even pools of blood to indicate any casualties. On one hand, it was a good thing. The fewer deaths, the less paperwork required.

Only, this was the tenth battleground in the last month alone without any victims. It shouldn't be possible for things to be so… clean. Three months ago, these streets would have a possible homicide every other week.

Now? There wasn't even a stray mugging or a petty theft to be seen.

It was like someone was going down and taking out every single member of the gangs before just leaving the battlefields as a calling card.

First suspect on the list could be the League of Villains.

Nothing publicly had happened with them since the Hosu incident, but the leader had a quirk that could turn people to dust. Ideal for getting rid of evidence.

Endeavor pulled out his phone, clicking the signal for a first responder team. He'd have to ask for specialists to measure the dust, just in case.

And if it wasn't Shigaraki, then whoever did this had a body count well into the dozens.

He entered the warehouse, seeing more destruction. Boxes and crates were strewn about, a fact he glanced over before he noticed some blood on the floor.

A crime scene.

"This is Endeavor, at my signal I want to report a disappearance. Evidence of another disappearing gang is present. Send local forensics teams my way."

"Understood sir." The dispatcher said on the other line.

Shigaraki Tomura could turn people into ash. Yet he saw no piles of ash anywhere…

Endeavor began to walk about the warehouse, seeing no signs of security cameras. Looking at some of the crates and boxes, he peeled some open, reaching down and finding copy paper…

Yet under it, he saw a powdery substance.

He got his communicator out again. "This is Endeavor. Bring the Narco Unit as well. Whatever our disappearing gang was doing, they were running drugs."

Something caught his eye near a destroyed crate with paper and white powder spilling out as he walked over. He knelt down, seeing what looked like a few yen bills and a photo.

He leaned down before looking at it, the picture depicting a rather unsavory looking man looking annoyed with his head full of screws. He was at a family gathering of rather pleasant looking people, a woman that might be his mother with her hair being made of nails smiling and serving him some food.

A happy family… Minus one in their lives for the moment.

"They're disappearing without being held accountable and facing justice." Enji spoke. "It's like they're being treated as dust being swept up in a pan, not as people…"

He reached for his utility belt that he had around his waist and grabbed a plastic bag and marker; he could hear the sirens of the first responders in the distance.


"Mei. You're supposed to order ice cream, not dismantle the guy's freezer." Peter wasn't sure whether he should be laughing or cringing. Maybe both.

"But it had a squeaky cooling fan!" She protested.

It did. But the freezer looked like it was older than both of them, judging by the make and model. The fact that it'd been working at all was no small miracle, squeaky fan or no.

Oh well, at least he'd managed to get what they came for.

Holding out the still not melting prize he smiled at the pink-haired inventor. "Cherry?"

She smiled back, target-like eyes focusing on the frozen confectionary before she snatched it out of his fingers as Peter chewed a bit off from his mix of vanilla and caramel.

Stuffing his free hand in his pocket, they made their way down the street. Mei had been banned for at least a week by his insistence with Power Loader from going anywhere near the Studio, so she'd been predictably going stir-crazy inside her own home. When he'd called she was busy turning her ceiling fan into a high-powered rotor blade system to help people swim faster… or mow down seaweed. Either or.

While he was happy to see his enthusiastic if a little psychotic friend, he made sure to discreetly watch her out of the corner of his eye.

Her skin had returned to a healthier pallor, back to its usual tan rather than the sallow pale he'd seen. But there were still dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep and he could only hope it was her usual restlessness and thoughts on inventions rather than… other distractions.

"So... how's the vacation been treating you?" He ventured, taking another bite.

Mei's scowl was thunderous, insofar as the perpetually cheerful girl could look thunderous.

"It sucks!" She declared flatly. "I dunno why Power Loader said I couldn't be in the lab! I didn't even blow anything up last week...that he saw at least."

He decided to ignore the afterthought there. "You needed the rest," He justified, subtly reminding the manic inventor of her previous unhealthy state..

"I need to get back to work! Support items don't make themselves!" She contested, looking cross with a frowny face.

Peter sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Mei… I asked Power Loader to give you some time off."

She whirled on him, popsicle still in her mouth as she made an attempt to speak while her mind looked like it'd just blown a fuse.


He nodded. "You were working yourself ragged, Mei."

"I have to make the-"

He reached up, placing his hand on her shoulder as he looked at her. "Mei… I know what happened at I-Island… is something you're thinking about-"

He pretended not to notice her wince, shutting his eyes as he powered on through. "But I'm not gonna let you end up hurting yourself because you wanna avoid me getting hurt."

She looked down at the floor, and for a long moment she didn't say anything- long enough that Peter began to grow concerned again.

"I'm not stupid."

He blinked. "I'm not saying-"

"I know what people say." She interrupted, looking back up at him with eyes that had just the barest hint of glass over them, her target-irises focusing on him. "That I'm crazy or airheaded. Autistic." She spat out. "That I can't keep my thoughts straight or focus. That I don't know when to go home and stop inventing things."

"But I'm not saying any of that." He protested, bewildered.

Her response was an accusation, "You're saying that I don't know me! I know my limits. I know how much I can handle!" She yelled, her previous excitement replaced with offense and anger. "And I can handle whatever I need to, to make sure you're not filled with bullet holes again next time you go out!"

His face fell. "You don't have to do it all at once! I'm not planning on getting into any gunfights."

"You didn't plan to get into the first one either" She shot back, eyes whirring in their target pupils. "Three hundred and seventy-six percent..."

Peter blinked. "What?"

"That's how much higher your statistical probability of being in a dangerous situation involving villains is next to the national student average." She muttered, looking off to the side.

He stared, utterly stupefied by that fact.

"There's a national average?"

"There is now!" She turned, eyes boring into him.

"You made one!?"

"Not the point!" She stamped her foot, her eyes beginning to look moist. "Three. Hundred. Seventy. Six! And that's as a student! A first year!" She turned away clomping over to the side of the building they were next to before planting herself down on the steps, glaring at the floor. "How much worse is it gonna be when you get into your second year? Or get a full time internship in your third? Or when you graduate? I need to work. I need to get you the tools you need so you don't…" She trailed off. "So you don't…" Her voice was shuddering.

For a moment Peter stood there, half-melted ice cream in his hand as he lingered on the sidewalk, staring at Mei as he felt that pit in his stomach get bigger and bigger.

Finally after an interminable moment, he marched closer, sitting down beside the girl who didn't move.

"You're worried." He said.

It was a stupid thing to say. Obvious. But this conversation hadn't really gone the way he'd expected. Saying it aloud let him organize his thoughts, what he could say.

Mei lurched to the side suddenly, and before Peter could say or do much he was wrapped in a tight hug, one arm squished between them, her fingers clutching at his ribs as he used his remaining arm to awkwardly reach over and brush his fingers through her pink hair. Something to give her relief.

"I worry too." He admitted quietly. "And I'm sorry I… didn't even look for so long… but I do worry too Mei. So let's make a deal."

