Here we go… ANOTHER Lilo and Stitch fanfiction story. Let's begin.

"I question how I got myself into this situation!" Pleakley said, terrified out of his mind, "Oh yeah… YOU two!"

"We're not liking this predicament any more than you are, Pleakley!" Jumba snapped.

"Both of you just stop bickering," Lilo said, "we have to find a way out of this predicament! And arguing won't help!" Lilo, Jumba, and Pleakley couldn't help but argue amongst themselves due to the stressful situation they were in. The three of them were dangling off a sheer cliff that, if they let go, they would fall into a black hole. Though she hated to admit it, Pleakley was sort of right. Where Stitch and Gantu were, they didn't know. All Lilo could think about was escaping their current predicament before they died. And she too, wondered how they got in this predicament.

It was a bright, peaceful morning in Kauai, Hawaii and Lilo was having breakfast. Nani had already gone to work at Birds of Paradise, Stitch was out with Angel, and Jumba and Pleakley were still sleeping. Soon after she was done eating breakfast, she heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" Lilo said. The voice she heard on the other side was very unexpected for her.

"Mertle?" Lilo said, confused. Typically, Mertle was on of the last people she would've expected to hear from.

"Slow down," Lilo said. On the other end, Mertle was panicking like she was dying.

"Um… I'll be right over…" Lilo said. She hung up the phone and turned to see Jumba and Pleakley standing behind her.

"Where are you going, Lilo?" Pleakley asked.

"Uh… Mertle's…? I guess…" Lilo said, still shocked that Mertle had called her.

Gantu was ducked behind cover in an abandoned building on a planet in the Nebula Star System, hiding from multiple fires from blasters.

"Whoever this new crime lord is," Gantu said, "is a force to be reckoned with! The amount of galactic thugs are crazy!" Eventually, a giant net came out of nowhere and trapped Gantu. This immediately prompted him to contact the Grand Councilwoman.

"What is it, Captain Gantu?" the Grand Councilwoman asked.

"The new crime lord's captured me! Send help! Fast!" Gantu said before his communicator was grabbed.

"On it!" the Grand Councilwoman said. With the push of a button, she contacted Jumba and Pleakley.

Inside the Pelekai household, Jumba and Pleakley were having breakfast themselves when Lilo came through the door.

"That was weird," Lilo said, "that's the second time Mertle's ever called this house." Lilo sat herself down on the living room couch and turned on the TV.

"What'd she want?" Pleakley asked.

"You don't wanna know," Lilo said, still dreading that Mertle needed help with something dreadful.

"Anyway," Lilo said, "What're your guys' plans for today? I know Stitch is going on a date with Angel. What about you?" Before Jumba or Pleakley could answer, Jumba's communicator device went off.

"The Grand Councilwoman is calling," Jumba said.

"The Grand Councilwoman? What does she need?" Lilo said.

"Let Jumba finish speaking to the Grand Councilwoman and we'll see!" Jumba said.

"Jumba, Pleakley, Lilo, Stitch," the Grand Councilwoman said, "Captain Gantu has been captured by a new galactic crime empire simply known as H. I sincerely request that you help Reuben rescue him."

"Jumba will get spaceship ready!" Jumba said as he hung up.

"Whoa! Now hold on! You're not speaking for ALL of us, right Jumba?" Pleakley said.

"You're not seriously gonna back out of this, are you Pleakley?" Lilo asked.

"Well I'd rather NOT try and deal with someone who managed to capture Gantu," Pleakley said.

"Oh, coming on, Pleakley! We are having 626 with us," Jumba said.

"Jumba's right, Pleakley," Lilo said, "Gantu needs us. We've gotta do something!"

"Fine," Pleakley said, "but if we get into any trouble, I'm blaming you two!"