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Chapter 4

Ainz was tired. Not physically, but mentally. The last couple of days have been quite stressful for him, as having to deal with the different tasks that came with his given position as Master of the Great Tomb of Nazarick are quite numerous. The most recent example being Cocytus and his recently acquired management of the Lizardman people. Having to handle all of that left him with barely any time for himself.

It was not a responsibility that can be easily discarded or be given to someone else either. He already saw first hand how complicated things can get if done otherwise. Being a ruler was not an easy task, that was something he had realized ever since he came to this new world.

Aside from Cocytus, there was actually a great number of NPCs who were currently operating outside of the Tomb.

With their business in Nazarick concluded, Sebas and Solution were sent back to the capital to continue gathering information regarding the current state of the country and the near by kingdoms, and Lupusregina was back at Carne Village, helping the villagers out. Which also reminded him that Narberal was still at the Adventurer's Guild in E-Rantel, helping maintain his Momon persona.

He needed to go back soon if he wanted to avoid rising any unwanted attention for staying inactive for too long. Being an Adventurer with an Adamantite rank sure had its perks, but having so many eyes fixed on him at all times can make things rather complicated when he wishes to address matters that are related to Nazarick.

There was also the issue regarding the Dragon Slayer, who was at the moment locked inside a cell somewhere on the upper levels of the Tomb. The young pink-haired Wizard has proven to be someone quite difficult to handle. Not only was the boy rash and quick to respond, but his lack of logical understanding made the task of reasoning with him much more difficult, and dare he to say, annoying at times.

Ainz wasn't new to people who choose to deal with things with their fist rather than with words, but the Dragon Slayer sure took it to a whole new level. However, despite his faults, that lone pink-haired magic caster was still able to defeat a powerful dragon that once threatened to destroy the entire world. That accomplishment alone was worthy of recognition. Ainz also acknowledged that the boy wasn't stupid either, just highly emotional, which fortunately for him, it was a weakness that could be easily exploited.

It was actually Shizu, one of the combat maids, who brought up this observation first. It was due to the use of this information that Demiurge came up with an effective way to neutralize the boy without allowing him to put much of a fight. From what he heard, distracting him by taking hold of his cat-like friend made everything much easier.

Ainz even rewarded Shizu for her efforts by letting her keep the blue feline as a pet, similar to how he lets Hamsuke roam freely through some of the lower levels of the Tomb.

Having read her character's background, Ainz was very aware of the eye patch-wearing maid's interest for cute things. Knowing that, it came as no surprise that when he asked her for what she wished to obtain as a reward — which took some serious convincing from his part — she admitted that she wanted to keep the small creature to herself, a request that was certainly odd, but not unexpected.

Thinking back to the business regarding the boy, Ainz felt like scratching the back of his white skull in exasperation just by thinking back of how troublesome this entire situation had turned out to be. Having rejected his offer without even an ounce of hesitation or thought, Ainz was left with little choice but to send the boy back to his cell and wait until further notice.

Now that cooperation was no longer possible, his only available option was to proceed with the experiments that Demiurge so happily volunteered to conduct. All of which Ainz would be personally supervising, of course. There was a lot to learn here and he had no intention of wasting the opportunity of exploring a new type of magic. In a sense, he was highly motivated by the greed of a collector. If he could acquire a power no one in the Great Tomb of Nazarick had, it would surely make their organization stronger.

The only question left was simple; how long will the Dragon Slayer's body last? There was no definite answer, but there was nothing to lose if they were to ever reach that scenario. After all, if he wanted to unveil of all the secrets behind this new magic, then a lot of experimentation was required before attempting anything else.

Dead or alive, a corpse still had many uses.

"Lord Ainz, if I may." Came the voice of none-other than Demiurge. The doors connecting to his private chamber could be heard closing soon after, accompanied by the echo of the Guardian's footsteps as he entered with a steady pace, easily reflecting his calm and calculative demeanor.

"Ah, Demiurge." Switching his gaze, Ainz greeted the NPC. "I see that you are already done with the preparations I asked for. As expected of Nazarick's most intelligent mind."

