It was late by the time Peter and Yu got back to the flat, the two dressed in their civilian attire with their hero costumes being tended to by the Lurker's costume department.

"Okay." The blonde woman set down her keys on the rack as the boy went to the couch and plopped down. "Back there, you said you did everything wrong." She sat down beside him. "You went after that serial killer and did the right thing; we've been over this Peter. She's just being a bitch."

"It's not… what I did Yu. It's how I did it." He groaned, burying his face into his hands as the woman looked on sympathetically. "I wish…"

"You wish what?" She asked, walking over to the couch.

"I wish things had… been different." He uttered lightly. "I keep screwing things up."

"You haven't been screwing up Peter, you-"

"I kinda have." He answered. "My internship, The sports festival. The Nomu." Bitter tears stung his eyes. A broken, pained smile struggled to find its way onto his face. He let out a strained laugh, smiling wryly, yet the grin was full of self-reflective anguish. "I couldn't even get a fucking glove off in time. What good am I if I can't even do that, with my idol right beside me and the strongest wizard in the universe and-"

He was silenced by an embrace, and Yu's eyes started to tear up as well, leaning forward before she wrapped her arms around him. "It's okay Pete."

"When I saw Mirko again I… I just see every one of my mistakes staring me right in the face." Peter declared, muffled into her shoulder.

Yu was silent, embracing him as she leaned in… and planted a kiss on the side of his head. His eyes widened.

"Look at me." She said softly after a moment, her eyes wet with tears too. "I can't even imagine what it was like back in your world or what you had to go through, but you're here now. Our school days are meant for mistakes to happen, so we can grow from them and become, well, mature and responsible adults ya know?"

He remembered Izuku, the scared scrawny kid who could barely control his quirk, now a capable friend. Shoto, the one who was so sour but mellowed out into a decent guy. Eijiro and his neverending enthusiasm and machismo that would have made any New Yorker proud. And Momo…

All the others in Class A he had worked with. Mina. Mezo. Fumikage. Tsuyu…

"I don't wanna start over…" Peter sighed. "I just… I need to… to… make things right. "

Yu blinked. "With Mirko?" She shook her head. "You don't have-"

"I think I do." Peter stated. "I… Even if it doesn't change anything I have to at least try. That's what it should be about right? Trying to do the right thing?" Peter ran his hands through his hair.

Yu fell silent. She took a deep breath and looked at the wall for a bit. "Well, you're a better person than me Peter. I've never forgiven her for using me as a springboard back in our school days."

Peter blinked. "Springboard?"

"Yeah, first Sports Festival. During the marathon run, she just used my face as a springboard to propel herself into first place while I fell back into the contestants." Yu uttered. "Thankfully we had a professor back then who turned the entire ground pretty much into mud… and I wound up not making the final cut." She shrugged. "Did not help my interview prospects in my freshman year, to say nothing of all the cracks on social media."

He couldn't help it. The mental image of Yu's giant bum crashing onto a gaggle of gaping students tugged a smile from his lips. She saw it, and smacked him on the shoulder.

"It's not funny!' She protested.

It was absolutely hilarious.

"No it's not-" He tried to agree.

She smiled, even as she said the next bit. "Liar." She gave him another hug, this one he returned.

After a moment, they separated, and Yu looked at him sympathetically.

"You know…" She began. "My parents left me… when I was a little girl. All because of my quirk."

Shock cut through Peter like a knife.

Yu had never spoken about her parents. He assumed they were dead but-

"What?" He breathed.

She shook her head smiling softly. "When you showed up… literally crashing into my life-" her laugh was watery when she let it pass her lips. You put me through a wringer. Like," she laughed. "Gee Yu, how can you raise, feed, and teach a kid when you haven't even got your own shit together." She said in an overly deep voice. She paused, and smiled right at him. "Turns out I didn't have to teach you much… You were the one being a good example for me."

"That's not true!" He protested.

"You did." She cut him off with a firm nod. "Honest to god." She winked. "Don't tell anyone," She cringed, but smiled as she shrugged and looked back at him. "-but I was a bit of a slob before you came along."

He snorted out a laugh. "You were huh? Never woulda guessed, with how I needed a web hammock to sleep on, over that mess of a guest bed."

"Yup." She continued, playing it straight. "Held grudges, took advantage, flirted my way to some free meals and everything. Real shining example of a hero right there."

She paused, smiling softly. "You made me better Peter. And you keep proving that every day. So don't beat yourself up over a mistake or two. We all make 'em. I thought I was one for the longest time… but you proved me wrong." She cupped his cheek. "That I'm not a fuck up."

Peter could only stare, jaw agape like a fish.

"Yu… I…"

"So-" She continued over him, "-if apologizing to Mirko is what'll make ya feel better." She took a deep breath, and looked at him square in the eye. "Then go for it. Talk to her. But be assertive about it. Knowing that bitch, it'll be the only way she'll listen."

"Yeah." He said, nodding though not quite looking forward to that part. "Yu?"


"Thanks for…" He paused, unsure of what else to say.

"…Anytime Pete." Yu said, smiling warmly. Her eyes drifted to a nearby clock. "It's getting a lil late, but I can make us some homemade ramen."

Peter perked up "It's not cup ramen, is it?"

"Oh no, legit good ramen. Like with the egg and some pork." Yu ruffled his head as she stood up. "Karen's been showing me videos on how to make it properly!"

Karen chimed in through the phone speaker. "Yet somehow you burnt the water last time."

"Shush you!"

He couldn't help it, he laughed. "I'd love some of your ramen Yu."

"Go take a shower" She smiled. It'll be ready when you come out."


Yu remained silent as she heard Peter enter the shower, even as the water began to pour over the pot.

"Yu, you seem to have enough water to-"



"Just… gimme a moment." Yu sniffled, rubbing her eyes as she took a deep breath. Her chin began to quiver, her eyes got wet, and she began to breathe heavily.

"...Deep breaths Yu."

"I know I know I…" Yu shook her head before setting the pot down. She grabbed a towel and began crying into it and just letting the tears flow.

All her life she thought she was just a screwup due to her quirk. Her parents dumped her because of it, and she'd had to deal with that all her life.

And then along came a spider from another world that changed everything.

Yu continued to sob, sniffling into the towel as she looked up, smiling.

'You will make one young lady the happiest girl on Earth, Peter Parker… just like what you've done to me… ' Yu thought as she collected herself before patting her cheeks. "Okay! Time to cook!" She ran over, grabbing the green onions from the kitchen and chopping them up. That way Peter won't think she was crying over something like that. Yeah! Over onions, that'll work!

"Yu?" Karen spoke.

"Yeah?" Sniffled Yu as she reached for the cabinet, grabbing some spices.

"Thank you. For being there for Peter. I cannot be there in person to give physical comfort, but for you to do so means a lot."

Yu paused, gulping as she closed her eyes. She took a deep breath.

"If I hear another compliment I… I'm just not gonna get this done and I'll be… a weepy bitch, so just…"

"Want me to send you something over your phone then?" Karen asked. "You can check it whenever you like. I'll even add some emojis if that'll help with the crying."

"That'll work… Thanks Karen. You're the best roomie ever, you know that?"

"Of course Yu."


"Thank you Mrs. Midoriya for inviting Melissa and I on such short notice." Yagi said with a big grin, the skinny skeletal looking man sitting at Izuku's dinner table.

He and Melissa had been invited by his Mom to come over to dinner as a o 'surprise' for Izuku after he had returned back from the Lurkers Agency. Inko was beaming, engaging with the man as Melissa ate her meal. Izuku however could do little to hide his bashfulness.