She sniffled into his shoulder and he took that to mean she was listening

"I'll try to drop that average a bit… maybe down to say two-fifty?" He tried not to smile at the absurdity of the statement. "And you work normal hours at the lab, ok?"

"Normal hours for people or me?" She sniffed, and he ignored the dampness spreading across his shoulder. Peter gave a soft smile, seeing her look back up.

"We can work on it." He promised.


Before Peter knew it, the three weeks had passed in the blink of an eye.

"Something on your mind?" Peter perked up, turning as he had been looking out the window at the Tokyo skyline going by.

Seated beside him, Izuku sat with his hands in his lap. Around him, Peter could hear the banter of Mina and Kaminari. Across from him, Ochako seemed to be talking with Tsuyu, and out of the corner of his eye Momo and Shoto were discussing something quietly.

"Kind of. Just wondering what sort of exam it's gonna be…" Peter mused. "I mean… what sort of high school exam takes place in Olympic stadiums?" He asked as the bus got off the freeway and onto the main street leading to it. "Something like the Sports Festival maybe?"

"Every exam is different from what I can tell. Every year those who failed usually come back to retake it." Izuku replied.

"I see… and what happens if you, well, don't pass at any of your attempts?" Peter asked, seeing the stadiums grow bigger as they approached.

"Well, you won't be able to do significant hero work as a student save for internship duties." Izuku cupped his chin, thinking. "Although I'd have to imagine you can still aim to become a hero, but without that experience and the boost that the Provisional License gives on your resume, it would be a lot harder…"

"So the ones who fail go out to the sticks?"

"The… sticks?" Izuku tilted his head.

"Sorry, old phrasing back home. More like the country. Out of the major metropolitan or town areas. Like Central Honshu or Hokkaido up north."

"Ohhhh okay. I would think so," Izuku perked up. "We're almost there…" Peter turned, and he saw the bus pull up along a sidewalk which caused Iida to stand up near the front of the bus, Aizawa still sitting up there.

"Alright everyone! Orderly lines!" The bespectacled boy called out as Peter saw everyone in front get up to depart from the shuttle bus. Then they were out of the bus, standing in the courtyard of the Fujitome Stadium District.

"So this is where the Olympics are held in Japan huh." Peter mused aloud.

"Yeah, and other sporting events or Hero showcases nowadays. Due to the Olympics being completely quirkless, it's not that popular anymore." Ochako spoke out as they got off the bus. "Kinda sad really."

"Jeez, this is big…" Ojiro said as he looked up at the stadium, seeing other buses filled with other students. Peter noted the various different school uniforms too, all of them forming their own little cliques.

"And there must be hundreds of other kids too… Can we really pass with all of those other guys?" Sato asked.

"You will pass." Aizawa spoke out or rather ordered, making the muscular boy turn back in surprise. "Show no doubt, and pass this exam. Once you do, you will no longer be considered just students." His eyes focused as he walked in front of the class, most of them standing by the bus to collect their costumes. "You will be Semi-Pros, so do your best out there, all of you." He said, hands deep in his pockets.

"Yeah that's right! We're all gonna pass here!" Mina exclaimed, hands high above her head.

"And we'll show the world what we're made of!" Kirishima said, just as eager as the pinkette. Peter chuckled in good nature. "Let's give it a big Plus-!" He readied his fist back to pump into the air...


"Ack!" Peter yelped in surprise, skipping back at the sudden shout as he turned to stare at the source. Even Izuku backed off in surprise as Kirishima looked confused.

Standing behind him was a taller looking boy in a more casual school uniform that reminded Peter of the private high schools Midtown Tech would face in the Academic Decathlons, consisting of a simple collared shirt and slacks. He was built very well, and wore a cap with a unique S at the rim, and had a large smile upon his visage.

"You shouldn't intrude on others, Inasa. Apologize," grumbled another as Peter saw him and a group of others approach, all wearing similar attire, caps and all. A boy, a girl, and some… fur person. Reminded him of that furry guy in the Addams Family, the name escaping Peter.

"Oh! You're right!" The boy said, his tone speaking as if he didn't know the concept of an indoor voice as he leaned back.

"I!" He continued to lean back. "Am very!" And came down, the crown of his head meeting the ground as he stood. "Sorry!"

"Uhhh…" Peter blinked, seeing everyone else around him was as perplexed as he was. "Is his quirk being very flexible? Or is he made of rubber?" Peter asked aloud.

"He's like Iida combined with Kirishima…" Sero mutterd.

"I'm not that loud!" Kirishima exclaimed in defence, pointing at the boy as several others came to approach. "Hey… doesn't that hat look familiar?"

"It is." Shoto spoke up. "They're one of the few schools in all of Japan that is capable of rivaling U.A. in the quality of its Hero courses." He said, as the boy, Inasa, rose back up, the look of exuberance fading a bit as he focused eyes on the dual-haired boy. "You're from Shiketsu High."

And Peter noticed the shift, the good nature fading into a glare as the other boy who had called out Inasa stepped forth, and Peter noticed his incredibly narrowed eye, his other covered by his violet hair. "Seems like U.A. has arrived to suck up all the air again. As usual." He drawled with a hint of venom.

"Hey now, it's totes okay Shishikura," The girl with blonde hair said. "Like, you know he absolutely loves that Plus Ultra thing y'know?" She said as her eyes drifted, and Peter felt her settle on him. "Oh hey! The Sports Festival guy is here too!"

Peter blinked, seeing the girl approach. "Like, totally hi there!" She said in English, albeit accented. "My name is Camie Utsushimi~!" She smirked, finger to her lips and winking. "Like, so nice to meetcha, Peter Parker. Let's do our best okay~." That shirt hugging her form, and was that skirt a little too… low? Or was that his imagination?

Yeah. She… looked nice. Very nice.

"Umm, hi. Seems ya know my name." Peter said with a wave, smiling awkwardly. "Guess me winning is going to make it tough for me to introduce myself properly, huh." He felt the stares at the back of his head too.

"Everytime…" Kaminari grumbled.

"I really should have done my best to make him lose… We don't stand a chance now," Sero added.

"Don't get the wrong idea, Parker." Shishikura said as he stepped up, standing in front of Utsushimi as he glared. "We're not here to make friends with the enemy. We're here-"

"To become the best heroes!" Inasa yelled, practically bulldozing Shishikura out of the way as he came forth and took Peter's hand, shaking it fast and wildly. "It's an honor to compete with the best of the best! Especially from a place like U.A.! I am Yoarashi Inasa, and I am excited to work with or face you! But let's do our best at the end of the day and go Plus Ultra like the best heroes U.A. has made!"

"Stop making friends, you fool!" Shishikura barked, glaring at his taller peer, but Yoarashi didn't seem to care as he continued to shake Peter's hand, his arm flailing in the process.

Peter was wide-eyed as he shook the taller boy's hand. "Ummm, yeah, of course. N-Nice to meet you too, Yoarashi-san!"

Aizawa was silent, eyes fixed on Yoarashi entirely.

