Overhaul seethed, stalking through the halls of the Shie Hassaikai hideout- putting most of his underlings on edge. They were wary of their boss and making every effort to stay far out of arm's reach of the man.

So it was up to his lieutenants, Chrono and Mimic, who fell in beside him. It was Chrono that spoke up first. "Overhaul, what hap-"

"Not now!" Kai growled.. "Mimic, what's the status on the Bullets? Where are they."

"Here at the hideout, when I heard word you wanted all hands on deck here, I made sure to call them in. They're on standby." The beak-masked dwarf replied.

Kai turned, nodding as they got to the Chamber. He barged in as Mimic and the white-robed man closed the door behind them. Overhaul fell on the couch like a sack of bricks, snarling out his next words.

"The Heroes have Eri."

His two enforcers shifted, surprised and unease in equal measure. They took a brief moment to gather their thoughts before speaking.

"It would be them." Chrono began. "The other gangs don't even know she exists. Even so this is… unexpected. Have they been looking into us already? I thought we were keeping a low profile."

"We have been," Mimic declared. "Middle-men, dead drops, business has barely been able to break even we've been staying so low to the ground."

"What's done is done." Kai growled, scratching his head. "Eri is under the heroes watch… And with it, our only chance to bring an end to this sick hero society."

"Should we… maybe organize araid? Try and take her back before they take her to a secure location?" Chrono suggested.

Mimmic nodded "She has to be at a hospital, like, we can take that."

"Not in broad daylight, and not when the heroes are ready to pounce… And, we don't know which hospital for now." Kai looked at his phone. "I'll need to get in touch with some of my inside people… have them be on the lookout… "

"We should start with the nearest hospital from where she was taken." Chrono spoke. "Who took her anyway?"

"Mirko." Kai hissed, ready to destroy his phone down to the last atom, had his focus been any less sharp.

"Should we relocate then?" Chrono asked.

"We may need to. Get whatever non-essentials ready to be moved if need be. But for now I'd like to avoid that." Kai replied, sending a text, sighing.

The Quirk Killer Bullet was going to give the Yakuza all the money it needed to change hero society for good in Japan. But now their main source was in enemy hands.

They can get the right people in the right places, instigate a massive crime war between villain gangs and the heroes… The bullet would take heroes off the street, and with the Quirk Revival Antidote, those things would come in high demand. To say nothing of the potential clientele in Busan, Shanghai, Harbin, Magadan, Taipei, and other places before long.

And all of that was about to come to an end because he just so happened to bump into that Hafu whore.


The feeling of gravity disappearing for a sliver of a moment, before it takes you and you soar through the air, will never get old.

"Someone's having fun." Said a voice in his ear as Peter turned, seeing Edgeshot zoom by, before settling on a lamppost as Peter landed on the bar, hands and feet latched on. He turned, seeing the Ninja Hero stand atop of it in perfect balance.

He saw a familiar green blur, Izuku leaping up from rooftop to rooftop,his black tendril latching onto the lamppost to pull himself in before landing atop of a building adjacent to Edgeshot.

"You two are fast!" Izuku exclaimed.

"You'll get better with practice," Peter shrugged.

"You guys gotta slow down!" Said a voice in their earpieces as Peter turned, looking down and seeing Mt. Lady jogging after them in her normal state. She transformed here and there to cover large distances to catch up, such as open streets or parks, but more cluttered locations forced her to jog at regular size.

Peter rubbed the back of his head.

"Sorry about that."

Edgeshot pulled out his phone, looking it over as Mt. Lady panted. Resting herself against the lamppost beneath them.

"I gotta… work on my cardio…" She breathed.

"We're in our designated patrol area. Kamui and Arms have the north part of Musutafu, and we have this branch for the day." Edgeshot replied as he folded and zipped to the ground, startling a few pedestrians while others clicked away on their camera phones. Peter leapt down to join him, Izuku following shortly after.

"Finally… now we can walk like normal people." Mt. Lady mused.

"I guess I should have carried ya along, sorry." Peter said bashfully.

"Meh, it's fine. If we were out in the country I bet I'd have to carry all of ya on my shoulders or something." Yu said with a little bit of pride.

"Now then, let's get to work." Edgeshot said aloud as he walked on ahead. "It's necessary for hero work to show a public image to give the civilians a peace of mind." He said, as many people continued to gawk and gape at them. Peter was… beginning to feel a little used to it.

At least now it's more of an exposure sort of thing. So he did what, well, any person or officer would do, and gave a wave to various onlookers and pedestrians. He even saw some girls chatting amongst themselves, giggling as Peter turned about face.

"Someone's getting fans." Karen's words said across his HUD.

"I'm aware." He muttered under his breath in English.

Feeling a light nudge as he turned, seeing Mt. Lady smiling. "So… we're all going to that meeting tonight in Shinjuku yeah?" He asked in Japanese. Better not converse too long with Karen openly as he saw Yu looking back at him.

"More than likely. Me and Edgeshot talked about it, and I pitched it to Kamui and Arms. They're down too." She replied back as Peter nodded, going back to his phone and texting Karen.

'How's the investigation into Nighteye's firm going Karen?' He typed her.

"Well enough. I am finalizing a backdoor into his servers as we speak. Logging into the Hero Network made it a great deal easier, although I'll give Nighteye credit. He has good firewalls… I'll keep you posted and will update you once I've hacked them and can compile a complete document for all of you."

Suddenly, the group was on alert as they heard police sirens. "Look alive people." Edgeshot folded and blasted off, and Izuku glowed green and leapt to the rooftops, the black tendrils pulling him towards it as Peter leapt after them.

"What's going on?" Izuku asked.