Even after a year and a half of being his successor, eating with the Symbol of Peace was still so surreal.

"It's not a problem at all. I'm happy to have guests over. Gives me motivation to clean the house and spruce it up." Inko said, the plump woman serving chicken katsu as Izuku grinned. His favorite dish. "So Izuku, how was your first day at the Agency you're working at?"

"Oh, it went well." He said, one eye gazing at Toshinori who ate from his rice. He had two bowls in front of him at Inko's insistence, given his ultra-skinny frame. "In fact, we have an important mission tomorrow. We're working with a bunch of other agencies." Yagi perked up as did Inko.

"Well, I hope it's not anything too dangerous." Inko mused with light worry written on her face.

"Some of that comes with the job, but don't worry. They're placing me and the team I'm in far away from where the action is." Izuku replied. "I… can't really say too much else. You know, hero stuff."

"I understand. Just don't rush into danger if you can avoid it, okay?" Inko chided.

"I know Mom." Izuku said, blushing lightly "I'll be careful."

"I know, I know!" Inko sighed. "I just worry, that's all."

"If you didn't, that would be a bit concerning." Yagi said with a bit of humor. Inko blushed as the man beamed.

"That's a nice little segue actually." Melissa set her chopsticks down and smiled at Izuku, adjusting her glasses. "Hey Izu, I got something for ya." She got up and went over to a backpack that she had brought. Izuku cocked an eyebrow while Yagi grinned.

"It's been something she's been working on while at All Might's." Yagi explained as Melissa returned with a small box.

"What is it?"

"Open it." Melissa grinned from ear to ear. "It's my final project actually." Izuku perked up, taking the small black box and opening it. A small red watch-like device rested within. "Just wrap it around your wrist."

He obliged, Inko looking on in interest as Yagi sat back with crossed arms, smiling confidently. Izuku placed it on his right wrist. "Do I press the center button right there?" He asked. The blonde nodded and Izuku did so.

The red watch glowed before it extended all around Izuku's forearm as the boy yelped in surprise. Melissa giggled as the red armored gauntlet formed. Izuku gazed down in awe.

"Oh wow, this is Micromachine technology isn't it?!" Izuku exclaimed.

"Yep! I call it the Full Gauntlet. I used some of my father's research notes to create an item that can act as a mild Quirk Amplifier." Melissa stated. Inko was gaping like a fish, eyes wide as Izuku looked over it.

"A Quirk Amplifier? How will this protect Izuku though? And has this been tested?" She asked.

"Don't worry, All Might's already tested it himself." Yagi stated. He gave a little wink to Izuku, the green-haired boy grinning.

"So, what does it do? Like, it would amplify his quirk?"

"Izu, try pressing the little button on your right index finger,near the knuckle." Melissa instructed. Izuku looked at his glove as his right thumb felt around for the button.

The material flashed out, nearly a meter wide in diameter. A massive red shield emerged from his wrist and became attached to his lower arm.

"Big guy tried it out himself. I think if he likes it, you'll be pretty good with it too. Just in case you can't dodge, block." Melissa stated. "Can stop gunfire pretty easily and even block some explosives."

Izuku looked in awe at the device. He stood up, looking it over as he handled it. "Amazing…"

Melissa looked as proud as could be. Izuku stood there, holding the micromachine shield carefully. "Oh, I only wish I could do more than cook to repay you and Mr. All Might." She looked guilty but Yagi waved it off.

"The big guy is a busy man, but I can guarantee you this." He said as he took a sip of tea. "All Might will send his gratitude in due time. " He said with a glance towards Izuku, who blushed under the praise.


"I hope you put that device to good use Young Midoriya," Toshinori said as he walked to the car with Melissa, Izuku guiding them out of the apartment complex towards the sidewalk.

"I will. Though , I'll have to practice with it a little." Izuku looked over to Melissa. "How much power does the Full Gauntlet allow me to use?"

"Well, using it on Uncle Might here," Melissa said, as they were outside at night with little in the way of eavesdroppers. "His Quirk rating seemed to spike up by about fifteen percent or so. How much can you control?"

"About Twenty Percent. But if that's true… I will be able to wield and utilize thirty-five percent!" Izuku said as Toshinori walked around to the driver's end.

"That's the jist of it. That said, don't rely on this too much. The Shield will help protect you, but be sure to use it only if you have to." Toshinori got inside, looking over to Izuku. "It's not a crutch."

"You got it." Izuku nodded, causing the skinny man to smile lightly.

"Alright then." He sighed before he turned back to the green-haired boy. "By the way, what kind of mission are you doing tomorrow anyway? For such a short turnaround, it must be a big operation."

"Yeah, well…" Izuku pondered, no doubt wondering if he should tell him.

"It's Uncle Might Izuku, it's fine. Heck, I bet he can even come by to help too. The more the merrier!" Melissa suggested as Toshinori blinked.

"I suppose so." Izuku mused. "Well, we are going to raid a Yakuza crime base." Toshinori perked up.

"Wait, there's STILL Yakuza around?" He asked, surprised. "Huh, I thought I had cleared them all out back in the day…"

"Well, they're still doing business apparently. They're making some kind of Quirk-erasing bullet that they plan to sell on the black market." Izuku said quietly. The blond man took it all in, musing over such an idea.

A bullet that can erase or nullify quirks in whatever they hit? That… could make seismic changes to society if that were to ever make it outside of Japan.

Toshinori gripped the steering wheel. "I see. And the HPSC is organizing a raid to get this off the street huh? Who's the one in charge of this? I got some pull in there, maybe I can help."

"Oh, well it's Sir Nighteye. He recruited Ende-"

"NIGHTEYE?!" Toshinori squawked, blood squirting from his mouth as Melissa jolted up and looked at him. He coughed a bit, wiping his mouth. "He's leading this operation?"

"Yes he is, why?" Izuku asked as Toshinori used his handy handkerchief to clean his face.

"Did something happen between you two?" Melissa asked as the older man leaned back against his car seat.

"We had… a falling out." Toshinori replied. "I asked him not to use his quirk on me under any circumstances and… he did so." Melissa and Izuku perked up.

"Wait, what did he see?!" Izuku asked, looking horrified while the blonde man looked back at him with his sunken black and blue eyes. Thinking back on that day when Mirai told him of his fate…

"Nighteye has the power to see the future using his Foresight Quirk. He's able to see the future of whoever he touches, anywhere from an hour to god knows how long." Toshinori ran a hand through his hair. "And suffice to say, neither of us were… pleased to find out my future."

"What… did he say your future was?" Melissa asked, worry written on his face. The man sighed.

"I'd rather not get into it. Midoriya," He turned back to Izuku. "You go get plenty of rest. You'll need it for the operation tomorrow." He focused on the road, starting the car. "I'll keep in touch of course."

"What are you going to do, All Might?" The boy asked as Toshinori gripped the wheel.

"Set things right, one thing at a time. Good night, Young Midoriya."

"Good night All Might, take care Melissa! And thanks again!" Izuku waved, the FG watch still on his wrist as Melissa gave a light wave back.

He drove on as Melissa looked out the window, watching the world pass by.

"I'm gonna drop you off. I'll be out late." Toshinori said as Melissa looked back.

"You're going to see that Nighteye guy, aren't you? But …"

"Melissa, it's fine." He placed a hand on the girl's shoulder and smiled warmly. "Don't you worry about me, okay? Just focus on taking care of yourself."



