"Harry, I know this all seems very strange but I will try to explain." The woman said as they walked down Privet Drive away from the Dursleys. "My name is Roxanne Greengrass and I was a friend of your mothers"

"You knew my mother?" Harry asked excitedly.

"I knew both you mum and dad. They were close friends of ours." Roxanne with a sad expression on her face.

"What were their names?" he asked.

Roxanne gasped and pulled Harry into a tight hug. Noticing Harry flinch away from her and she quickly let him go. "You don't know your parents' names?"

"I have never been told anything about them apart from they were freaks like me and they died in a car crash"

Horrified Roxanne replied "Lily and James were extraordinary people and they weren't freaks. They were like you and me – magical. You're a wizard Harry Potter!"

Harry shook his head – "I can't be a wizard. I am Harry. Just Harry"

"Well just Harry, how would you like to come and live with us? It is what your parents wanted and what should have happened after they died. What say we get you to your new home and meet your new family?"

"A family? I would like that very much"

"Well hold on tight" said Roxanne offering Harry her hand. "This may seem a little strange" as she apparated them.

"Welcome to Greengrass Manor, Mr Potter. I am Lord Greengrass and it is my pleasure to finally make your acquaintance" the tall imposing man said rather formally as he stepped forward to shake Harry's hand.

Harry's head was still spinning from the feeling of being squeezed through a tube and the strangeness of the last hour or so just nodded his head vaguely.

"None of that nonsense Cyrus. Harry, this is my husband and my two wonderful daughters, Daphne and Astoria" Roxanne said gesturing towards two small girls standing slightly behind their father.

"Hello – sorry to impose sir – I don't mean to cause you any trouble. Perhaps I should go." Harry said looking around for a way out. What seemed like a good idea at the time, anything to get away from the Dursleys, was starting to seem just a little strange to Harry. And that was saying something considering the strangeness of his life.

"Harry, please let's all go into the parlour and sit down and talk. We have so much to discuss. If you feel you would like to go back when we are done, I will take you immediately." Roxanne assured him.

"As long as you don't squeeze me through that tube again. That was awful" Harry replied with a small smile.

"You get used to it" Daphne told him with a laugh "but it doesn't ever feel any better"

Harry and Daphne smiled at each other as they walked into the parlour. Feeling the presence of Daphne surprisingly comforting Harry took a seat next to her on one of the large sofas and looked around the room. It was a large room with thick carpets, soft lighting, squishy chairs and sofas, with bookshelves full of books both old and new. A fire crackled quietly in the fireplace warming the room. It felt very welcoming to Harry compared to the cold and sterile environment of the Dursleys.

"Now Harry, it is obvious you don't know anything about the magical world so I will start off with how you came to be sitting here with us"

"When your parents died, you were meant to come and live with us. I am your godmother, Harry"

"However, that obviously did not happen as you were taken away before the aurors arrived at your house and you were not seen again."

"We looked for you everywhere, asking anyone who may have any idea where you were. All we were ever told is you were safe and happy."

"The old man?" Harry said quietly looking down at his hands.

"Yes Harry, the old man. Albus Dumbledore is his name and he has hidden you away all these years supposedly for your own safety." Cyrus said bitterly.

"But why?" asked Harry "I was never safe there and I was never happy"

"Believe me Harry, one day I will be asking Dumbledore that same question at the end of my wand" snarled Cyrus.

"But in the meantime you are welcome to stay with us Harry where we will do everything we can to make you happy." declared Roxanne attempting to lighten the mood "That is if you are willing to give us a chance to show how much we want you to be part of our family"

Harry looked around at the hopeful faces. He had never had anyone show him any kindness before and he felt the tears well up in his eyes. "I would like to give it a try" he said in a quiet voice.

Harry awoke from an incredible dream. He had a family that cared for him, a full stomach from a wonderful dinner – with dessert even! He had no new bruises or scrapes or broken bones. He did not get yelled at and thrown into his cupboard and he even had sisters. Although he was not too sure about those and how they fit into the picture.

But sadly, it was time to get up and cook the Dursleys' breakfast. Dreaming is good but Harry knew from experience that if he dreamed too much it only made reality that much starker.

He heard a noise beside his bed. "I am up" he sighed opening his eyes "I will have breakfast ready soon"

"Harry Potter sir does not be making breakfast" a squeaky voice beside the bed said "Harry Potter sir will be having breakfast with the Lord and Ladyship and little Ladyships"

Harry quickly sat upright in bed. Wait a minute, Bed? He wasn't in his cupboard! He wasn't on the mattress on the floor! and there was a strange thing with big eyes and floppy ears staring at him.

"What?" Harry yelled at the top of his lungs in fright.

"No Harry Potter sir – Toby is Toby sir, not What. And Harry Potter sir needs to be getting up and getting ready for breakfast"

Alerted by Harrys screams, Daphne came running into Harrys room.

"Is everything ok?" she asked.

Seeing Harry staring at Toby the house elf, and Toby starring back. She broke into a laugh.

"Harry, you are better off just doing what Toby says as he is always right and knows what is going on in the house better than anyone in the family" Daphne advised him.

Harry looked at the little blonde girl laughing smugly (his new sister!) and did what comes natural to boys in this situation – he poked his tongue out at her.

"Did you sleep ok Harry?" Roxanne asked as Harry sat down at the breakfast table.

"I had a great sleep" Harry replied "it is the first time I have slept in a bed."

Roxanne and Cyrus look at each other with furrowed brows, they had yet to discuss with Harry the details of his life with the Dursleys but got the impression from the talk the previous night that things were not great. This would need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

"Harry met Toby this morning – it did not end well for Harry" Daphne said as she came into the dining room, kissing her mother on the cheek on the way to her seat.

Harry just stuck his tongue out at her again.

"Sorry Harry, we should have realised that being brought up in the muggle world you would know nothing about how a magical manor runs. But we shall rectify that starting this morning" Roxanne said and went on to explain a little about the world that Harry was now part of.

"In the muggle world you start going to school at 5 years old? "

"In the magical world children are home schooled until they are 11 and are able to get their wands. At that point the ministry of magic requires the child to attend a recognised educational program until qualified. "

"This may mean an apprenticeship with a master, mainly done in the families where the children carry on the family business and are taught by their parents."

"Next there are a number of day schools that allow children to learn the necessary skills to pass the ministry exams to become qualified."

"Lastly there is boarding schools, this allows the children to immerse themselves in in the magical environment with a group of their peers whilst obtaining the necessary Ministry approved qualifications."

"I never got to go to school" Harry interrupted "Uncle Vernon said it would be a waste of money sending a freak like me to school."

"Harry, you are not a freak." Roxanne said "If you are willing to stay here with us as your family, you will be learning along with Daphne and going to Hogwarts together when you turn eleven"

"Agh, there is no escaping her then" Harry sighed dramatically looking at Daphne who was for once lost for words and just stuck her tongue at in reply.

"There is no escaping it Harry" Cyrus said with a look of sadness in his eyes. "You will have to go shopping with Roxanne and Daphne for a complete wardrobe. As part of the family there is a certain reputation to keep up."

"Can't you come with me" Harry begged "this does not sound like fun at all"

"Alas Harry" smirked Cyrus struggling to keep in the laughter "I would if I could, but circumstances do not allow it. But remember Harry, when things seem really bad, and believe me they will…"

"You're a wizard Harry Potter!"