"Robbery. We can still intercept the thieves." Edgeshot answered, his body reforming from its folded form mid leap.

"Where at?" Peter asked as he jumped and ran beside Izuku keeping pace atop the building. He can hear quakes beside him, Mt. Lady in a jog.

"Ten blocks due south. Try and catch up if you can." Edgeshot then took off in a crack.

"Hey Spider-Man!" Said a louder voice as Peter felt shade, looking up as he saw the grinning form of a giant Mt. Lady. She offered a hand, with Peter leaping from the building to her outstretched palm. The American turned about, seeing smoke rising up from a business district. Too small for a building on fire, that must be the bank. "Need a lift?"

"That's ten blocks away!" Peter exclaimed as he saw Mt. Lady rear her arm back with him in it as he blinked. "Ummm, Yu?"

"Don't worry!"

"Don't worry about wha-"

And Yu threw him launched her arm, following through like she was tossing a fastball- sending Peter soaring through the air.

Kirishima would likely say his scream was very un-manly.

Peter would be inclined to agree if he had screamed. Which he absolutely hadn't and anyone who said otherwise was a lying liar who lies.

Flying over the buildings, his Spider Sense screamed as he arched and twisted through the air. He saw what looked like several armored trucks and armored men hauling things into them.

He fired his web shooters, stabilizing as he used momentum to swing around a statue to quickly change his trajectory and veer right towards the trucks the guys were still trying to finish loading. .

"Gangway!" He yelled, bashing against one and knocking off its wheels as he crushed the whole front end into the asphalt. Peter heard shouts of surprise and shock and got back up. "Wassup guys? Making a deposit?" He asked, seeing the masked men turn and face him, eyes wide with shock and surprise. He heard shouts inside the bank, a blur of barely there movement out of the corner of his eye before it was gone again. Edgeshot. Had to be

"Kill him!" The men in front of him raised their guns, and Peter felt right at home as he jumped and web slinged away as he twirled over the gunfire, firing web bolts at them as he did so. He heard a crack of glass somewhere, but it didn't matter as he charged in. Knocking out masked goons left and right with strong right and left hooks.

"Night night!"

One blow, one takedown.

"Take a nap!"

Once more.

"Oh man this is too easy fellas!"

And a kick to one of them, who fell like a stringless puppet. A web shot and a yank sent another face first into the pavement.

Seeing their allies getting creamed made them retreat back into the bank, as Peter felt his Sense tingle. He turned, seeing a large bulging man made of metal.

"I'm gonna crush you bug!" He bellowed, lifting an armored truck over his head. Peter saw a flash of green out of the corner of his eye.

Black tendrils lashed out, catching the giant metal man in the eyes, wrapping around him as he let out a yell. With it, the villain stumbled around and Izuku landed and leaped up, twirling as he lashed his leg out in a kick. Catching the goon right in the chest as he was sent flying, the armored truck falling atop him. Peter saw his hands twitch before going limp.

"Is he okay? I mean, he's made of metal and all but…" Izuku murmured while Peter shrugged.

"He'll live. If he can lift it over his head no problem, he can handle it on his chest." He heard yelling inside and turned, seeing more masked goons flying out of the glass windows as if they were being flung out like rags.

And Edgeshot appeared, folding out of thin air. "Seems like the front has been handled." He said, seeing the unconscious and webbed up robbers.

"How are the civilians inside?" Peter asked.

"They're all fine don't worry- Hmmm?" The man paused, and in his sudden silence, Peter heard it too- they turned, seeing a chopper lift off from the top of the bank.

"Eat shit and suck dick heroes!" One raccoon looking individual said as he gave them the bird. Izuku's hands became smothered in darkness as he aimed, Peter ready to aim also. The white web and dark tendrils lashed out as one from their right hands, going to the top of the building as Izuku's body glowed and Peter tensed.

They launched, wind passing and the ground cracking under the two's jump over Edgeshot as the ninja smiled.

"Haaa, kids." He mused, before cracking and zipping along the roof and up to the helicopter itself.

The duo landed at the edge of the building and used that to propel themselves upwards. Web and Tendril flew from their left arms, catching the chopper; they became anchors, rooting the helicopter from taking off.

"Gah! Let us go!" Raccoon guy cursed, turning to the pilot. "Fly harder!" He yelled, and Peter groaned as he felt the tension of his webs growing.

With a whip-like crack Edgeshot appeared in the helicopter. The villains screamed in sudden surprise before the Hero punched, kicked, and beat the villains about the interior cabin, tossing two of them out of the swaying vehicle.

Peter cut his webs, firing off web pellets to 'catch' one villain mid fall, as Izuku caught the other with his dark whip. Edgeshot struggled with the pilot, the chopper beginning to spin in a rapidly uncontrolled tumble as two gunshots with twin flashes rang out from the cockpit.

"Gotcha!" Mt. Lady shouted as she jumped up. Like a player catching a ball, her hand grabbed hold of the spinning chopper in her palm. The rotor blades crashed into her fingers, twisting and bending like cheap paper-clips. Edgeshot stumbled on the interior, and so did the pilot. The Ninja Hero acted quickly, grabbing the pilot's head and slamming him into the bulkhead, knocking the man out.

Yu lifted the chopper over her head, reaching to place it onto the helipad with its ruined rotor blades.

The thing wasn't going anywhere.

Edgeshot stepped out, dusting himself off.

"Note to self.' Peter heard him mutter. "Flying lessons."


"Edgeshot, thank you for coming." The police sergeant exclaimed. "The Ten Ton Tanuki Gang came out of nowhere." Peter had to hold back a laugh.

Ten Ton Tanuki Gang? Seriously?

"Not a problem officer." He nodded. "Process them as you see fit."