"Easy now Yoarashi, you'll tear his arm off." The fur-guy said as he approached. "And don't mind Shishikura, he's just competitive is all. Trying to put on a game face and what not. I'm Nagamasa Mori." He raised a hand.

"Oh! I am sorry!" Yoarashi yelled, letting go of Peter and… bowing again with another blow to the floor.

"Dude, you don't have to do that!" Peter exclaimed, seeing blood drip down Yoarashi's face. Yet as the boy rose back up, he was completely unfazed and unaffected.

"Like don't worry 'bout it, we tried to get Yoarashi-kun to stop, but he's like, super into that thing." Utsushimi explained. "Like with U.A. too. He's totally cray-cray about it."

"Ummm, if he's into U.A. a lot…" Izuku said, stepping up as the blonde girl turned, and she smirked lightly.

"Ohhh, you're like, totes the kid who blew up his own fingers back then didn't cha?" Utsushimi beamed, leaning his way, hands behind her back. "Like, when did U.A. have so many cuties~."

Izuku paled, becoming white as a sheet and shuddering on the spot. The girl only seemed to giggle and skip away from him, Shishikura growling in Izuku's general direction.

Or Class A's general direction. That made more sense.

"We should get going too you guys." Nagamasa said. "Come on, we need to get back to our class."

"Yes, we cannot fraternize with the enemy here…" Shishikura growled as he turned around and began to stalk off.

"Parker-saaan~, gimme your number when we pass, okay?" Utsushimi waved. "Or fail, like, no diff to me." She said as she walked backward. Peter couldn't help but wave back, awkwardly and dumbly.

"Um, sure."

Nagamasa bowed. "If you'll excuse us."

"Let's do our best, U.A.!" Yoarashi yelled, beaming as the other group walked/marched off towards what seemed to be their bus.

"What's with those guys…" Kirishima mused aloud.

"For someone who talks a lot about U.A., wonder why he didn't apply here?" Jirou asked aloud.

"He did." Momo spoke up. "He was in the Recommendation Exam with me and Todoroki." Her eyes were locked onto the retreating Shiketsu students.

"He was?!" Sero exclaimed.

"So he was as good as you and Todoroki…?" Tokoyami muttered.

"If not better," Aizawa spoke up, eyes locked onto the Shiketsu students, primarily Yoarashi. "He was able to pass the exam, yet he left for reasons unknown." The man had a stern look on his face. "That boy will be problematic if you face him in battle." He turned back to the class. "Take note, and be on guard. He's the real deal."

"You sure?" Sero asked. "With those blows to the head there might be brain damage… like serious brain damage."

"Underestimate him and lose then." Aizawa shrugged.

"I bet Ace here can beat him. Or even Todoroki too!" Kirishima said with a big grin.

"I mean, I don't know what he does but, hopefully we don't run into each other." Peter commented.

"Assume the worst, hope for the best." Aizawa replied. "That's all I can say when you're dealing with a monster like-"

"Eraser!" Aizawa's face flinched, and his shoulders slumped as he let out...a very frustrated sigh.

"Crap…" He uttered, and Peter looked past Aizawa… as did Kirishima, Izuku and the others. Approaching with a wave and the biggest grin from the other direction was a woman with green hair under an orange bandana, and a unique costume with… jester's pantaloons?

"It's been so long! All I've been seeing is ya being on TV and stuff! Doing well?" She chirped, voice full of enthusiasm as she seemed to beam like the sun… while Aizawa looked like he wanted to be as far away as possible from her.


"Wanna get married?"


And the girl barked out in laughter. "Anyone ever tell ya you were good at off-the-cuff comedy!?"

"And has anyone ever told you that your sense of humor falls flat, Joke?" He asked rhetorically.

"Who's she?" Peter asked aloud, utterly stunned by the ongoing interaction.

"Ohhhh that's Ms. Joke, the Smile Hero!" Izuku explained, looking excited. "Her Quirk is Outburst and it allows her to force others to laugh uncontrollably! She's an expert in villain suppression!"

"Hehe, come on Aizawa!" She said, playfully elbowing the gloomy shaggy-haired man. "Think of the happy and vibrant house we can have! Always full of laughter and joy! Our kids would just be bouncing off the walls!"

"That sounds like an insane asylum." Joke let out a laugh again at that.

"Are you… friends?" Tsuyu asked in curiosity.

"Oh yeah, me and Aizawa go way way back! We did so many underground cases! We both neutralized so many criminals it was gut-bustingly funny!" Joke explained with a beaming smile.

"Your quirk was efficient," Aizawa uttered.

"And on top of the countless times we saved each other's backs! We totally have to settle down!" Joke lunged to hug the man's arm who flinched, baring his teeth, eyebrow twitching. She then looked towards Peter and blinked.

"Hey you, Parker was it?" Peter perked up. Man, everyone knowing who he is is going to take getting used to...

"Gotta say, I liked the material you exposed during the Sports Festival!" Aizawa turned her way, eyes wide. "Like 'Come up and Fight like a Spider'! That was hilarious!"

"Well, it just came sort of naturally I guess… Whenever I fight baddies, my mouth just… ya know. Doesn't stop."

"And don't let it stop, just keep the jokes flowing!"



Oh god there's two of them.

Shouta could feel the migraine starting to form already, teeth beginning to grind.

"I mean, how else are you going to enjoy the fight if people aren't loosening up a bit?" Parker asked, "Not like we can't loosen up, or is that a bit like being 'strung along?'"

The boy holds a piece of webbing between his fingers, smiling without a care in the world.

"Well, unlike Aizawa, you won't get 'tangled up', right?" Mrs Joke added.

"Leave me out of this," the teacher pleaded.

"Why? Afraid that you'll get 'wrapped up'?" Peter asked, a slight smirk forming.

"I will give you extra homework." Shouta growled out.

"Oh what's wrong Eraser, your undies all in a bunch?" Joke asked.

Parker sniggered, and Shouta began to glare at him.

"You…" Joke said with a pointed finger towards Shouta's face accusingly. "Have kept this ray of sunshine from me." She said, wrapping an arm around Parker. "Wanna trade? My American transfer student would be tailor-made for you. Glum, gloomy, moody and super serious." She spoke in a mocking tone, making Parker let out a small laugh.

"Okay everyone," Shouta said, voice raised, glaring at his class as his hair began to wave about. "We're going to get signed in. Now. " He turned around, and he looked back at Parker, who was standing by Joke's side. "You need to tend to your class as well, Joke."

"I have a good class rep. But, fair enough." She walked over, patting him on the shoulder. "Let's root on our kids together, kay?"


"And that is the codeword for yes." Joke exclaimed as she walked off, leaving a befuddled Class A as they carried their costume cases.

"I like her." Parker declared with a grin, earning another glare from the man.

'There are two of them now. What have I done...'


"Man, did you see the look on Aizawa-sensei's face?! I don't think I've ever seen him so annoyed!" Mina giggled. "That means Ms. Joke and him make the best couple!"

"You think that?" Ojiro inquired.

"Oh yeah! Like, he was totally brought out of his comfort zone, and she seemed to love working off of him too! Warts and all!"

