Katsuki always hated when Fall began. His quirk needed him to sweat, and today might be one of the last days of the year to do so without some form of extra effort on his part.

That wasn't the only reason he was annoyed though.

"Why so glum, Bakugo?" Said a voice as Katsuki turned. "Wish you were part of the action?" The speaker was the Hero that offered him a Work Study, a rather simple looking guy with black hair named Radio.

He had antennas sticking out of his ears and from what Katsuki knew before taking his offer, his Quirk, Radio Noise, allowed him to intercept electronic communications. He wasn't Ryukyu or even Orca, but he was one of the few who offered him a spot close to home. The rest were in god-knows-wherever-the-fuck like Hokkaido or some bum hick town in central Honshu.

The Radio agency was tasked with backline support, to interfere and cut off any radio signals from the Hassaikai base. The raid would begin once a 'System Maintenance Blackout' was set to start, cutting off power to the district for a handful of crucial minutes. The blackout would provide ample time for the Heroes to storm the compound and the underground facility that housed the Yakuza base.

"I get it kid; we all wanna be part of the action" Radio said, even as Bakugo didn't answer. "But we have our jobs to do. Plus, you are still a kid."

Katsuki growled.

"I mean it. Sending kids into a raid? It was never gonna happen." Radio shook his head and felt his phone buzz. The man looked down. "It's starting." Katsuki perked up, and looked down the street. He could see the traffic lights turning off, and even he noticed his phone vibrating over the loss of a phone tower nearby.

And then he saw the swarm of vans come in from all directions, with police cars at their backs as they came around the walled old Japanese-style mansion that the Shie Hassaikai called home.

The heroes burst from the back of the armored vans, Endeavor leading the charge like a flaming missile, and the fast thread that was Edgeshot right behind him. Police circled the perimeter like clockwork, armed and ready as Katsuki's ears picked up even more noise.


"Okay… cutting some signals." Radio groaned, adjusting his frequency. "Calls for help from the Yakuza, trying to coordinate…" The man smirked.

Katsuki clenched his fists, wishing he could be in there.

"The fuck? Why are some heroes out here?" Katsuki mused, seeing a few standing outside. Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods amongst them.

"Backup, in case anyone were to get through to make a break for it" Radio replied while focusing on the sounds from inside. "Okay, some of our guys are making progress… some firefights inside…"

And then a massive roar of an explosion erupted. Katsuki's ears rang as he did his best to get back up, supporting himself with a handrail as he looked out at the source of the echoing shockwaves.

What the fuck just happened?!


Shouta's ears rang, and his vision swam as something pressed down on his chest, crushing him. He groaned and hissed at his ankle being twisted by debris. His hands clawed for some sort of solid surface, but he could barely touch open air and he felt the world turning.

What the hell had happened?

Shouta tried to blink through the haze, forcing himself to focus on something that wasn't shifting. Rocks were groaning under him, and finally his hand got something solid. It gave him an anchor, something to work with.

Had the Hassaikai planted a bomb?

"Is everyone… alright?" Called out Suneater as Shouta opened his eyes, feeling the massive turtle shell that had covered him and Rock Lock recede. Suneater moved to stand up, covered in debris but had the massive turtle shell on his back to protect him. He struggled against the chunks of concrete and steel before the sunlight poured in.

Well, what sunlight was available. Dust and sand blotted out the sky as Shouta coughed. Rock Lock helped him stand

"You okay?" the hero asked.

"Ankle's done…" Shouta uttered, barely reacting to the injury. "But I'll live."

Suneater fell to his knees, panting as the turtle arm shrunk to his normal human arm. He looked up, wincing as Shouta looked at him.

"Suneater? Are you-"

The student fell on his face as his power faded back into him. Shouta felt his stomach drop.

The Hassaikai base, or at least, most of it, had been destroyed. Barely a few walls remained close by. Seems they got hit with the edges of something, and what was directly hit was now resting in what appeared to be an impressive crater. He could see various… pieces of police officers scattered across the ground. Other heroes were crying out, screaming in pain and calling for help. He rose to his feet with Rock Lock supporting him.

"My my, it seems I may have overdone it." Oiled a voice before Shouta and Rock Lock turned to face it.

Strolling from the center of the devastation, was a man in a black suit.

"Still, I don't believe you were invited? How very rude of you Heroes. " His head was encased in a black metal mask shaped like a skull, tubes extending from the mouthpiece.

"We have visual on a villain! Black suit! Black mask and-!" Black-red rods darted out from the villain's hand. Rock Lock tried to move, tried to dodge, but he didn't have the space. The Hero avoided the first projectile before the rest pierced Rock Lock in the chest and gut. Aizawa fell as Rock Lock gasped, unable to cry out. The rods glowed in a dark light as Shouta's eyes flared red.

"Oh? This feeling I'm sensing." The masked man mused as the rods immediately retracted without warning. Rock Lock fell to his knees, hands over his chest and stomach as blood began to seep out. "Ah yes, the fabled Eraserhead. How wonderful to witness your oh-so-useful quirk in action." Shouta glared at the man before him, baring his teeth as the red rods returned to their enemy's fingers. "My dear Tomura spoke so highly of you."



"You mean… Shigaraki!" Shouta clenched his teeth as the masked man chuckled.

"Indeed. My pupil praised your efforts. Quite the accomplishment." The man began to walk forward, hands behind his back like he was strolling through a park. Shouta grabbed his utility belt, trying to find some medical gel to stop Rock Lock's bleeding.