"Right." And the officers came up, taking the masked robbers and taking them to their vehicles. One pair of policemen were busy cutting into the webbing.

"Gaaah, what gives with this?" One of them uttered, a round-faced man with a mustache similar to the hands of a clock. "You there, did you web these villains up?" He asked, his eyes on Peter.

"Yeah. Just use something hot, it'll melt off." Peter waved lightly.

"Works almost too good…" They muttered as they got out razor blades to cut through the goop.

"You two did well." Edgeshot said, walking forth as he appraised the two. "You've both grown quite a bit since your internships, haven't you."

Peter grinned, looking to the side and smiling towards Izuku, the boy returning it in kind.

"Go team!" Mt. Lady beamed, giving a thumbs up as she was still in her giant form.

He saw Izuku blushing deeply and looking up, lips puckered. What's that fo-

Oh no.

He turned around and saw Mt. Lady bending down very slowly…

"Nice shot, nice shot, money shot," muttered journalists behind the police cars as they were taking photos… of Yu's ass as the woman seemed to be reveling in it.

Mt. Lady waved, blowing a kiss before looking to the side. "Hehe, gonna show Midnight whose the hottest single heroine in the charts~"

"Yu-Gah I mean… Mt. Lady!" Peter yelled. "Really! Come onnn!" He shouted, hands on his head.

"It's okay Spidey!" Yu called out. "Just updating my magazine portfolio!" She said with a cute pose. "All work no play make Johnny a dull boy and all! Ain't that like, an American catchphrase!"

Peter took a deep breath, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"I'm going to talk to the Police Chief. Deku, come with me. Spider-Man, keep Mt. Lady company will you?" Edgeshot patted Peter on the shoulder, as Izuku walked past, gazing longingly at Mt. Lady as the blonde continued to pose and blow kisses.

He kept on staring.

And staring.

"You have her magazine covers in your bedroom don't you." Peter dryly asked, and Izuku froze up as he looked back awkwardly.

"I… I research her quirk and read up on her articles a lot so…"

"That's code for yes isn't it."

"Oh Edgeshot is looking at me. B-Be right back." And Izuku trotted past.

"Guess Izuku isn't as innocent as I thought," Peter muttered quietly while debating whether to use his webbing to gum up a few of the more overeager photographers.

"He's a growing teenage boy Peter, can you blame him?" Karen replied, and Peter looked up at her.

Yeah, he can see why.

Still makes it weird and… oddly nostalgic.


Shoto looked back behind him. Sticking out of his glacier, a runaway ice struck was present as the back door flew open, the thieves inside scampering from the sheer cold as they landed on the ground.

"It's over. Turn yourselves in." The dual haired boy glowered as one of the thugs, a man with a bandana around his head snarled.

"Not on your life, punk!" He lashed his arms out, his hands morphing into vacuum suction hoses and firing at full power.

"I'm gonna cleave ya!" His fatter compatriot bellowed as he reared back his arm. He was a massive and obese crocodile man with his arm morphing into a chainsaw. Shoto felt himself being pulled in.

Scoffing, he shifted his foot, ice spearing out to box the criminals in before he thrust his hand forward, fire leaping from his palm towards the trapped villains.

He heard them scream in pain.

Another shift of his foot and the two who had fallen on their hands and knees to try and duck under the flames suddenly had their limbs encased in ice.

They weren't going anywhere.

"Well done." Endeavor toned as Shoto turned around, the Number Two Hero floating down with his arms crossed around his chest. "Seems you caught the second group of robbers from the bank by yourself."

"You followed me?" Shoto mused rhetorically as he looked behind Endeavor, seeing the giant swathe of ice-surges he made to catch up to the armored truck.

"Wasn't hard to follow, even with your GPS." The red haired man replied. "I handled the first group and am handing them to the authorities." He narrowed his eyes at the shivering bandits, Shoto following his gaze. They looked liked they've been singed,doused and frozen all over as their teeth chattered, the fat crocodile man looking out of it. Likely due to being cold-blooded thanks to his quirk.

"Have a problem?"

"Far from it. You've come a long way Shoto." Endeavor praised. "Now then, I believe you need to melt down the glacier and ice you made."

"Right. Meet you back at the firm?" He asked, seeing police cars drive up on the scene to apprehend the villains. With Endeavor here, the duo wouldn't put up much of a fuss as Shoto saw them approach.

"No, meet me… at Silverlake." Shoto perked up.

"The new Ramen place in downtown Shibuya?" From what he checked on nearby ramen shops, that place had cold soba on the menu…

"It's close by, and we've been out and about all day." Endeavor turned. "Let's get some food."

"O…kay then." Shoto mused. "Why?"

"Is it suddenly a crime to go and eat with my son and sidekick?" Endeavor asked, and Shoto rolled his eyes and sighed.

"It's not."

"Besides, they have what you like anyway." The older man paused as he saw the patrol officer approach with some deputies, cuffs in hand to apprehend the robbers.

"Should I talk to him? Report on what happened?"

"It'll be good practice." Endeavor stepped aside, letting Shoto see the policeman approach.

"Endeavor," A squeaky sounding voice spoke out as Shoto turned, as did the Number Two Hero as a man approached from a parked car. He had the head of a centipede, with the main body surrounding his neck like a scarf as his manidables moved and clicked. "I would like a word."

"And who are you?" He asked, eyebrow raised as the centipede man offered his card.

"Hello, are you the young hero who stopped those two robbers from Shibuya Credit Bank?" The patrol officer, a stocky and rotund man asked as Shoto focused on him. The centipede man and Endeavor walked off to the side, no doubt talking.

He can get filled in later. For now, better give the authorities the rundown.