Momo paid them no mind, walking at the head of the class as she looked back, seeing Peter trot up to them with his costume case.

"Parker getting cozy with a hot teacher like that…" Kaminari muttered.

"Lucky sonnuvabitch…" Sero added.

"Do you two ever not think with your pants? Not even once?" Kyoka snarked as they made their way to the locker rooms to change. They saw various other students from other schools going to their selected locker rooms and Momo noticed a few of them staring at them. There were many kids of varying heights and dimensions, all in unique costumes and quirks on display.

"I can safely say that I've never been in a location with this many fellow students before…" Iida surmised.

"Yeah, I feel it too…" Izuku mentioned.

"Don't worry too much about it guys. " Peter said as he finally caught up to the front of the group.

"Indeed. Let's just focus on the exam for now," Momo breathed.

"Well well well! Look who the cat dragged in!" Jeered a voice, making the group pause as they stared down the hallway. They found their locker rooms, with the labels of 'U.A. Class A Boys' and 'U.A. Class A Girls' written over the doors.

But beside those, 'U.A. Class B Boys' and 'U.A. Class B Girls' was present, and with it, Monoma Neito. He was dressed in a fancy suit, leaning by the door, leering their way with his arms crossed. "I suppose it's to be expected that Class A were to appear at this exam. Going to hog all the glory and attention as per usual?" He drawled, several of his classmates beside him, all dressed in their hero costumes too.

"Monoma, please calm down." The pudgy boy, Nirengeki if Momo's memory was correct, spoke. "We're here to pass the Exam, not cause a squabble."

"Oh please, like they'll do whatever THEY can to get to the top, even using others as stepping stones! Not unless we use THEM first!" Monoma declared.

"Seriously, if you keep this up, I'll sic Kendo on you." A short brunette with hair covering her eyes and wearing a red dress with white dots added.

"Heh, go ahead and tell her Komori. Not like I care." Monoma oiled.

"I'll tell Pony then."

Monoma's jaw clacked shut as he looked back at her, thighs clenching lightly. "You wouldn't."

"Keep acting a fool and I will."

"Who is he again?" Sero inquired.

"I think he's the naked dude." Peter exclaimed.

"Gah I remember you! You had to keep touching me back during the War of the Flags" Hagakure yelled, her gloved hand pointing his way. "Pervert!"

"I was doing what I could to win, thank you, and you consented." Monoma rolled his eyes.

"You were still flashing people!"

"Like you are now?"

"I was born this way!"

"You can still wear clothes!"

"Come along everyone, we should get changed." Momo said, dispelling a potential argument. The boy simply rolled his eyes before smirking, leaning against the wall and eyeing them as the entire group walked past.


"Okay… all set." Izuku said to himself, putting on his gloves and making the final adjustments as he looked around, waiting outside the hallway. Everyone was dressed up and ready in their costumes. They all got into orderly lines set by Iida as he saw Kirishima walk out of the locker room.

"Hey check out Ace you guys!" The redhead exclaimed as Izuku turned, seeing Peter walk out of the door.

A new costume. It was mostly black save for the chest, forearms and legs with red gloves and shoes.

Blue spider webbing traced along the red areas, and Peter had donned a red mask with blue webbing and blue trim around big white eyes.

Izuku noticed the inclusion of pads around the elbows and knees, and the shoes themselves looked quite thin in appearance. Izuku even saw some kind of webbing on the arms connecting to his torso.

The wrist web launchers looked modified as well. Perhaps for more web or gadget compartments?

"Whoaaa, is that a new costume Parker-kun?" Hagakure said, her gloves floating close by.

"It seems so." Iida surmised.

"Yeah, made it myself during the last three weeks." Peter said through his mask, showing off his larger wristguards with the modified web launchers on them.

"Ohhhh, so that's why you weren't around for Hero Course training at the Battle Centers. You were making a whole new costume from scratch?" Jirou asked, eyes wide.

"Very impressive Peter-san." Momo mused, hand on her chin, looking over the outfit with a keen eye. "I was wondering where you were, it seems you were making good use of your time."

Peter's eyes crinkled and closed as he rubbed his head. "I did have help from the Support Department here and there, but yeah, I needed a new costume since the other one was getting a little worn."

"I can't wait to see it in action!" Ashido said, waving her arms.

"Well, if we all stick together, I'm sure we'll pass."

"Assuming we can stick together. Wouldn't surprise me if they split us up." Todoroki mused with crossed arms as he leaned against the wall.

"Agreed." Tokoyami nodded.

"For now, let's get going everyone." Momo called out, and everyone in the class began to depart from the locker room down the hall, following the arrows that would lead out to the stadium proper.

"Coming," Peter trotted to the front, joining his fellow Class Rep.

As they walked Izuku began to run through the various possibilities going forward in his head, the gears churning and turning..

The exam could be combat-oriented. Or solving crime? Or resolving a disaster? There were a lot of possibilities but handling unexpected tasks was par for the course for a hero.

Maybe there were scouts in attendance too? That could explain the stadiums with seating, and no massive audience or TV networks set up. Could the exam have them respond to a disaster event in a stadium perhaps, hence the selection of the site that had multiple stadiums for a second-rate global event? What if All Might was there and-

"Yo, Midori." Peter spoke, hand on Izuku's shoulder as the boy perked up.

"Y-Yes?" He asked, turning as he saw everyone else looking at him.

"It goes from the brain straight to the mouth, eh?" Kaminari smirked, and Izuku paled.

"Oh… I was thinking aloud again, wasn't I."

"I wouldn't worry too much about it, Midoriya-chan." Tsuyu said with a light smile. "It adds to your charm."

"Helps to have someone thinking on point I say!" Hagakure waved her gloves, and Izuku blushed, looking away.

"That goes double for me!" Kirishima said with a beaming grin. "I don't usually think on that kind of stuff."

"Don't sweat it." Peter's eyes crinkled up as he smiled behind his mask. The way his eyes curved reminded Izuku of Edgeshot.


"Eeee!?" Izuku jumped as the rest of the group stopped. Before them, a small robot was carrying a massive cart filled with circular white tags, practically half-empty already.

"PLEASE TAKE YOUR TAG." The robot commanded. "IT IS FOR YOUR EXAM."

"Oh, well… S-Sure."

Ever the organizer, Iida rushed to the front to help dispense the tags in an orderly fashion, arms waving like an air traffic controller, handing everyone the tags as Izuku held up his. It had a metallic surface on one side and a soft rubbery face on the other.

"PRESS THE BUTTON ON THE SIDE AND WRITE YOUR NAME." The robot commanded, and Izuku looked on ahead, seeing the door leading out to the stadium. Izuku looked down at the tag, pressing the small button along the edge of the tag, and with it, a holographic screen appeared, alongside a similar holographic keyboard.

Izuku filled in his name, pressing on the submit key as the holographic screen disappeared.

"ONCE COMPLETE, PLACE YOUR TAG UPON YOUR CHEST OR SHOULDER. " Izuku nodded at the small robot's command, placing the tag's soft end upon his breast… He then heard a light suction noise and perked up. The tag was now attached to his chest with some kind of miniature suction or sticky function.