"Now then. About that Erasure of yours..." The man's hand attempted to emit those red-black tendrils only for them to fail to emerge. "It seems you can cancel all of these quirks. However, going from Tomura's explanation, it's only based on your line of sight so you cannot blink. And with all this debris and dust, I can only imagine how much you're struggling to keep your eyes open…"

The Underground Hero grit his teeth. He forced his still burning eyes to stay open, knowing full well it was the only thing keeping him alive.

"I must say it's truly unfortunate that you and I crossed paths. Against any other opponent, I'm certain you'd likely prevail."

"'All these quirks'- You're…" Shouta felt his stomach drop into freefall inside him as his perception of the world slowed to a crawl. Was this it? He saw the explosion of flame as Endeavor charged towards them and the darting string of Edgeshot rushing along the crater to locate survivors.

He knew their enemy's identity. He was…

"ALL FOR ONE!" A blur of blue and red caused the man in black to be sent flying to the other end of the crater.

Shouta saw him, in all his massive hulking glory.

"All Might!" He barked. "What are you doing here?!" Shouta exclaimed.

"It's alright Aizawa." All Might took a deep breath. "Get to safety now. Leave this monster to me." With a snarl on his features, his smile gone, All Might rushed forward. The thunder of his footsteps caused the very ground beneath them to quake as he rushed headlong towards the villain who caught the two titanic blows with his own hands.

"My my. Where's that smile, All Might? Is everything going to be fine now? Because you're here? Right!?"

Aizawa heard All Might's snarl through clenched teeth before the No. 1 Hero reared back for another strike a split second before he threw it, sending the masked madman flying upwards.

Edgeshot appeared beside the shaggy-haired Shouta with a crack as he released his quirk.

"Give them to me." Edgeshot demanded as Shouta rose to his feet, leaning against a piece of concrete. He grabbed a painkiller from his belt and jammed it into his leg. Shouta felt numbness take the edge off his injuries as he blinked his eyes in relief. A moment later, he picked up Suneater, handing him to Edgeshoot who's stringy body wrapped around him, and the same with Rock a moment later. The lone eye that was visible on Edgeshot glanced down at Aizawa's injury, "Eraser?"

"Help the others." He said and Edgeshot nodded before whisking Suneater and Rock Lock to safety. "Anyone able to fight?" He said, hand to his earpiece. "All Might needs backup!"


It was an old sound, one that Toshinori hadn't heard in years.

The crack of flesh against flesh was so loud that it shattered windows.

The breaking of concrete as hyperdense muscles pushed against them, and the world blurring as Toshinori brought his fist back.

Another hand came up to match it and they struggled in the air, Yagi's momentum fighting against some flight quirk that the Symbol of Evil had kept in reserve.

"There he is," All For One said through the distorted filter, "That's the Symbol of Peace, finally without that ridiculous smile of yours."

"You picked the wrong day to crawl out of your grave!"

He brought another fist down, this one hitting square in the center of All For One's forearm.

Once again, the masked terror was thrown down, but he stopped in the air, all of his momentum leaving him in an instant. Toshinori let gravity carry him, both hands coming together.

"New York-SMASH!"

Unfortunately All for One shot back up with the exact speed that he left at, meeting the blond titan halfway. Toshinori's hand shot out, trying to go for the mask, but All for One slipped into his guard.

Toshinori recognized his own strength the same instant that the force drove into his stomach and blasted him upwards. He spun, unable to make sense of the world around him for an instant before he flicked a finger to the side, the force sending him left. He righted himself, a hundred hours of training coming back to aid him.

And all it let him see was All For One's arm glowing with barely contained energy.

Then enough air pressure to blow the tops off of the buildings around him exploded as a cannon.

"Smaaash!" Toshinori screamed, his fist meeting the air cannon in a deafening blast.

It was like another explosion had gone off, gale force winds blowing above the crater as Toshinori landed. All for One dropped down to the ground too, the two of them staring at each other for but a moment before the villain's arm expanded again as he pointed his hand at his foe.

Yagi leapt, blazing at him as he threw his punch. The two air blasts collided, expanding the crater while hurling dirt and debris into the air.

"Have you come to end me for good this time? You're long past overdue!" He cocked his arm back, the limb rippling with power and bulging with muscle as Toshinori did the same.

Toshinori roared, the ground exploding under his feet as he soared towards the black monster while black-red lines blazed towards him.

All Might avoided the onslaught of tendrils in quick succession, dodging and weaving as he began to sprint towards All for One.

Toshinori unleashed a roundhouse kick. "Kentucky…" He bellowed and followed through. "Smaaash!" A surge of wind blasted at the monstrous villain.

Only for mud walls to erupt from the ground , stopping the attack as they speared to the heavens.

All Might was barely able to acknowledge the deflection before All for One erupted from the mud, his fist now several times larger with foot-long metal spikes protruding from the knuckles.

The Symbol of Peace barely had time to catch some of the spikes with his hands and lean his head back to avoid the rest, only to feel his body forced back, eventually colliding with a nearby building.

As the structure started to give way from the sudden strike, All Might attempted to plant his feet to regain some ground. However, a sharp pain erupted in his forearms as additional spikes had erupted from All For One's fingers and into his arms.

"Ah Spearlike Bones, such a wondrously versatile quirk. Don't you agree, All Might?"

Rather than answer, All Might crossed his arms to grab the spikes and yanked backward, pulling his now stunned foe straight to him.

"Dakota SMASH!" All Might's forehead slammed into All For One's mask with the force of a missile, hurling his nemesis away. The spearlike bones were torn from All Might's arms, with the Villain himself crashing to the ground.

"Dammit" All Might groaned, looking at the large wounds on his arms. He immediately tore off parts of his sleeves and tied them around the wounds to stave off further blood loss. "I can't afford to pull my punches."