"Maaaan… I wish we could get some action up in here…" Kirishima groaned as Momo walked side by side with the redhead boy.

"Don't worry about it Red Riot," the tall, round and jolly Fatgum replied as he marched along munching on some pocky. The towering fat hero wore his trademark sweater with countless pockets for various tools… and necessary heavy calorie snacks custom made for the BMI Hero's design. "When you're a hero, you'll always get a piece of the action. But," He paused as he swallowed a whole packet's worth of the chocolate covered pastry sticks before reaching into one of his many pockets, grabbing a chip bag. "Doesn't hurt to have downtime in between. Calms down the nerves ya know?" He turned around, beaming as he opened his bag as their fourth companion was trailing behind. "Ain't that right Sunny?"

"Y-Yeah, c-calm down… peace and quiet…got it sir…" Amajiki Tamaki, also known as Suneater, replied, the hooded boy looking so desperate in trying to find some hole to hide in. To think that was one of the Big Three in U.A. that aided them in their Finals…

"You know…" Kirishima leaned in and whispered towards Momo. "For someone who has been sidekick-ing for a while, Amajiki-senpai is a bit… what's a word I'd use for like, super shy? Introverted or something?" He wondered as Momo blinked.

"Well, shy would be the appropriate term. Introverted is more or less not liking other people from what I recall." Momo whispered back. "But Amajiki has given us some wisdom. Everyone has their own pace and traits to them."

"Whatcha mumblin' 'bout?" Fatgum asked with a full mouth of chips.

"Ah, just you know," Kirishima laughed, Momo blushing at being caught gossiping. "Ol' war stories me and my classmates used to have."

"That's right, you guys were in… quite a few situations." Amajiki said. Seems like he can talk a bit normally when the subject doesn't involve himself. "There was the USJ incident… and then there was Class A students who were involved in the I-Island Incident."

Momo winced, holding her arm and looking to the side a little.

"Yeah, All Might resolved both of 'em in the end," Fatgum swallowed what's left of his chips, stowing the wrapper as he turned and waved at some civilians who were taking videos with their phones. "But, from what I hear on the boards and among my peers, you kids did an outstanding job, considering everything. But now isn't the time for that." He said, offering a big smile. "Right now we gotta focus on the job, and that!" He turned, seeing an old lady using a walker to traverse a crosswalk. "Is to be good samaritans to all fair citizens!" He trotted up to her side, and guided her along. "Here ya go ma'am. Need a hand?"

"Oh why thank you Mr. Hero." The old lady with… screws for eyes turned, smiling up with a toothless grin. "Such a capable and big strong man, I bet the ladies are going wild over you these days." She murmured.

Fatgum just grinned widely. "Ah shucks, you flatter me ma'am."

Kirishima sighed. "Still… wish we could at least get some action around here…" He muttered.

"If there is no action, it means we're doing our jobs." Momo replied, the redhead turning towards her. "Our presence here in public is to act as a deterrent for villains and criminals after all. And, gives the public peace of mind." She said as she looked about, seeing people looking their way, smiling every now and then.

"Alright, back on patrol guys! And Red, Creati's got the right of it. No news being good news but, as the old saying goes. When in peace, prepare for war and vice versa!" He turned towards the black haired girl. "Isn't that how the saying goes?"

"Something to that effect, yes." Momo replied.

"Man, the guy who made that quote must have been all sage-like and stuff…" Then his face lit up, and he licked his chops. "Hmmm, sage… maybe when I get home I should try that seasoning on some roast duck. Oh! Or maybe on mashed potatoes…" Fatgums said, turning around and walking down the sidewalk as the three teens followed.

"And there he goes about food…" Amajiki mused.

"He's going to go on for a while isn't he?" Momo inquired, though sage on roast duck did sound quite appetizing.


"Wait, sage is a seasoning?" Kirishima asked. "Isn't sage, like, a big wizard or monk guy?"

"It's a flower of sorts, from what I recall." Momo replied as she smiled softly looking ahead.

She gave a soft smile, looking ahead.

Yes, this was what she wanted to do. To save lives, to help others. Come what may, she will create whatever is necessary to help those in need.

And for today, what she is creating for these people is just an image. And that image will bring a peace of mind to everyone. Just being there counts.

Even despite all her intelligence it seems… "I still have more to learn as a hero…" She mused to herself aloud, walking along as she turned, Kirishima looking at her.

"Wow… everyone here is sounding so wise and cool… even Yaoyorozu says she needs to learn more…." Kirishima muttered, and Momo blinked. "I wanna be like that! But manly too!" He said with a punched fist in the air.

"It's Creati, we're on the job." Momo corrected, and Kirishima blanched.

"Ack, sorry! Umm, Creati…" And the BMI Hero let out a jolly ole laugh.

"Don'tcha worry Red!" Fatgum grinned. "You'll get there! Just takes experien-Oh!" The busty brunette saw the reason why, a child with radio antenna sticking out of his crown had bumped into him.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" A taller woman approached, kneeling down by the boy. "My son was trotting on ahead and-"

"My candy…" The boy muttered, and true enough, a half eating lollipop was now in the gutter.

"Ah man, I know the feeling lil'guy!" Fatgum laughed it off. "Don't worry, I got just the thing for the occasion!" He reached into one of his pockets… pulling out a bigger, and wrapped, lollipop as the boy beamed like a christmas tree.

"Thank you!" The boy exclaimed, taking it as the mother chuckled.

"Come along now Kanta-kun, we need to find a nice gift for your papa overseas." She nodded to Fatgum, as he smiled and waved as she led her son along, the boy tearing off the wrapper and licking up the candy.