"ONCE COMPLETE, PROCEED TO YOUR SCHOOL'S SECTION WITHIN THE STADIUM STANDS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION." The robot then putted away with the cart, probably going to another locker room area.

"Alright!" Kirishima cheered, smacking his fist into an open palm. "I'm getting antsy here! Let's get on with it!" He exclaimed as the class began to walk through the hallway and out into the open stadium.

It was large, capable of seating tens of thousands as it also had an open roof. Izuku looked about, seeing plenty of other schools and their students seated throughout the stadium, signs of the school names and their classes situated amongst them. Following the arrows, the students got to their section, noticing how sparse it was.

Izuku noticed Class B close by to their own section, seeing some waves and stares directed their way. He noticed Peter wave, looking towards two people in particular. Tsunotori and Shiozaki, sitting side by side as the former waved more enthusiastically, the latter more reserved. And of course Monoma was there, smirking their way. As per usual it seemed.

"Ok, now we wait, it seems…" Izuku mused out loud as he took his seat, seated between Peter and Todoroki. Looking out to the green football field, it was pretty bare. But the video board hanging from the roof down into the stadium was on, with the logo and Japanese kanji of the Hero Public Safety Committee listed on it.

"Hmm… Hey," Peter seemed to mutter under his breath, in English curiously enough. Izuku turned his way. "What's the HPSC?" He inquired to… seemingly no one. Yet before Izuku could reply, Todoroki spoke up.

"It's a government bureaucratic agency that handles interactions between Heroes and civilians," Todoroki elaborated. "They handle a lot of criminal cases too, alongside having a considerable sway with law enforcement and other hero-related matters." He explained, making Peter stare.

"Oh, uhh," Peter stammered in Japanese. "That's a… good summarized version. Sorry I was just, ya know…" He tapped the side of his head, making Izuku tilt his head in confusion.

"Her, right?" Todoroki surmised, understanding as Peter beamed.

"Y-Yeah, her." He whispered back in English. He turned around, seeing Izuku stare his way as he leaned over. "Was talking to Karen." He whispered.

"Oh, can you talk to her?" Izuku whispered back, Peter nodding in conjunction. "She's not gonna affect the exam, is she?"

"Nah, Academic Safeguard. Can't help with school stuff." Peter whispered back, to which Izuku nodded. Looking at Todoroki, he gave the barest of nods and sat back. He noticed Kacchan standing up and walking down the aisle.

"Kacchan? Where are you going?" Izuku asked as the blonde bomber kept on walking.

"Goin' to the fuckin' bathroom, mind your own business" He grumbled back, not even turning around as he kept walking down the stairs and into the depths of the stadium. Izuku shrugged, sitting back in his seat.

"Hey everyone, look! It's starting!" Hagakure called out as the giant scoreboard flickered to life.

"Mmngh… is this thing on?" Muttered an old voice as the video feed came through, and with it, the visage of a very tired and gaunt looking man with platinum blonde hair appeared on the frame.

"Ah, there we are…" He leaned back, sitting on his chair. Judging by the background, he must be in the press boxes up top. "Now then," He coughed into his hand a bit before rubbing his eyes. "Welcome to this year's second Provisional Hero License Examination. My name is Mera Yokumiru and I am your proctor." He let out a yawn. "A pleasure to meet you all…"

"He looks like he could use some shuteye." Kirishima said behind Izuku.

"Think he and Aizawa-sensei could trade notes?" Peter asked, eyes showing that he was smirking.

Sero barely held in a snort. Mina audibly giggled while Momo smiled, rolling her eyes.

"My favorite thing to do is sleep, especially non-REM sleep, because I can certainly use that." Mera dawdled on, looking down at a script of sorts with the bare minimum of effort. "Even with the salary I get, the workload can kill a man with how understaffed we are… it's ridiculous…" He muttered.

"Uhhh, he knows he's on camera, right?" Uraraka mused aloud. Mera perked up, looking offscreen as he gave a light roll of his eyes.

"You heard me Abe," He muttered before looking back at the screen. "Now then, with my personal grievances aside, time to get to the meat and potatoes of this exam. As you all entered the stadium, one of the custodial droids helped dispense a certain tag to you. These tags will designate your teams for the preliminary exam. Which I'll explain shortly so pay attention boys and girls, you're not getting any repeats from me."

Peter and the others of the class stiffened, watching as the man on screen adjusted his script and began to read.

"In this simulation you are members of a hero agency. Teams Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Navy Blue, Gold, Gray, Brown, White, and Black."

"Creative." Kaminari whispered before Jirou elbowed him.

"These agencies will each be working independently, and will be your agency from the beginning of this exam to its eventual conclusion a few days from now. Each will have a different number of heroes and resources to complete their task." The proctor yawned wide, closing his mouth as he rested his chin over his hand.

"A few days?!" Jirou squawked.

"Of nonstop battle?!" Hagakure added.

"The task is simple." The proctor continued. "Your agencies have received word of a terrorist attack that's going to take place."

"I bet we're gonna have to fight mock villains." Kirishima grinned. "This is gonna be sweet!"

"Yeah, I'll fry those robots to a crisp!" Kaminari exclaimed, a small spark forming in his hair.

"And I'll melt 'em good!" Ashido beamed, flexing her arms.

"So your job boys and girls-" For the first time the man seemed to smirk at the camera. "Is to read."

It was somewhat amazing how far one could hear a pin drop when four hundred plus students go dead quiet.

Peter, equally as stunned, blinked. Not… what he expected.

Kirishima's jaw was on the ground, Ashido looked pale as a sheet with wide eyes, while Kaminari's classic dud face made an appearance, giving off a weak and confused "Whey?"

"Within your designated offices we've left all the materials you'll need to 'investigate' the terrorist threat. Discover when, where and who will be leading the attack. The teams or team members who successfully determine who, what, when, where and how and arrive in time to intercept- well they'll pass onto the next stage. Those that don't, fail. Simple really."

Getting no response at all, he sighed before clearing his throat. "Hope you all brought your thinking caps and reading glasses. We have prepared accommodations for you all to spend two nights here, along with food and running water within the trailers provided. For sleeping accommodations, the neighboring hotel has been booked for all of you. The contents within your lockers are being relocated to your rooms as we speak. The tag you have will essentially act as a de-facto room key for your hotel room and your admission to and from this exam, so keep it on your person at all times. Naturally, if you feel the need to take a breath of fresh air or go for a walk, you're welcome to leave the trailer as well as your quote-on quote 'hero office.'"

Mera paused to yawn and rubbed his eyes a little. "In short, this preliminary exam is to give you all the experience of working at a hero agency along with the more technical aspects of hero work, primarily research and investigations, which can be quite time-consuming and difficult. As such we expect you to work as hard as possible and resolve this threat from dusk till dawn."

There was a sound, like grains of sand passing over glass and Peter looked down.

His white name tag shifted, showing his name and with it… A number. 74.