"A wise sentiment All Might."

All Might immediately leapt high into the air as the long black tendrils shot forward, barely avoiding the attack. The dust quickly cleared, revealing All For One whose mask was now noticeably cracked with a few of its pipes now detached.

All Might could only glare angrily at his enemy, yet his eyes were also focused on the mask, now having a moment to properly look at it.

"Admiring your handiwork All Might?" All For One chuckled, "You certainly left an impression on me in our last fight, and I've been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to do the same to you. Though this time, I intend to take far more from you than a few mere organs."

The threat hung in the air, and All Might's left arm reflexively drifted to his wounded side for a moment before he refocused his attention. "Obviously he's not at 100% and I doubt he'd wear that thing just for aesthetics. If I can damage it enough, I should be able to take him out of commission."

All Might's eyes then drifted to the many buildings surrounding them. Though the area had been evacuated prior to the operation, a clash between the pair could easily slip beyond the evacuation zone. And there was no guarantee he could incapacitate the villain before civilians got involved.

"If it comes down to that….then I'll do what I have to and end it, right here."

Clenching his fists, All Might charged forward like an angry bull, reeling his fist back.


"So. Predictable."


All for One caught the punch mid-strike, his arms somehow absorbing the shockwave. In fact his arms seemed to be compressing, almost like…

Warning signs screamed in All Might's head as All For One laughed. "Even now, you're so easy to read."

Without warning, All Might found himself lifted towards the sky in less than a second as All for One's arms continued to shake.

"Impact Recoil combined with Springlike Limbs. A potent combination, All Might. Here, let me show you."

With a boom comparable to a battleship cannon, the pressure inside All For One's arms erupted, launching All Might upwards at a 90 degree angle. A dense bullet of air in his abdomen sent him rocketing upward whilst blood poured from his mouth to the ground below.

The Symbol of Peace flew at an insane speed high into the air, struggling to right himself as blood continued to flood upwards towards his throat.

Letting out another blood-filled cough, All Might focused his mind and quickly shifted to an image of his young protege.

"Hope you don't mind me borrowing one of your moves, Young Midoriya."

Pulling his left leg up, All Might reeled it back and swung it as hard as he could while twisting his hips.

"St. Louis SMASH!"

The roundhouse kick spun his entire body like a top, finally slowing his ascent and causing gravity to once again take control. All Might wasn't concerned however, his eyes zeroing in on where he could still see All For One.

The villain was now flying towards the Symbol of Peace at an impressive speed, seconds away from catching up.

All Might's eyes drifted down again to his legs and an idea immediately formed in his head. He leaned his body forward, making it so he was now falling face-forward. He pulled his legs in, compressing his muscles with as much strength as he could muster.

All For One rapidly ascended, preparing to unleash another attack with his tendrils in an effort to skewer All Might. Yet as he drew closer, even without his eyes his other sensory quirks could pick up that All Might was planning something.

However, another second and his smirk shifted as his mind finally started to piece together his opponent's plan.

"Wait…he wouldn't!"

It was approximately 2 seconds too late.

All Might finally kicked upwards with every bit of strength he could muster.


His entire body rocketed downward, likely at 5 times the speed he'd ascended; his body easily breaking the sound barrier with gravity only adding to his force. Calling him a human missile wasn't exactly accurate, but he carried all the power and force of something far greater. With All For One at its epicenter.

The villain only had a moment to realize the peril he was in before he found the angry blue eyes of All Might directly in front of his masked face. The pair collided with such a boom that the impact echoed for miles and All For One was slammed downward with more force than he'd ever felt in his over a century of life.

The strike was but a single moment, a nanosecond, before both parties smashed into the hard concrete ground below. The road was utterly annihilated the instant they made landfall, the road itself fragmenting, spearing upwards towards the sky as the two foes tunneled hundreds of feet into the earth.

All around them sounds could be heard, glass shattering, car alarms going off, chunks of rubble and buildings striking the ground. It truly seemed as though a disaster had occurred, and yet the deeper one went into the hole, the quieter things got. Outside of the rumble of the shifting earth, or flowing of water from ruptured pipes, there was little else.

The silence was momentary as a mountain of rubble erupted and a massive fist pulled itself free, All Might climbing out of the makeshift tomb. The hero looked rather worse for wear, blood staining multiple parts of his costume, his signature hair disheveled and smeared with dirt and blood. The hero himself struggled to breath, coughing up blood every three breaths or so.

Yet he still managed to stand

The sound of rubble shifting brought his attention to the nearby pile, which finally shifted apart, revealing the villain who was in an equally sorry state.

"It seems I've underestimated you All Might. I daresay you must truly want me dead this time around."

Despite the joking words, his tone was far from mirthful. The previously ghoulish mask was in pieces. The entire skull-like dome was completely destroyed, revealing the bald and scarred flesh beneath it. The front of the mask wasshattered, with almost all the tubes either disconnected or outright broken face revealed the portion underneath connected to All for One's mouth.

However, what All Might focused his attention on was the labored breathing coming from his nemesis. Even amidst all the noise around them, he could still hear it, the haggard tone and light cough made it clear that All For One's confident posture was little more than an act.

"I told you, I wasn't going to let you escape this time." All Might stood tall, a greater sense of confidence brewing at the sight of his weakened foe. "This time, I'll make sure you'll never threaten another person on this earth. This is the end, All for One."

Despite being on the backfoot and his own weakened state, the Symbol of Fear still laughed despite his labored breath.

"How right you are, All Might."

And a dark vortex swirled behind him, golden eyes above it as Toshinori snarled, fists raised.