"Okay, now then. We're almost to Hydronation's area, so we can circle around and head back." Fatgum turned about and he perked up. "Oh, heya Nighteye!" He jovially exclaimed, as all three teens turned. Nighteye?

True enough, a man with dark green hair with gold stripes in a plain gray suit was approaching with a stern look upon his features. "Fatgum, good afternoon. On patrol?" He asked, under his arm was a bag, with it labeled 'Hero Hot Topic' brazed on the side. Momo quirked an eyebrow. What would this rather serious looking salaryman be doing there?

"You bet! Got new sidekicks with me too on a work study." The man had his hands on his hips. "What's up? I figured you would be busy cracking some kind of super special case than out an' about. What are you doing around here? You're usually the type to do serious video-calls or phone calls."

"I was in the area for a personal errand. That said, this is an opportunity to talk in person. I am in need of your services, and the cooperation of your sidekicks as well." Nighteye replied, pulling out a card from his chest as he held his bag low and Momo was able to catch a glimpse of some kind of fluffy, red, blue and white blanket.

"You will be rightfully compensated by the Safety Commission." He handed it to the taller man "All of you would."

"Well now, guess we're being called upon for a big time operation." Fatgum grinned. "So, you guys down for some legit government work? Knowing Nighteye, there's some villains that need a taking down."

Kirishima grinned ear to ear, punching an open palm of his own. "Oh trust me, I've been dying for this!"

"I will do what needs to be done, to help others." Amajiki replied, as Momo nodded.

"You can count on us sir." She said. Fatgum beamed, grinning.

"Well, you can count us in." He looked down at the card, Nighteye staring back like a statue. "So, where we meetin' up at?"

"Oh wow is that an All Might blanket!" Kirishima exclaimed, suddenly, interrupting.

The group froze.

Nighteye turned and looked Kirishima dead in the eye.

"Yes." His voice was utterly and completely flat.

He adjusted his glasses. "It's handcrafted"


"So, can we see her?" Rumi asked, still in her hero costume, as she stood beside Shizune in the hospital lobby.

"Of course. She has been asking for you." The nurse said. "She's on the fifth floor, room 534."

"Thanks," Rumi turned down towards the elevator, beginning to walk towards it before she spoke to her assistant. "Thanks for coming by on this too. I… I could use a bit of help."

"In what?" The girl with the racoon tail asked as they got inside, and it was the two of them alone as they began their slow ascent.

"Talking to kids." Rumi replied. "You grew up in a big family right?"

"Middle child of seven kids, yea."

"So yeah, you'll probably be better at this than me.

"This is the first time I've seen you be worried over someone in a while." Shizune replied with crossed arms, smirking lightly. Thankfully, the elevator came to their stop and they departed, walking down the hall to find Room 534 as they walked past doctors, patients, and nurses. "But yeah, to answer your question Mirko," she said, looking up to the white haired woman. "Just be nice and well, polite. Patient too. So… kind of everything you're not in some ways."

"Oh fuck off." Rumi smirked as they approached the door. Room 534 which… had some men in suits in front of it. "Oi." She remarked, eyes narrowed as they turned. "Who the fuck are all of you here?"

"Ah, Mirko-san." One of the men said. "We're with the HPSC on orders from Sir Nighteye to keep watch." The suit replied as Mirko crossed her arms over her chest.

"That right huh? Suddenly your boss gives a shit?"

"Mirko…" Shizune remarked, trying to urge the white haired woman not to start anything.

"That aside," Suit Two stepped aside. "The young lady has been asking for you specifically. "

Mirko snorted, marching past the man and taking a look at his ID number. She'd check it the second she had a free moment to do so.

Opening the door she recognized, distantly, that she hasn't been inside hospitals in a long while; ever since she turned Pro actually.

As soon as she walked in Eri turned, perking up when she caught sight of her. Rumi saw her, getting out of the wide bed and trotting over. She was cleaned up, new bandages along her arms and legs, and had a floral gown as she hugged the rabbit-eared woman's muscular legs.

"Heya Girl." Rumi said, beaming with a smile as she pet the kid on the head. "You been doing ok?" She asked as she walked with the child deeper into her room. She can hear Shizune walk on inside as she looked down, noticing Eri perk up at the sound of another person walking in.

"Hiya Eri-chan…" Shizune murmured, and the girl seemed to shrink, hiding behind Mirko's legs, looking like a nervous puppy. "It's ok. I'm a friend of Mirko's here."

The girl said nothing, looking up to Mirko who smiled back, her red eyes soft and comforting. "Yeah, Shizune here has been friends with me for years. You can trust her like you do me, okay kiddo?"

" …okay… " The white haired girl murmured softly. The tanuki-eared and tailed woman chuckled, smiling warmly up at Mirko.

"So, whatcha been doing the last day or so?" She asked, seeing the TV playing some kids' cartoons. Seems Doraemon is up in space this time around.

Longest running TV show of all time that Doraemon.

"Just… doctors visiting. They're nicer than the other ones," Eri replied as Shizune's ears perked up. She seemed to be frowning still…

"You mean… the ones you had with that bad man?" Mirko asked.

Eri ducked her head, it was all the answer she needed.

Rumi placed a hand atop Eri's much smaller one, grasping it softly. "Hey, Eri. Look at me." She said softly but firmly as the girl looked up, red eyes looking into red eyes. "That guy- Overhaul isn't going to do a thing to me. And trust me, if he did," She put a thumb against her chest. "I'll be the first one to kick his aaaaaaaa-" She paused, seeing the cross look on Shizune's face.

"-Aaaaaall over the place!" She salvaged it. "He and the men with him won't ever bother you again."

"...You promise?" Eri asked, eyes full of hope. And Rumi couldn't help but smile back, feeling Eri's hand grasp onto her's.