"Your kind words are wasted on me, Lord Ainz." Demiurge's reply was no doubt the perfect mix of humility and joy, but seeing a demon of all people display such emotions was most definitely a rare sight to behold. "But while the preparations are indeed complete, I actually came to discuss a recent discovery I just made. One that is related to our latest guest"

"Oh-ho." Feeling his attention rise at the mention of the Dragon Slayer, Ainz leaned forward into his desk, gesturing Demiurge to continue.

"After performing further inspection into some of the boy's personal belongings, I discovered some interesting information regarding that dirty scarf of his." Demiurge said as he fixed his glasses. "Apparently that piece of clothing that he wears is in fact a magic item. Of what Tier, I ain't certain, but it is no doubt a high-level item. If I had to guess, I would say that it gives the user some sort of protection, but to what exactly, I do not yet know."

Releasing a sound of interest, Ainz felt his fleshless hand rest on the lower half of his face as he got himself into deep thought and considered all of this newfound information.

He had a magic item resting around his neck the entire time? How did I miss that? Thought Ainz with authentic surprise. But of course, his undead face was incapable of showing any emotion. Hmm, maybe I was wrong about him, after all. Perhaps I should keep him alive for a bit longer and see what more information I can get out of him.

"Is that so. How long before we can begin with the first experiments, Demiurge?"

Demiurge's glasses glimmered while his lips moved upward, turning into a devilish smile. "As soon as you give the word, of course."

Great Tomb of Nazarick. 5th Floor. Frozen Prison…

It's been no less than a few days since Natsu was taken back into his cell. Days spend surrounded by nothing but complete darkness and without any trace of light. Food and water was scarce, but at least his captors were kind enough to bring him something to eat — if only to keep him alive — every once in a while.

Strangely enough, the temperature inside the room was surprisingly low, as it reached the point where he could see his own breath every time he opened his mouth. Fortunately, his affinity as a fire-wizard and natural resistance to cold conditions made things much easier to handle.

It was far from a comfortable situation, but it was bearable nonetheless.

He was no longer sure of how much time he has been stuck inside this forsaken dungeon without anything else to do. However, not a single moment has gone by without him thinking about his friend, Happy. The Dragon Slayer was worried for his partner's safety and was feeling so much desperate to find a way out of this place just so he could go look for him.

Unfortunately, it was just not that easy.

It didn't matter how much he tried, the damn handcuffs were too strong to break them with his strength alone. Consider that and add the fact that he couldn't even access his magic, then he was pretty much screwed. However, despite his current situation, he had hope that his friends must have taken notice of his absence by now. He was confident that they must have already realized that something must have gone wrong and were probably searching for him at this very moment.

He could not help but wince at the thought of what would happen to him once his friends found him. More specifically, what a certain scarlet-haired guildmate will do once she gets her hands on him.

"Jeez, Erza is going to kill me." Mumbled Natsu as a cold chill run down his back.

Out of everyone in the guild, she was probably the most skeptical about the job. To make matters even worse, there was no doubt that Gray was going to take this as a chance to rub the entire thing in his face! And if that wasn't even enough, those guys even took his scarf away!

Too distracted by his own inner thoughts, Natsu never noticed the sound or even the smell of someone entering the dungeon. He did stop his complaining however, once said person practically stood in front of his cell. His gaze turned to this new presence, and much to his own surprise, his eyes widened in recognition as soon as he saw who it was.

"…It's you." His voice barely came as a whisper, which was not lost to the eye patch-wearing maid. She gave him no response, but rather, gave him a silent look before pushing a large silver tray with food under the door's cell.

This earned a look of surprise from the Dragon Slayer, as it was usually the other servants who brought him whatever food they decided to give him. However, this was the first time she came to deliver it. The same girl who shot him in the face without an ounce of hesitation.

They both stared at each other for a second, though it felt much longer to him. Her blank expression remained unchanged while her right uncovered eye gave off an odd emerald glow.

"Happy is safe." She said emotionlessly, much to Natsu's own surprise.

To hear the normally silent maid suddenly speak was kind of off putting, but the words that came out of her mouth were what took him by surprise the most. However, by the time he was able to regain himself, she was already gone.

He had no idea of what that was even about, but even he could not disregard the soft feeling of comfort that those words brought him. They didn't take away all of his worries, but they certainly made him feel much better. Having said that, one issue still remains to be solved.

How the hell am I going to get out of this place?