Maiya didn't stop what she was doing, but she did raise a brow, which was more than what Momo usually got. And well, in for a yen…

She had to ask, with the thoughts that had been circling in her head.

"What was it like, when you first met dad?" Momo forced out.

Her mother paused for a moment before she replied.

"On first glance," she started without too much emotion, "I assumed he was a pathetic, simple man that could barely get through the day without a member of his staff dressing him, cooking for him, and me protecting him."

Momo felt her hopes fall.

"He… couldn't have been that bad."

Then, the rest of the sentence caught up to her.


Maiya nodded, not taking her eyes off of her meal.

"I was tasked with being his personal bodyguard while he went through some more dangerous areas and interacted with more unsavory clients on behalf of his father."

She finally looked up as she finished her steak.

"I had my mother's looks, an invaluable asset for protection detail. No one cared about the pretty young woman that a young bachelor was taking with him. I could always be close to him, save some meetings that were vetted before, and it gave me an easy excuse to be in his bedroom when he finally retired for the day."

Momo felt her cheeks flush at the implication, and Maya nodded.

"That was the thought that most had." the older woman said easily, "It was simple, efficient, best for the mission at hand, and I treated it as such for a time."

"What changed?"

Maiya shrugged.

"The poor fool thought of me as something more than a bodyguard. Took a bullet for me during an ambush. The injury delayed several meetings and lost many more deals. I was gonna get sacked, but your father stood up for me."

She tapped her fork against her plate.

"The words your grandfather called me are not something that I'm planning to repeat, but he was convinced after a while. My opinion of your father didn't change after that, he was still a fool."

She leaned back in her chair, pausing for a moment as her eyes lost focus as she drifted into her memories.

"But… he had a standard to him that he held himself to, something I hadn't realized until that moment, and to this day he hasn't deviated from it. It caught my interest, and then the fool had me in his clutches before I realized it."

Momo didn't know what to say, coughing a little.

"So… did things just… happen?"

Maiya gave her daughter a flat look.

"Were you listening to a word I just said?"

"No no I was, it's just…" Momo stopped, letting out a breath. "It's just, not as detailed as I was hoping for."

"It wasn't a gentle or simple thing, Momo," Maiya said, taking a sip of her wine, "It happened, we took unprofessional risks, and we did what we could when the consequences came for us. You don't need to know anything more than that, more so since your own situation isn't even close to being applicable."

"I don't think-"

"You're far more public than we were," Maiya interrupted, "Any relationship you pursue will be in everyone's eyes, the young, brilliant and powerful scion of an empire that will always be connected to you whether you like it or not. You're on the road to becoming someone who's standards are judged even more harshly than your lessers."

Maiya's brow raised a few notches.

"Have you forgotten that?"

"Of course not!" Momo all but screamed, "But I can't just ignore my feelings, you couldn't! So what should I do?"

Maiya just rolled her eyes.

"Whatever you want."

Momo blinked, and Maya sighed.

"I'm just warning you what you're in for, Momo." She answered. "I didn't care what the world thought of me and your Father getting together. Why would I demand that you be any different?"

She made a point to match her daughter's gaze with her own.

"It won't be easy, you'll have your fears and doubts, but you'll get through them. I have faith."

She leaned back, letting a butler take her plate away from her, dabbing at her lips to get the remains of her meal off them.

"You do?" Momo asked.

"You're my daughter, aren't you?"

Momo felt herself smile.

"Yeah, yeah I am."

And in a rare moment, Maiya smiled. It was a gentle, simple thing that Momo doubted very many people ever got the chance to see. It didn't last long, the stern frown returning as Momo took a drink.

"However, if it's that Parker boy, you'll need to teach him proper dining etiquette before he comes here again. I won't have that New Yorker eating at our table, not with the manners he showed on that plane ride home."

Momo choked, looking up at Maiya incredulously. "He was wounded from fighting those terrorists, you know that! And you didn't have a problem then when he came by and helped me tutor my classmates!"

The chestnut-haired woman raised her glass of tea, eyes closed. "Your father managed even when he couldn't move his arm for a month, and he has nowhere near the training and physicality of the Parker boy as well. If he cannot maintain proper etiquette even under that kind of duress, I can hardly imagine him having a seat at this table in my presence." She chimed, sipping her tea as Momo pouted, looking away with a blush.

"Y-You don't even know who I, well, fancy anyway."

"And that was neither a confirmation nor a denial." Maiya set her glass down. "You are many things daughter," she had a light smirk on her face. "And predictable is one of them."

Momo groaned as Maiya let out the smallest scoff, which sounded like the closest thing to a laugh as the black-haired beauty sipped from her own tea.

Later that night, she would realize that may have been the first time her mother had teased her daughter over her liking a boy.


It was quiet when Enji returned to his home, exiting his car as Shoto did so as well. The ride was silent and uneventful, save for his son texting on his phone a bit.

"Will that be all tonight?" Masuhiro, the Todoroki family driver, asked. Enji looked back at him . Masuhiro was a man in his fifties, gray streaking into his black hair.

"That'll be all. I'll have my agency pick me up tomorrow morning," Endeavor replied. "Take the next few days off."

"Understood sir, thank you sir."

"Hmm." Enji shut the door and turned, allowing Masuhiro to leave towards the garage. Shoto was already inside as Enji followed suit, and he perked up at the aroma of… something cooking.


"Hey Shoto!" His daughter called out from the kitchen. Shoto was already inside, and Enji followed not too far behind. "Hey Dad. I was baking something sweet." She smiled. On the countertop was a batch of freshly baked taiyaki, Fuyumi using a custom waffle iron to make the fish-shaped pastries. "To celebrate Shoto becoming a sidekick under you on your first day and all!"

"Hnn," Shoto replied. "What're the fillings?"

"Red Bean paste, vanilla custard, and Nutella! Take your pick." The dual-haired girl replied. "Whatever you don't eat I'll be taking with me to my students tomorrow."

Enji walked over, taking one and blowing on it a little. He took a bite, and nodded. Custard. "Not bad." He replied, the girl blushed lightly under the praise. Shoto nibbled a little on his own pastry.

"I'll be taking a shower." Shoto replied as he stowed his pastry into a baggie and stored it in the fridge. "Got a big day tomorrow."

"Oh?" Fuyumi perked up.

"Yes, we have a mission for the HPSC. Confidential." Enji replied. "But Shoto and I have important roles to fulfill nevertheless, so we will need our rest. You should rest too, Fuyumi."

"I will Dad," Fuyumi replied. Shoto walked out of the kitchen without a word, and the girl sighed. "He's gotten colder lately… no pun intended." Enji was busy taking his next bite as he turned. "Usually says goodnight and all… Did something happen Dad?" She asked, the young woman looking sullen as she turned towards him.

Enji swallowed and sighed. "No, but I have a feeling about what's bothering him." The man rubbed the bridge of his nose. He could handle Shoto being abrasive towards him, that was old hat.

But to his sister…?

"What is it?" Fuyumi asked, placing the trays on the counter to cool off as she got a plate out and a tong to place the pastries on.

It's that girl, Kendo if he recalled…

"It's complicated…" He murmured. "I'll handle it though." Fuyumi perked up.

"Are you sure? Do you need my-"

"Fuyumi." Enji cut her off. "I know that… you wish for things to be better between us. All of us." He sighed. "None of this is your fault, and it shouldn't concern you. Let…" He paused, looking at his daughter directly. "Let me try and handle this. If I need… assistance. I'll let you know."

"Well, okay." Fuyumi rubbed her arm as she undid her apron. "My door is always open Dad."