"Promise kiddo. So, enough of that, wanna watch some TV together? Or draw somethin'?" Rumi asked.

… can we draw a little before the doctors come back?" Eri asked sullenly. "They said they… wanna put me through an 'Em-Are-Eye'. Is… it safe?" She said nervously.

"They're as safe as can be Eri-chan." Shizune replied warmly.


It was getting late when Izuku arrived at Shinjuku, exiting the car in his Deku costume as he gazed up and out. Being back in the heart of Tokyo, the center of one of the busiest cities in the world, made the boy look in awe. Even seeing blimps carrying All Might's face as he was advertising some kind of hair gel product…

"This takes me back…" Peter mused, walking beside him in his Spider-Man attire as the green haired boy turned.

"You've been here before?"

"Yeah under… you know." Peter shrugged, looking to the side as Izuku winced, understanding.

He looked back, seeing Mt. Lady, Edgeshot, Death Arms, and Kamui Woods leave the car as Edgeshot gave the keys to the valet. Before them, the twin-towering Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building loomed large.

"I don't see why I had to sit in the very back." Arms grumbled under his breath.

"Oh relax big guy you'll be fine. We didn't spend a lot of money for that big van anyway." Mt. Lady replied with a little elbow to her taller co-worker. "Come on, let's head inside." They walked along, through the business entrance, seeing several other employees of the building look their way. They entered the lobby of the Metropolitan and saw a blue skinned girl in white attire perk up.

"Oh! Lurkers agency?" She asked, trotting up to them and smiling. "I'm Bubble Girl, Sir Nighteye's sidekick. The meeting information is on this card." She exclaimed, handing Edgeshot a card.

He looked down at it, Izuku and Peter falling beside him to inspect it. "Alright, let's go." He led the way, the boys following behind them with Mt. Lady, Kamui and Arms.

"Why the secrecy?" Death Arms mused.

"Must be a big operation…" Kamui added.

Lady and Peter were quiet as they followed along, heading into an elevator and Edgeshot pressing on a button. The ride was quiet save for the pleasant music inside.

The elevator came to a stop and they all departed, turning down the hallway and towards a conference room as they stepped inside. It was a bit large, with a large oval-shaped table and plenty of chairs. There were many other heroes gathered already.

"Yo Midoriya! Ace!" Said a voice as Izuku perked up, and Kirishima was trotting towards them, with Momo walking from the rear. "Looks like you two got recruited too huh?"

"'Sup Kirishima." Peter replied, fist bumping him. "Heya Momo."

"Peter-san." Momo greeted lightly, smiling slightly in turn.

"Small world." Added another voice and Izuku turned, and it was Shoto who was walking towards them!

"Lemme guess, Nighteye or one of his guys came to you?" Kirishima asked, glancing Shoto's way.

"The old man got approached by Nighteye's sidekick." Shoto shrugged as Izuku looked behind Shoto, seeing Endeavor standing off to the side, not bothering to socialize as he noticed Fatgum and Edgeshot talking. The green haired boy perked up… there were so many heroes here! The Number Two Hero Endeavor, the BMI Hero Fatgum. The Lock Hero Ro-

Izuku felt an elbow nudge him gently to the side, and Peter was lightly smirking with a quirked eyebrow. Shoto stood as deadpan as usual, with Momo looking amused and Kirishima blinking.

"Mumbles?" Izuku blushed deeply, looking to the side.

"Mumbles." Peter chuckled good naturedly. "Still, seems like Nighteye isn't gathering all of us here just to have a potluck…"

"A… potluck?" Shoto asked, looking visibly confused.

"Oh, its-"

The door opened, revealing three new heroes. The first was Nighteye, All Might's former sidekick, pushing up his glasses as he took a spot at the end of the table. Walking by him, Aizawa Shouta was present too. He turned towards the group, giving the barest of nods when Kirishima waved before focusing on the group ahead

And behind him, was someone that made Peter stiffen slightly.

Mirko walked in


Of all the people…

Peter felt a knot grow in his stomach that was tightening as Mirko's ears folded lightly.

"So that's Mirko in person huh… man, she's got more manly thighs than some gym guys I know of…" Kirishima murmured. "She must be super strong!"

"Kirishima-kun?" Momo spoke. "Never say that again please."

"What, I was complimenting her." The redhead defended himself, and Momo's palm smacked solidly over her forehead.

"Now then, it seems that a majority of the people have arrived.." Nighteye stated as he walked to the front. Mirko meanwhile planted herself on a chair, very obviously not looking at him.

Yu stared hard at her, however making Peter nudged her. "It's fine." He half whispered, half pleaded.

But still, why the hell was Mirko here? Her whole deal was hating teammates.

"Thank you all for coming." Nighteye began. "Now then, I'll cut to the chase. I've gathered you all here for a special operation to take place during the coming week. The Yakuza have an organization called the Shie Hassaikai, lead by the villain known as Overhaul, that are known for trafficking in drugs and various contraband." He explained "They have recently been tied to the creation of a drug that is known to nullify quirks in the form of a bullet." The slide behind him changed, displaying a small red bullet with a tiny needle inside. "These have not been widespread in the black market, but they are slowly growing. Thus, we need to nip this problem in the bud. Because if this spreads, it could result in a villain resurgence unlike anything we have seen."

"How have they been distributing this weapon?" Endeavor asked. "I have been in touch with many underworld sectors, but I've come up with very little concrete information beyond rumor."

"They have been keeping it very low, off the net. Likely via word of mouth. Gangsters knowing gangsters and knowing lower ranked thugs," Aizawa added.