And it wasn't just one dark violet portal behind All for One.

There were many, opening all at once beside him.

All Might tensed as he heard moaning and gargling cries from the creatures exiting the portals made by Kurogiri.

The same monsters responsible for the Hosu Massacre. Green and dark skinned humanoids, their arms gangly and reaching. Eyes red and bloodshot, their brains exposed from what was left of their skulls. all of varying shape and size. One donned in a cloak. Another shaped like a woman. Another massive and lumbering, like a whale mixed with a man. Along with dozens of gray-skinned beasts, groaning and chittering in a damned chorus.

The Noumu.

"Behold my Noumu, All Might." All for One declared as Toshinori saw figures stand beside the black-suited demon.

The teal-haired youth covered in detached hands. A hulking cloaked masked man. A leather straitjacket-bound skinny man with exposed teeth. A flamboyant brown-haired man with a black feather boa, a short man(or boy) with an antique army gas mask and a wide-eyed girl with blue hair and a pink jumpsuit.

"And of course, my League of Villains."

The roaring Noumu charged with a snap of his fingers, all racing towards All Might's direction.

"I won't let you!" Toshinori yelled before more red and black tendrils embedded themselves in All Might's shoulder, sending the wounded hero flying out of the massive crater before slamming him back down onto the undamaged road. The Symbol of Peace rebounding painfully off what remained of the asphault.

As All Might groaned at the new pain, he could only watch as All For One casually flew out of the hole with his horde following after him, crawling out like an army of ants with seemingly no end in sight.

"Now you finally see All Might, this time I don't just plan to crush your body. It's only after I've reduced you to the withered husk you truly are that I will finally allow you to taste the death I gave to all of your predecessors."

Letting the tendrils retract, All For One gestured towards the downed hero, and like moths to a flame, the horde charged forward.

The Symbol of Peace struggled to get to his feet, barely able to assume a fighting stance before several of the gray Nomus tackled him, his legs straining to hold back the increasing weight of the mindless beasts.

Yet, they didn't attack.

The ones who ran past, the female, the whale and the cloaked flying one.

Why were they not attacking hi-

"You wouldn't!" Toshinori yelled. "They have nothing to do with this!" He roared.

"You defeated me last because it was a singular affair All Might." All for One shrugged. "My mistake was that I attacked your body, when my true target ... " He snapped his fingers.

Several of the Nomu immediately began charging in every direction, seeking to breach the evacuation zone.

"I WON'T LET YOU!" With renewed strength, All Might slowly started to rise, pushing back against the writhing mass of beasts holding him down.

"Defiant to the end." All For One glanced down, amusement dripping off every syllable. "That was always one of your most disgustingly noble qualities."

The Noumu holding All Might leapt away before a previously docile violet Noumu standing beside them erupted, tar bursting out and entrapping him. Yagi felt his body be consumed by the substance as he continued to push back against his captors.

"Shit!" The black goo covered all of him save his head as he struggled, the sounds of destruction erupting across the city as the still remaining heroes joined in on the fight.

"You really should've retired All Might, after all, all you do is run the risk of losing your strength when the people need you most." The Symbol of Fear's voice took on a sinister edge. "Although, I wonder how much damage is needed to finally put you down. What do you think…Tomura?"

The shadow of the hand-covered villain glared down at the pinned hero. His red eyes curved in sadistic glee behind his hand-mask.

"Finally, I get to kill the Symbol of Peace."

"Not yet Tomura." All For One's voice echoed. "A true villain must savor their victory before crushing their foe. After all, it is a special occasion, so why not enjoy it?"

All Might felt a pit form in his stomach, having an idea of what was planned.

"Use your quirk to destroy his arms and legs, yet leave the rest of him intact. That way he can sit and watch as everything he has ever strived to protect, everything his dear master fought for, is destroyed all around him." All For One's hidden face grinned wickedly as he continued to stare down as his foe. "And all the while he is powerless to do a thing to stop it, a truly perfect way to defeat the Symbol of Peace, don't you agree?"

From beneath his hand-covered face, Tomura's smile grew, laughing dementedly as he reached out with his hand. "Yeah, enough to finally wipe that irritating grin off your face"

The hand grew closer, and All Might heard the click of a pin being pulled.

Fire and fury erupted, Shigaraki howling in pain as he was blasted away. Yagi felt the heat of the fire blast several meters in front of him. The heat washing over him, the tar growing hot but softened, allowing him to twist around and shake free of the substance.

"Oh?" All for One mused with the tilt of his head as Yagi's eyes turned. "Seems that quirk I took had a weakness to heat. Pity."

"All Might!" A very loud and very familiar voice echoed through the area.

"Young Bakugo!? Get out of here! This is beyond you!" He bellowed.

"Like hell I am!" Bakugo barked back, turning back and glaring at the suited demon.

"You're rash, brat! Leave! Those monsters are entering the city!" Came the bark of Endeavor as Yagi glanced at him.

"I made my call. I'll live with it." Bakugo retorted, his eyes on Shigaraki as he rose up, his opponent glaring back.

"You cheating little camper…..I'll kill you!" Shigaraki barked, red eyes wide with rage.

"I'll finish what I should have done back at the USJ!" Bakugo snarled back, a cocky grin on his face. "Good luck not having a human shield anymore, Handjob! Or you too much of a pussy to fight me man to man!" Shigaraki snarled loudly, body coiled like a viper ready to strike.

"Bakugo you need to leave! Now!" All Might yelled, glaring at his pupil.

"Not happening!" Bakugo shouted back.