"Thank you." Enji said, walking up and patting her on the shoulder. "You go get some rest. I'll clean up the kitchen."

"You sure Dad? I can handle this."

"You've had a long day."

"So have you, most of the time."

"I'm equipped to handle it." The Number Two Hero replied. "You have students to care for and teach. Better to do it without looking tired and worn out."

Fuyumi removed her apron, looking at her confections. "Just place the taiyaki on the plates and put plastic wrap over them when they've cooled before putting them in the fridge."

"Got it." He walked over to where she was standing, using the tongs to place them on the plate.

"Good night Dad, sleep well." Fuyumi said as she stored her apron in the pantry.

Enji took a deep breath. "You too Fuyumi." The woman left without a word, leaving Enji alone in the kitchen as he began to clean it.

Normally he would train in his dojo to relieve excess stress, or meditate. But here, something as… mundane as putting a fish-shaped waffle pastry onto a plate was as boring as it could be.

And it left him with his thoughts.

He reached into his pocket and got his phone out to make a call.

Went to voicemail. She must be asleep by now. He heard the tone.

"Rica?" He spoke. "Tomorrow morning, I want you to look into hiring someone for an internship. I'll send you the necessary information." Enji replied as he ended the call and got to his email app. He began to type to her.

Subject: Intern Prospect

'Look into Kendo Itsuka from UA. Quirk involves big hands. Red hair.

Any questions, call me.


He sent the email, sighed deeply, and resumed his task of placing the pastries onto the plate to cool.


The place looked nice.

Then again, Nighteye always made it a point to keep up appearances. The skyscraper in front of Yagi was something of a small marvel. Placed practically in the center of Nighteye's district, as well as being close to the main thoroughfare of the city section. It was a hub of all the different people going in and out of this part of Tokyo.

He should know, Yagi was there when Nighteye had chosen the building. Though admittedly he didn't hear all of the reasons. Not that Nighteye didn't give plenty, but most of it was buried in the reports and paperwork.

Yagi had been staring at it from his place on the bench for the last half hour.

It was rather blonde man sighed, running a hand through his hair with gaunt, far too thin fingers. The baggy clothes that hung off him made more than one person look at him funny, but they never looked for long.…

Ironic that for all his power, an awkward conversation had effectively stopped him cold.

Well, he probably should get it over with.

With a sluggishness that he'd more than gotten used to, he got up and walked through the front door of the agency. The interior was exactly how he expected it to be, a carbon copy of his old agency building.

He got to the front desk, and the secretary behind said desk. Bubble Girl by the look of her, if his memory of the heroine was right. She glanced up from her duties, and flinched slightly at the sight of him.

"C-can I help you?" she asked.

"I'd like to talk to Sir Nighteye, if he has a moment."

One brow raised slightly, but she typed a few things into her computer.

"Do you have an appointment?"

No, but he'd probably make an exception.

"Tell him Toshinori is here to see him."

Bubble Girl frowned, looking at the man.

"Oh, are you a member of his All Might fanclub?"

It took all of the power of One for All not to spit blood at that statement.

"... yes, I'm a new member, he said we could talk."

'Forgive me Nana, for I have sinned.'

Thankfully, Bubble Girl picked up the phone.

"Yes, sir, there's a Toshinori here to…" she stopped, looking at the phone.

"What?" Yagi asked.

"He hung up."

Almost as soon as the words were said, the door to the stairwell slammed open. Nighteye gave Yagi a critical eye, ignoring the different people in the lobby staring at him. He gestured to the side, and Yagi followed his gaze to the elevator in the center of the wall. The two men wordlessly went to it, stepping in front of someone that was waiting for it as it dinged.

The man, a poor salaryman by the look of him, just stood where he was, letting Yagi and Nighteye step into the elevator alone. Once they were inside, neither man spoke, the elevator music being the only sound to break the monotony.

After a moment, Yagi couldn't take it anymore, covering his mouth with a fist. He coughed, clearing his throat.

"Work seems to be going well."

"There's always something that requires my attention," Nighteye mentioned, adjusting his glasses, but not looking at Yagi at all.

"... same."

Another moment of silence passed between the two men.

"I saw your work with the UA Sports Festival, good work, you prevented a tragedy."

Yagi winced at the memory.

"It wasn't the best day."

"Yes, shame how little your students get along with one another," Nighteye said.

There was a pause, one the former sidekick filled with a sigh.

"Why are you here?" Nighteye asked, folding his arms as he gazed at him with hard eyes.

Yagi blinked a little at the bluntness. Some part of him wasn't surprised, he'd always been straight to the point, but a larger part of him expected to at least get to his former sidekick's office before Nighteye asked that.

"... heard that you were taking part in a raid against the Yakuza."

The former sidekick narrowed his eyes, then let out a sigh as he pinched his nose.

"That brat has no idea how to keep something secret, does he?" He groaned.

"Young Midoriya has kept my secret well enough," Yagi pointed out.

"Midoriya Izuku is a bundle of self-doubt, insecurities and waterworks that would be a parody in a low budget children's tv show." Nighteye dismissed bluntly, "Barely worthy to work a patrol route without supervision much less hold onto the single greatest power the world has seen since before even New Order. Even now I'm still baffled that out of every potential hero, he's the one you chose."

Yagi felt an old rage come up.

"And yet you have him as part of your operation." He growled back.

"I recruited Edgeshot; the fact that Midoriya is part of that agency right now is merely unfortunate timing I assure you." He adjusted his glasses. "Regardless, you're hardly willing to budge so I doubt it's a discussion worth having. I know that firsthand."

"No I'm not. Talk to me about this raid." Yagi requested, trying to steer the conversation back to its origin and not wanting to swat Mirai upside the head.

His former sidekick rolled his eyes slightly.

"A raid you're not a part of, for a very good reason. We're going to be hitting a Yakuza stronghold, and despite your vast power, a two and a half meter tall mountain of muscle dressed in bright blue and red, laughing at the top of his lungs is hardly conducive to stealth."

"Wasn't going to ask to be part of the raid proper," Yagi said, "I'll stay in this form, keep to the side, wherever you need me to cover in case things go south."

For the first time since they got into the elevator, Nighteye turned to look at him.

"Why? Midoriya?"

"Partly." Yagi nodded. Nighteye would know if he lied. It was a dangerous operation, not keeping an eye on the boy would just be needlessly reckless and hopelessly stupid. "But also because of what I've heard about the operation itself. A quirk-erasing bullet could do a lot of harm to society as a whole. It's too important to not ignore or leave to chance."

It was a sound answer, yet his former sidekick didn't buy that was all. Nighteye eyed him, his glasses obscuring his eyes with the refraction of the overhead lighting.

Yagi sighed. "... How many years have we wasted dancing around one another's grievances?"

"The grievances that you insisted on having?" Nighteye asked, the old sneer starting to return. "Ignoring my advice? Bull-rushing ahead despite my warnings? Jeopardizing the future of our society for the sake of your own pride."

Yagi kept himself from gritting his teeth.

"Yes, those same grievances that have saved hundreds of thousands of people during our time together and right now, we can't keep doing it, not with the time that I've got left."

Nighteye raised a brow.

"You're not meant to die yet. You-"

"As the Symbol of Peace," Yagi interrupted. As much as he would love to grill him for seeing his future, now was not the time or place. He didn't come here to reopen wounds. "I've only got about an hour or so left a day, and even that I don't know about."

"And your successor isn't even close to ready."

Yagi didn't say anything, and only felt a little guilty when he nodded his head. As great a successor as Young Midoriya was proving to be… he wasn't anywhere close to ready to fight at the level of All for One.

