Confidence in Imperfections

Addison grew up being told that, in order to fit in, she had to wear a wig to hide her real hair. However, after meeting Zed and seeing how all the Zombies embraced their differences, she began thinking about showing her real hair to everyone. Yet, every day, she put the wig on. Before going to school, she would muse about skipping the wig and just leaving. But, then, Bucky's threat would start replaying in her head and she would hastily put the wig on as she walked out of the room.

She should have been focused on what her English teacher was lecturing about. But, was she dialed in to the lecture? Nope, she was daydreaming about a Someday with Zed. No wigs, no need to be perfect, no reason to hide who she really was. Addison could totally get used to that kind of life. She was so tired of doing what everyone wanted her to do.

Addison had just experienced her first zombie mash. She thought it was so awesome! Zombies celebrated their differences. Each person was unique and-dare she think it- imperfect, yet it was okay. Zed had seen only a strand of her white hair and even he had called it, her, perfect. It made Addison wonder once again if she could ever be free from the expectations of those around her; hiding something they considered ghastly.

She told him it wasn't right. That they shouldn't be changing themselves just because everyone else wanted them to do. He had brought up her wig and asked how it was so different from him hacking his Zband. Addison couldn't answer the question, because, really, how was it different? It wasn't. Not really. He was trying to fit in the way he knew how, as was she. Addison finished off her ice cream in general silence, lost in thought about how she could possibly change things. How she could make a difference and let her true self show.

But, finally, at the homecoming game, Addison had had enough. When Zed, Eliza, and Bonzo got arrested, Addison was so mad at everyone. Why was everyone so mean to treat Zed differently for their own needs? Addison was tired of complying with everyone's wants. So, what if her hair was different and not perfect? Why should it matter anymore? With that train of thought, Addison ripped off her wig in front of not just the school, but the town as well. She saw her parent's and Bucky's horrified expressions, but didn't miss the proud looks from Zed and Bree. Maybe, she could be imperfect and it would still be okay.

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