"My my, such a brave little dog All Might." All for One mused. "How will he handle going up against one with a much stronger bite I wonder. Tomura. Do not cow to his taunts." The boy looked back. "You're a leader. Lead." The youth paused before straightening up and scoffing.

"Muscular!" Tomura barked

"What up?!" Yelled the cloaked one.

"Kill the dumb blonde." Shigaraki pointed at Bakugo.

"Finally," The large cloaked man approached, his arms reaching out from beneath his cloak.

All Might clenched his fists, rearing back-.

"I don't think so," All For One called

He was promptly caught by a massive air blast, sending him into the heavens. All Might tumbled and spun about… and he caught a storm of red-black tendrils heading his way. His fist scattered the tendrils with an air blast, the titanic man landing on a building as All for One loomed over him, debris circling around him and becoming superheated slag.

"I will be the one your opponent today, All Might." All for One leered, his eyeless gaze glaring into him. "And I will be the one to end your era."

"Funny you should say that, those are my words!" All Might barked, and charged, fist reared back as All for One readied his molten rings and slag and fired en masse.


Katsuki felt the winds part and the sky tremble from the force of those two, but his awe was short-lived.

A shadow loomed and he blasted off, avoiding the downward of the corner of Katsuki's eye, he could see the darting form of Edgeshot circling the crater. Trying to neutralize the various Noumu rushing out en masse.

He could even see the towering form of Mt. Lady kicking and quaking the ground, trying to stomp on several of the monsters.

"Kid!" He heard Endeavor cry out before a blazing Noumu rushed at him, jets emerging from its back as Bakugo focused his attention on Cloak.

"You got your eyes all set on me. Good, I like a guy with focus." Cloak, or Muscular as Handjob called him, took a step closer. "Now then…" He ripped the cloak off, unveiling a bare-chested titan of a blonde man, body rippling with muscle and eyes like a bloodthirsty demon."Let me see you bleed!" He bellowed, charging.

Katsuki growled and blasted off, seeing the man's body begin to bulge, flesh swirling out of seemingly every pore as he dug into the earth. "Come on! Get back here Kid!" He yelled as he clenched the debris and flung it. Katsuki felt fear rush through him as he avoided the shotgun-spray of as he felt one pierce through his ear and his flare-out accessory near it.

Muscular leapt up, faster than Bakugo could anticipate and reared his fist back. Bakugo aimed with his gauntlet and pulled the pin, the other sweat-blast roaring out as he caught the flesh man directly.

Yet pain filled his body as the punch caught him, and Bakugo was sent flying through the air. He crested and hit the ground, skidding like a stone until he rolled to a stop. Bakugo gasped, coughing as he felt the air leave his body and he rose up and yelped in pain, hand going to his side.

Fuck… His ribs… Broken again.

He looked down, checking his gauntlets for damage before he heard a loud crash.

Down the street, Muscular had formed a crater upon landing. He looked up, leering ear to ear as he charged. "COME ON! Let me see it!" He roared, charging as Katsuki's eyes widened. He saw him reach for a lamppost, tearing it out of the earth as he blasted forward. How was he unhurt and still moving!?

"BLEEEEED!" The mad villain swung the lamppost.

Bakugo blasted away, avoiding the downward strike as Muscular used the lamppost like a club. Bakugo raised his hands together before he took a better look at the flesh villain, seeing how his… muscle fibers were pulsating and shifting, and he could see blister and burn marks on him.

Those had to have hurt, no way he was tough enough to not at least feel it. He cupped his hands and aimed.

"AP Machine Gun!" Using focused blasts, Bakugo released rapid fire bolts that struck the villain like projectiles from a submachine gun. Smoke and grunts of pain ensued… but also laughter.

"Ohhhh yes! That's it!" Muscular charged, plowing through the miniature explosions like a raging bull as he swung the lamppost overhead. "Show me what you got! Show me that rage! That fire!"

Bakugo roared, and blasted with his palms towards him, avoiding the giant club and getting right up to the leering villain's face. He aimed with his palms and fired. HARD. Windows shattered. The street burned and cracked. Cars were immolated and exploding. The concussive force of his explosions sent the massive villain flying into a jewelry store as Bakugo brought his hand up.

And sidestepped a massive safe being thrown out as he blasted aside.

"Hehehe…" Yet more laughter. "HAHAHAHAHA! NOT BAD!" Muscular strode through the flames, his fibers twitching uncontrollably; singed from the fires, some torn… but all regenerating on the spot as the blonde villain rubbed his ear. He dragged a torn out countertop behind him, scraping the asphalt. "Think ya took the hearing out of one of my ears! I can see that lust for blood inside you too! I can see it in your eyes. Just like that American kid who trashed your ass months back." He licked his lips. "You want to spill my blood too, don't you. Just like me."

The boy snarled as Muscular grinned darkly at him, dark memories resurfacing. "I'm nothing like you, fucker." Bakugo hissed.

"Everyone is like me at some point in their lives. Muscular breathed, looking like some sort of hulking demon as his fibers went taut around his body. Bakugo snarled.

"Alright! Let's gooooo!" Muscular roared, charging into the fray with all the laughing tenacity of a berserker.



That was what was going through Kamui Woods' mind as he sped along his wooden rope lines across skyscrapers. Dozens of those gray-skinned monsters, Nomu he recalled, barreled out of the crater.

He jumped through the air, seeing the massive wooden barricade he had conjured being chipped away more and more from the attacks of those screeching and baying monsters as he fired another large batch of wood, covering the entire street from building to building.

He was targeted those trapped in his wooden bindings, keeping to the side of buildings to avoid their rampage as they barreled into the streets, practically overrunning any local law enforcement

From his position, Kamui could see the nimble form of the fast-acting Lemillion striking down each monster and in turn avoiding their direct hits. But there were too many, and the Noumu themselves seemed impervious to pain as the young blonde man did his best to defeat them as nonlethally as possible.