No one was, no one in Japan at least.

Kathy would come running if he called, he knew she would, she'd promised as much on more than one occasion. And it's entirely possible she could succeed where he had failed.

But even she wouldn't live forever, same as him. And he couldn't risk New Order being within the same timezone as All for One. He shuddered at the mere idea of the Symbol of Fear getting his hands on such a power.

Why, of all times, did the days have to grow long until the next generation *had* to shoulder the burden?

Nighteye's finger tapped against his arm, and the man nodded slowly.

"You'll follow my orders and plans?" the man asked.

"Without question."

The man next to him sighed.

"What I wouldn't give to have heard those words years ago."

The man leaned back against the elevator wall. Neither of them said anything for a few moments, but Yagi forced himself to take a breath.

"It'll be good… working with you again." The aged hero said, looking back at his old sidekick with a light smile. "I mean it."

Nighteye flinched slightly, glancing to the side and hiding his face.

"Yes, yes it will be. That said… I could ask a favor of you." He adjusted his glasses. "How much time can you spend in your true form today?" Toshinori perked up.

"If I had to guess… about fifteen minutes, why?"

And he told him.


"Boss, we got a hit."

Kai, who was busy pacing in his office, perked up. Mimic was seated on the couch, with plenty of laptops and phones arrayed before him. Nemoto was busy coordinating the underlings throughout the hideout for the possibility of moving their most important items.


"The hospital. Several cars are leaving, guess what." Mimic looked up, the tone smirking. "Mirko was spotted entering one."

'Got you.' Kai thought bitterly. "Trail them and make sure you don't lose sight of them for even one second." He ordered. Mimic began typing on the laptop, likely over one of their encrypted chat apps.

"Okay… they're gonna follow now. Gotta be ten cars behind. Thankfully we got other bros who can tail them too."

They had men stationed at several of the hospitals. It seemed that Mirko was lazy enough to drop off Eri at one of the nearest ones.

And so Overhaul waited, and observed as the icons began to move on the map screen, leaving the Endo Ward and towards the main highways.

"Hey boss? I'm getting some readings." Mimic said upon seeing other texts pour in. "Seems some cars from there are breaking away."

"Keep your distance, and follow accordingly. We have multiple cars. Shouldn't be too hard. And tell the other guys at the hospitals to be on standby." Kai added, the dwarf nodding and typing fast to relay the orders. Kai glared at the screen, seeing the icons of his men moving about and taking various exits to differing highways.

"He's trailing Mirko's car." Mimic stated. Overhaul leaned into the sofa, arms crossed as he remained tense.

Maybe now he understood why some men were tense while watching a football match. But this was no game.

His only way to bring the Yakuza back to prominence and, one day, control this country and upend this diseased hero society across the globe… was riding in one of those cars.

More icons of his men began to taper off, no doubt all of them coordinating. One driving, and two passengers working in teams to provide updates.

More men began to trail off…

"Got one more… they're heading south. Past Shinjuku, Hosu, Korosanto…" Mimic mused as Kai narrowed his eyes.

"No fucking way." Mimic uttered, and Kai looked over. "Boss, mind loo-"

"Sure." Mimic was getting overwhelmed. Overhaul took the laptop and his eyes widened.

'One of the guys in the backseat saw All Might leaping across buildings here in Musutafu Ward. Can see one of the cars we tailed.'

All Might was involved?!

"Fuck!" Overhaul cursed and scratched at his cheek, feeling the hives of his stress bubble out.

"What is it?" Mimic asked.

"All Might's escorting one of the cars, it's a fair distance away, but we spotted him." Mimic's eyes widened behind his bird mask.

"Y-You're kidding, I heard he works at UA now, right? Maybe he's just going to the school or something?"

He does yeah…

But at this point, he couldn't leave anything to chance. All Might was the one who brought down the old guard. The King of Shad-

Kai smirked under his mask.

"Mimic, I have an idea." Overhaul got his phone out and began to look through his contacts.

"What's up? Oh, and there's one car left. And it's heading for the southernmost ward." The dwarf said as Kai and him looked away.

"Kawasaki." He said. "Guy swears on his life that it's the one Mirko went in too."

Overhaul felt relief pour over him as he found the right guys to contact in the area… and a new plot began to circulate in his mind.

Out with the old, in with the new as the old saying went.

"Mimic, gather the Bullets. It's about time we go for a little ride." Overhaul said, causing the dwarf to perk up.

"We aren't attacking now, are we?"

"As long as All Might's nearby we can't risk an encounter right now." The black-haired man replied, tapping his beak-mask. "Besides… isn't there a rumor that the ones who responsible for the Hosu Massacre are hiding out in some rundown part of Taison Ward?"

"Wait… you mean…?" Mimic's eyes widened.

"It's about time we had a sit down with our… contemporaries." He looked at his loyal underboss. "I have a plan…"


Mirko sat in the car, a suit from the Commission sitting in the passenger seat in front of her. Beside her, Eri dozed on her arm. Looking down, the white-haired woman stroked the girl's head a little.

She was groggy upon getting out of bed, and was still sleepy.

'Probably the first night of sleep she had without any pain,' Rumi thought to herself. Eri had talked to her and some investigators earlier in the day on what this Overhaul had done.

It made her skin crawl. And it made her angry.

She heard her phone vibrate and reached into her utility belt, pulling it out as the car came to a stop in a back alley behind a business complex with apartments on top. She got out, seeing Shizune on the line.

She noticed that she'd gotten a text. "Give me a minute." She sent as she looked at the agents.

"This is our safehouse." One of the suits said, Mirko couldn't be bothered with their names. "Room is on the key." He handed a keycard to her. "I trust you can watch her for the night? We have other agents stationed in the vicinity."

"I can do that." Mirko said as another suit, a lady one, began to carry Eri bridal style out of the car and towards the complex door. She had her ears twitching…

Yeah, they were in Kawasaki alright. She can hear the waves, and the hospital was close by with the faint sounds of medical machines and ambulances.

"Very good, we have keycards ourselves. We'll get Eri settled in. Have a phone call?"

"Yeah, I'll join ya shortly." The bronze-skinned woman replied as she turned away, seeing them walk into the building and she craned her head up. Up a flight of stairs. "What room?"

"26." One of them replied as Mirko looked down at her keycard.

She turned away, walking into the middle of the alley before grabbing her phone and calling Shizune. "Heya."

"Hey Mirko, so, not going to be back at the firm?"

"Nope. Staying the night with Eri just in case." Mirko replied. "And tomorrow I'll be joined by… the brats basically."

"That's what I wanted to call you about actually." Shizune said over the phone as Rumi leaned against a wall. "Mirko, at some point and time you need to talk things over with Parker."

"Oh please Shizune I-"

"I heard what happened at the meeting. Edgeshot called and told me." The tanuki girl cut her off, and Rumi glared at the wall.

Why couldn't everyone just mind their own damn business?

Fucking tattletale…

"This is an important mission, one YOU signed up on."

"How the everloving fuck was I supposed to know that four-eyed dick would pair Parker with me!?" Rumi almost barked, managing to keep it quiet enough not to disturb Eri.

"Parker made a mistake Rumi. He's a teenager, he's allowed to do that!"

"Mistakes get people killed." She snarled, the answer was automatic, instant. And Shizune's answer was just as quick.

"He isn't Shohei. And last time I checked you made more than your fair share at his age…Tiger Bunny."