"Hey mine turned green!" Kirishima shouted. "And I'm 98!"

"I'm red and 45." Tsuyu added. Izuku looked around, seeing that his classmates had a variety of different colored tags and numbers.

"Let me elaborate on the sorting of this exam." Mera espoused. "We have a grand total of…" He narrowed his eyes at the screen. "Hmmmn, my my, four hundred and five examinees today, and you will be divided into major blocks depending on the colors. Your agency teams will also be dependent on the last number of your tag as well. For example, if you are Gold 2 you are paired with Gold 12, Gold 22 and so forth. As I said, there will be uneven numbers of students among these groups to represent the dynamics of larger and smaller agencies. Likewise, you will be graded in the overall portion of the exam depending on how well you perform with your colleagues, whether it be in a small man team from out in the countryside, or a large established Top Ten firm here in Tokyo."

Beside Mera, a graphic appeared that showed the various other stadiums in the Fujitome District. "This stadium you all are in currently is the White-Black-Gray Stadium. All other students are to go to the other stadiums that are color-coded for your convenience. Simply follow the signs leading out of the stadium to your assigned one." The graphic showed the other stadiums and their outlines with a different color upon them, the stadiums almost being divided like a pizza being sliced.

"Please don't waste time." He yawned. "We have a good twenty minutes for those who have to go to the other stadiums. Those who have White, Black and Gray Tags will remain here in your seats please…" The man yawned, resting his head in his arms.

"Well, guess we gotta get going..." Iida stood up. "I'm Blue 61."

"Yeah, I'm Pink 43." Momo turned towards the others. "Do your best everyone."

"We will." Peter said with a thumbs-up, beaming at them as everyone began to stand up. "Kick ass Momo!" He beamed, the girl nodding back with a smile. "That goes for everyone!"

"We will, Parker-kun!" Uraraka exclaimed.

"We'll be pros in no time, Ace!" Kirishima pumped his fists up.

"See you." Todoroki uttered, standing up as Izuku noticed his tag was Green 23. Izuku turned towards Peter…

His tag was White, and his number was 34! "Peter-san, we're in the same team!" Izuku beamed, joy rushing through him as Peter turned, looking down at the tag on his breast and back to the green-haired boy.

"That we are, partner. We got this." He said, cheekbones rising in a grin as Izuku looked back as everyone else filed out…

"Guess I'm with you guys." Shoji said, his white tag reading 4.

"You too? Sweet!" Peter beamed.

"Guess so." Izuku said as he turned about and saw that everyone else had gone to the tunnel.

"Hey Shoji, guess we're working together again." Peter mused, looking back between Izuku and the taller boy.


"Alright, let's get to our trailer!" Peter got up from his seat, Izuku smiling as he followed, with Shoji trailing from behind. They made their way down to the field via the stairs, navigating through the various large trailers and other gathering students to find their assigned location.

"Hmm… Six… Seven... " Izuku turned around, and spotted it. "There!" Four, at the edge of the arena. Yet already there…

Izuku gulped. Such a… tight body suit! And an unzipped outfit showing cleavage too! L-Look away, just don't pay attention!

But she has her White 14 tag right on her B-b-b-b-b-b-b-

"Like, oh em G! You're in my team too?" Squealed that girl from Shiketsu, Utsushimi beamed. Her figure almost seemed to bounce as she trotted over. "I recognize the tall guy there, like who's mister maskie here?" She tilted her head, looking at the just as flabbergasted Peter.


"Um, hey Camie…" Peter waved, his own eyes wide behind his mask.

"Ohhhh!" She batted her own forehead lightly. "The Spider motif was like, a dead giveaway, My b there." She walked around, eyeing him up. "Niiiice costume."

"T-Thanks." Peter muttered, looking about at the platinum blonde who was looking back up at him with a playful grin.

"It's like, a bummer that our Prelim is so boring. Why would they even design a test around reading!? Like, we're totes heroes. Leave the reading stuff to like, the unpaid interns I say!" Camie said with a nonchalant shrug.

"Crimes and threats don't investigate themselves." Shoji said matter of factly. The girl pouted while Peter shrugged.

Camie's eyes looked to the sky as she "Hmmm"ed to herself. "I guess so, but I'm like, totally gonna need help. I'm not the best in like, booksmarts so... heads up."

"That's what teamwork is for! I hope you can help too!" Izuku added, while the blonde girl giggled.

"Well, since you did ask so nicely~" And the boy's attempt at trying to up her spirits suddenly became stiff as a statue at the girl giving him a wink.

"It's nice to meet you as well." Shoji added, offering his hand to shake, as the girl looked at it and took it.

"Whoa, your hands are like, super huge." She said, shaking them. "And strong too! You totes like Yoarashi, hitting the gym and getting those big strong muscles?"

"I do." Shoji nodded, and the girl smiled back.

"Oh! We're not the first ones here!" Said a voice as Peter turned, seeing two people approach their direction.

The first leading the way and with a bright grin was a tall, muscular young Japanese man with shaggy, unruly black hair, sticking up in all directions around his head which reminded Peter of Izuku. His brown eyes had unique diamond-shaped pupils as well. His costume consisted of a gold jaw-guard around his cheeks, a thick green strap over each of his shoulders, attached at the front to two black plates with golden trimmings which covered the sides of his chest, black elbow pads, and green wrist-guards. He had unique baggy pants with some small green markings and plain black boots with heeled soles. On his shoulder, the White 24 tag was present.

Behind him was a girl with Caucasian features and a sour look on her face, one that reminded Peter of Mrs. Yaoyorozu in a sense. She had knee and elbow pads, and wore a light fitting costume of knee-high boots, short shorts, and a tank top with what seemed to be body armor with an array of black with yellow trim. She also wore unique gloves on her hands too, her long dark hair down to her shoulders as her dark blue eyes scanned the crowd. Much like her compatriot, she had a White 54 tag on her shoulder.

"Whoaaa… I recognize those arms!" The black-haired boy said. "You're that armsy guy from the Sports Festival in U.A. right?" He asked.

"Yes, I am." Shoji nodded. "Shoji Mezo. These are my classmates." He gestured to Izuku and Peter.

"Heya, names Peter, and this is Midoriya Izuku." Peter waved, and he saw the boy's face light up with a bigger grin. The girl with the frown perked up, gazing his way.

"Ohhhh! You're the Sports Festival champ Peter Parker right? You must be the strongest one here!" He ran up to them, shaking each of the boys' hands. "And you can fire huge gusts of wind from your fingers too, right?" He said, shaking Izuku's hand fervently.

"I-uhhh, not really. Just flicking is all b-b-ut I got it under control. N-No more finger breaking!" Izuku said, his face showing a little unease.

"Man, U.A. sure knows how to put on a show with characters, don't they? That Sports Festival had me at the edge of my seat!" He said enthusiastically. "With how much talent you guys displayed, you guys ought to be fine heroes for tomorrow!" He was… really keen on smiling.

"You're making a big deal over nothing," The girl muttered, her Japanese highly accented. Peter could recognize it. American.