"Their heads! Burn their heads off!" He heard Burnin, a sidekick from the Endeavor Agency, call out as more men fired their weapons en masse. She was flying around, raining gouts of flame down. She dodged a strike from a dark-skinned feminine Noumu, whose muscles bulged as she cratered the ground with her strikes.

"Come on people!"

Kamui turned his head, seeing Mt. Lady moved closer to some buildings to the side. People were already jumping onto outstretched palms from broken windows

"I'll get these people out of here!"

Kamui nodded. "We'll leave it to you, Mt. Lady!"

He saw a highrise being blasted open with Endeavor firing gouts of flame at some hooded Noumu. He heard the quakes as Mt. Lady trotted away. He could see Death Arms doing the same, putting up boulders and making barriers as police assisted people, the heroes practically becoming a living barricade of the incoming army of monsters.

The massive dark whale-like Noumu ran up the ledge, and was tackled by the larger form of Ryukyu.

"You're going nowhere!" The dragon shouted. The whale roared, causing everyone's ears to ring in agony and glass to shatter as Kamui yelled in pain.

Some sort of noise quirk, almost akin to Gang Orca's own sonic attacks. Ryukyu, with all her might, slammed the Whale Noumu to the ground, its mouth now causing the ground to rupture and quake. She reared her fangs back and chomped down on the brain part of the beast, making the Noumu thrash as the two house-sized monsters did battle in the streets.

To think the Yakuza was in league with the League of Villains, Kamui glared as he shook his head, his hearing returning to him as he caught a bunch of Noumu who were about to attack some policemen. He slammed them into a wall with a hard crash as he landed safely on a wooden platform.

Kamui grunted as he conjured more wooden tendrils, sharpened like spears. His wooden limb was shredded by an incoming tsunami of something sharp. Kamui jumped, backing off as the storm of blades cut through buildings and even the Noumu. Kamui felt his heart lurch when he heard SCREAMING from below as he turned.

More policemen, sliced and cut up, some even bisected as a forest of… something not akin to his own wooden mass barricade.

A man in a black straitjacket, and the source of this sharp forest coming… from his teeth.

"That's Moonfish!" Burnin yelled as Kamui saw the man being lifted up by his teeth, the black-jacketed serial killer's gums visible as… the blade teeth twitched.

Kamui roared as he charged in, a mass array of tendrils and wood spearing out to bust through the blade-teeth.

Only for Moonfish to deftly avoid his Chain Prison.

"Flesh… Must work hard…!" The deranged villain uttered. "For…FLESH!" He bellowed, and more blade teeth shot out as Kamui cut off the mass and dodged, avoiding the storm of teeth in his direction.

Kamui snarled as he kicked with his leg, "Lacquered Chain Prison!" Streams and rows of wood burst out towards his opponent. Moonfish's teeth took him into the air, avoiding the strike.

"FLESH! GIVE MEEE!" Moonfish yelled, arching his back. "YOUR!" He leaned forward, an eruption of blades blasting forth from the ash-covered sky. "FLEEEEESH!"

Kamui conjured more wood to act as a shield with both arms. He felt pain as the onslaught burst through his wooden vanguard, plunging into his arms and legs... and sawing the wooden limbs off before he fell from the heavens.

"Kamui!" He heard a voice cry out as he tumbled to the ground, but a moment later he was in strong and capable hands. Lemillion looked down with pale concern as he landed in an alleyway. "You're hurt!"

"I'm fine…" Kamui looked at his arms and legs, seeing sap leak out from them. It was… an annoyance. Something he had always dealt with as a child growing up was how his limbs were always so easy to remove and cut off. He took a deep breath and grunted, his arms beginning to grow back much to Lemillion's astonishment.

"Whoa… you can regenerate! That's awesome!" The boy had relief all over his face, blue eyes sparkling like stars.

"Yes and extremely painful too." Kamui half joked as one of his hands started to resprout. "I need a minute. Can you go and try to fight that guy?" He asked. Lemillion nodded as he looked around.

"Uhhh, sure but…" He heard a gargling cry, and Kamui yelped as he was tossed into the air before Lemillion roundhouse-kicked a Noumu in the jaw.

"POWERRRRRR!" With a twirling haymaker, the muscular teen sent the gray-skinned beast slamming into the wall before it wobbled and fell down. Kamui came down to land in Lemillion's waiting arms.

"Gonna need to hide you… oh!" He turned and lifted up a dumpster's lid as Kamui despaired.

"Oh come on!"

"It's only for a minute! Besides, no one will ever suspect it!" Lemillion gently placed him inside, Kamui coughing and gagging as he felt his feet and hands beginning to slowly grow back. He gave him a beaming smile. "Just hang tight! I'll do my best!"

He lowered the lid and Kamui sighed in utter frustration.

"I pray Mt. Lady never hears about this."


Mirio yelled as he punched through the next Noumu, sending it sprawling and its teeth knocked out as he ran back into the boulevard. Moonfish was high above, walking like some giant blade-legged spider as more Noumu fought with police officers, Burnin, and the other heroes. A massive gout of flame erupted overhead and he saw Endeavor chasing after the cloaked villain, who launched huge chunks of debris at him. Burnin was baiting a female Noumu around, and the towering black-skinned demon came down with a punch.

"I gotcha!" And Fatgum, his yellow jacket in tatters, leapt into the fray, taking the blow for her as he was slammed to the ground.

Mirio turned, focusing his attention on Moonfish.