She squeezed her phone, hearing the plastic and glass creak under her grip as she breathed hard through her nose. "That's not what this is about."

"Maybe not entirely but it's a big piece." She shot back. "You're one of the first to say screw the rules and do your own thing. Did you have a warrant to grab Eri? Reasonable suspicion that would hold up in court? Or did you just do what you thought was the right thing."

"It's not the same!" She protested. "He-"

"Made-a-mistake" Shizune repeated.

"We've all been there, Rumi. I'm not even saying you have to forgive him but at least talk it out. You're a big enough girl to do that."

"It's getting late. You lock up the office and take the day off tomorrow. I need to be with Eri."

"... Okay. I'll talk to you later. Good night Mirko."

"Night Shizune." She hung up and let out a big sigh. "Fuck." She cursed under her breath as she turned towards the complex and walked inside.


Chisaki stared at the bar in front of him with barely contained disappointment.

"You're positive that this is the place?"

Shin Nemoto nodded, his plague mask going up and down from the front seat of the car. The bar itself was little more than a hole in the wall. Barely able to hold up against any real scrutiny, much less be a business. But then again, even the mighty had fallen after All Might rose to prominence.

But why did it have to be so filthy?

Regardless, Chisaki kept his composure, snapping his fingers and making the group move. From the unassuming moving van, Overhaul and the Eight Bullets walked out. There weren't any civilians on the street, which was more than likely deliberate. It gave them a clear view to walk in.

Overhaul stepped in first, flanked by Rappa at his side, the larger man's bulk practically breaking the doorframe as he stepped through. Rikiya stood outside the bar, ready to barge in if necessary as the rest of his most dangerous Yakuza trailed behind him.

Immediately, he knew that he was in the right place.

Tomura Shigaraki, the villain that led the attack against the heart of hero culture sat at the bar. A drink of something stiff and brown in his hand. He glanced at Overhaul with barely a shred of indifference. The smoky barman was a different story, flinching slightly at the sight of Overhaul and his men.

Several other figures looked on from the booths and tables. One of them stopped the game of darts that they were playing as the last of Overhaul's subordinates came in.

"The sign said no solicitors, assholes." Shigaraki mumbled, taking a long swig of his drink.

Overhaul made a point of scoffing loud enough for everyone to hear.

"I didn't know the great All For One kept an attack dog drugged up in a bar."

There was a flinch, something of a twitch in Shigaraki's eye.

Then, he moved.

He was fast, too fast for that broken and lanky body of his.

Overhaul had a hand out, palm facing him and Shigaraki's palm was going towards his face before the barman managed to even shout something. They lunged for one another, heedless of the reaction and-


The voice made Shigaraki pause, fingers almost touching Overhaul's face. The pause made Overhaul hesitate, almost hitting the boy's clothes.

"Our guests are here to speak, not fight."

Shigaraki scowled, slowly pulling his hand back and giving Overhaul a muted glare. It was inhuman to look at.

It was the kind of look that he'd seen in only a few people. The most desperate, the most willing to destroy whatever foundations they were standing on.

An attack dog indeed.

Overhaul took a step forwards, ignoring Shigaraki, who plopped himself back onto the barstool.

"The man of legend himself, I presume."

"You presume correctly," the voice from the tv said through the static-filled screen, "Forgive this more… lax form of communication between us, but there are issues that I must attend to."

Overhaul scoffed again.

"Are your injuries from All Might so bad that you won't even make deals face to face anymore?"

"I find that a little ironic coming from a Yakuza leader?" the man behind the screen asked, "Tell me, Overhaul, do you consider yourself a competent man?"

The Yakuza man paused, brow furrowing slightly.

"More than most," he admitted.

"Then you simply need to bring up the facts that your competency would have laid bare before you." All for One said simply, "You are a powerful man, stronger than most of the fools and charlatans that call themselves heroes in our day and age. But the fact remains that I have seen men like you come and go so often that even I forget most of their names. You have built an empire, and I have lived dozens of your lifetimes. Even with the gift of your birth, you do not live as long as I have taking risks with no reward."

"So you want to point things out to insult me?" Overhaul said, eyes narrowing at the tv screen.

"Not at all. Simply to put you at ease, why would I throw my army at you when we can work together to achieve what is needed here and now? You've come to make a deal, have you not? Well, I am more than willing to provide."

Overhaul paused.

It was very straightforward and generous, what did he know?

"What have you heard?"

"About you and your operation?" All for One asked, "Little to nothing. I am not so bold to assume that others like yourself would not have ambitions greater than lesser men, so who am I to hold them back?"

"When you should destroy them before they can get above themselves," Shigaraki grumbled, glaring down the Eight Bullets without a trace of fear on his person.

"Perhaps," All for One admitted, almost as if Overhaul wasn't even in the room.

Chisaki felt his blood boil underneath his gloves.

But he held himself back.

No… he needed to play this right, more than anything.

"I've reason to believe that my operation is going to be attacked soon," Overhaul said.

There was a small hum of interest behind the tv screen.

"Then you best control your assets and relocate."

"Not possible,' Overhaul admitted, "Which is why I'm asking for protection, yours in particular."

Make him think that Chisaki is this desperate, this willing to put himself and his operation on the line.

"And what would we be protecting you from?"

"All Might."

Those two words got the reaction that Chisaki was hoping for. Practically every single look turned murderous, and he doubted that he was unaffected. The greatest of the reactions came from Shigaraki, the glass in his left hand shattering under his fingers. The liquid pooled underneath his sleeve.

"I've gotten word that he's going to be a part of the raid team that's going to ruin my business," Overhaul continued, "You delay him long enough for me and mine to get something back from them during the destruction you would no doubt cause, and I'll make it worth your while."

"With what?"

"My quirk," Overhaul said, earning looks of surprise from some of his subordinates, "Whatever damage that All Might did to you that keeps you from speaking face to face, I can repair it in an instant."

"Oh? You're willing to come face to face with me to help me? Quite a change."

"Fulfill your end of the deal and it'll be simple."

A silence reigned over the bar, everyone waiting for the answer.

"Well, that is quite the deal you're giving me," All for One said, tone perfectly even, "I confess, the idea of regaining my former strength is quite tempting. I find myself willing to accept."

Overhaul smiled behind his mask.

It was almost too easy.

"That is, if you add on what you are trying to get back into this little arrangement."

Overhaul's smile fell.

"Why do you want to know? I'm giving you your body, and a chance at All Might, what else do you want?"

"Many things. All Might is a cancer that deserves to be destroyed for my sake and I have every confidence I could remove him with my body restored," All for One said, and Chisaki didn't miss the way that Shigaraki smiled at that.

It was not a nice smile, he'd hesitate to even call it human.

"But despite my own misgivings, I am not willing to simply trust you to keep your end of the deal."

"Do you think I would welch on something as important as this?" Overhaul said, unable to keep the anger out of his voice.

"As I said before, I've seen men like you come and go. Some of them were more than willing to take the chance to destroy me. The fact remains, regardless of my protection or not, I have something more than you in infinite amounts."

"And that is?"

"Time," All for One intoned, "To prepare, to gather strength, whatever you can think of I have limitless time. In truth, I could simply wait for All Might to die of old age if I so felt the urge. The days move as slowly to me as they do any other man, but decades mean nothing to an immortal. I'm more than willing to sit here and wait for you to make the choice. While you don't even have twenty four-hours. I don't know if you even have twelve."

Chisaki's gloves turned to ash in his palms as he growled. Shigaraki cackled like a hyena, as did that blue-haired chick sitting with the flamboyantly dressed one.

Calm down.