"Oh, don't worry about it. Oh right, where's my manners haha! My name's Shindo Yo, and it's nice to meet you all!" He gestured to himself with a thumb. "And I'm from Ketsubutsu Academy, Class 2-2, and this here is -" As his arm went to the girl she immediately glowered at him.

"Elle." She muttered. "Just call me Elle."

"No last name?" Izuku inquired, only to get a glare from the girl and he promptly shut up. "O-Okay, Elle-san…"

Shindo chuckled, shrugging. "She's just really shy and doesn't like giving out her name. But she's from America and is super strong too!" He turned towards Peter. "Makes me wonder how if you two were to fight it out who would win."

"Well, hopefully we don't have to. Assuming we pass the preliminary anyway." Peter said with hands raised. Elle noticed and scoffed.

"Scared?" She asked.

"So like, am I chopped liver or somethin'?" Camie asked, finger pointed at herself.

"You might as well be Miss!" Called out another name as Peter turned, and noticed two more figures approaching.

"You?" Peter asked in surprise, and Monoma Neito smirked back. "You're on our-" His eyes settled on the tag on Monoma's breast, it read White 64. "Oh… of course." He sighed. He then noticed another individual beside him. "Oh! Hey Shiozaki!" Peter perked up, waving.

He couldn't miss that vine-like hair belonging to Shiozaki Ibara anywhere. Her costume looked relatively simple, a pure white toga of sorts as Ibara nodded.

"Parker-san. It's a pleasure to see you." She said with a soft smile. Monoma winced.

"Hey, hey, don't buddy up Shiozaki!" Monoma exclaimed as he gave Peter a smug-looking grin. "I don't suggest bonding with those three from Class 1-A of U.A. High," Monoma drawled, running his hand through his blonde locks. "All they will do is toss you down and step on you all the way to the top. It's what they do after all. I mean, did you see how he handled his own classmate during the Sports Festival final? Practically ripped his arm off for the win!" He leered, grinning at him as Peter's eyebrow twitched.

"You really need to chill, dude." Peter muttered, and Monoma almost seemed to revel in it until Ibara stepped forward.

"Please forgive my childish and… unwise classmate's ramblings on my behalf…"

"Hey!" Monoma cried out indignantly.

"Loud…" Elle muttered under her breath.

"Who's he?" Camie asked, pointing at the posing Monoma as she looked up to Shoji.

"Someone with an inferiority complex the size of Mt. Fuji," Shoji replied through one of his arms. Camie perked up, eyes wide and amazed.

"Whoaaaa your arms talk! Like, super weird but cool! Hashtag Keep Japan weird yo!"

"I heard that! See!" Monoma pointed up at Shoji. "All they do is look down on everyone else."

"That's because I'm taller than you." He replied dryly.

Monoma leered at the other students, ignoring Shoji's response. "Isn't that right, Ketsubutsu and Shiketsu?" He put his hands in his pockets. "Right? Riiiight?" He drawled.

"Nnnnnnot really." Shindo shrugged, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly, not sure how to respond to the question.

"Bit over the top for me personally, sorry dude." Camie mused, reaching into her side pocket and pulling out a hand mirror before she began to look over herself.

"So… we're all teammates then," Peter said, stepping up, already knowing this wasn't gonna be as easy as he hoped.

"Three minutes" A robotic voice spoke over the video board. Mera was still snoozing up there too…

"Hope our last member legs it. I don't wanna know what happens if we're down a man!" Shindo put his hands on his hips.

"We'll be fine. Don't worry." Elle uttered.

"Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it." Peter took a deep breath. Him, Izuku, Shoji got along well enough. Camie, despite acting like a total airhead, seems to have a good heart. Shindo seemed friendly enough, while Elle seemed to mostly keep to herself. She may still be new to Japan given her lack of speaking too. Shiozaki would be a great addition, while Monoma…

Well, it could be worse. This seemed like a passable te-

"Oh for fuck's sake!"


Shouta had his eyeglass up in the higher seats, since the lower section was reserved for the students. He found his students, taking note of Mera's rules as he spotted who was remaining in the White's.

"Oh Fuck..." He breathed.


Bakugo Katsuki stood there, his tag being white, with the number being 44 as he walked towards the group standing outside the trailer. Everyone was staring at him, from those Class B clowns to some new guys he didn't recognize. Armsdude was there, as was Deku…

But him.

Parker in his stupid new suit narrowed his eyes at him, and Katsuki glared back.

"The fuck you looking at?"

Here we are then. 50 chapters of this story. And. I gotta say. What a journey it has been from 2 years ago to now. Thank you all for being along the way.

A big thanks to our new Betas as well. WildJoker000, Buried in Ash, and Vandebz. Got things done much faster and as a whole, much more improved.

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And Peter is paired with his best friend, and his worst enemy to boot. Wonder if you'll guess where Elle comes from too, hehe. I brought her in since the other Ketsubutsu kids I didn't find all that unique. Just some smoothing dude, a guy looked like Android 17, and a girl whose power is literally just 'turtle turtle' guy from Master in Disguise.

Now then, forgive me if you will if I go on a little... tangent if you will. Because lately I have been getting constant PMs on doing thins pertaining to the MCU's Phase 4. Doing stuff about Loki and timelines and Dr. Strange showing up. And, with how bad the recent Phase 4 has been let me put it simply.



Fuck off and if you think anything in Phase 4 so far is of quality, is around a 5/10. Then good luck calling anything bad.

WandaVision assassinated Wanda Maximoff and turned her into a monster, devoid of morals, who would brainwash a town, steal the free will of the denizens there, and then the writers muck about her backstory in that she was descended entirely from some line of witches instead of her powers coming straight from the stone. Oh by the way Vision is back so as Luke Skywalker says: "no one's ever really gone". She should have repented dearly for her actions in stealing that town's life, yet "No one will know what you sacrificed". Fuck off. And I LOVED Wanda too. This was fucking aggravating to watch.

Falcon and the Winter Solider screwed over the world building and has it's morals in complete misalignment. We are supposed to feel sympathy for the Flag Smashers when they're committing terrorist acts and immolating people and running around with the Super soldier serum. No, they're incorrigible monsters in the same line as Al Qaeda. And we are to make a big sob story over MAsked Chick(cannot be bothered to remember her name. She's basically masked chick from Solo. Fight da powah). And we demonize John Walker when he was serving his country valiantly, doing his job and fighting with his best friend, and avenging him when a terrorist mocks him for it, yet because of music we think John is evil. By the way, Sam was the one who didn't follow Steve's word in keeping the shield(Bucky should never have forgiven him for that). The Wakandans are hypocrites to their core("Its alright if I do espionage, but F you if you do". Same issue as Gate: JDSF and Japan's hypocrisy of them weilding might yet if other countries do so they're bullies), and don't tell me Sam's costume is cool because its the same as the comics. It looks ridiculous and looks like the Wakandan's trolled Sam for fun. "Do better senator"? How about offer solutions than just offering a non platitude of an answer. Oh, and great job character assasinating Tony in not having Stark Industries or Pepper come up with a relief fund for the Avenger's families post Snap. Instead, nah lets make Sam's fam poor because we need to be on a boat. The only good things to come from this is Zemo getting out a bit unscathed, John Walker being around for future installments, and some of the interactions with Sam and Bucky. But thats it.