He began to rush towards the villain. One Powerful blow would be enough to bring him down. He just needed to get close.

"Alert to everyone in the south section, an ambulance just radioed in! We must have missed some cause they were derailed!" Ryukyu's voice roared as she dived, and the boy who was sinking below felt his heart stop. He sank several dozen meters, then shot back up and flew up, landing on a building as he saw Burnin's emerald flames sear against the blade onslaught.

"Can confirm! Ambulance assaulted was carrying Suneater!"

Mirio's heart froze as he turned south.

"Gnnngh… meat… need… more! FLESH!" Moonfish roared, more and more teeth digging into the concrete and ravaging buildings equalling the pace that Burnin could repel them with her flames.

"I got this!" Burnin yelled.

He nodded, glancing around. He'd have to head to the ground without getting into the sewers, emerge close enough to the apartment complexes where… wait, was that smoke?

Violet smoke?

"Hnnnngh… Gas…" Moonfish lifted himself higher, surrounding himself in an orb of sharp teeth as he began to move, more and more blade-teeth tendrils lashing out at anything around him.

Ryukyu's wings helped push the gas away from her battle, the Number Ten heroine keeping an eye on her monstrous opponent and the environmental hazard. But the gas she blew away with gusts of wind was only going to another side of the city block. And the roaring Noumu, with blood leaking from his head kept charging and leaping at it as it bit her tail and slammed her back down to the ground with a thunderous crash.

Lemillion saw some police officers nearby be swamped by the surge of gas and his heart fell upon hearing their cries for help.

He took a deep breath and sank into the floor, falling as he angled himself towards Tamaki's direction.

He propelled himself south towards the last known location where Tamaki was upon releasing his quirk, emerging above the ground as he held his breath and leapt over buildings.

"I'm heading back in!" He heard Kamui in his ear piece as Mirio catapulted himself once more, his head angled as he saw the ambulance toppled over.

He can see the driver unmoving, and paramedics gasping and bleeding. He ran towards them, his heart aching. Was this everyone? "You guys okay? Where's Suneater?" He asked, his head went on a frantic swivel, looking up, down around, and then he found him. At the top of an apartment complex…

"Tamaki!" He called out. But his best friend didn't respond, and Mirio sank below the ground and catapulted up, landing atop of the roof and the boy standing… ram rigid.

"Hey man you okay! Are you-" And the boy's lashed out and Mirio practically gawked before months of training from Nighteye kicked in like a well honed reflex, Tamaki's hand passing through his face harmlessly.

"What gives dude! Are-" His voice stopped,

Amajiki Tamaki, mouth shut but eyes wide with fear as his arms went lashing at him again. Flailing in trying to punch and slap at him.

"Hey!" He rushed through, phasing through the onslaught as he held him in a bearhug. "Dude what's wrong! Talk to me!"

"Mmmngh…! Pnnnmpphhrrr!" The pained and exhausted black haired boy uttered through closed lips, unable to open them as Mirio's minds raced. The look in his eyes… he's afraid.

Mirio felt a shade pass over him, instinct kicked in, and he went intangible, his leg kicking out. He heard a cry out, and turned with Amajiki still in his bear hug.

"Tch! You crafty. You tough rabbit to kill!" It was a blue haired girl in a pink jumpsuit, wielding a bloody knife.

"Who the hell are you?" he asked, getting into a stance.

"Oh, no one important, that's how it's always been~."

His eyes narrowed.

"You're just a villain then," He growled, glaring at her. She blinked, and then grinned ear to ear.

"Yep yep~" She oiled, her accent heavy. Likely Chinese. "Had a nice cut on those drivers. Right to arteries. They be dead now."

He dropped Amajiki as he charged her, and the girl just vanished…

A speed quirk? Or a teleporter? He didn't know, he'd just have to assume a combo of the three for now. Until then, he needed to-

"Mrrrrngh!" He turned, and his blood went cold, the girl kneeling by Tamaki-with a knife in his side, avoiding the sprouted turtle shell as he… just stood and took it, shaking as his mouth was closed, but his eyes were clenched in pain.

"Bastard!" Mirio bellowed, and he sank below the floor and launched out, lashing out with a fist, only to see her vanish again!

"Too slow yellow rabbit!" The blue haired girl called out as Mirio turned, seeing the girl twirling her knife.

Tamaki wouldn't be acting this way. His body was unnatural, he was hurt bad being in the infiltration team. Yet he's standing, seemingly against his will.

"So, you wan catch me?" The girl popped away from his frontal view, to a water tower to the side, strolling along. "Or save friend? But I go after other rabbits." She licked her blade, leering down at him. "Me like killing little rabbits."

"Mrrrr…" Tamaki uttered as his eyes gestured away.

"Don't worry, we'll get out of this!" Mirio roared. He'll save them both! He sank below the earth, and rocketed at her. She vanished from the water tower as he phased through, landing on the side and sinking down as if it was nothing, then ricocheting up at the roof where she teleported to.

"What about friend then!" She jeered loudly as Mirio phased through and saw her backing off. She blinked away, and Mirio skidded along the ground and turned.

He saw Tamaki going to the ledge… Foot over it!

He was on him instantly, grabbing his cape and throwing Tamaki back to the ground as the boy landed with a thud.

He was being moved and toyed around like a puppet!

"Ohhh your eyes so wide and frightful!" The girl jeered. "So, what will be? Fight me? Or save him?" Mirio had an arm around Tamaki and glared at her.

She has help, somewhere close by as his eyes scanned the buildings nearby. Anything with windows! It was but for two seconds.

She was gone!