"So tell me, Overhaul," All for One said, and everyone in the room could practically hear the smile in his tone, "Why should I give you a few days of my immortality to save your business?"

Chisaki cursed in his head.

He had to say it, not enough to let All for One know everything, but enough to get him interested.

"... they took what was *mine*," he growled. "And when I get it back…"

'I'll unseat you and become the new King of the Shadows, old man.'

"I can share it with you."


The next morning came, and so far, had been going like clockwork.

The teams all gathered at their designated areas and began to move throughout the Tokyo Area, all in specialized vans. Police Forces were notified to prepare surrounding Jionoshi Ward where the Hassaikai Base dwelled.

Peter didn't mind riding in a special helicopter. Especially with his own classmates, as he could see Kirishima looking out the window excitedly. Momo was acting calm and civil, alongside Shoto who had his eyes closed. Izuku was fidgeting a bit. Not that he could blame him, given that this was his first mission as a Provisional Sidekick. Peter would have felt calm. After all, he'd ridden on a spaceship across dozens of star systems once.

It was the impending dread that he was going to need to be with Mirko for the better part of the day that was getting to him instead.

"You doing alright?" Peter heard as he turned, wearing the headset as he saw Izuku looking his way. "You've been quiet."

"I bet this is old hat for Ace!" Kirishima replied cheerfully, almost making Peter forget his anxiety.

"Nah, this is my first time in a helicopter. Although if you can do what I do… kind of makes it a bit boring." Peter shrugged.

"They're taking us to Kawasaki Kyodo Hospital, although why would our safehouse be at a hospital?" Kirishima asked. "Seems kind of weird to me." Shoto opened his eyes.

"That's… a remarkably good point." Peter perked up at the dual-haired boy's response. "If we are defending this Asset, we wouldn't want to get civilians in the crossfire."

"Then it has to be close to the hospital, not on it." Peter added. "That's my two cents."

"Two cents?" Kirishima asked in confusion.

"It's an American thing." Peter shrugged while Momo giggled a little.

"It could be a civilian." Shoto suddenly put forward. "A VIP. Injured maybe."

"Good point." Momo conceded.

"Still! To work under a Top Ten Hero! I'm pumped!" Kirishima exclaimed. "I mean, you guys all worked under them, well, you're even related to one of them." He said, looking Shoto's way as the dual-haired boy gave a light roll of his eyes, but the redhead didn't seem perturbed. "What was it like?"

"I learned a lot under Edgeshot, he's a good teacher." Izuku replied with a smile.

"The same could be said for my experience under Musha-san." Momo added. "How about you Todoroki?" Kirishima asked excitedly.

Shoto grunted, turning to look out the window. Kirishima took the hint.

"And you Ace? I bet learning under Mirko was a blast huh!"

Peter can see Izuku wince out of the corner of his eye as he took a deep breath. Grateful that he was wearing his mask.

"It was." It was a half-truth but still a truth.

"We're coming up on the hospital." The pilot said, and everyone in the cabin perked up as he looked out the window. He can see an intricate series of interconnected, well designed buildings and a helipad atop a hospital. He could even see the Pacific Ocean, and the numerous freighters on it, going to and from Tokyo Harbor.

"Alright! Let's go!" Kirishima said with joy.

"I wish I had your enthusiasm," Momo remarked playfully. Peter couldn't help but smile as the chopper touched down gently and the blades slowed down. The group removed their seatbelts and headsets.

"Good luck out there kids." The pilot said with a light wave as everyone else did so and disembarked from the chopper.


"Okay, so, what next?" Kirishima asked. Momo reached for her utility belt, bringing up a phone and putting in a call as they walked off the helipad. The chopper returned to the air.

"You guys come with me." Said a voice as they all turned. They were about to enter the stairwell to the hospital and make their way to ground level, but they saw Mirko standing several meters away. "Saw your chopper land a minute ago."

Peter took in a deep breath to calm himself, feeling her eyes settle on him as she walked up. "So, you guys know the jist right? I don't need to repeat what that four-eyed stiff said?"

"We help guard and protect the Asset while the raid is ongoing up in Jionoshi." Momo replied.

"More or less. You know who I am, and… I don't know most of ya." Mirko said, arms crossed. "I know Edgeshot's kid, Dedu?"

"It's Deku, ma'am." Izuku corrected.

"Deku, right." She settled on Peter, and he could feel her red eyes piercing him. "I know about you of course." The 'You' had a little edge. Naturally. "And of course, Endeavor's kid. Shoto right?" She asked, looking towards the aforementioned boy.


"You chose your birth name as your Hero name?"

"Yes." Shoto replied blandly. Mirko shrugged.

"'Kay then. How about you two then?" She asked, arms crossing over her bust.

"I'm Red Riot!" Kirishima exclaimed. "My quirk is Hardening an-"

"Sweet, thanks for sharing with the class." Mirko replied, cutting him off. "And you?"

"Creati." Momo replied. "I take you've already familiarized yourself with our quirks?"

"Yeah, I read up on ya." She stuck her gloved hand in her tall rabbit ears and began to clean it without care. "Creati huh, real creative name you got there, how long it take you to think it up, five minutes?" She finally pulled her hand out, flicking a large piece of earwax away. "So you can create whatever you can from like, body fat right?"

"Lipids." Momo corrected, her eyes glancing lightly to Peter in an expression that read 'You interned under her?' And he simply shrugged.

"Right," Mirko said. "Anyways, here's the gist. We are protecting the Asset who is based in the flat across the street from here." She gestured off the building down there. "Now, the Dean has been informed of heroes landing here so just head on through the stairwell and out the back. It's the fastest." She reached into her pocket, pulling out several key cards. "These will get you into the complex above the businesses next door. We're room 26." She handed each one to the teenagers.

"Now," Her tone got clipped. "I'm the Hero in charge of this part of the mission organized by those suits at the top of the Commission. So while you guys are here, you're under MY orders." Mirko looked at each one, finally setting her gaze on Peter. "When I say jump, you ask 'how high'. And you follow them to the letter. Understand?" She asked tersely.

"Understood." Momo replied.

"You got it, Mirko! Can I ask a question?" Kirishima raised his hand, and the Rabbit Hero cocked an eyebrow. "What's your workout routine and diet?"

'He's so adorable.' Karen wrote in Peter's HUD.

"I'll share later Red. For now, head on down, 'cept you Parker." The Rabbit Hero said as Momo nodded, going to the door with Shoto and Kirishima as Izuku went to the ledge and hopped off.

Peter didn't move.

As the door shut behind Kirishima and Izuku was gone, the bronze-skinned woman's face shifted to a soft glare "Just gonna ask once. Before we go off to pretend everything's hunky dory; You got something to say?" She asked, cutting through the niceties and pleasantries. Peter did his best not to fidget.

After a moment he seemed to muster up his courage and spoke.

"I'd like to say I'm sorry." The rabbit woman scoffed audibly.

"I don't need your sorry." Mirko shot back. "If you don't get it then I don't need any 'bullshit sorry'!" She sneered.

"But I do."

His answer made a tense silence fall between them, teenager and Heroine staring at each other before Peter continued.

"You weren't right about everything," He challenged, pressing on her raised eyebrow. "But you were right about enough." He answered ambiguously. "I get it." He nodded. "I'm… I won't lie and say I'm sorry about what I did. But I am sorry for how I did it."

She started to pace, a sign of agitation, but her face was calm. Or at least, calm for her. "And how would 'you' do things if it were today? What's different?"