Great Tomb of Nazarick. 9th Floor. Shizu's Room. A few minutes later…

"A-And well?" Having just entered her room, Shizu gave the small blue feline that was waiting for her a stern look. "H-How is Natsu?"

There was a hint of nervousness and uncertainty in his voice, but the automaton gave him no reply and instead lifted him before embracing him into a tight hug. Her action earned a yelp of surprise from the Exceed, but she paid it no mind and proceeded to seat on the bed.

"He's alive." She answered once she was comfortable enough to speak. It was not much, but that was all he needed to know.

Like many of her fellow NPCs, her body needed no rest, however, Lord Ainz gave a strict order where everyone must fulfill a required time off-duty before performing any further tasks. Many did not feel comfortable with the idea of dedicating time into something other than serving under their supreme master, but his word was law, so they obeyed without question.

Lord Ainz was the last of the 41 Supreme Beings of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, as out of all of them, he was the only one who choose to stay by their side. Such act of benevolence of course did not just provoke an overwhelming desire to proof their usefulness and loyalty to him, but a constant fear of being abandoned as well, and Shizu was no exception.

She snuggled Happy closer to her chest in search of comfort, as a reminder of the reward Lord Ainz gave her not long ago. "Can't…breath…" Happy said with some struggle.

Shizu didn't felt like she deserved to be rewarded for her actions. After all, she only did what she thought was best for the mission, but Lord Ainz thought otherwise. Apparently the human they captured was much more important than what she originally thought. So much in fact, that he was considered valuable enough to keep alive for the time being.

She did not hate the human nor she felt any sort of ill will towards him, she actually found his unnaturally friendly attitude to be quite odd but appeasing at the same time, especially when compared to other people, including some of her fellow NPC's here in Nazarick.

For what she was able to gather from her brief interaction with the Dragon Slayer, she knew that his behavior could to some lengths be considered irrational and that he acts mostly on impulse, barely putting any thought into his actions before executing them. Normally, she would refrain from pursuing any type of contact with someone like him, but seeing how he allowed her to hold Happy and didn't scold her for doing so, it made his presence a bit more tolerable than most.

She may consider humans as inferior life forms, but unlike some of her sisters, she felt neither joy or satisfaction in killing them. Of course, if any of the Floor Guardians, or even Lord Ainz for that matter, ordered him to kill one, she would do so without hesitation or remorse. However, despite her very own mindset, she still couldn't prevent a strange sensation from building up inside her.

The feeling was nearly nonexistent, but it was there. It was one which she could neither recognize nor describe, and it only seemed to grow stronger the more she thought of the fate that was awaiting for the Dragon Slayer once the experiments began. Whatever that feeling was, she didn't like having it.

She didn't like having it at all.

. . .

The room was completely silent once the lady with the eye patch left to continue her shift. Well, it was still pretty much the same either way, since she barely talks at all and does nothing more than pet him all day, so there was no much difference.

"My tummy hurts." Seating on the large bed all by himself, Happy released a painful groan. "I think my chest got crushed in that last hug."

The maid's strength sure was something else. Her grip on him was so strong that he could swear he heard a bone or two pop up from their place.

Fortunately, things weren't looking so bad for him. After all, if there's something he has come to learn after spending the last couple of days in the company of the eye patch-wearing lady, or as he heard one of the other maids call her, Shizu, it was that she wasn't nearly as bad as he first thought she was.

Yes, he was pretty much already aware of her involvement of their capture, but he can hardly overlook the fact that she has been taken good care of him and has yet to harm him in any sort of way. However, that hardly meant that he was simply going lay down without trying to look for a way out.

He didn't know what Natsu's situation was like compared to his, but at least it was comforting to know that his friend was still alive somewhere in this place. Where? He didn't know. He already tried asking the lady with the eye patch, but she always chooses to remain silent.

If things continue to be the way they were, then he won't have much of a choice but to go search for Natsu himself. The lady with the eye patch spends most of her time outside working and comes back only a couple of times a day. Knowing that, he will have to be careful and act fast once he sees a chance to leave the room.

He could only hope that Natsu will be alright by the time that happens.

Great Tomb of Nazarick. 5th Floor. Frozen Prison. A few hours later…

Waking up by the suddenness of a loud metallic noise, Natsu's sore eyes blinked a couple of times before pushing himself from the cold floor.