Tamaki was soon above Mirio, lifting him high over his head like a sack of potatoes as the girl blinked into the side and swiped with her knife, laughing as her knife phased through Mirio's ribs.

The blonde lashed out with a kick, but the girl avoided the kick with all the dexterity of a street dancer.

Tamaki stepped into his view the teleporter appearing above the both of them.

Mirio lunged forward, grabbing his friend and throwing them both to the ground to avoid the downward slice of the teleporter as she had wide manic eyes.

"Angry rabbit gone? Scared rabbit I see! Hao Hao! Very good hao indeed!" She leered, and Mirio lashed with a quick jab, but she was quick on her feet, teleporting away about twenty meters. She twirled her knife, prowling around him.

"Mirio…" Tamaki uttered, and the blonde's eyes turned to his frightened friend. "Get away…" He spoke, strained with his teeth clenched.

"He smart you know. Listen to him." Their enemy uttered. "Let Blink be one to make it easy for you though." She grinned as she shook off her hand. "You mean nasty hero, so me and Pet-chan wan see how you handle your friend-" Tamaki began to struggle and writhe in his grip, and Mirio squeezed tighter before he heard the boy scream in agony and Mirio released his arm-grip, for fear of aggravating further injury.

And Mirio saw her beside him, and he felt his bicep get cut before he lashed out with a jab, catching the girl in the arm.

"Ack!" She blinked away, and Mirio seethed as he turned. His costume sporting a nice cut, and blood leaking from his arm. Blink landed on top of an AC vent, rubbing her arm.

"Gāisǐ de yīngxióng lèsè…" She hissed, shaking it off as Mirio looked back to her.

There's a second villain, someone with a body control quirk close by that's focusing entirely on Tamaki. Leaving this villain, Blink, all to him.

"This was suppose be easy, picking off weak heroes and hero slaves. I make you into Niúròu piàn for that." She glowered. "You, and boyfriend there." She giggled. "Nihihihi… killing hero couples always fun fun."

"Mirio…" Mirio looked down, Tamaki looking up at him with tears in her eyes. Teeth clenched. "Just leave me. Go."

The hero Lemillion never felt as angry at the encroaching blue-haired stabber. She could just teleport in and do the coup d'grace.


She was enjoying this. Watching him bleed. Seeing Tamaki suffer as she was smiling ear to ear.

"Not. Happening." Mirio growled, standing up

"Wow wow, ambitious." Blink uttered. "But dumb though. You die. Today." She licked her knife once more, and Mirio's eyes scanned the area and took stock of the situation

Where… where was this puppeteer hiding? This Pet-chan?!

They were on a building with others around, windows in sight. Some look clear, some were open. Some had blinders and drapes.

Pet-chan had to be in one of them if he had to use his body control quirk. Nighteye mentioned quirks have limits! A quirk this powerful has to have one with a suitable distance and range!

Tamaki was able to talk a little now too… before he could barely speak at all.

Was it the puppeteer's range? His quirk fading? Tamaki's prior injuries? Or the pain Tamaki was in making him more lucid? Mirio didn't knew. He needed to workshop, and fast.

He could hear the roar of battle. In the heavens, All Might clashed against that monster. Endeavor was engaging the hooded man as they raged on the other side of the crater. Ryukyu biting and crashing the Whale Noumu into a nearby building, with Nejire assisting her mentor with yellow wave blasts. Fatgum, Burnin, and other heroes dealing with the muscular and nimble female Noumu. Moonfish and Kamui Woods, trying to overpower the other with blade-teeth and wood, all while the sleeping gas cloud was continuing to grow.

Mirio took a deep breath and glared at the psychotic bluenette. He had to save Tamaki, and also stop Blink and this Pet-Chan. No matter what!


Finally, at long last.

Mei breathed as she dropped her tools, gazing down at the gadget before her. After who knows how many nights with scant amounts of sleep, she had finally broken through as she took in deep breaths to steady herself.

She cradled the device in her hands like a baby bird, the bags under the pinkette's eyes prominent as she focused.

After a long, arduous tool-making process, she had the right tools and equipment to make it. To fix it.

But it wasn't enough. It wasn't the same, it couldn't be.

She'd need to take it apart bit by bit and-

"Yo Hatsume, get in here!" Yelled a voice that startled her as she turned, her target eyes becoming pinpricks as she brought the device to her bosom to cradle and protect it. The boy poking his head in looked normal, blaise. But he was with other Support students. Feh, didn't need them.


"There's two huge battles going on right now!" Mei cocked an eyebrow before scoffing. "Heroes and villains!"

That was normal hero work at play. They always fight villains and-

"Hey, isn't that Parker?"

She bolted up, barreling towards the group that was watching on their phones.

In one phone, a flaming dart danced across the sky against some monstrosity. Explosions erupted down a boulevard. The bottom caption read 'Gionoshi Ward Disaster. Heroes and Villains locked in battle!'

Another phone screen showed the sight of Spider-Man swinging across a glacier doing battle against a trio of villains, leaping in and kicking against one covered in crystalline growths. She could see the news headline underneath the action.

'Villain attack near Kawasaki hospital'.

She could see a tear in that suit. The red and blue one.

She scampered back to the studio, running faster than she ever did.

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And then came Mirio. He didn't get a lot of attention in this story, as I show Mt. Lady going to help others(thanks to Peter's influence and her knowing she can get civies out of harms way the fastest) and Endeavor having a canon-fight with Hood on the other side of the crater(but thankfully Hood is weaker due to being brought out earlier) I decided to give Mirio one heck of an obstacle. Being forced to try and save his best friend, against two very bloodthirsty and sadistic killers in Blink and Geppetto.

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