"I'd tell someone." He admitted. "Someone to back me up, maybe bail me out or talk me out of it. Explore other options. Coordinate with other heroes in the district. He had to be stopped… but I didn't have to be stupid to stop him. Heck I could have told you, relayed everything I found behind your back and we could have brought him in together… OR at the very least I would have told another Hero." He sighed, rubbing his forehead.

"You were right to remind me that it wasn't just me at risk. And not just you either. There are a lot of people that I would have hurt if things went sideways and I… didn't see it at the time. I do now."

She stared at him as he spoke, as though her red eyes could see straight through his mask onto his face.

She stepped closer, and even though she was a short woman, she seemed towering at that moment.

"There's a job to do here." She began. "It's not my office, not some little corner club contract, not an internship. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is legit hero work. Villains are gonna be involved and shit. We, everyone here, have a job to do, even though we don't expect there to be trouble that can change real fucking fast for all we know." She said after a moment.

"So can I, or anyone here trust you this time to follow my orders and not go off to die?" She urged, emphasizing that last bit as Peter felt the sting in his gut, but he remained resolute.

"Because if that's the case…" She sighed, taking a deep breath. "then I'm willing to bury the ax or whatever you Americans say. If not, then kindly fuck-off and go be a Hero somewhere else."

He nodded. "How high should I jump?" He asked with a wry myrthful smirk.

She snorted, it almost sounded like a laugh. She then sighed, looking back at him. With those same exact sad eyes she had from the day they parted.

"I'm sorry too." She said softly after a brief moment with a shrug "For what it's worth. Looking back… I should have done things better too."

He nodded. "It's cool. We have a job to do so, let's focus on that. But…" He looked into her ruby red eyes. "Thanks for hearing me out, Mirko."

"No problem, let's get going."

And that was that. Perhaps things weren't ok per-se but they were better and maybe that was enough for now. He felt the weight in his chest feel significantly lighter.

She marched past him, patting him on the shoulder and he followed behind her.

If he had seen her face, he would have seen a small smile form on her lips.


"Okay, we're back." Mirko said as she walked into the hallway of the apartment complex. Momo, Kirishima, Shoto and Izuku were all waiting by the stairwell exit as they perked up.

"So what was the holdup? Oh! Some big time mission parameters or something?" Kirishima asked.

"Something like that," Mirko replied as she walked past. "Okay, I have a question for you all. Are any of you like that blond guy with the raging temper?"

"You mean Kacchan?" Izuku asked with a tilt of his head. Mirko's ears twitched sideways with her eyebrow rising as she fought back a snicker.

"Don't worry, none of us are like Bakugo." Peter replied on the dot. "What's up?"

"Okay. Ground rules, no loud noises. No arguing or any shit like that." Mirko stated, walking before them with her arms crossed over her chest. "We have Safety Commission guys stationed at various parts along the street here that will give us a heads-up if they spot anything dangerous. To us, they look like regulars on a walk or eating sushi or whatever the fuck. So don't go making a scene to get their attention from the apartment. They'll get in contact with us if something is up. Got that?"

"Understood." Everyone said in unison. Mirko nodded.

"Good. Wait out here. I'll be right back." She turned, grabbing her keycard and going into the flat down the hall as everyone followed. "When I open the door again, come on in." She opened the door and went inside.

"No loud noises or arguments?" Kirishima asked. "What, is the Asset like, a souffle or something?"

"Why would an Asset to the Yakuza be a French dessert?" Shoto asked dryly.

"Like, ain't souffle a food that requires the chef to be super quiet or it goes bad? It stuck with me when I found out about it." The redhead shrugged.

"It could be a pet?" Izuku asked as Peter leaned against the wall.

"Or likely a person." Momo surmised. That got everyone's attention as they turned towards Momo. "Think about it. A simple flat over some businesses far enough away from the main Tokyo area, but close enough to a hospital or within reach of notable and big name Hero firms?" The black-haired girl cupped her chin. "I think our Asset may indeed be a person, maybe sensitive of hearing?"

"Ohhh, that makes sense!" Kirishima grinned. "Guess I was thinking too deep into it."

"I still don't get where you came up with 'souffle'" Shoto muttered.

"I mean, not like a real man would eat some Frenchy food, but some pastry that dies from loud noises? Like, who would eat that?" Kirishima mused.

"Well it's a puffy egg-beaten dish, which can be made sweet or savory." Momo explained. "I tried them when I went to France with my family years ago. It's actually quite delicious."

"Oh! So it's like Omurice?" Kirishima asked. "Huh, guess I can try it out."

"Ummm, Omurice?" Peter cocked an eyebrow.

"It's an egg omelet with rice Spider-Man," Izuku said. "If you like we can take ya to this one breakfast place next Sunday."

"Egg omelet that can be made savory or sweet? Huh, I've been here for over a year but haven't tried it." Peter smiled, his eyes crinkling in his mask. "Sure thing."

"Breakfast of champions right there!" Kirishima exclaimed. The door then opened, and Mirko popped her head out.

"What did I say about loud noises, Riot?!" She hissed, causing the red-haired boy to jump.

"Ack! Sor-" He lowered his tone of voice. "I mean, sorry!" He whispered loudly, as Mirko frowned and opened the door.

"Come on in. Eri, meet my team." Mirko said, and Peter saw her.

A small white-haired girl with a horn and big red eyes looked their way as she hid behind Mirko's strong leg.

"This is Spider-Man, Deku, Creati, Shoto and Red Riot." Mirko said, her voice remarkably lighter and softer as Peter saw her smile and walk up. "They're friends of mine and they're here to visit for a while." She winked as Peter's eyes widened. "Wanna build something in the toy room, Eri?"

"Um… S-Sure." Eri replied meekly, the girl getting up as Peter saw her arms under the yellow shirt and blue jean overalls. Bandages. Many of them.

"You seeing this?" Peter whispered.

"Yeah… I knew the Asset was likely a person," Izuku whispered. "but… a little girl?"

Why would this girl be so important to the Yakuza?


"Boss, we got a hit." Chrono replied, walking into the dimly-lit room. It was still early morning as he saw his boss standing over a bed. Various hospital equipment had been attached, keeping the occupant alive as Overhaul turned.


"Kawasaki, near the hospital."

"I need to know where exactly." Overhaul growled.

"We'll know when we are en route." Chrono said. "Car's ready. And I got my guys here to move the Old Man. The new escape tunnel is ready too, just gotta drive a couple of kilometers." Chrono looked back, seeing his nurses ready to move the bed's occupant. "Those extra expenses came in big time."

"Gonna be on a dirt road though and through a garage," Overhaul mused as he adjusted his mask. "You set our meeting with All for One at eight this morning, here no less. If he finds out we're gone…"

"We'll deal with it when we get to it." Overhaul turned, and walked forward. "The moment we get Eri back, the better. Especially if the Heroes plan to raid in the morning…" He glowered as he walked past. Chrono nodded to his nurses, and he let them do their work. They'd get the Old Man set in a van and relocated to a safe house with the same medical equipment. "Then we can hopefully kill two birds with one stone."

He looked down, seeing... a small spider scurry about on his green jacket arm. He'd seen it on a coat rack while taking a shower earlier…

He brushed it off hard, sending it against the wall.

'When I get my hands on you Mirko, you'll beg for me to make you erupt in an explosion of blood', Overhaul thought darkly. 'And I'll do the same to anyone in my way. Eri, you will be mine. And you will bring an end to this Age of Heroes, one way or another!'

As he walked away, the spider that should have been flattened by the impact scurried along the wall, unhurt.

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