Hearing the door of his cell being opened, he released an annoyed grunt as his gaze immediately drifted to the dark silhouette of a small figure standing at the entrance. His eyes narrowed with wariness at what he saw.

It was a little girl.

Her nearly pure white-pale skin. Her bloody red shinning eyes. The large flowing silver hair that fell all the way to her back. Her appearance made it so obvious that Natsu didn't needed to smell her to know what she truly was.

She was one of them.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" She spoke with a refined lady-like tone, covering her mouth with the back of her hand as if attempting to suppress a laugh from escaping. "To see the fearsome killer of dragons that I heard so much about in such a poor state, what a pathetic sight to look at."

Natsu did not miss the small fang that came out of her mouth when she smiled. The smile however, was one that reflected nothing but sadistic mockery, as she was clearly amused by his current condition.

"Who are you?" Natsu demanded harshly, his eyes never leaving her form for even a second.

"Oh, how rude of me." The girl said to herself before pulling the corners of her dress in an introductory manner. "My name is Shalltear Bloodfallen. I am the Guardian of the first, second and third floor here in the Great Tomb of Nazarick."

Having introduced herself, the girl now known as Shalltear roughly grabbed him by his face, using her overwhelming strength to force him into his knees. Natsu was barely able to put any resistance, as he was too shocked by how strong the vampire was despite her much smaller size.

"You should be grateful that Lord Ainz wants you alive, human, otherwise I would have ripped your head off your shoulders for even daring speak to me without the proper respect."

Having made her threat clear, she proceeded to cup his cheeks within her small cold hands and delicate fingers, looking at his face from one side to the other before her lips turned upward.

"Though I must say, for a human you definitely have some cute features. I would have probably enjoyed playing with you for a little bit before taking you to Lord Ainz, but Demiurge was very insistent when he told me to bring you alive, so I can't afford to waste too much time." She said while licking her lips suggestively. "A shame, really. You could have been a fun toy to play with until you broke."

Natsu didn't know why, but her words were making him feel very uncomfortable. "What are…"

"My, you sure are an insolent one, aren't you?" Her voice adopted a threatening tone, her hand increasing the pressure around his jaw in order to shut him up. "Did I gave you permission to speak to me?"

The True Vampire was more than ready to break the Dragon Slayer's neck there and now, but her orders prevented her from doing as she wished. She was told to bring the prisoner back to Lord Ainz, and she intended to do just that without fail.

Shalltear couldn't help but wonder as to why go as far as to ask a Floor Guardian such as herself to perform such a mundane task instead of a minion. The only reason she could think of at the moment was that the boy was perhaps too troublesome for a random low level monster to handle.

After the humiliation of being brain-washed and going as far as to attack the man she loves, Shalltear has been forced to deal with a serious case of depression. She has been desperate to prove her worth to the eyes of the Supreme One, so she saw this as a perfect opportunity to make amends. However, that didn't prevent her playful mind from forming certain ideas.

"I wonder if Lord Ainz will allow me to play with you once Demiurge is done. Well, that's if he leaves anything to play with in the first place."

Kingdom of Re-Estize. Countryside. Inn The Hanging Bard…

Chatter and laughter overflowed the Inn's hall to its fullest, filling the place with the delicious smell of recently prepared food and alcohol. While the scene could be considered loud for some, this was actually a pretty common sight for the local residents to behold, especially at a place such as this, which was renown as a common spot for traveling Adventurers from all ranks to stop by and rest.

This unspoken rule included even those at the higher ranks like Platinum, Mithril or Orichalcrum. And of course, even those at the rank of Adamantite, the highest rank in the hierarchy of adventurers, were no exception.

Between the numerous rows of celebrating Adventurers was what one could only describe as an odd-looking pair of women seating at the far side of the Inn.

The first one was unusually small and cloaked in an obscured-red robe, with her face hidden by a mask of unknown design. Opposite to her companion however, the other woman was much larger and fully armored, showing a much more developed and muscular body figure with no sight of body fat to be seen.

"This place looks nice enough, wouldn't you agree?" The larger woman laughed as she spilled some of the contents from her drink over the table, but she paid it no mind and continue to indulge herself into the atmosphere.

