Author's Note: So... how much sexual frustration can I write without bordering onto smut? It's a new-ish genre for me, but I'm pleased to try it out. Here we have what could be a possible four-some... because whether we like it or not, there are always going to be some weird fanfic writers out there. So I'll say it simply: Don't like, don't read.

Appropriate warning will be given for each chapter, enjoy!

Warning: flirting,

Chapter One: Looking Good

Nino used his hat to fan himself, but his unblinking eyes never left the blonde, "That's not fair dude…"

Adrien only grinned wider, his elbows on the desk and leaning his cheek on his chin, "I told you I was good at it,"

Nino squinted, but widened his eyes again, "But not this good!"

Adrien couldn't resist chuckling, and yet, he never blinked, "Not only do I look good… I can look good too,"

Nino frowned, "You and your awful puns," the boy shook his head, "Messing up the English language,"

Adrien licked his lips, and tilted his head slightly, "Rather me make puns in French?" and the model put on a mischievous grin, "Or better yet- Chinese?"

Nino reeled back, "Oh God no!"

Adrien leaned forward to revert to their original distance, and his mouth opened in preparation of torturing Nino with yet another pun- but lucky for him, the DJ was saved by his girlfriend.

Alya tapped her desk, and both boys turned to face her. Nino shut his eyes, and pushed his glasses off his face to wipe away his tears, while Adrien only chuckled under his breath. He noticed too well the glare a teary eyed Nino gave him.

Alya grinned at them, and put her chin in her hands, "Another staring contest boys?"

Adrien nodded and sent a look to Nino, the boy was muttering something beneath his breath that both his friends were grateful they couldn't catch.

Adrien put a gentle hand on Nino's shoulder, "Don't worry Nino, you did better this time."

Nino wiped his eyes again, and squinted at his blonde friend, "How long did I last?"

Adrien shook his head, and dropped his hand to his own lap, "Thirty two seconds,"

Alya giggled, and patted her boyfriend on the head, "Keep up the good work Nino!"

Adrien chose not to comment how red Nino had turned- who else but Alya could make him turn into a turtle? He would act so shy with her at times- and all she had to do was compliment him. Honestly, it was more than a little endearing to watch the two of them go about their relationship. It was one of those couples that he didn't mind third-wheeling behind.

But now that Adrien did think about it, they never made him feel left out. They always actively involved him in their conversations, and made obvious attempts to get him talking. Even when they were supposed to be having their alone time. When in school, and Marinette was running late, the two of them would turn to talk to him. He could never feel lonely around these two.

Nino fixed his hat back atop his head, and adjusted his glasses, "Thanks Alya, but it's gonna take a long time for me to beat Mr. Mannequin over here."

Adrien grinned at this possible compliment, and he bowed his head in that graceful manner he had learned, "Why thank you Nino,"

The boy rolled his eyes, but he kept a smile on his face when he spoke again to Adrien, "I'm serious dude- you're like a mannequin,"

Alya contributed her part, "It's true Adrien," and she threw him a wink, "You've got the looks too,"

Then her eyes ran down his face, and went right up back to meet his eyes, "Pretty,"

Adrien flushed a decent amount, and he accepted the compliment, "It's one of the things that comes with-"

The two of them finished the sentence with practiced ease, "With being a model,"

Alya waved him off, "We know- we know,"

Nino gave his girl a look above his glasses, "Hard not to notice,"

And Alya returned that look back to Nino with her own glasses, "Way too obvious,"

Nino jabbed a finger in Adrien's direction, "This boy's got it good,"

Alya shook her head, and made sure to return her gaze to Adrien, "He's got it real good… deliciously good…"

Adrien's jaw slackened just a bit, and he cast a quick glance to Nino as if to ask, 'Dude… is your girlfriend hitting on me?'

But when Adrien looked to Nino, he had to look away. Another second meeting those steamy eyes and Adrien would have been blushing more than he ever should around his two best friends. They were just teasing him… right?

And Adrien had to blink twice, and ask himself the question, 'Are the both of them hitting on me?'