"A fair assessment Eraserhead." Nighteye surmised. "Thanks to… recent developments, the Hassaikai have hit a little snag in the production of this drug laced bullet, which we have dubbed the Quirk Killer." He tapped on the next slide. "At this moment in time, they are vulnerable. Weakened. And due to said developments, we are going to take the fight to them to neutralize this threat before it can grow beyond our ability to contest."

"So we're gonna take part in a raid huh? What's the specifics?" Fatgum asked.

"You'll be divided into teams." Nighteye said as the next slide appeared. "The Hassaikai have countless branches across the country, but those are storehouses and way stations for their little underground railroad. Thus," The slide displayed as 'Assault Team', with various heroes pictures directly under the label.

Peter noticed a few familiar faces, like those older kids that helped them on the Exam. Togata, Amajiki, and Hado.

"This will be the main force assaulting the main headquarters of the Hassaikai. They have a compound based in the suburbs of the Jionoshi Ward." Nighteye elaborated. "With cooperation from law enforcement, we will storm their compound, arresting and apprehending anyone who resists until the last Yakuza organization in Japan has been brought to heel." Peter took note of the assault team. Nighteye, the older trio, Endeavor, Fatgum, Rock Lock, and others.

But still, why the hell was Mirko here? Her whole deal was hating teammates and being a solo lone wolf, and here she was taking part in an operation that demanded teamwork at every level. Peter rubbed his head through his mask.

"The raid on the base in question will be led by Endeavor and his agency in conjunction with Eraserhead and Edgeshot. Given both of their experience in handling sting raids of this magnitude, they will be backed up by the agencies of Fatgum and Rock Lock. I also have word that the Ryukyu Agency will be assisting as well. She was unable to make it today due to a crucial mission in Hokkaido, but is wrapping it up today." Nighteye adjusted his glasses. "Mt. Lady will be providing immediate backup in conjunction with her colleagues Kamui Woods and Death Arms. In case anyone escapes, you will be the last line."

"You can leave it to us." Kamui Woods said on the spot, Arms nodding while Mt. Lady looked at the screen and understood her role.

Peter saw movement out of the corner of his eye, seeing Momo raise her hand. "Yes?" Nighteye asked, hands behind him.

"Sir, I'm wondering, you stated the roles for most of the Pro Heroes here. I am curious as to what our roles will be."

"That should be obvious kid," Rock Lock cut in, the dark skinned man giving her a scowl. "You really think we'd send teenagers to the frontlines of a Hero Raid on a dangerous villain group hideout underground? Use some of that common sense here."

"She was only asking a question dude." Peter contested, angry at the jab towards her.

"No, it's a fair one." Mirko cut in, glaring daggers. "Gotta know where some people are, right?" She asked, Peter hoped his mask hid his cringe.

"Lay off, why don't you?" Yu bit back, and the bronze skinned woman blinked.

"I'm sorry, who the fuck are you again?" She asked in the most bored matter of fact fashion. Yu glared right back.

"Mt. Lady you ass-"

"Enough, both of you." Endeavor cut in, Mirko looking at him with one eye while Yu glared at him. "We're here to discuss a dangerous assignment to remove criminals from our streets. Not fight like children."

"Sure thing Silver Medal-san." Mirko drawled, and Endeavor glared daggers into her, the temperature rising as Shoto sighed.

"May I continue." Nighteye said, tone clipped and sharp as Peter can feel his eyes bore into each and every one of them. "...Thank you. Now, as to answer Creati's query, the sidekicks involved will be taking part in a less dangerous, but by no means less important assignment.

"The Provisional Heroes Spider-Man, Deku, Creati, Red Riot, and Shoto will be tasked in protecting what we are dubbing the asset. And they will do so, under the watchful eyes of Mirko."

"The fuck?!"

"Something up Mirko?" Rock Lock turned, the tanned woman looking surprised and angry as she looked at Nighteye. And Peter felt his insides lock up and freeze.

She wouldn't blurt it out here would she?!

"Just… why are…" Her eyes looked to Peter instantly, and sighed, clenching the bridge of her nose before glaring back to Nighteye. "Kids being involved with this?"

Goddamnit. Peter sat back in his seat, looking at the ceiling wishing anyone else was in her seat instead.

"Would you prefer them to sit and do nothing?" Nighteye inquired.

"Honestly- Yes!" She ground out, throwing a sideways glare to Peter. He felt Mt. LAdy's hand under the table clasp on his own, and he can see the death glare she was throwing at the rabbit hero as he squeezed back.

"These kids," Spoke a voice as Peter turned, seeing Edgeshot sitting calm and composed, while Izuku sat with a worried glance. "Have been in more dangerous situations than most of us when we were their age, both in school and out. Their track record, barring very few instances, has proven their reliability." The ninja answered her easily.

Mirko's ears folded back, burning holes in the ninja with her eyes. Edgeshot didn't even blink.

"My son will be more than capable in guarding whatever this Asset may be." Endeavor spoke, arms crossed. "As would Yoroi Musha's disciple." Peter can see Momo perk up, eyebrows raised.

"And Red's as tough as they come!" Fatgum added.

"Mirko." Nighteye looked over to the two heroes, the dark skinned woman perking up. "I know you prefer working alone, but can I trust you can bear working with UA's best up and comers for the course of a half a day?" There was silence as she sat back in her chair, crossing her arms.

"... Tch. Whatever." Mirko huffed.

"I am a bit curious though; why is someone of Mirko's capabilities doing on defense instead of offense." Edgeshot asked. His tone was genuinely curious more than anything else.

"Because she has experience with the Asset." Nighteye answered, seemingly content with the rather vague explanation.

"Where is the raid taking place, and where are we defending?" Mirko asked. "Depending on what goes down, I could cross country hop fast."

