Steven Universe "Change your mind" after credits scene.

A huge red billboard can be seen on a bright blue background.
Suddenly Amethyst runs in with a can of paint and a brush.
In few swift moves and jumps she writes "Sunstone Sez" on the billboard and lands next to it.
Than Sunstones pops out from the "O", grabs the brush from Amethyst and corrects the sign so it sates "Sunstone Says" and gives a tumbs up to the audience as Amethyst begins to laugh.
Sunstone is facing the audience with her radiant smile.
"Kids, there's nothing cooler than being fused with someone you like." said Sunstone as a clip of Ruby and Sapphire fusion as they kiss is shown. "But if someone wants to fuse with you in a way you find uncomfortable, that is no good." the clip of Jasper and Lapis fusion is shown "It's your choice if you want to fuse or not. If you find yourselves in such a situation, remember that your have the right to say "No". Also, you need to tell about this to gems you trust."
As the screen fades to black we can hear Amethyst saying.
"And I thought those Dove commercial were weird"