Chapter Three: Too Soon?

Author's Note: They're all aged up, of course. Give me… sixteen? Definitely moving the rating up. Where am I going with this? Somewhere shifty- don't mind me sharing strange thoughts.

Nino broke away from the kiss, yet keeping his arm around Alya. The girl licked her lips, her eyes remained at the door where their blonde friend had last been seen. She leaned forward, and rested her head on her boyfriend's chest, listening to his raging heart.

Alya asked, "Too soon?"

Nino nodded, his eyes narrowing at the door, "The dude literally ran,"

Alya shrugged as best as she could with Nino's hand around her, "He might not have been ready,"

"He looked ready a few days ago,"

Alya's eyes flickered up to catch her boyfriend's, and she smirked, "Just because he was flirting with you yesterday, doesn't mean he wanted to do you today."

Nino rolled his eyes, and put his fingers on Alya's lips, "Do us Alya… not just me,"

Alya's gaze dropped to Nino's fingers on her lips, her pink tongue darted out to lick his fingertip, "Now that sounds like a good idea,"

Nino nodded, "Mmm…" then he lowered his head so that he could be in line with her eyes, "Plan on doing anything else with that tongue of yours?"

Alya bared her teeth, and nipped his fingers- earning a little gasp, "What if I do have plans?"

Nino's breath hitched, and he bit his lips. His eyes darted around the class, and noticed not a single soul. Then he returned to the visually pleasing image of his girlfriend sucking his index finger, "Let's see what you got girl,"

Alya took his finger up to the middle joint, making sure to swirl her tongue around it. And when she hollowed her cheeks, her eyes closed in a half-lid to put emphasis on her moan.

"Holy shit Dudette…" Nino all but moaned, his jaw slackening and eyes almost closing, "You're getting better…"

Alya hummed in agreement, pushing her face closer so that she could take his entire finger, feeling the digit at the back of her throat and loving the feeling the thought sent through her body.

Nino pulled out his hand, and replaced it with his lips. Alya readily accepted the change, her hands moving to slip around his neck while his hands travelled to cup her neck. Travelling down to her lower back, pulling her closer so that her breasts were pressed full against his chest.

Their glasses clicked, and they pulled away, chuckling at the now-familiar accident. Alya reached up to pull away his glasses, but he stopped her with a breathy, "No Alya,"

Alya giggled, and adjusted her own glasses, "Too much PDA for you?"

Alya bit her lips, her eyes travelling back to the door, and she murmured, "I wonder how Adrien would react if he saw that,"

Nino sighed, but his face remained flushed when he spoke, "It would have been easy for anyone to see. The class windows are glass for crying out loud,"

Alya nodded solemnly, "We could get expelled if the wrong person saw that,"

The girl glanced to her boyfriend just as he attempted to readjust his glasses, and she caught how his finger was still glistening under the light. She pointed it out, and Nino gave her a grin before popping it back into his own mouth.

Alya ducked her head, and glanced outside- just in time to notice Juleka and Rose run past the room, "But we're not the only persons doing it,"

Nino cupped her cheek in that gentle manner of his, "Doesn't make it any less risky though,"

Alya sighed, and leaned her head into his palm, "I know… but you're just so irresistible!"

Nino chuckled, and his eyes flickered with that flicker of mischief Alya was used to seeing with Adrien, "More irresistible than Adrien?"

Alya pushed her tongue inside her cheek, then she admitted, "You've got your manly looks- but he's got the boyish model thing going for him. Damn sexy…"

Nino bit his lips in, and his eyes drifted to the door, "Yeah… He's one sexy dude…"

A flash of purple and pink caught Nino's eyes, and he gasped, "Is that Juleka and Rose?"

Alya peeped from beside Nino, "They're making out behind the door again, aren't they?"

Nino nodded with a sigh, "And I thought we were sex-craved,"

Alya's attention returned to Nino, and she cupped his hand with her own, allowing it to remain on her cheek, "Oh we are sex craved,"

And she swallowed the thick lump in her throat, "Just a little more extra wanting than everyone else,"

Nino gave her that soft smile she adored seeing on his face, "Then I guess it makes our relationship extra special, huh girl?"

"Yep," Alya drifted her eyes closed, "Emphasis on the extra?"

Nino chuckled, his hand vibrating against her cheek, "You know what they say baby: One's too Lonely, Two's a Company, and Three's Kinky and Four's a Party."

Alya burst into giggles, and she playfully punched Nino on his chest, "Nobody says that!"

Nino pulled on a mortally wounded look, "But I say that!" The boy exchanged that look for a sly one, "And when you look at Adrien, don't you agree?"

Alya went back to attacking her lips with her teeth, "A test run with him sure would be fun…"

Nino faked a gasp, and used his other hand to cover his mouth, "Alya! I didn't know you were into that stuff,"

Alya rolled her eyes, "Oh stop it Nino, you like him too…"

Her eyes landed on the floor for a second, "But Adrien's such a tough nut to crack… I wonder if this plan would even work at all…"

And at that comment, Nino blushed, the color barely showing across his skin, "If Adrien does agree to it- even if only for one time, then it would be more than a little extra amazing…"

Alya chuckled, causing Nino to arch a brow, "What's up baby?"

The girl brought her other hand over her mouth to cover her laugh, "I can't believe all three of us once had a crush on Adrien…"

Nino's brows shot to his cap, "All three of us? It's just you and me for now… Oh…" the realization dawned on the boy's face, and he nodded, "Are you talking about Marinette's old crush on our boy?"

Alya snickered, "He's not our boy yet- and yes, I am referring to her old crush."

Nino nodded again, his face relaxing into a comfortable expression, "That would have been more than awkward now… All four of his best friends having a crush on him…"

Now it was Alya's turn for eyebrows to shoot to her hairline, "Four?" She leaned forward, "Who else?"

Nino chuckled again, and he looked down at her confused face, "I am talking about the time when Chloe had the hots for him too."

"Oh…" Alya giggled slightly, "She was obsessed with him almost as much as she was with Ladybug,"

Nino used his other hand to rest it on Alya's head, "Glad things have calmed down with Chloe- and especially Marinette."

Alya nodded against her boyfriend's chest, "Yeah… everyone knows that Marinette likes Chat Noir now…"

Nino sighed again, and he continued to stroke her hair, "Let's hope our dudette Marinette doesn't get friend-zoned again…"

Alya shuddered, "Now that would just be bad luck."