"We… have tracked the Hassaikai's main headquarters in Jionoshi Ward, as explained earlier." Nighteye explained. "The Asset will be transferred to Kawasaki, to the south near the coast. We have a safehouse there at Kawasaki Kyodo Hospital and it's well defended. It will also fool the Hassaikai into thinking they are around Tokyo."

Mirko paused, thinking long and hard as Peter saw a map come up in his HUD. It's sixteen miles from each other.

"That'll work, I guess." Mirko mused. "If you need help back up in Jionoshi, I can hop over there in ten minutes." She had a sideways glance at Nighteye however.

"Very well. We will reconvene tomorrow. The sidekicks will fall under Mirko's command. Endeavor, you and I will work closely for the main assault team."

"Understood." The red haired hero replied. Nighteye nodded.

"We're adjourned."

Soon all the heroes got up from their seats, Peter seeing Mirko depart.

"Come on Pete," Yu whispered. "You coordinate with your friends." She placed a hand on his shoulder. "Don't bother with her, she wants to act like a lone wolf, let her." She uttered under her breath. "Swear to god I will fucking punt her ass to Guam." She bit out through gritted teeth.


"I mean it." She whispered back. "You had good reason doing what you did back then."

"Still messed up." Peter uttered, sighing. "Went about it all wrong then."

"After she was being an utter cu-"

"Can we talk about this later please?" Peter interrupted her, pleading with the giantess hero, and the blonde woman sighed, smiling as she squeezed Peter's shoulder.

"You're too nice for your own good, you know that?" She mused with a soft smile. "Why the hell are you stuck working with her again?"

"We'll know more tomorrow." Peter whispered. "As will you, on that last one." Talking more on his mistakes… just another tally to why he has become such a screw up.

"I guess" She patted his back. "Meet you and Deku by the car?"

"Sounds good." He saw her walk towards Edgeshot. He saw Izuku and nodded, and the two walked down the hallway and towards the lobby.

"I'm gonna set up a group chat with Karen and our group." Peter whispered, and true enough, he can see a text window.

"Alright then boys and girls. Anyone excited for the upcoming mission?" Karen asked, and Peter saw Izuku look to his phone.

"You bet I am!" Kirishima wrote. "Although I wish we could catch some of the action though."

"That would be implying the villains would know where the Asset is." Shoto replied.

"Let's hope for the best and pray for the worst." Momo added

"Kk" Kirishima. "Oh! We will need a team name."

"Of course." Momo.

"Got it." Shoto.

"Sure thing." Izuku said from the side as they waited by the car.

"So… first official hero mission as sidekicks, and we're on guard duty in the rear." Peter shrugged.

"Could be worse." Izuku smiled. "They could have told us we weren't involved at all."

Peter huffed out a laugh. Most people would have seen that as 'good' not 'worse'.

Guess a bit of crazy comes with the job.


Despite how the years flowed, even an immortal felt every single second pass as time rolled on. With age came patience, but even for one that had seen world orders come and go, the drag got to all minds. The tick of the clock, the feeling of knowing with a dozen different senses that things were fading faster than they could be replenished brought everything to stark clarity.

The fragility of life, it came even to him, a Demon Lord.

He knew that it would, some part of him at least. It was a planned outcome, one of the first that he invented after his brother went away with One for All.

For everything to come crumbling down just because the head of the snake was cut off?

That wouldn't do, it couldn't.

The festering evil, the hatred of the world and its societies, it required enough foresight to foster and develop even in the lightest of days.

One came from his successor, another, his organization, and the last, came from his legacy. The one that pulled the strings, that made the choices, that shifted the world from the shadows. It was his right and his burden, as the true leader of the League, to make sure everything was set.

Even now, he observed the good doctor's work through senses beyond sight. The new High-Ends were coming in nicely, Tomura had attracted a great many villains, and through them, taking the drudges of society and putting them to good use. Their quirks were perfect for the evolution of their greatest soldiers.

It had been quite some time since the doctor was so excited to work with a new batch of quirks, his elation was almost infectious as All for One kept a near constant grin on his face as he heard the reports.

And, his successor's plans.

"And then, I'll take the Nomu and smash them into the ground!"

"A brilliant strategy," All for One commented.

He'd listened to the different ways that his successor would destroy those that would oppose him for the last half hour at this point. A wonderfully delightful conversation. Every second, the hatred in young Tomura grew, and the copy of his namesake within him grew too.

It was almost perfect. The madness, the need to destroy and crack, it reminded All for One of himself in his younger years.

"But you must wait," All for One continued, "If you simply destroy them in one blow, the rest will scatter and they will know what you can do. You must play your hand correctly, each choice leading your enemies to the perfect moment where you can finally annihilate them."

The groan came through the receiver.

"But that's what you always say. Waiting and waiting and more waiting! When is anything going to happen!?"

Soon, more than likely.

But there would need to be something that sated the boy, something to continue his lust for revenge and his desire for destruction.

"In time, everything will come to you if you simply let it," All For One said slowly, "Watch the way the underworld moves, and how the heroes that we fight against respond to it."

One more groan came through.

"Back to the NPC's and posers? Why waste time on those losers?"

"Because despite being NPCs, they will be the citizens in your army," All For One explained, "The cattle for you to move and pieces for you to position as you would any of your actual player characters. Numbers is a power in and of itself."

He leaned back in his chair, letting the grin come through even as more pieces behind him split and broke on themselves to create new and better pieces.

"So watch with me, Tomura, and as you watch, you will see your chance. And those who wronged you… will fall by your hand."

"... Fine."

Ah, would you look at that?

You could teach a mad dog tricks. You simply dangle the right bait before him.

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