625, munching on a tuna melt, watches Gantu pace around the ship following his failure to capture the monster of the week, as 625 had taken to calling them.

Gantu is obviously stressed. 625 doesn't feel particularly one way or another, nor does he really care about Gantu's stress, about it. Gantu is a bit of a tyrant- always uptight and always raring to please the hamster, so 625 found he didn't hold much respect for the Shaelek. He even found the large alien's fear of the rodent amusing; this giant could face off with experiment after experiment without flinching, threaten 625 who Gantu knew possessed all the same powers as 626 without a hint of fear, and take hit after hit with hardly a wince, yet the moment that displeased rodent appeared on the screen Gantu was a mess.

"So," 625 starts between bites, "how ya' gonna explain this one to the rodent?"

"Shut up, 625," Gantu growls, not pausing in his pacing.

"I mean ya really blew it this time, fishface," 625 laughs a bit, scrutinizing his sandwich. "To think, if ya landed just two inches to the right ya would've won."

"I said shut up, 625!"

625 doesn't flinch, swallowing down the rest of his sandwich in one bite. "Seems it's true when they say the good guys always win."

Gantu stops at his words, and 625 watches him carefully. Watches for any signs that he was about to turn that stress into anger, about to (attempt to) take it out on 625 himself.

But the Shaelek doesn't even look at him.

"You see everything in black and white, don't you?" Gantu mutters, turning to the screen. 625 raises a brow.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

He never got an answer, as Hamsterviel's face appeared on the screen, looking angry.

"You failed again, you stupid fishbrain!"

625 watches as Gantu throws aside all shame and self respect. "I'll do better next time," he promises, his words as empty to 625 as they were to Hamsterviel. "I'll make up for this, just- don't-"

"You know the consequences for failure!" the rodent interrupts, leaving the yellow experiment curious to what Gantu was about to say.

"No, don't-" Gantu starts, but the screen goes black and Gantu slams his fist against the console. 625 watches, noting this.

He always did wonder why Gantu worked for Hamsterviel, all the while claiming to be good himself. Whatever it was that Gantu was trying to say, 625 thinks, has something to do with it.

"Don't what?" he probes, eyeing his partner in crime, but Gantu doesn't answer him. Instead he stalks away without a word, retreating to his room to sulk.

625 watches, as he always does, always did. He watches, thoughtlessly making another sandwich as he considers all of the factors involved.

Gantu, so far as 625 knew, was in this job for the money. To pay the bills. Yet the humans, locals and tourists alike, seemed to be either stupid or blind- Gantu often works off of their own biases to fit in, the few times he's had to venture into the town, and everyone just assumes 625 is a dog, as they often do 625's younger counterpart.

Theoretically, he thinks as he looks down at his sandwich, Gantu could earn money in some other way. It would certainly beat having to transfer the funds sent by Hamsterviel through ten different banks across the galaxy just to get the meagre Earth equivalent.

So if money's not the answer, he wonders, what is?

He sits there in silence, quietly debating with his sandwich.

Gantu doesn't come back out the rest of the night.