Then Loki came and all the world building past present and future got fucked because HEY GUESS WHAT. NO FREE WILL YOU WERE ALL BEING PUPPETS BY SOME JOLY DUDE IN ANOTHER DIMENSON USING SPACE LIZARDS AND SPACETIME PINKERTONS. Marvel knew what they lost in killing off Loki in IW, and instead of committing and letting his character have a satisfying arc in that he came to love his brother ("Odinson..."), we have the Loki from Endgame(which I am calling it now, Endgame is pretty meh. 5/10 at best since so many issues, but good payoffs at the end), who minutes before was content with conquering the Earth and being a manipulative BAMF about it, be reduced and humilated and dragged along by his female counterpart who does all the heavy lifting(and is a sobbing mess for her when days ago he wouldn't have cared, even if it was himself). And we get "Oh oh oh comics comics! Alternate Lokis!", utter annoying cringe is what it is. And so say nothing, nothing of how the timeline maintenance just fucked over so so many characters and that there's no semblance of stakes retroactively.

If Uncle Ben didn't die he would have melted. If Stephen Strange didn't get in a car crash he would have melted. If John was 'rational and reasonable' in the height of emotional rage when he smashed that terrorist's skull in he would have melted. If Thor had done the snap instead of Professor Hulk instead of War Machine turning him into a joke as a way to make right and atone, he would have metled. If Tony had been killed in the caves the terrorists would have melted. If Steve Rogers didn't get into the seruem program, who else would have been melted. People saying We Wuz Kangs is better than Thanos as a villain, fuck off. And yes I made that joke, Marvel walked themselves right into it like Sideshow Bob and a rake.

Loki being Bi/Gender fluid is not an issue, since Loki in norse myth was always a super kinky bitch. So, good for them I guess.

This was all to bring back Hiddelston for more roles because people loved him, and to open the gates for NoWayHome, which I will get into.

And then Black Widow decides to assasinate Natasha Romanoff and her character completely, making the smart and savy and seductive spy into a Head-desk'ing twat, who decided that burying an entire prison filled with those fulfilling their debt to society and the law enforcement to guard them under snow all for the sake of one person(a convict no less) in the most clumsily way possible really screwed her over from a morality standpoint. And then being dragged along for the ride all so that this film can build up her sister because "well we need a widow, but she died so... oh, let's make her sister come instead". A sister who for years has been in the Red Room as a killing machine, but one exposure of the brainwashing antidote and she's cracking jokes and wise cracks when all of her life has been nothing but pain and suffering, and she should be throttling to kill her Fake mother in Milleena since she allowed all fo this happen. Also the fight choreography was crap(save for the first encounter Nat had with Taskmaster, since the copy gimick was pretty neat), but everything else, from NotHarveyWeinstein to Anthony Masters being yeeted into the ether for "lul another brainwashed woman, HAVE WE TOLD YOU HOW TRAFFIKING AND ABUSE ON WOMEN IS BAD YET?" It would have been fascinating for Draykov's daughter to not have been brainwashed at all, but instead fight Natasha to the bitter end hating her for almost killing her and killing her father, to show that there are some who are too far gone or beyond your reach. Oh, and while Nat died for the universe her sister will be manipulated, again, by that one crazy lady to ruin Hawkeye and his family. Where the hell did she get the info of Clint being involved with Nat's sacrifice?


This movie should have been how Nat and Clint met in Sao Paolo. How he brought her into the light and into shield and the two forming an excellent duo and good friends, as we saw in Avengers and onward. But naaah can't have a white man help a woman with her problems these days(so says the director in interviews. Same deal with Wanda too, even though Strange could have handled Wanda's issue since he's in NYC and she was in Jersey, nah gotta let the ladies figure it out and not take into account the massive world of super powered characters that would notice this shit) or otherwise it sets back feminist values a 100 years, so says the writing team full of twitter checkmarks who wrote the script in 12 DAYS WITH NO REDRAFTS.

And then the No Way Home Trailer. Surely you think me loving MCU Spidey and not being a Comics lover would make like it right?

No, not at all.

First off, where the hell is Pepper and Stark Industries, and the Skrulls who worked with Peter in FFH? They should be pulling whatever they can to help one of their own. And if you wanna do an organic introduction to She-Hulk, bring in Jennifer Watson and Hulk! Instead we have Peter running to Dr. Strange because current Marvel writers forget Pepper Potts exists when she should be helping an Avenger who fought alongside her husband, and we have Strange willing to go along with a spell that wipes everyone's memories of Peter being Spider-Man, despite Wong's objections to the spell.

And instead of thinking "oh, I can just tell MJ and Ned and Aunt May and Happy on this later when all's well with the world", Peter doesn't keep his mouth shut and Strange fucks up the spell, and thus we have MultiVerse stuff happening. All because Disney and Sony want another SpiderVerse. Not have a story of Peter dealing with his identity being out and hunting Mysterio's team, maybe working with Daredevil and/or She-Hulk, alongside with owning his mistake of trusting Mysterio and taking responsibility, but instead he has to be mentor'ed by another and dragged along for MultiVersal shenanigans because we have a CGI budget we need to spend for tax reasons and oh, instead of trying to bring forth a new Otto Octavius, Max Dillon, and Norman Osborne; find a new set of actors who would be great in giving their own interpretations, let's all cash in on that BEAUTIFUL NOSTALGIA and cast two grandpas and Jamie Foxx in their roles again. The De-aging CGI is not gonna look pretty. All for the sake of "lets have Toby and Andrew and Tom fight alongside each other! Like SpiderVerse". All for a One More Day in movie form, with a dose of fanservice so heavy and thickening I would get sick from it. And this is coming from a degenrate like me that wrote and likes Manyuu Hikenchou and Sekirei! Because forget trying anything original and grounded, we got to make it all insane with no logical consistency and stakes involved.

Because muh comics.

The only saving grace is that Strange is actually Mephisto and he did this all to accomplish some evil plan, because Strange wouldn't take a risk like this. That's how far I am concerned for past characters in hopes that they're different people instead of being assasinated.

Haven't watched Shang Chi, and honeslty with how the MCU Has been looking, I'm just about done. So please, stop telling me to like MCU phase 4 or to implement the utter brainkilling bullshit that Marvel Studios has been producing.



If this turned you off somehow, I'm sorry. I had to get this off my chest and speak my peace. If you are turned off by this? Fine. I get it. It's why I'm liking more Eastern media these days from games to shows since they have more consistency going on in their storytelling(and they appeal to me in some ways. Nier Automata, Fire Emblem 3 houses despite it's broken plot at times). Finding good stuff in the west like The Father, The Suicide Squad, Daredevil, and Black Sails is like finding water in the Sahara.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the chapter. This arc is gonna be a fun one. I'll see you all next time.