The smaller woman scoffed under her mask, not feeling anywhere near as enthusiastic as Gagaran did. For someone such as herself, who often prefers to stay alone and away for others company, she found the Inn to be irritating at most. The music playing loudly in the background did nothing but increase her growing annoyance.

Lakyus, the leader of their team, was currently at the reception trying to acquire the keys to whatever rooms were still available this late at night, and to say that she was growing impatient was an understatement. Tia and Tina weren't present either, as they were patrolling the area surrounding the small town, making sure they had not been followed by any unwanted company.

Some may see it as pointless endeavor, especially when the whole town was basically crawling with Adventurers of nearly every existing rank. Considering that, only an idiot would dare attack such a place without anything less than an army to back them up. However, one couldn't be too careful when their enemy was by all means a criminal organization as powerful and influential as the Eight Fingers.

She and her team of Adamantite ranked adventurers have been dealing with this threat for the past couple of months, destroying one base after another in an effort to eliminate their organization once and for all. However, their members have proven to be highly elusive and hard to track, so getting rid of their leaders was by no means an easy task.

Having just assaulted one of their bases recently, their team was currently on its was back to the Kingdom's Capital in order to meet with their client and share all of the new information they discovered during the attack. It will take them a couple of days at most to reach the Royal Capital, so they had a long journey ahead.

"Hey Evileye, why don't you drop that grumpy face of yours and join me for a few drinks?" Gagaran offered, much to the shorter girl's annoyance.

"I have no use for such activities." Evileye refused harshly. "Besides, you know that I find that stuff distasteful and a complete waste of money."

"Ah, come on! You'll never find a man with an attitude like that, you know."

Evileye had to use all of her self-control in order to keep herself from lashing out at her companion in anger. She knew that Gagaran was only teasing her, hoping to get a reaction out of her, but being victim of the same joke for far too many times for her to even count was seriously starting to get on her nerves. "Do not start with that again, you meathead." Evileye warned her, unknowingly letting some of her own irritation leak into her voice.

Gagaran was by no means affected by this and instead grinned widely. "So, are you sharing a drink with me, then?"

"Will that be enough to shut you up?"

"Ha! Ha! Another round of drinks for me and my little friend over here!"


And that's it folks. Our favorite pair of Fairy Tail Wizard are about to experience what life inside the Great Tomb of Nazarick is like, and I can tell you that it will not be a pleasant one.

Happy at the moment is still gathering his bearings, so it won't be long before he attempts anything. Will he be successful? Don't know. I haven't thought about it that far ahead (Just kidding). Still, I find it hilarious that the only reason things are going better for him is because he became Shizu's pet.

Though, Shizu's fascination for Happy is more than a simple joke and actually has a purpose for the story. I also would like to clarify that what Shizu is feeling is nothing more than little concern. She has yet not realize, but she is feeling a bit of remorse due to being directly responsible for Natsu's situation, knowing full well what Demiurge will do to him once the experiments begin.

In case someone misunderstood or have yet not grasp the reason Shizu feels this way or even cares so little but yet feels some concern for Natsu, is because of his actions and how he was nice enough to her by letting her hold Happy. This by itself gave her a positive opinion of him, but nothing more. You can compare this to how Sebas was with Tsuare and how despite the fact that he cared for her, he was still loyal to Nazarick and was willing to kill her.

And what can I say about Natsu? The poor guy will not have an easy time while in Demiurge's care, that's for sure. Next chapter will probably not be a pretty one, but at least Ainz will be there to make sure things don't go too far. Well, that what I'm hoping.

Shalltear Bloodfallen. What an interesting character to write indeed. We will be seeing a lot more of her and the other Guardians in the coming chapters. However, we won't be seeing the other Guild members of Fairy Tail for a few chapters, but oh boy, it sure will be a big party once they come into the picture later on.

That last bit with Blue Roses was a nice addition I wanted to add for the end of the chapter. You guys may be wondering, why even include them? Well, that's for me to know and you to question. Everything will be revealed in due time. And yes, I know that Evileye is an undead and she basically doesn't need to eat to survive.

Anyway, that's it for me folks. Make sure to tell me what you think of the story so far. Suggestions and constructive criticism are more then welcomed, so don't by shy and share your opinion! Having that said that, I wish you all a wonderful day!